ABC News GoStream - Live Look as Blizzard Buries Boston

ABC News' Rob Marciano and Josh Haskell tour downtown Boston as residents struggle to get to work.
8:12 | 01/27/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News GoStream - Live Look as Blizzard Buries Boston
This Josh Haskell here for ABC goes stream I'm here with our team in Boston rob Marciano Tina chant we're actually inside our satellite truck right now trying to get warm. But between our different shots but we want to take you outside and show you just how bad it is here blizzard conditions in Boston so. Drugs Gupta. Here we go we just changed and you for you. Robs gonna come with us. Do you look at it doorman insists that slant you deface this no feels like. Eagles fitting you eat less or forty miles an hour this morning already snowed tripping. Although likes getting a little bit better begins we can see a little bit more but then all of the couple bucks that what we have a policy that all morning. For me. The number two vehicles we did the popular demand here and around waking up my eyes. Police vehicle going through the activities that these roads are not good this is fright at one of the main roads here Atlantic. The state. Declare it it's at an uphill struggle we've got fifteen inch L obviously are out of thrifts it's much much higher than that. And political Atlanta you can. Yeah I'm like yeah how one week's urgent right now already on must ha. There hasn't been a moment today where the snow coming down straight. Had been blowing sideways and at times disabilities out posts here that. It's definitely. Know that you are pretty much nots don't gondola continued out the possibility belittled him. 150 miles makes it just a completely different to a beer and security situation on the coast coastal flooding. Power outages at some gates but their hat at a pizza restaurants. Who were far from mobile adult at all tonight distilled. Rob let's tell our viewers real quick what happened to us this morning because we were actually planning on. Going lifer for Good Morning America down near the water but it. It kinda had to scramble out to the main drag here tell us about us so we parked it down by the watered down by the heart sister out here's our truck. Unity that I think it's. A tourist market that sells tickets for buried in and and boat tours. All part right down there in the water would be good 345 feet below that. But we had high tide and it's 13. About. We are working on Condo that night complete and a movement throughout this rambling it's actually. They're like a slice lurched down there there's still water from the ocean that had come in with the surge in out of the board oh. I. Felt really some fascinating thing they definitely have. Yeah. It right when we got to figure out work don't. Yeah exactly miserable miserable. In the liberal old. What we. It's back and ready for the next shot telescope or comics know you've been period we ended home to continue with off official measurements. Earplugs fifteen pitches and that's a payday out. That's obviously gonna continue. We'll probably the only one yet but it's worth and you're looking at New York. When you had it. Don't ignore the office got to be getting it. The thought feed. Off. They picked up at our hotel it went down. Got to go. Now I know you're not missing anything like Bachmann are you about one partner forever Bob blog this does not want an open bottle that's what I'm here. The couple and not great at what happened didn't regretting what her. At low brick or Wear coat. It's just try to threaten travel light and guided suffers another knowing there. Go patriots yet you had out there you medal winner code inside you can nod and let or. I'm I would be North Carolina announcement was an Olympic spirit him Obama who walked right now about. Or or blogs. And were you planning on going. The office of the office open. Will find out. The poll are you in Boston or you're not here till Thursday. Still why do you have your suitcase with if you're going to be here to the group's ads which are felt. I'm not the best Friday but. This Steve see how it goes. I'm not completely and on into the field but there we've squeezed and a traffic. But the mango but what that different again so I can't I can't carry this anymore I don't I don't. Know that god forbid the treatment then. More moderate I would I would think it all up. The trooper and dairy goats. Better encounters that we he's walking down State Street and beyond that you typically with the policy. While valuable. Disorder is in that direction public used Etsy much more than. Locker cute in that direction. My goodness. These top I have to feel bad for him I mean he's in his duty does have any type of boutter jacket but. You're releasing these people you like settings from vocalists company. The incidents pit stop and audit worked like it is accurate that. Your. Roasted. And right through an. Thank you ABC's rob Marciano line. Let's go get ready for the next hit undertake you guys over now is to show you that the roads all are cleared. But not really the plows have been trying to teach your if you look at job you can not see the pavement clearly arm I would say there's about. Few inches or three inches of snow on the road right now and everywhere we go you know there are some trucks output features cannot work the hostage now. I mean in some places in Massachusetts they saw. Four inches and ours are just so much snow overnight. Really can't have been hit hard after midnight so. Yesterday afternoon it was just really cold and starting to get windy but we woke up through veering toward north. Gonna bring you guys a little closer to show you just. How these people knowing what I can't see him or Brendan has sued for headed to work anymore because not too far ahead but just because of bill is that normally you concede the annual hall down that route but. But not today com also reduce. A put 360 degree view. What we're seeing right now we're pretty much book ghost town its not some commercial vehicle team. He speaks some plows. But you're not seeing many people except for our friend going to work well there's a travel ban in effect right now for Boston or Massachusetts. An apple menu it's brought notre earlier. Not not been handed a few hours get a feel like this. All they choose getting into the early hours of Wednesday all of a pivotal quick wrap around blinds and an ideal we are we all our. We have all are in Boston Harbor and downtown Boston. The water only about. 500 feet down that way obviously you can't it be we were there last night but now some of the water on what. Thrown me Aquitaine Bob we'll look at the parking lot and we were going to be a while for earlier copper good morning haircuts Soviet move. To double vision right over here mom and this is a pretty big intersection apparently handing him the state but as you can see. Can't feed them. Why it wasn't just an awful lot of snow wouldn't so we will continue to update you guys throughout the day here in Boston. But ABC's goes stream we'll have full coverage on ABC digital mole or other platforms. So stay tuned for now this Josh Haskell would rob Marciano. From Boston Massachusetts.

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{"duration":"8:12","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano and Josh Haskell tour downtown Boston as residents struggle to get to work.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"28517664","title":"ABC News GoStream - Live Look as Blizzard Buries Boston","url":"/US/video/abc-news-gostream-live-blizzard-buries-boston-28517664"}