ABC News' live coverage of Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination

Senators speak on the Senate floor before the final vote to nominate Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court judge.
30:14 | 10/06/18

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Transcript for ABC News' live coverage of Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination
Now Mr. President does not explain the stakes are always high. Always. Or a Supreme Court confirmation. Is concerned. But this time. It's from ABC. News correspondent. Seven debate allegations conspiracy theories anger and SNL skits it is time for the final vote to confirm wreck happened on to the US Supreme Court. It would appear very soon capital go from judge did just this climbing to the highest court in the land. Before that. Both majority leader Mitch McConnell you streaking right now giving some final words before the vote gets under way let's listen in to what he's saying right now. When passions are most and fly and is when fairness. Is most. And jeopardy. Well known events of recent weeks have Spain. Strained the country's comedy. And fanned the plans a partisan discord. But even more critically. Are very commitment to the basic principles. Of fairness and justice is also being cuffed. Basic principles of fairness and justice being tested right here. A vote to confirm judge Kavanagh today is also a vote to send a clear message. About what the senate if this is an institution where that evidence. And the facts matter this is an institution where the evidence and the fact matter. This is a chamber. In which the politics of intimidation. And personal destruction. Do not when the debt. But this is the body whose members themselves a poll of Scion commitment to American justice. That we seek. And a judge's. We examine. A vote to confirm judge Kavanagh today is a vote to end this brave. Dark chapter in the senate history. And turn the page toward a brighter for law. Chamber where plett privilege dock you pop. Is often call the world's greatest deliberative body. For good reason. Call the world's greatest deliberative body for good reason. When a rubber meets the road. When eight hours critical. When I historic precedent needs to base that. The United States senate most often finds its way. To doing. What is right. Today that. We can honor that history. We can vote to turn away from the darkness. We can vote to set a precedent about fairness. And judgment. Double define this body. For the better. We can vote to confirm an excellent Supreme Court justice who will make the senate. And the American people. Route. That senate majority leader Mitch McConnell ahead of this critical and history making vote it's about to begin in the senate. Let's listen for a moment approval or disapproval. Are not permitted in the senate galleries. Under the previous question all post cloture time has expired. The question is on the nomination. But is there are seeing given out by. Vice president Mike Pence there he would give the tie breaking vote if there were to be a time we don't expect there to be one arts NR 1548. Opening day. Vice president is ordering order in the gallery protesters. In side. The gallery right now is the vice president things Big Apple again this screaming continuing his. There is sufficient second. Is a sufficient second. The clerk will call the role mr. Alexander. The sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery. Commuting some of the Mike SARS desires restore order in the gallery. The vice president ordering the sergeant of arms to restore. So mortar in the gallery is said the vote it's ready to move forward the senate vote. Beginning not a lot of drama at this point is we pretty much know how those on the fence will vote weekly tendency of the votes will fall as we expected they will. One Republican Murkowski building against camp and I'll one Democrat mansion voting for cap and now we expect DC is eight seeded vote. Senators after receipts announcing their votes majority leader McConnell had asked all senators to be in their seats on time. The vice president take in the chamber possible group of White House aides as White House aides. Looking on. The vice president presiding over what is happening here aren't senseless and back again. The clerk may continue. Is bubbling. Mr. brown soon. Mr. Bennett. Mr. Blumenthal. Mr. blunt. Mr. barker. Mister Bozeman. Mr. brown. Mr. Byrd. This. Camp alone. This is kaput so. Mr. Carden. The vote under way you can hire still some disruption there in the chamber face as they move forward. I wanna get to the capitol now ABC's Stephanie Ramos say he's joining me and Stephanie you were just downside. These protests were going on outside they're going on inside overall though Sargent movie capital as this or very big moment that we had been coming toward four weeks. Is what right now. Alice the mood is very tense added there is no surprise that. Protesters have been able to get into that senate gallery and our are having v.s. Outburst and Aaron and are voicing their opinion this is what we've seen all week in this we'll be seen if the last couple days and of course it has intense society. Over it intensified yesterday and today of course there have been. Protest on Capitol Hill for at least a week now in these seventy to appear adamant and determined to voice her opinion against judge Brett have a night got. Really rowdy for a second this afternoon just outside the capital with an anti Kavanagh group going up the stairs of the capital. Then eventually making their way toward the Supreme Court and that's where they are bright who now police of course are on high alert when I was walking in here. A walking toward the capital the barricades were upsetting. Been able to push the crowd back and and as I said they're now Supreme Court. But police here making plenty other arrests hundreds of a lot a couple of days and and coupled that he today that. And those individuals whether to release but. What we're seeing now from senate Democrats is upward push to the mid terms a lot of senators coming out this afternoon senators Warren. Harris and other saying. Things to the crowd like. Called is a thirty day plan take back the senate take back the house vote Democrat up and down a senator Ed Markey. Democrats saying we will not forget what is happening today and I've spoken with some of those senate where Republicans and Democrats who have said Dirk. Really concerned about the lasting impact this fight that we've seen over the last beat herself will have on Capitol Hill. Stuttgart. This sanity is voting right now but as he heard Stephanie talking bear behind her you can hear the gavel being hit by the vice president at and says he's ordering the sergeant at arms to restore order. Quite a few protesters have been able to to make noise to make their voices heard. After this is very contentious couple of weeks the voting continuing on right doubts let's listen in. Mr. Hinrich. This hike camp. Mr. Heller. This Hirono. Mr. Hoeven. Mrs. Hyde Smith. Mr. in half. Mr. Isaacson. Mr. Johnson. Mr. Jones. Mr. Cain. Mr. Kennedy. Mr. king. Ms. Klobuchar. Mr. Kyl. Mr. Lankford. Mr. Leahy. Mr. Lee. Mr. mansion. The clerk will suspend. The sergeant at arms we'll restore order in the gallery. The sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery. Sergeant at arms. We restore order in the gallery. Clerk may continued. Mr. Markey. This is McCaskill. Mr. McConnell. Mr. Menendez. Mr. Merkley. Mr. Moran. Ms. Murkowski. Mr. Murphy. This is Murray. Mr. Nelson. Mr. Paul. Mr. Perdue. Mr. Peters. Mr. Portman. Mr. Reid. Mr. rich. Mr. Roberts. Mr. rounds. Mr. rubio. Mr. Sanders. All. Mr. SaaS. Mr. shots. Mr. Schumer. Mr. Scott. Mrs. Shaheen. Mr. Shelby. This man. Ms. Stabenow. Mr. Sullivan. Mr. tester. Mr. thin. Mr. Tillis. Mr. Tim mean. Mr. Udall. Mr. van haul and mr. Warner. Ms. Warren. Mr. White House. Mr. wake her up. Mr. Wyden. Mr. young. We await the final tally now as aid a mics are muted in the senate chambers was toward the end and a. Senator day's news is blocking his daughter down the aisle this afternoon. If he were present and voting. He would of voted I am. I have voted no. The pair will not change the outcome of the vote I therefore withdraw my vote. The senator has that right. Senators voting in the affirmative. Alexander. Grasso blunt. Bozeman. Bird. Cappuccinos. Cassidy. Collins corker. Corn in. Cotton. Crate boat crews. And CR. Us Fisher. Late. Gardner. Grant. Grassley. Hatch. Heller. Hogan height Smith. In hall Isaacson. Johnson. Kennedy. Kyle. Lankford. Leave us mansion McConnell. Moraine. Paul for do. Portman rich. Roberts. Rounds. Rubio. SaaS. Scott. Shelby. Sullivan. Soon. Tell it to me. Wicker. Young. Senators voting in the negative. Baldwin. Bennett Blumenthal. Booker brown. Cantwell. Harden. Casey. Canoes. Cortez amassed. Donnelly. Duckworth. Durbin. Feinstein. Gillibrand. Harris. Passing. Hinrich. Hike camp corona. Jones. Cain. Came. Club which are Leahy. Marquis. McCaskill. Menendez. Merkley. Murray. Nelson. Peters. Read Sanders. Shots. Schumer. Shaheen. Smith. Stabenow. Tester Udall van Holland Warner. Warren. White House like. Mr. Martin. Mr. Murphy. Now. Awaiting the final tally now expected to be 58 48. After senator Murkowski initially voted no but then withdrew her vote. As say what's called a pair of senate pair because Steve Danes is not there he would've voted yes he said. He is walking his daughter down the aisle at a wedding soda to offset he's vote she withdrew her vote. At that point. The microphones in the senate chamber muted at this point. And as we wait forty final votes to come in the votes are in debt confirm it's not official yet. But day he has enough votes Brett Cavanaugh to be confirmed now to the US Supreme Court we wait for the official tally. To be announced here right any moment. Inside the chamber the president of the senate being vice president pants I eighty years. Now in charge of what's going on right now it's moving at he has pace as we've been hearing his voice over and over again. We wait now for the Mike said to be on you don't want to go to Stephanie Ramos at the capitol and and Stephanie were hearing from our producers insiders say. They've never seen anything like this the atmosphere inside that chamber. Apps at I believe it I mean we've heard that from senators as well this week senator Dianne Feinstein. She is she says she's been on she's been through ten S Supreme Court nominations and she has never seen. A process. Like this before this is a first but do. Dad what's what we're seeing in in that senate gallery what we're seeing here on Capitol Hill. Is is. What we've never something we've never seen before there's so much. Intensity at some demonstrators out there it's that we saw this happening we saw judge Brett Cavanaugh I getting the votes that he would eventually need we saw this yesterday. Alone the really going into today a lesser or some sort of last minute developments Dutch capital's confirmation to the Supreme Court. Was going tap it it will likely happen. What we've also heard from from senators like senator McConnell senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and other senate Republicans. We have with the exception of senator Lisa Murkowski they've all been ready to quote turn the page to move on and get this process going and confirm. Judge Kavanagh as quickly as possible but of course they took that Paul's for the FBI investigation Ian that investigation into the sexual assault allegations against just Kavanagh. Many senate Republicans saying. That investigation showed no cooperation to the allegations made by against its capital by Christine Bausley Ford. Senate Democrats saying it was extremely limited investigation and possibly limited by the White House. So there's been this back and forth for so long now in in and here we are worth seeing it happen we're witnessing history. But right now we can only. Imagine what the White House is doing with staff what do bled what aids or do we know the president is watching he said he would be watching the vote on TV so he is currently watching. And if you'd think that the are celebrating right now this is a huge victory for president trump. He promised during the campaign trail that he backed her in the High Court more conservative and he will likely do that today. The vote count we know is fifty to 48 it's not official yet members of the senate are walking around there talking to each other like you often see them do they are. Chatting at our with their colleagues. Now let's listen back in the mikes are on muted. Where they were very momentarily. Waiting for that car final. The so often in the senate it happens very very slowly what's gonna happen now for Brent Cavanaugh. Details are still being worked down but. Now White House official telling us today that the president will first have to sign a commission Kavanagh can then be officially sworn in by another judge. I'm not the vice president in this case this could all happen by the end of today. There is likely going to be ceremony. I involving. The the actual swearing in sometime down the road probably next week but I he will likely in. Non ceremonial sash and at least to a lower degree lesser degree likely be sworn in May be later today. By another. It's a reminder to our guests in the galleries. The final expressions of approval or disapproval are not permitted. In the senate gallery. Are there any senators in the chamber who wished to. Vote or change a vote. If not. On this vote the eyes are fifty. Then days or 48. The nomination of Brett M Kavanagh of Maryland to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Is confirmed. After a thorough Jordan live week battles within the motion to reconsider be considered may have played upon the table and the president vehemently no votes on talked him. Without objection how she just at coral. Sergeant in arms will restore order in the gallery. The clerk will call the roll. Surrounds him. After thirteen weeks the battle back and forth between both side CDs now over very much scene is a victory for president from four. Republicans who pushed for Brett Kavanagh for Democrats. That somewhat of a deceit but at the same time I was very much an uphill battle as some could argue an impossible battle for them and then the place said they were in. I'm but Haiti is now official fifty to 48 the confirmation Don we can assume that right now Brent Cavanaugh. Has the news he has been listening to it he's been watching it. And is probably at celebrating at. At this moment ago now to ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts and Steve not to JJ here but you've been around for a long time you ever seen anything like this here today. No. This is the closest vote on a Supreme Court nominee since the 1880s. And I was not around that and it's not just the closeness of the vote that is so striking. The two leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell agreed on one thing. Humor said this was a low moment for the senate. McConnell said it was a dark chapter for the senate they agreed on that except they blamed each other. For that darkness and for that we and that depth of that there is senate has sunk to. At the the anger the partisanship the lack of civility to lack of respect across the aisle. Is really reached a new low I've covered that senate often on for forty years and I have never seen. This a level of animosity across party lines this. Willingness to accuse the other side if deceit and deception and dishonesty. Usually the senate as at least of the new year. Of civility but that's been stripped away. And it's partly because the stakes are so high. If you look toward the fall election this this vote today is going to be a major issue in the fall elections which are going to be very close. Both sides are going to be using this Alex the re Democrats are going to be using this to stir up female votes. Particularly college educated women in the suburbs where many of the key house races are going to be fought all ready. Even before the last week there had been a sharp movement in that direction that 60% of white the college educated women opposed Kavanagh on a fox poll before this all happen. But at the same time. Republicans are going to be using this to stir up male votes. Them. Democratic line is women are the victims here. Sexual assault and and the failure of the senate to pay attention to their complaints. The Republicans are gonna say men are the victims here they're the ones who could be accused falsely and and unfairly. And those two rallying cries those two battle cries are going to be echoing for the next month. Until Election Day Alex. And Steve. I wanna talk more about batting in one moment I wanna jump quickly though two somebody was he in the room ABC's Trish turner sheets on everything that just unfolded the protests a win on the vote itself and Trish dad tell us what it was like in that room. Elliott Kelly stood. Normally a very staid affair. Then you're a lot of years outside Tikrit Supreme Court. The nominations and achieve nothing like that. Really nothing like that and probably the Iraq War pretend that happens to desist all. I'm by far more emotional. They were mostly women that men. Up in the galleries where the public is allowed to sit. Or geeky patents that a president Kenneth presiding in the chamber as that she present doctor. And she what is trying to color though and one lone woman the first. Stood and she's senate that you know I don't consent where it may representation. She is yelling at first and then I'd be out there at the sergeant at arms are distract her out. I'm she was screaming and it's really passionate. Parents tried to keep going with devote more women stood and started yelling. You know they were almost out as. A officers to grab its. People to pull them out that men and women it was multiple at counted at least twenty. By the time I walked out of the chamber they started voting Booth when senator Collins outlook called Q up though she stood at. Started to vote and a woman interrupted our protector she said. You know as senator Collins jury disgrace shame I view the Q more women to it was just a wave of protesters. During the gallery and I would say I'm alongside you know White House counsel Don again let them terribly far from where this happened derive shocked. Deputy Press Secretary let all that sitting there in the gallery I mean a direct couple it you know last sections over on vacancy all of this is well in all. Rate before the vice president I teach charity gavel a number of times. To get in order in the chamber and it's really normally don't see. On any anything like that those who attempt. It Trish it seems like Italian almost as balloon that have been sealed up for so long enough pressure that was building now we look in on the chamber and people are just kind of casually talking and some have left that. Boom it's over in the deed the area's been let out what happens now only it sounds like that. Kavanagh will be sworn in in that non ceremony fashion net tonight by another judge and then we likely will see I ceremonial. Outside. Swearing in sometime next week. That's right I'm I would expect I admit they want to have him on the court on Tuesday. And so I would expect this to move in short order so he will be torn in behind the scenes. I'm Chief Justice John Roberts normally don't let anything or not. Clear I'm not gonna happen just yet but it'll be quieter like you say at the Supreme Court and then there will be I would imagine much fanfare when he is. Goes to his ceremonial swearing in you know one have to think at the White House this is that very thick moment for the president that is one of the key issues that. You know there a reason that so many conservatives I've got behind. His nomination he'd promised conservative and that's what he has. Appears to have delivered. You know it and sell this is a very big moments and not an ego thing you know that the it is a huge issue that galvanizes the Republicans. Normally not something that galvanizes. Democrats. But absolutely as you ordered discussing is something has lit a fire it really remains the English very little time left in them that terms. You know this has bled out into the mid terms and sell. It's best that. We'll have to measure and the days ahead bet sat in the house races certainly you know could. It entirely turn on the passions at this moment the senate races that there. They're all over the map he thought Joseph mansion you Trimmer red state West Virginia he's fox. Sole Democrat to vote yes he notes how the politics aren't state that he got that area. You know if one were to stay a Smart political move on his behalf when have to think about exactly what that was and until we move forward from here at least see what the effect of this. Is say you know in the days ahead in the mid terms. ABC's Trish turner who was inside that chamber today as all of this was going on just moments ago as we brought it to be alive. We were talking to Steve Roberts about the impact to and one of the of the folks that they could death feel the impact Lisa Murkowski. As she ended up voting present to. Way out there that the senate pair as it's called. Steve Danes not being able to vote today she's not up for reelection for years in Alaska. So she's safer now and already Sarah Palin he's been tweeting out the last 24 hours it. This could be the end of Murkowski senate career. Very much could be a target now. Four Republicans going after her that the political impacts of what happened inside the chamber today what you just heard happening here. Will go far beyond. What happened in the last forty minutes or so. In Washington DC an Alex downing you've been listening to live coverage from ABC news it's.

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