ABC News Live Prime: Friday, May 14, 2021

‘Donald Trump is still the leader’ of the GOP: Political analyst; Prince Harry’s latest bombshell interview; President Biden invites 6 DACA recipients to White House
50:17 | 05/15/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, May 14, 2021
This cat must really have nine lives. Death defying leap in Chicago the cat jumping five stories out of a burning building and then just carrying on with its day. Officials on the scene seeing rain under a car and felt better after a couple minutes and tried to climb the wall to give. Inside. So one day after the CDC relax NASA's guidelines for vaccinated Americans tonight. Fusion some states relaxing guidelines and others not right away and at least one major grocery chains keeping its mass requirement in place. Questions tonight about what the guidance means for schools. Set critical hack pipeline now back up and running but tonight gas stations across the south still low on fuel. When will operations be normal again. In the mid east tonight the fight intensifying. Between Israel and Hamas. Violent protests spreading to the West Bank Jordan Lebanon and even some Israeli neighborhoods tarmac gotten in on the ground for us once again two days. Larry we're here what went up. There's no doubt that there would be significantly more Israeli casualties and destruction. She's not standing bathroom you know I think the issue really he is Donald Trump and it really is. Party it's based on the true. Congresswoman Lynn Cheney unfiltered and unleashed our Jonathan Karl's conversation with the Wyoming congresswoman just days after she was ousted from her leadership post. Hope on the horizon of our conversation was one of the doctor recipients who met with president Biden today. Can a new president help the hundreds of thousands who've been stuck in limbo for years get him. After the US citizens I'm hopeful because we have here. Good evening I'm Trevor all in for Lindsey Davis thank you for streaming with us we begin tonight with the mixed messages one day after the CDC announced fully vaccinated Americans can ditch their masks. In almost all situations. He announced been catching governors and business is off guard ABC news confirming governors were not briefed in advance of the planet despite 24 states and DC having some sort of statewide mask mandate. And business is now left to figure it out. For example if you're going to Starbucks or target bring your mask but if you're fully vaccinated it had to wall martyr Trader Joe's. You can leave it in your car the decisions also stunning health experts and raising significant questions for schools are which Johnson leads a song tonight. Tonight Americans scrambling to navigate the new norm just a day after the CDC said if your fully vaccinated in most cases it's okay to ditch the mask. It feels good I mean it definitely takes some getting use to calm the anxieties surrounding like leaving your house is still do feel the anxiety. I'd totally it's been. The dominoes falling in less than 24 hours at least eighteen states already changing their mask mandates immediately following the new CBC guidance. Able to walk around without masks and get us some good rest and see people smiling again. Even in Michigan were just last month hospitals were overwhelmed with cove in patients and after months of getting out the dean vaccines. The data is clear. The cold in nineteen vaccines are a miracle of modern science but across the country business owners caught off guard tank its order for anything. And many are playing it safe for me. And I and for her. The customers that come here I'd still like them Wear a mask until we know what the guidance that's. Big chains like target Kroger Home Depot and Starbucks are keeping their mask rules to. Tom Ryan carries his vaccination card with him but I just carry it. Just in case he gets awhile somebody wants to know. But with no proof required an honor system now raises new challenges 64%. Of the US population is still not fully vaccinated. If you are vaccinated and you are making the decision to take off your mask and you've made the decision to get vaccinated and you are safe. If you are unvaccinated and then you have made the decision to take out grass. But there is push back the union representing retailing grocery store employees says the new mass guidance is confusing. And could force essential workers to become the vaccination police department is for your heart longhorn. Release our. Some parents concerned too. Valerie Blankenship worries the mask guidelines were lifted too soon she is vaccinated but her nine year old son who is in you know compromise is not. When it or not wearing masks anymore we're not NO action. Who's not. Just everybody just needs to be extremely chair all and used comments and don't. Get up. And in New York tonight health officials are investigating a cluster of possible rare breakthrough infections among eight members of the Yankees. According to the team all received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the infections are mild or asymptomatic. Even with the vaccines working those brakes or infections are still a possibility we'd Johnson joins us now from new York and win I know the CDC. Pointed to the new research in making this big announcement that the vaccines work against the variants they cut the risk of transmission. And there's also a major new study out tonight on the strength of the MR NA vaccines. Trevor this is the largest real world study in the US 500000. Health care workers are involved in it confirms earlier findings. That the Pfizer in the dirt of vaccines are 94%. Effective at preventing symptomatic illness after two doses. 82% effective among those who are partially vaccinated. There's CDC director called this study pivotal and their decision on masts Trevor. When Johnson from New York which thank you so. And now to the continued fallout from that cyber attack on the colonial pipeline to fuel is flowing again the thousands of stations are reporting they're still out of gas. And also tonight we're learning of other companies falling victim to these types of ransom where attacks here's ABC's aerial rations. Tonight while the weeklong gas crisis is showing signs of easing in some places in others it seems to be getting worse. Gas tracking web site gas buddy says at noon today a full 88%. Of Washington DC stations were out of gas and we want to remind the public. There will take a few days to fully return to normal. We urge people infected regions to only guy that gas they need colonial re started their pipeline two days ago tanker trucks trying to keep up. But panic buying is slowing the process this gas stations and they only have a thousand gallon plastic given how many people have shown up that could be gone in an hour. I've been looking for games today. Late night in everything it can't get anywhere. And tonight news that another company till she bout was hacked ten days ago by the same Russian linked group. Known as dark side that company saying the amount of work lost was very minimal. Overseas Ireland's health service was targeted by or ransom where attack just today. Though there's no indication that the dark side group was involved. Several hospitals were forced to cancel elective surgeries. ABC news has confirmed that colonial did pay a ransom to the hackers. Many businesses had insurance policies that protect them from losses from cyber attacks. Experts say hackers exploit that for their benefit. They knew it restarts and find out which companies have insurance and so they sat Perry and an ace Ryan. This research simply time to figure out what company might be willing to Jay. Our thanks area Al and next to go to Washington where after. After months of tense negotiations today a bipartisan agreement has been reached on a 9/11 like commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the capital so let's bring in our senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce Mary. Tonight both parties are praising this deal but there are still some hurdles that need to be overcome. There are there's been a lot of discussion about this but Democrats and Republicans have reached a deal here to form this. Ten person commission of outside experts to look at the events of January 6 but some top Republicans are not pleased with the scope of this. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy for one would like to see this commission be able to look at a broader range. Other events there's also question about the subpoena power that this commission may have that's something that both Democrats and Republicans will have to agree to. Regardless they are moving forward with this house plans to have a vote on this next week driver. Would be rare to cease immunity and Mary this does comment. A week after some house Republicans of trying to gloss over what happened that day Democrats are saying today that they might actually want to censure Republicans who called the insurrection. A normal tourist strip. Yet democratic representative David says Cellini is now willing to try and censure three of his Republican colleagues who earlier this week tried to gloss over what has. Happened in re write history. The incidents in January 6 we heard from some of the Republicans in this hearing earlier this week. Describing it ended that the rioters. As quoted you know coming through the capital in an orderly fashion comparing it to a normal tourist to visit another saying to call it an insurrection is a bold faced lie trenor. It's all of that video definitely undercuts the argument Mary Bruce thank you. And that brings us to a possible turning point for the GOP house Republicans electing New York congresswoman a least a sonic a staunch supporter of former president trump to a leadership position replacing one of his harshest critics Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney vowing to not let president trump take over the party. But after she lost her leadership post this week some are questioning whether or not she has a police in the party at all our Jonathan Karl sat down with Cheney. Minutes after being elected one of the top Republican leaders in the house today. Congresswoman a lease to farm act declared she is ready to work with Donald Trump calling him a critical part of the Republican team. I support president trump. Voter support president trump he is an important voice in our Republican Party and we look forward to working with him shortly after the vote I spoke with congresswoman Liz Cheney who's to chronic replaced after she was ousted from Republican leadership she was enthusiastically. Supported by Donald Trump and she is repeated. All the he has said about election fraud and then there and watch what you said about election fraud a suspect in the wrong direction. You know I I think the issue really is Donald Trump and it really is the party and whether we're going to be a party. It's based on the truth and mores that same about the party choosing somebody to replace you who was effectively chosen by Donald Trump. You know I was saying what he's been saying it was very lies that you're talking about I think it's dangerous Cheney's urging the Republican Party to turn away from trump. Something she now wishes she herself a dawn earlier just a basic question did you vote for Donald Trump and point one attend. She regret that vote. Look I think today the how could you not regret that vote given what's happened yeah I mean look. I was never gonna support Joseph Biden. And I do regret the vote there. Cheney says she is determined to do everything she can to ensure Donald Trump I'll never makes it back to the Oval Office should be. And Jonathan Karl joins us now John more of your interview with Liz Cheney will air on this week this Sunday will be watching. I'm curious did you get the sense in talking with her that she is intra city in trying to unite the Republican Party or is it just simply. Taking a stand against the influence of Donald Trump. Why I think that she sees a battle under way further the heart and soul of the Republican Party so before unity can happen in her view. It must be established that this is no longer the party of Donald Trump she was. Amazing leap alongside all on this point Trevor really struck me are very critical comments. Kevin McCarthy the Republican leader. As well as critical comments of others in the Republican Party here in the house or fellow Republicans in the house. Who cheap it is highly critical of for denying. Trying to deny now the truth about what happened on January. Sixth speaking almost as if she has nothing left to lose thank you Jon Karl in Washington. Take care Trevor. And for more on this now we want to bring in Sara is Edgar and ABC news contributor and a staff writer for the dispatch Sara thank you for joining us we know that you also interviewed congresswoman Liz Cheney on your pod cast. This question would've seemed unfathomable even recently do you think. That Liz Cheney has a place in today's Republican Party. I think that that's an increasingly. Tough thing to answer in the pilot and I think you can compare Liz Cheney does sort of the Rockefeller Republicans. Where they found themselves in 1980 floor. You know Liz Cheney told me that she believes the Republican Party stands for a strong national defense limited government these things that the Republican Party used to stand for didn't oppose struck there are other Republican Party and it's a pulling away from those things and so I did a lot of these Republican leadership from a previous generation are having to ask themselves. Is what. Republican Party stand for now and it. In answer simply Donald Trump and I think we saw that little bit just any at least a sonic verses chick android. Race to replace Liz Cheney a Lisa thought of the far more moderate record is not particularly in line whipped. Most of her Republican colleagues. But she was endorsed by Donald Trump chip Reuter far more conservative Republicans. In that race Donald Trump came out against you lost quite handily. Especially stark differences to see that police Cheney voted with president trump a lot more frequently that only Stefani did as well. It's interesting to see the characterization of the Republican Party because you have the leadership a least a sonic stage it's at least. They're talking about the Republicans are united. On the other side he had people saying the Republicans are tearing themselves apart this is a civil war how do you see it. I may tend to think that these leadership of the Republican Party is more accurate on that I don't think the civil war anymore and think that ended. I'm proud parents when he's sixteen. And Donald Trump is still a leader that party there was. You know some disagreement around January 6 it looked like. Stomach elements the party might finally pushed back on Donald Trump and his. You know vice grip on the party. Since she worries six we've seen a lot of leaders in the Republican Party look to rehabilitate Donald's son when Kevin McCarthy blew down tomorrow Largo I think looking back that was a very pivotal moment in the history of the Republican Party so no I don't think there is a particular civil war going on at this point. But I don't know that that is a good thing for the Republican Party they will take back housing 20/20 two almost certainly of trends. Are even close to what they inventor previous. Opposition parties in the first mid term election but what does that mean for Tony 24 what does that mean for Astor the Republican Party base has been shrinking not growing. You're former Truman administration official we've seen now how a lot of these top Republicans are supporting the former president's. What do you think is the former president's role in the Republican Party moving forward. I think he plans are under president 124. I think killed waste because he has no real need to jump in earlier but when the Republicans. Presumably take back the house they only need five seats in the 20/20 two mid term election Donald Trump will claim victory he will say that this is proof that the Republican Party needs and that you. How the mantle. The party base going into 20/20 four. And I think that is the answer to where the Republican Party is who the Republican Party is all of it. I mean you the year kind of already giving this away in your answered there has been kind of make continuous merry go round of anti trump Republicans floating runs for president in order to defeat of former president or maybe takeaways possibility we saw with John K sick and others topped the may be Liz Cheney in the future running for president. Is there any shot of that having any remote success. Dividing the party or at this point is suggest you go with president trump or you don't have a place of. Art. Donald Trump runs for president when he 24. None of those people will be able to stop them from getting the Republican nomination the more interesting question is. Will there be someone with high name ID with a number of the following to say now I have to do everything in my power to prevent Donald Trump from getting into the Oval Office again so well run as a third party. Specifically. To prevent. Donald Trump from getting enough votes. And thereby allowing Joseph Biden or whoever the democratic nominee is two win the presidency. So far no one has said they're willing to do that. And so enact tastes. O'Donnell doesn't run for president when he 24 I still think there is not a lot of room for that candidate but at least then there's and opening depending on who it is. But a look at Rhonda Santa's Tucker Carlson people who are far no way favorites of the post's front baseless called on. I don't see a lot of room in the Republican primary for any of those other candidates. And I know that after what we just wondering 20/20 a lot of people are necessarily looking forward to another presidential race and against. In the end they in the end her arm with all the issues that we're dealing with right now. Do you see any areas where maybe bipartisanship. Could be achieved in congress may be the infrastructure deal or something else. That's a great question it is hard to imagine. With the polarization. That we have now anything reaching bipartisan consensus because it's not anyone's individual interest to do south. There was a recent pew study that found that the number of independence in the country's actually an all time high you about a third third third Republicans Democrats and independents in the country now are 40% identify as independents fewer than 30% identify as Republican or independent. It would make people less partisan but actually the opposite has happened in the people let the parties are more strident more parties and independents it turns out boats. Like they use you as part of sands. And so the parties move further to the edges and the independents. Don't. Actually vote split ticket. And so there's not a lot of interest in bipartisanship from voters. And that's the incentive structure that. Members of congress ever. At this point and you're seeing that in Congress's actions as well Sarah is here appreciate your time back. Overseas now the conflict continues to intensify between Israelis and Palestinians tanks and troops are now targeting Hamas militants in the tunnels where they're believed to be hiding. As violent protests are now spreading to the West Bank Jordan and Lebanon not to mention some Israeli neighborhoods to. That got me reporting again tonight from Israel. Overnight that he's really assault. From land sea and be here. The most ferociously nearly seven years. The Israeli Air Force swarming Gaza over a 160 warplanes used in this drone video telling blast columns. Flashed through the night Israel says it targeted 81000 mile network of tunnels honey combing Gaza which function as Hamas is nerve center. In Gaza today buildings obliterated downs since fleeing to UN run schools. Which are considered off limits to Israeli bombardment. And on the streets are teammates have fueled the Diana. Which was one of those forced to clean and they Diane assisting started shooting I was scared the kept shooting and shooting at her home was damaged. I do know what to do. Overnight for the first time since 2014. Dozens of Israeli. Just in the past few minutes week saw rocket launched out of Gaza heard the booms of Israeli air strike some artillery sounding. This conflict right now seems far from over. Palestinian militants who fired close to 2000 rockets into Israeli. Forty's most of them knocked out of the sky nine by Israel's iron dome interceptors. To at this battery were here what would happen. There's no doubt that there would be significantly more Israeli casualties and destruction. Finally it's spreading. Yeah heavy clashes. Between Palestinian protesters and Israeli military in the West Bank leaving at least ten Palestinians dead. Hundreds wounded there today in Lebanon dozens of protesters setting fires and trying to crash through the border fades into Israeli. Meanwhile Jordan police dispersing demonstrators chanting to Jerusalem from march borders but the new. And Matt Gutman joins us now Matt we're seeing those growing protests across the region is there concern that this conflict could be spreading even further. They're up sue wee is Trevor that is the first time in decades that there has been so much tension along so many fronts. At the same time. Three rockets. Were fired at Israel from Syria today two of them apparently landed in Israel proper we saw this clashes along. The Lebanese and Jordanian borders with Israel. That violence in the West Bank ten killed hundreds wounded and of course the war in Gaza just about forty some miles south of where I am. That as Israel seems to be imploding internally right there are these. Almost nightly protests and clashes between Palestinian Israelis. Those are. Ethnic Palestinians who have Israeli citizenship living in Israel proper against police. And then we've seen these attacks by Jewish vigilante groups against those ethnic Palestinians in cities like job for which you see right behind me. So there's so much going on all at once. As the Israeli government basically isn't a government we basically have a caretaker government here. So lots of tension in all of this makes the work and mediation efforts. The US on boy who just touched down here today that much more critical. Puts a lot of pressure on him to try to broker some sort of lasting truce Trevor. That government on the ground in Israel Matt thank you and you and your crew stay safe. When we come back the guilty pleas expected for one Florida man on multiple federal crimes including sex trafficking of a minor. And the potential implications for congressman Matt Gaines. Shocker recipients go to the White House and push for legislation that protects them we'll speak with one who made the trip. Put up next Prince Harry opens up once again about the royal family in how he was raised. And it didn't necessarily sound like he's trying to patch things up with the future king of England his father. And what he said in why he's doing this next. Cool. Welcome back delta. Airlines is requiring new employees to be vaccinated against Kobe nineteen airlines says he will be a mandate before people are hired the CEO was strongly encourage encourage employees to get vaccinated American and united are urging employees to do the same but they're not mandating it. American is even offering employees incentives if you get shots. Well Prince Harry ease once again opening up any revealing new podcast interview that will almost certainly ruffled feathers around the royal family he talked about his childhood how he was raised and his mental health struggles as a result. James Longley has more. Prince Harry making headlines again with another into the U. What he says it was like growing up rule and in front of the entire world with the millions watching his every move. That's what you gruesome Bingham is there. Harry speaking out on acted dash opens podcast armchair expert opening up about trauma the tall that is Charlton took on his mental health. And why he plans to parent differently from the way he was raised. There's no blame. Suddenly when it comes sued parenting. All I've experienced some form of pain or suffering. Because of the panels offering the perhaps might follow the rule my parents have suffered. I'm gonna make sure would break that cycle like compulsive all this load of genetic pain and suffering against pulse on anyway. The brands available goes to promote his new dual key series on mental health which touches on some tough topics. But it's hard to see how these comments will heal Harry's very public rift with the family he told a crayon marks his relationship to his father his fraud. And he claimed that after he stepped back from his G she's a working rule and moved to North America. Charles caught him off financially and prepared time stopped taking his phone calls. Is he taking your calls down there under her here is. Does little to work through Lauren. Are always love him but there's little of how that's happened. Harry also total cost that the years of therapy helped him open his eyes and helped him realize they had to make a change. In my early twenties are his second sort of like a just I don't want this job what I wanted to you know I don't wanna during this reported it's my mom. How might have a competent settle down have a wife and found me when I moved. It's gonna happen again on know how this operation runs and how it works in I don't want to Paula this. There was restored during the third and suddenly it was like the bubble was plus a slight case. During this position of privilege stop complaining how you can use this platform to really affect changed and beaver give people that confidence. There is change their own life's. Our thanks to James long been and joining us now is royal commentator Emily Andrews Emily thank you for taking time to be with us tonight. We know what's maybe most noteworthy about this interview is the timing of it comes on the heels of that bombshell Oprah interview that of course the royal family lost Prince Philip Harry's grandfather. And any death in the family can be a sensitive time. What do you think Harry is hoping to accomplish by speaking out now about the trauma he experienced growing up. Well Chardonnay you make an excellent point I mean I didn't climbing trees have been less raining off the death did you remember the queen. Still very much screaming her husband's arms and be Prince Charles breathing. This caught I think whatever age you Moxley's Ahrens is is Barry Barry is are trying to say. Harry actually was. Painting his jacket and his. Low cost two acre mandates hates. Perhaps there is we Winfrey which Crimea as its they are and the reason why he went on the console to mental how did rate. How how are you out he's passionately outs. 89 isn't organizing as I thought it was it was it was it will is on the hollow. Any unit is that Harry can help in south. Drive high. I and his grand parents. Into the conversation. With pen and I and iron and with bats and all astle Chris doesn't get it made headlines around the wells. It is very hard to separate those two when your entire family is under that microscope and I do want to drill down on what Kerry was trying to express is I don't think he was necessarily specifically trying to call out his father his grandfather was more talking about what it means to grow up with that royal spotlight he said it was like he was in the zoo and you can understand the frustration of being born into something like that without really choosing at. Can you elaborate for us what you think he meant when he was saying about the job specifically look at what it did to my mom. Israeli insisting that he reference is not adults in the instant hero and he he so I was accidentally sent. Autumn and and on new name is Chris dishonest what are prince Diana's sons he's at times now. Maybe isn't silencing Chris Donna and she's the times in the US he's guilty and US market. Daisies I think he genuinely does one team may k's mom crowns. What was he can eat well it's reinstating. CD's I can eat. Re continuing wells how people you know won a prize. And be hurting patients with hand. On the financial pain in Bernal. An iron being Linehan is. He he and his is wished me well are priced out every single he eats. An integral cost is have been actually. I'll sang because he is committed to helping other people. Al's hand he's thank you want it always lowest. Headlong I outcome includes aid and so we could he be any. I'm out trying to. He reference to operating and and and being rich in Sharon dean and zoo all a page out of mole within reference to. Face and eagle in his life and saying wow you prince you know how is it pays and bring in fact he's guilty agent and I was her rent on time. Andy he was of course sharing your story as we all have the right to do but when year in his position it's going to make some waves especially when he's naming his father Prince Charles. And others specifically. It's a family get people can be very protective of how do you think people are reacting to what could be may be taken as direct criticism of the family. Why didn't the real problem here's the criticism that the queen. Don't think Karim and say it's not here last April and I think Harry doesn't think it's doodle or maybe he didn't speak already received it. To the prism of himself. You are agreeing she's 95 she's gone crazy here in the UK she's sit on it any other means she is looking around well just how well isn't being. I'm done is he's raised and she's just a husband the 73 it's so you really ethical can't and I think it what is Harry and all thinking any. Is he should give me about Rama and had to. I think this particular point in. What to feed. Advisable since as we strike out against. The queen and prince child even and he didn't in my opinion in in an. In it and away he shouldn't have little more how he was trying to sad day because it is time I think there are unable to mend. Relations Harry mega Atlanta's found they had to ask that either the initial anger and and show. Now aren't they what are all right crush. I think what is it. It's isn't it Andre and he won't end and how to reopening. It but he didn't. Object is not intent. Well did nothing else of this Stanley you can bet that the world will be watching thank you Emily and her joining us from London appreciate your time. And seeing. Still ahead here on prime ZMIT. Graduate student wanted in the killing of the Yale student is behind bars after a three month manhunt. A police tracked him down. The major multimillion dollar settlement being paid by the city of Columbus for the deaths of Andrei hill. Who shot and killed by an officer while coming out of a garage. And up next more than 26 years after the debut of the TV show friends the reunion is taking the Internet by storm why so much enthusiasm still we take a look by the numbers. But first our tweet of the day Monday is tax day friendly reminder from the IRS. I'm wrong. And now to the beloved show France today HBO Max announced the air date for the much anticipated friends reunion special so we thought we take a look at some TV magic. By the numbers beginning with the first number six. As in all six stars of the hit show Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Lisa Kudrow Matt LeBlanc. Acting Kerry and David Schwimmer are all back to the reunion special airing on May twenty seven's. HBO Max also announced eighteen guests start selling part of the special things. Including Tom Selleck Reese Witherspoon Egan lady god god Justin Bieber and other do you blisters. Ended testament to the show's popularity there is this much excitement seventeen years after the show went off the year following ten season run. And hit show of course turned it all of its stars and household names won the million dollars an episode is how much they each were paid after negotiating as it grew. It's the highest salaries ever paid to a television ensemble and apparently they were worth it. Because the show reportedly raked in more than two billion dollars during its network run and that is before them many years of reruns that we have all seen it. 51 million people watch the friends finale in 2000 port the fourth highest finale viewership. Thwart any TV show behind only mash and cheers and signed self. And finally nineteen dollars and 94 cents that's how much bookings dot com is charging for a one and stage get a replica of Monica and Rachel's apartment. It's a nine to 1994. The year that friends premiered and also not to the deal they apparently got an order that you Bender mere in New York City. We still haven't time to get you here on crime these dire warning from the EPA about the state of the climate inside the U west's. And why this tree house at one man's Georgia backyard is the most wished for Bayer being the in the world. But first a look at our top trending stories on What from the. The book from the girl from. Remember this CDC has given the okay for fully vaccinated Americans to go massive blaze in most indoor and outdoor settings from now communities and businesses are deciding what to do Michigan just a month ago facing is urging coping teases me now lifting its massive mandate but a number of states like Massachusetts keeping their policies in place they're cemeteries in this country does have quite low vaccination rates and so we can treat it necessarily his uniform and a lot of those decisions are gonna have to happen at the jurisdictional. Targeting Kroger still requiring face coverings CVS says it's now reevaluating. Meanwhile Trader Joe's will drop ins mast mandated and Wal-Mart the largest US private employer law also did your mask for those vaccinated shoppers and workers. With a gasoline again. Flowing through this 5500 mile pipeline stretching from Texas to New Jersey pumps are slowly coming back on line. He kind of realized how fragile we aren't as the triangulation and there's one little infant and his college suddenly. And bring down. Colonial pipeline promises in the coming days it will get better BBC news confirming a report from Bloomberg that a ransom in the low millions was paid to that acting group called dark side believed to be based in Russia the Financial Times reports dark side also attacked a Japanese tech company Toshiba earlier this month. Ira live now with the latest victim of cyber extortion. The nation's health service saying it shot down an IT systems and after what one official calls and possibly the most significant cyber crime attacked in the country's history. A onetime close ally of represented and Matt gates Jill Greenberg will plead guilty to multiple federal crimes in court papers filed on Friday. Including sex trafficking out of my Arabs. And still agreed to cooperate with federal investigators the former Seminole County tax collector does not directly named gates in the pavers but he admitted that he and others who are not identified the document had paid a seventeen year old girl for sex. Ohio the city of Columbus has three state ten million dollar settlement with the family of a laundry hill the 47 year old black man was shot and killed last December. By former Columbus police officer out employees from bill was holding a cell. Phoned the city. Has also agreed to create a jam where health frequently played basketball after Henry hill's daughter Clarissa says the settlement he is just the first step to getting full justice for her father and towards healing. It does things that help sport their thing. Take this harmful for hearts that we still have from my dad not being here. They had something in his story. Oil was fired from the police department he is facing murder and reckless homicide charges the Ohio attorney general US attorney for center call Ohio and the FBI. Are investigating hills. Shooting and a new warning from the EPA and they say that we have entered unprecedented. Territory when it comes to climate Sharon's new indicators here they are a few of them at least. That's every season being a degree or more higher says the late eighteen hundreds and now she. I heat waves. Happening three times more often since the 1960s. When Connor we use more AC silly and nearly doubled. The power usage in the summer is that we used in fifty years ago and then as we know about ice sheets but here's a really alarming picture and thirty year green and panic in Antarctica. Remember rapid rate of changed and that is what makes unprecedented yes they have seen cycles just anonymous rapid rate. Kobe Bryant will be inducted into the basketball hall of fame tomorrow Bryant's his daughter and seven others were killed in the helicopter crash last year. Michael Jordan seen in tears at a friend's memorial service will make the presentation. Brian's would open NASA will reportedly speak at tomorrow's ceremony Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are among the others being inducted. Welcome back tonight and MIT graduate student wanted in the killing of a Yale student is now behind bars. After a three month manhunt US marshals arrested king swan pond in Montgomery Alabama. ABC's Stephanie Ramos has more on how authorities finally caught it. Tonight after months of being on the O'Brien. A former MIT graduate student accused of killing ideal student has been captured and arrested in Alabama by US marshals. Authorities had been searching for 29 year old king's long pond. Charged with the February 6 murder of 26 killed Kevin gee can't in New Haven, Connecticut ponder was already facing charges for allegedly stealing an SUV heat stroke in Massachusetts. The same day G young was killed. That as two. Investigators say he was last seen by family members in the Atlanta Georgia area on February a Levitt. Carrying a backpack and reportedly acting strange in the days following the murder police say Gionta was found shot multiple times near of the Yale campus dying at the scene. A former member of the army National Guard Jiangxi had proposed to his girlfriend shortly before his death. Tiny tiny was my Europe blessings because I'm Matt my dear Kevin I will always love him with a love of Christ. Now the New Haven community grateful pollen has been captured. Thank god if only a minute heard. They bring closer to the situation. According tip on was taken into custody without incident he faces murder and second degree larceny charges in connection with nonfat. After all of this time authorities still haven't released a motive trap. We turn on immigration today president Biden met with six so called dreamers these are people who were brought to the United States illegally as children it. At a been allowed to live and work here under the deferred act. Action for childhood arrivals program known as doc cut. It President Obama enacted it through executive action and now president bite in it is trying to get docket codified into law he is pressing the senate to pass a pair of house bills. That would do just that. Asked to China is an educator in New York in one of those six soccer recipients who met with the president today she joins us tonight. It's John thank you for being here I understand that you just walked out of the west when a few moments ago can you tell us about your conversation with the president what he say in what you have the talent. Thank you can learn the president just affirmed a fact that this is a nation in the hands and that man is built. To be a refuge for immigrants and while he's also. Until I had the opportunity to share with him my story I'm coming from Senegal. Growing up in the United States in being here since I was seven years old. I also have the opportunity to share with him my own experience I navigating gates a college. As an undocumented Blackman met. And have the opportunity to share about my current like supporting and working with the beautiful families and students in Brooklyn. With Lincoln RC specifically. Well composed. Who many of them are composed. Caribbean and he and immigrant. And now you there on the north lawn of the White House and spend quite a journey for sure come married seven and MMI correct in hearing that. You were even really aware of your immigration status and so you were high school. So I knew that I didn't have my papers I didn't understand the full weight of what that would mean I'm in terms of what how I would get to college. Without a Social Security number. Shows at seventeen when I was grappling with all these things. You're one of about 700000. Dreamers in the United States what would it mean to you and to so many others if the senate were to pass those to doctor bills and are you hopeful that that can happen. Absolutely and I'm hopeful because we are here this is our home. I'm it would mean that I hadn't really be able to have the tools we need to lead full lives. Would be to have ultimate relief from being able to know that home would never be taken away and so I am it's something million unique. The senate to act on because ultimately I want to be able to. Let me I'm in return to my school may be able to tell my students MIC a means that we're here to say. And that you know there's a path toward trucks. This is of course very divided time in the country right now but doctors actually shown to have pretty overwhelming support in the US from the public. Course not everybody is all the way on board in the argument against it tends to be the fact that. We're a nation of laws we can't make exceptions and this is only get a further encourage what's already immigration crisis. What do you say to the people who feel that what. I say to those folks that ultimately we are here we are contributing toys are communities. I'm some of us are leaving school some of us are showing every day to respond tackled in nineteen. Crises. And ultimately at the end of they were still Americans and so. We need this this legislation the move forward so that we can again be able to. Lead Fuller lives and be able to I'm do normal things at all Americans able to to be able to participated. Asked to John joining us from the north lawn of the White House this John thanks for your time of injury time in Washington thank you so much trying to think there. And next to the backyard money makers travel continues to surge vacation home sites are desperate for host. And defining them in the strangest of places G of the need to as has more. It looks like a jungle paradise the swinging bridges the outdoor event and the sounds of me. But this is actually Peter bay hoots back York and looked as much as. The days are available in fact the tree house is booked almost solid through October 20/20 three. That's why air being V is now begging people to become hopes even even think people come here. I I didn't think anybody will come I really did. I couldn't imagine that but they are because as we reach the end of the pandemic people are desperate for unique outdoors days that look great audience to Graham. Searches for tree houses tents plastic egg lose and Barnes are up triple digits on air B&B. In fact ten searches are up 260%. Isn't this team is is staying enter our arms or maybe not but it is sort of experience they're really creates. An amazing memory and amazingly patient and it really are only nine PR wars. Tami Bradley one of the thousands jumping on the streets why did you need this nature. He's relaxation. To be able to just green. Privacy and seclusion. She's already staged here twice before the tent set ranged in lake about half an hour from Atlanta. But seemingly a world away. Blaine and Matt Keller built this for themselves on their property in the middle of the pandemic when something interesting happen. This started revenue and so now. You know the cancer coming main thing payment helps right now many of our bookings are just someone whose father friend here. I'm against Graham and families are coming here to. But our phones down. And just enjoying being a family enjoy each other's. While potter and sound after we take you to Graham. Passion projects that are getting people off their foods. After one in ten see you want to get off all that stuff. You're like this on me to come on here in Macon. Look up to leave and that's. Now one important caveat you should check your local regulations to make sure home sharing is allowed where you live. And find out whether or not you need to register your home are thanks to GO Benitez for that report and when we return if you're looking for some travel inspiration. Our journey to Hawaii. Finally tonight an increasing number of Americans are saying aloha to Hawaii at flocking back to its beautiful beaches. The state took a big hit during the pandemic but as our Becky Worley reports. It's bouncing back a big way. Only sun rises to the majestic turquoise water. Can't you. Did it. From the hater here at skyline zip line you can see from. I all while scaring yourself really. It's Janssen and locals are happy to get back door of the want to call this their office. Any all signs pointed businesses reopening last year Kobe check Downey huge swath of Italy's economy. The State's unemployment increase was the highest in the nation at one point Andrew business owners like Toby Fisher of Toby shave ice rock. Friends and found me that weren't surveyed hotels and that's kind of everything that's sad and everybody is on the plane and but now. Jay nice is back to. So I'll play first let's talk what's hot passion really tigers play is really hot in there tiger's blood on really knew me. So all know. We are on an island we can get. Speaking from big wave surfer and preeminent Waterman kind landing get out into the ocean anyway fast. Including doing what I do. Certain things stand up rattling kite surfing windsurfing basically anything necking gets in the water having fire. I need to waves with another water brown Mali's surfer girls Dustin tester. Paul and their surfing John. The epidemic hit nicer for girls closed its doors and your employees. They were only gotten nicer for girls Ravalomanana. And it was really hard because a lot of families didn't have work anymore. So to keep her business afloat in the year without visitors. Had to perform some serious and that. A lot of parents on highland really needed activities for their kids sitting outside so when he committed and could be counts for local kids. And giving back is a new proposed Kobe from visitors beamed to the state hoping for an increase in something called. Calling tourism where local groups organize things like beach cleanup and so are rebuilding patient on. Inviting visitors to help my mama or care for employee as a real. We can all you can do here. You might also. Just wanted to share. Moon. That looks amazing our thanks to backing for that report before we go tonight the image of the day the class of 20/20 one at the University of Massachusetts Amherst holding its socially distance commencement ceremony today. It is nice to see the joy on those faces and hopefully the masks will soon be gone and we want to say thank you and good luck to all the students graduating this spring who kept going through this pandemic. That's our show for this hour on Trevor Alton for Lindsey Davis stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. Thanks for shaming with us now have a great weekend.

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