ABC News Live Prime: Friday, August 14, 2020

Father of 5-year-old shot by neighbor: ‘All I could do is pray to God’; Israel-UAE deal ‘lowers the barriers’: Former ambassador; Teachers navigate how to discuss the pandemic
49:53 | 08/15/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, August 14, 2020
Firefighters stating the flag as triple digit heat the fuel the flames. Protecting the vote them growing firestorm over the election tonight. As the US Postal Service alerts more than twenty states mailing ballots may not be delivered in time including to some key battleground states. President trump accused by his predecessor of trying to kneecap the Postal Service. Even as he and the First Lady wearing what their own mailing ballots in Florida. Corona virus crisis the grim forecast of 200000. Deaths in the US by Labor Day. Any update from the CDC about survivors of opening nineteen and how long they may be immune after meeting in. New body camera video in the George point case. Purportedly showing police efforts to hold onlookers back and meet with officers to get our Floyd's neck. This disturbing tragedy. Might year old boy shot at point blank range in front of his siblings while playing outside his home. The suspect a neighbor now in jail as police search for a motive. Our inner pain. Stop. Was. My son. And holding in his OK in my hogs there's. Good grand am all. And ala in the right. Summer blockbuster or why the biggest movie of this season may surprise you. Good evening I'm Harry already checked in for Lindsey Davis thanks for streaming with us. Over the next few weeks both presidential tickets will officially accepted their parties' nominations to be on the ballot for the White House in November. But how Americans will cast their votes is facing more scrutiny. The US Postal Service is now warning at least 23 states and Washington DC. That they can't guarantee all mail in ballots will be delivered to voters in time for their votes to be counted. It comes as president trump is threatening to withhold post office funding. That would be used to handle a huge spike in mail in voting expected during the pandemic ADC's Rachel Scott leads us off with the latest over the battle. For the ballot. Tonight the US Postal Service warning at least 23 states that mail in ballots might not be delivered on time. And risk not getting counted calling deadlines in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Michigan in congress sitting compatible with your delivery standards voters in those swing states can request absentee ballots just a few days out from Election Day. Presidents from carried bowled by less than 1% in 2016. But the turnaround too tight says the post office already bracing for a surge in mail in ballots during the pandemic today New Jersey announcing elf and mail in ballots all of its six point two million residents. Today we are announcing that the November 3 general election will be held overwhelmingly through four vote by mail every vote should be safe every vote should be secure. And every vote. Should count that shouldn't be controversial. The president launching a campaign against mail in voting pushing baseless claims about voter fraud. This election will be the most rigged election and history. If that happens threatening to withhold funding from the post office. Now if we don't make a deal that means you don't get that money that means they can't have universal mail in voting. They just get out that. Today he doubled down on that threat tying it too was corona virus relief package. So would you be willing to access to 25 billion dollars for the Postal Service including. The three and a half billion dollars generally have little woman and sell what I want is what the American. People want. Former president Barack Obama accusing the top administration of being more concerned with suppressing the vote. Been suppressing the virus. What we've never seen before is. A president say a man try to actively kneecap the Postal Service. And to encourage voting and I want will be explicit about the reasonable hour. Today the president's rival Joseph Biden tweeting voting by mail is safe and secure take it from the resident who just requested his mail in ballot for the Florida primary on Tuesday. And Rachel Scott is in New Jersey traveling with the president she joins us now Rachel the newly appointed postmaster general a trump ally has made some controversial changes recently. Why's he drying such scrutiny right now. Yeah area he's really under fire from putting in place some cost cutting measures that critics say is only going to slow down or delayed mail delivery at a what is expected to be a very busy male and boating season and tonight the US Postal Service confirming to ABC news that the inspector general is looking to those changes area home. And Rachel some news. With the president Stanley with his brother Robert apparently hospitalized what's the president saying about that tonight. Yeah the president did visit his younger brother Robert in the hospital and we don't know too many deet tails right now the the president did say today that. He is having a very hard time and stress how close have a relationship that they impact area home Rachel Scott there and New Jersey thank you so much for joining us. And the race for the White House is heading into a new phase Joseph Biden and Connolly Harris we're together again today each of them signing documents to officially receive the democratic nomination. At their convention in all virtual affair now just three days away. Here's ABC's care fill up. Tonight socially distance and signing the documents Joseph Biden in Kabul a Harris are officially on the ballot as the democratic ticket. Says the day she was picked president trump relentlessly hammering Harris with personal attacks. She was very very nasty she was extraordinarily nasty two. Kavanagh she was. The meanness. Really the most horrible most disrespectful. And just 24 hours ago saying this about the first black woman on a major party presidential ticket. Now you have a sort of a mad woman. Hi I call her because she was so angry and so are such hatred was justice Kavanagh. Today I asked the president directly. A strong. How are being in this presidential race yeah. None whatsoever. Harris saying Biden deserves credit for picking a black woman Joseph Biden had the odd deaths of to choose a black woman to be his running me. How incredible is that. Democrats now focusing on pulling off an entirely virtual convention Monday speeches from Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama. Top Democrats on display all week including the clintons and congresswoman Alexandria low cost CO Cortez. Though her speech only one minute long Wednesday Harris will address the nation. So will former president Barack Obama and Thursday Biden bases case to the American people. And here Phillips joins me now here as the Democrats gear up for their convention next week we're learning a little bit more about what Republicans are planning. That's right Mary L you know trump is planning on delivering his nomination acceptance speech in August 27 from the White House grounds. On the final night meanwhile campaign sources also telling us tonight should. That he will be incorporated. In each of the four convention days including one day apparently. So honored doctors nurses and other workers on the corona virus front lines also the First Lady we are told will deliver her speech on August 25 and vice president Mike Pence will make his on August 26. From fort McHenry national monument in Baltimore a lot of dates to remember there also speakers a during the week will include senators Tim Scott. Gemini Ernst house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California. And Nikki Haley a former South Carolina governor and US ambassador to the United Nations so a lot of lot of plans on both fronts are ill. Much more to come Kara Phillips in Washington for us tonight thank you you bet. And down to the corona virus pandemic the goalposts keep moving in terms of just how bad this'll get the CDC now forecasting 200000. Lives lost. Potentially by Labor Day as districts and now universities are up across the country now struggling. With how to reopen safely. Back Gutman has more. Tonight the CDC whitbeck staggering projection. By Labor Day 200000. Americans could be lost to the virus. Was stunning to see being green of the chicks in the percent of the tests are positive. Which we know now from sad past experience. Datsyuk didn't get you gonna have more surgeons. And in many places testing still preaching challenges Traci Seymour waiting ten hours in Rhode Island. And almost that it allies that they might harm. Leading to get tested or habitat. California now tops 600000 cases the most in the nation and its oppressive heat wave is forcing. Dozens of testing centers across the state like this one to limit their hours or close it entirely this weekend in Texas dance near 101000 to. The bought tease defending losing both parents in two sisters. Within weeks of each other every morning you wake up big game you're gonna get another phone call. It's not that my roots are gray work. The CDC now telling people with fully recovered from the virus they don't need to quarantine or get tested for three months as long as they don't have symptoms. In Georgia 16100 staff and students quarantined after positive tests in schools. Protesters demanding more safe guards after images of crowded hallway surfaced. I know my friend and I will be wearing masks I don't know about nothing. Thousand other kids at my school the White House task force now urging the state to do what the governor has resisted doing. Issue a mask mandated shut down nightclubs bars MGM's in high risk areas. They're warning the virus is widespread and expanding. But the governor today pointing to improving numbers in Georgia last month as hospitalizations and deaths were rising the president told our affiliate WSB that Georgia has done it all right. You just been great because you know you've kept it down and you real just you know you're getting plus 700% open it you really kept the virus so leveled. An incredible tribute. Doctor Anthony found chi saying just yesterday Americans have a choice to make you want the applause you want to open the schools terrorist Sinclair a single mother in LA he's desperate to get her first grader back. It to in person schooling approximately Venus if you had your choice would you. Send her to school right now. Now I should come as much as I would lover to be in school I think to seeing what happened in Atlanta and Wednesday's of this kid's school it's not worth it. And tonight this moment of triumph here in LA. Beatrice Martinez finally leaving the hospital after battling the virus for months. Last contested I'm going home after eighty days. And that god then joins us now and Matt you mentioned in your report that alarming number 600000. Confirmed cases in California but as governor Gavin Newsom said today new cases have plummeted. What are some of the more hopeful signs you're seeing on the West Coast. Every Ellis such as new cases it's also hospitalizations. The death rate is starting to stable ouch. In general all the indications and all the statistics are headed in the right direction the question is. How quickly will that happen right now. Most of the schools in this state are going to remain closed at least for the foreseeable future it's a lot of parents with whom I've been speaking safe. They don't really expect in pursing classes until. The next semester after the new year but may be. If they pass a certain thresholds schools can start opening up again I know a lot of parents would be very grateful for that but in general. California because of that mandatory mask wearing. The massive closures in place for months and months now it seems to have really recovered from a pretty bad July. So good news there mag that men thank you so much. By now you've probably seen that infamous and incredibly disturbing video of bystanders watching the death of George Floyd as he pleaded I can't breed. But now for the first time we are seeing the view from one of the officers capturing those bystanders and their growing agitation as Floyd called for help. Alex Perez has more on the new video and we have to warn you it is tough to watch. Part of. Tonight former Minneapolis comp two toes defense team arguing tells body hidden video proves he should have to face charges in the killing of George Floyd yeah. Seems you found it images shot by bystanders but this new video filed in court shows titles camera. As he tries to corral the growing crowd onto the sidewalk. That's just completely right. Yes cool. Oh yeah. The gathering public appearing shocked and concerned about the other officers who restraining small lady until he lost consciousness and later died. Pain again part of me yeah. Beat American citizen arrests right now. So Miller admitted today and get back off. I know confronting a bystander who identified herself as an off duty firefighter. Who desperately wanted to know he's not responsive right now. Us. And tells attorney also submitted the officers interview with investigators her home. Yeah I did get off. Look at. Some dissing work. Chechen. Did you do that. That was not my job. Alex joins us now and Alex what is next in this case in terms of actual court proceedings. Well Arial this Heredia tentative trial date set for march of next year but attorneys are all due backing court next two months to tackle a motion by the prosecutor to trial all four of the former officers at the same time. In one trial that hearing I guess at happening next month aerial. Now it's we've seen so many videos released in recent days from the officers are we expecting any more videos are out there. Yet it's been so many court documents and evidence that has been released but that's what video we still haven't seen just yet is officer Derek show Vince body can video at this point there's no indication that that's going to be released but. As so many of us know we've seen what happened just from that bystanders who video that has made the rounds on the Internet. Arial Alex Perez following the story from the very beginning thank you so much. A solemn gathering in Houston today to remember army soldier have been Nazi Guillen her casket arriving on a horse drawn carriage at her Houston high school where people came to pay their respects. He and was brutally murdered while serving at Fort Hood her death has prompted a call for changes in how the military handle sexual abuse and harassment claims. Her private funeral is set for tomorrow. And when we come back that terrifying moment of spicy sauces a motorcyclist after she was reportedly taking photos. And why even GOJ is accusing Yale of discrimination. But up next the tragic killing of a five year old little boy who reportedly shot in cold blood while riding his bike. His neighbor and now in custody will speak with the boy's father. Stay with us. Welcome back we turn now to a heartbreaking and disturbing tragedy out of North Carolina a five year old boy shot dead while riding his bicycle by his family's home on Sunday. Can and hand it was playing with his two young sisters when police say and neighbor Gary assess sums. Walked up to the boy and shot him in the head at close range. His siblings witnessing this horrific act says Sims has been charged with first degree murder a motive has not been determined but police say it was not random. Today the community just held a memorial in the boys honor and joining us now is Canon's father Austin tenants. First of all Austin please allow me to express our deepest condolences to you and your family we are so sorry. For your tragic loss thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us tonight. Austin I can only imagine how difficult this is for you for your entire family especially. Cannons young siblings. Nick Graham then there's so much it ought to. This is such a horrific loss and the suspect is someone that you know. Yes ma'am we've been neighbors. For eight years. Describe your relationship. What's that sums head to have you had any contact with him in the past. Waited in court whomever you like anybody else but speaking without wanna learn. It may block diagrams Albany or be mama my bird. Did opera general meaning. Saturday. The day before Putin. And in the end generating. I'm not sure what let it then. C saying the two of you did have dinner prior to that shooting. Big day before. It was in his drugs are in his car. And he's a little like he had allowed on his opponent mind then I was cooking chicken I'm Andrea and invited him into my home sympathetic to the this move we're supported. And I told him yeah yeah I'd give us to love our neighbors. Can you describe his personality his demeanor that night that you saw him. I'm no not that we had dinner together and mammoth I am. Please please share a beer together on the front porches. Ticking cook then. Once it was done. And I both went animated clay all of my fiance and my children my beyonce that MySpace sued and the kids and a lot more hands on. But Ritz Carlton fable. And what was your conversation like with ten. Com. Facing an eight pair annoyed any star a lot of people are trying to stem. I thank the mayor has dealings Indiana area at a record so I don't. In better than what it was about what I thought he was there and what about mice that memo. Setting him up for what. Trying to get him I'll look at markets steady we have a record amount for what they don't work but they owe me. He felt about the people that you will give Friday night but not prior to us and dinner. Take it's back to those terrifying moments so many are just shocked that someone would kill an innocent little boy. The ramp. It was unreal and we started our day out by going the way church and will mean what are we being the 13 of beer and half. And we followed when bonds at a local. Asking restaurant that we love. Went home and whom we relays it her right to our bed my sit here and dozens Dayton. And let's put it inside my fiance took a nap and I and that doesn't know on her behalf dealt. Around quarter by. A load and that marked the day. Even the way. Europe and we need long into the living room and that we're bombarded with the children often go. You know wanted to write a buys into order Sunday afternoons are the other Sunday. And it wasn't twenty to thirty minutes later. I heard the nine shot and sodomized by and I flew out of my front door. In the first and assi. It Masai land on the ground. In. Across Amman Mehdi it just fell off that bus. As I got budgets at him and I just beat him up my arms are real. What. How big a deal that look Arab. Or raise ticket woods. Majesty my son. And coordinated though in my dog. Look at grand am all. You know up to date rating with Brady. And his sisters were there to witness this whole thing I can't even imagine police sir of course investigating this and sit and what are they telling you now. I haven't heard anything from the day's news today and Monday are series. Miracle rumors going around but. About what he's it is body Donna. And I know the truth and whether a blue and admitted or not will buy albums out. No parent. Should ever have to bury a child Austin can you tell us a little bit about Canon and how your family will remember him. Can look elevens out they love the wonder shirts. He lit up any rounding ball again city meaning. Dini stored away or hand he would talk to us anger didn't matter or matters of race mirror where there'll never email low water you don't think broke every one. And it would that we are come together at nine contract not this country. A little while another. Austin thank you so much for sharing some of your time and again our hearts are with you and your family right now. Thank you ma'am. And still to come tonight more than one million barrels of oil seed is allegedly from on the wave from Iran to Venezuela to heavily sanctioned nations. And so how do you teach history when it's in motion we'll hear from teachers on how they plan to handle the pandemic in their classrooms. And with the NBA playoffs set to begin next week a look at this excess the NBA bubble by the numbers but first our fleet even today a message from march. He then dumped it into context and presentation and I Asian agenda outlets just shed Connell of parents sounds like me. Yeah session doesn't mean you know its current and yeah. Channel as an ordinary suburban housewife. Who still feel a little indiscretion. I teach my children can gain Collins senator. I'm shaken keystone. I'm strained. Welcome back professional sports has struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic but there's been widespread praise for the NBA's handling of it sees an. Player sequestered on the Disney ESPN campus in Orlando for the past month. Let's take a look at the NBA bubble. By the numbers. 22 teens were invited to finish out the regular season each team playing eight seeding teams to determine which sixteen foot face off in the playoffs starting next week. When an eighty no record of Phoenix Suns had the best run in Orlando but with the worst record heading into the bubble they fell just short of making that putt for the playoffs. Instead they're eight and nine seed teams in the Western Conference. That Memphis Grizzlies in the Portland trailblazers will face off in a play in game this weekend to determine the final playoff spot. With 61 points in one game this week Portland star Damian Willard had been on buyer in the final stretch to boost his team's chances. But the bottle brought an end to one teen street for the first time in 22 season disease San Antonio Spurs won't advance to the playoffs. After being eliminated last night. Whoever wins fans had eaten up the NBA to restart after four months off Nielsen reporting that 47 million viewers that tuned in to NBA games in the past twelve days since play resumes. We're sure it's a welcome distraction. We still a lot to get to on this Friday here it's time CF CI lawyer who plans to plead guilty in a probe related to the Russia investigation. Plus our conversation with the former US ambassador to Israel how that landmark deal between Israel and the UAE could reshape their Regis. And it is task force at the Pentagon and to look at UF OS. What are they investigating. But first here are some of the trending stories on Well. Will. After criticizing voting by mail president trump and a mail in ballots for himself. Florida election officials say First Lady Maloney a trump also did resident John now telling Fox News he wants to launder billions of dollars from the US post office trying to prevent Democrats from expanding meal including. Now if we don't make a deal let me you don't get the money that we can't have universal ballad loving and just. And the trend has repeatedly without evidence claim that mailing ballots would lead to widespread voter fraud to present isn't great. At the American people president twenty when he opponent calling the move an assault on our democracy. The CDC says there could be 200000. Corona virus deaths in the US by Labor Day a new survey finds half of Americans know someone in the country who has tested positive for Covert nineteen. This is vital experts action network says it's up from 41% last month. Black and Hispanic people were more likely to know someone who died from the virus. And. Want to be instantly find work. Moment the problem on and on this one school in California and ignoring Steve order disposing of Kansas is hundreds of students. It's just when I do all of that potential partners need news. Firefighters in Southern California are battling three large wildfires the weeklong heat we big stayed new numbers we have it now on the fire biggest concern here in Southern California and a lake fire in northern LA county. He's now close to 121000 acres most of that burned when it ran on Wednesday night in and stopped growing very much from the now firefighters have counted five buildings were destroyed and still they have lots of work to do. They're all being pushed by mother nature's triple threat low humidity into whipping winds blew a horse the scorching temperatures. It's gonna be another hot day today and we're expecting a high temperatures in Amman 400 degrees sort out the week that is bad news for fire crews. Across sustainable and think about this were only in August California had its most destructive and in the deadliest fires in recent years and both November and December news we still have a long way to go. The Justice Department says Yale discriminates based on the race and national origin and uses race in admissions to a greater degree the Supreme Court allows. Let's hear investigation found Gil rejected an Asian American and white applicants based on their race of the DOJ is ordering jail to stop using race or national origin in the admissions process for at least one year the university. Calls the claims meritless and says it will find to be ordered. A bison attack caught on camera in the south Dakota's Custer state park. Shocked onlookers watch she's unconscious the 54 year old woman was attempting to approach of bison calf Wednesday closest. When an adult vice and charged. The woman lost consciousness as the bison swung her around its corn cotton under her belt in jeans. But she escaped serious injury after her pants came off for all my katic daughter. It's not just conspiracies here is searching for the truth out there in the Pentagon will now investigate possible UFO's. June US officials confirm a task force will review unexplained an aerial phenomenon observed by the US military. The navy recently declassified video showing pilots baffled by fast moving unidentified flying objects off the coast of California and 2425. Team the task force will expand the revenue to other service branches. Welcome back a former FBI lawyer is expected to plead guilty after admitting he altered an email from the CIA to renewal wiretap of former trump campaign advisor Carter page. Kevin Klein Smith resigned last year after an internal investigation revealed his actions. This is the first charges brought by US attorney John Durham who was tapped by the attorney general to probe the origins of the Russia investigation. The timing of the announcement did raise eyebrows after president trump. Brought it up in an interview earlier yesterday then later in the day attorney general William Barr promised an update to that investigation. Retail sales were up by one point 2% last month compared to June but that's a smaller increase that many economists were expecting. This says some of the most popular restaurant chains in America that have been rocked by the pandemic could go under Rebecca Jarvis has more on the retail struggle. Big cities feeling the economic impact of the pandemic but perhaps none of more than New York City more than 6500. New York City businesses permanently closed since March. Tourists 65 million a year or are now gone. The lack of traffic forcing retailers from JC Penney to Kate Spade to Neiman Marcus to shut some New York locations for good pick. But we're just not on the streets and I hadn't. There are now walking and the. Experts say expensive rents are also to blame if they quote when New York City. They and AM on back on their brand and reopen and other. Toward hour and the midwest are out where in the country where it's much less expensive to operate one of those companies paying top dollar Victoria's Secret which shells out nearly a million dollars in rent every month for its flagship shop in midtown. Closing its Big Apple locations while opening in other states. The hefty bills also eating many small businesses car business went down drastically. I was remaining percent. Other large cities across the country are also seeing a decline due to the pandemic the Delhi metro area losing nearly 7000 businesses and Chicago almost 3000 since March and a new report from Essen. Due in part to capacity limitations. But when it comes to New York City some experts are optimistic it will bounce back. They really. Reinvent our New York. Our thanks sir back up for that and tensions are mounting between the US any Ron after the Pentagon announced the seizure of cargo on board for ships allegedly transporting you Ronnie and fuel. To Venezuela. Both nations are heavily sanctioned. According to a senior US official no military force was used in seizing that cargo and the ships themselves were not confiscated. But one point one million barrels of petroleum are now in US custody. And dirty now to the landmark agreement to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates the UAE becoming only the third Arab country to establish formal ties with Israel. Joining Egypt and Jordan so what does this mean for the future of the Middle East. Joining me now to provide some insight Daniel Shapiro former US ambassador to Israel under the Obama administration. Ambassador Shapiro thank you so much for being with us tonight. It you called this deal good news and you said it's part of a bipartisan. Goal to normalize relations between Israel and Arab nations but. Former Obama deputy national security advisor Ben rose tweeted. This agreement and shrines what has been the emerging status quo in the region for a long time including the total exclusion of the Palestinians. Dressed up as an election eve achievement. For two leaders who want trump to win so I want to ask you does the trop administration deserve credit for fostering this DL. And what do you think the implications are that happening now. Well certainly has shown administration worked on it and there's credit should be derived from that. As I said this was. A goal or this has been a goal of every administration going back at least thirty years longer. Two. Gradually expand the circle where patients and normalize there are relations with Israel has been supported by Republican and democratic administrations. But there's been progress. During the Egyptian history in the Jordanian tree street. And it is true that over the last decade or so Israel's relations with number of gulf states and specially the United Arab Emirates became closer. And the more developed even Molly remain social and originally in the shadows and then more recently been audio. So wasn't as big a little leaks the United Arab Emirates to take the final step to normalize. Their relations with Israel. But it isn't welcome step it is good news and that it does expand the circle those nations in the region this girl is normalize relations with. That's the United States so that US partners are with each other that does reduce risk of conflict and treat many opportunities troop operation. In business science technology and and security force. These two nations share common enemies like you're wrong and jihadist movements. So it's definitely good news now it is also important though that'd be leveraged to reenergize progress toward a two state solution that will achieve Palestinian rights for a state of their own and achieve Israel's our speech secure and retains Jewish and democratic you're democratic or her. So long term. That's why I was very important that the risks that unilateral annexation by Israel in the West Bank. Which was on the table be taken off the table and at least and take a fatal blow what triggered walker Todd was included in this this agreement. And and the drug administration or next year the Biden administration. Shoot shell aspects of the trump and neutral plan. Which were not really realistic two state solution and return to something the Palestinians and Israelis can boast a rod the outcomes they desire and deserve. Which is a two state solution sir spoke partisans. As you mentioned the UAE in Israel had been cooperating overtly for years so you touched on this briefly but what are the tangible impacts that we could see this agreement having on the dynamics in the Middle East. No question that Israel via the United Arab Emirates have already been shared intelligence and you insured various forms of some other security ordination. Including some technologies. In the service. There are dressing shares threats number one you wrong sort of nuclear weapons it's threat by sponsoring proxies and uncertain and shipping and sponsored terrorist organizations. That threaten both of those nations and others. But in the region that's been ongoing but now it can be conducted even more openly. And that's a benefit to the coalition of countries sinks part of it that police are wrong poses a serious search regional security. But already in recent years many Israeli companies. With a range of technologies. From communications to water energy health care. Particularly relevant during the topical anti. Have found business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. First sort of behind the scenes and now that can be conducted openly and it lowers the bears for other forms of cultural exchange academic exchange athletic exchanges. Tourism travel involves in both directions. That something and frankly Israel has not fully achieved industries treaties with Egypt and Jordan which are relatively cold peace. Uncle teaches between leaders don't have much of people people aspect to this or agreement to normalize relations believe represents our two countries that are Urquhart or it's further because they see real opportunities to expand their cooperation all those Sierens. That drug administration said yesterday that they expected that other Arab nations could follow suit and do you think this could have a domino affect all I seem to be trained. Squarely on Saudi Arabia. I do you think it is possible that other gulf states will follow the UAE's lead more likely refrain Omar would be early candidates. They're certainly already had some engagements with Israeli leaders in unofficial ways but they seem further along the path toward normalization. Saudi Arabia would be obviously the most influential Saudi stakes I think it's less likely to battle as soon there's a lot of this is at this notion Saudi society. There's a Saudi leadership. Includes both young. Her car classic operas but also older more traditional king. And they may not -- exactly the same page on this issue so that may not happen in the ability but let's also be part of the school but again these are steps that stood to reduce from which Israel and the stakes at normal life with a can derive benefit the United States can derive benefit but it's leveraged and uses a basis for further progress first by shelling annexation and then by re energizing diplomacy. It can actually increase the likelihood of achieving a two state solution that serves Palestinians these policies may feel unhappy about this agreement today but if it's used properly can actually can work out for their purchases were. Israel has agreed to temporarily halt its planned annexation of parts of the West Bank you've praise of this. Given that prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is already facing increased pressure from the right wing parties how long do you think this can actually hold. The threat of annexation to any remaining prospects for two state solution which is critical for Israel's future for Palestinians future and for American interest. I was very severe been under exceed does harsh critic. The proposed annexation is opposed by virtually every leader of the Democrat there are states that many European nations Arab nations. Many in Israel even believe it would be girder awful. So it was something that should never include on the table to chart administration mistakenly. Included as part of the plan that they announced in January this year. Then there was a debate internally fortunately it did not advanced. And that good news is that it has been taken off the table. My understanding is that there's a very specific commitments for a significant period of time or this will return. Oh that's permanent. It nobody can predict all scenarios in the future but I don't see a scenario. Where to United Arab Emirates having made this decision. To add to normal August specifically had been proposed ditching Israel as a choice either you annexed the West Bank or you can normal us what you rhetoric you do both. It's not going to find itself humiliated by Israel moving forward with annexation. Prime minister Netanyahu may have to describe to various political supporters remembers his coalition in Israel that he still intends to try to do this and coordination the United States. I don't see any prospect that you will be able do that there render the administration and this is your prospect that it would I demonstration. So for the time being annexation is off the table opens burial we don't see it return. We return instead to are realistic negotiations on a two state solution it serves. Both Palestinians and Israelis news. And speaking about the Palestinian Authority has slammed this deal saying that this is just a move that rewards Israel for occupation. So what does this mean for Palestinian relations both with Israel and the Arab world writ large and is in how could this. Affect any efforts to restart the stalled Israeli Palestinian peace process. Palestinians are understandably. Disappointed that the Arab peace initiative which all orderly numbers had signed on June. Placed a sequence that first of two state solution would be achieved and then Arab states were normal kids Israel. And obviously the UAE has chosen chick will act. Acts separate from that sequence and other nations to be considered in this news of that eighty frustrating. Two Palestinians. There doesn't mean that opportunities are lost it certainly means at one chase leader being risk has been removed the risks of annexation. But the Palestinians. We still have an opportunity to work with its the United States I hope it'll be it white administration. And with air nations to reenergize to build on this announcement as a basis for broader circle countries of the region want to we're together to do want to see Israel stated you know living in peace another. They can't stand aside they're have to get involved too often. Palestinians have sat out of negotiations walk away from negotiations. And that has slowed in some degree. Cause summer states you read her salon and to lose patience and decide they want rules or other interest doesn't mean and Palestinians are solely to blame Nickelodeon responsibility Israel has responsibility for real negotiations. And ultimately the United States is going to need to be the sponsor or renewed vigorous diplomatic effort to get back. Are you talking about 26 so a Palestinians. I'm not surprised are dealing. Are unhappy end. End and betrayed by this Decision Day. But I hope that look beyond the immediate feelings and thus he opportunities first good news is shelving annexation an and the opportunities that they can work with air states today and the United States under renewed. For tortures its. Ambassador Shapiro thank you so much for sharing your insight with us we really appreciate it. You so much. Since school shut down in March the country has certainly changed the pandemic leaving many Americans plagued by uncertainty as teachers had back to school weather and physical classrooms are virtually. We asked how there planning to have what may be difficult and at times uncomfortable conversations with their students. Who are living through history. Already game. While the girl and definitely nervous about what remote learning is gonna look light and reach its obviously and it year last year. I think expectations are a lot higher this year for teachers. On the first six flu and make sure that our students. Don't always seems easy. And free art school it's. Counselors have created taste class and presentation. Yeah. That sounds they make you join the international sent shock that. We're all in unchartered waters that may have enjoyed being around yeah matters not relax its sweet funny shouldn't have their world. Yeah. We are going to be actually her. Carl online teaching children looked learning. It then boom and to teachers who are our teachers are going to be teaching from homes throughout contributed to trim their own classrooms and you don't. And actually stupid social interaction with the students groups. Some openness carefully the most important for parents as teachers and now it's going to eat to help students tell. What is it being hot if you don't know what your concerns are hand. Are those concerns in the same rules (%expletive) Jim leads. Everybody else involved. Gary don't introduce some gas particles here right here go boom boom boom one of the reasons that virtual learning is inferior to. Last learning that you're not able to be hands on the really excite kids and get the rat brains are on. There is nothing more important signs and do I am so. The trick is I think to try and get Spider-Man T close enough alternatives that you you can lie or. Yeah it's still out. Right now I would our fire sustain. Are. Suing as far as well let's teachers. Possible suitor or you're this you're not dressing room and in nineteen earlier this year I talk about. The history of Chicago you know the history segregation. In the city acts are Mac O. The racial demographics in each neighborhood and when some of these meetings are. Seen there was. Mass you steam the Chicago let's say and did sink well this severely seen. Nothing to teach you about the same time these neighborhoods we're a lot of questions from our re are. I want to talk about these things while leading minds Holden beach user dealing with this all this remote and virtual learning. The best thing we can do to be honest. We it's our fears and our challenges. That are gonna come Witten incorporating. Procedures about. Them any community that. Other and means you have. Typical conversations that there are many kids or whom aren't wearing masks and personal protection equipment is a political choice it is a some of their freedom and while. Classroom is a place where we get out of those kinds of important lessons and it's also a place for safety ER number one priority. We have several lessons and didn't you know who started to justice. With just pretty much trying to actually yes. She's without. An overwhelming them because they are still very young. Teaching them general meeting was important to. Just not. We have can't beat that no what is happening in Hawaii you and him you know room not necessarily in the politics of the fact that. Social injustices that need to be addressed. You know I actually learning really isn't about them. Mulligan that is all Mullen on and the world's and I think you know on colon on the lines of communication and give us little boy's waist and some. Mean when Whitney an amazing bit more than it might participate more unanimity to actually meet eighteen minutes just you know let me millions. I'm enough Indies and what's going on and I might not nice Eminem's Manila moment and let me like a real sense that in my outlet on the stand in mind mountains she's not wrote last year that rivers and many more face to face I'm. May have to love our teachers when we come back then biggest blockbuster out right now. It may surprise you stay with us will. And finally tonight Hollywood studios are desperate to get back to normal and bring their customers back into theaters. And speaking of theater is a film now gaining traction across Asia and Europe is the surprise blockbuster of the year. Adrian banker has more. Meet this summer's biggest blockbuster the South Korean zombie horror hit peninsula come back with the money. That's 2.5. Million dollars per head. If you come back alive. The sequel to the film trained to be signed released in Asia where theaters have reopened. Earning about fifty million dollars so far in part due to a lack of competition. Traditionally studios release their biggest movies during the Summers he's new he's half the potential to grows a billion dollars. Means those months unity that so united eaters and so. A lot of audiences who want season they knew this is the only opportunity they had. But after months of studio shutdowns due to covet nineteen Hollywood is now setting the stage for a comeback. One of the first movies to report back to life the sequel to the 2018 smash hit Jurassic world falling kingdom. Happy new movie Jurassic world dominion stars fan favorites Jeff Goldblum Laura Darren Criss Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Kicking up production in London complete with a 107. Page safety manual. Social distancing measures anti viral flogging 150. Hand sanitizing stations. And regular covad testing. They rented at a hotel room and his hat. They are testing people three times leaks or it. And it anyone displays symptoms there isolating math and so they're taking pretty extreme and measures to make sure everyone here say it's. Wallace theaters in the US get ready to welcome back moviegoers AMC is opening more than 100 theaters on August 20. With enhanced cleaning procedures reduce capacity and tickets for just fifteen cents the price they were 100 years ago. Our thanks Adrian for that and before we go tonight the image of the day is this the future of the light music concerts. Some 2500 fans reportedly gathered at an outdoor venue earlier this week. For the UK's first socially distance concert with corona virus taking away so many weekend activities here's hoping innovation brings back. Many of the things we love. That's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I aerial rash checked in for a Lindsey Davis thanks for streaming with us. Had a great night.

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