ABC News Live Prime: Friday, August 7, 2020

COVID lifts revolutionary candidate in Belarus, Historical context of stimulus packages, Calls for DC football team to change name finally heard
49:29 | 08/08/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, August 7, 2020
Legal trash horrific images tonight from the aftermath of this terrifying feeling. At least seventeen people are dead including those pilots after an ear Indian plane reportedly told. Thank you les local park after landing. Our in depth report on the growing Colby prices at the border. Not only knew about hundred but I. Casey. Hospitals run out of space families who lost loved ones urge other. This climbers seriously. Hundreds of thousands of people concerns tonight in one small South Dakota town sent to holds the largest gatherings since this pandemic began. I don't care about. Stalemate it was a disappointing reading I'm fortunate. Did not make any progress today talks collapse are somewhat news. The president spends a weekend in New Jersey tonight our our leaders at any closer to throwing millions of Americans a much needed lifeline. I don't care I. I don't know what's gonna happen and really scared. Pivotal election overseas this weekend. This pandemic spur the endowment authoritarian. Busted. Authorities discovered what they're calling the most sophisticated. Tunnel in US history. Your old beat pulpit and mystery it's. A nice song names. Each job. I never get that. He's strong and you'll get better good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. Of course a lot of the latest thanks sweeping the nation in recent days has swirled around the reopening of schools in the midst of a pandemic. So many states have been reporting setbacks just days after reopening. Yet today New York's governor Andrew Cuomo gave the green light for all of New York school districts to reopen for in person classes. As long as it's safe these debates playing out as America races toward yet another grim milestone. Five million cases of corona virus those numbers further cementing the importance. Of a vaccine. And tonight with new models predicting the US death told could be 300000. By December. In a part of the country where the biggest discussion is not about schools but the surge of deaths. Marcus Moore continues his reporting from the Rio Grande Valley near the Texas Mexico border it's a tight knit community. In the throes of the worst of this pandemic. At the southern tip of Texas based search of Kobe cases is ravaging the tight knit communities straddle the US Mexico border. Are available emergency kits have been in such short supply officials Opel field hospital at this convention center in McAllen. Much needed relief but missed the crushing overflow of patients. At this Rio Grande Valley hospital roughly half the beds are for corona virus patients even in the delivery ward. Yeah yeah. Michael waive the virus is spread is relentless the pain in its wake RO unimaginable how devastating told on local families what this from these past couple of weeks and the days have been like for you your camera and how are you doing it. You're being very heart pastor Daniel cover yet a lost four relatives in the span of two weeks including Sarah his wife of nearly 49 years. And that's. Very painful and put they've people. Uncle who do you. About hundred in my life over. Casey. Would no doubt. Become a cello but like. She spent 21 long days in the hospital fighting the invisible virus before she passed away. And the cruel reality hanging over it all her family was not allowed to be by her side as she took those last labored breath. It's you can angle into the hospital you couldn't face time you can. Nothing at all M and that was the. Official worst feeling. The nurses the icu nurses are very kind and then Tino. Debt at face time median existing you know see how are you. He now that day end that was very special part for her breast. And the more little solace frozen in time be faithful servant who enrich the community. Was embraced by a health care worker who fought to save her she was not alone in those final moments. The company it'll story a tragic snapshot of what's fast becoming a hot spot for the pandemic it already hard hit Texas. You Cameron county where the family lives nearly 7000 cases reported in the past week in neighboring Hidalgo county doctor Robert Martinez says his hospital in Edinburgh was not prepared with a surge of new patients. One time we were making an extra forty or fifty bids coming up but with ideas to do so. That's above and beyond the preparation me Howard made so the fight patients entered into a 150 you know our 130 avenue and it's a bigger scheme rapidly. And with the sharp uptick in cases also comes a rise in deaths father Roy snipes is the pastor of our lady of Guadeloupe and church in mission. He says he's lost count of the funerals he's had to perform because of cold it. We've probably had a week where we had. And in on how you know how you measure the seven days. But where we we might have had fifty. We might have three or Ford one days. The predominantly Hispanic community father's life serves is one of the nation's poorest and residents here developed diabetes at a rate of three times higher than the national average. All these factors create a perfect storm for the virus to flourish recovery it'll family now warning others to take the virus serious. So many people of that email like this says that they. They do not believe and be Kobe's. You know they just think that cocaine is here here in the valley where kind of known as get together in its Barbie queue that no way. You gotta thank you precautions. That William as yet uses hands sanitized and it's very real and veterinary room. All too real for so many families across this country. Marcus Moore ABC news McAllen Texas. Our thanks to Marcus Moore and back to that debate over schools reopening today America's largest school district revealed that it will reopen as planned but the option for in person learning its. A daring plan for the city and State of New York which was once a global hot spot but it was we've seen in other states that were not hit as hard. The decision to reopen schools has been challenging and in some cases fatal I would Johnson has this report. Tonight New York State giving the green light for children to return to the classroom. And me. Pat thank you my friend Jack LA it's valuable but parents weighing the risks. I think about what it's either there in an environment that they're exposed then and you know what yes. What they've procedures. In New York City a blended planned with the option of all remote learning. Original epicenter of the pandemic now with a positive test rate of just 1%. Of our average goes above. 3% affection New York City we would not open schools and it happened during this clear we will close them. School districts across the country grappling with tough decisions. As a University of Washington releases a new dire projection. A possible death told reaching 300000. By December unless most people Wear masks California now surpassing 101000 deaths from covad. And reporting more cases than any other state in the country some parents stressing the need for in person learning. But one student in Georgia raising concern about social distancing saying she was suspended after posting this viral video showing a crowded high school hallway. Many teens not wearing masks. And I walked in London you lose. It was the worst and I thought it would be because. I thought it more kids would be many wearing masks panel waters was suspended for posting the video. Now she says the school is reversing course and she can now go back to class on Monday also in Georgia a seven year old boy without any known preexisting conditions. Dying of covad nineteen. Sixteen year old high school wrestler Frankie cantata of California was healthy when he contracted cove in nineteen. But no it is he would making ditch rider your reached. Some sort for some sort of Brett what her or write his lungs then started to fail. Him so hard. Where product guarantee me that extra on his mother says a plasma donation helps him to recovery in Mississippi 42 year old teacher and coach nick coma James. Died of Kobe this weak contact tracers now reaching out to athletes who might have been exposed during football workouts. And an entire high school football team in Alabama is now quarantined for a second time this summer. After at least one player tested positive and several others showed symptoms about awning on a head coach bluntly expressing his fears. Literally out look not why not. Money now or. Rusher wrote we didn't yelling my grandmother. Such high stakes these days in wood Johnson joins us now wit we have new report from the CDC on that inflammatory illness affecting some children with Kobe nineteen. Wednesday the CDC is now reporting 570. Cases of that inflammatory syndrome across forty states. Another study out today shows that children are much less likely to suffer severe illness related to cove it. But all of those who were hospitalized about a third ended up in the icu. Still deaths from this virus are very rare in children Wednesday. All right with Johnson thanks so much. Well so many are currently looking for an escape from an all summer actually loading up and moving out rolling into Sturgis, South Dakota on their motorcycles. No cancellation for the annual biker rally one of the world's largest expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people from across the country. But with no mass mandate in place to build the corona virus only spreads ABC's Trevor alt is in Sturgis with this report. Tonight the corona virus pandemic isn't stopping hundreds of thousands of bikers from rumbling in to Sturgis, South Dakota just as they have for eighty years or that it got to get your hand I don't hear about. Cases in South Dakota have been rising slightly but Governor Christie known encourage people to come. Citing the president's mount Rushmore rally as a success. The common characteristic among these bikers as they love freedom and they hate being told what to deal even though a survey said the majority of Sturgis residents wanted to rally canceled. 250000. People are coming here to make this the largest event in America since the pandemic began. As a first you're forever or mask and a skirt at. This city didn't advertise the rally this year but they knew the crowds were inevitable and the rallies a lifeline for businesses bringing in 650. Million dollars last year. We just tiny Tim and added. What ever happened what was gonna happen. So many and that community seemingly embracing the risk involved in for more now let's bring in Trevor all the Trevor we see some of the bikers in your he's wearing masks and would you say that's the norm. No knowledge to be perfectly frank Lindsay we've spent hours here on the street you can probably see how the people behind me I think the entire time I've Ben here I have noted for masks on people that general consensus. Among all of these biker figure that it's going to be risk takers on the lot and then returned to this virus. They don't think that it seriously think that it may be overblown or they're just making a point that they don't care back over here is a sign. That's advertising time T shirts from people who visited. Quote blue helmet hygiene is very just 120 that he had a few got a lot of these people have now. You might have noticed also in the news that business owner was wearing a mask she wears one of her employees Wear one. She says that a few people shopping in the past few weeks had actually given them a hard time for wearing masks in the fourth thing of the past don't work. Mention that some of the people here today are buying masks because they come from states where you're required to Wear one. But the people are buying the masks here are not wearing a merely. At worst city leaders say about how they plan to try to keep people safe. Chair Doug simulators are admittedly difficult position because the consensus is heard in the piece is that the city didn't necessarily want this to happen. But became a realization that it was going to happen with or without their blessings they decided which this city hosting it happened and then on things like sanitation. Reported Friday. Friday Monday's event has contain as possible though it is not necessarily working I can't. The numbers are significantly down one regulars and this is probably a third. Fourth quarter on the usual crowd and it's also smaller in terms of vendors is about 330 better story here that's about a third in the usual number as well. When this rally does wrap up next weekend the mayor of Sturgis is that they're gonna have mass testing they're gonna test. As many people limits are just as they can put that population is only 7000 people Lindsay does not account. For the hundreds of thousands of people who have come here from all over the country and then we'll go back to where they came from all over the country that's part of what health officials are worried. What do you make this a super spreader that. Hey Trevor just randomly and kind of noticing over your shoulder accounts three American flags on buildings and I've noticed several of the bikers who have been coming in and out of the shot have teachers would American flags as a scene like this is. A political moment political movement at all. Definitely and they hadn't. Most prominently Harkin the American flag which is not necessarily an American stance but. But most prominent signage are gonna see outside of the American flag is not Harley-Davidson got Budweiser gets drunk when he wanting. And every single block his eight Donald Trump Booth selling here. A lot of really need angle on meg here is. I'm a strong supporter and I don't care if you like EnerNOC which has seen the media over arching theme but this entire thing to people like what they like didn't do what they wanted you. And celebrate and freedom that they have whether or not help business saying that beating them. People around. I never thought stay safe out there thanks so much here reporting. Announce the latest on the stimulus stalemate in Washington talks between Democrats in the White House collapsing with no plans for further talks as American families. Still desperately wait for how this comes as the monthly jobs report shows unemployment falling to ten point 2%. As US added one point eight million jobs in July the country is still down roughly thirteen million jobs since March. And with no signs of movement on extending enhanced unemployment benefits president trump is threatening to take executive action ABC's Mary Bruce has the latest. With over thirty million Americans unemployed and desperate for help tonight on Capitol Hill last ditch talks over a relief bill. Went nowhere it was a disappointing meeting we did not make any progress today. Democrats say they offered to meet Republicans in the middle proposing a two trillion dollar stimulus package but the White House rejected it. I've told them come back when you when you. Are ready to give us a higher number. Democrats want to go bake demanding billions of dollars for state and local governments and to extend weekly 600 dollar unemployment checks which expired last week. But Republicans say those payments are too high and discourage people from going back to work they want more targeted release. Now tonight the president is poised to take action on his own readying executive orders we're going to take executive orders to try to alleviate some of the pain that people are spending. Are they experiencing as negotiations fail about a mile from the capitol Kathleen Donahue has been relying on a small business loan part of the popular paycheck protection program. To keep her games and puzzles store afloat. That program will now expire tonight with no plan to replace it chair height. I don't know I don't let that Adam really scared. An earlier tonight president trump spoke out about that stalemate and also the economic numbers let's bring in Rachel Scott Rachel the president is now planning his own action to break the impasse. That's Lindsay he ending accusing Democrats of holding this relief hostage he says if there is no deals he plans to act on his own any outlined spending that he wants to be right back payroll tax holiday that barring entrance on student loan payments. Extending unemployment benefits and sold me and them being here and just moments ago the president that he is not concerned about the legality. I'm the executive order he says he plans to fight this out and O ports and that we going to be expecting this. In the coming days and so you have the president coming out today he's trying to paint this optimistic picture of the economy right but still. Thirty million Americans are out of work right now and he still is insisting the buyer is is going to disappear out when. We are still seeing cases rising is still saying. Thousands of Americans die from this virus especially this week as we head back grim milestone in so. All of this less than a hundred days out from the Election Day the president's approval ratings. How are down his poll numbers are dropping and then today we had this very stark warning from US intelligence warning that fourth emissaries are trying to interfere. And it's going swing election. Tonight a stark warning from the nation's top counterintelligence official for nabbed a series are at it again. Trying to influence the US election saying China Russia and Iran. Are attempting to increase discord and under minor democratic process the president down in the polls has taken an aggressive posture towards Beijing. Blaming China for the pandemic it came from John. Should never. Intelligence officials assessed China views president trump as unpredictable. And would prefer a president Biden while Russia is working to denigrate the former VP Andy Ukrainian lawmaker contacted the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is allegedly part of that effort prudent knows I mean when I say okay. This is a violation of our sovereignty and after allegations of colluding with Russian 2016. Which he has long denied. President trump called on China to dig into his rival China. It started an investigation into the fight and said he wouldn't have a problem accepting information from a foreign government. You want that kind of interference in our elections not in the defense they have information I think that take it. Tonight his campaign says they don't need it saying president trump will be Jill Biden fair and square. And we heard from the trunk campaign near Rachel house inviting campaign responding to this news tonight. Yeah Lindsay as senior advisor to the biting campaign says the former VP has refused to make cents. Information from foreign governments intended to help his campaign in their underscoring fell less than 100 days out from the election of the president himself. Had not made that same commitment and things. And the president has also citing national security as he escalates his battle with the social media company take topics is latest movement and also how the company is responding. Yeah that's right Lindsay the president is essentially putting take talk and need chat. On notice basically in 45 days American companies are going to be banned from working. With these two platforms and help the idea behind this is that these are two platforms that are owned by Chinese companies and this administration is saying that what Americans and download these apps are basically handing over their information their data their privacy street to the Chinese Government now. Of course tick tock is pushing down again that they say that this sets a dangerous precedent. And you're willing to take this all the way to the Portland they if they asked him. Rachel Scott reporting and for us tonight thanks so much Rachel. Next tonight to the one million customers in the northeast still without power more than 48 hours after easily he has made its Rampage up to the East Coast. New York City briefly hit with a blackout today and it's not just the lights that aren't working some are now without their life saving devices here's ABC's Adrian banker. Tonight marks four days since these ideas make that crashing landfall in the Carolinas and in the northeast hundreds of thousands of families don't know how much longer they'll be in the dark from Long Island New York by mother's 88 years old. She lives with us I can't leave her alone. Lifelike color won't work this week it's helped them to the phone to Connecticut where the governor declared a state of emergency on Thursday. It takes 23457. Days. For it to be restored that's not a personal situation that's a Third World situation. In New York City power lines sparking this morning huge trees entangled wires still blocking streets just like what comes first right they got to cut the tree on the gonna kill the lines to be able to make sure that they can do so safely early this morning a new blackout plunged 200000. New York City customers into total darkness. Authorities blaming it on a lightning strike. Injuring banker joins us now from Greenwich Connecticut Adrian coping without electricity in the middle of the summer is of course challenging. Tell us more about how some of the families you met are are coping during this time. Well it's an interesting Lindsay because you think about how many customers have lost power now currently 375000. Homes still without power. And right now this particular block still waiting to remove this massive tree there are more than 4000 trees on the ground here in Connecticut that still need to be removed. And interestingly we talked to some neighbors here. This can't be removed until the main wire here the main lines are shut down they have power in their homes but some of these wires above us are still live a dangerous situation so they have to wait for crews to get here turn that off and in the tree can be removed and the road can be reopened we know that they have a lot of crews coming in about a thousand. To come in and help restore the power but they're still waiting. And so many of these families are gonna have to continue to be patient until as late as Tuesday night when officials hope fingers crossed that they will have power fully restored Lindsay. How such a long wait for so many Adrian thanks so much. And we come back the harrowing images coming in that airplane in pieces after overshoot a runway. The new medical alert could marijuana. Be bad for your heart and up next. Say it could be the first Kobe the revolution we'll take it to the nation where many are upset with their strong man leader. For not taking the virus seriously. New images continue to emerge of that catastrophic explosion in Beirut including another wedding video showing a bride Ingram caught in the blast more than one mile from the warehouse that was ripped apart. More than 150 people were killed more than 5000. Injured. Firefighters are still putting out small fires from the blast as residents of Beirut continue to lash out at their government for mismanagement. Many blaming the political elite for creating the conditions where explosive chemicals would be stockpiled. So close to the city's. The eastern European nation of bella Roos wraps up its presidential election this weekend. With that country's authoritarian president facing an unlikely challenge from a stay at home mom turned opposition candidate. She's leading a protest movement years in the making out partially fueled by unrest over the country's handling of the corona virus pandemic. So what could it mean for the man considered by many as the last dictator in Europe. ABC's Patrick Randall has a story. Until recently these scenes would have been almost unimaginable in Belarus the country's largest protest since the fall of the Soviet Union. Tens of thousands of people. Calling for an end the rule of Alexander Lukashenko and Belarus is O authoritarian president. In towel ready now for 26 years. On Sunday Belarus will conclude a five day presidential election has had been expected to be another coronation. Instead Lukashenko long nicknamed Europe's last dictator he's facing an unprecedented challenge to his rule. One through in part by the corona virus pandemic. You do about abuse. Berlusconi's people came even after the rally was banned. They came with children people of different ages people are not afraid anymore. The protests have coalesced around this woman since law Nazi colonel Stan. Until a few months ago to form a teach it was a stay at home mom. But then her husband a popular blogger was sold to run against Lukashenko was jailed says she reluctantly stepped into the race herself. My first tip for more us just fall off. Barack from my husband I sold calming people's for the team and how many people. Though weren't these changes harming hypnotized and I failed to end responsibility for all the speed. I. And promotes gun has joined forces with two other women. Focusing a wave the dissatisfaction. Years in the making but that's now being boosted by lukashenko's handling of the pandemic and he dismissed the virus as a hysteria. Refusing to lock down and even holding a huge annual military parade in Maine. Belarus has now had at least 68000. Confirmed virus cases or one of them Lukashenko himself who last week says he'd already recovered from the virus. Millions of ordinary better Russians though took the virus seriously. The where Lucas and good treated corona virus. Crisis. Definitely added fuel to the peoples dissatisfaction and and they indignation and the first kind of final of massive protest was. When parents like myself we do not let our kids go to school. Because of corona virus. I know the analytical food and our people around what they want to these changes and handling to stand for this changes because they attack and it's hitting tank to. He in the humanity to its. To kill sky assays if she wins her platform is simple and release political prisoners and cool new free and fair elections. The dangers of opposing Lukashenko though remained. In recent days more activists of being detained. In June 2 cannot discuss that she received a coal threatening to put had children in an orphanage if she didn't drop out. Don't give the most vulnerable but going to that she Hazen but the rule. There's a choice my kids and were to continue the fight I think my choice will be obvious so I ask you to understand any decision I made spoke with him. After she managed to get the children outs of feather as he cannot sky stayed in the race. Lukashenko has one previous elections with results prove it ET percent produced by what observers say is widespread fraud. But a stolen election this time could trigger upheaval in recent days Lukashenko has toward military base is sending an unmistakable message to demonstrators. Through what happens in Belarus potentially has consequences beyond this. A political upheaval in neighboring Russia's doorstep could provoke a crisis so the question now is what comes up to Sunday's election. If people come out to protest to cannot sky say she will join them. If people. Decide that. They had to do this because our government doesn't he. Belligerent people. So. And we will be among them of course. I don't know types. How many people feel the same and helped post the authorities' response to the movie who determine what happens next. Listen regal for ABC news lives. Our thanks to Patrick and still ahead here on prime it's being called the most sophisticated. Drug tunnel in US history we'll take you inside. The former Major League Baseball and police charged in the drug overdose death of a pitcher who was found unconscious in his hotel room. Up next despite the stimulus talks breaking down the amounts being discussed are truly historic how does it compare to other periods when the government has spent massive amounts. We'll break it down by the numbers the first. Our tweet midday the haunting words from 18. A sign of the times. Hey welcome back everybody as millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet lawmakers battle over the top line price of the next corona virus relief bill. Which could cost anywhere from one to three trillion dollars to highlight just how huge these numbers are we compare them to the price tags of other stimulus packages. By the numbers. More than three trillion dollars that's what congress already authorized in corona virus relief in the spring before this latest round of stimulus talks. And 2.2 trillion of that has already been spent or distributed by the federal government according to an estimate by the committee for a responsible federal budget. 800 billion dollars or about 900 billion in today's dollars busy approximate cost of the 2009 stimulus bill after the Great Recession and this was spent over at least five years. We've now spent trillions and just months. 785. Billion in today's dollars SE estimated price tag of FDR's new deal of 1933. Which helped pull us out of the Great Depression but at that time our GDP in our population were significantly smaller. So it's not exactly a perfect comparison. And the Marshall plan that helped rebuild Europe after world war two and had only cost about 116. Billion dollars in today's dollars. It was seems like a bargain it's still a lot to get you here on finding new investigation into this disturbing incident involving an African American family good charges be on the way. Moving forward Washington's football team says they are removing their older famous logos and tonight. We'll hear from the native American community on one this moment means for them. And more dirty dancing all these years later. Possibility but first here's on the trending stories on Will. The corona virus outrage continues to spread the good news agency needs now emerging as hot spots from. What you're doing now. This can manifest itself two weeks from now that the University of Washington predicting 300000. Deaths in the US by December many internal team memo obtained by ABC news agency confirmed cases are coming down several school districts across the country already real winter tourism subsystems likened Spalding county Georgia are struggling with their decisions I saw many former White House my nose and Amy I'm saying. I'm under comedians goal once we have considered the nation's outbreak now preparing to reopen schools from governor Andrew Cuomo says the infection rate in all regions of the state is low enough for districts to reopen in the. Tonight on Capitol Hill last ditch talks over relief bill went nowhere it was a disappointing meeting that we did not make any progress today Democrats want to go a little demanding billions of dollars for state and local government and to extend weekly 600 dollar unemployment checks. Which expired last week but Republicans say those payments are too high and discourage people from going back to work they want more targeted relief and hair dying. No no I don't know what yeah. And I'm really scared when did indeed five million Americans have filed for new unemployment benefits more than I heard the American workforce. White House team the San Martin man was its president will likely move Downey is executive stories we're going to take executive orders to try to alleviate some of the pain that people were spending. Are being. So yeah. President John signed an executive order that gives China based companies behind tick talk and we chat 45 days to sell to an American company secretary visiting my mom Taylor sings Vista Fox News last month and responding to a question on whether he's not on Americans should download tip top. Yeah. Only if you want your private information and the Chinese Communist Party. The administration's orders singing part of an alleged data collection allows them to americans' personal and proprietary information. Don't have major policy Nintendo. Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. And it's earnings north. Charging former angels. Are written on news. Don't remember that ill. Act was found unconscious in his hotel room pool for a game in Texas medical examiner. Bounced checks had fentanyl auction coat owned and alcohol in his system to use these bills do not discriminating against gender. Bring you remember well. Authorities culling of drug tunnel discovered near Yuma Arizona the most sophisticated in US history. What make its own unique in its debt the training you might work very hard convicted on all schools and he's very news. And I almost of them and are caving. IC just make you don't find them reinforced tunnel picking up to smuggle drugs and humans he was equipped get this when ventilation water. Power lines from even a rail system. In the in the works for the eighties classic Jennifer Grey will return and serve as executive producer more than thirty years. After she hit the big screen with a late patents loses. Welcome back the images coming into the newsroom have been absolutely horrific an air India plane packed with a evacuees who were stranded abroad because of Kobe. Tried to land in heavy rain that did not do so safely now. More than a dozen people are dead RG of any tennis has more. Tonight the harrowing images and air India express plane carrying a 190 people splitting into two pieces. Crashing as it overshot the runway during rough weather in Calcutta India. Killing at least seventeen on board including both finance. More than a dozen. Parts of the plane completely ripped open the interior a mangled mess. But incredibly no fly her I was at the end of a very long flight from Dubai and so there wasn't much fuel on board. This meant that there was not a fire which probably saved countless lives. The 737 flying into torrential rains at the time of the crash this is a notoriously tough airport to land. Considered a table top with the gorge on each end of the runway leaving little room for air her. Indian authorities has cited this airport as having too much rubber buildup on the runway which means that when an aircraft touches down and the runways wet. He makes it extra slick and extra hard to stop the wanted to know whether that was a factor in tonight's mishap. Cuba needs has joins us now Ngo what are we learning tonight about those passengers on this plane. So Lindsay tonight we're learning that those passengers were returning to India. Because they were stranded because of covad nineteen and now we know that two investigative teams they have on their way. To that crash site right now. Ngo but we don't know that planes land in bad weather all the time that what are investigators primarily going to be looking into as they try to figure out. Why this incident ended so tragically. So we know that visibility won't Lindsay was incredibly poor. There in that area but we also know as you saw on that piece. The runway was very very short it makes it incredibly challenging and we know that there was another accident quite like this because of a runway. That short so they're going to be looking at that. Very very close to help pay Cuban intends such as tragic story thanks so much for your reporting. And now to a disturbing incident caught on tape Arora Colorado police officers confront a black family with several children believing that they were sitting in a stolen car. There handcuffed faced down a gun pointed at them the police later admitted was all a mistake a license plate mix up in the car was actually not stolen. The local DA is now announcing a criminal investigation of these officers the roar police department is also investigating. Jerry Falwell junior the president of liberty university and prominent evangelical has agreed to take an indefinite leave of absence after coming under fire. For posting this racy photo of himself and a woman he says is his wife's assistant on instant grant. The post was deleted Falwell apologized and he said it was taking quote just and good fun because the woman is pregnant and couldn't save her pants. A new warning from the American Heart Association finding a possible link between marijuana and an increase risk of heart trouble. Including heart attacks today Norman has this report. As sales of marijuana soared during their pandemic a new warning from the American Heart Association. That the marijuana millions used may actually be hurting their hearts. An annual review of studies the organization finding ten of this use may be released to an increased risk of heart attacks and heart failure. There have certainly been reports of people with heart rhythm abnormalities. Hospitalized patients who handled. More complications. Should they're harder tank for example when their hospitalized. Now with a harder tanker her chillier dot. Rose Marie Robertson the deputy chief science and medical officer of the eighty HH cautioning more research needs to be done after multiple studies found smoking did THE in canvas could shrink blood vessels that feed the heart and lungs. I think it's clear to us net. Using marijuana. Thinking that it might help your harder being good for the Carty eventually system there is no evidence from. The evidence that it. Can harm you. News also anecdotal but there is some researchers also finding that edible marijuana appears to be associated with even more harmful hard. And psychiatric complications. Because of the amount of THC absorbed into the body system. But CBD is different studies finding that the portion of the marijuana plants that's doesn't produce a high has actually been associated with a reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure. This as purchases of marijuana spike. When the country when I'm locked down in March more than a dozen states deemed Canada stores and medical marijuana dispensaries essential businesses. In Colorado retail marijuana sales in May or 35 million dollars higher than in twenty in nineteen. And both organ and Washington State seeing the Air Canada sales spike through the late spring and early summer. As consumers spend more time at home. Our thanks to Jim Ney and the American Heart Association is it to suggesting that the DEA remove Canada's as a schedule one controlled substance. So they can be widely studied by now its classification listed. As having no medical use and having the high potential risk. For abuse. A sports leagues balance how to safely play amid the pandemic the NFL is move forward with plans to resume its season this fall. And Tim will have a very different look as the Washington football team plans to take to the field without its former name. Defended by them to franchise for years despite being considered a racial slur but. A lot of pressure from advertisers and sponsors after a summer of racial unrest and protest. The native Americans in the DC area it's a change that is long overdue ABC's cure Phillips has their story. This is a cultural calling. From the uptown Boone's. Sounds to summon all nations in her trident two data. And make it known hey hey hey. For change has been her. Both for decades native and. Hurricanes like Mary Phillips who is Laguna Pueblo and Omaha have student protest. Battling to persuade schools colleges and professional sports teams like Washington and FL team. To drop American Indian names and mascots. Then many people deemed derogatory. You don't even say. The word Redskins even asked me not to seat in the inner you forgive me I just want to put in reference here he referred to it as the because it's that word that. Conjures up so many horrible thoughts. Trying to educate people to understand that this word. This teen celebrates that's actually celebrates the color of my skin by seeing that it is read it there for we can call you this name that. From you know history that proves that you are. Worth 200 dollars your hate your skill was worth 200 dollars and people would hunt you down for that. Six years ago US senators sent this letter to the NFL. Urging the league's two abandoned the team name but it went nowhere and yeah. And then came the worldwide calls for change after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The country galvanizing to confront racism. Can take down historically. Racist symbols. Like this monument of longtime former NFL owner George Marshall. Checkered with the racial past. Marshall oppose desegregation. And was the last NFL owner to integrate his roster. Later saying his team name. Was a 92 bravery. So just the fact that his statue is no longer here. I mean what does that mean to you we felt that across Indian Country. Symbolism. Honor. It's how American Indians retain their culture. And tear in a picky Marilyn from sacred grounds and retaining respect. Is delaying of the Piscataway nation or some Billy I couldn't help CD. Only magnet on your refrigerator. Is this what exactly blow to team. I hate the name exactly right it's a racist term and it's time for it to be buried. And it seems like it's being buried once and for all who. From George Floyd the protests the demonstrations. This raise a conversation around this country. About. Racism. This is a spinoff from black lights matter. No matter how much pressure we put on for almost forty years and then do any good. So what's happening is a new awareness in the United States and around the world. All people are creative people everybody has looked thin layer of skin on them it may be a different color but he still have a hard. Among through August same organs underneath and guide god made us human beings you know there is no racism in my mind's. Now eighty years old days scantily Indian chief Billy red wing Tai. Hails from quite a history. Five generations of dissent for tribal and cultural survival course it like to be featured in time magazine well let me tell you something here. I had to do what you have to do. Usually from the heart Andy's done that his entire life from a young tribal leader who is nation's chief. The daily has campaigned to compel all American Indians to unite and reclaim their Harry teach losing the name. How is that going. To help. Other people. Understand. The American Indians. Starter. It's a social change a first time in May be. Eighty years Claiborn dance team here Sunday Trenton stole pride and be having that name and everything. Put all the people male life it. There is it hurts. And while the cry for social justice was strong so was the corporate pressure. Owner Dan Snyder's decision to change the name went from years of total resistance to grudging acceptance. Daniel should matter owner of football team Naia. He. About a mile political pressure him there's not basically about how people feel. It's a vote he's losing his Arab comparisons. I would mr. Schneider would put the pressure to get him to change the name money faults. I want him to look so something not just in the past but we are modern people. We didn't die and 189 used to race of people we survived the genocide are practices of the United States government. The cultural genocide I don't practice of people you know I wish deal here. Cross into Canadian side she's billing. And Mary Phillips never intended to seen cons as breaks loose games a strategic move. We now have a voice and it hasn't power of gas that is being done and you have to fight and has since we wouldn't be. Susan yeah. So many feeling empowered during this time our thanks to cure the team released a statement last month saying they'll be called the Washington football team for the upcoming season until a permanent name is adopted and the team's former logo depicting a native American has also been officially retired. Still ahead here on my face losing California. Outlets and Francisco restaurant is getting money creative plus it's. Heroes inspiring message of recovery you will not want to miss this stay with us. Ingle losing California. I'll take a look at this to keep diner socially distant during dinner this sushi restaurant in San Francisco installed plastic domes over their outdoor seating. The manager of the Michelin starred restaurants as he was inspired by other cities around the world who put up those so called quarantine drain houses after. Diners are finished the domes are cleaned. Sanitized. For the next here. Finally tonight a hospital's honoring an eight year old who almost didn't make it after getting coveted net mystery illness little Jordan. Has a message for assault WABC reporter -- miles has this report. Now his yeah I love. This is what the worst case scenario looks like with children and Kobe nineteenth it felt like that Natalie never then in. Little home again. Yeah. Always. Doctors say eight year old Jordan Hudgens had been exposed to collect things but never got sick. Weeks later he developed multi symptom inflammatory syndrome or in my SE. At Maria prairie Children's Hospital at the Westchester medical center. He was integrated placed on a ventilator suffered two strokes and went into heart failure but just you now back to his old self. And today named ambassador to the hospital sixteenth annual go the distance walk and family fun day. Two geared to spend. They're children who have gone through everything in Georgia is on her but in my Nancy. You have to Shane. 180 turn around with how well he's works public. He has done amazingly well and and I can understand that this would be the standard request that we are well. But again we don't know enough about my scene for us to know what a long term out comes. That is the million dollar question as parents decide whether or not to send their kids back to school. And struggle with mixed message it. Just into the medical facts and getting the all the goods out of the equation. I'm children are not in new Corbett nineteen. But may be Jordan is the best person to drive this message home. With something to say in particular to other kids with NYSE. Name's John B each on him. And you'll get met him. Love that message from Jordan nor shall we say mr. ambassador than before we go tonight after horrific challenging week in Beirut. Our image of the day and it's one of hope pets who were separated from their owners after that explosion Wednesday reunited again. Charity workers have been scouring the city for the animals that ran away startled by the massive blast. The charities owner says the tonight there work is making people happy. At an overwhelming time. That is our show for this how be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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