ABC News Live Prime: Friday, February 19, 2021

Former CDC head: ‘Moving in the right direction’ on vaccine rollout; ‘It’s Not Too Late’ with Ginger Zee: Cold weather and global warming; America’s $4 billion commitment to global vaccinations
50:12 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, February 19, 2021
Phil Novak thing. From somebody that needs it more than you. And I and I want to get effective when. Seeking grannies explodes and you body camera video tonight of the Florida women under sixty by posed as grandma's to try to get the vaccine. And authorities saying they had money. Lopes and glasses. Joe's delay the winter storm snarling vaccine rollout impacting all fifty states holding up millions of doses. Tonight the race to catch up any new development that could speed up distribution of one vaccine. Slaughter worry as millions of Texans line up for water tonight still able to drink from their tap the blame game begins. Could this energy crisis have been prevented. Seeking up after a wave of hateful attacks against Asians and Asian Americans. It is something in the psyche. Of this country where somehow it's okay to abuse physically or men verbally abuse. Our in depth report on the disturbing development and how activists say we should move forward. It's been a frigid week that does not mean our planet isn't warming if you hear me say anything right now queens here this. You'll want to hear what chief meteorologist ginger is he has to say about extreme cold and climate change. And the red planet like we've never seen it before and this stunning high definition images coming in from Mars tonight. Good evening I'm Arial rash act in for Lindsey Davis thinks for streaming when asked warmer weather is on the horizon in Texas tonight and with it. Cole for brighter days ahead after an incredibly trying weeks millions of Texans lost power for days residents left to fend for themselves and throws it homes many without clear access to food. Or water. Thankfully the power is back on for nearly every what is. But fourteen million Texans cannot drink from it capped at home tonight fueling an unprecedented effort to distribute water millions of bottles handed out today as serious questions remain about whether the entire energy crisis. Could have been avoided. And the extreme cold and winter storms that dumped snow and ice across the country this week having a major impact on the race to backs an eight. Tonight all fifty states are tracked it more than 2000 vaccine sites are still without power and millions of doses had been delayed due to weather. But there is news tonight that could speed up overall distribution of the Pfizer vaccine the president visiting the company's plant in Michigan today our senior White House correspondent. Mary Bruce leads us off. President died in today getting a firsthand look at Pfizer's assembly line outside Kalamazoo Michigan her. As Pfizer now says it will soon be able to produced batches of the vaccine in half the time. From 110 days down to sixty. And Pfizer says the vaccine which had to be stored at 94 degrees below zero can now be stored in regular medical freezers once it arrives it vaccination sites. For Americans desperate to get back to some sense of normal Biden is trying to offer optimism. But also a dose of reality. I believe will be approach he. Normalcy. By the end of this year that god willing this Christmas will be different the last but I can't make that commitment to you. The president still promising 600 million doses by the end of July and not for all Americans. But he acknowledged not everyone will have received the shot by then and he's urging Americans to get it. If there's one message to cut through to everyone in this country is this. The vaccines are safe take the vaccine when it's your turn available. That's how to beat this pandemic. But the rollout has been slowed down by this week's storms the backlog now roughly six million doses impacting all fifty states. Authorities promising to catch up quickly. We anticipate that all the backlog doses. Will be live delivered within the next week. With most being delivered. Within the next several days the weather delays stretching across the country in Los Angeles cars turned away at Dodger Stadium. Where there already facing shortages this is the second time he lives that is seven days. I'm no shots for my friend. In North Carolina and 91 year old Lillie Pena unable to get her second dose is fed up I Maine foods dragon. I mean even my own good and. Mary grace joins me now and married a president saying again and not doses will be available by July but seeming to recognize that they still a lot of work to do to get a shot and American arms. Yeah and that's what you heard the president stressing the vaccine safety they're urging everyone to go ahead and get this vaccine. As soon as they possibly can't the gold courses to reach that herd immunity of seventy to 85%. Of Americans vaccinated and then the president is hoping that we may get cash a taste of the semblance of normalcy possibly around the holidays area we sure hope and Mary we also heard another new timeline today doctor out Xiang went elementary school -- kids may be able to get this vaccine. Yet they're pushing back this timeline to use coach saying high school students may receive vaccines in the stall but the elementary age children one actually likely receive a vaccine until early 20/20 two that's pushing back -- their previous timeline by about four to five months study didn't really give an explanation for why the timeline is shifting near those goalposts moving the doctor that she did stress that the vaccine safety in children is something that they are studying that still an ongoing process but certainly likely not welcome news for parents. Cross touch a lot of parents watching that closely Mary Bruce thank you. Thank you. I'm joined now by doctor Richard bats are former acting CDC director former chief health and medical editor Gary ABC news and now CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation thanks so much for being with us doctor essar. Picture it nice to be here. The Biden administration has faced some criticism this week for confusion on the timeline of when every American. Can get the vaccine let's just take a step back so you would with me how would you say that we're doing as a country on a vaccine distribution right now and our dose is getting out quickly enough especially given these new variants that are emerging. Well yeah I'm I. Would say we are moving in the in the right direction. The idea that we have. Two vaccines that are approved for use this is this Sunni into. A new pandemic. I think is absolutely miraculous. There have been a lot of bumps along the way in terms of getting vaccines but but things they give me hope the numbers are going up every day and the addition in addition to the numbers of people being vaccinated. We're hearing that there's more intentional outreach to get vaccines in the communities that are Carter's artist to reach so rural communities. Communities where people work during the day who may not be able to to come to these mass text nude vaccine clinics a recognition they communities of color that have been hit so hard need to be addressed through vaccination distribution programs. Certainly an important element in one bit of potential good news today with sides are submitting new data to the FDA showing their vaccine each can be stored in a normal freezer for up to two weeks instead of requiring those specialized ultra low temperature freezers how much of the difference will this make in getting those doses into the arms of Americans. Yeah I mean we'll have to wait crafty to review that Eddie if they go along with the company and they and they support the data that shows it doesn't need an ultra cold temperatures. I think that's going to be huge because this is a vaccine ended required. Cold temperatures that no other vaccine ever had an air required. Who idiot in terms of being able to get vaccines are to community clinics and doctors are this is pharmacies that don't have ultra cold temperatures that's going to be terrific. In terms of use global in places where there's no way to maintain those are too cold temperatures could benefit there is well also I I'm very excited this development. We've also seen some good news in recent weeks with declining cases hospitalizations and debts but at that same time we're seeing some states that are moving to loosen some of the restrictions on businesses. Some even lifting the mask mandate. Are you concerned that if we let our guard down we can potentially see another surge in cases. I am concerned is specially with the variance that we're seeing. Be identified here in the US and in other parts of the world what what we saw in Europe was after being declined the emergence of of what is been referred to as the UK period. Click to under a major dramatic increase and that can't happen here. So I have my inclination is to say let's. Let's keep our it is absolutely keep together on this that's where masses people are let's avoid credit places limit our travel well we are turned to be vaccinated. And then when the numbers truly declined to have very low levels then you start to reopen but if you do that before. You truly have this under control this virus could bounce back very easily. I've got ASCII is so based on our current progress what's your view of what's realistic when it comes to our future what can we expect. For some degree of normalcy or should we just be changing altogether our idea of what normal might be. Well yeah I think normal will be different when I think of the work place and what that looks like that may be different girl long time and and permanently in the in some places in terms of remote work. But in terms of there being enough vaccine for people everyone who wants you to accede to get an engine purely eased more restrictions. It depends so much on vaccine supply. I expected within a couple months from what I hear the supply will will will Al piece that demand and so we have matter that our point of trying to get people the information that they need to make a decision. So that more people will go ahead and get vaccinated. Hopefully by this summer will be able to enjoy a lot more activity than we were this news previous summer. I it will be awhile before there's vaccines for children so the news all year I'm will look different and this fall will look different and a normal school year I'm hoping that this fall by the end of the year. We will be enjoying life you know wade. We're seems very very long ago. Organ embrace senate some of that cautious optimism and finally president Biden announced today a four billion dollar commitment to global efforts to target getting vaccines. To poor countries now this does not divert supply await Americans as many had mistakenly assumed but. Why is it's an administration priority and should they. It is so incredibly important when we news. For many reasons what morally and ethically we have a responsibility to help ensure that vaccine gets to everyone around the globe who needs it. In terms our own national interest though what we've been seen with new variant springing up around the globe that will continue to have. Happen until the entire world's population is vaccinated. So we have a vested interest the Internet and buy compact contributing to the fund to purchase vaccines we will allow. A little lower income countries to have access to the same vaccines that we have access suit here it's a very important step by the government. Doctor bastard thanks so much for your insight and thanks and let us out of Friday night we appreciate it. Thank you so much have a good weekend. Turning back now to the crisis in Texas tonight line stretching for miles for water in Houston the city closing vaccine sites and turning them into water distribution. This as the final punches snow moves through the state today Del Rio, Texas just really change the border town received a record breaking eleven inches of snow overnight. The warmer weather is finally on the horizon a concern tonight lie squarely with the water and when those fourteen million residents could be able to drink from their own tax at home again. Our markets more or. Even as the power comes back on line I don't have any war at a torn here today with more than fourteen million people being told to boil the water. Mass distribution sites like this what opening up today Houston resident Percy McGee a diabetic waiting in line since 6 o'clock this morning because supermarket shelves are empty. I mean I have no joy. All those stored in my area. Bottled water I'll Trevor alt in Houston all these cars have waited hours today to receive this bottled water this is typically a mass vaccinations accurate Houston. But today the city's determined water is just more important. This storm related death told growing at least sixty people killed nationwide. In Harris County alone ten people dying from hypothermia. Eleven year old Christian tomato coupled seen here playing in the stolen Conroe Texas Monday found dead in his bed the next day. His family believes he died in the freezing temperatures after their home lost. Power I'm heartbroken. Because latest I never imagined to any of this was gonna happen. The lack of water were also an issue for many hospitals memorial Hermann in Houston now trucking in water and emergency calls are skyrocketing. I've had dead people come in with higher temperatures and some of these patients. Residents returning home to utter devastation. We've met Carlos Alonso trying to save whatever he could from his athletic garage he couldn't. Sleep because you're just thinking about it. Your memories just being frozen and watered tonight are caught the agency that manages 90% of the State's power grid under fire they said. Five days before the winter storm kept. Her cut assured. That quote we are ready for the cold temperatures coming our way I have ordered. Not the state legislature are to investigate but this is hardly the first time there have been questions ten years ago a similar weather disaster the brutal cold. Give the power outages and recommendations made back then to winterize the equipment. But many now asking was anything actually done. Tonight her cut defending its handling of the storm. Invalid to investigate. Or but it president Biden tonight expected to sign a major disaster declaration for Texas. Promising he will lose assumed I had planned on being in Texas the middle of next week to what I don't wanna be is a burden a similar emergency unfolding in Jackson Mississippi. And I storm crippling the city's power and water systems to their opening several water distribution sites but many residents have no way to get there. He did not address. The people who cannot get fixed. The people are disabled an elderly who had no cause for sister who had no way of transportation to get beside. Back in Texas tonight. Protesters calling for senator Ted Cruz to resign after flying his family to Mexico in the middle of the crisis. For him to fly. To Mexico did get his family warm she's exactly how out of touch she is. Text messages allegedly sent by Cruz's wife Heidi revealing the family invited friends to join them in Cancun and stay at the Ritz Carlton because their house was quote freezing. After growing outrage and images of cruise on the plane going viral the senator now saying he regrets the decision. I started having second saw thoughts. Really as I sat down when the plane. Marcus Moore joins us from Dallas Allen markets now that people are finally getting their power back should we cannot underestimate a daunting days ahead for so many and they say he's repairs in their homes. Yeah I aerial that I mean that's exactly. It's true and correct I mean each new day brings out another part of this disaster people. Having to rebuild their homes in many ways from the inside out and the early estimates we have seen suggested this could become. A one of the costliest disasters in the states history far surpassing. Hurricane Harvey awards we all know was so devastating for the state area. Definitely thinking of everyone in Texas tonight Marcus thank you. Let's get straight to senior meteorologist rob Marciano and rob the forecasts had just been dire for the last week that you finally have a little good news tonight. Yeah. Yeah amen to that is what's at the strain is saying do you it feels like we're not gonna Gaddis calls that poured the snowstorm for that matter but we are at the tail end of it so there is hope on the horizon votes for the ice sheet east and north seized as this storm departs. And of course these stormont. Frozen deep south solicitous of numbers that we expect tonight and tomorrow morning so low temperatures not include the wind chill so this is what what's gonna feel like initiated in some people's houses. 47 and use in 23 and San Antonio well below street and in the capital Boston as well Torre three Dallas. Sri for an eighteen Jackson Mississippi's are without power as well little rock the Martha Vargas are just got Russian with snow they'll be in a teens tomorrow morning so on and another. Potentially deadly night of cold but. We pop above freezing mark tomorrow afternoon a man well above freezing in Texas on Sunday might seize cavities and browse above Dow's fifties. Sixties near seven in Houston. By Jackson will be looked at these men look at the warm up expand. And to places like tennis scene has seen a fair amount of snow analyze the Virginia as the Carolina snow and ice dance in the forties sit these. And here in the northeast New York will be up and over the Fort Hood remark Monday Tuesday may be touched fifty degrees on Wednesday which will help at least melts. Some of the snow. Aerial. So much welcomed good news tonight rob thank you use the Department of Justice has unsealed charges and released additional names of those eight cents were involved in the domestic terror attack on our nation's capital last month should the writers hailing from states like Florida and Ohio. This ad Capitol Hill police based their own investigation. ABC congressional correspondent Rachel Scott brings us the latest on the investigation into the insurrection. I I. Tonight in the wake of the deadly capital seed 35 capitol police officers are under investigation six suspended with pay. Department not only looking into the actions of the writers that day. But the world's that some of their own officers may have played of the violence unfolded it was images like these that sparked outrage. This writer seen taking a stealthy with an officer. Moments after storming the capitol in tonight ABC news learning the growing number of those charged in the riot have now resorted to a new defense. Blaming police for letting them enter. Lee Christopher reiter that may end scene draped in a yellow flag his attorney claims he just went through an open door. He allegedly was caught on camera trying to break into the house speaker's lobby. And the Justice Department today announcing that six more people affiliated with the far right oath keepers Melissa styled group. Seen here in this video have been charged with conspiracy. Videos that day also showed officers outnumbered and overwhelmed fighting to protect the capital and the lawmakers inside. The capitol police. East union releasing a statement calling the investigation sickening they claim the department is trying to divert the attention a wave from their significant leadership failures. Cash Rachel Scott joins us now and Rachel what department's reaction to rioters blaming Capitol Hill police for their actions and the outlook acting police chief has made it clear that any officer whose behavior was out of line with their rules of conduct will be facing disciplines are gonna continue to look incidentally that they've been for over a lot of the video just like we have those images on social media about what happened here on January 6 girls would try to get to the bottom of what their officers were doing that day. She and congress said that they plan on holding hearing to get to the bottom of this insurrection any update on that timeline. Yes we know that next week house and the senate will both be holding these public hearings will be bringing in leadership officials from the capitol police department and they're going to try and get some answers and to the security failures on January 6 I can tell you aerial from being here on the grounds of the biggest questions that I had bad days with how is this building less Seoul born horrible during that time during which the point where you can have a insurrection here at the United States capitol there aren't trying get some answers and how those officers were so outnumbered and still overwhelmed eerie out a lot of people echoing those questions Rachel Scott there. In Washington ports thank you so much. Earlier today president Biden laid out his view of America's place in the world while addressing a security conference with European allies his message was pretty clear America. Is back and so our global alliances including the parents climate accord. Here's ABC's chief Washington correspondent Jonathan RO. It today in his first major speech on the world stage president Biden declared an end to Donald Trump's America first America alone foreign policy. I'm sending a clear message to the world America. Is back. To transatlantic alliance is back. And we are not looking backward. We are looking forward together president. Biden has already taken several concrete steps to a race trumps foreign policy initiatives he's rejoined the Paris climate accords and the world health organization's. He said he wants to restart nuclear talks with a Ron. And today Biden talked of working closely with allies trump delighted in publicly criticizing and pushing aside let me. A race any lingering doubt. The United States will work closely with our European Union partners. And the capitals across the continent being Biden was addressing European allies remotely a conference that had all the look of a large zoom call. Everybody in any way you can. It came with technical difficulties to. In a moment we can all relate to British prime minister Boris Johnson reminded the German chancellor to mute her line and Pennsylvania. I. The answer. CE later Johnson who would been friendly with trump is Susie drastically welcome to Biden's abrupt change of course. America is our reserve the lead back as the leader of the free world. And that is a fantastic thing. Jon Karl joins me now in John the president embraced our European allies today but he had a strong message for Russia. I sure didn't that was another stark contrast to what we heard from Donald Trump be criticizing Vladimir couldn't specifically for undermining he said undermining our democracies. By any called three united shrugs from our the United States and our European allies against Russian aggression again a big change from the the toll. That we heard under Donald Trump. It certainly is and we saw the administration today touting the US rejoined the Earth's climate accord that former president trump had withdrawn from but we're fighting the Iran nuclear deal looks like it may be a bigger challenge. But. It sure will be this is not an easy 11 of all the Ronnie ins are making clear this not to Dieter who might not yet be ready to negotiate the terms of this state assay that the United States dropped out of the agreement and therefore our house to come back into compliance with the agreement before negotiations. Art can begin that means. Out dropping the sanctions did Donald Trump the trump the trump administration. Had reimposed. But meanwhile heard the United States dropped out of the Iran nuclear deal. Our raw rush actually dropped out of it as well started. To reprocess uranium. Two violating the terms. Of the agreement quite dramatically getting much closer towards having that be necessary fuel to build a nuclear weapon. Us sorts of big question of of how are you can kind of get back at this agreement back in place when both sides are saying in the Iranians are saying that the US first test drop sanctions and the Biden administration is saying first Iran must come back into compliance with the deal it's not going to be easy this going to be a tough one. A lot of international stakeholders also paying close attention Jon Karl in Washington sports and I thank you. Bacterial. Coming up tonight when extreme cold strikes like we've seen in Texas and climate change skeptics claim there's no global warming it. Tonight our ginger the explains why brutal cold in unlikely places it may actually prove. Our climate is changing its. News tonight on the condition of prince still still in the hospitals. But up next the disturbing Venus phobic attacks against Asian Americans taking place across the country what can be done to stop this disturbing trend. They went out. We turn now to a startling spike in attacks against Asian Americans around the country. This week a 52 year old woman was struck after a verbal dispute at a bakery in Queens New York she. Actress Olivia mine a friend of her son credited the NYPD and social media for identifying the alleged attacker. This just one example of the recent violence against Asian Americans and now a new generation is stepping up and demanding change here's ABC's juju Chang. Mon Thomas brought to not talk deep his grieving for her father and always gentle soul. Anti. Proud yeah yeah and. Her dad beach are moved from Thailand to San Francisco to help his daughter and son in law Eric T care of their two sons. It wasn't long before the whole neighborhood fell in love with grandpa. Grandpa always for Aileen. Holiday named band grandpa always picked teaching us about what Keaton is. On the name band remember and hand and he's my mean. But this is the video no daughter wants to see. Surveillance cameras capturing the moment her 84 year old dad was attacked in violently knocked to the ground on a morning walk. Is that painful. I don't legacy is. Is this the broken heart. Recharge died two days later in the hospital he Nero rake up the game in creating and he's bringing what did you say to him when you got to see him in the hospital. Dad wake up daylight into. Stay alive do you make up they'd come and feed via K. Maybe he can't who make up thinking and an eight play if a news. The Thai immigrants deaths one of a slew of assaults against elderly Asian Americans in northern California. Drying the spotlight after celebrities like Daniel Wu when Daniel date Kim brought star power 125000. Dollar reward. It was a very visceral response I got very angry because I thought this is now a year of these kinds of things like. The videos. Prompting more than a thousand people to gather over the weekend of the Bay Area to speak out against anti Asian violence calling for racial justice. Police arrested a nineteen year old suspect who pled not guilty to murder an elderly abuse through. His lawyer saying his client had no knowledge of mr. retirement talk d.s race since his face was fully covered with a mask and hat and insist the attack wasn't racially motivated and instead had to do with a break in the mental health of a teenager. Even though no hate crime charges were filed some in the community blamed the tension between black people an Asian Americans. I think adds deep task getting T dad its Asian Americans. Common eighty we need the black community. To. Realize that took that black people are hurting Haitians and they need to speak out of in their own community. It is something in the psyche of this country where somehow it's OK who abused physically or men verbally abuse Asian Americans and this is not. Shows what community. It is every community we have district CEO and end the Silicon Valley who verbally abused an Asian family in a restaurant can. Oh Asian country people on hand think are coming through the community leader doctor Connie one says it's clear Asians are being scapegoated and blamed for the pandemic. When. The previous administration. Said things public me like the Wuhan virus could China soon fixed. Still plague from China written to be accurate and apologetic clean he helped to stoke the fire is anti Asian violence against our community. Some stopped API hate began collecting more than 2800. Reports nationwide of anti Asian hate. Between march and December the NYPD reporting a nearly 2000%. Increase in Asian American hate crimes last year but doctor one says these accounts are merely the tip of the iceberg. Our committees are not reporting. He is incidence is we don't want to cause more trouble more attention to our community is. In this moment with calls for racial justice S filling a broader conversation taking shape this. Or are we there have been tensions between the African American and Asian American communities trust George Floyd. Galvanized the two communities in a way that I've ever seen before I had never seen more Asian Americans standing up and support black lives matter myself included. Historically black and Asian Americans have come into conflict in big cities perhaps most dramatically during the unrest in Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdict and a riot sparked by what was felt to be an unjust verdict for a black man also became an economic war against Koreans. In what ways have blacks been pitted against Asians white America tends to. Good riddance. Asians and Asian Americans in ways that they do not are black and that next meeting them so it is about the model minority men switch is that. Our communities are excelling through. He switched agents sparkling empire. Sherry knows I'm not real life depictions of black community is really look like. Just landed a differences still and we hit the ground running. Will let's hand is part of the generation helping to move that momentum full world. We're sick and tired of being visible and ignored in our country the pain of the Asian community has been muted for. Take any actor flew from his home in New York to the Bay Area to spend the weekend in San Francisco's historic Chinatown and with the handing out self defense whistle. And passing out pamphlets in Chinese informing people how to report hate crimes and their communities. Anti patient heats. In violence is not new the actors turned toward activism began with demands for more Asian American representational of the corona virus was Kamel also met with local leaders on the ground. You don't fight racism with racism. He's fighting racism was solidarity and quickly realized he is a lot to learn. Anti Asian recent. And swelling pool enjoying good. Now this is the call to act soon. Tell everybody else who believes will. Asian American history is American history that needs he taught. And so when it came to the Bay Area a first learned and about all these incredible. From a emergence you've been doing the work for a decade. Aides and there utilizing their relationships with the help watching any leaders. No analog the solidarity work that has been happening here to condemn the violence to condemn the anti Asian. Hate crimes. It's a challenge Williams says both inside and outside the Asian American community. The goal of these meetings is to learn on. Ignorance and much of the solidarity work that has been happening so I want to you I'll learn about it so then I can cherish these are very intricate. And complex issues that need to be explored and and learned activists are all. So looking towards lawmakers like near congresswoman grace Meng. Last year she introduced a house resolution condemning hate speech. She spoke about her fears as an Asian American and a mom I know you have children. You know I'm a mom to what do you say to them. I said look you know this is what's going on there are people in this country. Who will take a look at Yahoo! and with out only. Not how you may call used something bank. Is derogatory. May eat you tried that caused harm Jeanne you. It strikes me that this is the Asian equivalent of the talk. That African American parents often have to have with their children. I had all Barry each. Sort of superficial Ponce about no. Andris ending people's different. Racial background who was truly one for the first time that I as momma and young boy is. Started to be -- or their life and what might have them. And public. That fear is something Mon Thomas and Eric say they're young sons who already lost their grandfather so tragically. Have had to deal with first can't. I've seen outside we can't bend and being attacked level wall believe they yelling and then they DIC get you out why anesthesia and how did you kitrey act about the you know is awhile and see just lawfully. But that pain pails in comparison to her father's murder. We want him to be. Mark that starts the healing and that it. And the recognition of what's going on who. I I miss him. Every day she's a caring friend thing. We can't believe he's. Things happen. Oh. RTC -- for that important recording it to everyone working to stop hate. Still ahead here on time the anger building against New York governor Andrew Cuomo he was initially praised for its handling of the pandemic. But now some are demanding an investigation into some of his actions. Will explains. One of the most powerful couples in the entertainment industry can and Tonya are officially calling way what they both now say they want. And there had been so much miss information about the four billion dollars the US is using to enhance the global vaccination effort to break it all down by the numbers. But first our tweet of the day Harris County judge Lena he Dell though. Demanding accountability after the power and now water debacles in Houston and elsewhere in Texas. While the US struggles with its own Kobe vaccine shortages. No Biden administration has pledged billions of dollars to help deliver vaccines to poor countries around the world we take a closer look at what is really means by the numbers four billion dollars that's with the US has committed to a UN led a line. It's known as Kovacs then plans to distribute Coke would vaccines in 92 low and middle income countries. Two billion dollars of that will be donated in the next days to weeks according to officials. The US has already purchased 600 million vaccine doses for Americans and president Biden says we are on track to have enough doses for everyone in this country. By the end of July. According to the White House nine. Zero of those doses will be given to another country until there's votes sufficient supply here in the US. In other words this foreign aid is not expected to impact our own vaccine stockpile pore. Global vaccine inequality is starting ten countries have administered 75%. All over the nineteen vaccines. While the UN says more than 130. Countries had not yet received a single dose. Experts say that Mac city in the world is critical to ending the pandemic and preventing more and possibly deadlier and the virus mutation. You know we still of the time he gets you here on time after nearly here the big announcement from Prince Harry and Maggie in about their future as royal. Kendall Jenner under fire for creating it to queue of business is this cultural appropriation. Or simply Smart money move by a female entrepreneur. And the second ever black bachelorette speaking out about Chris Harrison's decision to step aside from the hit show. For now after he defended the current bachelor contestant accused of racial insensitivity. First a look at our top trending stories on ABC news got our. The. President I think in Michigan to tour of the buys circled in nineteen vaccine production facility in Washington and his team facing vaccine distribution logistics snarled by massive winter storms. We will make up Ford in the coming week meanwhile there are growing calls for a full investigation. Into New York governor Andrew Cuomo's handling of nursing homes during the height of the pandemic. Congress only in Alexandria over how so quick to as the latest to question the Governor Cuomo administration is accused of deliberately withholding data on the number of nursing home deaths and the FBI and the US attorney in Brooklyn are investigating a state Democrats are backing a bill. To restrict the governor's emergency powers over the pandemic. Federally Kenya where people say about me. Prince Philip the likely remain in the hospital over the weekend and into next week ABC news has. Learn the duke of Edinburgh consultant would his doctor and will remain hospitalized out of an abundance of caution. The 99 year old husband of Queen Elizabeth the Second was admitted Tuesday as a precaution because he was feeling on well his illness. Is not believed to be related to cope it ninety. Meanwhile Prince Harry and Maggie are officially done with royal line they confirmed they won't be returning to their roles within the family that decision coming nearly a year after the couple first step back from royal duties will give up his honorary military titles. But the couple will keep their titles duke and duchess and Harry is still the sixth in line to the British rock. United Nations once the United Arab Emirates to provide proof that I'm princess held against her will for almost three years and it is still lives. The UN human rights office got involved and after the BBC released excerpts from the video diaries the princess and we'll recorded and a lot of bathroom inside a Villa in Dubai where she says she was being held that 35 year old princess is the door on the won't repeat buyers who also serves as the prime minister and vice president. I'm united Arab Arab best friends of the princess says there concern for safety after she stopped responding to the tax six months ago. It's no longer a rumor after six and a half years of marriage ABC news has confirmed Kim Kardashian West End Kanye West are getting divorced. Jim filed for divorce today in Los Angeles county TMZ reports the couple does have a cleanup. Last year onion Thames and her run for president with a controversial and other emotional rally. He then raised eyebrows with a series of tweets aimed at the international scrambling just a couple has four young children believe they've been married since when he fourteen and meanwhile criticism over Kim's half sister Kendall Jenner. And her new business venture. Taking heat after announcing her new to steal a line he did she says took years to develop its critics on social media now calling out 125 year old claiming that she is appropriating Mexican culture once Twitter user writing me the idea of white celebrities taking from local Mexican partisans and profiting our traditions and agricultural business quote it rubs me the wrong way but some of them defending Jenner pointing to other celebrities like George Clooney Justin Timberlake no wrong and even read or and Bethany Frankel have all introduced their own to Sheila bass lines and seemingly without similar backlash. Sure it does not just about this moment it was around a long answer. On another batch already speaking out about a longtime bachelor host Chris Harrison and his we're different a lot of Piedmont Leno went and Bernadette. H Adams the franchise's second ever black bachelorette speaking on the podcast and click a date with a bachelor nation. Talking about Harrison's decision to step aside from the show for quote a period of time. I think that by hand taking action and business not just saying issued an apology in and just going back to work and I stay like when you know an ascent. And speaks volumes on his behalf. Harrison's apology coming under criticism for defending one of this season's frontrunners there Rachel carbon else. Carbonneau is at the center of a controversy and after pictures of her attending a plantation themed college party for years ago surfaced. Also coming to light yeah she's shared she went on conspiracy theories and liked a photo with the confederate flag Harrison defended her actions to Rachel Lindsey the first ever black bachelorette this. Until well into the blue Rachel isn't going to look into what you see here is not a good looking 20/20 one. Yeah. Are. After a backlash from that interview from Paris and issued an apology is something he should says meant a lot to her. It's been extremely cold the last few weeks across the country but that does not mean our climate is changing and forming over all in this week's it's not too late or ginger zee looks at why extreme cold like millions have experienced in Texas is also a symptom a climate change. A. Hi I'm Jim disease and it's not too late. He called not get. His fat Tammy air. The timing year when you can literally freeze your pants off like they did in Fargo, North Dakota. Or at the time a year that it is the old boiling water into the there and then attends an ice instant face chains. This was actually nudity when you take Ron and you freeze it. And it kind of makes art. Seriously though one town in North Dakota Felton a 51 below those an all time record for them. We saw snow on the beach in Galveston Houston had their coldest air in more than three decades their first wind chill warning and for. This is a very bad situation a 12 puncher with a second ice storm whenever we have cold snap like that seek an Alice is barely a snap its. Actually I'm pretty long. I will inevitably and I can totally forecast this with 100% accuracy and comments like this where you're. Global warming now global warming Al aloud what ever happened a global warming so much for global warming. I could go on forever but seriously if you hear me say anything right now. Please hear this. A temperature or a stretch of temperatures whether it's hot or cold does not negate nor support. Global warming or climate change. Average temperatures are warming and that includes winter tax. Jesse Diggins as a cross country skier and Olympic gold medalist she's traveled all over the world. They're being here's where you are racing hanging on his ridden a nanny snow we eat grass and mud under in the Al in January can get started the trend Aristide urged crying in bash are just what venue in one week and it. Multiple venues multiple entries honored over multiple years thinking more and more homage happiness and a knee injuries and Manning's. We also know that more dramatic extremes in both cold and hot are symptoms of cramming change. What that means is that Bennett be deviations. Dated Dave monster mile around what we call these statistical. Averages order normal. Yet theatre shall we we have an excursion of the war it's more magnified when we can't have sometimes have an excursion whole big can be more. Outside more amplified and less inclined to move from the extreme weather events canyon block staying in one place. Longer and some research suggests that that goes back to warming in the Arctic. The efficiency more sticky I'm because of climate change. Where the UE jetstream depends on the temperature difference in the North Pole and us out here and in the latitudes. That difference is weakening because climate change. Jet stream is weakening so whatever weather pattern you get it intends to stick around a little bit longer and actually soothe. More extreme events. And that as we saw this week with a dangerous cold and blackouts in more than a dozen states from Iowa to Texas can have serious consequences. Some Republicans were blaming renewable energy but that Texas governor and hear pat say that all types of energy we're struggling to deal with the coal. That included president natural gas wells that equipment and other kinds of power plants and the combination which generate the majority of texas' power. See most of Texas is on its own grid instead of the system that is shared by other states which makes it harder for them to access back up energy. Texas has an. Island grit and there are around there's varies you connections to other parts of the country. If we had better connections there might be some parts of the country right now but actually in excess power that we could really use wrecked the building transmissions hard. And but it might be something a reliability sakes that we need to take a harder look at. The Texas isn't the only state having issues of our whole country needs to take a closer look at how prepared we are for historic events like this. Experience in Texas is showing is that we have to think carefully about the unexpected. About this that are rare events that maybe aren't in the front of our minds that when they do occur have the potential to have very severe outcomes. And very dangerous items. So while this week in Mississippi or Texas is just one example it does remind us we have to prepare for extremes. I mean your still goes around the sun it's still so they'll lose Texas we're gonna have seasons. Sort of more noteworthy now then maybe they were fifty years ago Karl Marx and many other experts say we shouldn't ignore at. The negative consequences quite frankly is highly now each year we you know this is well as anybody you don't need sheer number billion dollar disasters that we law in this country we gotta keep climate change and its implications. In our jewelry box you know everybody has their own worry box. And we we gotta keep it there because Luka that keep them conversation about it we gotta keep moving forward we kept the worst thing we could do was neglected. So next time you see a big prolonged outbreak of polar air field mountain that still can be related to a change and I'm. And in Jersey and it's not telling. Our thanks to ginger and when we come back Mars like we've never seen it before. We are beginning to see the first images coming in on the new rumor that landed on Mars on Thursday and their liking nothing ever seen from the planet. 120 million miles away Alex Stone adds more X. New incredible images in from the surface of Mars teams at NASA and California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory releasing the highest resolution pictures ever seen from the red planet. This is our first. Color front has can't image and our first color image from the surface of Mars. And this moment just before touchdown his perseverance was gliding toward the surface of the rover equipped with 23 cameras it during its lifespan will be snapping photos of the other world when perseverance touched down on Thursday it was celebration in mission control. I can happen. Yeah. Perseverance it traveled 300 million miles for seven months moving at 50000 miles an hour during its journey. Then in what was known as it's seven minutes of terror the craft had to battle 2300. Degree heat making entry into the martian atmosphere. Nine. President Biden watching the landing from the White House shortly afterwards calling the NASA acting administrator. Mr. President. I think Arnold's overseas Sinaloa sir but now the real work begins perseverance shall try to find signs of microbial life in the ancient riverbed were at landed. Quite a feat. Our thanks Alex for that before we go tonight the image of the day a drive through stadium turn into a water distribution site in Houston the location set up in America's fourth largest city for the many residents unable to get clean water due to frozen or broken pipes caused by this week's storms. Of course our thoughts are with those suffering so much in Texas right now and we are hopeful to hear that the temperatures. Are set to warm up a that's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news sides for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Arial rash at thanks so much for streaming when that's. A great right sized.

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