ABC News Live Prime: Friday, September 11, 2020

By the Numbers: The lasting legacy of 9/11; Navajo Nation’s road to recovery; 9/11 first responder advocate: ‘I’m tired of seeing my friends suffer’
52:48 | 09/12/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, September 11, 2020
A single tolled the bell by a Port Authority police officer flanked by an FTN London. Marking the exact moment American Airlines flight eleven struck the north tower of the World Trade Center. Names of many lives lost on 9/11 read it memorial in New York DC and Pennsylvania today. President trump and former vice president buying and paying tribute on this solemn occasion. Deadly wildfire evacuations at least ten people are dead. California's north complex fire incinerated an entire town. Governors of both quarantining California say dozens are now missing satellite images show the entire West Coast shrouded in smoke. Some of the worst air quality in the world. Healy 200000. Lives lost in the last roughly 1000 per day. After Anthony found she's disputing president Trump's claim that the US is quote rounding the corner in the hope they find. She says life may not get back to normal. End of next year sued four former officers charged in the killing of George Floyd all appearing together for the first time in court today. The new defense strategy revealed in court what their lawyers say Floyd actually died from. A call to action the death of army specialist in the city and the women who say they too were sexually assaulted in the military. And why did he and tragedy is proof that something has to change. I know that one in three funerals. In the military will be sexually harass or assault and I honestly believe that I wasn't going to be one of those 100. Nine people cited for trespassing two months after Martin Patricia McCloskey when he firearms and protesters passing by their Saint Louis home. And our Martha Raddatz continues her road trip to hear from voters this time in Navajo Nation once one of the hardest hit Kobe. This week for the first time a dame needs no new cases from their mind as the election. Draws closer. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us on this Friday September 11. Nineteen years ago we made a collective and solemn promise that we would never forget. And we have not tonight we remember and reflect on that horrible day nearly two decades ago. But we begin with the emergency unfolding in the western part of our country tonight hundreds of thousands of people on alert for wildfires. So many forced to evacuate. One in ten people in the state of organ in an evacuation zone tonight as the flames close in. As we mentioned the air quality on the West Coast has made it difficult to breathe and see in many cities including Seattle. Where the iconic Space Needle is barely visible. In Portland where fires in and threatening the city and surrounding suburbs blanketed by smoke our chief national correspondent Matt Gutman leads us off from Oregon. Tonight half a million people 10% or gives entire population. In evacuation zones among them Libby and Emma Glasgow we met them at this Red Cross shelter walking. Possibly can only belonging they have left. Caller we had a neighbor who. Couldn panic hysterically screaming at getting out you guys leave. With those flyers still on the move tonight the single mom is not sure. Home was left standing as those flames bored down he scooped up her sister's children their dogs and late into the night. And they would you not beaten. And yes Thomas does not accept them. Today angrily left in a swimsuit in this news you know the kids have different and a half of them didn't have issues on we just got him. Like so many thousands here she drove into the gloom following the tail lights piercing the smoke. So many on the move they clogged the roads out of the danger so we've been out here three hours. And this traffic has not changed eight bit A complex of wildfires creeping dangerously close to Portman silver's. Mayor declaring I'm Steve emergency. This guy Albany's blood red about nearby mobile ala at least 8000 people they're ordered to evacuate. New satellite images to nature of the entire West Coast. Buried under that thick smoke Seattle Portland separate Cisco the three major cities with the worst air quality. In the world the death told rising tonight at least seventeen people killed across three states California's north complex fire claiming at least ten lives. Sixteen people are still missing. California's governor to pouring the staggering devastation today the debate is over her on climate says it's just come to the state of California. Observe it with your own eyes it's not an intellectual debates not even debatable. Each single fire the August conflict south if you Rica California. Destroyed nearly 750000. Acres making it the largest fire in Steve history. Back in Oregon among Libby were ready to pack up the car with their dogs boom and Axel in side. But the combination of Covert and now these flyers finally. Sure enough after. Senior it is hard. Thirteenth game that worked so hard under. So hard to watch and Matt Gutman he joins us now that you've been showing a surround some of these towns have been decimated by the fires and now learning that one of them could have actually been started by arson. Sheriff in around the area of Medford made an arrest of the transient and they believe that he. Said at least two fires he's been charged with two counts of arson. Because people have died in knows fires which destroyed about 600 homes Lindsay he could face murder charges now. We don't know how far they're gonna go with this that are rumors that there had been. Other fire set in other places but this is the first we've known that arson charges have in fact been filed Wednesday. It's difficult to believe that someone would have intentionally. Set these fires in that you've also noted how bad the air quality is there. We can certainly see a behind you over respirator on isn't expected to improve. Any time soon and and how to people who are there get relief wherever they go up. Into the second question first there's no order goalless to a lead this state heading. Eastward because pretty much the entire western half of war again is smothered in this smoke and wish they would this drone. Just how bad it is it's that kind of air that you feel you can chew and there's literally grit in it earth you can see your my shirt but. Where's ash falling everywhere. So there is no respite there is nowhere to go it is expected to last for at least several more days until early next week this to give you a sense of how bad it is right near us there was a reading earlier today. Of the air quality index of 1175. Anything above 300 Lindsay is considered hazardous debris through this with nearly. Four times that level of what is considered had Francis is dangerous stuff that there may be. Matt Gutman for a stay safe Matt and thank you. For the first time we are seeing in a courtroom that officer who put his need to the neck of George Floyd before he died at that moment and those images that went viral unleashed of course the biggest social unrest in America since the civil rights era. Derek show Clinton and three other former officers with him that day all appeared together in court criminal court. As we're learning more about their possible legal strategies Alex Perez has more. Tonight as protesters chanted outside this Minneapolis court building. Inside the for a former officers accused in George Floyd's death for the first time all appearing in person in court together. Derek show been seen with his knee and Floyd's neck transported in an oriented jumpsuit and bulletproof vest. The judge hearing several arguments today including three key motions. Whether to allow a change of venue should jurors be kept anonymous. And should show opened charged with Floyd's murder and the three former cops charged with aiding and abetting Shelvin. Be tried together or separately. The prosecutor arguing for a joint trial saying the defendants were present together and watch the air goal out of Floyd's body together. But attorneys for the former cops arguing for separate trials and saying they would possibly take a different defense approach if they were tried individually the defense also revealing a strategy in court and in filings to suggest the Floyd who repeatedly said he couldn't breathe. Instead died of a drug overdose. And what about this idea that sort of the defense is making it back. George overdosed on drugs that it came up several times what your response to that. The only over girls. That you know drawers below our work oh when those Arabic says that for us and right through of them out of yeah. We Goudie become the double. They realized there we need to stop it. This is grown we need justice that we demanded. His family demanding justice for more now we bring in Alex Perez Alex what more can you tell us about the defense's move to try and bring in George Floyd's prior criminal record into evidence. Yeah Lindsay in court defense attorneys argue they wanted to admit as evidence at George place previous criminal record or an incident. In Harris County Texas in an incident last. May here in Minneapolis for the judge ruled. Those incidents had nothing to do with this current case in he denied that motion so information about his previous criminal record would not be. Allowed as evidence as a trial moves forwards Lindsay but the judge did not rule on those other motions that we heard in your report do we know and we'll learn more about that. Yes still a lot of outstanding motions here the judge did not indicate when he might issue a ruling. On those decisions on those emotions but we do know a tentative trial date is set already for march 8 12021. Lindsay. Alex Perez thanks so much. And down to the corona virus it's been six months since it was declared a global pandemic and we've now lost more than 190000. Americans to this disease tonight. A new CDC report about how children can transmit the virus coming just as many schools are opening back up. And what doctor felt she is saying about a vaccine and his sobering reality check. Here's ABC's Marcus buck. As schools and daycare is reopened their doors new evidence young children can transmit Kobe 190 CDC study identifying twelve children thought to have been infected at child care centers. Who went on to infect twelve others including parents and siblings. Six months after the corona virus was declared a pandemic. Doctor Anthony bounty warning of the long road. Ahead if you're talking about getting back. To a degree of normality which resembles where we were try to coated. It's going to be dwellings a 20/20 one and maybe even towards the end of 20/20 one. Doctor felt she says it could take that long before the majority of the population can get protected by any new vaccine. Adding he'd be surprised if we had a vaccine like the one for measles which is 97 to 98% effective. I would accept a seventy to 75%. Effective vaccine which means. You still have to have a component. Of public health measures doctor Joseph Barone has been working around the clock on the front lines at Houston Methodist. He always about cult that mixing with flu season. My concern is that within the next few weeks where I haven't all the way. And unfortunately. That's going to be covered from Tom Kean we depend X. And with winter coming the risk of indoor spread is greater. Cities like new York and Miami now moving towards indoor dining if you go indoors. In a restaurant in whatever capacity 2550%. But what have you. Indoor as. Absolutely increase is a risk. As outbreaks pop up across college campuses new research suggests young adults may be at greater risk for Kobe complications. Than previously thought. A study published in the journal of the American Medical Association found one in five sick enough to be hospitalized. Needed intensive care. One in ten needed a ventilator. Outside Dallas 29 your hockey coast Tyler and Ricky losing his life to cope it. Additional engineering then heard from more than just a person. More than just a person that does away from coast it. Just 29 years old for more now we bring in Marcus Moore and and Marcus there is of course concern about the combination of coded nineteen and the flu this fall but. You're telling us that there's also a bright spot. If it's a silver lining if you will if you consider the fact that. Of the flu is is a virus and the things that we need to do to protect ourselves. From cold at ninety wearing a mask social distancing practicing social distancing are the same habits that can help protect us against the flu. Along with the flu vaccine to of course things. So perhaps we'll see a little less of the basic flu and doctor felt she was also asked today if we need to shut down a country again. And what was his response. Yes he could he says that when he's. Open about hunkering down that he was not talking about having to shut the country down again instead he woes were talking about people taking responsibility. And being prudent. And careful in the days in the months ahead. And again wearing a mask and also practicing a social distancing but he does not proceed. The need for having to sit down the country once again. OK Marcus Moore thanks so much for your reporting. President trump announces not raining Israel will move to normalize diplomatic relations calling the move a quote truly historic day. The president's and Bahrain will join the United Arab Emirates which are planning Tuesday to sign an agreement with Israel to normalize relations. The Palestinians are calling this a betrayal. They for the first time were rebuffed by the Arab League which rejected their proposal to condemn the UAE's plans. The president's son in law on senior advisor Jared Kushner noted that in the last thirty days Israel is inching toward peace with two Arab nations. Before this in its 72 year history Israel had only made peace with two others Egypt and Jordan. And of the long awaited peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government are set to begin tomorrow in cutter. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo issued a statement welcoming the start of the talks saying they will make a quote historic opportunity for Afghanistan. To bring an end to four decades of war. And bloodshed. And now to us solemn day on the campaign trail. On this the nineteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks president trump and Joseph Biden largely putting their politics aside to pay tribute and remember that fateful day. President trump the First Lady traveling to the flight 93 national memorial in Shanksville Pennsylvania Joseph Biden also there. After attending the observance of the national memorial in New York including an elbow bump greeting with vice president pence here's ABC's Mary parts. Nation marks nineteen years since nine elevenths and the nearly 3000 lives lost. He does so during another national emergency a pandemic. Nearly 200000. Americans now dead and in the middle of a consequential presidential election. Millions of Americans out of work. Today president trump and his opponent Joseph Biden aware of the gravity of. This day we mourn deeply. For that nearly 3000. Precious beautiful souls. Who were taken. At ground zero Joseph Friday evening the victims' families and pulling his mother who lost her son. Standard and way. And crossing paths with vice president Mike Pence that rivals bumping elbows in greeting both wearing masks. At the same time president trump on his way to Shanksville Pennsylvania pausing on Air Force One for a moment of silence. On the ground he honored the passengers who still bravely fought back on hijacked flight 93. Sacred task. Or righteous duty. And our solemn pledge is to carry forward the noble legacy of the brave souls who gave their lives for us nineteen years ago. As truck headed back to Washington cited was arriving in Shanksville laying a wreath at the memorial and meeting with family members of those. And stopping by the local volunteer fire department and my fire line. Politics muted today but you're in Pennsylvania still in the background. The signs visible as we drove through this key battleground state. One Shanksville resident with this on this simple welcome for the president. And by late afternoon trump himself was back on Twitter attacking Democrats. Mary Bruce joins us now from Shanksville Pennsylvania and married despite those Twitter attacks it was. Otherwise are rare day of civility as we head closer to Election Day but it's not likely to less disease campaigns engage each other more directly. I would not expect that this pause last much longer event all Lindsay and the candidates are really ramping up their campaigning the president will be on the road in Nevada at this weekend's next week between the two of them they are going to be hitting six battleground states they will both. Be back here in Pennsylvania both also in Minnesota Biden paying a visit to the key state of Florida and of course the first faceoff that head to head matchup the first debate. Now just about two weeks away when these two weeks. And when we come back single as police take action against the black lines matter protesters near this Koppel or brandishing their weapons as they walked past their home. Our Martha Raddatz travels to Navajo Nation out what you think about the upcoming election as they work to recover from the ravages of Kobe nineteenth. And up next her death sparked outrage and now a push for new legislation tonight. Why other women who also claim that they too were sexually assaulted while serving in the military say the Nancy DN's death. Must be a call to action. The disappearance and murder of army specialist Vanessa Guillen at Fort Hood in Texas earlier this spring. A spotlight on the dangers and many female service members face while bringing new attention to issues of sexual harassment and assault in the military. Her family taking her fight from Fort Hood to the White House pushing for change and justice for Vanessa. Awe inspiring a movement of women who have experienced similar harassment to speak out and say. I and Vanessa DN ABC's John can Jonas has their story. Army specialist Vanessa Guillen whose sudden disappearance in April capturing national headlines. The growing search for a Fort Hood soldier missing for more than two months her family saying she was sexually who ran by another soldier. The story Reza meeting with so many around the country. Marion. What went through your mind when you heard about the missing BM. I mean I followed it from the very beginning. And every single day my heart broke for her. Like Vanessa army specialist Rihanna plays dreamed of enlisting. From a young age. I wanna dig. Be in the military since I was a little girl by Alice playing. Like boot camp then you know army in the backyard since I could remember. She says she knew it would be an uphill battle. I done my research I know. That one in three females. In the military will be sexually harassed or assaulted I honestly believe that I wasn't going to be one of those one in three. Rihanna says that would all change late one night while she was stationed at Fort Hood army base in taxes. March 18. I had gone out for a run. As soon as I returned I came up the stairs and there was a male there. Who started blocking off my way that tried to get past him. He started pushing me and we continue to fight for a little bit at this point kind of realized the more I thought. The more. He was going to hurt me. And so I just stopped. I fixated on a lightbulb above my head he had pulled down my shorts. Then she says she was assaulted but she was hesitant to report what happen she says. Up the chain of command. I did not want to be labeled as that they dumb. I did not want that defining I did not want to say anything that you know who you were was he a soldier at the bit yes he he was a soldier. When she did come forward to army investigators she says they were not able to identify her attacker I can describe him. I've done sketches but we've never been able to identify him. Former army specialist or Gina Butler says she was also a salted by a soldier. And after words I've still stuck in every day I'm he worked right next door of the building network and so I thought and every day. During her the army's response was inadequate. The NCR requested propensity to smooth or from even being ruled and nothing really happened only thing that they stopped him from caught doing was coming in out of rod building. I feel like they drag their feet with that they be put it was a joke. The army says it investigated butler's case and determined that probable cause did not exist to establish that a sexual assault had occurred. And that the chain of command took appropriate administrative. Action. Advocates have been seeking change for you. He has a meeting in this space have been trying to push for meaningful and changeable legislation. That will lead. Prevent this problem as sexual harassment. Assault beef got 20000 service members were sexually assaulted a year. And only 5000 of them reported. Only 500 will go to a courts martial. And only 200 and fit fifty will be convicted. What does that tell anyone who has been sexually assaulted. Don't report because. He will not receive chest X. And you have a GN am I attorney who's proposing mean past I'm Vanessa. As for the investigation into Vanessa is murder. The criminal investigation has not found any connection between sexual harassment. And Vanessa disappearance. The last person known to see her alive specialist Aaron Robinson. Taking his own life. As investigators closed Iran while we may never know why Vanessa Indians life was taken. Critics say the army needs major cultural change to help young troops like Rihanna place. And to Regina Butler. I am but I think Anthony. Means I'm her assistant arms he no longer has the voice Armani is my voice for her the only difference between. Vanessa this story and my story is. I walked away alive. In a statement to ABC news the army says it investigates every report of sexual assault. And that it takes available and appropriate action to hold offenders appropriately. Accountable. And that it's committed to eliminating sexual assault and sexual harassment. From its ranks. Our thanks to John and be sure to watch John can Eunice is full report later tonight on a special edition of twenty Tony. I am Vanessa which airs at 9 eastern and Pacific. Be sure to watch still ahead here on prime the search continues for a. Tiger on the loose in Tennessee the question tonight where did this tiger come from the local zoo says it's not there's. There are several tropical storm swirling in the Atlantic right now we are keeping an eye on and the legacy of 9/11 nineteen years leader. By the numbers but first our first of the day odd man and a fresh prince a reunion. Years in the making. Welcome back everyone the tragic events of 9/11 of course cast a long shadow on America. We take a look at 918 years later add just a few of the lasting legacies from that unforgettable day by the numbers. On that day 2997. People died as a direct result of the attacks but sadly those were the only deaths. For example 227 New York City firefighters died after the World Trade Center attacks from 9/11 related illnesses. Including 27 just this past year. Of course thousands more Americans have died in our wars with Afghanistan and Iraq launched after nine elevenths. Today the US still has 8600. Troops in Afghanistan of that troop number will drop to under 5000 by November. Defense Secretary mark asked for recently told us. 5200 US troops remain in Iraq but that number is expected to drop to 3000 in the next few weeks. Lasting changes were also made to our government and laws after 9/11 like the merging of 22 government agencies to create the Department of Homeland Security. And finally we want to say happy birthday to the thirteen 1238. Babies born on September 11 2001 across the country. They were a ray of hope on an otherwise terrible day and for the first time he's now teenagers will vote for our next president. Still so much to get to hear on prime our conversation with 9/11 first responder what he thinks about how the government has treated and taken care of them. After all these years. The popular clothing brand had filed for bankruptcy that's now optimistic about its future and pulse France's weighing in on sex and food. We'll sweating but first a look at our top trending stories on Yeah. Nineteen years later the pain is still palpable this ceremonies across the nation look a little different this year because of the corona virus pandemic in New York City several moments of silence at ground zero in lower Manhattan amongst the socially distant loved ones and politicians. And nearly 3000 names read allowed by the gambling members. Christopher no phone camera this year the annual reading and pre recorded and the official commemoration ceremony where former vice president Joseph Biden and vice president heads both paid their respects. And in Shanksville Pennsylvania resident rob honoring the men and women who died on flight 93 and we pay tribute to sacrifice. A time Washington DC a wreath laying ceremony to remember those who were killed at the Pentagon. At least seventeen people have been killed in the fires just this week. This satellite image showing by buyers out of the several dozen in the west brink simultaneously. Covering over a 100008. Portland's mayor declaring an emergency while Myers getting dangerously close to a large city over half a million people have been forced it naturally organic. We'll bring California a record shattering three million acres charred this year sank a yearly record breaking point one eaten with a half months still left to go. We're experiencing right here apple is coming to the community for all across the United States American thus we get our act together yeah climate change. Saint Louis police have issued trespassing citations related to that viral standoff between an armed cobbled and black let's matter protesters. The police department cited nine people and trespassing in that June incidentally from brandishing guns mark and Patricia people are asking stood on the lawn of their mansion. Protesters marched past in the gated community and a police spokesperson confirms that citations are being reviewed by the city councilors office of the McCloskey is have already been charged with a felony per waving those guys they've sent spoken in support of president from the Republican National Convention you know that we're not the kind of people who factor. Thankfully here is Donald Trump. The warning is still out around Knoxville Tennessee watch out for a wayward. Tiger it all started Wednesday night when I Knox county sheriff's deputies that he saw what he believed to be a tiger watching out of the French broad river and then disappear into the woods and then Thursday morning another unconfirmed sighting and a tiger and an all out search for the animal included helicopter with thermal imaging. Authorities combing through thick foliage and a trap filled with rotisserie chicken. Struggling fashion brand J. Crew. Officially emerge from Chapter Eleven reorganization bankruptcy. And the company says it is well positioned them for what it calls a long term growth from J. Crew converting more than a 1000000006. Dollars with the death and his dog. And then Anchorage capital group is now the majority owner of J. Crew in major crew was along the first major retailers a fire bankruptcy protection after the corona virus pandemic forced most. US stores. Get closer to wash. Well Francis says food and sex and bring gifts from god. And not a simple and to enjoy. Pontiff spoke with the founder of the slow food movement and in new book of interviews mostly about it. Protecting the environment. Our stage manager was all ears but what the Pope had to say there welcome back our weather team is counting six that's right six tropical systems right now in the Atlantic. One of them tropical storm Paula made moved near Bermuda earlier next week. Newly formed tropical depression nineteen is near the Bahamas. Tropical storm watches have been issued for southeast Florida and the Bahamas that storm is expected to make landfall as a tropical storm along the coast. As soon as Monday. The pandemic has brought renewed attention to the country's indigenous population is native Americans have felt a disproportionate impact from the corona virus. Nowhere has that been more dire than in the Navajo Nation the largest reservation in the country which felt the brunt of the pandemic this spring and summer. But as we headed to the fall the Navajo are now turning their attention to the ballot box looking to make their voices heard in the 20/20 election. So our Martha Raddatz traveled to New Mexico to speak to voters in Navajo Nation part of our monthlong network wide series turning point examining. The so called racial reckoning sweeping the nation. And the efforts in bridging the divide. Here's Martha's report. When that pandemic hit the Navajo Nation this spring. It came fast and with porosity. The buyers can men and really spread like won't fire him. By Nate this community suffered from the highest infection rate to cope with nineteen per capita in that country. Leaving behind devastation. We've had thirteen members been scamming me I trust him. And go monster is across thirteen counties in three different states Arizona Utah and New Mexico. Navajo Nation is the largest Indian reservation in America of vast stretch of land almost three times the size of Massachusetts. But amid this natural beauty so much suffering caused by the pandemic. Made worse by the close nature of Navajo families. What's the virus snuck in to the Navajo Nation it took advantage of our strengths and that is. We like. To have. Our families in one house multi generations. And even before the pandemic tribal communities showed higher rates of unemployment. And food insecurity disparities that increase vulnerabilities. To the corona virus. Right now what's happening is this assessment of the pandemic the lack of resources the lack of initial response. And so many things in so many people over past seeing and I mean it's just it's overwhelming. As of Thursday some 530. Navajo and most airlines to cope with nineteen. But the Navajo Nation has made it around. With no new cases reported on Tuesday the first day with no new cases since the pandemic began. That's largely face this richt mask policy and curfew laid out by the Navajo leaders. Democrat president Jonathan now has and Republican vice president my written lyzard. The leadership here is help their shoulder to shoulder. With our warriors on the on the front lines of this pandemic. This bi partisan political alliance may seem un usual in the rest of the three featured on both sides of the recent convention. We for years but congressional battles with pass congressmen and senators that were part of a broken system that ignored us that is until president trump took off. Let's get real. There's a lot riding on this election Joseph as a major plan to invest in clean energy jobs and infrastructure. But they say it's doubled their ability to reach out amid historic but he. It's about. What the Navajo people. Are whining in leadership. Unit has been effective you know he's got the keys to the White House I don't so a lot of times he goes out. And attends a lot of these national meetings while I stay home and take here the domestic issues here. We met them at an eight distribution site in crystal to Mexico a sign of the acute needs still felt here. But along with food and water president this and these volunteers are sending out patient on bode. Don't without your. Window rock Arizona native Janie Parrish is that campaign director for the Navajo county Democrats. Native voters have we stepped up especially Navajo Nation voters. I remember stories weird. We had democratic leaders just wait for the Navajo vote to come in because we're nine hours away but it's exciting and I see the enthusiasm of young people and their elders and mom I mean well she's always been pretty gung ho about keeping out the vote anyway so. Hey I feel good about us if anything it's mode beating people weren't enamored. JD and her mother Rosie. Our life long Democrats. I'm a Democrat woman and this sense. I can't remember that this started. Oh lead on your resignation. But as they worked to registered ever hope voters they say their ability to vote is being restricted. Members of the nation's sued Arizona last week challenging a new state law that mail in ballots must be received by election Tuesday. You know we we need to use utilized every opportunity that we have two bring change to our Navajo Nation and to enhance the quality of life. You're on now not only for now over for India country as well. Around here mail can take it to six date routed through faraway cities before making it to the county seats. And many residents don't have the street address or mailboxes nearby are. I'm hoping debt. As we continue throughout this month of September. That we will also. Have drop boxes for ballots these types of these bits so this person. Gets mailed their ballot. Too early vote. They can come and bring it to these types. Non contact. Food supply distributions. And cast their ballots heated two. The county seats as quick as possible. Joanna actually kite is working to register voters to how concerned and do given the lack of mail service. And and the Navajo Nation about. Mail in voting. I am very concerned because a lot of them are talking negative but well early voting. But I encourage all the people that I talked with took the vote early. Some Navajo motivated not only by the lack of federal support for Indian tribes. And the pandemic acute devastation here but also by the racial rickety. Across a mayor. My mom and dad oh is that say. Why do you think you're left out of those history. It's not a pretty history it's a horrible history they instilled in me that. We have a 101000 year history class. As indigenous peoples the sport of 500 years just small. Stinnett in even now these last six months. Is this mosque in and that fortified and your history so we're going to be here. Resilient. For ABC news line from Navajo Nation. I'm Martha Raddatz. Our thanks to Martha for that report in turning now to the NFL season now under way and it kicked off. Other unconventional. One of the first plays on the field. Was met with boobs. Those boos came after the Houston Texans in Kansas City Chiefs took to the field for a show of unity. Kansas City is one of just five teams to allow fans this year. Social justice was front and center throughout the game with the National Anthem and a song known as the black National Anthem folk song. But today the Miami Dolphins released this video of their own protest. Is it authentic. That's the mr. Or is it just another symbolic victory. Now there's two anthems do we neo do we Stan if we could just write our wrongs we would need to song. We don't need another publicity per. So we'll just stay inside until this time to put the game. Meanwhile at the US open Naomi Osaka honoring another black victim of police involved shooting last night wearing the name of Orlando can't steal on our master go with the five other victims including George fluent entry bond market and she honored earlier. 22 year old will not be facing Serena Williams in the final tomorrow instead Osaka faces Victoria as a rank. Who beat Williams for the first time in eleven major matches. We now turn back to the anniversary of 9/11 and we bring in John feel nineteen. Years ago he was a demolition supervisor at ground zero when four ton steel beam fell on his left foot leaving him hospitalized for months. Since then he's dedicated his life to advocating for first responders through the feel good foundation. And work with comedian Jon Stewart helped raise awareness John thank you so much for being with us tonight. And. Thank you had a media and I am humbled to be here especially during daylight today. And so and now. Excuse me if I do cry of Laura I do get upset because. Does not only just David this week has been emotionally draining physically draining. And you know I have a big events mart to Wear com among their a lot of pressure to get it right. Well first I want to say that it's us we are humbled tit to have UN and of course we don't understand any kind in emotion. It doesn't end even nineteen years later in so just the start with sharing your story you were injured in the aftermath of the attack. Not on 9/11 itself and so then you were denied any sort of compensation. Explain to us why that is an and what other first responders were also denied compensation. Yes and the home. It taught him on my injury was the worst thing at at a happens in life. Getting in all right Bennett and fighting for basic benefits like workman's cops carried Billy was the second worst that it acted in life. I the end the worst injury at ground zero during a ten and cleanup and recovery but everybody got sick and denied benefits. They had to prove that they had illnesses and autism in this way invisible. And and might have to Michael was an Angel. And I didn't really had anything to prove that in writing it's going. But you know I'm I got out of the hospital commodity price. And I do not only was not physically with me but it was something mentally wrong with me and I was diagnosed by what I should. But come within days added a hospital. I'm I was doing Ian DR and go to therapy. And in pretty good at it would be an addict I stayed at. Without hesitation. I was an adult place it took a long time to meet to be able to help other areas I don't feel good foundation helped John peel. The feel good foundation was created at a angered Fleischer Asian. And basically and a lack of action we were a reaction to the lack of action by a state local and federal government and 1617. Years lady Jerry and still beat opinion but. As C center in a dark place and feeling you've emerge from that now. Now. I think I'm going to be an adult face harassment lighten still. You know people we upload content actually help you know I have bullish manic. I can't make its us tomorrow. On. I'd been there before a lot of people got sick in 2009 or 20120 last year. And they say Garrett adult place. I'll walk and throw it up take continental plates ago that we cannot sit general took him. And I'll hug and an Holden and cry with them and allegedly done and on this it didn't listen. I'll do whatever they want but I don't want them to be alone you know deal cliche we had good days and bad days I'm. We have days and extended any alternative. Salty gauge any time in a week many alternative. John in the mid severe pain you are certainly a bright spot to so many. What a switch gears for a moment and get your response or report in the daily news alleging that the trump administration has secretly siphoned nearly four million dollars were program. The tracks and treats FDNY firefighters and medics suffering from. 9/11 related illnesses. What's your reaction to that. Well you know our. I'm Dave reflection in a day every amendments that I didn't have to entertain that question on and I will. It's it's an insult to those who died acting as an insult to those who are sick and dying and had died since 9/11. To take money on the program. That we all the halls of congress will protect key is get Udoka three times I'm. That angers me but it is disturbing and it and a pitch true. And it's repulsive because every time we went down there and we boy Jon Stewart and we go back to next Tuesday. On it should be on their toes and they should be ready for us because I'm just got in a good mood. And I'm tarnishing my friends supper I'm tired of seeing Americans opera and tight it's seen every elected official. They get their responsibility. At accused enjoys it is normal legislative process and eating. Speaking of elected officials lastly I just don't play you a clip of then candidate Donald Trump in 2016 debating senator Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination. He was responding to cruise speaking negatively about so called. New York values. When the World Trade Center came down. I saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully. More U mainly the New York kid to 100. Or. And everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loves new York and love New Yorkers. Subsequently there seems to be some love loss between the president and at least the leadership of his hometown do you think of the trump administration is taking care of the 9/11. First responders and what more needs to be done by the president and by congress. Let me start up I think I don't take crews. I hate you know at det 18100 plus meetings and 300 let Schultz a Washington. It is colleagues don't like Ted Cruz so on Donald Trump's right in a way. You know Neil walked. No matter where it is a disaster whether it's terrorist manmade mother nature in the united staying. Around the country. Neal he's always get first whether it's every source says that aren't an edgy. And yet all he did help out Nazi true spirit. Of the human being used in a new Yorker are the true spirit of the American people. It's being a human being shown empathy so I get a president in congress that but it hasn't White House. I'm has scented oil has got a house helped a did not eleven community enough. Now they signed a bill last year they passed a bill because we shame them into it and we had Jones who would who's got a boys. But Garrett Garrett bear garrison many issues that face this country that there are good people slaughtered and John peel. Who haven't issued GAO heart that you get legislation passed out will help the masses. And until. I don't convey say that I'm the youngest of five kids with real assistance. Until there's a woman president. All woman in charge in the senate a would be charged in that house speak below the ground welcome women across the boy. We will never get anything done in Washington DC that is a fact. John you've had so much that we'll stick with me among them as some people have good days some people have bad days some people simply have days John feel. We thank you so much for your time and an all that you continue to do we appreciate it. Thank you for having me in non you know I hope everybody remembers those we lost a nineteen years ago today. We certainly do and when we come back a daughter lost her father on 9/11. Who's now on the phone lines against Kobe. President trump saluting heroes tonight army sergeant Thomas Payne was awarded the medal of honor for his role in freeing 75 hostages from dozens of ice is terrorist in Iraq. Ice has had planned to kill their captives and buried in graves. Pain after freeing one group stormed into a second building dodging exploding suicide vests that tore parts of the building to pieces. The president says that paint was ordered to evacuate but refused to do so because it didn't want to leave anyone behind. 2015 operation pain land as a member of the delta force resulted in the death of his colleague Josh you'll Wheeler. Whose widow attended the ceremony and 75 lives saved because of his bravery. And finally tonight a daughter still grieving the dad as she lost nineteen years ago today and her hopes on this somber anniversary. For all Americans. My name is DC Pelosi and every year around 9/11 I remember and celebrate my father frank understand my father was an insurance executive for and court and he worked on the 98 floor of Howard's him. His nickname network was that they a man because he would bring Bensonhurst bagels to everyone at work every Friday. He was a loving father and a very proud grandfather earned an amazing husband and a great rather. I was asleep. When my mom called she said that my father had called her. And asked her to put on the TV because there was an explosion at the building next door and no one knew what was really happening and I said to my mom. Don't worry as soon as it's safe they'll evacuate that is building and I'll probably won't apparently her response meat was he certainly are your father's daughter because that's exactly. What he sad we just got a report in that there's been some sort of explosion at the World Trade Center in New York City. From that moment I just watched everything unfold live on television. He called my mother back twice once to tell her that. It was an airplane and he was waiting to get out. And once after his building was hit he called and he was about the blast and heat sad that. I have to find a way to get myself and my team out of the building. It's filling up with smoke I'll call you soon I love you and that was the last. Her. Early in the morning on September 12 IA. Was able to get a subway into Manhattan and began my search I am the subway crossed over the Brooklyn bridge and I remember. Looking at the view and the smoke coming up thinking New York City just got its two front teeth knocked out. We are a Stanley that's considered one of the lucky ones because eventually we did have body parts identified anywhere able to have a proper burial. I think we had to grieve how he died. Before we could actually read that he. You know when you grieve with the whole world's watching there's not a lot of people that understand what that's like they did want to make sure our. That heat was represented. In some way in one of those ceremonies and so. I put my name in the hat I was lucky enough to be chosen one year. This way they organize it is amazing. And they do a wonderful wonderful job placement. And my father Franklin Allan per cent daddy we miss you and we love you more than words Tuesday and I know that you're smiling down on us today and every day. I'm gonna remember. 9/11 my way no matter why no matter what it's the anniversary of my father's staff. Where we're in a pandemic I'm an essential work there I've been out there working in and every single day you know not having the lights would it then. About learn not having the names would have been a bummer but they've. Sounds awaits news. I have to do it and it. I'll be nice to see the lights are usually come back call now for the last ten years and watch the lights. From my terrace. It's a beautiful view. He's there with me. But you know we have to remember we've lost a whole hell of a lot more people to the pandemic and we have on 9/11 the ceremonies are an important thing. And and I'm happy that they're going to be continuing. I think that. If we keep it if we try to keep it top of mind. Not just on September 11 maybe we can get back to some sort of unity like he had back then. When those towers fell it didn't matter. What color your skin was it didn't matter. What religion you are and it didn't matter what party voted what mattered was that you are an American and we were attacked on your home soil that's what we need to teach the children that we are all in this. Together and that's the lesson that we can learn from the sacrifices made by my father and all the first responders that day and everybody else it just went to work. And hitting home. Frank Hirsch at the fetal man still remembered. Nineteen years later. And before we go tonight the image or images of the day president George W Bush's library releasing never before seen pictures from that horrific day. Our flag with smoke from the Pentagon bill in behind it. The present monitoring the events and his chief of staff and law enforcement scrambling during that unforgettable day. The library releasing seven photos in total. That is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news line for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and we leave you now with a tribute in light over downtown New York tonight.

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