ABC News Live Prime: Monday, December 21, 2020

New COVID-19 variant: Should you be concerned?; Vermont health official: State’s residents have ‘prioritized health'; By the Numbers: Tesla stock’s rapid rise
49:49 | 12/22/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, December 21, 2020
Dress and a navy turtle banking earrings who Max. President elect Joseph Biden pushed up his sleeve for the vaccines. Doing this to demonstrate that. People should be prepared want it available to take the vaccine. You worry about. Help on the way for millions of Americans struggling to stay afloat then 900 billion dollar cove in nineteen relief in congress. Lawmakers voting on the bill tonight what did it and how much financial relief Americans can expect to get. He alarming new variant of cope in nineteen prompting global restrictions. What experts are saying about its ease of spread and whether the vaccine that shipping right now we'll be able to stop it. Favre break springs just two days before stepping down. The outgoing attorney general bill Barr stealing away from the president is fiercely supported since taking office imports from sin he. Now resisting his bombs. Plus vaccines so at all how indigenous communities have stepped up during the trial and the hopes for the hard hit Navajo Nation. The vaccine comes to the front lines. I didn't believe in western medicine and I also believe in traditional medicine. So I have a I have two worlds I'm lucky. And the community that preys together pains together what churches are doing across the country to help people experiencing crushing debt. What does that tell you about. About people. That this has. Only didn't it didn't really tell me anything it is concerned them. I'm know that get good people around. Good evening I'm aerial rash act in for Lindsey Davis thanks for streaming let us. We begin tonight with two badly needed shots of hope in the midst of some of the darkest days. Of this pandemic. Help is on the way for the millions of Americans in need images like this 14 days just before Christmas playing out across the country hundreds in line for food. Help in the form of a 900 billion dollar bipartisan stimulus compromise set to pass congress tonight. Also a second vaccine our health care heroes begin receiving those doses of men Dern as vaccine today. One week after the first doses of Pfizer's vaccine. President elect Joseph Biden area is getting that vaccine today we'll have more on the vaccine shortly but. Our Jonathan Karl leads us off tonight with more on the new stimulus which comes 269. Days after the first one. And win that important helpful arrive for so many. With a price tag of 900 billion dollars the Covert relief package we one of the most expensive bills. Ever passed by congress but it may be too little and it certainly late. With long lines at food banks across the country and another 885000. Americans filing for unemployment within just the last week. The bill includes a one time payment of 600 dollars for individuals making up to 75000. Dollars a year. A family of four stands to receive 2400 dollars. It adds Miller 300 dollars a week to federal unemployment benefits provides nearly 300 billion dollars in aid for small businesses. And eight point 75 billion for distributing the vaccine the deal comes after we saw a members of congress from both parties. Get highly sought after first doses of the vaccine and after Americans have been waiting for economic assistance for months. It's not to articulated directly targeted exactly what the country needs right now. The White House today said people will begin to see that money in their accounts before the new year. People organist see this money to be giving up next week. President elect Biden says he is encouraged by the bipartisan agreement. But said more herbal need to be dawn Lisa mass trenor and less high risk health conditions that prevent her from working. Is worried after waiting for so long the money won't go foreign off her rental loan she says is thirteen hundred dollars. I had a page number right yeah and over thirty years our government's direct aim our house. It's scary. So many struggling in this country John joins me now from Washington and John this bill is expected to pass in the coming hours. What are you hearing from the White House today and what are the prospects for more aid coming in the new Biden administration. Given how difficult it was to reach this deal. What's it should the president has really bad MIA on this he wasn't involved directly in the negotiations. And he's had nothing to say as it's moved its way up through congress. But the White House did put out a statement saying that the bill was welcomed and suggested the president would sign it as soon as it hits his desk. Now in terms of more aid another round of of Covert relieve. That will be a very tall order Joseph Biden has made it clear that he wants to see that happen after he becomes president. And Democrats say they would be pushing for something in the new year. But of course a lot will depend on what happens in Georgia they the control of the senate. Totally depended on who wins those two senate races in Georgia and elections on January 5. And people are depending on that money Jon Karl in Washington for us tonight thank you so much. That of that new variant of the corona virus in the UK raising concerns across Europe and here at home just four days before Christmas. Dozens of countries now banning travel from Britain's so far the US has not followed suit but New York's governor Andrew Cuomo warning the new mutation is likely already here. Some scientists say it can spread faster than other mutations are in panel reports from London. Tonight Bruce and looking down again with more than forty countries banning travel to and from the UK base after a new potentially more contagious mutation of the virus was Copeland. And is spreading rapidly. As soon as we were briefed in in the UK government and a the cost trends missy dignity. These mutant strain week to prompt and decisive action. What has people alarmed is how infectious this bush and maybe. Early estimates indicate that he could be as much as 72% more contagious. The WHIO also seeing an increase in the infection rates but scientists around the world and calm things yet saying global studies needed. The head of operation warp speed saying then now we're waiting more residents. I think scientifically. Two decades. There is no hard evidence that this virus is activity. More to dismiss have been. Despite dozens of countries banning flights from the UK planes are still coming into the US without government restrictions. Authorities. Say a they haven't found the strain here yet I believe in two would have relieved it's already. Here tonight British Airways delta and Virgin Atlantic just announcing plans to test all passengers heading to America. The New York governor Andrew Cuomo angry calling the lack of federal action reprehensible. We have been victimized. By federal incompetence and federal negligence that is safe. And we're not. Not going to be victimized again. Scientists say it's not unusual for Boris is to mutate and congress has done this many times before the the UK also hitting an all time high of the cases some day while men may be increased risk for infection. This new variant doesn't appear to be any more deadly. Tonight US authorities saying there is no indication the vaccine isn't effective it gains the mutated virus terrorists. Also no evidence to suggest nor reason to believe that it would evade our vaccines that we have right now. Hopefully some reassurance they are in panel joins us now from London Ian prime minister Boris Johnson effectively canceled Christmas. What do we know about where this variant was first detected in the UK and wet. Yet us rights area eleven the worst possible news for so many people so many families who thought they have this five day window of opportunity to get together. And then all of a sudden that was Roh announced over the weekend when it became clear as you say about this new strain of the virus is new. Variants though it was first detected back in September but it was still early stages it didn't have enough evidence. To be convinced that the case numbers will rising there is a county just south of London called tense. In that county particular even though they goalie into a kind of look down. The numbers continued to rise and that was what spot comes. The more analysis of dog the more the convinced that this is a new strain was seen other strains of course in other countries. It throughout the duration of this pandemic but the concern is how transmissible it is. But just be really clear that there is that it could be as much as 70% transmissible but more reserves more dates it is needed. We've seen other variants they've also had similar issues we just still need to wait and find out. Quite how problematic this is what finally to stress most importantly it doesn't seem to lead slide death rates and there's no indication that it is resistant to this new vaccine. And scientists and outer diligently looking candidates in in the United Kingdom is an island are there concerns about potential shortages at these blockade from other countries last. And we also heard about new testing restrictions from those traveling from the UK to New York. But doctor felt she is now urging caution. Yes that's rice I mean their concerns because of course this Brett exit process which she's going through the end of the year more kind of trade deal they'll be with the European Union locals have been on main. Trading partners haven't been restrictions you to move goods and services like cam with Canada for example across a broad border pretty late. But that is going to end at the end of this year and so their concerns about Walt that will mean for the flow of goods and services if there isn't an agreement. And now because countries like France have closed their borders although we're pretty confident that led to be temporary. But as much as 20%. Of good succumbing to the country load of fresh pro Jason. Comes in via that graphs so there concerns about war that will meet elusive markets is stressing that certainly good enough supplies in full Christmas. Yes extra testing so I think this is probably the way. Full would. For those trucks who want to get across that British channel the English Channel and get to France they'll probably need to be tested. What we've just heard in response ready to some of the criticism that we have from Governor Cuomo in New York. Is that British Airways virgin and delta the rule gonna introduce testing for people flying from here in the UK into the US. As he said Joseph RG saying we shouldn't overreact to this point more dates is needed and he doesn't think they should be traveled by M stereo. In panel and London with the very latest for us thank you. ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein joins us now thank you so much for your time doctor Brownstein. Major this variant of the virus is stoking some alarm with some countries temporarily blocking travel from the UK but so far experts are saying it's no more lethal or transmissible than the current strain. So what are we need to now. Yeah I mean aren't such a it's reasons why scientists are sort of concerned about this this particular one this version it is replacing rock every other person to the arts and t.'s rocket. Increasing teaches in some regions. England. Is Gary has the keys that seventeen occasions which is a lot for our parents have we seen historically. And they aren't on the part of the arts despite protein that is entered that he's that is used for entry into the cells. Solution teach kids potentially are creating increased its disability does ours but the submitted for a car warranty. We see periods like this merger all the time and the data is there early and so it could be honest with our these are our increased mobility and and in travel and so needy were Jesse artifacts and dia. And it's building new evidence that this virus is more lethal arms so they should. Are also concerns that near this virus is gonna cost real problem. It still adds to the growing body of knowledge of how of these viruses and he works I'll basic public health measures like social distancing scored. I think the question on everyone's mind you mentioned the good news about the vaccine so could this impact the efficacy of the vaccines that have now been deployed in any way. So so far scientists don't believe so I think it takes years for these mutations to build up enough weight that they would happen impacting the vaccine. I like monoclonal antibodies. Vaccines may actually what we call publicly antibody response and means at their multiple ways that the vaccine can protect so. A few occasions of the virus will not impact the ability for the vaccine cheaper prevent you from getting I sit here Kobe does. The bigger concern is around we called antigen adrift and this is the change in the arts for this is what the flu virus is under growth which means beautiful in new flu virus every vaccine every year and so what we're thinking more as long term needs of vaccines that we meet it changed its vaccine over time but the concern immediately over the existing vaccines are just not there and we should be proceeding as we have been thinking that we're gonna really happen impact on this our tax. H the coming months. Should we be concerned at all that there are still flights coming in from the UK or is the risk no greater than it was before. All this is a tough one because of course the more people that are coming in that are potentially affected. Are adding tidbits sort of the numbers of peace is growing here in this country. Now this a dairy has been actually circulated for months so let me it's are here in the US so much. Probably wouldn't you very much at this point or we should be doing really is testing right testing before people get claims testing in people riot quarantining those warrants for policies that could be incredibly helpful right now and we just haven't implemented them as a country those things we can do immediately New York is starting to do that's I think it's something as a country we need to be doing right now. Of course the busy holiday season is now upon us so many Americans are making this difficult decision about when how it's to see their families these holidays. What is your message to anyone thinking about traveling. Right so we're seeing a surge that happened post Thanksgiving and pursue unity which is really. Tough to see right the numbers of gas and hostile nations that record highs. That was a surge on top of a search now yet. Christmas child which is more people toppling over longer appear to tie or do you see a surge surge on the search and hostile substance just handle that capacity we're aren't near. Overwhelmed that many parts. This country so what can we do of course if we can stay within your proposal don't Strobl really trying to limit your mobility in your interactions with others there is I don't at the end of the tunnel so what are we can do now will be so helpful to get through this and. Backing out of the vaccine so many are talking about this president elect Joseph Biden received Pfizer's vaccine today. And tomorrow doctor felt she is pleaded to receive my Daryn as vaccine. How important is hitting your opinion for boosting public trots to CDs officials. Getting their vaccine. Yeah I think it's so important first call. How do you see and how he federal leadership is actually critical so I think it's great that they're getting the vaccine but on top of that. It's all about instilling public confidence. Our research has shown hesitancy is widespread and a large parts of the population are just unwilling to get this taxi no matter how much could research has been done since seeing these important public figures. Getting the vaccine really is all about boosting trust in science. I don't you know because we need that herd immunity said he percent of the population getting immunized if for half a real mature impact on the course of the pandemic. We saw our doctor actually get vaccinated today finally if you weren't biting your patients on a vaccine and they had a choice between spies or form a Daryn is there one that's preferable in your eyes. Right so it's a great question a lot of people asking you this question. I would say whichever one is available to you you should K because you're not necessarily how choice I'll just say that the vaccines are incredibly similar 94% effective some are seeking profiles the existing delivery and our name to their theories similar across genders and race unsafe you have access to the vaccine and it's your turn you should drop. I opened the boss is like opening a presence. I'm it was clear lead very like like having a baby. This has more than half a million people have already received the first dose of Pfizer's vaccine. News company has the country is seeing new Kobe heist in Southern California where some ice to use our completely full more than 500 outbreaks linked to businesses including supermarket. The state now asking the federal government for medical staff. Hospitals fearing they'll have to ration care. If we don't change how we're gonna celebrate the winter holidays will experienced surge on top of the surge. On top of a search. Either thank you. Many states across the country have been battling a secondary and third wave of cases but one has remained a bit of an island in a sea of despair. Vermont only trails Hawaii with the least number average daily cases over the past week according to the CDC. And joining us now is Vermont's public health director doctor Mark Levine doctor Levine thank you so much for spending your night with us. Are happening. Last week Vermont lost its 100 resident to cope in nineteen that's compared to more than 36000. Deaths right here in neighboring New York of course. One death is too many from this disease but how is your state managing to keep the mortality rate down. Well for the longest time we managed to keep the mortality rate down by keeping our caseload down. Through adequate suppression of the virus. Are we came out of that period in the spring weren. We were in what recalls stay home stay safe. Arm our version of what people call locked out. And are we came out and a very phased and gradual. Armed resenting your recent. And were restarted remarked essentially from Perry. All of hormones were calibrated we waited or at least warning to Beijing period between making other moves. As we reopened all the sectors of siren. The Maine where we've kept our debt star who was to keep our car chases in long term care facilities are. And until only recently did that suffer. We're and the entire region in the entire country. Of course have suffered more. We're accelerating rate some viral infection. Song. It has managed to creep into some of our long term care facilities. Specifically the skill nursing facilities one of the most vulnerable elderly patients are. And that's where we've seen probably 70%. Of the recent drafts. Vermont has begun vaccinated it's front line workers how could not process been so far and what is your roll out plan for the rest of the citizens of your state. Yes all the rollout plan is going smoothly but aren't we were barely one week into it. We are the second least populated state in the country. So our vaccine allocation match to match so we haven't had huge doses of vaccine unfortunately. But our priority group one Andy. Much like the rest of the young nation has centered around health care workforce. And all of these long term care facilities. Residence and work force. Salt today. Is the first day event that. Latter segment long term care residents are being vaccinated. Through that he federal pharmacy partnership that's been asked problems. We several pharmacies. Armed in this is arms hold one of the earliest launches. Around the country. The federal pharmacy program. So we're very excited aren't starting today. But obviously the faster the better because this is the most vulnerable population. We've reported recently on how Vermont has been experiencing a bit of an economic boom attracting people from across the country to move to your state. How do you balance the economic interests of the state with the need to preserve public health. From our governor would love your use of the term boom. And I will accept that. We do know somewhat anecdotally and also through some data that. Some people actually have chosen hello to the stage. Which is wonderful. The public health impact of that we hope it's not large because. The fact is we want to prevent restrict his travel policies in the country. With significant rules about quarantined when one comes in from onstage. Just like Ferraro Vermont residents who may choose who. Read this date in combat. After a visit. Are they have to adhere to a groundswell. And finally it's been at very long year plenty of sleepless nights for so many of us what keeps you up at night what's your biggest concern over all and also what gives you hope. Well it turns keeping me up at night. Home does not too many things you could add to the list right now. Always tracking and you know new cases of virus hoping that words. Marie are now what is kind of in class Tarlow where we're not actually increasing numbers of trees. Arm. Worry about deployment of this vaccine. Making sure we have. Optimal testing which we do who in this state. All things that or concern. I'm brought I have a lot of hope actually. The reason our hope is are you opened the interview talking about and track record Vermont. I can't take all the credit for that nor can the governor and are expensive team. I will take some of the credit than you are the reality is we look at us we're in the population art art art. Or kind of asking arbor martyrs now know give us a warm and done so well. Oates succumbed to endemic anti. And really all of these dual path ways of continuing off mitigation strategies you party at your soup and increasing complexity. Reason we are. Well an on that optimistic note doctor Mark Levine wishing you the very best in the new year. Thank you so much. Next just two days before stepping down outgoing attorney general bill Barr is breaking from the president on calls to seize voting machines on the source of that massive cyber attack and on the president's demand to investigate Hunter Biden. Our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has details. Controversial attorney Sidney Powell back at the White House today wanted to friends supporters president trump the surrounding himself with. During his final days in office. How long would convicted and pardoned former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Pushing while conspiracy theories allegedly suggesting seizing voting machines in instituting martial law to overturn the election. But today the president's own attorney general bill Barr breaking ranks with the president he is defended so often. Saying it's not going to happen I see no basis now for. Seizing machines are federal. Bar repeating what he said before there was no widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the election and there's no reason to appoint a special counsel to investigate it if I sort of special counsel at this stage was the right tool. And was appropriate I. I would do I would name on but I happened and I'm not going to bar openly defying the president in likely his final appearance as AG with just two days left on the job. Barr also pushing back on the president's reported wish to have a special counsel look into president elect Biden's son hunter rather than allowing the current US attorney investigation to proceed I think that it's being handled. Responsibly and professionally. And while the president says China may have been behind the massive cyber attack targeting scores of federal agencies and private companies. Today barb making clear from the information I have it's certainly. Appears to be the Russians. Our thanks to the air when we come back the South Carolina man demanding an apology tonight after he says police stormed into his house with an inside naked. And that's stunning confession that you will hear how a Russian intelligence officer appears to be talking about poisoning fears who wouldn't critic electing a volley. And where they put the deadly nerve agent. But up next the church's filling the void when so many suffering from crushing medical debts. New Labor Department numbers show more than twenty million workers were collecting unemployment benefits at the end of November. And with many losing health insurance it's more likely that one major medical event will put their financial future. In jeopardy but for some of them salvation is coming from an unlikely place. ABC's Terry Moran has more on how churches are stepping up to fill global it. Annapolis master Kenny Camacho has long believed our nation's health care system is broken. Years ago on the heels of a costly cancer scare in his family his infant daughter fell off the changing table. We drove around the hospital. For a few hours. Just in a circle. Watching her he says the fear of more debt kept him from going into the hospital that feeling and. Invisible and incapable. Of taking care of my family has stuck with me that's not how our lives in this country should be. Says to not be able to take care of ourselves out of fear of what it's gonna cost and whether we can afford it long term. Consequence. And so like I think about that often it's stuck with me. As an experience with the broken this of all of this. Donna dees of Atlanta knows the crushing feeling of medical debt to if you have something like an icu we focus. Crazy money. Diabetes related issues landed her in the icu twice it was a tough time her sister died her father died she lost her job. I health is. Missed out. Gone sisters time. Humor and gone and the medical bills were one more burden in urges. You know. The Aegon U Jim. Paid and you could you paid on don't just prayed that it didn't. You know thank you very extremely negatively Millen that it is an then to some extent. But then out of the blue she got a letter informing her that debt was forgiven me edit and. Abscam thing. I. But it was real Donna's debt was paid off through a group called RIP medical. How specifically do you. Select the people who will receive the assistance that the idiot it for us is that it it's the line. And send there's no judgment parent are part Allison says it was the group's executive director of she says RP has forgiven more than three billion dollars worth of medical debt you have to be 200% of poverty or below so helping people who are well off. We're helping people who really need to help the most. On the debt collection market does debts owed by low income people are the least valuable because they are the least likely ever to be paid off. Two former debt collectors Creag and Tico a Jerry Ashton had the idea to five those debts in bulk for a fraction of their value. And then forgive them. Every dollar actually absolves a hundred dollars worth of medical debt for people. Newest is being. His blessing that just appeared in the mailbox in. No way and it just took care. It's a miracle. Of sorts. What does it tell you about. About people. That this happened. It didn't it didn't really tell me anything it is confirmed. Yet. I'm know that yet and people. Aren't these donors have included so all you ready to do this. TV host John Oliver. And more than 400 church congregations large and small around the country where you find this in the Bible. Medical debt I think giving people a taste of freedom and forgiveness. Is the mission. Of the church. Pastor Jenny could not just as his congregation has wiped out our I d.'s debt portfolio for fourteen counties in Maryland. And they're now partnering with other churches to raise enough money to wipe out the debt for the entire state we're not a particularly wealthy congregation optically large congregation. We're committed I think as a as a group to trying to. Our neighbors empowering people at a moment feel so stunted. As it as an as a nation and a lot of weight while Allison says though says she's grateful for churches she wishes government leaders could also see the moral obligation here. I mean look I think it the end of the day I I really am inspired by what REP does every single day but at the same time I'm up all that we passed it. It's great work. Why should do you yet that's a her question answer. I want it. To be different. My prayer is still. That something will change. Until the high cost to survive in this country is addressed pastor Kenny is making sure those in need. Don't have to carry that cross alone. There are good people out there thanks to Terry Moran for bringing us that story. Still ahead here on time the volcanic eruption in Hawaii's big island residents told to stay home. Our journey to Navajo Nation to see how vaccinations are progressing there and the impact they could have on the hard hit communities. And he won must just keeps getting richer even in the middle of a pandemic and amid economic uncertainty we take a closer look by the numbers. But first our tweet of the day Virginia's governor commenting on the removal of the statue of Robert. US capitol he calls it and important step forward. Despite the economic fallout from the pandemic the stock market has been on a rocket ride this year after recovering from lows in the spring and few companies have seen a greater rise and electric carmaker Tesla. Let's take a look by the numbers. Today Tesla officially became part of the S&P 500 stock index which tracks the fortunes of 500 large companies here in the US and Tesla was added to the S&P after reporting five straight quarters of profits going back to last year. Tesla has seen its stock sore from the equivalent at 86 dollars a share in the first week of January. To close just under 650. Dollars a share today at the electric carmaker became a favorite of Wall Street investors. As well as those devoted fans. And that's the Elon Musk Tesla is polarizing founder who owns 21% of the company's shares very wealthy man. As of Friday Forbes pegged his net worth at around 145. Billion dollars making in the third richest person in the world. But some analysts are still skeptical about whether the company and its stock price can live up to the high hits currently worth about seven times the combined value of Ford. And GM despite tests like expecting to sell around 500000 electric cars this year worldwide for less than 1% of total global car sales. But the company supporters are betting on the future of electric vehicle gaining popularity. Especially if the new Biden administration supports the industry and a growing concerns about climate change. As well as a boost from a surge and electric car sales. In countries like China. We still have a lot to get to hear on prime. Where to find out last minute holiday deals and more importantly do you stand a chance of getting those gifts to arrive before Christmas. We're tracking a storm sweeping the country but first a look at our top French. A story on From. After months of stalemate on Capitol Hill economic relief is finally in sight for millions of Americans. More hell yeah. All lawmakers are expected to pass a 900 billion dollar Kobe relief now the agreement includes direct checks for qualified Americans of up to 600 dollars 300 dollar boost in weekly federal unemployment benefits through march roughly 300 billion dollars in aid to small businesses and millions more for vaccine distribution and schools. This is a scary very fast way of getting money into the economy and again let me emphasize. That people are gonna see this money in the beginning of next week's. A new variant of -- nineteen found in the UK now causing concern and strong reactions around the world. Lose considerable uncertainty but it may be up to 70%. Or more transmissible. Than being an old. Very original question. Bit of this. Many countries but not in the US are banning flights to and from the UK British Airways agreed to test passengers in the UK bound for New York before morning. We learn this lesson the hard way. And when I don't go through it again. We have been victimized. By federal incompetence and general negligence and US authorities saying there is no indication that seemed. It's effective against the mutation virus there's also no evidence suggests no reason to believe that it would EZR vaccine that we have right now. Last week the independent Investigative Group billing cast published dramatic evidence implicating several Russian intelligence offices. In the poisoning of alexion Vallone the Russian opposition leader nearly killed with a nerve agent this summer. Now no well he sees he has managed to train one of those agents. He accidentally releasing his role. And where it. My only today published won't do you love and almost an hour long conversation with the alleged officer. He suggests not only was exclusive the nerve agent through his on the west. Essays his job was to clean and a bonus clues to ensure there was no evidence left. The FSB has denied do you audio calling it fate. A South Carolina man today is filing a lawsuit against the city Rock Hill. After local police officers allegedly forced him out of his home last year making it. The complaint says 71 yard definitely was asleep in his dad when he awoke to bright lights shining in his home and startled he says he went an open to the back door. Finally standing there with guns drawn from the officers allegedly ordering him out of his home naked according to the document putting a gun to his head from her and searching his home this suit alleges that the cops were looking for Ford juvenile who broke into a car nearby. Police say there was a reasonable belief the suspects could have run inside and home appeared abandoned. Officials are monitoring a strong eruption of QA as volcano on Hawaii's big island for a warning has been issued about us that have fallen several surrounding communities and residents are being warned to stay indoors Bulawayo last erupted in 2018. Welcome back our weather team is keeping a close eye on a storm that sent to sweep the nation this week. Take a look at this huge mudslides shut down at historic Columbia River highway outside of Portland organ. Heavy rain and snow that hit the Pacific northwest should be near the East Coast by Christmas CA BC senior meteorologist rob Marciano joins us now. Hey rob so good getting a liked Chris better. Well that's a tough call you know I didn't lot of snow in the area from the northeast back to the midwest but a lot of it's melting quickly in this next storm coming in from the Pacific northwest. Is mostly a rain makers I think there's going to be a lot of lot of green country since day but. Not very warm. Cold air is coming in behind mistake by the way that race army came in through the northwest against 67 inches in some of the hills are that is intense rain. For the Pacific northwest they get a half an inch typically on on a rainstorm so that's why you saw those landslides this next one coming in. Has lower snow levels that will lock up the potential for less ice and that's a good news there. Unfortunately Scott at some dynamics would it'll be into the Great Lakes as quickly as Wednesday. Snow in Minneapolis down through Iowa but I think mostly rain Detroit Chicago all the way down through Memphis in the Gulf Coast where the thunderstorms can be pretty strong to severe. The net from pushes east. With heavy rain across the southeast to Carolina's windy conditions may be some flooding rains across the north Santee and have a tough time. No matter how you slice it across the northeast on Christmas leave. But this here's and your white Christmas potential. Cedar Rapids up throughout Minneapolis not even Chicago dad's opinion of polar express here this evening but he frowning upon that. Horn action Cleveland's two West Virginia we'll see a little bit of snow there but it's. You know everybody wants a white Christmas but nobody wants to travel through assistant at its area. The vast whites US and Seattle Seattle rule will work on that. Hopefully if they won but may be a white one for some of those kids out there rob thank you so much. You back. Turning now to a corner of the country that has long been neglected and this year experience one of the worst Covert infection rate in the nation. The Navajo Nation struggling through this pandemic. Which is why many tribal members volunteered for the company's vaccine trials but with historic distrust how will the vaccine be receipt. Not a little met a man and the list arts each day with the port policy offering to the creator. Great for his family and the world's well be. I hope that we can get back to normal I wanna see my grandkids again I want to hold and I want to hug him again. Lewis is one of 463. Native Americans in the country that volunteered in the fights are coping nineteen vaccine trial. My parents went over like this they would have wanted to need to do this and that's the reason why I actually volunteered I realized combat. To be the way we were. Go to ninety has ravaged the Navajo Nation this area the size of West Virginia in that the rows of a lasting crisis. What mattered in sixty new cases last week alone. Over 700 deaths since March with 77 communities BC and controlled spread. We only have thirteen grocery stores in 27000. Square miles of the Navajo reservation. And we have multi generational homes where many people would have been fairly small spaces but because of people like Louis Spicer vaccine data included native Americans. They volunteered. So they're trail. Blazers based on. Data that's available right now. It indicates that. This vaccine. Doesn't have. Be negative. Adverse effect. Native Americans. Yeah. Enough already hit receiving 3900. Fight your taxes so far and is anticipating more from the Internet this week didn't have constant. She still for him. Are people. Many people the wrong all the families that it's hard. I'm Matt got an interview not a doctor Shelton back in May when they had the highest infection rate per capita in the country. Vaccine in the works. Later hearing about that say. Up. She received her vaccine last week. And as well. While our distribution plan again Dr. the credit Christians it is the chief medical officer at the Indian Health Service is in the Navajo area developing the Navajo nation's vaccine plant -- working with John Hopkins center for American Indians for quite some time here in Navajo. And what we found multiple vaccine trials is there is often. Vaccines that are more appropriate for our population that we do respond better to that we get better immunity from. Lewis doesn't dopey receive the vaccine or placebo. And even opportunity to if they did received a placebo to be a blinded in this city and to receive the vaccines do the study. What Livingston a Johns Hopkins American Indian health research nurse is working with Spicer Biotech -- nineteenth on a vaccine trial in the Navajo Nation. Amid a second more deadly wait. Released in the virus is told here has been personal. Experience and to hear that pain and hurt just from talking with. Family members or even with patients who have quoted an eighteen and just the struggle to breathe alone. And the questions. What's gonna happen to me and there's that fear of MI gonna die. The virus shining light on generational health problems affecting the not the whole. Despite some of the strictest lock downs and lengthy curfews the area was hit Harvard. We got high rates of diabetes cardiovascular. Disease cancer the Navajo Nation got hit hard. We are resilient to remember our ancestors got us to this point. Now it is our turn to fight hard against this virus. And to think about our children in our grandchildren. Despite indigenous participation in trials mistrust and intergenerational drama comes from a history of disease. And infection wiping out native American communities. Skepticism on my. My peers my relatives and there's a go don't do it. I didn't listen because. I want to help my people I want to help five beat Atlanta humans. We wanted to get the best vaccine that would help our people. Get through this Covert pandemic and I think got sharing of information don't trust. The Navajo Nation ban genetic research on their territory to prevent unethical medical experiments a native Americans. In 2003. Have a supply Indian tribes sued Arizona State University. For sharing blood samples from an 1890s diabetes research project without patients or individual's consent with researchers and other projects. And then of course. In the 1970s. With the sterilization of native American to win in two. That also was a huge. Dramatic event which made it very very hard for indigenous people to teach us the federal government are eighteen interests Indian Health Service. Livingston says acknowledging the deep trauma is half the battle so I really feel like it's important that. Health care providers and traditional healers. Come together. Really get an understanding. The diseases that are affecting needed me he and work together and understanding. Maybe he'd seen treatment. On all of these things in order to use to keep people healthy. I didn't believe a western medicine and I also believe in traditional medicine. I have to world I'm lucky I have two world. Doreen shocked ABC news Los Angeles. Our thanks to his arranged for bringing us that story and when we return time is running out the few places you can turn to it still haven't checked off Beckett went. Only four days left until Christmas and this day is just about wrapped up so where can you get those last minute deals where can you find those gifts to arrive on time Becky Worley has the scoop. It's not too late to be. Turning lost make you continue this season burned last minute pleasant panic despite retailers begging us to shop early due to Colvin related log jams. Compared to last year 2.2 million people are last minute shopping this year and a bigger chunk of that scramble is happening online something. Overall discretionary retail the items that we body is kids. Running in about 25%. Ahead wherever you are last year and you've got. Crunch time for the shippers. Last online shopping is still a possibility in some cases Amazon says the last state order for prime members to get free one day delivery is the 23. With free shipping dwindling bargain hunters are more price conscious than ever best by offering the apple wants street -- thirty dollars off. This gaming headset also thirty dollars off. But he did pay five dollars for expedited shipping and cross your fingers and hoping arrives and maybe the smartest deal Costco offering a hundred dollar Xbox gift card. For just 89 dollars and that's a digital download available immediately another option. We're seeing retailers partner with the delivery businesses to be able to. Productivity consumers. Ins to carton only daughter for groceries lets you sign on to their site and shop products from best buy target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. For a nominal fee for these gifts it adds just three dollars and 85 cents of the total for same day delivery. Some great ideas Eric thanks to Becky Worley and once it experts say order online from a store with a brick and mortar location but pick it up curbside. Before we go tonight the image of the day they are getting ready and so were we the preparations are under way to ring in 20/20 one and it will be a celebration. Like no other with the numbers displayed in an empty Times Square. Wherever you are putting most of us it's safe to say are ready to say goodbye to 20/20. That's our show for this hour stay tuned into ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories as I'm Arial rest chef and her Lindsey Davis thanks for streaming with us and happy holiday.

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