ABC News Live Prime: Monday, March 1, 2021

Mississippi residents left without clean running water after winter storms; Vaccine Watch: Nations engage in vaccine diplomacy; By the Numbers: Alarming school absenteeism
49:47 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, March 1, 2021
The. Frantic moments as police try to rescue a driver as their cars things into a Mike. Thermal imaging cameras capturing the deputies safely bringing her back to land thankfully the woman and the officers are okay. One of the deputies was even able to retreat gotten curse. Cheers for the vaccine today is that first box of new doses shipped with the masses. You get healthy. Amid fears that many are letting down their guard. The CDC director issuing a new warning today and in tonight's vaccine watch why they come in vaccine is shaking up the global power structure. President Biden's one point nine trillion dollar co would relief package and house senate Democrats are considering reshaping it. Where the plan to raise the federal minimum wage stand. And when those 14100 dollar checks might arrive and he asked governor Andrew Cuomo facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment by former aides. Today sending the letter himself to formally launch the State's investigation. The governor's apology saying some of his words were misinterpret it as unwanted flirtation. Thousands in the south still without water residents in Texas and Mississippi are forced to find bottled water handouts while service is restored. This is a number of severe storms are expected to move across the country ginger zee with the forecast. C audacious court appearance caught on a live stream a Johns presiding over virtual traffic court dumbfounded by the defendant's decision making. So unless Simon state dinners senior defendants it's in the middle of the operating room. Appearing to be actively engaged in providing services to change is that correct mr. green. Yes and stepping up for her community the doctor taking matters into her own hands. Making sure everyone in her city has equal access to the vaccine at such a critical time. And so for right now you do stopped. And working your normal job and you are single handedly saving Philadelphia's six days a week. For no pet. I didn't think about it like Catholic yes. Good evening and thanks for streaming with us I'm juju Chang in Lindsey Davis it's been one year since the first corona virus case with detected here in New York stage Governor Cuomo saying then quote it's deep breath time bush and 365. Days later the New York governor as you heard has a new set of problems on top of the pandemic which has claimed more than a half million lines across the country each one year later were inching closer to normalcy and today we took another big step forward each. Video of the first Johnson & Johnson doses leaving a distribution facility in Kentucky many of the UPS trucks you see there are making their way onto flights tonight and while so many around the world are waiting today Columbia welcoming its first Kovac shipment. Draping it with the nation's flag as it became the first country in the America's to receive shipments. Part of the first wave initiative. Tonight we're also gonna explore vaccine equity and see first hand why community outreach is so essential in the fight against Kobe inch. But first our e-book program on the Johnson & Johnson roll out leading us on. Tonight a shot hope for a bite missed hearing gates. Workers at this massive Kentucky warehouse market that first box with a message get healthy. That it shipped out the much anticipated vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. As always driven the deal bardo. Doing something that's real estate. The new vaccine requires just one shot and no special freezers for storage. Today the additional back to nearly four million doses loaded on to trucks then on to planes bound for all corners of this country. Two point eight million of those doses are going to state and local governments 800000 a pharmacies. And the rest to community and federal health centers. The first shots could go and arms as early as tomorrow officials insist that all communities will have equal access. That doesn't mean that every vaccinations by it will every vaccine. But it means that all that he reached our communities. The company promising to deliver another sixteen million doses by the end of march but those doses not expected to come. Until the last two weeks of the month. The country's third vaccine is 85% effective at preventing severe disease and 100%. Effective against hospitalizations and death. We have three highly efficacious vaccines. That are safe. That's the bottom line and unlike the Pfizer in the dirt and vaccines Johnson and Johnson's was tested in South Africa and Brazil against those highly contagious variance. We kept all the patients out of the hospital we kept all the patients from dying. It again this is with the single dose against some of the most difficult strains. It's those theory it's that worry experts the CDC director today warning against relaxing safeguards just as the country is seeing a slight uptick in cases and death. Being me your. Bury it. We can't. You lose heart or. Eat dairy and art Barry you know two are you all are. But at least seven states are relaxing restrictions just this week with things kind of Wayne now with the vaccine some of corporal amounting is a good opportunity to get out. South Carolina listing rules on mass gathering and bars. Prince this front toxic you know like if the I was tying. In Florida officials already concerned about large crowds beginning to gather for spring break. And in the pilgrim joins us now from that distribution center in Kentucky about how does the rollout been going so far from your vantage point. Wasn't very smooth tear soaked art today you have to deny that testing is handling the distribution. Of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has already had. This with the other vaccines as well and they have this whole process completely doubt they're taking it out freezers putting into boxes under the truck's and that. On the planes to get to locations across. Hopefully in the third time's the charm and even even though the vaccine brings renewed hope and a lot of optimism. The CDC director striking a serious tone today. That's right Gigi she has said that. You know we need delegate virus that doesn't iris is not done with and she's warning people tend not at this false sense of security that the worst of the pin debit is behind us. Really making it clear to people we are not in the cleared. To hit our thanks to you leave a pilgrim. Cash and turning now to president binds massive Kobe relief bill which is facing a two week deadline when she extended unemployment benefits expire the nearly two trillion dollar bill passed the house over the weekend and now sits in the sent cash ABC's congressional correspondent Rachel Scott joins me now first Rachel. Outline for us to keep parts of the spill and what measures are expected to survive this. The debate. Would you do let's start with what will be stripped from the senate version of that bill and it's that eighteen dollar an hour minimum wage hike is something that president Joseph Biden promised that he would you wanna canteen truck sending a lot of progress the Democrats were really pushing for and it house bill but. In the senate Democrats were forced to abandon this due to a policy rulings of that is going to be stripped. The Senate's version of this bill Democrats and I backing off a batch. But what we will see is this money for vaccine distribution as well as grants for schools and of course. Those 14100 dollar stimulus checks no that is something president Joseph Biden has committed to you seeking wants direct one time payments to Americans YouTube and Rachel we know you've been reporting on the president's meeting today virtual meeting with several democratic senators. About getting the bill passed what's White House bench to the criticism that they haven't done enough to win bipartisan support in negotiating with Republicans. Yeah and it says really Abbott and bias that house bill not a single Republican. In the house voted for that Cole would relief package it would really passed by a party line vote here we Democrats largely staying united wishing for with that bill the White House says the reality here is that they get something done that the pandemic. An end this situation just two dire not to do anything but Republicans are really pushing for more targeted relief to know that is something that came up in the conversation tonight but moderate senators as well as president Joseph Biden about if there are better ways to target each hour relief that package is one point nine trillion dollars YouTube. So many details to dig into thanks to you Rachel Scott. And next to New York governor Andrew Cuomo initially he was praised for his leadership when it Kobe pandemic hits. And now she is under fire not only for his handling of parts of the crisis. But also for accusations of sexual harassment. Stephanie Ramos has deet. Tonight a former aide accusing New York governor Andrew Cuomo looks sexual harassment says his explanation an attempts to apologize just doesn't cut it. Declaring Cuomo has refused to acknowledge or take responsibility for his predatory behavior 25 year old Charlotte Bennett telling her story to the New York Times alleging that last spring. Cuomo made it clear to her he wanted to sleep what. You would go. Or. Army. Went and. At the same time Cuomo's national profile was soaring from his handling of the Kobe crisis we will do it. Because we are New York Ben says she told her parents of friends about almost behavior at the tide. She also pulls the governor's chief of staff. And was quickly transfer to another department eventually leaving the administration altogether in November Cuomo has denied he made any of dances. Initially saying keep those just trying to be a mentor. Then releasing a statement saying. I now understand that might interactions may have been insensitive or too personal I acknowledge some of the things I have said has been misinterpreted. As an unwanted flirtation. To the extent anyone felt that way I am truly sorry about that. That's not an apology. He seemed to be saying August just kidding around you know the sex harassment stopped funny. In recent years Cuomo has positioned himself as a champion for women there has been an on. On going. Persistent. Culture. Up abuse. Of women in terms of sexual harassment but that it is now the second woman to accuse him of sexual harassment. Another former staffer Lindsay Boylan said Cuomo gave her and want to kits in his Manhattan office and 2018 and asked to place strip poker. He's denied that. But it's. It's just not true. The New York State attorney general is now launching an investigation Cuomo had hoped to appoint an investigator with close ties to his top advisors. But he backed down amid an outcry from Democrats. Charlotte saying. These are not the actions of someone who simply feels misunderstood. They are the actions of an individual who wields his power to Ole boy justice. And Stephanie Romans joins us now Stephanie Governor Cuomo is also battling an investigation into how his administration handled data on those Kobe death in nursing homes what's the latest on. Exactly -- will we know that the governor has hired a criminal defense lawyer it's unclear if he will use that same lawyer to defend him. In that investigation having to do with the sexual harassment claims that we do know that we have seen the governor since. Publicly since last Wednesday when his first accuser elaborated on her claims and what we've noticed you're on the ground you do is that Democrats aren't really rallying around the governor state lawmakers not come into his offense saying they are waiting on the attorney general's. Investigation. Did you. Stephanie more to come our thanks to you. And next to the flood warnings in several states tonight much the areas at risk already saturated like here in northern Merrill Lynch. There were dozens of rescues in places like Tennessee each and now a new threat tropical storm force wind gusts and bitter cold. Ginger zee has another busy evening ahead for you and for your team a gender. Agency until we are roaring in and like a windy lie and you could see my I don't an anemometer my hair is what I amusing for observations tonight I know we have gusted well over 25 here but. We're gonna see worse as we get through the evening RD have there are wind advisories from Altoona Pennsylvania to Jackman Maine. And some of the numbers tonight you'll see in a moment but they're gonna go upwards of fifty miles per hour now flood warnings still zest and frantic intact he up to seven inches and that cold front that extends and drapes all the way to the southeast. CES that brings some cooler air ball with that comes the wind and that combo is what we're going to be talking about by tomorrow morning sent tonight look at Albany's gusting between forty and fifty Boston's at fifty F 10 PM tonight Providence. 48 this is when he goes above OK your trash and it's taken away and to the point where things could actually start falling especially in areas that are saturated like trees. Good start falling and then I tomorrow morning. A minute isn't in March look at those numbers the feels lakes in Albany six below five below Syracuse. Only two all intents Berry get a filly eight New York City and seventeen below zero in Burlington so there are windchill advisories out because. He started and parts of New England to feel like that's the dangerous type that give exposed skin you can get frostbite eaten in 3040 minutes OK and then. Each and have to get better and it will. This is the march outlook from tomorrow really through the next fourteen days sell much above average for parts of the Great Lakes. Above average temperatures for almost everybody east of the Iraqis remember that can be a degree here three degrees doesn't mean you're going to be smoke and hot from march but still above averaged. And then below average for much of the west coasts of the pattern setting up juju and looking slightly more favorable if you like warmer weather in the. I think most people prefer warmer at least at this point but the animal on and her hair could be a mean gender thanks to you. At that saying man I think it can't at. The recent winter storms that stretched into the south didn't just crippled with state of Texas for nearly two weeks thousands of residents of Jackson Mississippi have gone without clean running want church after the winter storm damage critical infrastructure in the city's water system bush here's how one resident who's gone more than ten days without clean water action described it to our local affiliate WA PT. We can't. Pay him water visit their microbes in it they can interfere mountaineers that is. Who are your eyes in episode were happily go somewhere else today can't hostages because you don't want us funnier this is eager to continue injustice that way. And the frustration is palpable joining me now is Jackson Mississippi mayor show quello moon box and mayor little luck. As you heard there are some residents in your town that are still without clean water is water pressure remains low in those areas she and your city remains under a boil water advisory soaps where things stand in terms of fixing the remaining problems she. And what do you say residents asking for a timeline on when you expect clean water boil water for everyone again. Thank you for having me juju in and thank you for the opportunity to speak to you and your listening audience. As the package on display this circumstance is critical. And we understand the frustration of residents. The city of Jackson's water treatment facility. I'm the infrastructure of our city much like. Us severe weather are severely cold weather. As we experience which reduce the PSI. The pressure that we are able to in the system. It is that pressure when we have a water. A water facility net operates off of hydraulics. That is necessary in order to distribute water throughout our system. And so it's not so much that we don't understand what need to be done. As it was we were ill equipped to handle the conditions which came away and so we are pushing lowered increasing the pressure. Increasing the distribution of water it is refilling tanks that were to lead it based on consumption. Refilling the lines and and wishing it to the furthest point. And so I understand out what residents are dealing. I understand the payment Iranian. And I think that it has justify it may be bothered in upset. This is due to years of lack of investment. Not only from a missile or a local side but on the state and the federal government. We have to understand that we live and legacy cities with aging and ailing infrastructure. That are confronting. More severe weather conditions colder winters hotter Summers and more rain which are. All taking the old structure. A married said that these problems fall under the act of god category referring to the weather and your city's public works director said the system basically. Call crashed like a computer but many of your residents have expressed frustration with the slow pace of getting that system back on normal as you've addressed she. Hindsight is 20/20 of course but is there anything more that leaders like yourself could have done to keep this water emergency from the lasting two weeks. Yet if we had about you know hundred million dollars or so tube to invest in the upgrades are necessary. But a system that didn't yes we would have been a lot better position. But in terms of wind we. When we encounter a storm in based on the system air. We have prepared as as best we could I think that is why you're seeing that they simulate narrative across so many city. Because all of these cities are not prepared to not have the resource as are not resource well enough. To address us such severe weather. And so it's not a matter of of knowing what to do as it is being ill equipped to deal with what comes your way in especially when we. Sustained weather conditions were a long period of time as we. When you look at northern cities and in often bear their water treatment a live there whet the rise in use lean indoor facilities. That is not a system that we had built meaning many years ago. Now we've actually taken action to allocate money in and are set for construction and were sick or construction. Prior to this storm. I in order to in closed a portion of large portion of water treatment facility. But the storm didn't consult us before that was set in soon. Even that being the same and look forward to those renovations. We still are not an opposition. You know all in in one fail swoop to address. I've been since reason and in decades old infrastructure challenges that we have him in being ill equipped to deal with. So we are whether such as we've experienced in recent years. We know the billion dollar price tag is very steep for infrastructure change but here's how one resident discussed. That. Woeful lack of infrastructure upgrades or listen. Somewhere somebody's gonna take control this is start working on infrastructure is that it is blaming you got yeah asking of the accident that. That's what we higher taxes for. What would you say to residents like Kirk clearly her frustration is. Is diffuse and about what think it will take to raise the political will to get that kind. Funding for infrastructure reform. What I would do is first and shore are the city of Jackson invests millions. Each and every year and who not only our infrastructure. But sewage infrastructure all the things are residents depend on. We we get approximately 300 million dollars annually. As our total. Our total budget. I when we look at this problem besides we have to have a state of Mississippi that understands. The city of Jackson faces. A critical needs such as that it is not Justin Jackson issued we are the economic engine state of Mississippi. So they have to lock arms with us and support us in this in this effort. And so many cities that are facing simulate stories as the city of Jackson right and we have to stand at our budgets are moral documents that reflect what our values are we must value safe drinking water or residents. In an infrastructure that supports the quality of life that they so justly does our. And it's not arrested Jackson issue you you touched on the federal partnership what needs to happen on the federal level to address the problems. That this storm has exposed. Well we've been visiting this discussion quite some time there has been the ease of federal infrastructure package. To address our aging infrastructure across the nation. And I think that we have to push that along we can no longer wait. You know not only the age of our infrastructure is is becoming an increasing concern in June in pushing back to the forefront. A bit as I mentioned at the start of our conversation. The more extreme weather conditions that we are facing throughout the nation are demanding. That we do something now and so you know we are constantly making our legal to state and federal partners. To ensure that the city of Jackson has. The support that it needs we have been. You know allocated water through the BO Warner. Word a act. That no new starts ban in congress. Prohibited the city of Jackson from receiving more than 25 million dollars at eight in some of the repairs that we need but we need even more than men in and I think that you know I would hope that Washington hears our cry. We are the grassroots level we are where the rubber meet the road and we see the efficacy of the policies that they implement in the lack era. And thank you for your time and your efforts our thanks to you Mair lumumba a tax mrs. And it. And when we come back in the virtual traffic court hearing you actually need to seat to believe the accused a doctor with a patient on the table. And blood on his gloves. Lady Gaga is dog walker speaking out after the vicious attacks he says was a quote very close call with death. But up next the race to vaccination is a worldwide effort and some nations are using its to strengthen their hands diplomatically. Bob Woodruff joins us from Turkey with this week's Maxine Waters. Stay with. The emergency authorization of Johnson and Johnson's coat would vaccine means that there are now three different vaccines the will be available to Americans in the weeks and months ahead as we try to finally take control the pandemic should but globally vaccines from Russia and China and India are being used by countries unable to secure the limited supply of vaccines produced by American companies are Bob Woodruff has been reporting from Turkey where he saw first Spanish how these shots are making it around the world. Here's this week's acts seem much. Here in Istanbul a city of almost eighteen million people. The vaccines are not from the United States or Europe these are from China. The company Sino back you pretty confident that this is gonna keep you from getting cold and we are and then. And he should fill all on the man had need. To get the end dignity and irrational mob guy you look. With cope a nineteen vaccines scarcity still a massive hurdle for the global community. Countries like Turkey are looking at solutions closer to home. And nations like China India and Russia are stepping in to fill the vaccine GAAP. Is a form of diplomacy. As they seek influence on the world stage. In fact Turkey has a history of relying on Chinese vaccines according to doctors there. Blue tech corridor alone can't be used different German marks an officer into a kid. The station its charter schools want solutions. Last week China's pharmaceutical companies sought approval for two additional vaccines. China has not yet purchased any vaccines produced outside their country. They only use their own experts say between eighty and 85%. Of the world's population. Would need to be vaccinated before they can reach herd immunity. And to reach that much more vaccine supply will be needed. We live in a global community. And if really really want to talk about. True approaching. Normality. And we got it with tact is at the global level. Whenever there is transmission. And viral outbreaks throughout the world. United States will always be in danger no matter what we do. Although this pandemic has swept across the world wealthy countries like the US the UK and Canada have essentially prioritize their own citizens. Buying up hundreds of millions of vaccine doses. Not perch are drawbacks to supplied them back through it all Americans. In January the World Health Organization Director General condemned what he calls vaccine nationalism. Boxing nationalism might set short term Politico involves. But it's odd teammates in the short sites it. And self defeating we will not end up funding weekend UN unto you who week ended February. To help meet the global need last week the WHIO began distributing vaccines through a global program called Kovacs. And last week the US announced it will provide four billion dollars for poor and middle income countries who just can't afford it. But so far other countries such as China India and Russia are supplying more vaccines to foreign countries. In the US's. Already China's vaccines have been welcomed by 27 countries around the world. Russia's sputnik five vaccine which they claim is more than 90% effective against the krona virus is exported to at least twenty countries abroad. India's contributions have reached over sixteen nations according to the WHIO. This week in the Philippines which has suffered one of the worst pandemic outbreaks in the world. They finally received their very first batch of vaccines. These ones from China. We would've done disdain with high hopes of finding that the offending vehicle over at main theme when Demi. In they. Sadly there are still many many countries that have so far received nothing. But Russia India and China are still facing an uphill battle when it coms to trust. Some doubt that their vaccines are quite as effective as those from the west of the people I spoke to here in Istanbul said. There are nervous. Trophy she may seem at Belmont remains workers that they that you can make or mitigate could think yeah my night. Do you think you'd be better to get some rooms from from America got a really good. Tragic. I had more mobile more powerful army they in Decatur. Moment she. Lolita who won't. For now the urgent need for more vaccine supplies remains in the forefront. Which the WHO predicts will remain a problem at least until the end of the year more putts inside being Dave little. I approve and produced. That would be enough for everyone but for an out and put it better for the rest of this you. But students would be a limited resource. We must use them on strategic elite as we. I'm Bob Woodruff and adjustable tracking the vaccine. And I thanks to bomb still ahead here on prime Lindsay joins us with a remarkable story the Philadelphia doctor his working tirelessly to make sure the vaccine doses in her city. Are being distributed family. Former French president convicted and sentenced we'll explain what he did. And that concerns that there are millions and millions command on the last year without receiving an education we take a look by the numbers. But first are treated today and Knox would make you miss but a company called my heritage is bringing life back to the older images of our loved ones. Helping us remember them as they weren't. With the battle over school reopening is still raging there's new evidence that an unprecedented number of American kids have not disappeared from school entirely shares a closer look at this crisis by the number. An estimated three million American children may have gone almost a full year without any. Formal education either virtual or in person according to Bellwether education partners. In Boston 40% of high school juniors and seniors we're chronically absent from public schools this fall. According to the Boston Globe the sharpest rise in the absenteeism. Has Bingham among blacks would Tino disabled and English learning students. In Michigan about 53000. Fewer students enrolled in K through twelfth grade this year he and the state superintendent. Says that approximately thirteen thousand of these students are still unaccounted for. In Dallas Texas about 121000 school aged children are now unaccounted for according to the Dallas independent school district. And in Florida officials are trying to determine the whereabouts of nearly 88000. Students who failed to show up this academic year. And finally kindergarten enrollment which is optional in many states is dropping. For example Minnesota size 16% decline from Los Angeles a 14% decline. And call Ron Allen a 9%. Decline. Now we still have a ton to get to hear on crime fit jockey who has been breaking down barriers to make sure the undeserving. Get the care they need and helping expose some serious flaws in the system along the way. Plus an update on the condition of 99 year old Prince Philip and the hard issue they're looking into you. But first a look at our top trending stories on From. Turco made nineteen vaccine gets FDA emergency authorization he nearly four million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should be already. Trucks are literally rolling off the dogs as we speed. You vaccines are safe and highly effective yeah. Brunette Julie Karen not most of its very serious illness yeah off third vaccine is encouraging and turning to tightly to head of the CDC issuing this warning after the recent decline in new Kobe nineteen inspections. As leveled off the lead me clearing. The immediate isn't ordinary it's. We can't just completely lose harder and we have me. Former French president Nicholas Sarkozy was found guilty of corruption and influence peddling records and bring him to hear in prison but also saying 66 year old politician can request home detention. And electronic worries. Prince Philip has been moved to a London hospital that specializes in treatments for heart conditions. Simple blowing uses that much bigger hospitals much more able to deal with serious conditions on the cardiovascular. Sense every important one in Europe and of course. It's called an intensive canyon and not something that had seven power so no reason really to be massively concerned but I think. Not the great need who had performed CPG's come out of the hostility is of course a hundred in jeans. Citing the nation is waiting to be able to send random calls and we can then. Lady Gaga has dog walkers calling the singer's dawn his guardian Angel in his very close call with death. Brian Fisher broke his silence today for the first time since you've shot it is posting about his experience audience to Graham from his hospital bed. He credited missing in Asia that is the dog that managed to get away. We're keeping him home in the critical seconds after he was shot. Issued thank all of his well wishers including gaga herself. Spurs' big Hollywood award show was held virtually last night. For the first time he looks history taking place to time zones for human host any color in LA and Tina today in US cities. Sailing. You won't even elements will. Happy 87 voting members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association isn't true they run the globe. There are zero black voters we recognize we have our own work to do you weren't sold out stars in your living room. Tonight wasn't without technical difficulties. Now yeah. And the ground. Crown sweeping every category nominated for the hundred day appearing shocked with her window covering the United States vs Billie Holiday yeah. Yeah. Director Chloe. Three win a nomination for best director this year in particular around the globe for her film no man land. Making history as the first Asian woman he's just a second female director ever to win in this category of things you really meanwhile made it possible from people who want to lose chanting. Monday most moving moment of the evening chatting dozens why emotionally accepting his award for his role in my reading is black bottom leaving just six months after his passing but not only me Amanda maintains its high to his. Words. The warm what we. Yeah. Celebrate Nelson. And welcome back you know this next story is a rather prime example of how not to multitask should a doctor in California facing backlash for attending of virtual traffic court should cheering while he was operating on a patient teach the judge after unraveling what was happening was dumbfounded. Our will read has the story. You available for trial it. It's like you're an operator manor. I certainly are we are over a demand for answers after a plastic surgeon was caught on camera zooming into traffic court while operating on a patient or the judge presiding in disbelief. So unless I'm mistaken aren't seeing a defendant that's in the middle of an operating room. Appearing to be actively engaged in providing services to a patient. Is that correct mr. green. Here's her. Doctor Scott green sworn in by the clerk with blood on his surgical gloves. Do you solemnly state under penalty of perjury that the testimony bright today we to treat the whole through Venice but you're. The Sacramento based surgeon at one point appeared to be focused on surgery his head down with medical equipment beeping in the background. The judge not comfortable with screens multitasking requesting a date change for the court appearance I'm do not feel comfortable. For the welfare of peace and if you're in the process of operating but green insisted he was fit to continue with both the operation and the hearing. Learn of their eastern right here who minister Herbert me so I stand here in the future real. None of I'm on I don't think so I don't think that's appropriate we want to keep people healthy you wanna keep him alive that's that's important now green could face legal action with respect. To his medical license they issue is whether it was a violation of this theater and hear it additionally the patient might have their own glossy our medical now. Is any question would be whether the dot admitted negligent the medical board for California telling ABC news it is aware of this incident. And we'll be looking into it. Our thanks to Welch and now to our closer look at the vaccine disparities. Ring out across the country each and one Doctor Who refuses to do nothing while it happens in her community each Lindsey first interviewed doctor AUS Stanford last range when the decision was working on a mission to increase testing to underserved communities in Philadelphia while she has not given up her fight against inequity each and Lindsay brings us are remarkable follow up this evening and I should say it's Lindsay would be here on set with us tonight were it not for a possible cult that exposure which is forced her to work from home mom and an abundance of caution should. But Lindsey we're glad to see you looking healthy and I know you've been tracking this story abductor Stanford for more than a year. Yes testing negative feelings kinda glad to be with you tonight juju and it'd be telling you the story about doctor Alon Stanford who is a pediatric surgeon by trade but she's pretty. Her private track is on hold to serve those underserved. In her hometown are. We act magnolia bar is better don't. Once again Eads doctor mile Stanford to the rescue. McCain yeah yeah yeah. You can hear more than a vaccination. Days is about dedication. Are we thousands of shots a day. How do you get our veteran mountaineer. Aren't bad doctors still fitter teens are taking careful blame it on board to protect the most. Vulnerable fighting a chronic illness that's far more pervasive than Kobe this masked woman is battling social inequality and I am striving towards act would be. Because twenty years ago when I was a medical school he steamy inequities exist in. In Philadelphia blacks make up the majority of the population and the majority of the conflict and yet more than half of the people vaccinated are white animals talking about this or not I'm you know sort of just frankly rich phones kind of corny president G vaccine but no one was doing and you eat and the last scene I was going to blow out. It's for people to now current and see what we built. We first met doctor Stanford last April after she became frustrated with the city's slow pace of co but testing especially in black and brown community. I just could it. The art another town hall meeting or watch and other webinar. Are or talk about how releases the social disharmony as assaults are. Not do anything. In a span of 48 hours doctor Stanford and pediatric surgeon in private practice. Gathers some medical friends her husband at a rented van. And with the accent she had to tests and PPE they hit the streets calling themselves a black doctors Kobe in nineteen consortium. Philadelphians came out in drove its. At the time they were lining up for tests just like they are now lining up for shops mom. Erie is mall ignored or left behind getting just the shot of hope they need. We're going without one could literally lose life forget. On this day in the inside this North Philadelphia church doctor Stanford might as well be a pastor. She is ministering to her flocked saving lives spreading the gospel of sorts to get people to delete. As a medical professional we all those who serves you know Kumar pitched -- to treat the most vulnerable urged. Hundreds of people waiting in line to get the vaccine from someone they trust. For months she's had their backs so now they give hurt their arms with very little hesitation. I want to give us put it probably has the government and so for right now you just stoppage. Reworking your normal job and you are single handedly saving Philadelphia's six days a week for no payday. Yeah. I am not. Quite let house and Tim make sure that the black and route community of Philadelphia is fascinated with why. Because. It should happen because someone. Needs to do it. Because it's the right thing to do because. It eats. Not equitable I want to teens then he ends. Every day and we eat out where we are changing and that's the story I want to be a part regardless. If I'm getting Peter not. Philadelphia the birthplace of America. But for all the fanfare it is also the poorest big city in America and like the rest of the country needs plagued by racial and economic disparities. As we know people of color suffered the most from this. It has the most worst cases and law and the worst outcomes and mayor Jim Kinney recognizes that many demanding challenges this city has had some hiccups in its vaccine roll out. No we had a couple balls on the road but we are doing really well now. The city initially allocated vaccine doses to an organization called elite fighting Kobe held to buy this 22 year old who is accused of giving shots to his friends. He says the doses were about to expire the city later cut ties and many people. Then pointed the finger at a 22 year old essentially being in charge of this botched roll out and so my and my question to you is. Who decided that was a good idea how did that end up happening. That was clearly that was clearly a mistake there was a history. A Philly fighting Kobe when he came to test they did a decent job there in the rearview mirror and we're moving forward in a better way. So I only wish that Phillies by anchorman at there was element and I asked where. This IE they're being in reputable. Group led by license. Position. Net patient is a non physician led group. Young and not medical personnel. Because you weren't selected. Were you then tapping on the mayor's office or how did you start even getting the vaccines is are getting the word out. And I simply said well why is it available to another group. His track record is not as prudent as ours. Is not available cyclists. Aren't. Yet the vaccine in black and brown communities. As a result the black doctors consortium began vaccinations more than two weeks ahead of schedule on January 16. I feel good fit that guy. The consortium recently hosted a warning for our clinic at Temple University where they were able to vaccinated roughly 4000. People. In a city that averages 3500 doses a day. Doctor Sanford the group that you created. Getting a few friends together in your husband and then of man. Is now outpacing the city of Philadelphia in distributing vaccines. How are you doing that. Because we know what it feels like happens Il that's not level. I'm to be treated unfairly. Something you have no control over often times your socio economic status in the color your home. When people are dedicated and determined that they are gonna get this sat. Then we're going to conquer Kroger thanks to a new found partnership with the city the consortium recently got a much needed boost. They started running a low able to get additional vaccines were left over to them. NEA and it's a win win for everyone. Helping the city improve its slow but steady rollout. I Citigroup doctor staff promised every day she's fabulous she's not she's high energy she extremely intelligent thoughtful she's committed to. Not only the bracken black umbrella community she she's committed and leaking tire Philadelphia community. Her steadfast commitment can be measured in a number of rolled up sleeves. Trust in a community that's often sent to distrust the vaccine it. Really unclear in meat west better everyone just assumes. Because. Untrustworthy medical system that people would not want to get it on that may have been Carter. 72% of the philadelphians her group is vaccinated so far have been blacked nearly 80% black Latino or Asian. Some really. We might start to see it didn't and our numbers. But this is iron assassins want to eat. And word acts and eating and Indiana between 400000. People a day. This day in North Philadelphia was no exception hundred showed up that doctor Stanford's clinic. A mile away at a brand new city clinic no line. The crowds opting to wait here instead. An improvement darn it doesn't meet my. While we're. How do you are you use you. I don't. Feels a little weird. Little here. After all she's not in it to make news. She just wants to make a difference. LC IO four weeks after this okay okay why the State's my team. Clinton did not just how. But look what foods it set out to level playing field and set out. Creating that we eat where there was. We're doing so the outcome is more important thing in town yeah. Because the heat are so filled up it means moon. Every single today I'm with the grateful you step weekend from the community. You can't even pay a price on where value he. It's getting everything done from the beginning. She has come dad tell us access. Doctor Stanford continues to be such a blessing to that community more than 161000. Vaccinations. And county and when we come back you do gives us a lesson on women's history month. Welcome back everybody march 1 of course marks the start of women's history month and this month on crime we're gonna amplify the stories of so many incredible women women like the doctor you just heard from. Who are making a difference you have made a difference. Amid send things back now did you do but first should get a break down for us. How women's history month began anger into the celebration that we now know what to be. It's march 1 which marks the beginning of women's history month a monthlong celebration to honor women's often overlooked contributions to American history. Like those Elizabeth Blackwell the first woman to officially become a doctor in the United States in 1849. Sojourner Truth Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Katy Stanton all leaders in the women's suffrage movement. And Harriet Tubman who led hundreds of enslaved people the freedom. What's the history behind women's history month. It all began in 1978 with only a week long celebration it was organized by the Sonoma county commission on women. The week of march 8 was selected to correspond with international women's day which had been celebrated around the world on March 8 since 1911. The move fence began to gain momentum and the following year other communities and school districts initiated their own celebrations of women's history week. Then in 1980 the national women's history project lobbied for national recognition. And they were hurt because in February of that year president Jimmy Carter issued the first proclamation. Which declares the week of march 8 as national women's history week. Six years later the same organization petition for an expansion on the offense and in march of 1987. Congress passed public law 100 dash nine. Proclaiming march as women's history month. Now every march and all month long we celebrate countless extraordinary women who've earned their place at the table. Used to women's history. And before we go to night the image of the day doses of Johnson Johnson vaccine all packed up in a Kentucky facility before being distributed three point nine million doses are already making their way which eventually into the arms of so many of us desperate to a return to normalcy. Ash and that's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm juju Chang infant Lindsey Davis should thanks straining with us.

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