ABC News Live Prime: Monday, March 8, 2021

Policing practices after the deaths of George Floyd and other Black men; Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview rocks royal family; Dr. Richard Besser: New vaccine guidelines are 'credible’
52:06 | 03/09/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, March 8, 2021
Global demonstrations for international women's day today in Bolivia activist paint this actual. Christopher Columbus outrage over what they claim is leniency toward rapists of users and men who was sold women. Calling for justice for victims of violence and demanding better working conditions for women in health care. The first of its kind CDC guidelines for vaccinated Americans what they say about when people can socialize and whether masts are needed. And guidance on whether certain hugging can now happen. More than 31 million people in the US now fully vaccinated the images of defiant crowds of mass plus party years. His health officials warn other new possible service variants now discovered. In just about every state. President Biden's nearly two trillion dollar Covert relief bills facing key changes report sent to his desk later this week. When those 14100 dollars stimulus checks could be mailed out. Prince Harry in Megan's bombshell interview and of the fallout tonight the couple revealing they were questioned about their son Archie skin color. Making saying the relentless pressure nearly drove her to take her home life. Cleaning her friends for help were ignored by the palace Harry commenting on the distance now between him and the rest of the royal family around talking about. We'll moment my moment. See you accusations against New York governor Andrew Cuomo claims of a toxic work environment and inappropriate behavior. The governor dismissing calls to resign. She heartbreaking ordeal for a boy claiming he was invited to a sleepover. Only to be bullied. Come on a stage is an interval is hurting but today on your knee and kind of David Levy. Boy and his mother and join us tonight and why they say this situation. Is far from moment I feel absolutely. I illustrating. This jury selection in the dared show been trial begins we take a look back at Jorge Floyd's dad. Similar cases and win this so called racial reckoning stands now. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis so glad to be back with you thanks so much for streaming with us tonight and guideline for mass create living courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control. Today the CDC released a comprehensive list for what the roughly 31 million fully vaccinated Americans can now do including Huntsville grandparents and quality time with close friends. Many of the simple things that we all once took for granted are now possible again for those who are fully vaccinated. He indoor gatherings without a mask are now on the table and you can also start to see friends or family who have not been vaccinated. Tonight though there are some concerns over what was left out in line at his took so long. The vaccine may be starting to have a real impact on cope with cases though the daily average is now below 60000 new cases for the first time since mid October. And relief for hard hit Americans is on the way the senate passing the mass of one point nine trillion dollar package this weekend. House is expected to sign off in the next they're so. But slight. Images like this one spring break party in Florida are fueling concerns in some states are relaxing guidelines to quickly. Pick your Kenya leads us off tonight from Miami. Tonight. Like that long awaited roadmap for millions of Americans know getting the vaccine would more and more people getting. Each day we are starting to wonder. New CDC guidelines say two weeks after a final dose fully vaccinated people can get other endorsed in small groups. Without masks for social distancing those who are vaccinated can also gather with another vaccinated households without masks. As long as the un backs any group is that low risk for serious illness. If grandparents. Then. They admit that her daughter and her. Even they have not been back for so long is the daughter and her family are not. For failure to deep in Miami man Gerber Rodriguez just got her first dose. It can't wait to see your grandchildren again when she's going to play it safe by these new guidelines. Head to follow the rules and not to follow the. What happens anytime people don't follow the rules that defense Milwaukee. You know. Cases go up the hospital to get comment. The CDC now says vaccinated people like when Airbus should still were. Asks in practice social distancing and public sisters aging Jackson and Monica cool book just got their first shots today. Monica hasn't seen her daughter in over a year yeah. That's one of the first 3COM or. The CDC saying vaccinated grandparents can visit helping family nearby but is still urging vaccinated people to avoid nonessential travel. Like a flight to see grandchildren or a family trip. A member of the surgeon a surgeon and former country. Americans eager to restart their lives but tonight. New warnings after scenes like this one expert calling it a perfect storm. Spring breakers descending on beaches important Florida where the UK period is celebrating. Yeah indeed total hundreds of motorcycles rumbling in for bike week ended at lit up crowds celebrating the NBA all star game. This as more states lift restrictions and drop mask mandates Texas just the latest. We can see delighted you the tunnel because we've spent a year battling. Trying to survive underwater suffocating wondering do I close it do I keep it open but today essential workers. Protesting the lifting of the mess made deep singing their lives are being put at risk. And I. Our thanks to Victor. Let's bring in former acting head of the CDC and friend of the show doctor Richard bastard thinks so much for your time tonight doctor. Due to be here Lindsay. So as we've mentioned the CDC is now out with those new guidelines today for what fully vaccinated Americans can and can't do. As a former acting director of the CDC you know how many considerations going to guidelines like this but. You've just took too long and it more than 31 million Americans are already fully vaccinated and have had to figure out a lot of this on their own. You know I I think it was slow one of the one of the slogans that you have and public health and in emergency response is. Be first be right be credible and CDs he missed the opportunity to be first. But I think the guidance they came out guy is credible it is based on the best available public health science. I hope is we learn more that that the guidance comes at a little faster. And let's talk now about where there seems to be a bit of gray area. Visits between fully vaccinated people and unvaccinated people if you've been fully vaccinated should you feel comfortable seeing an unvaccinated friends. Not in a high risk category inside without a mass. Datsyuk as that is it is something that may have surprised some people in the guidance that they do allow for that. That the feeling here is that these vaccines that we have are highly effective highly protective. And the risk is too the individual who's in that setting who is not vaccinated Sophia it's an individual who's an edit. Low risk of having serious illness the CDC saying you can be together in so that opens the door for. Grandparents. To meet with. There earned their children and their grandchildren. And have that kind of contact and I know for a lot of people. Just the movement toward some semblance of normalcy. Will be a great emotional release and I hope for some people who've been on the fence about getting vaccinated. It will encourage more people to do so. Talked about emotional release let's talk about maybe that physical release of traveling again. The CDC said that it's not updating its travel recommendations of requirements for those who have been fully vaccinated but. We've seen some stage drop quarantine rules do you think that this has the potential to create some. Confusion and as well as frustration as we know that people have been cooped up for a year now should someone feel safe traveling to see their family or small group out of state. Well it sounds like that guidance is in the works and it's something that is is definitely needed people need to know is it safe to get in a car and drive to visit people. Is it safer now that you're fully backs need to get on here claiming go and visit people. This is something where as more and more people around the country you're getting vaccinated. And estates or are opening up and and removing restrictions cool want to know where the CD CE fits on that did a good guy instead. Big Dick currently is out there whiz was in place before there was any vaccination at all and so people want to know how that will change with the currency to vaccination. And a new guidance also does not have specifics on restaurants or other businesses just last month doctor felt she warned that fully vaccinated Americans should wait. Before they start eating inside of restaurants or go to movies are you worried that this might cause sudden it's more confusion as well. Well there there there will always be confusion but I think one of the concerns here is there with new variants spreading around the country. This science is in the end in terms of what level of protection you're gonna get from these vaccines and so in in a household setting where you can have some control over who is an air. And whether that the people you were wit there are people who are at low risk or higher risk. They're this TV she was an ego but body in a restaurant especially in states. They're now moving towards 100% occupancy. Doesn't potential existence someone who's fully vaccinated or the science is named to know. With someone is fully vaccinated who's been exposed to a Berrian. Could spread that to someone else you don't know whether your round people who are at higher risk so really it's clear that they weren't willing to go there this time. Doctor B always appreciate your wisdom and insight thanks so much. Now on the president Biden's massive Kobe relief Billy it is now before the house after cleared the senate this weekend so how Long Will it take before it reaches the president's desk. And when will those 14100 dollar checks for most Americans be on the way. KBC's chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega joins us now Sicilian timeline for final passage in and are there any hurdles that remain. Lindsay while we could be looking at a pretty quick timeline actually the Democrats expect to take this up as early as Wednesday they want to have this on the president's desk. By the end of the week in the White House told me today that Americans can expect to see these checks. In their hands potentially by the end of this month so that is good news for a lot of Americans. The president did end up having to make a few concessions to let me show you what exact exactly those are. Fewer people are going to be eligible for those stimulus checks it here in 75000 dollars a year are Lester gonna get the 14100 bucks but if you earned less than 80000 dollars a year you're looking at a much smaller check. Weekly unemployment benefits the White House wanted those to be around 400 dollars they're going to end up being. Around 300 dollars there's also no longer a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage at mandate Lindsay I data as it is talking about this is well. This bill did not get a single Republican to vote for it that is a big deal for a president who campaigned on bipartisanship we are also. Being told Lindsey that we expect the president to be making his very first pop primetime address that's good take place. On Thursday he's going to be addressing their one year anniversary that marking of the year that our country has been shut down since Kobe talking battle sacrifices. That Americans have had to make it certainly the stimulus bill will come up in that. Cecilia bigger reporting in from the White House thank you so much. Turning now to the interview that many deemed as it must see TV Prince Harry admitted marvels interview with Oprah. And the explosive revelations including marvels mental health struggles in. Potentially having suicidal thoughts and hurtful conversation when a family member about the potential color of their baby's skin. For James long and has the latest tonight from London. Tonight America the UK the world reacting to Megan and Harry. No longer sign and. That's the sad irony of the last four years as I've advocated for so long. For women to use their voice. And then. I was silent. Were you silent. Or were you silenced. The latter. Megan also revealing the deep loneliness the isolation the thoughts of suicide saying she also Buckingham Palace for help but she says there was known. I still want to be alive anymore. And that was a very. Clear. And real. And frightening. Constant thought. And I remember. I remember how he just cradled me and I was. And I went institution. And I said blinder to go somewhere to get health. And I've never felt this way before and I need to go somewhere. And I was told that I couldn't that it wouldn't be good for the institution. The most explosive allegation involving race. Questions about what pay beyond she would look like. In those months when I was pregnant. All around the same time. So we have in tandem the conversation. He won't be given security. Saucony given a title. And all souls. Concerns in conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. What. Say there's a conversation. With do you preparing. About roots how dark your baby is going to think. Potentially in what that would meaner look like who. And you're not gonna tell me who had the conversation. I think that'd be very damaging to them. There's no way to verify these claims in the palace has yet to comment but Megan says it was a conversation had with Prince Harry. Oprah asking him about it. What was that conversation. The problems are some people who are never going to show. But at the time. And Condit was all Gregoire is what shocks. From utensils what the question lies not. I'm a normal comfortable Sharon Prince Harry and why he believes they had no choice but to leave what I was seeing was history repeats itself but more perhaps. We'll definitely in for more dangerous because when your Andres and funnier on social media and we're talking about as your previous album for my my my mother. Prince Harry and Megan saying they still talk with the queen but for a time Prince Charles was not talking to his son my grandmother I ever. A really good relationship from his arm and on the storm and eleven deep respect for we're commensurate with Bryant. I'm sure it will be in relation to read color is he taking your calls dale. Her. There is done. Does little to work through Lauren. I feel really let down. Because. She's been through something similar. She knows. Both end feels like. And this is an all she's his ground some. And but in the same time. Tomorrow and of course Arnold. James Longley joins us now and James White House. I mean lots to discuss here let's start out with a discussion of their child's skin until. And the reaction from the British public who have now finally seeing this bombshell interview what are people saying. Chulk discussed I think am I did I just think to see a member of the royal family. Not just the wife what we've seen before with Diana but a member of the royal family sit there and make pays claims has really sent shockwaves through the United Kingdom. Britain has a strange relationship it is real founding. And we love them but we hate them but we don't like other people to hate them so I think there's a sense that it's not right that united and American comes out and and says these things. Britain hasn't how to think it's fair to say the kind of reckoning with its racist pulsed in the way that perhaps and the United States he's having. At the moment several questions around this I think fundamentally. And their big questions about who said Dixon and in the context of which it was said. If it is a member seen him of the royal family who genuinely has warped racist ideas. We should all night. And perhaps shouldn't have been in an interview with Oprah that we find now and we didn't really find enough about it outright it's just kind of left hanging but not really enough information. We don't know if it was. A kind of an off the cuff comment by an elderly member of the family he maybe should know about activities too old fashioned. Boy these to a repeat seeds. Angry vicious statements made at a pregnant woman we can and I think gospel people in this country and most upset about this these things are just left hanging in the act. And they can and you don't sis Lindsay. And the contents of that though may not even be that important considering the contents of those allegations but we'll we'll move on to the mental health center revelation which is. Both threat as sad as well as frustrating especially since mental health as a cause that has been taken up by the royal family any reaction today from the palace on the allegations it. That she was deprived of help for any response any of the allegations made in the interview. And how the minute response yet we expect is going to be some kind of response able to able say well there's a reason why. Harry meg and spoke this way because they knew that any response from the palace would be kind of mutated. We expect something in or shall what it's going to be yet. Time on mental health jobs that you rightly think it is enormously embarrassing actually for the policy that we spend years talking about how this was the great. Coles that they wanted to champion and actually from before even Megan was on the scene it was the top three it was will pay and Harry you're talking about mental health it was the next generation of rules he was she really pushing this to the idea that a woman. Actually felt that she wanted to entire life she says the words I didn't want to be alive anymore mean that was so devastating. Based palace this role founding this moment keep needs to deal with this it is serious. And it's a bombshell that it's gonna reverberate. For a long long while yet been and we can imagine James thank you so much and to those of you if you're watching in your struggling perhaps some thoughts of suicide are worried about a friend or loved one. Help is available the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1802738255. Talk. Where you can text talk to 741741. For free confidential emotional support. 24/7. And joining us now is ABC news that royal contributor Victoria Murphy Victoria thanks so much for your time tonight. Let's specifically about the fact that Harry and Megan both made it clear that the queen was always kind to them yet they were rather critical of both Charles and William. Family dynamics are always complicated weren't these relationships go from here. I think that's a regular question and they need it one of the many nations means he will carry ink right. Now in case laws which he could about the back. Nations with his and who's raised its rate thank. Charles taking his calls for its high inch and he said his relationship with news about and that but the Arabs. Aaron them hasn't received any critics that it was the bleach. Or should be appraised people spreading his Mormon each inking a match at communicate that aren't an rusty ax. It eakins rate these personal relationships from the institution and they didn't quickly directly that they were incredibly. Harsh cleaners eating and called. The east Asian and that she has presided so what do you think pinch hitter Eric bridges we are. Sad unites. I think he significant non scoring but it hasn't used to be lead. It's sure. And as expected the late Princess Diana also played a role in all of this from Harry saying that his inheritance from her paid for their security to Megan wearing her bracelet during the interview. What do you see as a parallels between Diana's relationship with the royal family and now in particular with her son and his wife. Hit Harry in nineteen and reach teens he'd bring Diana's memory loss of the same thing that commitment and wearing her race to space. Walks in these things EH neck and saying that she reached out one at Diana's friend and she spoke about what she was dying fraiche even just the already the Inzaghi was taking price so many things. All the time on NC that dates to stand a fighting the rights as plumbing boards are amenable date Iran deep who did beat current. I mean when she have a family I'm and she'll take it TT I was not present a YX. In not being they feel very frenzied fighting raised that day helping the neat art in the same it Wallace. Hey you cover the royal certainly for a long time now a topic of press coverage has long been a big ones. They both felt that they didn't get support from family members what can you tell us about your dealings with the palace and how they handled media inquiries about the couple. Last August and I mean the media has been 68 console is worrying that I can and Harry's ex that market averages and Craig. Angles sanctions that. I would sack and shopping dot net and and and hyping. It is crescent than in. But I hadn't knights need to change. In her right at eight responded to during the ninth inning comparisons and at what they might never want to say. As a war stories they often pregnant club and Asia need and might even if I didn't I didn't think that that was a change that would carrying it but I may be to Christians. But we should be eating it navy should have been edgy and be college. In this means being she joined the company in the truly instant DD we can do is to meet and listening to the significant. When new in July arranged that same change that's me with us in this things and opposition media age in the white it is not was not possible even canyon the one story becomes a fountains worry it may actually I'm awkwardly the issue of racism that he was asking what Amanda's Google I think maybe the question is. Should they can. And more practiced around the thing that needs to taking pot. And lastly do you think anything positive came out of the interview last night in do you think any of the revelations made will have lasting impacts. Yes anything that the union speech she just in taxi car and it's such a big name Hussein many nations I'm not convinced that. But in the beach or it might have to. Meet closet thing they practice in spite about that that eighty and got a lapping knee late night. Ian may mean to eat eat in new lives than they. Saying it made the right in. Maine at eight. ABC news royal contributor Victoria Murphy thank you so much is always. Yankees. Ten when we come back. The brazen attack against police he tried to break up a massive street party that was violating Kobe protocols and Colorado College town. The mother and son speaking out after the boy claims that he was invited to a sleep over only to get bullied and torture. Put up next the jury selection set to begin in the trial against the officer accused of killing George Floyd. Look at other similar cases and this so called racial Rankin. Yeah. Take a look at issue down captured in Brooklyn apartment police arrived after responding to a call about a man who shot his roommate. When they confronted the suspect he opened fire in a stairwell two officers were injured the suspect was taken into custody the victim. He's in stable condition. The murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shelvin in the death of George Floyd. Was delayed today prosecutors asked a judge to put jury selection on hold. As a judge asked to consider reinstating a third degree murder charge against showman. Of course this case has gotten a lots of attention it is seen as triggering the country to take a harder look at our state of racial affairs but. Months later just in the city of Columbus, Ohio and weeks apart two unarmed black men were killed by police. So what exactly has changed or been reckoned with in regard to criminal justice. CBC's TJ Holmes reports. Were nine minutes and twenty seconds of a needle in a man's neck that sparked a reckoning Peru Jorge fooling who dying has a Minneapolis police officer Derek children had a knee on his neck his death. Galvanized the movement. Marches across the country people demanding justice demanding a change. And now jury selection underway this week in the trial of now former officer Derek children who faces murder and manslaughter charges. According to court documents he intends to assert that he is not guilty because he acted in self defense and that he used reasonable force meanwhile Minneapolis is again on edge many bracing for the weeks ahead as the case plays out in court. We are. So this evening. Eight czar live eyewitness. Oh hole where their critics who live here show him. She beat me out here yeah. A move that high. Coroner she. In the aftermath of Floyd's dad were immediate calls for changes in policing mine activists and protesters in communities and demanding accountability and employing real law enforcement and really the country. Took value black lines. Did that happen. Less than three weeks after Floyd's death another video that we are dead and watched in horror. 27 year old restored Brooks died from an encounter with police in a Wendy's parking lot in Atlanta. Police say he resisted arrest and grabbed a taser officer DeVon bras that another officer of the c.'s Garrett roles fit shot Brooks in the bat as he was running from the officers. Do we know bids because we all watched what happens anywhere in six at the capitol. These officers are more Pincay all. Derby with people or behavior to criminal past should dog chili. Officer Jerry Roth was promptly fired after the incident and charged with murder. He maintains his citizens according to his lawyer and officer Brosnan who did not shoot Brooks who was given lesser charges stemming from the incident he remains employed by the Atlanta police department one administrative duty those cases are pending. Then mid August get another shocking viral video Kenosha Wisconsin. Jacob Blake shot seven times in the back inside wall turned away from officer rust in Chester. Blake survived the encounter. Which fueled outrage across the country ten days of heated protest and chaotic scenes from Kenosha. Blake waiter talked ABC's Michael Strahan. I am going to be the next George Florie I didn't want to die from his lawyer Ben crawled. Says Blake's story underscores what he says are to justice systems in America. Carl written house. She uses three. You're absolutely yeah. You this show what we did welcome to warm welcome relief well yeah. They don't see him have a story. That underscores what I continues. He is ready and hold a mirror to America's bravest. That we have to just oozes from this is yet America blow over America and the local library. No charges were brought against officers just keep the prosecutor defended that decision saying I do not believe the state would be able to prove that the privilege of self defense is not available since Blake was armed with a night away. He is paralyzed after the shooting. He has young she. Hey he's fighting to live report certainly is contrary home. He's concentrated on being able to walk in here. He was always my biggest supporter it didn't matter anything I want to do he was always bear. Columbus, Ohio 47 year old Andre hill was at a friend's house police responded to a non emergency call placed by a neighbor. Police body camera footage shows hill walking out of the garage with a civil phone in his left hand. Did being shot multiple times by officer Adam Kuwait who claimed hill had a gun in his right hand. Aside pill was never found to be in possession bubble weapons he. Live. Slowly. And the brilliantly hey coach bill pool more. Merck took him to remember. Is this just stay here yeah. Officer corps was swiftly terminated and charged with murder he's pleaded not guilty and that case is ongoing. Hills family is still mourning the loss of the man they say was there rock. Boortz billions. Aaron I have to baby videos that they are sometimes it's just mixed bag knowing that he's not yet confirmed that they just here is poised to watch video. It's hurting just think it will just who aren't around you don't want him to be Aaron. Rihanna Taylor. Daniel prude and Jonathan Pryce and Casey Goodson Patrick warned senior and others names we've come to know only because. But they're deadly encounters with police. Policy expert Jesse genetic explains the current legal structure just a lot of leeway to police regarding use of force. A lot defines. Us cases are reasonable list reasonableness standard where the officer has reasonable rates and here are good for his or her life horror when immediately. And let doubtless a lot of the onus an individual decision. You know reading and history is a lot of questions about all that is experienced this situation. Crump has represented the families of to mirror rice Michael Brown as well as George Floyd he says. A new day could be coming. George floor. Here let's call. Today we are proud of getting to the point where we're all these police officers who use excessive force or care. Just last Wednesday the George Floyd justice and policing act passed in the house it aims to end racial and religious profiling bench poke holes and no knock wards federally. Require officers to use body cameras make it easier to invest and prosecute police misconduct among other sweeping goals. Its future though remains unclear as it heads to the senate. Back in Minneapolis the stakes could not be higher the city the country the world are watching and waiting. Many believing it's not just Derek showbiz on trial but the idea of just does that zone. Obviously has never compared to senator you want to seize someone's looks like you you're just. I. Donna believes white people each receive grants who just know that the American that we all lead and isn't she says here's her. Some case after case they are going to bring in our friend TJ Holmes. Most recently Daniel proved it another instance of a black man who was. Lost his life shortly after an interaction with police that was also caught on camera. Me and yet we heard the grand jury deciding not to and bring forward any charges it would syndicated for many in the black theater community it seems like there's a double injustice first you have this unnecessary loss of life. And then quite often no repercussions no consequences. You mentioned annual crude. Flannel can't steal that officer when we watched him die on FaceBook lives that officer. Was acquitted bring on a Taylor the only officer that was actually charged as the one who missed her. Who was charter actually endangering others by the bullets going into somewhere else and the officer involved in Michael Brown. Never faced charges aired garner jury. The grand jury did not indict you can go on and on and on so when you see something like this you think okay this is different this time we see this video. This is going to be different this time. But we have said that so many times before when it comes of the black community thinking Nader is in no way. You can come to based on what we see with a harmonized a different conclusion other than to indict or to convict. And time and time again so there's a collective holding of the breath for the black community and even on something like this. For starting to hear what a defense may be we're starting to hear what could be the case were stunned to hear about lesser charges. So it does to your point there feel like a double injustice we had to watch this first of all. Have to wait now to see what happens if charges were going to be filed there was some doubt there now we have to wait to seek. As this it it feels like a constant trauma for the black community because we've been down this road so many times before people. Hope for a different outcome but expected to. Is something else you have to imagine it is going to be difficult to find an impartial juror give us a sense of some of that the questions are on that jury questionnaire. You can't find anybody really is certainly a in the in this country but really anywhere on the face of the planet almost now because the it is sparks protest all of the world. Find those not familiar with this case so they're asking questions to the accident due to potential jurors. Mike have you participated in the protests and their resources to specific as to say even if you were did you hold a sign if you held a sign what does that sign say. Asking questions about what your interactions with police ever in your life do you still. That police treat blacks and whites equally. And there's a question about blue lives matter. Some are do you see that favorably or unfavorably. Canada Malloy useful to do what lawyers are supposed to do what you see kind of this divide the kind of plays out in our debate in this country. You you're either this side or that side either supports a plea for support police. Or you support. The black lives matter movement and you can tell that juror that that that the lawyers in the sides are trying to figure out. Who would be more favorable to their particular client and that's legal that's lawyering but from a god grander scheme. That really kind of tells us where we are in this country in terms of pick a side to choose and there's just too much new wants an historian in the case like this come that we need to be having more conversations about you can actually. To support police. But have a big problem with some of what police do you can actually support black lives matter but still take issue with some of the things that are taking place in place. A bit of new ones. There. Unprecedented decision by the judge here to broadcast this case Y talk Regina. Coming how could you not them to me you're always thought all right we already thought about calls about injustice in the system not working for the black community. Can you imagine us having to exit to wait and get. Trickles in little information here in that you need to let people see this we have got to see what's happening in this courtroom. Did the ramifications of this are vast. And this is one of those moments this is one of those. Those cases historic cases that could change the course of Escobar debate in this country and hopefully the course of our system in this country. Com puts you past we have to seize you did I don't know another choice that just could have it we have to see what happens the courtroom. And that's why this call this all the so called racial wreck in the world right so golfers who presented yeah. Who fits into what has been a reckoned with exactly. Despite ounce. Thank you so much for your time good coming in studio in the building for us tonight invite you mechanism from the Ottawa on the negatives engineer went give me that's not. Still ahead here on prime the growing. Calls to resign in New York governor who remains defiant. He alleged hazing death under investigation as we're hearing the frantic 911 call for help. And with so many states lifting restrictions we take a look at how many have guidelines like master mandates by the numbers. But first start treaty today the photographer for the duke and duchess of Sussex. Drinking grafts and Harry is about to become a girl dead on this international news. Welcome back everyone and now to the battle over lifting masked mandates and other Covert restrictions coming as a CDC issues new guidelines for vaccinated Americans. While warning that now is not the time to let our guard down here's where we are with masking. By the numbers six states have recently lifted their statewide mast mandated or announced plans to do so in the coming weeks. Including Texas Wyoming Mississippi Montana Iowa and North Dakota two more states Utah and Alabama plan to lift their mass mandate next month. They join the eleven states that have never had statewide mass mandates. On the other hand is 31 US states require everyone to mask those concerns over virus variants remain high. In Houston Texas a state that's lifting its mass mandate. The city detected the UK variant in 31 of its 39 wastewater treatment plants. A sign that the mutation is spreading. And finally while still high the national seven day average of daily -- cases has now dropped. To just under 60000 cases a day on average that's a twelve and a half percent drop in the past week. Still lots to get to tonight here on crime of the mother demanding action after she claims her son was invited to a sleepover. Only to be tortured. She recently divorced Amazon founder Jeff days doesn't tonight we're learning MacKenzie Scott has moved on and tied the knot what did teacher but first. A look at our top trending stories on From from from. The announcement that millions of Americans have been waiting for this CDC saying today that Americans who have received the cup in nineteen vaccines can gather with a fascinating grandparents or friends without wearing masks are keeping their distance from her grandparents can visit with and hugged family members that aren't vaccinated she does this family members don't have underlying medical conditions and government and high risk for code in nineteen there but don't China's masks away just yet CDC says unvaccinated people still need to Wear face coverings in public and around people at high risk. Over 90% of our population home not believe. After passing the senate the president's one point nine trillion dollar corona virus stimulus bill now expected to be kicked back to the house tomorrow the house speaker predicting its own track the president decided this week will be having a further discussion. About this bill as we move forward through its passage in the next to my little boy the eight hours people won't have to wait months and months and months he'll be writing. I'm grateful for the shirt. Another blow to Republicans in the US senate as senator Roy Blunt becomes the latest member of the GOP to announce he'll be retiring to Missouri Republican a little different GOP senator to announce his retirement to head of the 20/20 due mid term. Thank you may just very per balls. In the chart. Hours an Ohio college student has died after an alleged hazing incident involving alcohol stone Foltz was a sophomore at Bowling Green State University. The fraternity pi kappa alpha has been suspended. This incident follows a student death last week at Virginia commonwealth university. And a student there died allegedly after drinking too much during a hazing ritual he wanted to do. Impress family and we'll part of the road. Students of the University of Colorado. Boulders. Large crowds battling police. Expressing frustration over over restrictions anyway Saturday night when the parties just stop campus of the University of Colorado turned into what police are calling a riot tear gas was used to disperse about 800 people in car which to go over windows were broken lose now students are saying it was in response to cold liberals have been hampered their ability to Loring and half free down. They feel like they've had their freedom sing away from them to let a school night by the county. This. Miserable. This is why. People wanted to. No police and the university say they will take action against those ice got a five. Billionaire philanthropist and all the Birmingham sees god who was formerly married to Amazon founder Jeff baze OC has remarried when the groom and Dan Hewitt a science teacher and Seattle media announcement on the Philanthropic website giving pledge in writing and I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I now just into winning nineteen after 25 years and Scott in these shows went through high profile divorce him believing her as one of the world's richest women in 20/20 alone she donated nearly six billion dollars to organizations such as historically black colleges and universities or who makes women's organizations. And other rappers that's important marginalized communities. And UN is saying she is grateful for the exceptional privilege it will be took part. Calling giving away assets with the potential to do so much good when share to Japanese those sending his best wishes to the newly when he was staying warm Dan is such a great guy and I'm happy and excited for the both of. And now to New York governor Andrew Cuomo with new accusations of sexual harassment emerging he's denying the claims in defying calls to resign saying that to resign based on unproven allegations would be. Anti democratic. Our Stephanie Ramos has the latest. Tonight as calls for his resignation grow louder New York governor Andrew Cuomo is digging in refusing to quit and showing he's on the job visiting a mass vaccination site in Manhattan. It was a long year was a hard year it was a challenging year was a frightening year it was a painful year. The governor speeding off without taking questions over the weekend two more women accused him of inappropriate behavior bridging the total to fight for Karen Hinton was an aide to Cuomo when he was Hud secretary in the ninety. And claims he wants invited her to his hotel room for a meeting. When it was over she walked across from his arch. And embraced me. Into the lane. It was not just how. It was an intimate embrace. I pulled away he brought me back. I pulled away again. And said look I need some sleep I'm going Cuomo vehemently denies it. She has been a long time. Political adversary of mind. Stephanie thank you any investigation is now underway in Texas after disturbing allegations of bullying and abuse against a middle schooler. After the mother of thirteen year old Samari on Humphries says her son endured being slapped a shot that we can BB guns. And even forced to drink urine by former teammates of his football team. During a sleepover joining us now is Samari on his mother summer Smith along with her attorney Kim T col. Thank you all for being here so Laurie on I'd like to start with you. How are you doing and and how did you end up going to that sleepover. Under invented. I'm tired of us are so I came to it. And one of the boys he invited me over and around doing lunged and mom didn't she'd those kinds collectors. I beg your friends and weak. And then in kitchens. Do I guess he just kind or is she accident then. You need done our lives. Are these people who had pulling do you know for a you thought that they were friends. Not. To check in the news is it okay of course I just he's cause. OK so what is. Is we're talking about how multi different people right so there was only wine that was the sort of his brain that he was. Thinking what's his green. Around him and its Korean head. Notre you know several times weeks leading. It was it you know they what they were provided to other. Previous two years. Oh and he and he's never had any problems. That particular. Guy. I particular die has been I see him. Own beef tree here at home plate they own I saw he had no other knowledge of three boys had previously believed him. Coming to bat party on this. As a mom how do you feel that your son is doing and what of the last few weeks been like for him. All the the last few weeks have been absolutely horrible. Absolutely horrible alone. See. It as first Lewis his earnings teacher stadium. He told me we're with his arm out that he did not see you. Unarmed. Keyword is is quite see it. She couldn't believe Wei had happened. In our artists and believe she's due process because Evers its you know Tuesday Eddie this story just kind of coffee he had he acts and certain. Staggered things out our hat like that conversations that we had because everything happened so asked hey. Don't look at support and everyone I show him during this time has made sheen's difference will say. And so Lauren and like to ask you in your own words appearing able to kind of walk us through what what happened that tonight you think that you're going to friend's house for a sleepover in and then one. And then. On these bullies they came over without my knowledge. And you wonder what else my friend initiated meet. They hate me and I knew that something. Does. Pollution where they did not see war in the in Seoul. Playing the daily news had the guts. Is only somebody idiots and let guests to China. So. And so I went back so they also courtesy and the idea of being hired as item. Yeah cheating me and then I'd like to weren't shouting anti crime it is. And then they just assuming all of my body. And then I just felt so. I was hurting. And really go back column. And then I'll post I am sorry to Derek. And then. I'm accident and then do well behind I didn't sleeping. Oh I slept. When they were assaulting me by hitting me something many. And ended remarkable is Luke the in many children need wasn't reading. And I needed changing its water. And I had a hard time in order to see in the first place. Over her thumb on the stage he's in interval is harmed. But some day on your an inch kind of muted they believe me think it. At any point were you able to get a parent or were you able to call home and and and save you wanted to leave. Hosni I did not know neither does he be so. Including after. HM what kind of actions could potentially be taken against these miners who allegedly did these things to Samari on or against any adults who might have known what was going on its. We certainly hope that the appropriate. Criminal charges be filed in his actually did it stinks here surprises bullying but this far exceeds bullying what these. Jeremy NT it was criminal. This was assaults. They shouted yeah and what they eat Aaron. And they slap CNN. Day and personal injury you're. This does not believing this is assault and nations charged appropriately. And also some ion did not changed in. The addict so they were Colin him racial slurs the entire time so old days rises to the level of hate crime. Still we'll look like to see charges brought against all the yeah me who assaulted here as well as the appearance of who allowed this to happen here out. So you believe that this was racially motivated. Absolutely. And so are your currently trying to raise funds for your son's therapy what are some of the mental health issues that he's been displaying since the night in a sleepover. Only. The missile health issues started eight. Before it's legal so we were already. Trying to GE and insulin better place. All insults that literally. Just we just suck all the way back and can have you been in contact with the school district and if so what are they saying. The school district has taken the position bats because there is. This particular. However. Some aren't guns psychological. Europeans had regained. Aren't yet there's much of it happened on campus Craxi the incident and so he was already not in good play way the more grippy are so happy to. And that happened Don can't get there is documentation. Yeah experiencing. So and bullying and assault on campus. Laurie and Iceland you're still. Some aren't we are certainly kind of sad that you had to door this and we thank you so much for your time and for sharing your story with us thank you all. House Laurie on summer in can. Thank you Jim. And before we go tonight our image of the day today's broken glass ceilings are tomorrow stepping stones those words are on the plaque near the fearless girl statute down that Wall Street. The new broken glass art installation made for this international women's day the broken glass meant to represented the new ground women are breaking. Everyday. And that he is our show for this are we sure to stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and have a great night.

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