ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, March 04, 2021

As active cases decline, some states remove mask mandates, defying experts; Pope makes 1st visit to Iraq; ‘It’s not too late’: Carbon capture can fight climate change
49:22 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, March 04, 2021
The brutal crackdown in Myanmar releasing global outraged protesters men live live rounds and tear gas. Dozens killed hundreds chain reaction to the military coup and US State Department calling the scene appalling. Vaccinations across America in the US now averaging two million doses every day. Long lines of people waiting get sites and our government leaders. Police each other over the lifting of mass mandates at least eleven states easing restrictions against CDC recommendation. So senate taking up president Biden's nearly two trillion dollar coat of relief bill. Democrats promising a sprint to get it passed while Republicans try stalling. Forcing the more than 600 page bill to be run a lot. And tonight how the income eligibility for those 14100 dollar checks has now changed. So security fortress of capital bracing for a possible violent attack from the militia group. Thousands of National Guard troops standing by the ground surrounded by fencing and razor wire. Rising tensions between the US and Iran. ABC news confirming president Biden called off a second airstrike against an Iranian backed militia in Syria last week. We're learning women and children were in the area and as the Pope prepares to visit Iraq our union panel was on the ground. Symbolic thought CO2 levels would go down duke. We were wrong and the levels of the harmful gas are only expected to skyrocket. But where are you have the technology to fight. So what's the holdup was doing drug on the grounds that economic debate there's not really good business case ginger is a shows us why it's. Good evening I'm Byron Pitts and for Lindsey Davis thank you for stream with us. We begin tonight with a new milestone in the race of X in America. Dear us now averages more than two million doses per day. At least 54 million Americans have gotten at least windows nearly 28 million Americans are fully vaccinated. And thanks to the Johnson Johnson vaccine Yankee Stadium will now be open 24 hours a day to vaccination New Yorkers. The city's health commissioner says America's biggest city may be able to offer vaccines to all residents by late April. But there is concern tonight about states like Texas and Mississippi. Which are moving to relax masked man days despite pleas from president Biden to keep the course. The Republican governor West Virginia saying today quote. I don't know what the russians' I would Johnson leads us off tonight from New York City. Tonight a pivotal milestone. The US now averaging two million vaccine doses per day hundreds in long lines waiting for shots in Florida the National Guard assisting in Kansas City. I just want to get a vaccine. And one that will work. Starting today Yankee Stadium will be one of the mass vaccination sites offering appointments 24 hours per day. But the overnight appointments are reserved for that new single dose Johnson & Johnson back same Alabama today easing restrictions on indoor dining. But keeping its mask mandate for another month the bottom line is we get to my its mandate in place some old Clemens general is period of time but goes to jail. But Mississippi and Texas dropping masks altogether. The Texas governor defending his move after the president called it Neanderthal thinking. The mass requirement being eliminated there isn't gonna make that big of a change in the stood at Texas. Also people in Texas will continue to Wear a mask even though there's not a state mandate. Texas has reported more cases in the past week. Than any other state in the country nearly 50000. Now is not the time to pull back over the last seven days or so we've reached a bit of class so. Within deflection of the curved isn't going straight down to weigh in was that some bad sign. Doctor Joseph Barone from Houston's united Memorial Medical Center. Has been on the front lines of the Coke could fight for 350. Straight days do you think Texas is ready to remove the mask. Absolutely not in April relieved that the restrictions in this industry so I guess what me. June and July we're rewards mom's mind. I signed morals that trip tickets on those criminals and it we're in my entire life. You'll remember doctor Barone from this touching image that went viral last year wrapped in PPE comforting a coded patient. But he's now worried loosening restrictions could threaten progress. I don't handle internal. At least in Texas just got a little fought where we've been ordered less. When Johnson joins us now from Yankee Stadium has been charged in 220 for our vaccination site wet. Despite progress with vaccines reality is very answer is still a threat bustle latest information we have on. Fire and this is one of the biggest concerns among health officials right now at this pivotal moment that highly contagious UK Varian has now been confirmed in 48 states. Then in Texas alone which is listed its massive mandate. Officials there have confirmed five different variants including troubling strains from the UK Brazil and South Africa. Byron but Johnson thank you. Joining us now to do a deeper dive on some of the hurdles our nation continues to face them elegance cove it. His former acting director for the CDC and current president and CEO the Robert Wood foundation doctor Richard best or doctor thank you so much for joining us again. Thanks Fred Graham aren't the mast debate has. Gotten a lot of attention this week with Texas and Mississippi ending mass mandates and then on the other end the governor of Alabama has extended their mass mandate. Particularly when it comes to a state as large as Texas how bad could things get despite the fact that people are slowly getting vaccinated. Well you know it's it's been so encouraging to his seat in numbers going downer around the country and remembers going down in states lately Texas. But it all feels fewer than 10% of that of the adults in Texas have been vaccinated. That means that there are a lot of people who were all the roll lot of people who were susceptible to listen to infection. And you know if if wearing a mask was simply a matter. A personal decision and and personal. Acceptance of risk I'd say fine get rid of the mass mandates. But when ever a person decides not to Wear a mask they're not just putting themselves at risk they're putting people around him it whiz at risk they're putting people at risk coup. Have to go to work each day to put food on the table and that's just not right if we hang in there together is a nation for a few more months. We're gonna see a lot of the requirements that are being put on people eased because we're going to be able to get vaccine to everyone who once it. Sure doc according to the latest information from HHS. The seven day average of cases decreased 2% last week and it's decreased a whopping 74%. Since our nation speak on January 11. I know you hesitate to make predictions about this while virus but how were you feeling right now about our nation's progress. Be honest I'm cautiously optimistic near the numbers are moving in the right direction though over the past. Past week Dave level loss and that gives me a lot of pause and I think we have to be careful. We have to be careful because of the variants that have been emerging. There we know spread so much easier. And while the numbers are looking good that it be dealing number of peace is right now is still higher than what it was last summer when we started putting all these restrictions. We're still seeing more than 2000 people in America die each day from this so what were moving in the right direction we have. Have to stay together and and follow public health guidance in till we are truly done with his pandemic. Dogs today you often and are dead four of the hill title Covert recovery requires addressing economic inequities. In your article you encourage congress to focus on five main things in earning give our country the chance to truly be become a healthy nation again. Housing nutrition assistance paid leave unemployment insurance and health care access. You work at the highest level of government inequities in this country have been a constant particularly for communities of color. What's your biggest concern about our government not having a true moment of reckoning as we slowly start pulling out of this. You know what I worry about irony is then it. We're gonna see this as as his short term situation. And once were out of this pandemic and it's it's really in the rearview mirror. We're gonna last the national will to make the changes in society so that everyone has the opportunity to lead healthy lives. You're we've seen how this is played out of the pandemic we're people who. Had to have needed to go to work each day to put food on the table to pay the rent. And it is indeed the Peter major health costs and has not been spread evenly black Latino native Americans. Lower income communities have been hit the hardest. But if we have to rest these five areas. They and then each day in America even when were passed a pandemic. Will be a day when everyone has the opportunity to lead leader healthiest Liasson we have to come together as a nation to view yet. And I will get shot here in this question. The CDC was supposed to release recommendations today on interactions between vaccinated people but that does not have been it has now been delayed. What is known about what people can do once they've been vaccinated and what do you expect the CDC recommendations to shed. Yeah I mean this is this is challenging because there's not a lot of data we're we're new does that seem were knew what what what science shows can can truly happen. But I hope in a minimum they say that. A group of people wherever one has been fully vaccinated we can get together. He indoors without masks and spend time together I hope they say that. Grandparents who are fully vaccinated. Can hug her grandchildren. Means the BO wonderful thing hand it would encourage people to get vaccinated it's going to be a long time for everyone and get vaccinated. But those who were fully vaccinated should be allowed to do more things than they you've been there were able to do both. Work doctor Richard Boettcher thank you so much street Thomas C down the road. Take care if you will. Now to the debate on Capitol Hill over Covert release. The senate taking a major step today but one senator effectively brought the senate floor so halt for hours. Let the White House president Biden acknowledging today. He's comfortable lowering the dollar amount on those stimulus checks a senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce reports. Tonight president Biden's massive one point nine trillion dollar co big relief bill has finally made its way to the senate floor. In a sign of the divisions gripping Washington. All Republicans voting against moving for work. Vice president com on Harris stepping in to break the tie on this vote. The a's are fifteen inmates are fifty. The senate being equally divided the vice president votes in the affirmative and the motion to proceed is agreed to. That still includes 160 billion dollars for testing in vaccinations help for small businesses and 14100 dollar checks to people making up to 75000. Dollars a year for those making up to 80000 dollars a slightly smaller check. It's a less than what Biden want it yeah. And enhanced unemployment benefits will now expire at the end of August a month sooner than died in had hoped. Mary Bruce joins us now from the White House marry it does not appear president Biden is going to get that bipartisan buy in he was hoping for. It certainly does not married especially today is any indication that 5050 split in the senate is likely to stay that way Republicans just insist that this. Bill is far too expensive in fact Republican leader Mitch McConnell called and or a partisan spending spree. On the part Democrats. And now we are seeing actually Republicans intent on trying to slow this process down right now across town. Republicans are making the senate clerk read aloud. All 628. Pages of this ability to process that could last up to ten hours but democratic leader Chuck Schumer says no matter how long it takes. They are going to stay in session there and get this done as. This week in marriage should have point what's the time line could the bill be passed before the end of the weekend. And that certainly is Democrats hope that they get this done in the next few days and then of course they can get the bill quickly to the president's desk and then once he signs this those direct payments those checks to most Americans you could see those starting to go out within a matter of days. Mary Bruce at the White House thank you thank you. And now to the security situation on Capitol Hill thankfully today was relatively quiet in Washington law enforcement was on high alert. After obtaining intelligence of a possible plot to breach the capital today the day far right conspiracy theorists believe former president. Donald Trump would return to power and also during president Biden's upcoming address to the joint session of congress. The capitol police chief has asked for National Guard troops for another two months Martha Raddatz is at the capitol tonight. A sort of how serious their capitol police taking these new threats. Marlin they're taking a trance and very seriously they know that the capitol building still remains an attractive target. For extremist so what the capitol police would like is for the National Guard their 5000 here. Now if they'd like some portion of the National Guard to remain. Through mid may and that will likely be approved the secretary of defense lacked the last months and if law enforcement needs our help. We're here to provide at the capitol police. Also want to add about a thousand police officers this comes after. A secure a new roof new. And you know this fence that we've been seen in seeing here for a couple of months now. They want to take that down and replace it with mobile and retractable fencing to give sort of an open campus field. But we'll definitely not there yet Biron until the threat has reduced. Mark this seems like that that DC will remain lockdown in some ways that that this great American city has been so open to the nation. It's still it feels like shut down some degree. If it really inspiring in union drive around the city and you really feel back. But when you come to Capitol Hill it really is quite incredible this goes around the entire. Capitol Hill plaza the entire. Capitol Hill grounds you million can't get anywhere near it and still allows National Guard. Behind thousand National Guard here right now. Martha Raddatz thank you my friend. When we come back the major earthquake overseas sparking fears of tsunami tonight. Also serial arsonist surprise tonight and a Maryland community over who stands accused of burning down homes. And unprovoked attack on a person of Asian descent in the phrase it as an in New York City Subway station. Stay well. A serial arsonists in Maryland has left multiple official surprise Nolan because of the nature of his crimes but also because. So cool police say he did it's. ABC's Steve Olson Sonny brings us this report. It's surveillance video you can see and hear. Maryland authorities tonight's speech saying that this is a former police chief from the city of laurel and say this is the sound of him pouring fuel. Costs onto a home and then down a driveway they say this is just one of at least a dozen fires he's accused of setting 69 year old David Crawford is in jail tonight charged with multiple counts of arson and attempted murder. While there were no reported injuries to either residents or fire department personnel as the result of these fires the outcome. Could have been very different. For close to ten years now fire investigators here have been trying to find the arsonist. Who's been burning homes and vehicles and five counties in charging documents they say Crawford had a target list and went after people he had issues with including two doctors. And the police chief who were placed tenth. To go outside farm house engulfed. And have to come in and wake my family can get them out of the house it's just it did knock me to my niece. Police believe that three of those fires were set at homes that belonged to the same person his stepson. Authorities say that when the stepson would move out of the burned home and into a new one. Crawford would burn that home to. He has not yet entered a plea. Byron thank you Steve. New York city police are investigating another unprovoked attack on a person of Asian descent this time. In a subway station on Manhattan's lower east side on Tuesday night. In this surveillance video of the incident now being reviewed by police the assailant repeatedly punching the 56 year old victim who was returning home from work. The NYPD release an image capture the suspect and investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. Be sure to state soon to ABC news live tonight for a special stop the hate. Focusing on the growing violence against Asian Americans this host about my colleagues UG change in even pilgrim. Coming up here on ABC news lives. Still ahead on prime. Security preparations are underway in Iraq for his. Jordan visit by Pope France's this weekend party in panel reports on the Christian Iraqis looking for holding his visit. And later clean water emergency the desperate Mississippi residents still without water demanding answers tonight. Plus president Biden stimulus bill includes a major commitment to black box we go by the numbers. But first our Twitter the day Major League Baseball announcing that in June 2 will be forever be known as Lou Gehrig day. The iron horse and joining Jackie Robinson Rivera tormented and pursued now the honor you gonna mark. That's what I'm going to. In the united enormous credibility it's a crazy it's swept the nation and they actually isn't good. Email us and okay. President binds Covert relief bill that's now working its way through congress includes billions of dollars in aid to black farmers and other farmers of color. We take a closer look by the numbers. Four billion dollars us for the emergency relief for farmers of color act will provide in direct payments to help farmers of color. Pay USDA farm loans in taxes and help them respond to the economic impacts of the pandemic. Another one billion dollars would go towards technical and legal assistants. And cell root out racism in the farming industry. Let's look at some of the history black farmers in the US have lost more than twelve million acres of farmland over the last century. And that's mostly since the 1950s according to the USDA death. 925000. Dusting approximate number of black farm operators in 1920 roughly one insects evolved farmers. But by 2017 that number plunged to about 35000. And so now only one point 7%. Of farm operators are black. According to an analysis by Bloomberg News. Black owned farms on average smaller and less money and receive less government support than their white owned counterparts. The reasons for this are complicated but experts say that a long and well documented history of racism at the Department of Agriculture has played a role. The silicon what prize. The doctor charged with murder for allegedly prescribing massive quantities of both feel it's also. Palace battle Royale and open hostility a deeper look into the allegations of bullying against mega Markel and what comes next. And the bachelor apology but some say it isn't enough. But first a look at our top trending stories and From. This is beginning debate on president Biden's one point nine trillion dollar Kobe nineteen relief package no matter how long it takes poorly targeted spending humor and Democrats say offers Americans strike payments and more releasing this pandemic and funding for vaccination. On the snow BA's fifty domains are fixing. The senate being equally divided the vice president votes in the affirmative. And a motion to proceed is agreed to. Vice president Harris casting a tiebreaking vote today just for the senate to begin debating this bill what is now being read in its entirety hundreds of pages and pages that's because of stalling tactic by one Republican senator. A full reading will take up to ten hours told. That'll likely take days or an actual vote on this. New Zealand a day of back to back earthquakes rattling the northeastern coast prompting officials to issue another tsunami warning for coastal area as. Eight point one magnitude that's the largest since 2019 Hawaii and then on alert at tsunami watch movement in just a short time ago. Residents east of the countries or violence on to higher ground as a precaution falling the first quake. It's been decades since a major quake hit the city of crisis or its killing 185. Reasonable. This is how many in Jackson Mississippi are getting their water the city now on its third week under a boil water alert. Interest look at what was coming out of the legs. And that's why. From where most people wondering. Crews working around the clock to repair 100 reported water main breaks under the historic winter storm slammed the state last month. The repairs to our infrastructure repairs to our aging. I sing and rose. Long overdue the city's water treatment plant forced to shut down yesterday water pressure too low to reach every home. A Long Island doctor is facing murder charges in several PO to overdoses from his storefront that still had a RadioShack size from prosecutors said doctor George saudis ignored repeated warnings and prescribed massive quantities of automobile accident killed five patients and endangered the lives of six others. In one case and he allegedly prescribed them tick down from nine times. The daily maximum. Recommended dosage of holy sites. Nine times. It's funny is the first doctor charged in a statement depraved indifference murder for prescription abusers prosecutors said he'd meet panics and hotel parking lot of coffee shop and write prescriptions in exchange for cash. I am an imperfect man. I made a mistake today embattled bachelor host Chris Harris in sitting down exclusively with a Good Morning America I'm apologetic. I journey begins again he stepped aside from the show after backlash for defending contestant Rachel Kurt Connell and her and social media glow show our liking a photo of the confederate flag and attending an old south plantation theme party into funny eighteenth. Errors and talked about it with Rachel Lindsey the show's first black bachelorette on extra isn't going to look into scenery is not a good looking 20/20 one as. Now are who I believe that mistake doesn't reflect who I am the war. What I stand for I'm not a global least I am saddened and shocked at how insensitive I was in that interview with Rachel Lindsey. And I didn't speak from my heart and that is to say I stand against all forms. Of racism and I am deeply sorry. I'm sorry to Rachel Lindsey. And I'm sorry to the black community. Harrison says he's been working closely with a quote Reese educator in strategist along with these leaders and scholars he says he does plan to return. Security preparations are underway in Iraq for an historic visit tomorrow when Pope Francis becomes the first Pope to visit the country. For Christian roots run deep to the days of the Bible but today Iraq's Christian population is dwindling. Persecuted in recent years by Islamist extremists who destroyed their homes and their places of worship. So can the pope's visit brings renewed hope and healing to Iraq's remaining Christian community ABC's Ian panel has report from Iraq. In the empty storefronts of the faceless shopping Mal in Northern Iraq. The fooled into the gulf in each count in existence. It's not much. Of the six long painful is running in his family have cooled this poem. They just in now is drawing both the willed away from their hometown of montella. Full staffed one fateful day in the Lucas 2014. Win crises came to the dual. And we're just sit there. And Sunday's. Came to lower Hollis. Told us to leave. Who's to them why they say the don't Oz why just view this event that I things are new to. Reveal who they would kill you you've been just reading. This city check it and even even without without. Journalists. This is a story of an entire religion that's been in Iraq since the second century. Targeted persecuted. Up rooted. The Christians of Iraq. Scott homers. Why because we orchestra. The American invasion of Iraq to and sectarian tensions into open wolf that. Minorities who lost their protection and were increasingly targeted by a new breed of Islamist extremism. First there was al-Qaeda then came oasis which swept across the name of the plains of the north. The heartland of Iraqi christianity. Iraq is the birthplace of Abraham will really bring him the patriarch of Judaism christianity. And it is them who moved down below some claimed even the garden of Eastham the country has mall biblical sites than anywhere else outside of Malden day Israel. The three religions so closely linked flourished if the hundreds of years until the twentieth century. First it was the Jewish population of routed Dick. It's a good today. As Yemen. Today it's christianity in Iraq but faces extinction. Only about a quarter with a million Christians remain in the country down from at least one half million just twenty years ago. We were in the region in 2070. As Iraqi forces forced to take back Christie and towns and the city of Mosul from the blacks. Devices. This was a battle of the ages and large pulse of the old city both flattened by the fighting. Which shell shocked residents struggled to escape. A dozen to dozen people had just gone by men and women some of them clearly very badly injured Israel hospital is no cash. Just look at theirs to the right here this old man. Just being held vice grandson. Today on ice this is gone but the skulls run deep few places Molson in the city's Christian community. Tomorrow Pope Francis will come to Iraq the first the papal trip. You'll see for himself what remains of -- here at church with a message of unity full all the Iraqis. It's hard to overestimate the level of bomb damage to I'll take hero church. The Ollie says religious police use this as their base IC said we will go to Rome we will occupy Rome. Well imagine the irony that instead hope Francis brother whom is coming to Mosul. Amid some precedents it security the holy father will meet one of the most powerful Muslim leaders in the region and visit. The Christian town but the center of the stool. Tara colts. They used to be 50000 Christians here. Almost fooled fled when only detain. Today barely half of comeback but the food is that the papal visit will give a much needed boost to this beleaguered community. And all. Bishop Amal will greet Pope Frances he was the first to reenter the church of the immaculate conception after rice is with pushed out. And this is forty film. And this is what it looks like today. The holy father you would be the fears the person who would they after the liberation of you will think that this just he would come now. Do they. In just suits with the community. And Hussein of course not you. The pope's coming here to address the difficulties Christians and others have faced in Iraq the wrist so much physical and mental healing needed. Ice is made being driven from Kara cost but the pain hasn't comb. Georges is 73 years old his sister try Hosea is 86 the suffering Davin jewel is unimaginable. Ice is took their money the old woman's jewelry and all that will keep possessions. And when they have new mold to give the militants. They were thrown into the river to drown. The whom his go home then launch destroyed and they now live in the cold dark room the homeless families. What design systems use your family. There's she civil and I think they tortured us. They threatened to behead us and took our money our gold they didn't leave us anything they threw us in the river. When I tried to save her the water was very strong and took my sister. I think grabbed her shoulder and ask god to help me. Somehow I saved her and took her to the other side we walked for three days without food or water. When Pope fences comes here he'll make history. Many will look to him to help deliver their prints to some PM Ruth peace and hope in Iraq. But make no mistake. The challenge in the needs in this country remain in men's. Up. Or ABC news he impaneled but. In Caracol Iraq. Our thanks to Ian for his reporting. Now to a different type of battle one destroying at Buckingham Palace in that are revealing interview with the duke and duchess of Sussex. Our James Longman brings us the latest from London. They won't celebrated as the future of Britain's monarchy. But tonight Prince Harry and duchess Megan's explosive claims have sent an even further applause. In an upcoming interview with Oprah Megan suggesting the ruling firmly spread to ease about them. I don't know how they could expect. That after all of this time we would still just the silence it. There's an after school says the firm is playing in perpetuating. Falsehoods about us. Saying she no longer a fee is tending her truth. It's got comes with risk of losing things I'm and I have a lot of been lost on. The first clips come just as Buckingham Palace made an unprecedented decision. To open an investigation into bullying allegations against a Megan. The times of London saying an official complaint claimed the duchess drove to personal assistance out of the household. Another unnamed staff members accused oh emotional cruelty and humiliation. It was definite intensely difficult the working environment of the crew and T is a regular basis making hitting back the roof is calling the report smear campaign. Today critics asking if the us is going to investigate the duchess. What we're continuing to investigate print Salinger given he faces even more serious allegations around his friendship with convicted sex offended Jeffrey Epstein frankly if they're getting callers about bullying about the palace. Maybe they should have done an inquiry into his side. I'm to see if they're adding that he has to different schools say sharing the challenges of leading role in life to Oprah hasn't been on them and tell the but two of us wouldn't be having trouble. And James Longley joins us now from London James it's been explosive week for the British royal family in the lead up to this highly anticipated interview with Oprah on Sunday. Can you give us more insight into the conversations that the times had with staff is alleging that Megan was bowling. Well barring Custer mind back to that beautiful wedding in a sum of 28 teen Harry and Megan is to George's chapel in Windsor. The time we're talking about is just oft about waiting October 28 team and you that is sent from the communications directory is upon us behind Megan and if to Buckingham Palace behind me saying they need to take action to protect stuff that Kensington Palace. The inferences from Macon now taste off guns Dunn went to the communications chief of complaints that they felt they had been bullied. Some of the quite some pretty extraordinary we spoke actually deal they brought the generalist at the time to read this story bowel and he said. That it. Stuff that felt humiliated. They felt that they had been emotional cruelty directed towards them they saw Felder was suffering with post traumatic stress that they felt. No sent tanks before meeting with Megan that they would actually cry you name ended up having to leave Kensington Palace leave the employment. Of of the royal family and he's a press reports that have been bubbling way for quite some time behind Megan. Art he was difficult to do it waking people up for a book in the morning forcing them to work. You know over and above their normal GTs now. Of course take a list that they just so because principals in the role foundry we'll know very difficult to deal with and of course who's to say Megan completely flatly denies. All of these claims and she says it's part. Of a campaign against. I sit say they should. Be concerned about an investigation like this are speaking to one incited today because he's done investigation into bullying. In the royal family on one principal meg in the dust of saw six. Shall we an investigation will spread and it might beat up other principals in the role found may have been guilty of bullying and other things. And I should say people do point to a double standard game. There was no investigation. Prince Andrew and his annexed interactions with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. And just took up what what what is a family go with this we know that there's this illness that that they're dealing with that this has to be just a mass inside that. Aside the thing. Yet it is hard. When when Harry in Megan's debacle of us still Skinner what are they gonna do what way that they fit and they wanted to kind of formulate this new role for themselves this hybrid all of royal and celebrity us place. But the the royal element of that role now has entirely full and a way it does feel that way united I don't know the ministry wrote the royal and the ceremonial minute tree. Positions that Harry had the queen took away from him so really carry specifically I think to most British people feel a little bit like he's been left some may be without much to do. And I was speaking to someone today said look at our balcony behind many you can say in the darkness the rule founding only lines up that'll be occasions to wave to WASL. Well I think we can really imagine Harry and Megan dating back couple now balcony all of us who remember Camilla she was lost to size he is than Nady that. Charles Hyde's an affair with all that time. Well she will one day be queen consort essentially say people can come back. Sure families do move on even the royal family yes James Longman reporting from London I think Steve. Hearing ABC news lie we're following the creative ways communities across the country. Are tackling the problems they face and tonight we take a look at a group of Virginia faith leaders teaming up with their local Health Department to try to close the racial gap. Who's getting vaccinated. Terry Moran has that story. With hugs and coping friendly Kabul bombs pastors Emanuel Harris Tyrone Nelson and Mike Jones bring congregants in the crowd at the Richmond raceway. Where the bitter feels like post Sunday service socializing but this crowd is here to pray they're here for protection a dose of the corona virus vaccine. I always try to sit in an example of my daughter's. It's important that they've seen me do this event he wound. This alum to protect myself and other people. Read up. And I made them. It made up my mind. Health care workers administered roughly 2000 shocked and arms and single day here and the diversity of this crowd was all part of the plan acts he did. So this attitude that was just black where people. And let the faith communities need to warn. They would get people out. We talked to reverend Tyrone Nelson at the historic sixth mount Zion Baptist Church in Richmond which has been empty for almost a year such as. And in March. 22 point with a list we were here. And you miss it yeah and it's. It's it has been one most difficult thing in my life I'm desperately. In need. Some clothes and some handshakes. Holders of babies and this is a must see his face to face. Reverend Nelson sees vaccination is the way out a way back home to the sanctuary. And so he's been incorporating public service messages in his virtual Sunday services. Coup in nineteen. That solution is to lead to. What there's an issue vaccine equity. Reverend Nelson is helping to make sure that the black community he receives a fair share of doses. If the problem across the nation black Americans are receiving fewer doses of the vaccine compared to their proportion of the population. CDC data shows of those who have received at least one dose of the vaccine 64 point 3% are white. And six point 5% black. Despite African Americans making a more than 13%. Of the population that's why reverend Nelson helped enlist roughly fifty faith leaders in and around Richmond. As part of a pilot program with the Virginia department of health and it all came together in the mass vaccine event at the Richmond raceway. Have they called the past us. Because of my own members Everett all about members here. I personally have called atlas self. And I've worked McCall sooners didn't people signed up I wanted to be a part of every step you know I won't even normal only at. Pastor a manual Harris of the Jerusalem Baptist Church said faith leaders have borne painful personal witness to the terrible told the virus has had on the black American community. We've been doing braves funerals since March. When it's when it. It is so we see firsthand. Hop cove it is devastating the African American community. Is so that's why I'm not a process is feel passionate committed that we have to do something to stop its. In fact in Virginia though they have represented 22% of covad cases in 24%. Of Kobe deaths. Black residents account for just 12%. A vaccine recipients so far. Black Virginians make up 19%. Of the population in the state the Virginia department of health is hoping to turn those numbers around. We use the CDC's social vulnerability in and that it's cool that the CDC has how blessed pretty folk country to really how. Understand where we should focus briefly arrested and times during an emergency dig into the specifics since this district's felt they think part of basic. And our highest risk areas were asked to be a part of this pilot. It's a data driven approach a public health campaign delivered by faithful messengers we know that as pastors as local leaders. That we have the trust of the people that we've served for decades a lot of our seniors aren't old line they don't have emailed a lot of bill. And sole power they get reds through doctor Mike Jones is pastor of village of faith ministries and the city councilman in Richmond. He knows that the vaccination challenger goes beyond equities and logistics. Also had to deal with the skeptics and there have been talk about. Back in hesitancy. In the black community. That's something you use you had to address plumbing if something that we've discussed all throughout history. That we talked about the social inequities that have been placed on afterward you know about a ski but now how do we survive this and it that's been our focus. We've gotten educate we've gotten educated about this process from Mort until now and that's where we are with our people weren't heard them what they. Believe god. Frost the sides. Our thanks to Terry still ahead on prime tonight. Some say could be the silver bullet to help solve climate change in the technology already exist. So what's the hold up. Ginger zee breaks it all Dan. Okay. The third time was apparently not the charm for SpaceX seemed like everything was going perfectly for SpaceX starship rocket. Well until it wasn't as you just saw beyond man craft exploded on the landing pad a few minutes after touching down in Texas late yesterday. SpaceX one day hopes this crap will be used to send humans to Mars. That may be some time away though as this was the third unsuccessful landing attempt. For the starship rocket. What is technology existed until literally showed slow down climate change creating a bridge of sorts so more sustainable future. This week's it's not too late hour ginger zee explains a solution is out there and has actually been for years. But its next step that's tricky. Bias. Okay. Hi M did you easy and it's not too late. Almost every week I have stood right here and I have shown you graphs like this is that is carbon dioxide rising at a rate never seen in history. And pair it with what it does threaten planet he keeps on the can we show you all the time that that jump in CO2 emissions is definitely from us from mostly the east. But your number a year ago when we heard a bunch of really beautiful stories about animals going back to their habitats. CO2 levels dropping dramatically without everybody's regular commute and all the Jack in the eyes. Yesterday was told about hundred air quality is here due to the fact that there's no traffic in particular approach close you Google the Finnish citizen. Nature is a funny way of taking back control. For lying to the global pandemic they set. Well it's silver lining just got little bit tarnished because. Our emissions are back up and we ended 20/20 2% more emissions than we had and 2019. And it doesn't look like we're gonna slow down anytime simply be. See themselves. Since we haven't figured out gold renewable slips yet and that's gonna take time we are going to heat burning fossil fuels to do so would it be great if we could just grandma that CO2 before it goes into the atmosphere and heat has gotten. It's an idea that. It isn't hill but that doesn't mean it can't be a big help right now. Wake him yesterday. It's called carbon capture. That's just what it sounds makes a let me show you exactly how this works. He had taken natural gas plants for example view a smokestack is pouring tons of carbon dioxide into the air every day another differently is even do this but basically put something you that smokestack at a Jackson carbon dioxide the only movie grabs at all. Then you can heat up that's substance and take away the car an act citing what it has been grounded for May get into Sunday. And then you can we use this DOT magnet to get more CO2. Very had decades of success in labs and even then power plants like this one and Elena might have been acquitted even sequestering carbon after night. And then injecting it into the soft outlook for below them from more than forty years and there's also this law in Texas. Where they have the capacity to take more than seven million tons of carbon out of the atmosphere each year. So wait and then. Silver bullet that's gonna save us from ourselves and. If so what I have plead not done everywhere yet easily drag on the columnists present economic nations there's none of them really good business case. Man Lola hits about money okay. We'll come and that's saying is not in itself all that profitable so that's a problem and there are questions about what we can make from the yeah. So if you think about current uses of carbon dioxide. There are things like I. In a greenhouse constant current concentration seemed to helps plants and broken thumb beverage production. It's cement. And concrete manufacture. And one of the highest prices you can get for selling seem to currently is actually enhanced oil recovery. And here's the case here it still costs a lot to capture carbon murdered at about a point where it costs. 4140. To 45 dollars per ton on senior two thirds or captured but there is a relatively new tax credit that might help motivate companies. Steering and eight. Should not happen. Show us right hip boots. And. We are in the early stages of implementation of a tax credit COLT 45 Q there's there's a time. I it was who was extended by congress that in that particular tax credit. Paris costs a lot of industry interest answered yeah we'd leading Joseph Morgan on the carbon capture poorer. 25 years once the markets ready for that technology is ready to move them. The bottom line though is carbon capture is still expensive and somebody is going to need to make it worth the while a big business to get involved. Whether it's the government and the research being done at the national energy technology laboratory. Or. May be billionaires. And donating 100 million toward a prize for best have been captured technology. He says I'm going later I say I am going to Starbucks but it's unknown. It's not our society and unless somebody who also knows a little bit about making history. My says humanity. We need more than just the Atlantic and culturally say he's black of the Israeli ambulance until it. And in order to get who shouldn't. Big chips that cost. Make sure that can be very large scale. A news unsavory as the first Muslim woman to go to space. And the first around and now she is the CEO of tax hikes and she's trying to convince the best and the brightest in the world gains are focused on carbon capture. Can't you wanna just love your hand they say it but I can't looks like this. But that's got them is today's stocks today don't we aren't getting tickets and lined the elderly and that would be I don't know it's. Still not there and on the knicks Riley doesn't even me. You don't know me from around the problems. Little com efficiently reach out to every corner of the world Manning by eighteen majors this comment but that he is Irish England. Yeah and she'd been heard and. She said and then we can do this. Leach have to do this can and it's not until they. Our thanks to ginger and while were mindful of the impact our waste has on the planet. Children always able to bring beauty and joy to every corner of our plan. I'm Byron pits senator Lindsey Davis that's our show for this hour book please don't go anywhere coming up. It's our special stop the hate and is hosted by my friends juju Chang in either pilgrim.

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