ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, October 29, 2020

Record turnout in key county has Democrats hoping to turn Texas blue; Faith, foster care and LGBTQ rights collide in Supreme Court; A cold plunge into the English Channel
51:36 | 10/30/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, October 29, 2020
This year could be summed up what just one image he would might look something like this derailed train carrying chemicals crashing just. The train cars littering the road. Residents businesses to schools within a mile radius and evacuated as a caution. Thankfully no injuries have been reported. Face off in Florida president Truman Joseph biting hitting the sunshine state at the same time today campaigning hard for that crucial Electoral College prize. This country greats a new record with more than half a million Kobe case is this week. The president dismissing criticism of his handling of the pandemic hoping his large rally translates to enthusiasm at the whole. We know the disease relief social distance we do all of those things again after. If you get close Wareham mass quiet accusing trump of spreading the virus as well as negative activity. President Joseph super spreader of Madison spreading more virus around. Our country and here in Florida that he's ready to envision in addition. Hurricane State is deadly destruction several people killed in the south by falling trees and powerful winds ripping buildings apart homes flooded. Leaving millions in the dark. Terror in France French president looked round to clearing his country under attack. Three people killed several wounded inside a church in east. Apparently in the name of Islam what we're now learning. Scene while Europe's Kobe crisis is spiraling providing a foreboding picture of things to come in the US. We'll take you to the town at the center of the potentially deadly year's second wave. She economic mirage signs of record growth while millions of American families are suffering. More than 750000. Filing unemployment claims last week are we really on the men. And taking the plunge are manually diet sick person why don't sweat Tuesday. Lots of it transformed by swimming outside. Just looking at that good evening everyone I'm. C Davis thanks so much for streaming with us just five days to go until Election Day and both campaigns are boots on the ground in the sunshine state of Florida. President charmed and former Vice President Biden both targeting Tampa today making their case to voters in this whole important battleground state. Entirely different approaches to the pandemic which continues to loom large over the election. Very few undecided voters left at this point this stretch is really all about ramping up voter turnout and Americans are responding with record numbers. More than eighty million early votes have already been cast our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Leads us off. Trump Biden today same time same place Florida he campaigned 20/20. No state looms larger. Ladies and gentlemen. The heart soul this country's its stake. Right here Florida. And got to you knew all the key. If Florida goes blue it's over. It's over. And that's almost certainly true to get re elected president trump must win Florida. There's no state he is visited more heck he even became a Florida resident in Tampa today he was joined by the First Lady. There's. Today the president had something worth boasting about. A new report shows the economy grew at a record 33 point 1% in the third quarter. As the country began recovering from the even steeper losses triggered by the Covert nineteen shut down. They say talk about your economic success. Talked about 33 point 1% the greatest and is not look like they'll. I mean how many times can I say it I'll save five or six times in the speech 83 point one. But there's another big number for the United States today more than 85000. New Covert cases in a single day. And the nation's jobs crisis is far from over 751000. Americans filed for unemployment. Just last week. Biden told Floridians there's only one way to turn things around get control of the pandemic. Are people out there are out of work. On the edge Casey delighted candidate Donald Donald Trump has given up. Infections are now on the rise again in Florida even asked the president insist the nation is rounding the turn. Now in the campaign's final week the president is trying to out run the virus holding one giant rally after another. Biden calls them super spreader offense but the trump campaign sees them as key to getting trump supporters to vote. Here in Florida the president's making a direct appeal to Latinos. And ordered a record share of the Hispanic. Barricade about these. He's also been trying to win back women. But he often steps on his own message. Overnight in Arizona the president sounded irritated as he called to the stage one of the year's most of vulnerable Republican women senators. Barbara come up just ask what. Fans to conflict you know one minute limited by the safe. They don't want to hear this month and come on let's go quick quick quick quick. As the candidate's race around the country. Voters are turning out in droves here in Tampa you don't even need to get out of your car to drop off your mail in ballot. More than seven million Floridians have already voted 75%. Of the total who voted. It's 4016 what did you decide to bring. Person. Who want to make sure they're good him. People really going that extra mile to ensure that their vote is counted Jonathan Karl joins us now from the Biden rally in Tim I don't record early vote is really quite something. Florida of course is often a major focus on election night to with all those early balanced. What you we expected we're actually gonna know the results in Florida and Wear to the polls stand there right now. Well the one good thing about Florida now traps in contrast to what we saw heightened toy in the 2000 election. Were the recount went. Gone it alone in. On its actually count the vote pretty quickly here high in Florida the early vote they don't wait until the end to start counting it but they get going early. But there are three new polls out Lindsay just sit today off Florida voters all three of them show a slight lead. For Joseph Biden within the margin of bear the 538 election forecast. Gives Biden also a slight advantage about a two out of three chance of winning the state but I've got to say there is no question that there is a lot of enthusiasm. In this state for Donald Trump. As you heard in the story he has been here more than any other state. And Democrats and Republicans who I have spoken to operatives working on the campaign here. But three on one thing and that is that Donald Trump has a good chance a very good chance. Of winning Florida of course it's a state that he absolutely. Still win. Do we here is up horns honking behind your for Joseph Biden he's Jonathan Karl thanks so much. And of course there's sure to tune in next Tuesday night for full coverage of election night I'll join George Stephanopoulos David Arnold powerhouse political team bringing you the results of this. Monumental election. The battleground blitz taking place as we receive those fresh economic numbers today but many American families have yet to feel any relief to negotiations on a new stimulus package are stalled in Washington. More than 22 million are now receiving state and federal unemployment benefits and a troubling recent report. More than eight million families across the US have actually fallen into poverty since may that's when the last round of stimulus money went out. And help us break down the economic growth and unemployment data that came out today we don't worry and ABC's economic and business correspondent Deirdre Bolton thanks so much for joining us your dress so 33 point 1% annualized growth was the highest quarterly GDP growth on record. The so that 750000. Americans filed new unemployment claims in a week and we're hearing about massive layoffs of course. In a restaurant hospitality an airline industries just to name a few so is. US economy. Really on the mend. Indeed there are some bright spots and there are some headwinds in one quick DTL I want to give about this third quarter number which was a record quarter. But so was the second quarter and any other direction too if you look at this year so far NASA's next. Growth wise we are still behind we are still behind me even where we finished the year. In 2019. So that just implies how long we have to go. Before we get back at issue a growth period that is consistent. That most economists and most experts say is healthy for the US economy I want to tell you about the bright spots though because they were there. Q do you have a certain amount of the extra ranked in personal consumer spending that's two thirds worth of our GDP that's what we are collectively of course spend. And that was really a bright spot the other two bright spots. Business investment and housing we have the Fed to thank for that. Which has kept rates so low why do we care about that it makes us all borrowing cheaper. It's a stimulus hints of the Fed's moves have really underpins the economy. Now on the headwinds side. We have seen so many people lose jobs you reference that of course Lindsay and then also keep in mind that conditions that we are now in. We're supported in a good way by stimulus. Which no longer exists is so in speaking with numerous people they say listen it is just going to take us a long time. To get back to where we were. Pre virus. And a set a long time and of course you've been speaking with economists all day what are you predicting about US economic growth over the next few months in and when can we expect to get back to work. Pre pandemic economy. Lindsay that theme is uncertainty. And these are all people who sit through this data with such meticulous eye for detail. And it's really uncertain because the number of cases of the virus are growing in the US they're certainly growing in Europe. And that really does affect how we all feel about spending and then of course it affects. Industries so we can think of travel leisure hospitality com. All of those industries the longer they stay on the ropes just a less certain it as. I did speak with Michelle Meyer at least one of note I US head of economics at Bank of America she said she is forecasting. If things were to stay the same. Slow growth. For this fourth quarter and then it through the first quarter of next year but I think most people saying listen to really cleared Pentax. You have to wait till the end of 20/20 one. Lansing Deirdre Bolton thanks so much for your help without breaking it down for us. About this time last night hurricane Zeta was racing through the Gulf Coast with powerful winds just shined a category three. Today people in that region have been assessing the damage serving the aftermath from scenes like this flooded parking garage. Not storm is racing across the country dumping rain here at new York and along the East Coast but before we get to the forecaster rob Marciano. Who was in the thick of it last night has more on Xena and it's deadly Rampage over the past 24 hours. Tonight after a stunning late season win formally Deanna. City that continues its path of destruction are. Knocking out power to millions of multiple people killed by falling trees in the Atlanta area it basically. And I'll call large chunk of the front of this mobile home. Killing a man who was asleep power knocked out to some early voting locations in Georgia it's just days before the election. Data coming ashore as a powerful category two hurricane south of New Orleans. Florida had winds gusting over one auto miles an hour so the fairly easy to win. Ripping down canal street. Over eight feet of storm surge in Mississippi. And Biloxi this family rescued from high water. Love them. And in that house just letting it go scared hey the water is cutting really bad really you know it's. You Dele revealing destruction in Gulfport boats pushed into the parking lots there is damage and debris across the city of New Orleans the winds were so strong here. They were able to ripped the roof right off this two story apartment building Bryan Ellis was badly hurt by the flying debris. I'm glad to some Eyewitness News came on quality it's. Unfortunately some not as fortunate they're hard to imagine five mess of storms all in one season rob Marciano has been there for much of it. And rob how are you guys doing after last night and what's next for the remnants of the storm. Well you know we were recovering just finally got banged around there quite a bit but nothing like that what the residents of not just New Orleans have to deal with but of Mississippi Alabama and here in Georgia they had over fifty mile an hour when you see this massive tree behind meat slicing through the second. Floor of this home luckily the owners of this home were out of town so very fortunate situation here we're not quite done would Zeta yet it's now up. Rocketing northeast is now already into the Atlantic just off the coast of New Jersey and it's quite a lot of heavier rain from affiliated New York to Boston still do Yunnan Albany. And some went alerts very dynamic system on the back side it is still very very windy and cold is gonna catch up with us tonight. And more. Moisture will come in as well and we're gonna season snow mixing in a northeast. All the way down debts as some of the New York suburbs and Glenn we will see some accumulation of an inch or two of wet snow but a lot of trees that saw the liaison so. Ma'am might Seymour the wave power outage there this all the while guess what. Another system in the tropics that we're watching closely this 1 in the eastern Caribbean but still exposed to go to the western Caribbean that's closer Gulf of Mexico which always is worries some. We still have yet you know another months. Of hurricane season laughed and has obviously been very activist for this year and won't blast and we season a sack it was 2005 and we were getting storms well into a November so this is not surprising though we are certainly wishing it away. From the gulf of. Let's go let's take right but no signs of letting up senior meteorologist rob Marciano our thanks to you. And now to our nation's ongoing crisis with the corona virus pandemic today is a country tops a half million new cases the CDC provided us adding grim scenario for the upcoming holiday season by announcing. We may reach up to 250000. American lives lost by Thanksgiving. That's almost the entire population of Reno Nevada. This is cities like El Paso when states across the midwest continue to be ravaged by the virus are meant tuchman has the latest from Idaho. To ninety staggering 85000 new Covert cases in the US reported in just the last day. An American testing positive every one point two seconds in dying from the virus every 107 seconds. Reputations of so so there's certainly honor his. We wish that we could be approved treatments and compared. But it's. We really picked up this crowd. Wisconsin running out of icu beds at least six midwestern states today hitting record new case numbers. El Paso County Texas no wing he formed shut down ports 800000 residents the search tents go up to ease the pressure. Overwhelmed hospitals doctors warn we could see markdowns again if we don't mask and social distance this is a Zachary what we want to avoid before we want this Thanksgiving and holidays we do not want to have to go out looking to a lockdown but. That's where we're heading for don't act urgently in Idaho where some hospitals are near capacity some patients doubled to open prudence Solomon Lar lightning zero free and equal and yet the lieutenant governor and a group of legislators putting up video in claiming their own states cope with the restrictions. Violate their rights. Among weight Smart enjoying and standing in line and they've retained acquiring possessing and protecting property. And for sitting happiness and securing mean the fact that a pandemic may or may not be very. Changes nothing about the meaning or intent of the state com. In the college town of real expert with one of the high school but rates in the country many cavalier about mask wearing and I don't really think students. Students out here I'm thirty pound program. Some still reluctant to Wear a mask Matt Gutman joins us now from Idaho met and talked about mass compliance there and what you seen in that region of the country. There's a plot less mess complied here. In Idaho then. Anywhere else that seed in the country support you know we've reported for your show from all over the country. People don't like wearing it here they feel in many ways that it violates their state and constitutional rights. They don't like to see a mask mandate and silk walking around here you'll see about 50% of the people not wearing a mask. I'm not just outdoors but in supermarkets and hardware stores a lot to college kids. Not wearing masks and there's an interesting phenomenon here in Rex berg it has the single highest Covert raid in the country according to the New York Times. That hospital behind me it's not overflowing its uneven near capacity at this point because most people who are getting sick. Our young people and they're getting over it quickly and that's actually encouraging people to think well you know. Disco within can't be that serious if I'm getting over just a couple of days Tom what's the point of wearing a mask so it's a sort of so you know this vicious circle that happens here. Politicians and local leaders are trying to instill the notion that decides is real the more you Wear the mask. The less the virus will spread the more quickly all of us will come out of a locked down but they're finding tremendous resistance to that. Lindsey the but personal liberties aside that I I am assuming that business owners also are not requiring a you know walking around New York for example many of the businesses have a sign that say no masks no service I guess you're not seeing up there. You see some of the opposite sides here in Idaho EC you don't have to Wear a mask to go in video masks and as it did not. I'll have to Wear a mask had backed his two young women that I spoke to they said. Not once in their entire time they're from California and Arizona but not once. And their entire time then you tell us here in Rex Byrd have they ever been asked to put a mask on when they go inside a restaurant or supermarket. It's hard to believe. Hard to believe Indy Mac come in thanks so much. When we come back the road rage shooting in Houston the driver seen pointing his gun out of the window. The major FBI warning to US hospitals could your personal information be at risk from Russian speaking cyber games. But up next our journey to the Belgian town where you're more likely to have a positive Kobe tests than anywhere else in Europe is that continent battles a second and potentially deadly your way and stay with us. Houston police are looking for a driver they say opened fire on a couple on a Texas highway and allegedly began when both cars bumped into each other while merging. The driver could be seen pointing his gun at the passenger window fortunately. No one was hurt in the incidents. A match testing positive for Kobe in nineteen and then reporting a right back to work that's the stark reality facing health care workers and one Belgian town where hospitals IC use our feeling up this all comes as nearby France and Germany impose new lock downs. Well here in the US case is search over the summer that was not the case in Europe so hot of the virus get so out of control their so fast james' long been reports. Belgium heard the second wave coming. But it hit harder than anyone expected. This is he edged the city where more Kirby tests come back positive than anywhere else in Europe. Patients sharing hospital rooms. The health care system on the brink of collapse. Dams and distressing sound patient inside was clearly in some discomfort this. Small room to kind of nineteen patients have been treated trying to make sure that it end up in the icu. But doesn't a stunning it was seen ambulances roll up outside through windows. Belgium is now in the midst of a deadly second wave of crude hospitals did he rates in years is a whopping 141%. Health professionals in the country a sounding the alarm owning if the situation persists it's only a matter of days until the country runs out of icu beds. And this is what you called rules and line your thoughts the rules I'm. Do you really think that this second line is going to be less than a fast because it was still reviewing its already well. Still sausages also severe. Doctor sash agree sin is one of the many doctors to keep working even after he tested positive for the virus. And it's. An ethical dilemma British. Bands you know usually you pick of their mothers. When. Bad option and one of these words and some patents and who we feel that he's there it anymore. And more women should and at home and options you know. But because we have to take care of these patients parents. Federer. Having you come it doesn't fit. I symptomatic could fuel completely. Protective equipment that the moment. Officials in Belgium relax the more rigorous safety measures that had kept them safe and now that paying the price. You'll fools to reverse course imposing a new way to restrictions and national law down now on the horizon. Belgium is recording the most could be cases per capita in Europe and a death rate second only to the Czech Republic. The country minister of public health visibly emotional after an official visit to a hospital. Sick issue GE C. C a sit didn't hurt. Weren T here was very painful but find that very shocking historic. The other who for the show there's a suffering of the patients. After loved ones from visible assisted voters huge commitment here so it's hard. It's hard don't Kook. Appreciate your city. Record daily cases a hunting European countries control's president many women call announcing a full week nationwide dual down. Did not get under Jim dyke overwhelmed by a second wave that we now know don't titles may be harder and more deadly than the first. Here and in icu India France last week that saw firsthand how swiftly the tide can change. In 124 hour period they're so over thirteen thousand pounds because a local people are getting tested. But they all seeing an increase in hospitals as well in this icy winds of 75%. Capacity. It was so worried have to increase the number of feds on this war. In Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel shutting down restaurants bars gyms and states is starting Monday. Stephen kenwood and had assumed let. It's a piece of infections continues like and so general reached the limits of what the health system can manage within weeks. Officials are pleading that exhausted population. Economic and emotional total of the law downs is too much of that. The purpose and imagine that it's a shame because I personally need cultural activities to clear my head to get through this situation. I do not see where the risk is only going to the movies or defeat terrorist attacks safety measures do not understand as the voters continues to Craig on the elderly and high risk populations in Belgium. A silver lining. Fall is a 75 year old patient on the mend he may not have survived in mommy better treatment now means he will. And it's his birthday today. It's cool switch date of useful what kind of asset in the soup. Food donations civil. I said what do you what's the most feel but this is that they today's sad statistic faded. Back to cash. But declining numbers hospitals across Europe a worried he wouldn't come this wouldn't this team's only in India as Belgium for ABC news life. Our thanks to James for that and still ahead Sharon prime. The horrific terror attacks three people killed inside a church by a knife wielding man now France's issued its highest terrorism threat level. How look at the first case facing this new Supreme Court mixing religious liberty and nondiscrimination against LG BTQ families Kinney Catholic Church social service agency be denied contracts because it refuses to help same sex couples adopt. The cursor tweeting the day today October 29 is Latina equal pay day it marks the one year ten months and 29 days that it took the average Hispanic woman. To catch up with what the average white male earned in 2019. More on the economy. Right after the break. Welcome back everybody and now back to the US economy which is top of mind for so many American voters still struggling in this downturn today we got new data on US economic growth and unemployment just days before millions head to the polls. Here's a look by the numbers. 751000. Americans filed new unemployment claims in one week slightly better than expected but still the 32 straight week of historically high unemployment claims. And more than twelve a half a million Americans are currently unemployed. The US economy grew by a record breaking 33 point 1% annual rate last quarter as many businesses reopened after the spring lock downs. In the previous quarter the economy shrunk by a record setting 31 point 4% annual rate so all told. The economy has now recovered about two serves and what it lost during the pandemic. And we would need about 50% annual growth in GDP to actually claw our way back to our creed pandemic of economic activity. For the full year two point one of the US economy is expected to shrink and as one economist told us we may be in for quote. Tragedy in three parts decline rapid rebound. An end of long hard slog. Still have lots to get to hear on prime the record shattering early voting Texas continues but why it's happening at Houston could have a major impact in that state and potentially the entire country we'll explain. Plus our conversation with a woman vying to take senate majority leader Mitch McConnell senate seat down in the polls given very little chance but why she thinks. She can pull it off. And flying car is that it's actually if things but first here's a look at some of the trending stories on Joseph Biden leaves president problem in most national polls but it provides dirty deed poll average hasn't separated by just two points in Florida liberal candidates courting voters today in this critical battleground. President trump making his case on the economy's new numbers out today show. Third quarter GDP grew by more than 33% to a record number under massive losses tied to the pandemic. They won't even argument. The biggest independent business in fifty years nobody's ever seen a number like yeah this is bigger than any nation want to. That growth could shrink when president trash response have been handed making an approximate Joseph Biden's closing arguments. I'm not gonna shut down economy yeah. Bloggers check out our country back on his shot down a virus. Nice France on its highest terror alert level after a deadly Rampage inside a charts. Authorities say a young man stabbed several people inside an every down basilica in news this morning killing three. One woman nearly decapitated. This 55 year old all the hundred tips among the dead. Officers storming the church and opening fire on the suspect taking him into custody. Police say the 21 year old attacker was born in Tunisia and was unknown to the intelligence community authorities finding a copy of the cool on the near the suspects. Tonight French president Emmanuel McComb deploy an additional 4000 soldiers to schools and places abortion saying the country is under an attack. France fighting a surge in terror attacks in recent weeks just two weeks ago near Paris investigators say a man he had an election Jerry who showed his class the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed published by the satirical newspaper currently have don't even a lesson about free speech. Guilty plea today stemming from the impeachment hearing of president Ronald David Correa a Florida businessmen and one time golf pro pleaded guilty to duping investors in the company he founded with a left harness a former associate of president Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Korea also pleaded guilty to making false statements to the Federal Election Commission about an illegal 325000. Dollar donation arranged by harness and co defendant Igor Truman's to a political action committee supporting the president's reelection prosecutors isn't hard assets Roman were good Giuliani and Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joseph Biden. Federal agencies say cyber criminals are unleashing a major ransom where assault against the US health care system. US hospitals already struggling to treat patients during a global pandemic have a new war in the FBI and two other federal agencies warning of a major ransom where assault targeting America's help your system. A cyber attacks lock up computers which can only be unlocked with the software keys provided once targets pay up at least four US hospitals already hobbled this month. Hundreds more could be impacted them authorities say a Russian speaking criminal gang is responsible and does by the US presidential election but it's believed their motive is purely no. Love flying cars getting close to becoming a reality for public use new video shows what is called an air carb V for five on its maiden flight. The Slovakia professor created at the carcass sprout wings and just three minutes and then. So are overdraft got a 125. Miles per hour. The flying all yourself in the next six months the FAA is closely monitoring technology admit to the challenge to update its rules no word yet on pricing yet but nothing could possibly go wrong Ryan. Now to tonight's valid watch. While Texas has not voted for a Democrat for president since 1976. A major surge in early voting in the lone star state is giving Democrats new hope tonight that they could turn the traditionally red state blue next week. A lot of that is due to record voting numbers coming out of Harris County which is home to Houston a Harris County alone has a higher population roughly 26 states. An early turnout numbers have now passed the total turnout there in all of 2016. Joining us now. Is the man in charge of running elections there Harris County clerk Christopher Holland's thank you so much for joining us tonight. Absolutely good to see you see. So since taking over earlier this year you worked to dramatically expand early voting across Harris County offering drive through voting and as of today eight polling locations will remain open for 36 hours straight until early voting ends. Tomorrow evening why are they such important steps for UN and do you anticipate a lot of voters will cast ballots tonight and late into the night. Yeah world democracy not a spectator sport we all need to be involved. Engaged in times like this week to be voting for the next generation of leadership in this country and in this state in this county. And so it's been my honor to expand voting access here and pierce county. A levels never be seen book or in Texas and voters have responded by coming out in droves they were excited about. And quickly what are you expecting total voter turnout in Harris County to be an N how does that compare prior years. Wagging mission were passing up now the total burden voting turnout since 4016 which was itself a record. And so we're to push towards one point 51 point six million at least. Which is going to be huge for Harris county and you know folks is what it claimed there they're seated at table and have their voices heard it works out the protect their right to vote this vol. Of course has been some significant legal limbo over how many drop boxes you can have been Harris County a court ruling earlier this week upheld governor Abbott's decision to allow. Only one Dropbox for county in Texas now Harris County as you well know. Is larger an area then the state of Rhode Island so at this point. Which faith in the the Postal Service down for many people what's your message to voters who still haven't been. Haven't had the opportunity to mail in their absentee ballot just yet if there's only one Dropbox what are their other options. Well we're now within a week of the election and so at this point you're putting your vote at risk if you drop into a mailbox. And so you need to notes lessons some special way like priority mail UPS or FedEx or take their drive to our headquarters in RG green it's a common to live your ballot. But on Election Day we will reopen that twelve drop off sites. For mail ballots and so we want to give voters every single opportunity to make sure that vote gives to us. And that we count those votes this November. A lot of eyes will certainly be on your county Tuesday night as results start coming in some believe that a big night for biting in Harris County could actually tipped the scale in Texas and and maybe a whole election. So when you think that the American public should begin to expect in the majority of the results in Harris County will actually be in. Those dots it could be out on election night these one point four million or so early votes. Will be reported on election night just after the polls close at 7 PM. And throughout that night of course will be updating the results with Election Day totals and so immediately be night. But on election night Tuesday November 3 you will be sharing the results of the heirs county election. And lastly we've been talking with election officials all over the country over the past few weeks in and I've asked each one of them the same question what's the number one thing that keeps you up at night. With regard to the election. It's what voters care about safety and long lines so we're making sure they were protecting our voters and our election workers. Or call 800 of our Election Day voting sites. There we're gonna make sure that we move those lines along. Provide all of the equipment and and other resources necessary to make sure that those voting centers run smoothly and we ultimately report absolves out. As soon as possible an election night. Chris Rollins thank you so much for your time we appreciate it felt. Giddy day. The self proclaimed head of a white supremacist group who reportedly ran a hate camp and one of his associates have been arrested in Michigan. Authorities say Justin Watkins and Alfred Korman. Took this photo at a home where they thought the producer of an antique a podcast live but it turns out that a young family actually lived inside. Watkins in corpsman were charged with multiple crimes. We just as Amy coney baron now on the Supreme Court next week the justices will hear their first major case on religious liberty and nondiscrimination against LG BTQ families. The case involves Foster care in the city of Philadelphia and whether Catholic social services agency can be denied a contract for child placement because of its refusal to work with same sex couples. Our debt and wire went to Philadelphia for closer look at this dispute and the children caught in the middle. For nearly thirty years Sherri L Fulton has opened her Philadelphia home to dozens of the city's most vulnerable children I have room in my house. And time in my life. And I want to make a difference. The Catholic mother of three has been a Foster mother to more than forty her kids coming from families often broken by drugs and abuse you may come up pie. He kissed them it's elements going to be our right. NFL active. In 2018 folk tunes work as a Foster parent for Catholic social services was abruptly put on hold. After the city froze its contract with the agency over its refusal to work the same sex couples I was devastated. I just couldn't believe his Catholic social service does wonderful work at we have children that hurt. And we need to service. Philadelphia in a push to recruit more Foster families made clear that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Was forbidden under city contracts. Deputy mayor Cynthia fig wearer herself a Catholic told Catholic social services he could no longer refuse gay and lesbian parents. Continue receiving taxpayer funds pay. This is a voluntary contract we don't hold any provider. To commit to having a sign if they don't want to adhere to the contract privilege should. To the city it's pretty straightforward he ventured into a contract that says very explicitly that you are to serve all in Annie. I'm and that's not that's when you know mutually applied to all providers. The agency in Catholic Foster parents journal Fulton sued the city alleging they were targeted for the religious beliefs in violation of the First Amendment. Lower federal courts rejected those claims but now the US Supreme Court will decide where did the city went too far. There have been no complaints against Catholic social services and no. Same sex couple never hurts them but if one did they would help them to find an agency insert that family and help them on their Foster care journey and. Of the 24 private agencies and Philadelphia's Foster care network Catholic social services is the only one it says would deny applications from same sex couples as a matter of faith. Even because there's other organizations doesn't mean that one should be allowed to discriminate against a particular community wide freeze them out at a time when you have so much yeah. There's LG BTQ you'd in the system. And I think it sends a very strong message to them that their support in a protected as children benefit adults are right would be discriminated against. Caught in the middle are at risk Philadelphia children and teens there are currently 4300. Kids in the city's resource homes. Including nearly 19100 with Foster families. About 300 children are in group facilities awaiting placement we have kids. Dying in the street every single day total and you want to fight about who can. Foster child I got let's get past retired cop Kevin Bernard and his wife Patti recently became Foster parents for the first time. Taking in a five month old baby girl from a family with close ties to their church. We don't really know what the outcomes going to be we don't know she's going to be of those for two years. For a year and a half where ever we don't we don't know what's on how and in what it takes to be a good Foster care. I would say you know have loans moon and known. Patients. There's such a need for people that have a heart to help the children. Should be involved in the system. Was that there. We're paging Shani Davis have been sharing their love with Philadelphia Foster kids for seven years. Taking in ten children and teens who breezy and his son of their own little public policy. Derek hitter that car on their case there are. The davis' say having same sex parents in the Foster system is critical studies show OG BT young people are disproportionately. In need of Foster care. And that many who were removed or ran away from Foster placements did so because of the caregivers hostility toward their sexual orientation or gender identity we could have. And that inter mediate between a towel transitioning. Into their adulthood into their own identity. And sell them that is saying we want to be there for those children and ordered to do. I'm not a morning. I say this. Captain serves as they found a contract the contract specifically state what you gonna include all type thing. But after nearly 200 years of Catholic social services working with children and families in Philly. Some wonder whether the move to cut ties over the police and homosexuality. Is fair and constitutional. As freedom. As both sides when there's two sides of freedom right. And this country was founded on religious freedom and has sites you should deal would help where you can help them. And still practice your faith and so did church wants to help but they can't do it in another area dinner should be somebody that can help those people. Also do that. I grew up Catholic went group Christians still go to church on Sundays take us time where a member part of our Catholic community here in Philadelphia. However. Everyone isn't. However this is about the children this is not about what we do behind closed doors so for youths had. Or eliminate families facing a mean things sex is eliminating a potential loving home for child. Yes with your case before the Supreme Court Cyrano Fulton awaits a decision that are now quiet north Philly home. The trees for Foster children planted. Still gloomy as a source of hope if Catholics sorts of services loses the case and the city's rules are upheld would you. Continue fostering with a veteran with another agent no I would not because at this age. And in my life I don't wanna start all over game with somebody else's rules and regulations who don't respect my religious values. And I believe and that the what I don't think so no it would be difficult for ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Philadelphia. It is indeed all about the children our thanks to DeVon for then turning out to the battle for the senate Amy Grant is trying to do what six democratic candidates have not been able to do for the last 36 years defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. She joins us now thanks so much for your time especially during these busy last few days of the campaign. Well we're working very hard idol are excited they can imagine so in 2016. President trump won Kentucky by thirty points. 538 gives a president a nine. 100 chance of winning this state again. How many charm supporters you need to win over in order to have a shot at beating Mitch McConnell. We know what my message has always then. Let's elect. Somebody who's gonna put this country about their political party and I am I will work with any president. To do what's right for Kentucky. So you know there are lot of people no matter who they're gonna vote for president recognized bit Mitch McConnell the senator McConnell has been there too long. That he is part of it dysfunctional system. That is so partisan and so polarized and so dysfunctional that it canning get anything done. For Kentucky in the middle of a national security crisis that we have right now with the with nineteen. And so that message is resonating that you know it comes down to look you wanna during the slop you can't trends mop until you get rid of the guy that built it. And that's mr. Kopp. But part of being there too long and he has been able to amass a lot of power right to what would you say don't Kentucky resident. Who enjoys having the most powerful Republican in congress representing them should voters give up having to top party leader from their state. For a new senator who will have less influence. Well you know what my Philippine techies don't come up to me and say well senator McConnell power is really working for us. You know what people care about here right now. Folks can't afford their prescription medication. They can't pay the rent. We know we're trying to get kids back in school and and feel lucky William Broad band so their kids have to get McDonald's. To do their homework. You know we have a health care problem here in this country we have 300000 tech teens is still don't have health care the senator McConnell wants to take pig out here from people. So it's its bread and other it. Butter issues of what I say to folks is it's not about the parents how do you tell you use that power. Senator McConnell uses his power for himself and special interests the wealthiest 1% does not use it for Kentucky. And in fact. We get rid of him we can get lower prescription drug prices we can have your health care we can invest in knots because he's holding all of that operated. And Mitch McConnell has said that he considers a confirmation of justice Amy Connie Barrett a major accomplishment it cannot be on done. If you do get to this and it William back efforts from progressive Democrats to get rid of the filibuster or expand the Supreme Court. Well tell you I'm not it just didn't impact in courts right now I mean just didn't unpack in the senate. Because the reason we are in the position that we are in right now. It's because of senator Mitch McConnell he has polarized and destroy this process from the very beginning. So the first step to getting our democracy back is getting rid of him. And I I will say that we have to fix this the new generation of leaders is going to happen to look at our democracy and fix it. Because senator McConnell has destroyed. It was once the greatest deliberative body on the on the plant. And now he can't even get us to eighty that we deep need in the middle and national security crisis. And to the Supreme Court nominee that he just rammed through its all out here. He couldn't take it political care act legislatively for decades announced trying to do it in the courts. And you know people are tired so that's why they're gonna vote for change here in just. Few days. OK we thank you so much for your time really appreciate you coming on the show aiming the perhaps. Her. Didn't talk but you also went when we come back at some doing to get closer to nature some do it to be daredevil to meet the group's swimming. In a most unusual of places. Yeah. Finally tonight an exhilarating way to make some new friends are Maggie ruling boldly jumps and with some wild swimmers. Can't tell you I'm. I'm not not nervous right now. We do. I'm walking clean awkwardly can do they cooled. Plus two he's English Channel at sunrise. Why you last lets you in one. Because of this woman who throws but he vicious make her brief moment it's just wanted to. 87 years she's that fearless leader of the Seifert mermaids a group of more than a hundred in fifty people and growing. Who swim together off the southern coast of England. For some it's a chance to get back to nature others say this swim for the myriad of suppose it health benefits and for many its own without the. Yeah god non. Hey he Joseph. Yeah. And threatening Maine and yeah. Cruise ships built over a morning spent simmering sun my site in cold water. And in this slim hammering do you rely on route and it's. Every night at 9 o'clock sharp Ruth uses the skills from when she was an alligator in the royal air force to how to read weather pattern and put out a detailed swim forecast for the following morning. Good morning we run that wants to between Britain's. So that's just fact to this moment he is and nervous honorary member of the Seifert mermaids. Over here at the bees just before sunrise and look at that there is art he. More than a dungeon if some members out there in the water let me tell you it its. Cold it is windy yet somehow I think every single one of them are smiling. Taunting you right. Out the mermaid show up 365. Days a year rain or shine. The water rate now is about 57 degrees Fahrenheit angle take in seems like that's going to be warm but I found out things ten degrees a you lose dexterity and feeling in feet and hands within a five to fifteen minutes. Good my ring let me tell lot of. Follow new thing for my first clean water line. Alexi certainly. Warming up after our swim we meet Joseph when her mom. Joe's friend encouraged her to join the mermaids a few months ago after Joseph lost her job. During the pandemic. Hasn't made a difference you. And really what the life. But the difference in my before we are. The smuggler. Well outside the bodies cannot look at the. Panic would tell. For years cold water swimmers have sent the sport is a powerful mood booster. So this scientists are really interested in where and when looking to listening assuming you call bulletin. Our potential flaw. Treatment old Saturday his could be used to being. Annual multi generational issue neuro degeneration and didn't and I'm also instance it meant outs on 108. Cooks them. One more thing you'll notice about the Seaver mermaids is that almost. All of them for women it's a common trend in wild swimming some women say they find it helpful for their chronic pain condition that disproportionately affects women. Others say it's helped feel more confident in their bodies everybody else feels like you know conscious yet you know much at all it's Saddam. And perhaps the other best walking advertisement for cold water why don't swimming his group. After our swim route and I catch up with a full English breakfast do you think that cold water swimming helps me being this lightly and by the easiest. They say oh yeah yeah it's wakes you up some optional moment. That feel invigorated to do things going in the decades some of Bosch members have come to me insane. I used to get depressions. I don't gold again I used to get aches and pains I no longer get them it's a vicious. Not just the cold water swimming it's the fact that they saw in the community. That it's. In principle can with one on mouth I mean it's fantastic what they'll do for one another. In the communities booming already gaining in popularity over the past few years the sport is now exploded under lockdown since then the Seifert mermaids have doubled in size. Ruth reminds us newbies who wild swimming to start slowly go with someone who is experienced. And he especially cautious about weather conditions in the ocean. But she says that while swimming is for everyone. Who matter during its. There have been found its stated childhood started all over again. Ms. Ruth reminds us never be afraid to Marcus plants. And I really ABC news secret England. Go and Maggie those mermaids certainly young and hard and before ago tonight our image of the day we have all been there before had too much even. Just gonna need is relax and kick back this group of California adults perfectly capture the mood of over indulgence on Halloween with their candy color look costumes their owner however assures us no dogs were actually given. Any candy. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned ABC news on for more context and announces of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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