ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The ongoing fight to protect health care workers; Can the US Postal Service handle mail-in voting?; Impeachment counsel: Bolton could've 'proved' impeachment articles, wanted 'pay day'
49:16 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Ray room glance. Images of a massive it. Circulating on social media rocking the Lebanese capital killing a mushroom cloud over the city and feeling questions what sparked this explosion. Tonight dozens are dead and hospitals are overwhelmed with thousands of people injured. Tornadoes flooding downstream influential ways he's idea makes its Rampage top big East Coast millions without power. Shaq just cool but not back to normal the school debate raging from coast to coast and escape seeing a surge in cases the pumping the brakes tonight. And months after this pandemic began how first responders still struggling to get critical equipment. A report on what's being done to address a C. Send this concern and conversation with the former head of the senses about just how damaging an undercount could do. What he says needs to happen. And the motivation we all need. To get up and get moving. We daily see her right look good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. Right now he's saying is is pushing its way into northern New England as it marches on to Canada leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Stretching from Korea go to Boston and beyond. The storm made landfall in North Carolina as a category one hurricane with winds topping 85 miles per hour. Igniting several fires in beach communities and that stayed overnight. And when daybreak hit. The water rescues began up and down the East Coast this was a scene in Maryland just outside the nation's capital where Amanda had to be rescued from high water there. And on top of the flooding east say is also spawned tornadoes. Including this one at the Jersey Shore. Lots to get to tonight the Tonya on the sleeves assault with a deadly trail of destruction from east audience. Tonight the winds are. Rain and storm surge troop. Threes down across New York City this what do killing a sixty year old man in Queens. Drunken David humans from east IDS tore through parts of Brooklyn Paul Linus sycamore trees in this park. Split in half the massive branches crashing down and crushing cars below. The heavy rain quickly flooding roads and trapping drivers on interstate 76. Near Philadelphia. No scared. Buy into that keep us you're gonna draft. Outside Washington DC two cars with multiple people inside swept off the road salt clinging to trees one pulled the roof. Teams rescuing them with graphs and in your vote no one seriously hurt and across the northeast multiple tornado warnings. This book quotes ordered ocean city New Jersey and hold throughout this Delaware neighborhood torn apart. But that really bad part this area is this house right here but the whole back house. The house is gone hostile to tree lifted up out of the ground. At that point that's what I saw the whole back of the house criminal code of the property first thought is they got there were here Scott spear him a life long home. From a voice powerful winds from a likely tornado in thirty county North Carolina. Flipping cars and splintering multiple homes two were killed twenty horror. Ginny should Thomas was home with her daughter. We may be in the bats. And I'll put my body overhauls 15 PM Monday at a time did you lose everything if he. East of Richmond Virginia holds knocked from their foundations. Are. EC US making a dangerous late night landfall just north of Myrtle Beach as a category one hurricane with sustained winds of 85 miles an hour. Those powerful waves are drowning out or rob Marciano on Carolina beach. Plus life threatening storm surge flooding homes burying cars in sand and filling homes with debris. He'd oak island North Carolina resident riding out the ferocious winds and surging water in the dark. I'll show first outlaws and house an early show. Power lines fourteen fires on ocean isle beach multiple homes in gold. State police emptied as most had evacuated. It's on the Imus joins us now from Brooklyn tech scene for us Tom what happened when first responders first arrived at that collapsed building behind you. What was the whizzer to pick up here Brooklyn. This building collapses firefighters rush in they realize nobody is their dad is. Is the good news nobody was inside at the time but the winds kept picking up when they realize all this debris could become project dolls they shut up the block. Lindsay luckily nobody was hurt. Good news there okay Tommy honest thanks so much for your reporting. But in the meantime millions of people are without power as he's saying is continues its deadly run up the East Coast the storm and outage is raising the question. Where do you go when you have no power in the middle of a pandemic Stephanie Ramos is in New Jersey where more than a million people are currently in the dark. Heard Katie say he has Assange waters about along the Jersey Shore and brought with the wind gusts of over a hundred miles an hour. He started feeling even K navy Jersey just after 9 PM. That washing machine feeling that's what we're in right now and should just calm down in the last five seconds but the way into the whole grains of sand just. Really whip paying all around those who. Winds knocking down traffic lights trees and power lines have been putting more than three million in the dark walls the storm cell more than a million just a New Jersey. Should you have to go out. And come across he downed power line please immediately reported to emergency services. Someone reported this barking line and while we were interviewing emergency manager Jerry in otherwise it exploded. No one was hurt and this is basically a result of the North Carolina Town Car and fired an explosion that particular. It's good for you so what can happen tonight hospitals up and down the storm zone that we're dealing with the corona virus coming out dealing with distort truth. These coastal community is no stranger to powerful storms and all kinds of weather emergencies but this time it's different. To say this is not an easy endeavor in the midst of a pandemic would be the understatement of the day. Stephanie Ramos joins us now we just heard the governor talking about this double whammy of dealing with the storm in the middle of a pandemic is that expected to slow down the process of restoring power. That's very possible the governor New Jersey saying that these challenges electrical teams have faced is really the damage that they've seen. All across this region but these crews here they're expected to be here if Ruben night and into tomorrow until powers fully restored. Lindsay Stephanie Ramos for us on the ground there in Cape May thanks so much Stephanie. Ginger Xie joins us now ginger thankfully this storm was not a category two or higher but. Still what a trail of destruction left behind. And really a unique storm to watch this thing race and I mean bolts for the Canadian border remember it was just less than 24 hours ago it making landfall now covering the holiest closed. Still it's racing's Della Tony miles per hour to the north northeast it's normal stuff that the Canadian border it's up there Burlington Vermont feeling some of the heaviest rains as outer bands all the way through Maine and the Cape Cod Massachusetts. But just because it's dry behind the storm doesn't mean you don't have impacts were still seeing gusts of thirty to sixty miles per hour and will throughout. Tonight but that we're gonna say goodbye to this I have to timing out for you because this is the best part it all leaves after midnight most people are done and we don't talk about is I ES. At all any longer so the moisture both rain and of course the winds are going to lessen as we get into the early morning hours of Wednesday and by tomorrow. It'll be all about cleaning up. Lindsay. Glad to say goodbye to it you say yes ginger thanks so much. Now drawing fears over reopening schools in the middle of this pandemic Mississippi which currently has one of the most severe Covert outbreaks in the country. Unveiled plans today to reopen schools some are already back in session and many schools nationwide opened just for a few days. There are already seeing new cases of the virus are Steve Olson Sami report. It's. Hit Mississippi tonight were a handful of high schoolers have already tested positive for the corona virus and where many children are already heading back to classrooms the State's governor says he was forced to act. Today I will sign an executive order there requires the use of mass. All adults and all children. In our schools. Unless there is a medical reason. Not to. He says he's also requiring face coverings for every one in all public places but only for two weeks. And he's delaying the start of in school instruction but only for older children and in areas with outbreaks. 98% of the icu beds and his state have someone in them. And one out of every five people tested for the virus is testing positive the highest rate in the nation. At the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. They ran out of beds in the icu weeks ago in a time of it opens us there are multiple patients waiting for that did. The death rate from the corona virus across the country this week is 24%. Higher than last week according to the government. 28 states are seeing an increasing number of hospitalizations. Outside Atlanta hundreds of teachers are out sick. The crane a Stanley in Georgia sent their kids to school today with masks the father says it was a difficult decision. Some of the concerns that hurdler on the first a half of the children over in Damascus. The other half. Dozens and convenient night when can end. And everything's. I didn't really. Let wearing. In Phoenix teachers concerned about getting sick are protesting. Suddenly keep and six feet apart and had really keep down. Safe for me Chad their teachers in eastern Arizona have already lost a friend Kimberly Lopez Byrd was loved by her students. And her superintendent says he's concerned about reopening classrooms. I'm scared authorities and at that. See those and signed joins us now from Atlanta we're seeing pictures of crowded children in schools what are parents are making the tough choice to send their kids to school saying tonight. Well one thing we're hearing from parents is bad they don't necessarily want to be judged for this decision and added not everything is. As it appears to some people some parents tell us that we know they can't send their kids to daycare because Victor. Cargo bay and they have essential jobs so they need to send their children to school and then there are other parents who are saying that they've decided for themselves bad. The risks and the precautions that are being taken to minimize those risks aren't enough and that there is no reasonable pair. Who would do anything. To purposefully harm their child so this is a lot more complicated than some of those pictures that have been floating around the Internet make it seen plenty. Enhancing also were late today of an elementary school class now quarantined Aaron Georgia. That's right there is a second grader and a Cherokee county grade school whose family. Has just learned that the student tested positive for the corona virus since school only started. Yesterday and so what that means as that that child's entire classroom of twenty students and the teacher. I'll have to quarantine at home for two weeks and Lindsay you know this school year is just getting started. And we expect to see much more of this Brian OK Steve us and coming thanks so much. Enter now to Washington were present trouble appears to be downplaying corona virus outbreak in US despite more than 156000. American lives now loss but. When pressed during an interview about the grim numbers the president's it quote. It is what it is and insisted the virus is under control here's ABC's senior national correspondent Terry morale. With his own task force members calling the pandemic extraordinarily. Wide spread across the country president trump in his HBO interview with Jonathan swan a back to Yost. Still he insisting all his wealth and suggesting. Nothing more can be done anyway. Lets you. I think it's under control articulate Powell tells American to Donald they are dying that's true and do you have it is what it is. But that doesn't mean we are doing everything we can and it's under control as much as you can control it this is a horrible plague that. Beset us. More than a 156000. Americans have died far more than any country in the world but the president keeps saying it's the testing that makes America look that. You know there are those that say. He intends to like she didn't know that Christians that I'll just read the manuals read the book you'll just read them on the news read the books. And charts in hand cherry picking statistics on deaths from the virus right here the United States is lowest. Indeed. Numerous categories. Will lower than the world low for the lower than what you're. Walk in one particular. The facts while the US house. Has a relatively low death rate among those infected case deaths. Other countries most affected by the virus America has one of the highest Kobe death rates per capita but the president didn't want to hear it. All you're doing deficit reported cases are talking about deficits reporter population that's where the US is really bad out. While much worse than South Korea Germany ten. Can't you can't do that. President from their questioning the numbers Terry Moran joins us now and just to be clear here for our viewers on the numbers the US. Is not doing well on deaths compared to the rest of the world. Not at all Lindsay the United States has failed in many fronts in confronting this pandemic. And on death sadly perhaps most of all the United States leads the world in corona virus death a 156000. The next highest total. Brazil with 95000. New Mexico after that was 48 thousands of the United States. It is just had so much more death because we have a pandemic that is basically out of control now the president likes to point. To that low number. Deaths. Given the number of infections three and X number of cases and just so many deaths and that is lower than other countries because we do have a robust. Medical system but as a percentage of the population. By the pandemic has struck the United States harder than any country in the world and it's our. Fall and the present also raise some eyebrows today by defending mail in voting in his home state of Florida despite his weeks long and tax on mail in ballots but let's take a step back and what's the bigger concern about the president's messaging on this issue. Well first your first it is rich that president trump today said he wanted to make sure that mail and bat balloting in Florida was known by the voters of Florida a battleground state to be safe and secure he wants is. Mail in ballots to be counted. But the bigger dangers his wily continues in other states to undermine and try to sabotage the legitimacy of mail in voting. He will depress the number of voters home port of having elections get people out to vote you adapt to save decide who the winner is. Is in the middle of a pandemic tried to discourage the legitimacy of mail in voting Republicans are upset at this. They understand that a lot of the Arab voters and elderly voters and others many others will want to vote by mail it'll take awhile to account. But they are trying to get the president certainly in Florida to get the vote out by mail because that's where a lot of it is gonna come this time. And the president and members of his family members of his cabinet many of them have said. That they will fight now Ari Terry grant thanks so much. Our attorney now to something all Americans need to complete and as soon as possible the US census in the middle of the pandemic the -- administration has quietly moved up the deadline to finish the once a decade survey. There's concern tonight at that could lead to an undercount joining us now is a former director of the US Census Bureau John Thompson who served until June of 2017. Thanks so much for your time now you ran the 2000 census and worked in the bureau for 27 years. First up for everyone who may not be aware walk us through why the census is so important and why an accurate count of who lives where is so critical for our government. Certainly show. That this angle census testing constitutional. Purpose to three apportion House of Representatives. The data are used to draw. National congressional voting districts local voting districts. The results are used to allocate over one point five trillion. Dollars. Per per year a federal funding to Darius localities. And the census is just a valuable resource poor. State and city and local planners and businesses use it to make. Informed decisions about where start companies due to higher the big issue is is that if there are errors. Or under counts are overcast for that matter in the dissent you'll sensors. Then or and take 20/20 for example in the whose errors would be what this war on ten years in between can take the 23 chances. What are those arrows mean in very practical sense if you're an area and you suffer an undercount then you'll get less than your fair share. Federal funds. You might not kitchen full representation. In congress so it has a real fact. And obviously it's a major challenge to conduct a census in the middle of a pandemic now the four covet nineteen hit. The count was supposed to be finished by the end of July Lee administration push that October 30 for than yesterday announced. They were moving it to September 30. Roughly four in ten households still have not responded so are you worried that they won't be able to count everyone within the next two months. I am extremely concerned. That the Census Bureau is going to be forced to. Cut corners or take shortcuts. Career people the Census Bureau. Initially laid at a plant that said we're going to need between from April 11 two bit dated October. To you do you the enumeration. And then to do all the process and it takes to make the data available they want to extend to book April 31 up toward 21. Now the Supreme Court denied the administration's attempt to add a citizenship question to the census that recently the president issued a policy memorandum. Directing the Census Bureau to exclude undocumented immigrants from data used to decide congressional representation. You testified alongside other former heads of the Census Bureau last week. Are you worried this memorandum regardless of its legality will lead to an undercount of our most vulnerable communities. So I'm very concerned that the issuance. That memorandum will increase. The the fears and concerns of many of the traditionally hard to count populations. That their date it will not be kept confidential. And in return they will and be very difficult to get to participate in the twinkling sense it's and that will lead Cuba under Kent. It's and lastly if we take a step back obviously we're in unprecedented territory here with the pandemic but. If the Census Bureau numbers producing US population its millions less in the 2010 census. What's the recourse here my former director colleagues and I had recommended. That the congress commission an independent. An objective. And two key organization. That can develop. Some metrics if you roller measures. But in advance of the 20/20 census that can be used to determine definite that act the way the twinkling census apportionment counts of tit for news. Mr. Thompson we thank you so much for your time appreciate it thank you. And when we come back the unimaginable flash blocking being rude destruction throughout the city the ongoing search for survivors. As so many are asking tonight. What happened. Is North Korea now able to put nuclear weapons on ballistic missiles the new UN report that you need to know about but up next. Medical workers in this country still struggling to get beat the even months after the first confirmed case is inside the US how could this happen here. The outside group that's trying to help. Since the start of this pandemic we have been talking about the need to protect our health care workers with proper PPE personal protective equipment now. With corona virus case is surging across the country. ABC's will car takes a closer look at one group's fight to protect our health care heroes on the frontlines. For those working on the front lines Tobin nineteen comes with an inherent professional danger yeah very sad scary moment Dolly top yet as a nurse at the saving community clinic in Los Angeles. Now we never know within walking stick to explain this summons infected or not whether ringing and he exposed to. Today are not. At the beginning of the hand that make doctors and nurses experienced a massive shortage of PPE including those critical in 95 masks move at a federal hearing in July being the leaders laid out the challenges. And respond to co in nineteen and other natural disasters in 2020. FEMA has met the more difficult task of manage and finite medical supplies and equipment rather than managing resources we are managing shortages. ABC news is highlighted how at times hospitals and clinics were running out of their best line of defense. I think that big thing that we need on the front lines were out. It is personal protective gear four are my colleagues and myself. The PPE shortage has touched every corner of the country as hospital administrations have been forced to stockpile resources. From California. Up to New York City the original epicenter in the United States we. We are demanding that we get. All the hoarded supplies that exists a PP he's so that we can protect ourselves our families. To help direct relief a nonprofit based in Santa Barbara California is one of the organizations that has been shipping PPE including those precious in 95 masks free of charge. The more than 121000 health clinics. All across the country in addition to the mass there's gloves gowns face shields for goggles and thin face shields. Hair coverings and shoe coverings those who the basic keep the items direct relief actually makes its own in 95 mask to help during California's wildfire seasons. In addition the nonprofit buys mass from 3M in other companies. So far direct relief says it's distributed more than thirteen million masks since cove in nineteen broke out in the United States. When that statement that we doesn't mean from dec. They'll give us about seeing Amy. Yeah. And that's a huge help in a world war price gouging is made it difficult for clinics and hospitals to buy enough PPE distaste say we know the men and 95 improve mass that we make. They cost a hundred dollars so they have someone call. And try to sell the same product that they were fortunate to snag for. State dollars was insulting and awful to combat that price gouging direct relief is providing critical supplies to more than thirty million people. We're really wrinkles where maybe Johnny down they Johnny Mac they don't need Acie Law. It's this huge meaning now. They will car joins us now from the direct relief factory filled with PPE we also the federal government is stockpiling masks to but. For their issues. That's right Lindsay the United States government is stockpiling mass but according to the city see some more beyond their shelf life and now have to be studied to see if they can still be using. Even though we have that stockpile there are some health care workers across the country saying hey we need these maps right now because we're still in the middle of a crisis glancing. And his trip is not just helping people inside the United States that are brought as well. That's right they deliver PP to all fifty states and you can see all of these flags here at the top of this warehouse they also had been delivering PP through this pandemic to 85. Other countries everywhere from Mexico all the way to the mark know Paul and so many countries and between. When's it. Will car thanks so much for your reporting. And still ahead on ABC news time stranded in paradise. The literal SOS that led to a South Pacific rescue also stimulus stalemate with millions of Americans waiting for a lifeline our lawmakers any closer to an agreement. And more male more problems and questions tonight about the future of the Postal Service we go by the numbers but first. Actually the day roughing on the doll saying he will not take part in the US open because Kobe. He's out of control. And welcome back everyone amid this pandemic an unprecedented number of Americans are expected to vote by mail in the upcoming election. This is the US Postal Service is planning cuts that could delay mail delivery and cause more chaos. With house Democrats this week calling for testimony from the postmaster general with a closer look at the Postal Service. By the numbers 240. Years we've had the US postal service of Benjamin Franklin serving as the first postmaster general. Today is a 71 billion dollar business and would be the 44 largest company America if it were a private company. With more than 630000. Employees and Postal Service is the second largest civilian employer in the United States last year. It delivered 143. Billion pieces of mail. 90% of Americans think favorably of the post office making it the number one most popular federal agency according to pew survey from last year. But first thirteen consecutive years it suffered net losses and its leadership says his current business model. Simply not sustainable. Still lots more it gets you here on high until. Warning tonight after this deadly blast Lebanon's prime minister saying those responsible will pay as the death toll mounts. Our competition with the man who wrote the articles of impeachment against president trump his thoughts as we get closer to Election Day. And the investigation now under way in Texas after the fifth soldier from Fort Hood die since may. The first years of the trending stories on At least four people have been killed by tropical storm do you say yes trees down across New York City this morning killing a sixteen year old man human weakness amid heavy rain quickly flooding roads and trapping drivers from hosting interstate 76. Near Philadelphia and I was scared. Fire that she doesn't crown outside Washington DC and you are multiple people and suddenly swept off the road salt. Clinging to trees one on the rule. Virus cases are increasing in fifteen states hospitalizations. Are underneath 28 and deaths are on the rising nearly three dozen states president trump remaining viruses under control in an interview with the easiest on HBO. Despite the US having around a quarter of the world's infections and deaths. In the United States is lowers its. Look and numerous categories. Well lower than the world 00. And sports hero. And watch school districts around the country have been. Looking at it from administration for guidance safely getting kids back in the classroom but there is no specific national plan in place. I'm fighting and another that's. He probably feel a little. A teacher from Lake County Florida taking matters into her own hands wringing her classroom when plastic dividers in Arizona dangers of circling the State Capitol in cars road testing the State's school reopening plans. And sixty tiring and had a leaky it's change or any Chad and another round of talks for his stimulus relief deal had hit a snag this senate Republican leaders say they're likely won't be consensus to pass a bill big reason there is still no unemployment extension or other co invade the senate Republican majority the other shuttle Atlantis is not a whole lot of movement yet and I'm feeling his. Things have been trusts that would like well. Senator Mitch McConnell saying it is likely you'll be the culmination of his own party and Democrats passed the senate amendment despite Republicans holding their bodies during his week. Don't spend the money that is needed now. Boy held. Beat this crisis economically you know why Google+ there's a lot more later. The senate cast away rather total real life rescue three sailor stranded in the Pacific were saved after writing a giant NASA less and in the sand and Israel had been missing for three days there alert message spotted by US and Australian forces from the sky I'm a tiny islands and Micronesia they were met on the beach and are reportedly in good condition. Several famous Leo celebrating birthdays today former President Obama turning to 59. His VP and when he when he contender Joseph Biden called Obama his brother and friend former First Lady Michelle Obama sharing this throwback tech Obama shares per day with Megan Markel who today injuring 39. All the royals including the queen sending their well wishes. Welcome back hospitals in Beirut already near the brink you to the pandemic are overwhelmed at this hour after a catastrophic blast clients port rocked the city. The death toll continues to mount thousands are injured the massive explosion that started in a warehouse housing more than 2700. Tons of ammonium nitrate. Created a mushroom cloud that hovered over the city. Which remains stunned tonight in panel. As the latest. Noontime sixty shall. There's a massive explosion in front (%expletive) in Beirut pool. The blast occurring around 6 PM local time eyewitness video showed up and a series this bulletin two nations until the group hopes suggesting perhaps one works. What happened next was the home bigger. Devastating. Sending a mushroom found across the city the fronts of buildings ripped off. Come most Schultz Apolo wins shattered the streets showered with debris for miles around. Because they didn't show show citizens staggered through black and streets hospitals a row. Overwhelmed with casualties there Lebanese Health Minister saying schools a dead and thousands injured the health care system already overwhelmed and voicing hope inspections. And an economy in three full. Tonight the questions begin about what cools the blast and who's responsible. Certainly lots of questions remain and in panel joins us now in this could not have happened at a worse time for that city's health services. What can you tell us about the situation right now. Yet us right Lindsey you've got to pitch he pull Lebanon is in the middle of the corona virus crisis that is struggling to keep up with. It's in the middle of economic free fall its struggling to even keep the power on in the hospitals to keep is system's bad. And now it's had these huge explosion. Who also questions about what caused it but the scenes have been absolutely incredible is appear that there was a fire at this building down into. Port area and then moments faces catch it on multiple videos boy eyewitnesses. You see this enormous explosion by far the largest explosion. I've ever seen it sends debris across the city the fronts of buildings a blown narrow columns that destroyed people are killed many many have been injured thousands injured schools killed. And the destruction just goes Allman on the blast apparently was felt as far away as the island of Cyprus. That is almost 200 miles away by say it shows you quite how intensive was the US Geological Survey reports think that he was a magnitude 3.3. How well M or do we know about the cause. Yes well president trump is being speaking in suggesting that it was an attack. Now that has not been suggested by the authorities in a Beirut that we know this is a country at the moment their heightened tensions. Between Israel and Hezbollah for heightened tensions. Because we're getting an important judicial ruling coming up about some assassination of former prime minister what the country's interior ministers said. Is that highly explosive material made that being kept at the site. The latest suggesting that it was ammonium nitrate ammonium nitrate is a key ingredients in a loan of homemade bombs IED's improvised explosive devices. Abdul says launch a device is the Oklahoma City bombing for example. Perpetrated by Timothy McVeigh. The main constituent elements in that again was ammonia nitrate that if it was stored insufficient quantities that perhaps that could explain it more when looking aft is not a conspiracy. But just a terrible terrible tragic accident in a country that is struggling to keep its head above water pending the question tonight. Will be is this going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back in Lebanon does it took the country over the edge. Or does it actually send the signal that now is a time to pull itself together that everyone to come together and you're not just of the weight. Gotta wait OK in panel thanks so much for your reporting. And those images of a mushroom cloud in Beirut in indirect reminder of the dangers and horrors nuclear war could bring after beginning his term going after North Korea's Kim Jong-un even taunting him with words like rocket man. The press made bold attempt to charting a new path with the isolated nation. But to. Failed summits and a dramatic meeting at the DMZ has yielded zero progress when it comes to denuclearization. Now a new UN report is reportedly revealing that North Korea has probably develop the capability to put nuclear devices on ballistic missiles. Joining us now is former deputy assistant secretary of state an ABC news contributors seeming gay here's Steve if this report is act three what does it mean potentially in terms of our ability to contain North Korea. And means that we failed and when I say we say every president the last twenty almost thirty years. You know mr. trump tried one approach. It is failed presidents before nimble democratic Republican have tried more consistent approaches. And they have failed we've known that the that's a progress on the North Korean nuclear regime. Has continued and now the we have this UN report we have almost independent verification. That we believe that they miniaturized. In other words taken a nuclear weapon and made it small enough that it can go on a rocket that. The Booth theoretically could reach the East Coast cities and states and so. Hence your question is we have failed in the world is a much more dangerous place. And talk to us for a minute about actually being able to put miniature nuclear weapons on a ballistic missile. What does it mean in terms of where they may now be able to potentially strike. Yet a first for any country be able have the capability to have nuclear weapons and to threaten other countries are nuclear weapons they have to have several things one they have to have the rocket. So you have to a rocket that can go a long way. Then you have to be able to take that nuclear weapon and make it small enough thin and light enough so that that rocket can travel far distances. We've seen the first two out of the north Koreans what we haven't seen out of north Koreans is the ability to survive reentry. So the heat it's that's caused on reentry it was we saw that the dragons they can SpaceX capsule. Come down just couple days ago it's the same idea when it re enters the atmosphere I think it's very hot and it's very very difficult to have. The metallurgy and a capability to survive reentry. The fourth saying that the north Koreans have yet to demonstrate is the abilities target to put that nuclear weapon somewhere in the area than in the vicinity that they wanted to land so we've seen the first two and those are probably the most disconcerting. Because they can continue to threaten us we have to. We have to accept their bluff is and if it's a bluff if they say we can nuclear weapons and we can put him in the South Korea or we can put him in San Francisco or Chicago. We have to accept that on face value because we have seen that miniature warhead miniaturized warhead. And we have seen performance of the rockets theoretically able to reach the East Coast of the United States. Let me ask you this do think it's a block. I think they're parts of the our bluff I don't think that they have the ability you reentry and I don't think they have the ability to target but you know Indian horseshoes and anger and it's not close counts. And so in this sense is with something that we have to take seriously mr. Kim is using this to defend the regime so we we say always what is the intent of king of the Kim regime and that is survival and so they believe that having a nuclear weapon will prevent any kind and generous pay and Asian from South Korea. He kind of pressure from the United States and it will ensure the continuity of the regime because that is foremost. On their agenda. John North Korea has not conducted a nuclear test since 2017 but just last week Kim Jung and said. There'd be no more war because the country's nuclear weapons guarantee is safety how can they make advancements on their program in spite of the sanctions that we have in place. ED you know the up until a couple of years ago there were African nations. That were more sanction and then North Korea that sanctions on North Korea are not that hard and then you have countries like China there regularly trade and bust the sanctions on Chinese ships are constantly trading coal and Goodson and shipping oil in the North Korea so the sanctions are so porous that they really do all they do is make life difficult for the north Koreans. But it really doesn't stop them from their weapons program remember that the other intended their weapons program is to make money they were very close with the Iranians and they export their capabilities we don't know yet but we assume that they're exporting nuclear capabilities. And rocket technologies to Iran and they get cold hard cash for that and so that's what they're doing their Allard on the on the black glisten market around the world selling these things. But they very the sanctions that are designed to to stop that are prevent that are as as loose is a sin of. This is a sense OK thank you so much Steve Dan you're always appreciate your insight thanks so much here thanks. Texas authorities are now investigating the fifth death of a soldier from Fort Hood since may. Authorities say Francisco Gilberto Hernandez bargains died in a boating accident just weeks after another soldier was found on responsive in this same area. The death is now under investigation and officials have not said that any of the deaths are related. We're also learning more tonight another tragic navy accident off the coast of Southern California the navy announcing it has located the amphibious assault vehicle. That went down during a training accident last week. All of this sixteen people on board. Eight are presumed dead and eight Marines were pulled from the water one died in a hospital and two others remain in critical condition tonight. And we take a look at president trumpet in the cross hairs and how he's been investigated sued and impeach all since taking office we speak tonight to norm Eisen. Impeachment counsel to the House Judiciary Committee and author of a chase for the American people the United States. Vs Donald. I pleasures so glad to be with you. See you help break the two impeachment articles against president trump you're revealing your book that you had drafted ten articles before narrowing the focus to the Ukraine affair. Do you think anything would have changed if you'd cast a broader net. I used to believe that if we had cast the broadest possible romantic could have mated difference. And then I spent two weeks on the floor of the United States senate. As counsel one of the council to the house managers for the impeachment trial. And I saw that despite the overwhelming. Truth of that choose strongest possible articles that the president had. Headed extorted. And shaking down Ukraine to attack his political adversaries are American elections. Despite that evidence and even admitting that we hadn't proved a quid pro quo Bos senator acres with them brave exception of Mitt Romney. We're not Wellington convict the president so. Unfortunately I have concluded that it does not make a difference it's up to the American people and that's why I wrote this up. Hey here is can you just brought up Mitt Romney he was the only Republican senator to vote for comes conviction did that's surprise you at the time. And looking back could the Democrats have done anything differently to achieve a more bipartisan outcome. The decision of Mitt Romney was not a complete surprise the biggest surprises. I report my behind the scenes conversations with Mitt Romney as he struggled with the issues he struggled with his conscience you could see him doing it and he gradually came around. I'm the book is also. Full of mr. hicks that I made. I've made more than my share along the way ice doesn't buy it may obscure. 88 it could have made it different and former Nash. Security advisor John Bolten refuse to testify at the impeachment trial but later accused Democrats of quote impeachment malpractice for not investigating trumps dealings beyond Ukraine. Bolton has also said that trumpet had asked for China's help in the election how do you respond to bombs accusation. The book includes that hands it. Previously secret articles of impeachment and we describe the investigation along away. So as to what John Bolton says is just not true we did investigate buried probably. I write about the evidence that we discovered including startling new evidence. That the president. Colluded that we heard from the president's own the allies. That the president did close old blue with a rash so that and much more evidence would have been. Completed it John Bolton come in and talk to us. And we begged him to do it every one knew we were investigating probably ultimately is Jon bold fall. I explained in the book why we could have gotten more articles of impeachment. If only he had stepped forward and we could've blown out that he impeachment trial in the senate. Had even more witnesses the only eats. Step forward if there was any malpractice. Is John boatmen's malpractice with respecting his constitutional duty as responsibilities. And it as an American instead. He Chan does to put in a book and cash and that is reprehensible. Said is that. What you kept concluded is the reason that he didn't step forward just to put it on a book. I think he did it for though worst. And and really sad to say the most an American reasons it wasn't just money. He was clearly interested in that big pay day. I've come to that conclusion. That the reason John Bolton refused to cooperate with us and he could have proved almost every one. Of those ten articles of impeachment that I reveal. The first time that I drafted and it Bolton chose not to step forward and help us true those articles of impeachment. And did spend our country because he didn't want to work with Democrats. Chain. The bogus full of stories about how we tried various ways to get him to cooperate. We extended. A bipartisan hand to him to ask for his help and even he is to do it I believed. A real explanation is he was willing to subpoena from the Arab public and majority senate but he wouldn't cooperate because a party that is wrong bad is not what America's about last question. But it's really a two parter because I'm interested in piggybacking on what you just said he says the Bolton could approved every one of those articles. First question is would that have even made a difference anyway. Second part of the question is if trump wins reelection this fall teasing that the Democrats could try to impeach him again and if they do what lessons do you think that they in the form from the first impeachment. The role of bald and was explained to meet by scarier priest senior person. A. I someone who is any I'd Strom. An appointee. And very concerned. Permanent Republican who's said to me if there isn't one man in Washington DC. Who can slip committees Republicans and get that does support impeachment. It's John Bolton. And so bats. And bets they. The difference that they John could have made if he had stepped forward and eight you know I I think that the patent. That the book has lessons that would apply. To any future proceedings. Not just against president trump. But against other presidents and they are also important lessons. Because I believe that president trump is not if he loses gun and go peacefully from the White House I think he's gonna fight. With our all every. Tactic and all the energy that he had ads and the book is a blueprint to what he's gonna do and how to respond to it. He is going to use the legal system and distort the legal says he's got a lot. He's gonna get until bar every scandal book I take you behind the scenes bill bar it traps the commander in chief. Build our is the enabler in chief. But now hold the difference is the American people are awake. And they're aware we're seeing that in the polls they don't like what they see the president it it's gonna take the biggest lesson of the book it's called a case for the American people. Arguing in the book. To the American people that it's time for them to act and I think the public is behind accountability for Donald gaps it won't have to wait. First second and. I believe. Vasser eyes and we thank you so much for your time appreciate it. And coming up next meet the six year old packing quite the punch stay with us. Back now with a somber moment in Ohio to honor the lives lost one year ago today nine minutes of silence observed to pay tribute to the victims of the mass shooting in Dayton. On August 4 2019. And gunman opened fire near a bustling bar. Nine people died seventeen others were injured normally the city would have held vigils to honor the victims but because of the pandemic the city encouraged everyone. To participate in nine minutes of silence in small groups. And now the motivation we all need to get up and get moving. This bill believe he'll win the gate good. Some of those get out of quarantine and look to get back in shape take a look at this chance six year old ruby Tucker game. Again dominating those jabs and hooks upper cuts and crosses her father coaching her every step of the way. We started boxing when she was just here healthy she says she loves doing it. Because she gets to spend time with dad could this go. Fierce punch scenario before we go tonight our image of the day general Charles Brown sworn in. As the new air force chief of staff the first African American service she's in US history. The decorated pilot and commander was unanimously confirmed by the senate and today president trump called his rise an amazing achievement. And that is our show for the temperature to stay tuned ABC news a lot more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for strewn with us good night.

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