ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Beirut rocked by deadly blast; Who’s on Joe Biden’s VP list?; Black maternal mortality in US and its slave origins
56:33 | 08/06/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, August 5, 2020
A white dress smiling bride and beautiful wedding. These images were supposed to be memories last a lifetime. It's dead this horrifying footage shows just how quickly things can change in an instant. Stories like this. Thousands and merchants. As the dust settles and a heart broken city intends to pick up the pieces. So this pandemic crippling new communities like the one area still overwhelm with Kobe extending some patients 700 miles away to get help. She raced for a vaccine legal inside the lab where scientists are hard at work. Coping just one shot or Alter the course of this pandemic and our lives. It's supposed to be the happiness day of the new mothers like you can include guests or realistically. You know the last. In depth look at the medical prices taking black mothers from their families too soon. Sarah Palin her advice from one VP pick to another. That woman has really got to Easter or who they rare interview from. Former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Would she recommends for the coming Joseph Biden will soon choose as his running mate. Our little it's not holding back dishing out advice and opinions on a school year. Will be unlike any other. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us it has been declared. A disaster city cope with picked images continue to come in from Beirut perhaps even more disturbing than seeing a mushroom cloud over that city. Are the images that we're getting now of the desperate search through rubble and remains for survivors. Dozens remain missing. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced from their homes and thousands more injured. The hospitals there already on overlook from Kobe cases and as you can imagine the death toll is rising at least one American is said to be among the victims. The earth shaking blast that run multiple neighborhoods started in a warehouse in many asking questions about that warehouse inside. 2700. Tons of a highly explosive unsecured compound. Which is emerges a likely cause of that blast for senior foreign correspondent Ian panel leads us off tonight. With the very latest. Tonight a state of emergency has Beirut counts the dead and desperately searches for the missing. After that support could lead to blast. Everyday life but raised in a flash mushroom clouds and written deliberate smoke seen heard and felt the dozens of models. Buildings blown in half car was crushed glass lining the streets but the vocal. Makes twelve opponents in what should have been the best day of her life a broad right this is The Who wedding photos. Has the blast ripped through she seemed running for her life. A priest who like streaming service when the shockwaves hit. Stained glass raining down as the church shakes an American living in Beirut describing the nightmare. I generally thought the building was gonna crumble down by diamonds in my own home I ran down the street to see what was going on. Kind of took covered so much glass was falling from my. Amid an everywhere and so much glass on the street. At least one American citizens noon to be among the more than 150. Dance. Overwhelm hospitals forced to turn away the wounded. And more than a quarter but in people and now homeless in a country already in the depths of an economic crisis. Palestinians and the movie is then. This streets. Decimate it didn't have that there is one of the main event still intact areas became head and I think that that does it today that just trying to check. It anybody. Then in the wreckage of the building behind me. This is ruled that remains of the ports where the blast happened. A lifeline for a country this imports almost all its food now reduced to rubble. These before and after satellite images Choo pumps a rule but Greece to the ground. Has this chills shock citizens of this city come to terms with that devastating loss. The prime ministers vowing to find and punish who's responsible. Port officials placed under house arrest until an investigation determines who's to blame we're now learning that we'll move and tour and a half thousand tons of the move him nitrate stored here. A highly exclusive chemical often used in fertilizers. And the same chemical used in the Oklahoma City bombing but the amount schooled him day route. Cooper thousand times small. In Quincy thirteen the FBI demonstrated once an exclusion with 250. Pounds of ammonium nitrate would look right. Explosion in Beirut guest today. With 22000. Times more powerful the blast filled more than 100 miles away in Cyprus. Ammonium nitrate was confiscated from a Frasor and stored at the pole for six years but nothing appears to have beaten down to secure it. Does the investigation intensifies some officials appointing two gross negligence. But last night's president trump saying something else it looks like a terrible. The back. US Defense Secretary asked as saying today moves believe it was an accident. America who like others offering desperately needed help in the country gripped not just by the Clinton beat nineteen pandemic. But also a political and economic crisis. It's challenging it's sad. We've been on a roller coaster of emotions her wild years Zola. So from the sadness and anger extend itself to being scared me LeBron mortified at the beyond its. It's definitely an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone who. As days of mourning and months if doing here is appealing lie ahead one grandmother. Place old Lang design. The serenade for a shattered nation amid the ruins of the apartment a moment her granddaughter called simply. PG from the ash. Some unbelievable scenes playing out there in panel joins us now in was any concern that this highly dangerous material was being stored at a port. Not far from where a lot of that city's food is brought in. Gabby more more information ceased to be coming forward we now know that the material was zapped for at least six years. We understand from some of ABC's own group forcing them was taken from a Russian ship that are being taken in to pull this more than two enough. Thousand tons of this highly dangerous substance. But yes pulls outs of Lebanon could sing. Tip from multiple warnings saying that that have been people concerned about the way in which this material was told. The people that raised the alarm the letters have been Ritson and that clearly no action had been taken now we don't have that verified that this points. But I've heard it from sources and is now being reports in the Wall Street Journal's Associated Press. Also reporting this tonight had that would tie and with the fears of many people in Lebanon that this endemic corruption and mismanagement. The kind of thing that brought people are tones of the street in that thousands. It's a very same thing that accounts for these dangerous substance being held in the cold. Next to well all material comes into the country I'm very close to residential areas. I'm not being kept hoping we see the consequences of them. Yeah and speaking of those residential areas what can you tell us now about the needs in Beirut where so many are suddenly homeless. Yeah exactly I mean again I can't stress enough corn how difficult life already walls full or being Lebanese people more of them have lost their life savings. They can't get that money out to the back. That loss that jolt there are shortages of food. Electricity that powers O'Neal but throughout the day. And then suddenly this happens and then made homeless because of the humanitarian needs for the country are absolutely enormous. We're seeing a boring here in the French president said Emmanuel. My chrome is going to Beirut. He's already sending humanitarian assistance the British government saw put. The US government's is all for it humanitarian assistance that I seen a remarkable movie even Israel sworn enemy of Lebanon the two countries have consistently go to war with each other. Israel has offered not just medical assistant sold so humanitarian assistance. Is well even projecting an image of the Lebanese lack. Public building in downtown Tel Aviv cutting is highly unlikely that help will be accepted. But the need to end the scale of it is enormous. And they can't come fast enough. Get countries coming together to help in panel thanks so much for your reporting. And joining us now is Michael had Jozy and he lives in Beirut and was on his way home when those blasts occurred. Michael thanks so much for joining us and first up just how are you do you have any injuries. World thank you so much first thought whoa I suffered some minor injures of some cuts and bruises and that's seen one yards amber Lee. And I think suffered a monogram shaman Benson's. I mean I had a light. Hey can you walk us through this what you saw an experience what you heard before those blasts. Yeah yeah finals. Oh Amalia home I just Stuart got 60 am. And I started seeing balloons fireworks are or let beautiful song Bristol Michael. And I'll just the militants it that's a little evidence they're like fireworks. And less than second and it was like morning unless there was white and I cannot remember and some. Do you remember at all what was going through your mind like what did you think you were observing. Well I saw election laws. In the speech whites interesting also quite dusty and smooth sound in my ear wars like boom. 000. People screaming near meet their vehicles slid under rules I have no idea our hearts are marked up. Worry if singing and a moment you know were under attack this is a bomb yet. It was definitely shore wasn't home in what was a scene like once you got home. An interesting is that went borrowers that are I was it was cultural scene new autos and Roxanne metal Indians. Well I saw my car for a minute or trekking out to people just am. But Dorsey Aussie I can do because small stuff on word uttered a word like their parents were ops of arms saying. There were families don't mean there. That there were born. My mom's. North Ossetia in dual national poll. That is just an awful scene that you described the area is everyone that you know and love accounted for tonight. Blum also been Marshall on Yahoo! and daughter once again suffered some minor injuries. And what's your message to the world what are the people of Beirut needed tonight. We'll look. Alternate Luxor granted that's my only message I mean a routine and happened in costs not black then you have no idea. I mean not. I should deal to be honest I'm talking we see guilt and boy did I survive Randall's it's not darden's. I don't know I'm numb and I can thank LaSorda but I also chewed guilty why did ice and it is not. Bryant Bryant a typical question that many of us have. Often Michael thank you so much for joining us will continue to letting about you and of course the citizens of Beirut during his times. Shorter. And turning now to the corona virus pandemic and the push to reopen schools despite the rising death poll and number of cases. Many parents and teachers alike worried about images like this a high school hallways packed with students in Georgia. President trump claims children are almost immune to the virus saying quote it will go away like things go away here's ABC's Marcus Moore. Tens of thousands of kids already back in school. And president trump today pushing for returned to the classroom across the country boldly claiming the virus is on its way out. Going away and now they will go ahead if things go ahead absolutely that soon. No actually my mind it. We'll go to work but deaths from the virus rising in 32 states hospitalizations. In 28. Florida topping half a million cases the president insisting children have stronger immune systems. If you look at children children are almost at a and I would almost say. Definitely but almost immune from this disease. But children are not immune and some returning students are already infected in Kenton Georgia a second grader testing positive. All twenty students and the teacher are in quarantining this was the scene at north Spalding high school. Many students without masks the superintendent admitting to parents that the photo doesn't look good. But insisting they're following protocols and that class changes or challenge. In Ohio protests calling for more time in the classroom. We here in Dublin just want our kids to have choices. But in Chicago the third largest school district in the country a decision to restart classes virtually. On the West Coast third greater golden rule in California isn't shorn person classes will work. And just needs John feeling that it's happening it's not a word scandal leaving me right I think he'll and a mask. IC give me many kids die and I pay docked at the same time a recent study in Washington DC finds children of color. At greatest risk for testing positive the study found 46% of Hispanic children tested. And 30% of black children were positive for the virus compared to just 7% of white children. Those racial disparities unfolding in a crisis along the Texas border where there is an urgent race to save cope with patients in this icu. Doctors and nurses slipping them on to their stomachs to help them breathe. And yet I felt so far I'm all you know many factors determine interior. Next door newborns and mothers tested positive. Clarissa Munoz has only seen her baby through a phone after he was whisked away in a zipper TARP to prevent exposure. I just delivered and they showed him they show them to me and right away it took him out of this evening. It's actually for me that I am being a first. Came more than a thousand people have died here. Hospitals are overwhelmed. Forced to transfer some patients as far as 700 miles away for weeks officials in the largely Hispanic Rio Grande Valley have pleaded for field hospital. Completed just this week. We need to help our house is burning and we are no less American. It other people and other parts of the country. Desperate plea they're from a community in need Marcus Moore joins us now from McAllen Texas work. They've turning convention center into a new field hospital they are right in order to accept more patients. Delegate that's how desperate and how serious the situation is here Lou don't hospital. There's just behind me they got their first patient on Tuesday afternoon. And inside the convention center they have white tents set up inside and we understand from officials here that there are fifty beds. In uses was BT now but they have the capacity. To house or host up to 250 Kobe patients. A live as they tried to respond to this growing health emergency here in this region. Marcus Moore reporting in from a hot spot there in Texas thanks so much Marcus. An out of the clean up just one day after a deadly hurricane and the path of destruction it left along the East Coast at least nine deaths are being blamed on east ideas at least 26 reported tornadoes from North Carolina to New Jersey. At its peak of more than three million customers without power. Tonight utility crews up and down the East Coast clearing we trees and repairing power lines when will power be restored for Stephanie Ramos reports from hard hit New Jersey. Tonight families across the storm zone are cleaning up many without power as authorities race to turn the lights on from millions up in down. East Coast. As a high at least they use brass feels powerful means strong enough to spin this Ferris wheel and not peoples from church. More than three million losing power. New Jersey and literally want. He say he has pulling the plug on more than a third of the entire garden state. Nearly matching super storm sandy we saw transformers exploding before our eyes. Thousands now relying on generators. Look for a recent health and her family they don't have one they've been without power for more than 24 hours forcing them to leave their home. I had no idea was going to be this man finding whole scene for the company they cleans tomorrow by a Latvian. I don't know how they gonna knock stay here. In New York City where a man was killed by a falling trees NYPD delivering this generator to a double amputee and desperately needs it for dialysis. In the south at least two people dead after an EF three tornado tore through Bertie county North Carolina. Trying to keep things in perspective there is Stephanie Ramos joins us now from New Jersey Stephanie how could some of those residents be without power. Well Lindsey it could be days there are nearly a million customers across the state of New Jersey without power you can see that the storm. Really hit these power lines here the family that lives directly across the street they tell us they saw all the lightning strike these power lines which then caught fire they'd been without. Power ever since now New Jersey officials they say. They're bringing in utility crews from Canada out Louisiana and Florida to help restore power. But then that raises another challenge out of state travel during a pandemic Lindsay. Just a disastrous scene behind you there Stephanie Ramos thanks so much. Now that major headline tonight in the race for the White House Joseph Biden says he'll no longer travel to Milwaukee for the Democratic Convention due to concerns about the corona virus. Instead he plans to deliver his nomination speech in his home state of Delaware look before he accepts his nomination. He still has to choose his running mate so where the top contenders in the veep stakes are Mary Bruce is tracking it all for us. Tonight Joseph Biden is narrowing his selection I'm gonna have a right choice. In the first week in August that VP announcement were told is now likely to come next week it will be an historic pick. And I commit that I will in fact a point hey I've picked a woman to be vice president. For just the third time in history a woman will be on the ticket. But it's the first time a candidate has said he will only consider women. The first time the list of potential contenders has looked like this nearly a dozen women are under consideration where including well known former rivals like senator Connell -- Harris she took on died in in the primary attacking him in the first debate for having worked with segregationist senators to oppose school busing programs in the 1970s. Ended you know there was a little girl in California. Coolest part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day. And I little girl was me. But that appears to be water under the bridge last week is biting talk to reporters a photographer catching a glimpse of his talking points. Right there at the top notes about Harris reading do not hold grudges are also on the list senator Elizabeth Warren. She would bring a forceful economic message to the ticket California congresswoman Karen bass is also a progressive but less well known. The chair of the Congressional Black Caucus she has a long legislative record but not a deep relationship what Biden though they have been spotted together recently. But with the new spotlight comes new scrutiny bass recently forced to defend her comment about Fidel Castro after his. Death to use of that term commandant didn't have that what I meant by that is is that clearly in Florida. That is a term that is endearing to him I didn't see it that way. Ultimately for died in it may come down to a gut feeling good news for the most. Important things usually my shoes she you know vice president. It's whether or not the person has some kind echoing many terms of where I wanted to take the country. The former vice president has said he's looking for someone to do for him what he did for President Obama is something his wife Jill Biden echoed earlier this week and I think. Joseph is going to be looking where. It won't min. Do shares the same values that she shares. And I think he had made Barack Obama but there are practical political considerations. The VP pick is a chance to try and unite the party something democracy for America CEO and ABC news contributor vets Simpson is watching closely. As we think about how we're gonna hat and make sure the progressive values are showing up in this administration. So far we've been a little disappointed by the agenda. That's been put forward our hope is that by choosing a progressive VP he showing that he really does value. Our wing of the party which we believe is you know the future of the party. But in steam is being tight lipped about the process but the potential candidates have not some openly campaigning for the job. It's something unique to this cycle typically in a vice presidential process if it's like fight club you you don't say that it exists. You have to say while not interest in the job run up thinking about it I'm serving my constituents in this case you have many women who were outright saying I'd be great I think and then there's the elephant in the room. Biden's age. For me has to be demonstrated that whomever I pick. There's two things one is capable of meeting to be president. Because I'm an old guy. I'm serious side in would be the oldest sitting president if elected. Putting added pressure on his decision with an announcement now just days away. For ABC news Mary Bruce in Washington. And speaking of VP picks we're joined tonight by its Arab Pailin only the second woman ever in the US nominated as a vice presidential candidate and also former governor of Alaska. Thanks so much for your time for joining us tonight governor. These are months. So first up what do you think of Joseph Biden's commitment to picking a female running mate. Now personally I want to see if he now reading me or one of whom were women in office geek. She just couldn't open it but I. Boudin some demographics certainly gender and I think again we. It's important job you want the field old record he most I am capable the most and eighty Irsay regardless of gender and just. Here too quickly. Now you course ran with the late Senator John McCain back in 2008 did you feel that as a woman you face more intense scrutiny and describe what that process was like. Are women. Yeah women face so much more scrutiny. I'm you know any a lot of its it was. A lot about looks you know that in totality involved in. Serbian public opposites is ridiculous techniques. Where is even today eat. And aren't under that kind of microscope and so I'm these women mothers I'm are. It's also much more so then a male candidate. And when he comes to family. And children. So why and how he and his children. Ages ten feet. And another and a nod to war in. My daughter needs daughter was pregnant you know we we. He typical apparently she's going on us. So much about I think the roll out of the you've seen it show I was pretty screwed up. Because people weren't able to know why students who are less experienced what I stood port what I could act it's. The rollout of the camp he. Just went along with media letting it be more about personality he endowed. It just a personal aspects of who I was instead of what I represented. I think we may just need accurately gone to remand. Knowing what you know now would you do it all over again. Yeah. A lot earlier though I would hot bath. Against those who ran in the UP hoops a word to touch with the American people and what the American people wanted but I do it again in a heartbeat and I want you began I want. Certain. You wanna get back into the political arena OK I just wanna get a sense political party as side as a member of this elite group of women. What advice would you have for the woman who Joseph Biden ultimately picks. Woman has really got to beasts durable and EO. When it comes to those trying to shape and mold. Melvin tell them what says a person if it. Opposite you're in the right reasons they eat to speak I am sure they can't he managers who. Poor I'm. Not a reason to business we're down. And try to she can't get it they believe would connect. When candidate herself knows that's right right. Candidate had better be strong and stay and after what she knows is right. And sees that you'd like to get back into politics what kind of ballot might we see your name on. I don't know I don't know yeah. I act and I've certainly learned a lot groups are eight. More connectivity with the American people who wedding. They expect from their government. Have battled certainly learned a lot about politics or read you so much. Political arena. So much of the shenanigans and corruption. And anti war and ever and clean things. That there again a record number of Republican women running for congress is here's some call it the year of the woman for the GOP. Why is that do you think and what does it say about the direction of your party with or without trumpet to help. Well it was also DB here and the woman. Between twelve and reports. We whenever they are armed or you know candidates than it again. Personally I want to work with the office. Morton and that I want more good people in our. Regardless of gender. They know at sea. And you can sleep eat and she is starting her good education. And breaking it and we can work you courier and bill. C time perhaps. Years ago I'm women work. Need to feel that they couldn't do both or all. And Eagan threw tendencies. Women and today we are seeing on their shoulders and I think we meet today to see. When they're capable what you do. Would you say that the Republican Party has changed drastically since you are actually running for vice president. I the party because. You know we have court that is strong solid as Collins and sits. Cole out of town. And at work get. And expectation or reward her more. Freedom. And America was built upon. Me that the court. Still the us. Asks poor people and how many points certainly changed and the European Rennie the Republican. Tickets. He. Liberals to eat there they're so important to you here on MSNBC. Hear the wind and opposing those common it's considered an issue he's that unity and its importance in the Republican Party so. The personality to life as she stole the last decade but to order in his strongholds in your room we have in cheese. Let's turn now to corona virus for a moment you were once governor you have the unique perspective an understanding of protecting your citizens on both health and economic fronts. The federal government has largely left it up to the states do you think that the trump administration's response has been adequate. Need to be consistent. And our respective states rights yes an assault on the governments involved. It's this issue it's a local issue com. So in any. Army for this is to be your own decisions. However where the federal government the old and eat. It is for public safety. You know but. Here core worst safety or are canceled its car and your whole lot of happy except to protect our rights as well. The crew in the issues of sex you port. Certainly well under. The purview right at public safety so with the federal government's involvement and that is necessary. Did lesson for. Politicians and bureaucrats T its rebate if you're still the governor of Alaska would you mandate that your citizens Wear masks. And it no no I am and I didn't and freedom loving and now can't. No I want to make sure people are not common sense and com. And bird you're element. Me quite so I wouldn't ample and I don't know I would not handy though I acted under yeah. I'm knee and eat DT. To any day trips from some people. And leadership idea. Which are. I ask you for mama to pull out your crystal ball here how long do you think until we have our first female president. I hope it's not too long high marks. I just I'm excited for that I personally you know end. I don't know I don't know I think you're good public its. Who would guarantee doesn't end here here is not exactly news of the RS. America's. We're rating board. Little car we're not the gender or outraged. Or religion or dim and fix the demographics. Each person in the role of it so. And here is written there wouldn't president. Governor Palin we thank you so much for your time appreciate it. So what's Bernanke. And when we come back I can't reach those haunting words once again captured on video this time from inside a jail. The charges filed and the apology from a sheriff tonight. A swat team raiding the mansion of one of YouTube's biggest influencers. What reportedly found inside his home. And he if you've been wondering when they plan to restock their shelves with disinfectant wipes we have an answer. Though you might not like get. Five corrections officers and a nurse are facing charges tonight they're accused of handcuffing and restraining a prisoner suffering a medical emergency as he pleaded. I can't breathe. Steve Elson Sami has more on the surveillance images just made public in case. The disturbing images tonight from a jail in Winston-Salem North Carolina come within a apologies from the sheriff who runs it 56 rolled John Noble was being held in December on an assault charge when he fell from a bed and staff at the jail responded you see that here they're doing and let pressure OK things took a turn when they put a bag over his head high prevent him from spitting put him in handcuffs. And tried to move into another cell for observation. They tied him up in such a way that he screamed that he couldn't read. They tried to unlocked the handcuffs but couldn't needed bolt cutters to get them off. He tells them again and again that he's having trouble breathing and more than once the guards refused to believe him. You're yeah. Talk. He died days later at a hospital a nurse and five detention officers have been fired. Are charged tonight with involuntary manslaughter. I apologize to you what to please. Com home that day. A medical examiner says that he died from a brain injury that was caused by the way he was being restrained that those restraints. Exacerbated other problems that led to this brain injury and you see when. He first is being checked on by the staff members of that jail that they were trying to take his blood pressure he appeared. Disoriented. The autopsy report says he had a number of other underlying medical conditions including asthma. And heart disease his family. Is suing. Lindsay. Our thanks to Steve and still ahead on finds a murder investigation under way after five people including a toddler died inside a Colorado home officers rushed to the scene the trying to save them. But it was too late. Our closer look at the struggles black woman face during childbirth and its history of mistrust for the medical community that goes all the way back to slavery. And doesn't come home mean more work we crunch the numbers the first start of the day. The first division one college football team cancels its season. Due to cope with this comes as the NCAA said all student athletes must be given the opportunity to opt out of play while having their scholarships honor. And welcome back everybody working from home has become. A new normal for millions of Americans during this pandemic and while it does have its upside study show that remote workers are actually putting in longer hours with. More meetings in more emails we take a closer look. By the numbers 62%. Of employed Americans that work from home during the pandemic doubled the 31% in mid march according to Gallup. While it home workers have makes. Extending each workday action belief that by 49 minutes and 8% longer day on average according to a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper. Remote workers now like ten to 13% more meetings but thankfully they've been shortened by an average of 20%. An internal company email traffic is up 5% for remote workers work and personal time seems increasingly blurred. Microsoft studied its own remote workforce during a pandemic and found of their employees are quote on. Perform more hours per week and send 52%. More work IM messages between hours of 6 PM and midnight. And we still have lots to get to hear on prime inside and collapsed developing and moving back soon will explain why the scientists. I hope tonight. Is one of the most dangerous nations in the developed world for a black woman to give birth. Dozens found inside the home of one of YouTube's biggest stars the first. A look at our top trending stories on Cause of yesterday's deadly explosion in Beirut is still under investigation it. At least a 135 people including one American were killed in the blast like. An image captured on camera during this bridal fantasia. Spot news happening there. John 150. Miles away. From the cities we didn't desperate need of half the season Georgia hospital has medics and content of the building since it is on the verge of collapse. They lost in the ordinances themselves Lebanon's Interior Minister says it appears that a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse and yet needed of this tragedy is estimated that resulted in hundreds of thousands made homeless. The corona virus pandemic has now killed more than 700000. People worldwide with a ninth street dangling roughly 1000 Americans died from the virus pushing the US death told Patrick Little 156. Alexander nationwide though there is cause for some optimism from an internal memo obtained by ABC news suggests the US could be coming down from its peak. Although it's too soon to tell for sure and as the battle to reopen schools continues some have already opened their doors opened this high school in Georgia the hallways crowded students not wearing masks and I. Marion on Capitol Hill gridlock lawmakers have still yet to reach a deal one another round of the corona virus stimulus. He's nine guests are now blamed on tropical storm he say yes. Well over a dozen tornadoes reported in May be in the let my body up this morning. Monday at a time its lose everything it. Millions waking up in the dark more than three million people losing power across a dozen states is saying this is not an easy endeavor in the midst of a pandemic will be the understatement of the day. Deadly house fire in Denver is now a murder investigation is not indicative I think our scream I woke up. Killed in the house fire a toddler or child and three adults all found on the first floor of the home or police and firefighters say there is evidence it was our exams and it is now a murder investigation three people on the home's second floor were able to escape but those on the first floor could not get now. An FBI raid today at the Calabasas home of YouTube's Darden jigs all these aerial show guns removed from the home. The FBI confirmed its investigating allegations of criminal acts rounding and George Floyd protestors call a tendon in Arizona. Pointer year old has been the subject of repeated complaints and investigations. Most recently he angered local law enforcement. We hosted a party I'm violating the code is ninety restrictions. A warning for anyone waiting on Clorox white. It's going to be awhile before they're back on store shelves in the U Clorox president confirming an it company earnings call they will not be able to restock this stock after cleaning products until next year. What a couple years there and the little bubble that we really India. Lysol has also Ghani Wallin astounding news the problem. Many whites use polyester smuggling scheme re and also used for PT send his pants and medical countless immaterial now in short supply. Now to the latest developments in the race for a vaccine Johnson & Johnson announcing today it has reached a one billion dollar deal with the federal government to mass produce 100 million doses of their vaccine candidate if it's proven safe and effective. And this week they're scientists took our camera inside the lab here's ABC's Bob Woodruff with our vaccine watch. And volatile and here in any talk to one of the doctors. Who has. And the front of the line in terms of creating. A vaccine. This week we got a firsthand look inside this lab in Boston they'll only go into this room. Home to the science is developing a possible cove in nineteen vaccine. For the all American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. This is one type of antibody test. Overseeing some nice responses. And these plates at that this is that this is that went out of vaccine and within vaccine. He conceded there's a lot more collar the collar signifies anti this is the actual starent we didn't now is the answer is going to be. Intelligence now right now. Yeah this is good at this is this is not stage that is the good news look at it. About proving it. Jess last week the company announced that not only does their vaccine work on monkeys. But it was accomplished with a single dose after one shot we showed that they were high tigers of neutralizing antibodies. And that. Following exposure to cove in nineteen. The monkeys were protected and were protected very well shortly after their announcement they've begun early human trials. If you prove that works fine on a monkey. What's the chances of this working for the him that's a varied a question. I would say that if the vaccine works well in monkeys he would certainly increase our optimism. That the vaccine will work in humans many other vaccines currently in the works could require people to get more than one injection we just imagine. How much more conveniently before you arrived to go to our local doctor to get one shot and you're done. Of course the vaccine is still in early stages of development and we don't yet know if any number of doses will be safer effective on humans can. But doctor Farooq. Has been studying vaccine development for nearly two decades battling infectious diseases like HIV ends eco so when Covert nineteen began to spread. He soon realized this virus was different from the very early case reports. That we were reviewing on January 10. We thought that this had the potential to cause a pandemic and we discussed the potential need for a vaccine that evening. After we all gone home consider our own computers to me now and then the sequence. The novel krona virus was posted online. Buying the Chinese researchers they realize the sequence was similar to other viruses they fought before there's a lot that is the same and there are some differences. The spike protein was easily identifiable. Then he was very clear and that will be the target of an accident rarely have so many scientists collaborated to find a vaccine for a single virus can. I haven't taken a single day off. Since January. Johnson & Johnson is one of a handful of US companies chosen by the government. For its so called operation warp speed but they are only in the early phases of human trials. Pfizer in the Dern I'm began late stage human trials just last week. What what did you fall behind a little bit if you're just now coming up with the results back from the monkey tests instead of the human tests that are starter for this to other companies. Manufacturing. That we six spektr's takes a little bit more time but the good news is that once clinical trials are under way the manufacturing. The mass production. Can go very quickly our hope is to DNA phase three efficacy trial in September of this here. Have there been any kind of effects on humans that are detectable. So far so good this is Bob Woodruff tracking the race for a vaccine. Some positive news on that front our thanks to Bob and now on to the silent crisis in our nation's maternity wards. African American mothers dying at a higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group. From childbirth related complications. Families affected by this tragedy shared their stories on the day their lives change for ever. Jane Norman has this report. What was supposed to be the start a new life turned out to be the end of another. 26 year old amber rose ice and was preparing to get burned at the height of the corona virus pandemic in New York City in April winning everything changed for her partner Bruce. And I do you remember staring at me you know look and are facing. So scared she was. Making a big illusion songs earlier you know we're going home this is what we Baird board as a relief. We're ready but as is this time. She didn't answer yes all three of us are going. Now as the last prosecutor it. Ever posted on Twitter about quote. Dealing with incompetent doctors she died four days later Bruce has he ever tried advocating for herself but doctors just wouldn't listen. But she voiced her concerns. Her OBE. She was letting her know you know she's not feeling right she's spilling a lot of discomfort. She's so are you having shortness of breath what are you. Can turn roe VD and really understands he was like oh well. There are the women more working while they're pregnant. So Barrett they're just a receding really care about amber. In a statement the hospital spokesperson saying. 94% of our deliveries are minority mothers and minor furor is maternal mortality rate of point 01%. Is lowered them both New York City and national averages. Adding any maternal death is a tragedy. Amber's story is not uncommon. July 2 X 26 year old shot Asia Washington died during an emergency C section in July 27. You'll want to Kadima a do lunch and mom of seven. Died giving birth to twins also during an emergency C section. Experts like professor Deirdre Cooper Owens who's written about how race and gender impacted American gynecology. The struggles he's willing faced throughout their pregnancy and childbirth. All calmed down ritual Greece system. You see there class standings tenants have mattered. You though right under better achieve that doesn't exits for black women because we're all experiencing. Racism in the same way so when it's does not know that are married each year with my income it's. The assumption is a might be lying media promiscuous. May be. Eat when. She's still begin and your treatment an equitable treatment are. My first pregnancy not breaking news Phoenix is pretty dramatic. Sure it nice and early Urlacher. We were so excited about bringing Jason's in his world and then the last. Two in three days. Coaches remember and process. Or close to tragedy I was bullied and I was abused. Emotionally. And physically in the sense that. Consent was not asked for as often message to defend. Sydney allowed just fine provider that I trusted in that respect to eat. We lost them do you see what is known as held syndrome we found out later on that his desk. Prevented as well as this match different innings and says I sing. Nash yeah so many blacks dailies with similar stories. And these experiences add to a miss trust between the black community and the medical community. A relationship with a long dark history dating back centuries. Used Lee Black women were experiencing long. Particularly Jordan in nineteen tensions amid a little bit in the eighteenth century but largely the nineteenth century fox takes about how she. Became more formal news that it branches that matters. Clearance is not always follow our American gotta eat I've been used the surgery to correct this opts to chuckles excellent condition. People do not that he experience and honestly women didn't know to heck yeah it's remote. Medical assistance quit. Trendy densely went into service Hearst. Still these patients were seriously he's picky either all students and they still. Serve to surgical assistant the part of the story was left out the success of James Marion Sims earned him the nickname of the father of modern gynecology. But his legacy is marred by the fact she earned it on the backs of black slaves through non consensual humid experimentation. Without anesthesia. Now doctors like Jennifer Lincoln also in OB GYN are fighting against the present day health disparities at today's stay black people are less likely to get the same treatment in terms of pain medication. There are more likely to wait longer in the emergency room are less likely to be taken seriously it's a holdover from. The days of slavery and I feel this plays a huge draw in and black maternal morbidity crisis the call to action doctors nurses anybody in the medical field check your implicit I ask staggering statistics show black women in America died during childbirth nearly three times Morgan white women making the United States one of the most dangerous developed countries in the world for black women to give birth. And doctors say the issue for mothers extension through pregnancy. And postpartum and also impact black babies who were more than twice as likely to die than white babies so higher rates. Of complications related to count is well she and Dana and a population you know. How bearing women in general are young people and women and then he's not winning and who should be. Specially developed country. What do you think can be done or are. Already out air. She you address this. I ink that. In reading and listening and understanding why they are is your industry and I am. Are certain racial groups and it's not personal income. Generation. And I still have to everytime I'm here in many different in the and I always check. I grimacing local air air. These important self assessments could literally mean the difference between life and debt for patients like Charles Johnson's wife Hera and she died unexpectedly after the birth of their second son in 2016. And Charles says her dad was a 100%. Preventable. Forward with schools be routine scheduled C section and our doctor's recommendation. Being. On what we expected to be the happy stay are are ours and really bought into an axle and extremists so clear to me is that cheered just wasn't seen Barrett you. Assuming she wasn't seen in the same way with the same compassion. In the same index G. Dance to people who are responsible for her life would have seen their orange orders their own their own systems. There is no reason you're shouldn't be here today. Charles says for him in this your son's. The void left by cures deck can never be filled. Among Amazon made the decision Siri we aren't. Ads are never warned that are sure to be who would be and we do our best remain posited in this Harvard urban. The air is my brother says it best are there will always be empty seat at. But he's using tragedy as fuel to affect change. Starring for moms for cheer on an advocacy group aiming to change laws and prevent negligence from ripping apart anymore families. As for Bruce. He's grappling with the reality of what should spend the start of his family ending tragically. The beginning of a son the living a life without his mother. Now I completely Martin's you know Eli growing over about is there any. How he's gonna do when you know he's old and they're doing the activity. You know making Mother's Day are angry. EV diocese are gonna Aaron better it got luxury. In any using. Marie goes yeah and it's starting. You know when who brought partners we're gonna see program bringing together and we're gonna. Jimmy Norman ABC news New York are. Our hearts go out to those stents such a heartbreaking report our thanks to G name. The still to come that we hear from the children who would not be returning to the classrooms because of corona virus they tell us. What they think they'll miss moments. And finally tonight our children make us lab make us cry and of course smile and now ahead of the school year that promises to be. Unlike any other they are making their own blunt assessment of what school might be like in the middle of a pandemic. Here's reporter JR stone from our affiliate kgo in San Francisco. These youngsters along with many others are about to give you their thoughts on the upcoming school year. For all of them it will start would distance learning. My parents it's fat and happy because I don't get Christine my teachers and don't change my train. He ran in the script rewrite it hit me at a teen chat and a wild and some of those concerns are echoed by the smallest of students. He's good good good good good as brilliant loaded it's then did. More yeah in my gum and they beat yeah yeah. Should not reopen schools because. It's those interactions that most of these kids are messing. And while there is a certain sadness among these children it's. There is also an understanding among some of the older ones. And a push to make the best of the situation in fact even eight year old Mariah has some recommendations for parents helping with distance learning. He. I. And now you can eat. It appears that most kids are going to do their best alerted home from a distance and on a computer. Taking to the coach and outside patio of coffee table and in a bush. One last thought and a big smile. A. Yeah. Oh yeah. And. Don't stress out words from allies from the youngest among us our thanks to our affiliate kgo. And before we go tonight our image of the day of the Lebanese flag red white and green lit up above attack all of these square in the wake of that powerful explosion. That left at least 135. Dead and thousands injured in Beirut. A rare show of Israeli solidarity with its northern neighbor putting a sign generations of tensions and war. And display of humanity. And that is our show for the salvation or stay tuned ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for sharing with us. Good night.

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