ABC News Live: Remembering Aretha Franklin

Plus, the Manafort trial verdict could come today as Trump faces backlash for revoking ex-CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance.
23:40 | 08/16/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Remembering Aretha Franklin
Hi I'm aligning koskie and you're watching ABC news lives today we are mourning the death. Aretha Franklin and musical legend of the queen of soul she's passed away at 76 years old at her home in Detroit. That's going to be our top story today we'll talk about her music and her legacy. But first let's take a look at today's headlines. Spices is now claiming responsibility. For a suicide attack in the capital of Afghanistan that he killed 34 people. Most of the victims were students getting ready for exams the college. It's scary moments for airline passengers when the lights went out at Reagan national outside of DC. And airport wide power outage that started around 9:45 PM. And lasted more than an hour briefly forcing a ground stop last night. Holding both inbound and outbound flights dominion Virginia power is trying to figure out the column. All suffering what police think was an overdose of the synthetic form of marijuana called KT. Several regulators have now sent subpoenas to Tesla in an investigation over CEO Elon Musk tweaks but he wanted to take a company Friday. And New Zealand is now beginning most foreigners from buying homes. Officials there say non residents buying homes is driving prices out of the reach of most New Zealanders. Happy birthday to the queen of pop Madonna celebrating her sixtieth birthday and Morocco. Posting these photos to social media. Just a few days ago we learned that Aretha Franklin the queen Exel was gravely ill. That friends and family were rushing to be by her side and now this morning the news has command and that she has passed away at 76 years old. ABC's Chris Connelly takes a look back at her life and her music. With god given talent and artistry that conveyed emotion like no other. Greedy soul taught the world all it needed to know about respect. Aretha Franklin and the voice of the generation her generation and your generation. But the truth the David de. Story we transcend. Baghdad. What she did was. Allow old. The emotional extravagance. To be okay. On the evening with such songs as they Rica electrified listeners for decades for church read greatness inspire. Power. First period on record at fourteen years the date in 1956. Singing gospel. In her view with a wreath it was learned from such mentors as the great gospel singer met Hayley attacks. And Sam Cooke and teller sing girl. Pop breakthrough came in early 1967. With I never look demand the way that I love you. Setting off a series of one universal hits through 1968. Among them chain of fools. Did you make me feel like a natural woman. Paying the air and yeah. Telling ABC news. Still had to find out who. Do what I have any. I don't know yeah. I'm trying to find me. Intimately involved the sound of her records Aretha could shine a light at the saddest of times as in 1968. At Marten Luther king's funeral. You've turned the confederates in the mid eighties with jumped to. And the point freeway of love. Joyful Eva feeling the love once more. Jeter and so many honors the first woman inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. The presidential medal of freedom in 2005. Ivy League honorary degrees performing at president Obama's inauguration in 2000. Then in 2015. Kennedy center on. Slipping her mic to the floor. Flat out own. You make me feel like a natural world. Joining me this morning to speak more about the queen of soul and her life and her legacy is Mike news of pop culture expert and host it's serious sex and and Josh Levy the former editor of the excuse me Joseph Levy the former editor of Billboard Magazine and a contributor. To Rolling Stones and I want to thank both of you for joining me. And Joseph whether or nice start with you just talk a little bit about. Aretha Franklin and the impact that she has made over decades on music. That decades it's right we're talking about someone who made her initial and greatest impact in the sixties but also had. Absolutely crucial it he in the seventies. Followed by a revival in the eighties and her last top forty hit in the ninety's that's astounding or read. Was a monumental. Figure in the history of American popular music we talk about her voice a lot because that voice was Titanic. But we don't talk enough about her as a songwriter as a piano player as an arranger. As an architect of her own music. And as this social commentator as someone who could take a song like Otis ratings respect. And transform it into a civil rights anthem into a feminist anthem. And who did this throughout. Her career over and over again. And Mike speaking of that her impact when it comes to civil rights defendant is. Talked with a little bit about. The way that her music transcended into other areas and other spaces. Cash yeah we could Franklin got her roots and the civil rights movement and she got a rude to her father her him or her brother the reverend Franklin who was in the trade it was really well known preacher. Not just in beachfront community but in a religious circles across America. Her father was really hard to civil rights movement as we know civil rights movement in the church. Go hand in hand together civil rights movement was empowered by the church the black church civil rights movement. You know it got its morale. Do church of songs and for him to big and gospel tradition gospel roots in so. By being. Sitting under her father and city under her father's church intriguing. Or her father. That is what she does she got introduced choose it was really part of the constitution until at least here performing at inauguration at least here performing at the White House. That it is something that was really neat at least specific to who she went into her nature. Something really horrible to notice how all that she performed at a long. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King that he would go out and leave his rallies and lead his protest and lead his movement. All they Richard Franklin performing at his funeral. There is a moment. Where you know we all know I have a dream speech the powerful rendition now done. On the march on Washington but I would actually get paid in Detroit tiger chewed doctor came delivering that speech and Washington and who was right there by their side. We just Franklin and her father and so that was always been in the Arctic into thin as he walked through decades and we see that our armor respect. They're really intersected it to apple so adamantly on. Feminism and civil rights movement we also of see her should be able detention that even further. I part in the Elton John on the borders on right and dons a strong advocate OG&E GQ I initiative. But here she wasn't able to do that in transforming entrance and an end to civil rights and for equality and so she could at this unique gift. To transfer in the move marks or circle that we see that through the president of adored her species that you're performing at President Clinton operation president Obama's inauguration philosophy that should move with President Bush. President Bush is -- one who gave her the medal of freedom award console. She transcended race. Class holds your identity and politics and you don't have to your article appeared to stage. And not a good artists human beings are they today that has that key acting Trenton and although the part of. He is she is a rarity and she was certainly one of the kind we guests and images coming into. The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Where Aretha Franklin has a star and our RD flower is being laid there keep in mind to it is very early in the morning in Los Angeles that people are going there to pay their respects. And gel. You know who have read the Franklin right and then that kind of speaks to you know that voice you hear those songs and you recognize them and so what is it as we talked about. Her influence through the decades. That his mate her a voice that every generation recognizes. You know several things it's a powerful voice to the great voice it's a once in a lifetime maybe you want in all of planet earth boys. But it got a great record making it she was a crucial an instrumental part of shaping those records are shaping that sound. When I give you an Aretha Franklin title like respected thinker chain of fools you you hear the vocal the security arrangement. That the background singer hear her sister's this sweet inspirations you know you'd you'd you'd hear all the music that music. Centered around earth and around her piano her musical instincts. Her own arrangements. She came to Atlantic records in 1960 dead. She came here from Columbia Rasheed made middle of the road top that was a very successful. Jerry Wexler to Atlantic records rock group there and his brilliant idea really what it's to let her be herself. It was when she sat down at the piano at her first recording session. That that song I never loved a man look demand the way that I look you. Began to become. Together and after that you can control of her music and she is the reason that we remember it not just the voice but. All of her musical. All of her instinct about what song to pick. What songs to write how those songs dignified. Not just as songs about a relationship. About love about triumph of this fear it but. Hello how they dignified in America. You're a little bit of her singing my country to be. Obama's inauguration. And what she brought to that song a song that we don't know what's unique the pauses the waited she needed swing and that is not a song that. Swing. All of that is completely. Amazing completely its formative. She is an apologetic believe a brief that's for sheriff Joseph thank you for joining us today. And Mike just one more question to you here to she was also very fried it in her life despite being such a public persona public president's. What do we know about the struggles that she faced. Yet that was something your reader Franklin was really don't work your privacy and she wanted to cheat her public persona and her public you know. Gift of voice to achieve or we share with the world something to herself in particular her don't nest in English you may have been one which are sandwich. She would always technically it was just separate and that's something I think a lot of artists to this Payer are striving to find that intersection that most immediate becomes. Such more and more important to individuals such a platform as I do you balance that private rights from that public persona and I think she did that really lap. Our Mike thank you for joining us we'll be talking about Aretha Franklin all day long. But we do want to get to some other news that's happening today and so first let's go to ABC's Catherine fault or is she is in Virginia where this could be. The final day of the palm at a four trial which means that the president's former campaign chairman. Could be going to jail. For a life. So cap during talk to us a little bit about. What happens yesterday because it was contentious. At the closing arguments between what the defense is saying what the prosecution was saying and what we know about when we might be able to get a verdict. Yes yesterday were that closing arguments the government went first on this and they penis com and a four presidents from former campaign chairman as a liar as a schemer they said that it's really is that paper that is all of the evidence here well his defense. They countered that with calling Mann a port. A good guy saying he was a good businessman a good political consultant and that this isn't all of his thought he did things in groups he brought his accountant and his bookkeeper and the prosecution's star witness repeats. The defense team is blaming all of this on that you see behind me we're on day thirteen of this trial here about a couple hours ago the judge. I'd dismissed the jury to begin their deliberations they can begin once all of the evidence is in the room but as you can see if all of the stake out cameras behind me were just. Waiting for a verdict here but. The big thing is that yesterday that judge actually joked. With the jury that the room that they were going to be deliberating it up and not courtroom on the ninth floor a room off there they said. It's a small room well the jury this morning in court requested a bigger room and just put this in perspective the amount of evidence. They are getting 388. Exhibits from the government but just one of those exhibits has a total of 700 pages a one. So they have the fourth through mountains of evidence yesterday the judge gave them jury instructions he reminded adjourns quote the defended. In this case hasn't how flew right not testify and he told them being use their common sense. Well your civic duty is certainly a job. When your juror on a travel at a trial like this and speaking of all the cameras behind you all the press it's been covering this. Trials a lot of the time are a waiting game especially when there are no cameras no computers no cell phones allowed inside so. Can you just break it down forests is to win this verdict does finally eventually come in. What cas to happen for you to be able to get that information and then get it to us. OK I wanna say some of eighteen counts ever waiting on that that the jury has to agree on unanimously about how we get information out of that. As you mentioned no cell phones no cameras no communication in there it really comes down to that door right over there and that courthouse we have folks in the courtroom scribbling down. Notes that rip them off they Hammond the somebody who runs down all the way from the Ninth Ward down here. Hands need announce and then of course we can get the news out. To the news divisions so there's eighteen counts that they have to go through here. Of course we find them guilty or not guilty whatever that is that information will come out but what it would take a little bit and in the jurors all have this verdict sheet alana it's four pages the judge said and they we'll have. Each of those eighteen counts spelled out. On their sheet and has two boxes indicating guilty or not guilty. So whenever this verdict is delivered of course they'll go in that courtroom up there on an eye for an information will literally come flowing out of editorial probably see a stampede of reporters. We'll be coming over backs of these came. While. We know that you'll be waiting and then will we waiting for you to pass that information on to classes they're but he awaits the verdict in the -- man for a trial. You know just an important thing term remember here is that. Russia the Mueller investigation is not part of this probe that is obviously a question that is coming up. Because of man sports closest to president trams and Catherine thanks for joining yesterday. And now let's move on to the White House it the president was trying to move silence his critics then maybe having worked so much former CIA director John Brennan. After it was announced yesterday by Sarah Huckabee Sanders that his security clearance and be revoked. Well when he made the rounds on television he has an op an Alley in the New York Times today pushing back against the president. And so let's go to the White House burgeoning Norman is engine day. Like I said some people feel that this is a sign of the president has been trying to silence his critics the White House contends that. But what are the pieces that are falling into place what are they telling us. Right so we're also getting kind of shifting explanation when Sarah Sanders the white house Press Secretary. First read the statement from president trump regarding his decision to revoke John Brennan security clearance the president cited erratic behavior he said the former CIA director. Has a history of behavior that calls into question his credibility. And objectivity he said that Britain and has had made out on fire. Unfounded an outrageous allegations. And has had wild outburst about the administration how fast forward a couple of hours and that reasoning. Begins to old bald right so in the interview with the Wall Street Journal the president and connects it to that Russia investigation it's almost reminiscent of that James Kobe firing we have one explanation. One reason for an and that's our shift. And before you know it the president ties it to the Russian investigation. Genes only. It actually listed as one of nine people in the White House they could also. Have their security clearances revoked also on that list includes the likes of Peter struck Andrew McKay James clapper Sally Yates Lisa pace there are nine album they are people who had either been critical of the president or found themselves in opposition of him in some appalling. Some critics are wondering if this is kind of an enemy list threatening. To pull the security clearances of people who the president. Doesn't like. But so far as for people wonder this is an attempt to silence critics as part John Brennan goes it does not it hasn't seemed to work alone as you said he wrote an op Ed in the New York Times where he says that the president's claims of no collusion with rush hour I'll watch. Adding that he things it that's why president revoked his security clearance and he believes that the president is trying to silence. Anyone who challenges. The daily drama that comes from the White House ands. Now if you side that he wanted to have a happy and safe rest of your summer vacation it's hard to do when you hear. Scary and terrifying news coming out like a shark attack that happened. Off of the beach in Cape Cod were 61 year old man was waiting out just in the water and so we wanna go to TJ Holmes he's there in Cape Cod Massachusetts and TJ thanks for joining us this morning. Tell us what happened. Look I was bill would fulfill the savage you're right he's just got out wade in the water with a net or out toward Madison the back beat but it was hearing Cape Cod. Of doubt about thirty he thirty yards out from the shorts and not that far and he feels little song live leg and sure enough. They have confirmed it was a shark could that took a bite out of this guy's 61 year old guy by the name of William like he's about the New York they have identified means it's serious condition. At the hospital we've had an injury to his hip. And also to his torso so it's not like it got a pretty good. Pretty good by it when we don't know how big the shark was and has been identified. If you will was still around this time a year that they're used to it here actually. 88 Cape Cod into every summer. Vacationers to appear at the same time the sharks who appears though so humans and sharks actually vacation in the same spots with only a matter of time or something like this gonna happen. Unlucky for the humans that we happen to vacation in the same place I was in Cape Cod last summer and now I'm starting to question my decisions. Also from what I was seeing. There were seals around right where this man was waiting in the water so couldn't have been a mistaken identity situation. Well that's always. It's always the fear they they warn you hear about it don't swim in large group that killed him in human beings that it but he also tell. Are you not to swim close to the seals the sharks have been coming back to this area by many around the past decade in the reason they aren't because the seal population has grown. Seals were kind of endangered poll while over the past several decades they've actually put. Measures in place to increase the seal population will push talks got that memo. And now the seal population has been increasing and increasing so the sharks have been coming and coming and coming here during the summer because. It's a buff Fay laid out for them so you have more sharks interacting with more people course. More buzz or who have been more time in the water and water sports and want to be on beaches so you've got more sharks and more people. And more seals it is not a good combination quite frankly even though we haven't seen. Interaction a shark encounter over the past there really six years here in Cape Cod that resulted in an injury so it's been awhile. What we need to be reminded every once in while that they are still here we hate that this guy William lighten has to be the example to remind us but I sounds like he is going to be okay. Of course and we hope that he. Does come out of this OK and it's important reminder that you need to be alert when you are vacationing in the summer TJ thank you so much for joining us. Leah. And of course we leave you today way it's a more of our top story that is the passing Aretha Franklin the queen of soul first woman inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Who passed away at seven. So we will leave you here with. A video of Aretha Franklin singing at the Kennedy Center honors.

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