ABC News Live: Former Thai Navy SEAL dies in rescue mission, Special Olympics finish

ABC News correspondents are in Thailand for the latest on the boys' soccer team trapped in a cave, in Bedminster; New Jersey, with the president; and in other locations around the world.
30:20 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Former Thai Navy SEAL dies in rescue mission, Special Olympics finish
But ABC news lap I'm exactly keeps you in the line you appreciate you rocking with us today it's finally Friday that's all right with me we hope you have a great date. Wherever we are we got a bunch of stuff to get to today for a take out this cave shot in Thailand and then. The wildfires out west moved forcefully to start off with today's headlines. The first deadline and reuniting families separated at border comes in a few hours a California judge has ordered that by the end of the day every parent's every from a child being able to contact them. HHS secretary Alex a's are revealing almost 3000 children remain in the government's care. A number considerably higher than the roughly 2000 reported by the agency last month. A's are describing the situation as unprecedented and promising. Compassionate process. A federal judge back on June 27 ordered the government to reignite the at least within thirty days. Children under five within fourteen days. See new look at jobs across the country the Labor Department says 213. Thousand jobs were created last month. Experts had been expecting about a 195000. Jobs and unemployment rate is now 4%. This comes as Washington and Beijing and rob Moore terraced back and forth this morning. US putting tariffs on 34 billion dollars with a Chinese imports. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is in Pyongyang right now for two days of talks with Ukraine officials as he arrived in North Korea's state run media denounced the united seat raising the issue of human rights. Longtime lawyer to president trump Michael Cohen is adding to his legal team has now hired former Clinton White House efficiently anything this. Despite FCC's move to roll back net neutrality some aspects of it may survive. Several California lawmakers say they've reached a deal to enshrine net neutrality and state law. And supporters hope other states may follow suit. The world covered Russia Brazil faces Belgium of the quarterfinals today by Brazil will be without defensive midfielder Carlos custom hero. Out from a yellow card suspension. Those are today's headlines we're gonna head I had to Thailand to some incredible story updated the soccer team tracked. In this case we're told or about three miles deep it's been described as a deep dark passageway. Again they have been found but they are trapped I'm joined now by James Longman entirely and James were getting a sense this morning of just how dangerous this rain dance. Us right Zachary we look up this morning to the tragic news. Dot one of the volunteer rescue divers. Had in fact died 38 year old some on occasion on his a full let Navy SEALs. You know very well trained fit man who's that it was like I say. It in his late thirties. And unfortunately died because of lack of oxygen. He wall as we understand. On his weight back from a dive now picture this the tunnel for the first three to 400 pizzas is above. Water there isn't much alternate tool in Spartacus up to about the uncle. Then you get to what a cool the staging post this about thud Calvin along dots with a dive this kind of rotate in and out talk. And some always on his weight back that when he fell unconscious in the water. On his diving ponder found him he was forced out of the water Bob foolishly later he died. I'm good at Teddy it really did send shockwave through the count. Just outside of the cave where we Havel in the last well now it's what we've been at about 1011 days but the boys of this they've been inside for about fourteen while for fourteen days. Heinz united there is a sense there was a sense furlong time that. That we're gonna definitely come out I'm now I think there's a level of desperation because. This man was young and fit he died and these young boys. Not in any way experienced with any kind of swimming like this that they weakened by the time that they have spent inside this tunnel and so I think that's a real sense now. Dots that in extreme apparel. Not only got both because of their lack of oxygen inside that there are so many rescuers dug the usable Larry's being used up by when these extra people these extra bodies. And so two. That is a real real issues are now we have. The weather moving in we have the lack of oxygen inside that cave I think we keep saying the clock is ticking but this is has never been more real. And I'm gonna say unit that it. It at this is this is a cave system which Thai people talk about being inside. A peek out mountain which they called the sleeping lady there is a level of mysticism about it they I did this lady is looking off to these children. And dot sense I think was broken today just briefly maybe don't get it back but it has been a massive massive shocked people. James you've talked about about the soccer team the fact that they. Don't even know how to swim you compare that this may be Soo hoo -- clearly lost his life. What is the plan going forward I heard November 2 days is a possible timetable in. In terms of how long they mean they there to wait this thing out is that true. Was not create us worse case scenario I've but it is a scenario and the fact is. That are off lots of options in on the good sedan looking for the least five. The first option they want to take if they can is to take the boys out one by one in life jackets with the heads above the water. In most parts of the cabin as of the roughly stated two miles of cave. Which is still got water in it. No not at most the time that is possible but barrel moments inside that cabinet appoints whack. It becomes impossible because you have to dive down to get through a hole in dark backup the other side. They do not want the children to do got their strong currents the governor yesterday spoke about site fins well pools inside that will cut. So until April watered down to a point where they can pulsed through without having to go underneath the surface of the water they don't want to make the children do that. They are not number one the second possibility if they can't do not think have to. You know put option to one side is trading down and the drilling continues it was we go there and it was an and it started and it has continued every single day that this is. Very very hard rock there is a layer of the LaMont unit which is a similar to granite. And so rescuers defining it really difficult to drill down that it is hundreds of meters below ground. And size of if they can find pockets if they can find holes when they using his equipment on the on the rock faith above to scandalized to see if there any possible holes that they can and painful. Make wider and bigger and slowly what they're way down towards the case and then make the new entrance to be able to bring those boys. Up above the case but again that is taking time cited these the two main options that they have. Meanwhile they've been trying to pump out its wartime and the water is incredible I mean. It doesn't seem to want to go anyway I was and just outside the cave today and trying to explain to people and just amount to walk to that would Keating with it because of where the cave is. It sits underneath an extraordinary lush mountain range there's a jungle on top of the cave. If you think about the amount to walk to that is saturated and all the plants and trees that it is going through the soil. And it's permeating into these caves which aligned Stein says even if you plug all the holes if you. Trying to siphon off towards which is woods in a talk with a massive down was so hoping to bring water off to one side. There is water there is moisture all around the cave wall along the miles it is getting in that. I'm god is what is making this things are difficult and got his wife. If it rains more it is possibly lethal because if it rains more comes through that jungle back into that cave. And they really don't have a way out. James with a commits Emory images now that remote area in Thailand that you are in. I got to ask you this if we start back at the beginning here are we here because. This cave. Again filled up with water wasn't dry when these youngsters when on this. Journey this traditional journey inside this case. A parties we we we understand that it was a place that they would guy regularly these all whole series of caves which tourists on some articles go to we went to explore another cave not far from it and tourists go to. To see these beautiful long passage ways on the ground because their stomach tighten narron some of the cabins off quite impressive. But if you don't know what you're doing it anyway you cut it can seem a bit scary these boys actually did the coach would take him down regularly. We we understand. Coming my my my colleague has spent time with two of the boys to should've been on it got tripped. But didn't guys they are possible team one of them but telephone asleep watching a World Cup mounts and Avalon. Was feeding six I didn't come along and they have said that this is the place these two go to and it was totally dry but just think for a minute. Two point nine miles how long does not take to war. They didn't know that it started to rain spot visit did it flush flooded and then it goes to. Unbelievable story they're James Longman force in common we thank you so much be safe James. Morgan two stay in Thailand now is James mentioned we're doing he's going to out there by his colleague mad government our colleague Mac government. He's spending some time on the ground they're getting to know some of these residents and their families and tapping in as they continue to hold out hope. A Zachary out just want to show you where we are this is. The main drop off point for any journalists in fact anybody really wants to get anywhere near the cave what you do is you hop in one of these pickup trucks they're covered. And it goes down the road. Through that checkpoint. Two were dirt road which eventually leads you to indicate site in its basically right along that main road that you see behind me that. Those boys cycled. From there soccer practice now. It seeing these pictures we are at that field today and what used to be there soccer practice field and it's the place they left from is now a landing pad for rescue helicopters. There's a military can't make nearby. That is a base that they're prepared I guess that in some way assist all this rescue operation. This is that checkpoint it's manned 24 hours today. It's incredibly a ray of military and police personnel that have been spread across this area so. One of the things we did today needs. Speak to the friends of some of the boys who had been on that soccer team there in that cave right now and it turned out during the conversation that. Two of these guys were members of the wild boards soccer team and one of them didn't show up for practice that day in obviously bike ride because he was sick. The other had been up all night watching the World Cup. And we told me it was actually kind of chilling beacons. We said we go along these sort of rites of passage many times right he said. We had been in that cave four times this year at least him alone and that that coach. I taken many many groups there over the years and he'd actually been farther than when nose than where those boys. Are right now three full miles any sense of times they spend six hours inside. He said they didn't feel afraid though because he was. With their coach with his buddies their backs in the air it's dark dank sometimes it's a little bit wet but. He said he didn't mind because he felt like he could trust that coach with his life. They would take snacks in fact with the story they bought a couple of snacks. And drinks ahead of this trip but. They never expected no one expected for them to stay longer in self. They also brought a couple flashlights but the voice told me that they only last for a few hours. What was interesting about is that we had his conversation you can see how young they look in these images. They were still ashamed of not being with their friends that the actually didn't tell the rest of their classmates and when we sat there with him as a person that they actually confide in their classmates and told them that they were actually supposed to be there one of the boys the guy who watched the World Cup. He's thirteen years old whose name is Q. We spoke to his mother and she got teary recounting that her son didn't go in she said that when she heard what happens recently wrote down it was to sell much to bear. A tonight we spoke to the soccer coach head coach. Yeah actually blames. The assistant coach you took them into the cave he says that. He never told me there were where they were going claims not to know that they would often spend so much time. In that cave he said he'd been in there once in his whole life when he was twelve. And only for about the 220 minutes and never left that first chamber. What's astounding about the way that this soccer team handle itself as they spent. About twenty hours a week together and sometimes in these long trips to. The cave. The kids it would even tell their parents where they were going. And that's what was so startling this time and also. What caused so many of birds not to know what happened so we just learned today that the only reason people found out is because there are some kids. Who didn't want to go ended up telling their parents those parents called the head coach. Who went there and says she alerted the authorities that. His whole soccer teams essentially lost inside that message came. The fallout for this coach could be significant. Especially after that Thai navy seal Paris today from lack of oxygen. Local authorities say that they are considering charging him. For putting those kids in harm's way we don't know what those charges would be. Or if in fact he would be indicted if he's released but a pretty sizable segment of the population here. Wants him to get a reprieve saying hey listen maybe he led them in there. It's kept those kids alive and somewhat well for two weeks give the guy chance anyway that's the view from here. Fact is exactly. Meg government force in Thailand this incredible story there in still a lot more compact will continue to follow that when we're gonna talk about. What's happening in Washington DC we're gonna get a from bet mr. New Jersey we're talking about. The EPA chief out we're talking about trump in Montana and we're also talking about. The supreme corporate when he gets all of it with our own David Wright David I appreciate you joining me today first of all Scott Horowitz out. What's next over their EPA. About the big deal has got through it is doubted the EPA he was the EPA administrator the fifth trump cabinet minister. To be forced out of office he was the set. By ethics investigation not only. Lavish travel but you remember that. Phone Booth the soundproof Booth we have installed illegally in his office that it tune of 43000. Dollars there was a sweetheart deal on a Capitol Hill Condo. Fifty bucks tonight for art luxury Condo on Capitol Hill that he rented. From a lobbyist. And also various allegations that he tried to skirt ethics and oversight. Rules as he tried to dismantle. Many of the regulations in place to protect the environment. Scott Pruitt that was un repentant about his ouster in his resignation letter to the president. He talked about what a blessing it was to serve the president the honor of his life but he said it was impossible to continue given what he called. The un relenting and unprecedented attacks on him and his family he'll be replaced. By the deputy EPA administrator. Who's a former coal lobby Zachary. It was interesting marriage to begin with them talking but Pruitt in the EPA but still time and time again trump continued. To support Pruitt right. That's right in the the president never lost confidence. Through it was said to be interested in the job of attorney general if Jeff Sessions were forced out. And he also I was setting himself up for a statewide run in his home state of Oklahoma. Hoping possibly it was been reported four at 2024. Presidential run well his ticket has now been punched. And it would seem that his ambitions have been cut short. You know nothing like a good old campaign style speech trump was in. Montana I believe last night what was his message. His message was you know this was the old Donald Trump that we've seen it so many of these rallies. Bringing back some of the same old lines and that introducing some new n.'s talking about promises made and promises kept. He also took a swipe that the democratic senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren once again been calling her. Pocahontas. And refusing to apologize for that let's give a listen. Apologize. Get them to the fake vote. Gone is that won't. What's causing the problems you know that it good because that would even the liberals say they get asked. Take it adds. It. At an egg. What she brought play succeeds of Indian heritage. Because her mother's age as light bulbs. That's our only evidence that a mother's it tonight. We will take that cooked it adds. But we have to gently. Because we're in the may two generations not to be parents don't. And we will very gently take that yet and we will slowly toss and hoping. Aaron and injure her arm. Very Havoc on the fun they're not only of Elizabeth Warren's. Claims that she has Indian. Native American ancestry but also. Cracking a joke about the me to movement mrs. Classic Donald throw. Classic Donald from class act with talk about the Supreme Court pick we on it then it's gonna happen in prime time. Classic. Reality TV starts though. That's right this a good big ratings indeed he's down to. Maybe a handful of candidates they're going to be discussing it this weekend here in New Jersey and with we're assuming that the word doesn't leak out before then. We will learn Monday night who his pick as to replace justice Anthony Kennedy. Mr. Wright thank you so much for joining us help you have a wonderful weekend. Think that great. Red head out to by the UK now we talked to our very own Julian McFarlin there has been a scare out there suggests. In an awful situation this deadly nerve agents the want same kind of situation that. Cut up the former Russian agents targeted in March but were wondering is there connection this morning Julie what can you tell us. Paint factory yes well what can I say we don't back Kia in Seoul Korea we expected to be back. Quite the same and we. We of course cosmetics and advocates of and you get out Saturday that forma Russian spy. It was poisoned and months alongside his ability and how that not covet it does not. Able poisoned with a and agent will not at all but maybe I'll look back at in celebrate not just us also our clinics from and docile press table laughed. Come back to this but let's not Condace meticulous while. Because that has been a new development. In this story companies have and all of this area. One of the one of the people he's been. Believed to be poisoned the same that of agent. Human and out just beyond me it can't quite see them but Barack forensic tents just. Eight. Not knowing that you can act and it is so it hit me but it's been generates. A good bet that big police investigation bank on a just behind these it isn't lacking. I found out. Scientists thought of the Mason thoughts on this knot they've filled. How this man and woman much of an ex the basin that's why I wrote it applauding that meant. Let me. That's gonna find out what that this couple may have picked something up whether that you got the Abington. That they but it court not federal marriage and the parade. Including a pop whack people bring apparently things might not even talking some of the medical people on errant sons about what there's elements. Wiped out but we'll all people. Expensive. Yes we've been talking about it live around there and adds weight on that waiting at least at the Boston of the mystery doctor. Originally I heard a couple reports this morning talking about if they hadn't nerve agent came from Russia and they were able to bring it in the country there's some concern that. Debt. Seem chemical could bring beat be brought to other countries as well. I mean. The police they of them off of the of the stud that that it script investigation is that they believe they are looking at these suspects. Police believe that they may have left the country the day off the strip the poison. Their belief in the back in Russia. Say there's an ongoing manhunt. But they Filbeck exactly. How did how this where what plays and I'm I'll hug these people. Many of the places that out of white as though that ongoing investigation. Factory. Julie McFarland live for us in London appreciate the down ticket. We're to talk about this weather now it is hot in judges he's got the he did what he got fourth. Becker thank you let's go ahead get straight into the weather headlines and that really begins in the southwest so they're gonna have the peak of their heat terrible for the wildfires but also monsoon flow has begun at a seat at pictures of dust storms coming in this land near Chandler Arizona so wide so tall into the atmosphere but if you're inside that. He could see winds gusting forty. Moving in the win. See more of that because the constant flow but west of it that ridge of high pressure's going to be at the peak of that heat for the entire week this is horrible with the red flag warning following up Washington State. Into the northern Rockies even Billings Montana today we close to 100 Los Angeles for. And then it's not just that he it's not just the look unity but with gusty Wentz 4845 miles per hour early in the day looked at thirty throughout says that's right. Apple's wildfires flaring erratic winds gusting to some thirty or forty per hour not gonna help by. And I don't want to take a look at east coasts of flash flood watches. From Pennsylvania and Maryland up in Massachusetts are in place through today as this front comes through it's gonna bring storms Abbott laughed like tent. But also behind it. Much cooler weather and wait dryer at the duplicate is gonna bottomed out of ill so cool infraction to go into the weekend. They'll feel it at all but at what that hill went and then the first named hurricane in the Atlantic season hurricane barrel has formed. Like that's tight because it looks as if as it moves west. It will become hurt there's an effort in and then become a tropical storm died out at the end of the weekend and it's close electorate at least they'll bring potential for heavy rain. But not going to be. Allen's significant certainly doesn't look like went back. Factory. There is a weather make you some questions are gonna head out west now and talk about these wildfires winds heat and dry conditions have just made. Conditions. Absolutely unbearable out there I'm joined now by clicking send out. A Zachary we are here at the lake Christine fired this is about halfway between Aspen and Glenwood springs if you know the state of Colorado in the mountains. We're here at a roadblock here where. They're not letting residents in because it is still too dangerous there about 500 homes that are still threaten I wanted to show you. The conditions right now the good news is that over the last couple a days they've had some favorable weather the humidity levels have been higher. And and the cloud cover has been such that the temperatures have been a little bit lower which is helped the firefight. And you can see though this entire. Mountainside here is where this fire has burned over the last few days. It is still smoking as a lot of things kind of smoldering back in there but we are not seeing thankfully. These giant. Plumes of smoke and active flame. Then that would tell you that this fire is is continuing to make. Very strong forward advance. They have brought in more resources which is good is and actually could see some of them over there. They brought in three new helicopters yesterday there are few of them over there this is the hell a base where they've been staging overnight and coming back. To refuel. They should be going up here momentarily dropping more water on this fire. It's Gooden is that this fire has is getting more resources is this is a nasty fire. Seasons so far right now we're told there are round 66 fires burning in around. Thirteen states including a new one. Overnight in California along the California Oregon border that burned some structures and actually shut down interstate five for a time. And then in Utah it's been pretty bad there's a fire. Near Salt Lake City that has burned nine B Holmes and they tell us that. Another thousand homes there. Are threatened. This has been. This fire here. Has not burned as many homes three homes have been lost including one that belong to a volunteer firefighter Aaron. It's interesting because heat instead of taking time off which you might expect. He went right back to the fire lines and has been out there his name is Cleve Williams he's been out there trying to deceive people's homes this entire time hasn't hasn't stopped. At all another couple that we talked to yesterday lost their homes here. Lost their homes they have lived here for 32 years and they said they had five minutes. To get out. So. Again that conditions here are pretty good the governor is going to be here today. Again residents have been showing up we haven't seen. In in the last few minutes but really all night. Residents have been showing up trying to talk their way past the roadblock trying to get in here. But the local sheriff says it's just right now even though there's not a lot of active fire it seems it's just not safe. And and actually. This is. Safety is on the minds of firefighters here in Colorado because this is the anniversary of the storm keying mountain. Incident where fourteen wild land firefighters were killed not far from here up in the Glenwood springs area back in 1994 so. Safety is an on the minds of everyone. Again not as bad fire conditions here today but that is not the case in the southwest were looking it. Red flag warnings lots of high temperatures. And so the fire danger is very high in those areas and firefighters could have a few days of some very busy active work. Back to you Zachary. Think about their for a minute you spend decades in a home and only five minutes to get out we're thinking about. All those families and hope that they get to safety soon Vicki some want Clinton could do a positive story now that's one that a Seattle we're joined by our. Sister station ESPN and holly Rowe we're talking about the final day of these Special Olympics we might not know. A lot of these athletes by name but this year exhibit a lot of grit determination Ali some special stories there. That's right we are getting to know these athletes' names because they're making a name for themselves here at these games. It is Ben a week at absolute joy and celebration out here people overcoming all kinds of different. Situations to succeed and have people cheer for them and win metals and did their very best so. Today is a big day of competition the things I'm the most excited for it. The men's 100 meter and the women's 100 meter division final this is that hot cream of the crop. Racers here at the most speedy athletes that we haven't these games. And one of those athletes about into the mind all week she got a gold medal in the 200 meters yesterday is from Hawaii to buying it evolved as she's also known as the sparkling. And she has got her final race today I spoke with her cut from Hawaii and she said she's been building for this moment. All of her training leads up to today we also have some very exciting action for the tennis court gold medal match is going on. And a love does not usually couldn't tennis but today it's wonderful and tennis because Britney tightly reedy. And her fiance. Brian Smith are both going for gold in their individual. Tennis final so that should be really fun. And then the closing ceremonies are later tonight we're expecting a lot of by an aunt just. The fund friends that are have been made here all week we have been cheering for all of these athletes out here in Seattle. The gymnastics venue has been very exciting and tonight in our show at 6 eastern. We will highlight the youngest competitor here at the games for any grown and she's from Seattle she's a gymnast. And she has just stolen all of our hearts can't wait to tell you more about Freddie rally that we are we had a wonderful crazy hectic busy week. But it has been fantastic and today is the final day of competition so we're a little bit sad about that but still celebrating these athletes in these big moments. For the love of the game. Love him out there having a good time thank you so much how it. Invested to report today's show of course in states who hit ABC news live dot com you can also. Join us on map keep you updated and all these biggest stories from Seattle out to Thailand. And as always be good to yourself and be good to others have a wonderful weekend.

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