ABC News Live: Thailand cave rescue and Trump's SCOTUS nominee

Plus, more on the royal baby's christening, Rudy Giuliani's comments and a record-breaking motorcycle stunt.
35:48 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Thailand cave rescue and Trump's SCOTUS nominee
You're watching ABC news live on Devin Dwyer live at ABC news headquarters in New York good Monday TU a lot of major stories we're following this morning. All around the world with all eyes on the biggest story of the weekend. That cave rescue in chain right title and we have live coverage full team coverage there. Breaking news this morning as eight of those twelve boards and that's soccer team have now her rescued more to come on that. Meanwhile down in Washington the president preparing to make his big pick for the Supreme Court in prime time tonight. As of yesterday the president was still making up his mind he's keeping us in suspense will go to the White House for more on that in a second. But for now here are your latest headlines from ABC news. Great Britain's foreign minister Boris Johnson knee is out he's just resigned the latest departure from the prime minister's cabinet. Merchants blitz over Breck Sydney Johnson was one of the architects of the UK's departure from the European Union. Police in Britain now say they believe the woman who died after being exposed to a nerve agent must have handled a container that was holding him. In investigations under way in El Paso, Texas after big deal was gone by rolled. Showing a police officer pulling a gun on a crowd of young kids that officers now on desk duty and so federal judge hears arguments today on account administration request to push back the deadline of tomorrow to reunite some Stanley separated at the border. The search continues in southwestern Japan for dozens of people still missing after heavy rains set off flooding and mudslides at least a hundred people are either confirmed or presumed dead. And so our clubs now says its joining the bush and plastic straws. Governing now says it will stop using plastic straws in stores around the world. And the next to you. And now back to our top story this morning the cave rescue that is ongoing at this hour chain right Thailand were rescuers just announced. I toward team there on the scene that they have now recovered eight. Of the dozen boys and that wild awards soccer team stranded inside the cave for over seventeen days now. For more boys and their coach still inside that cave. And let's go now to our Adrian banker who's there on the scene Adrian has been at the hospital all morning where they started to take those boys they rescued Adrian. Bring us the latest on the condition of the boys as they've arrived there. Well I've. So good to see you I just want to let you know that inside this hospital would have to eat of the boys as you mentioned on the eighth floor that could be your lucky number they're being treated for. All the conditions that we've been kind of discussing over the past few days in the news. Including any type of Dearborn or water borne infections that they might have been exposed to while inside that cave one thing that. But doctors will certainly be inspecting the port is key disease which is an airborne lung infection but also. In a matter of time. A sex they have after being inside such dark conditions lower levels of oxygen. Mal nourishment is also a factor that they will be a testing for in assessing as they haven't had a steady supply of food for the entire time at they've been. In that cave but we're all excited about the fact that navigating through those very very dangerous tunnels and that murky water. With those divers buddy systems side by side they had but one diaper on the front of them one diver in the back. And successfully now we have seen rescuers come out with eight boys now it's been a very exciting scene on this corner. As you can see behind me we have that this hospital but. We're about a block away police have pushed all members of the press away from the entrance any time. We know that there is an ambulance set to arrive at least a few hours set ahead of that. Scheduled arrival of an ambulance with police escort and it's really works like clockwork. But we've seen a very similar scene today as we saw yesterday. Almost exactly identical where we know bed Mimi ambulance it is there and he designs mirror reasonably young person use. To a helicopter they get inside the Blue Line out to a helipad it's closer to let's hear about a kilometer two way and then they land and get. Into another ambulance where they arrive here again with that police escort but they have. Medical teams medics with them every step of the way from a staging area inside that case all the way through to the hospital here. And they'll be checking those young men for posttraumatic stress disorder or any other signs of mental or emotional distress. As a result of being in that cave for so long. Seven and that mental health so important as you see Adrian also their family so eager to reunite with their children we know they've been gathered in the area. But what can you tell us about some of the reunions that may be happening are for or be preparing for these kids. We know we were told Baez staff that this eighth floor here which they basically converted. From an ER style room went to this. Gary and specifically for the thirteen who they expect short right here for treatment. With special new systems and new equipment. So that they can actually focus on treating these kids and their coach for infections. That was also supposed to be a place where they reunite it. And we expect that's going to happen but one thing that we have that confirmed through Thai officials at that. They don't want their Stanley to touch them a hug and at this time because they don't want anything to compromise they're already weakened immune system especially if they're fighting and in fact kids out. They have to wait. And hug them a little bit later on this week but it'll happen how. Right Adrian anchored in that chain right Thailand there at the hospital thank you so much for your reporting we know you'll stay on it. Let's go now over to the cave itself where these fascinating images have been coming in from the rescues over the weekend are James long men. Has been on this story from the start one of the first broadcast reporters there on the scene James. You have been tireless in this story and still there at this hour it's the middle of the night in Thailand. Bring us the latest on the operation itself and where things stand right now. Would have an wet things that is we have seen eight boys finally come out of that cave we've been sued JBK mentions a call say now that. That's about some 6700 meters behind me up into the jungle and we've been basically count -- hey waiting to see the ambulances. Come out on one by one sure enough they have they've past behind us tea and through. These jungle rides to waiting had a cult is what NN escorted down to ask. And Adrian is and then into dot hospital for the treatment that they've been they've been needing folk always time. This rescue operation has been moving along. Just about exactly the way that I think organizes wanted it to. Four boys out yesterday four boys out today if it carries on like this they're going to be able to get the rest of the team and that's over courage. Out to more I've. We understand that said the plan has been to have the dive in front of a boy in a diver behind. They have been median amount very carefully through this on the grounds. Kind of Calvin these on the ground tunnels that stretch two point nine miles most of which. Remain under warts. So what the diver in front holds onto an oxygen tank for the boy the diving behind kind of pushes him along and and announce how it's what's out so far. It's a group of about a thirteen and meet foreign divers and they have a tie a support group that's been helping them we understand it the same. Core group of eighteen that. Has been that has been working around the clock but they have some of them have made substitutions because of course this is tiring work is a six Allah dive that. Condit says the six hour dive back what I of course we've seen things moving along quicker and I think people there can only hope that dot continues tomorrow. And James one of the time pressures and all this as you've been reporting news these monsoon rains that have been threatening the area. With more flood waters it looks dry right now. But is that threats still looming and what do they've been doing to get the water out of that cave. With the threat boys who has always. Bin hand we've seen it coming kind of fits and starts some days again here in. If opportunity poring over days it isn't but I think the general trajectory is that we are heading into a much went to part of the Yale and so I think the decision was made. The boys Alfie they've been told what to do we've got to get him out while while we still count. And in order to make sure that water remains of eleven it is they have continued that pumping operation which has been creative thing that has. Made it rescue I think possible. Something like sixty pumps have been working around the clock we've seen a picture one of those like a 400 horsepower pump enormous thing. Billions of gallons of water being taken out of that cave cables have been drilling as well about helped get some of the water out. But also they with trying to one stage. Access the K from all the access points but upstate publicity now about has been abandoned mail thing they've been doing is is putting up downs because they wanted to stop water. I'm getting into the cave in the first place and not seems to have also helped. And it'll basically go to remember these off an enormous enormous kind of network of caves that stretches on death a jungle. In a cave. Sorry on a mountain which which goes through into another country and man march is to serve the board it is that this is enormous and it's a massive drainage system. For a jungle see and imagine the amount of water this looking down into those caves anyway even it is not raining water is draining down side of and I didn't they'd the issue of warts has been the preeminent one thankfully awards the rain is staying away. That it who rain that we had yesterday authorities said today didn't make too much of a difference to what that operation the flight today and I'm. A rule keeping our fingers crossed that the rain stay away tonight as well and James this. Suspend as you know a global response that Thai military of course doing a tremendous job. But also so many other countries including the United States pitching in. Odd you've been talking to rescuers on the ground or give us a sense of the American involvement here we heard from the president over the weekend he's got his eyes on this. But what role of the Americans played in this pretty heroic rescue and and good news story. We'll Jessica Tate was the the army captain he we will spoke to say much when we first arrived she was from US base in Japan and flow divest straight hair pretty quick hits in the beginning of this operation she would tell us about the logistical help to the Americans what providing. And so united these sorts of massive operations require about kind of knowledge and and I think that that was really what they minutes recession rescue team we're doing the Americans it will site. Provided divers but they ought not the only ones the brits is he say. They're all Belgian dyed his hair that people have come. From a China and nearby we have people basically from. Warning over the world and each. Country has brought narrow and specific skill sets if it's coming logistics for the United States. The Chinese for example came over with these. To these 3-D scanners and imaging. This imaging technology were they want to take down into the cave to properly map it's out. And so yeah I each each country kind of working in lockstep we want another I'm gonna Teddy when. We were down that posh set up that because it is up this right behind us. And for days and days and days will they may have dust away. And when Jessica Tate used to walk around being the captain from the US. The the descendants of euphoria and account was enormous she was almost like a rock star running people out city he loved her that. And they really grateful for Balco just from America but from. All over the world announce what's been so heartening to see it Thai military that Thai authorities the government and have an open sign asking for help. They've got it in bounds and side to that Thai people all enormously grateful they can't believe that. We wanted to cover this story does what's been amazing as well who caught me like thank you thank you for helping and I keep on saying. I'm not doing anything to help. I've just come to report this story at that they think they even reporting on is helping and I'd say just this kind of that the goodwill. And at this camp has been. But amazing there was a moment of of course when. They dive some on going on that they say year old former navy seal from tied on Sunday died then I'm not really was a light moment. Really really sides in the count because they think anyone expected and for the outpouring of grief. From the Thai and the outpouring of rating of respect for him as a here right was again heartening to see site. There have been deaf now ups and downs along this journey we're really hoping that ends a behind. And it looks like that that we we might be that we tonight study guys but let's keep our fingers crossed were almost there and do. One last quick question Jane support let you go on the use as you mentioned it's not done yet were waiting for those final four and the coach to come out. If you paid us a picture it's so dark behind you at the scene are there still those camps of families gathered outside the cave. Big crowds waiting for them to come out or heard those dispersed now with the attention turning to hospitals. We understand that that this did that not taught that they all school civilians to leave. Haven't had that confirmed and we think that the they've if attention now that the parents have is on the hospital waiting for that. That sums to come back the authorities have been very K not to provide information on the identity of those children says the parents of the chosen who haven't yet been saved. That enough to go through metal dealers saying it what I of this the needs to Williams and an amendment is about cave site up that has been basically tightly played they've set up. A field hospital just outside of it so they can get any attention and then from that. Carry on size that is basically the same offense that now all right team's long man force in Chiang Mai Thailand and. Out there for over two weeks now James tremendous work thank you so much for your reporting and conversational than you its stay he stay healthy get some rest. Now to the other big story of the day here in the United States all eyes on Washington president trumps big. Pick for the Supreme Court to replace justice Anthony Kennedy who of course retired Terry Moran. Its arts its Supreme Court correspondent foreign correspondent he's there on the steps of the court Terry this is gonna happen in prime time we're on the verge of a pick. That could change this court for generations. It sure well DeVon this is crucial pick for this court for the country. Because it's replacing justice Anthony Kennedy who for. Years has been that swing vote. Not just because he was in the middle. Liberals on 12 serves on the other the biggest Kennedy had an approach to judging which got about a fashion he took the case is one by one used to say I don't swing. The case is swing. That is no longer the tendency among conservatives or liberals they like their justices. Ideologically. Defined they like reliability when they put him up on this court let me assure you a little bit what's going on here. So this is that we have there's always a protestor out here to. This gentleman over there is providing some music force he's protesting the circumcision of boys. Which is not an issue that bet on the Supreme Court calendar recently but it's an irony of this court which branded always brings people out this is not. A democratic. Institution. By design it's a counter. Majora Terry an institution. And yet because it's seized over the decades a central place in American life. Everybody comes out to protest on on days when abortion is up when affirmative action when gay rights when religion in public life when all those things are up. People come here and at one of the things that are there were looking at going forward. Is whomever. President trump picks to shift the court to the right you'll hear calls you already do from Democrats and progressives. This institution should be less important in American life will see about that. And let's let's dig into that Terry let's take a look at who's on the short list based on ABC news. Latest reporting we have four appellate court justices as you know. Judge Judd Gregg capital we're looking at them on the screen here rate caps lynch judge Jack Tom hard and in the runner up last time any coney Barrett. The president yesterday Terry when he get when he got back from my his weekend golfing said you can't go wrong. With any of these is that how conservative see it do you think he can't go wrong at least within his own party with any of those four. For the most part Evan because conservatives over the decades have passed 25 years since Bork had done something extraordinary. They have developed essentially a farm team system like in baseball. Led by a group called the Federalist society this is a group which which recruits. And groans and net works and publishes and promotes. Like minded conservative jurists from law school where there are chapters of the Federalist society and all the loss go all the prominent law schools. Right up through law firms the federal government the congress all kinds of places to promote people for eventual. Judicial seats and Supreme Court seats and that means that president trump. Because he relies on the Federalist society for his short list and then he makes that that determination himself. He's going to get a reliable conservative. No more these wild cards you know and I David Souter and Justice Kennedy and Sandra Day O'Connor even were all expected to vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade and do other things on the conservative wish that they didn't. But these days. You get what you pay for as it were with with that kind of things that you don't see at all on the progressive or liberal democratic side there aren't any organizations like that. So yes Kavanagh caps which part of me and Barrett there are all conservative federal appellate court judge's big gift for a little bit. Some are more what you might call social conservatives more adjusted and abortion and and the cultural issues. Some. Kavanagh for example might be called an institutional cans are more like Chief Justice John Roberts and that that is something that. Yes see differences along the edges but. President trump is right he is going to shift the court to the right and it's almost guarantee and the Democrats already lining up against these picks Terry as you know politically it's going to be very difficult for them to block of the before we let you go. All who do you think Democrats and liberals fear the most out of that group before is there one of those that particularly pushes their buttons. Yes and that is judge Amy coney Barrett she is only bet on the appellate court in Indiana. For less than a year she was a professor at Notre Dame law school she became a here I heroin to social conservatives because in her confirmation hearing last year. California Democrat senator Dianne Feinstein. Challenged her on the issue of Roe vs. Wade and others important issues saying that dog ma lives strong in you. Any Connie Barrett is a Catholic. She has seven children two adopted from Haiti one special needs. And what Dianne Feinstein was doing was signaling in the sense that we can't trust this person because of her private life. And to social concerns and evangelicals and people take their religion seriously that was a fire bell in the night they like her they like the fight but. That's they fight on that battleground. The Democrats have a shot. All right Terry Moran leading our coverage for us at the Supreme Court Terry thank you so much we can watch. But Terry in the entire ABC news team tonight here on ABC news live on and on the ABC news app coverage. Begins at 9 eastern time the from president trump plans his big primetime Supreme Court revealed. Let's go now to the White House where the president is still deliberating at this hour on his final pick. Our Karen Travers is there on the White House north lawn in Karen. Great to see you this beautiful Monday morning at the White House the president I had a golfing weekend as he made these final deliberations but apparently has not. Made up his mind. Now in DeVon the president with huddling with senior staff with family with friends people like Sean Hannity over the weekend. At his golf club in New Jersey but he told reporters yesterday. He had made a decision yet the president seeming given south a midday deadline he said probably around noon he would come up with his final decision. And then would meet at what everybody at 9 PM eastern time here at the White House tonight but certainly it was what stock was expecting hiding into the weekend that it was going to be a rollercoaster couple days. When the president really sat down and looked at that final list. And I think you talk to people here though say it depends on the hour depends on who the last person the president talked to. Where it's being seen to be hiding I don't think anybody is willing to make a prediction at this point on where the president ends up. He certainly sees this as a pretty momentous pick one for the history books we know you'll be there covering it tonight Karen. You're also of course preparing not to travel what the president for this big trip abroad he has quite the week ahead he said it to the NATO summit. To his first official visit to add to the UK of course meeting with President Hu and early next week. Oddly give us a sense of how that trip this plane he was already been active on Twitter this morning starting the fire some opening shots. Yeah and its familiar comments from the president especially when it comes to mete out remember last year when the president went to NATO headquarters. He came Manny gave this speech there are a lot of concerns that he was going to back away from that pledge of supporting the NATO alliance and that attack on one as an attack on all but we heard the president for the past years say. Everybody needs to pay their fair share and he's frankly sick of the US. Paying more for defense spending than some other NATO allies so the president once again this morning on Twitter bringing that up it's going to be a big theme for him this week. The DeVon no speech for the president in Brussels this week he'll have. A meeting with the Secretary General of NATO and the hope take part in the summit meetings but a much low key schedule than what we saw last year when he came in and quite literally made a big insurance there is that great video the president walking down with the other world leaders he elbowed somebody out of the way it was clearly trying to show. Even the new guy on the block but he also is considering himself the top job we'll see at a tennis swagger he comes in to this summit because of course. What key US allies Germany UK Canada and countries are really unhappy with the president at what he's done on need are seizing on trade recently. So that's sort of setting the stage for what could be a contentious couple they. And Brussels so big trip ahead once again leaving the country as this cloud of the mall or investigation hangs over his head as well we know. He continues to be frustrated by that in some interesting comments by the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani over the weekend on this week. Karen does not sound now like he is willing despite previous comments to sit down with the special counsel for an interview. Yet doesn't sound like Rudy Giuliani is going to let that happen. A Giuliani had a making our reappearance again cinemanow while doing odd interviews over the weekend and he said that. The Miller investigation is the most corrupt investigation he's ever seen he went to see a basis for an I have to be. More the air there really for the president to sit down with smaller now DeVon for the couple of months he tracked the president's comments. He has said he had nothing to hide he's done nothing wrong in C wants to sit down with Mueller but heaven he's always said my lawyers are recommending I not do that it's up to them. That's right looks pretty likely now that that while not happen. So a long road ahead there a similar investigation Karen Travers will be on the case the whole way and traveling with the president after a big night tonight Karen thank you so much. For that another big story popping here today in New York City is the rain meant. Off Harvey Weinstein on new charges. Sexual assault charges against another woman our correspondent Eric deters he has been following this Karen Aaron. He has been pleaded not guilty now to three felony counts in a separate case today new charges for Weinstein. And those new charges DeVon are quite serious in fact could put him away. We're life in prison if in fact he is convicted the new charges include predatory sexual assault. And that charge effectively means that prosecutors here in New York City are now convinced. That Harvey Weinsteins sexual misconduct was part of a pattern. That goes back to at least 2006. Maybe even earlier than that. And prosecutors are now going to try and prove that pattern involving now three different women. Previously Harvey Weinstein was indicted. Alleging two of rape and forcible sex act on on two separate women. These new charges add a third woman we have not identified her publicly but. We have it on good authority that its former production associate on a Weinstein. Television production from some years back. And the she had come forward first to variety but then to the NYPD. Which not only believed her but brought the case to the Manhattan district attorney's office. And they've now included it in the criminal charges against Weinstein. And there you've been following this story from the beginning Weinstein of course he's seen so many allegations I think more than 75 women have come forward. And accused him of some wrongdoing. Oh what what's your take on where this goes from here we have the three women now come forward involved and end at two different cases. Should we expect more what are you hearing from prosecutors. Even the defense expects more DeVon defense attorney Benjamin Bronfman as he continues to say. That Harvey Weinstein never engaged in non consensual sexual activities. Does expect more charges to be brought against his client he said that outside court today. And so even the defense is anticipating that the charges are going to mount. Either as more women come forward or as prosecutors in the Manhattan district attorney's office figure out how to incorporate some and existing allegations. Into into the criminal case either way Harvey Weinstein is not going anywhere but his house he's been spending most of his time on house arrest. In Connecticut at a family home he's paid a million dollars bail he has given up his passport he wears a monitoring device. All right Erica terse he will stay on the story Harvey Weinstein a sad one a big story important story thank you so much Arendt. Shift gears now to a lighter notes today is a wonderful day in London it's the christening of prince Louis the newest addition to the royal family. And that's where Eva program he has been covering this story from outside saint James is palace eve well IEC crowds gathered there even for the christening today. Winds are gonna happen. We heard we've just heard that prince Lilly has just arrived here is changing his cap and you can see. What's his bus downtown LA Ely city there are. People gathered. On all sides of the palace here there's people gathered outside all just to get a glimpse other while Sam like. We we do know some specifics about what is going to happen inside today it is a forty minute. Long ceremony they are going to have. I believe the that the baby where the royal christening road made. By the dress maker to the queen it's a replica of the royal christening or at and the Lilly's spot and the water from the red River Jordan will be used in the actual baptism. Now princely will have six god parents know levering our royal contributor and. To talk a little bit about those six got parents and they'll have their spouses and significant others with them as well. There isn't a surprise six of them. They're all close friends and play out will it caves and of their inner circle people can leverage that meant what before who are these people. Exactly keeping following relieving pain for long enough these will be named to US cut the full. Put Skype tally is one of the apparent success prince William's closest friend we saw the party together the long before papers even on the scene. And we've seen leasing Middleton Kate's cousin also names one of the grandparents. They've really made an offense he picked friends and family members that. Main sort of play an important role in the future experience not. I've seen today this is a first time we're gonna see this three children together. With will indicate the whole family as a cohesive unit. Sense Lilly was born eleven weeks ago. I got this is off vessel was easy to see the five of them to get goes alongside the rest of the families we've got Prince Charles that is commit and of course Harry and make and rules the committee that. The money men will of course be. It's his own for Mike to cross. Michael. Pontiac will be taking the pictures on the on the day itself so we'll see portrait slates on this week. These are pretty small intimate gatherings they're not really big show we things inside this is just. Just their inner circle has been invited to this Brad gates the chapel royal. Is very much a family chapel say it's really begins met practices and sends us ceremonies that go on here that's it takes is palace. The people who are actually that will be the six got parents and the immediate family members before the middle some family here would pick pack and James paints siblings. That's a really small ceremony conducted by the archbishop of parents agree to some wealthy. And now be a couple of pennies. Couple have three things one of those readings being read by type heavily on the proud parents say brilliance. And then after that they're actually going to Clarence House switches. Prince charles' home for a private teeth and they will celebrate the christening their debt and am what about the queen even though we're the queen be making an appearance for their christening. So that is cousin bit of the scuttlebutt evil than talking about the queen will not be at the christening. Today and but it's not because there's anything wrong she's not sick she's not got mad at anybody she just doesn't really busy week and I think. We have to remember that the queen is a little bit older and so she she needs to rest and she used to have a schedule that is conducive to having all of those. Events in place and possible and so willing paint new a while ago that the queen would not be in attendance today. All right certainly a small family affair there outside saint James is palace for the christening of Princeton will lead the newest member. The royal family of the program has the fun assignment today think he's so much even for that. And for your reporting and our final story today here at ABC news live is out in Las Vegas it's another fun one this is the stump for the record books happening overnight. There on the Vegas strip daredevil Travis Pastrana replicated some of the stunts from evil could evils days. Anarchy and it will work this out there at the fountain where the whole action happened last night Qaeda you just talked to Travis Pastrana. Paid Evan I sure it isn't not only did he replicate some of you looking Eagles fans but he surpassed them. And he made history right here at the fountain as Caesars palace last night when he successfully. Jumped over the fountain the first person to do that in that bike similar to what evil. Can evil road it was absolutely unbelievable secrecy without never I mean that's right where he landed. And if you look over this way I you can see there's some grandstands ever hears actually I was sitting. I the second row that has grandstands but a lot of people were gathered in Las Vegas Strip. Four this history making event it was unbelievable but reportedly did as he jumped over fifty few crushed cars and sixteen. Greyhound buses. I it's unbelievable you don't mind that the buses that he jumped over seven were actually higher and wider then when you look he's all did this and even might. Set the deficit his house almost kill people people he was in a coma for nearly a month after the jump broke almost everything the bone in his body. Those terrifying. And we look ready concede there's all these obstacles this is not a lot of space this is the ramp that he flew off. And then he just there was no one thing and make any kind. Of mistake and I'm I'm gonna walk with you. Up this witness someone to show you where he went but as we're walking DeVon I got to talk to happens this morning as you mentioned and so I want everybody to withstand. What he told me his four year old daughter told him right before he attempted this young. But my four year old record for Caesars the thumbs up she's had something that it's the first time really synergies that debt. Don't write all your boat that evil people I was like no thanks then she walks entrusting this poor guy. I think I love you. Isn't that this latest thing you've ever any. The perspective of a four year old right he also has another young daughter and his wife was on hand for the event as well. And his wife I love how she handles him she said Travis. Be careful you know but nobody likes a loser that's her take on the situation. Now what we're taking you now is sound. This is the ram so. When you DeVon if you look down here are you want to kind of see that little. Sort of restaurant bar and a cage area that we can see that's down the way yeah okay so that is where Travis started. For this job so what's important here is that you understand he only had 200. Seat. To get up to speed he had to use trying to get seven miles an hour he said he was just short of that. So really had 200 feet to get going fast enough. To make that jump if he was just a little bit off. He wouldn't have made and he said it would have been catastrophic because there's just no room for air it has the lands right between. Fifty trees right they're so absolutely unbelievable my history was made here and he need it looks so. News need this is crazy now we all wonder you know what's on tap next for Travis Pastrana and nitrous. Orchestra and he it's not like he hasn't had failed before Qaeda you know you're talking to of about it his wife's. Concerns is that I was reading the post this morning. Fifty broken bones over is eight career eighteen concussions eleven these surgeries I mean this guy is pretty tough. So he's like 34 surgeries over all and I talked about is broken bones as funny Devin because he's says. He doesn't really know for certain diseases the I broke my flight. So does that count as one brick. Does that count as you know seven breaks of hyper at seven different bonds and my flatly he'd just kind of can't really keep track at this point he says it's hard for me to get health insurance. Some health insurance companies like homeless are you let you know not your shoulder allayed his ankles or collar bone he's. Things that doesn't help me at all and what's best for him in the things he's. Well I asked not to so what he says first is in the reality of the fact is that once it's been a little bit of time the Stanley right he wants to enjoy the moment but. He's not even going directly home and he actually has to that are some rally car races next in Texas so that's just his life to him and his family are on the road a lot. But he did say that you know the next sound like something is out there he just doesn't know exactly what it is yet. And he's just raising the bar all the time time and time again. And when it's an event like this as successful as it was and he's such a show meant. You know he's unbelievable is if you're watching yesterday he some dressed like evil people he was wearing a cape. And everything all of that was to honor the legend of evil people that really sort of set the tone for him and his whole life. And broke a record in the. Process Cano whitworth forests there Las Vegas on the daredevil beat today can't thank you so much. For the latest on all of our major stories today including the Supreme Court pick president trump is making later tonight. And the ongoing cave rescue in Thailand download BBC news app. You can follow the latest on all those stories there and watch us here ABC news live on your phone on ABC news. Dot com and on the app on Devin Dwyer live at ABC news headquarters in New York. We'll see you later today.

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