ABC News Live: Trump faces new questions as Mueller's probe hits 1 year mark

The president's legal team is on the defense against Mueller's investigation as more questions are raised about financial transactions between Trump and Michael Cohen.
25:19 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Trump faces new questions as Mueller's probe hits 1 year mark
Everybody welcome ABC news live omelet Johnson thanks so much for joining us we're talking to correspondents covering the biggest stories happening around the world and it's a busy day. We're going to check in an involvement with can't whitworth whose live in Southern California following the latest on that deadly explosion. Also go to Hawaii Marcy Gonzales has been there almost two weeks now the latest on the unfolding situation there and the eruptions from mount kilo way up. First though today marks the one year anniversary of the Moeller investigation into possible meddling in Russian meddling in its 4060 presidential election let's check in with Karen Travers again at the White House for us Karen think so much for joining us. We know president trump already plenty of reaction on Twitter to this today. In morning at a president certainly has his eye on the calendar and is very aware that today is the one your anniversary. And Robert Mahler being named special counsel in the Russian approach. The president early this morning tweak it quote. Congratulations. America we are now into the second year of the greatest witch hunt in American history threatening and still no collusion. And no obstruction but he also went on Tuesday in another tweet that he called its. Disgusting. Illegal and unwarranted which that's certainly what we heard from him or wit but let's give a little bit of by the numbers on this one year anniversary. Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors so far it issued -- indictment. Covering nineteen individuals. Three businesses they secured five guilty pleas they've also had to criminal cases now headed to court. And with 31 individual who is starting to serve a prison sentence of the president. Can continue to talk about this as a witch hunt but there are certainly some hard facts about what this investigation has resulted in so far. This morning Kelly an Conway counselor to the president told us that. This president doesn't let Robert Mueller distract him but as we say 3 -- 30 this morning on it to referencing a witch hunt. We also heard from vice president Mike Pence recently who suggested that it's time for bowler so wrap up this investigation. However it seems as though they're not slowing down anytime soon right. And there's no indication that timeline from Robert Mueller his T mean there certainly not doing you know weekly check ins with the press in a very transparent way. About the status of where this investigation scantily you can to pass investigations in Washington thank god the investigation. Lasted more than two years yet the Whitewater investigation it went on for several years so one years so far isn't really that long. But the president wants it to be done last month and the president's lawyers for several months have been telling him. They think it was getting close to that conclusion. Maybe that's just make him feel better and they can sweep last but clearly that hasn't gotten jobs. And Karen interesting comments from Rudy Giuliani suggesting that president from would not be indicted as a result of this investigation. Tell us more about what Giuliani said and what it means in the broader picture here. Yeah he says that the president's legal team has been told by Robert Mueller that he is not going to indict the president. Now the Justice Department has long at the position that they don't have the constitutional authority to bring an indictment against a sitting president. So what does that what can Robert Pollard while there are two options. First he could issue a report he has that power as special counsel and sent back to congress listing you know what. Maybe he thinks that the president did or did not do you that could trigger impeachment proceeding. Option for Robert bowling team would be seen name the president at an unindicted co conspirator in court documents. I think important thing to remember here is. This is coming from the president's legal they're saying this is what Robert Mueller has told them certainly this puts a good spin on things for the president. And where things and where things to be going over the next several months. And bullets team definitely not saying anything publicly about this at all by Karen Travers live at the White House for us once again thank you so much we appreciate it. And another big part of all this were getting more information today. About the government ethics office saying to the Justice Department that president prompt should have disclosed the reimbursement money to Michael Cohen his personal attorney. Regarding the payment made to stormy Daniels so there's a lot of confusing information here. We're gonna bring in Erin deter ski with ABC news radio to talk more about this kind of put this altogether. Aaron break it down for us what does that mean when this government ethics office is saying that the president should have disclosed this reimbursement payment well they. Wanted it disclosed I think closer to win the payment actually happened remember. Michael Cohen by his own admission paid stormy Daniels 130000. Dollars in hush money. And now comes a footnote in the president's financial disclosure on page 45 of ninety some odd page document that indicates that Donald Trump did in fact pay Michael Cohen. In excess of 100000. Dollars so we can assume that that includes the reimbursement for the stormy Daniels payment. The Office of Government Ethics had this payment should have been been disclosed sooner and they referred the matter. To the Department of Justice telling rod Rosen Stein the deputy attorney general about their finding. And so it's it's in to see what might come of this because the president when asked if he knew about that payment to strawberry Daniels you know said from the beginning no he did not. Now this office is suggesting well our reimbursement payment was made. Where does it go from here. Oh should have been listed as a liability the office says in and in fact Rudy Giuliani has told our own George Stephanopoulos on ABC's this week. That the president didn't know so how could he disclose it on an earlier. Financial for me it's leaves the question rather unsatisfying Lee on answered but there are more questions too because Rudy Giuliani has also said with. That that the president. In fact paid Michael Coen probably closer to 500000. Dollars for different things that he took care of as his main fixer and an attorney. And that money is not fully disclosed in in the new form only be 100 to 250000. Dollars so about half of it. Is not accounted for at least in this financial disclosure form so was it actually paid and if so. What was it used for so another another question that comes out of this financial disclosure form. Errol I ask you more about Michael Cohen we're learning more about those leaked financial documents here. What can you tell us about where those documents where that information came for up. These documents are are somehow missing an and that they're called so Mars and and then they're known as suspicious activity reports in. These are reports of financial transactions that are supposed to alert a bank. To any suspicious activity it's really a money laundering type tools so the banks can can keep better track of what's moving through their systems. And it turns out according to The New Yorker. That a couple of so Mars that we're were issued on Michael Cohen transactions are are are somehow missing and so a law enforcement official according to the magazine. Ended up now leaking this two to the New Yorkers it to say that he came forward. The talk about these things because he was concerned they had been removed. From the system. But who in fact was looking at them who may have removed them who dias mysterious law enforcement official is. That we don't know. And we do know that mysterious law enforcement official really took a bigger risk by leaking this information that person could be a lot of trouble right. One man's leaker though is another man's whistle blower and it really depends I think on on who. That person is. The motivation. According to it to the magazine that this law enforcement official says was that these documents were missing in that they needed. To be restored were not sure who was looking at them in the first place was of the special counsel. Was it federal prosecutors here in New York who have. Opened an investigation a criminal investigation of Michael Cohen neither of those entities would comment so does the mystery only deepens but it is an usual. For for these records to have be in disappeared. From from the system. And how important they are what they may show. That is perhaps important to the someone. Friday Erica tersely ABC news radio forest that you so much for taking a deeper dive in all of this information we appreciate it thank you with all right animal talks him. Meantime we do want to talk about that deadly explosion in Southern California added pace ball we're getting some new information now we want to bring an ABC news correspondent Cano whitworth who's been following this from the beginning. Qaeda that new information we're hearing about an arrest. But can you provide some clarity in terms of what this arrest could actually mean relating to the case. Right so wit let me tell you this they have arrested 59 year old. Steven Biel that he is the ex boyfriend of the woman that was killed in his face by here behind me is still. How he was arrested this morning but not in connection to this explosion he was arrested because authorities said they found. And illegal destructive. Device. Bonds a device was found during a raid on his home in long piece last night that was in fact related. To this explosion in as he looked down here you can see. How many FBI vehicle we still hot here on scene under the lockdown as a little bit further speak kind of is not as far as I can go right now this race so close. But the explosion happened and that building that right behind me I've seen at a minimum twenty FBI agent fill out here this morning. And their canvassing this scene it is an absolutely terrifying S investigation has been slow. Because of the explicit nature of it now I spoke with authorities yesterday. He told me that they now know. It was aid package device now they don't know how this package got into that was delivered or dropped off by someone that they also know. That crying app was some in some way. Crimes to open this package so that's still something that they're investigating this morning they're looking at surveillance cameras from all these surrounding businesses. And another thing I want to show you actually a mile walk over this way around this holds just a little bit to give you a better idea if you looked down wave. There's a building down here and has kind of Orange shutters. And at Yale a yellow wall that is that daycare and preschool is directly across. From where this blast happened and that is where they had to evacuate. More than a hundred children some of them were seen holding hands some of them were so small. That there was still pushed out their cribs and quit I know your son got those two little girls that was really scare scary this pair. Absolutely Qaeda we remember in your additional reporting to resolve those images of the kids being. Walked out carried out some of them and their cribs is incredible images to see just alarming how dangerous this really could have been beyond the destruction have already caused. I do want to ask you though about some of the search warrants being carried out. I understand are getting some new information on that. So Whitney executed three different search warrants yesterday of course one of them was at the scene here right behind me. One of them was in Long Beach and at home we just talked about and the third. Was out of home here in Orange County where our victim lives when her husband. Who. Reportedly they have been separated. For quite some time but they don't live together in that moment so that home they execute a search warrant there. And FBI agents were actually seen carrying boxes of evidence. Out of that home as well and they hold less at that evidence has been sent tops of their going through all of that I knew I have a feeling points to learn. A lot more in the coming days and the man arrested. Mr. Stephen deal he will be in court later this afternoon as possible and other charges be brought in as well. We'll stay tuned for that I do want to ask either Cano also about the timing of all this because this comes after those Austin bombings. And I wonder how much concern is there among law enforcement about possible copycats or other C real bombers who may be out there. Wit there's tremendous. Concern about that so when I spoke with arson and shifts officials yesterday. I then you know. And it blasts immediately what did you do and how was that different. Because of Austin bombings and if you're a copycat what they told me was they actually found UPS truck that had been delivering packages in this area. They found that driver and the search the truck immediately because their biggest fear was that. They might see this explosion and it twenty minutes later they might see another explosion at a building just on the street and twenty minutes later another one they wanted to make sure that didn't happen. Now of course the search at this site UPS truck was not fruitful they didn't find anything and that at this point they don't have any evidence that a package was actually. Mailed to the split cases are still investigating that but yet when it. Those awesome bombings really change the landscape of their initial response here. Everybody is definitely on alert all right Qaeda whitworth for us live in Southern California will stand by for more information about that a wraps later today thank you. All right Campbell talks in in the meantime we also want to get to the big island of Hawaii that continuing eruptions and unfolding situation there. New video coming in just incredible you can see the cracks in the earth in the lob a bursting up also we've seen these. Ash clouds rising over the big island let's go back to Marcy Gonzales he has been their from the beginning almost two weeks now Marcy. What can you tell us now about what's happening. At the summit of the killer whale volcano it sounds like there's a lot of activity there. There have been for the past few days the past couple days there have been dozens of small us. An area. The largest one and I. Or and it didn't damage with the involvement with national market where the summit of the way it is and at right outside of that are currently at. Pretty good damage to meet I weigh that up to our highway eleven but perhaps it right now. And it. What geologists say is going to be this it's you. And that. Could. A couple of days ago there was that you would crash. In the I went 121000. Feet up in the air. With all of this active he'll look at at what would be high but that we're now it. Rocketed out of that main breaker that way. A lot of the national park I think the crowd. It was. Just form. Of what geologists are expecting that they think he's. Up against him continued. I. Think it's strong possibility of it and ask this but. Exclusive to come out of that later. After I've been hearing that the people of the sides of that opt out of the crater under the house and go as high as 20000 visas and no telling. That could potentially happen I think it would be out within the next days. Let's talk more about the Fisher's Marcy that continue to open up to be honest I've lost track the number now it seems every day there's another one or another several. And these are those cracks opening up in the big island lava and gases spewing out of them. What is the latest concern regarding the fisheries. Exactly what is happening within the neighborhood. That's about 25 miles away from the summit of the way we were just talking about and it's not just. New vendors that are opening that if people want that means. Stop spewing lava it's quiet town and Albania are starting to left again. And again this isn't residential areas and 18100 or so people who work. Ordered to evacuate had been returning some of them desperate hours at a time to check on livestock to check pet and if you were able to take with them. Things are hurt graphics belonging to getting out but there are other people about the point where this thing going on now we're just about two weeks. And it's the rest is just going back and doing evacuation orders. And so yesterday. Some people who went back to their old actually had to be rescued. By the National Guard and by firefighters because it was Aaron their home and what cracks started opening up things he got over dioxide that update gas. And a national guards at the level of sulfur dioxide that's about it. I what is your state. And so they had to go in and rescued his people by their coaching people here. Pay attention to these evacuation orders not to back into the neighborhoods unless they absolutely counting. According workable that this could be doing more effective. It's seemingly endless situation happening there Marcy Gonzales live on the big island for us once again thank you so much appreciate it. All right let's talk more about some lighter news the royal wedding just two days away amid all of the excitement and festivities were also getting some new information. Megan Oracle's family and specifically who will not be walking her down the aisle on Saturday let's check in with James Longman. But the very way. I. We get tired and welcome to very sunny wings they came in the UK is an out that'd be beautiful thing you can see behind me. That is wins a colossal the very place where of course. Harry and Megan will be getting married in just a couple of days I'm really happy. We joined Kate bile will that should be sent us to breeze is talking to the bit about today because it was a hassle than it's how to guide. Yeah I went really well it was the armed forces this morning and unedited in the often happens nine meg and taking them pause in sight to and it must be very nerve racking for them but for the armed forces this morning. We went extremely well not used to be in one of the because Richmond's and I have a chat with the makes general commanding the whole parade and he said that the on the navy and half forced her to applause pat to live at the highest standards and connect. This is something that Britain does that skated the elderly there Angel. And you know they've been rehearsing for a long time. And that all the different units that Prince Harry has a personal linked. And they've all been preparing to do that Pont's. We know he's a great hopes that because he's pretty dust in Afghanistan and I think beyond forces really want to do something special. Sitting or Harry Megan here today. And we think poolside. Mother Megan's mother D'auria may also be meeting with the rules company today. I'd be thinking about is going to go what we've seen ski days. Well Prince Harry and his brother the duke of Cambridge ought to you unbelievably. Supportive. Brothers and they all great at making people feel that he's won an ice in the much and that's. Mickens relations and discovering what tremendously warm fondly that entry into. And they will be made very very well not when there's an amazing place it's full of history every hole is covered with paintings. Prince Harry's previous session's. And I think you know this emphasizes quite what to stage. This former actress is stepping onto its us. Intimidating place having so D'auria. Casey is coming up with little sign today's greeted by a thousand years it will history what do date oh lead at this time yes let's let this accident that should help. I think you know the Tyson views of history. He's in a way in all its. That as an obstacle. It's an opportunity because not mechanism part of that story and as the new page being tons. The new chapter to erect and that's what makes this story sex harassment suit always involves. Up sedate me and I think what we've seen today on the streets there is real achievements in the British rule relationship with the royal family. Depresses our nation is tell evident by the British public that you love days like it's great I mean you have come out decked out then and people can see that the union Jack. Flag in the UK and mr. Obama I'm putting these on our special thousand strikes. Conflicts which I think violence is it things. Today because now I'm really proud to be part of the NBC team and him actually this comment is best understood. On ABC unit. We have been pulling every element all of this story hasn't and this is the start of the story of an American princess. What do you think life for Megan it's going to be life because the law of below estimated about she's a self made woman a nice herself. I'd a lot of opinions joining mineralization which tries not to tell that's it. I think that's gonna go well. Of America could tagged with a self made woman NC Matt king Henry the second. And you know this is history as embraces anything in the little about what went back in the distance and the team I mean just think as. Thirteenth century alone. It what an amazing contributions he made I mean the trouble is how husband locked her up and she won't colossal amounts of time but. In the end her contribution was in any way onto the pages of the story. I'm all bets that night in the open parents. American Samoa Altman else which hasn't and freshness time. Lack of interest and pomposity. And that will be refreshing to and he. A business. That gaze on him led by the queen which helps to support the United Kingdom and the other countries which Washington State and it's amazing thing the commonwealth. I think she's complained that all we've unbelievable. Support bomb. We've seen actually for the first time in a few days now she's made a statement today about the big day we had a confirmed that a father Waite beat him. And now the speculation is that and one who is that he's gonna take it down the would it be a mother. Could be Prince Charles what we think. Lubbock authorities more likely among them off to rule there is precedence in the raw story full page. Mother taking adults Samuels we Victoria took two glasses. Up the auto. And both of them I think have the most wonderful stock as a result of that unit is a really precious link. Between any child without parents. And if one of them doesn't happen to be that for whatever reason I'm that Moscow was very personal sadness. But beyond that it's going to be a great day and huge excitement I'm non celebrities. And massive. Well now acquire I mean and it is it's an incredible thing in the UK because as British people we tend to kind of we we don't really got keen on a major event until suddenly in front of us and we thought it was a bit like it includes some twenty well. People slightly ambivalent and then and then it stilted and and people of capacity enough for and being around here in wins and I mean you can see people of them crazy way. Someone's picture that you see time and time again as well. Is probably the most famous royal fool. Friends in the United States is done and how present Shiites throughout this process. How much of a role. Well will they want to afford a memory in this in this ceremonial presidency. Well. End standings tell a story we know that Megan's engagement ring we'll contain. Stein's that come from Diana's collects and I think that was something that Prince Harry desperately want she'll be wearing that when she guys to. The chapel and when she's standing and received a wedding. I think that's the presence. I also think that in the conscience of place Diana's sons particularly the growth is a memory of his moment. And I didn't believe that any time looking quite leaves fattening and you know I think. There's always know chooses a great gesture perhaps maybe there. The he may Wear and as the Pope will be taken up by his uncle to use torture and placed upon violence memorial. I mean they will finally it's a great one school diesels have little moments and you can read into their wonderful. All sorts of kind of facts and hold a rally hasn't the role Edison and love the tradition that started with. The great grandmothers aunts. Who was getting married to the future king George the sixth was hoping is that the great moment which was waiting in west strap. And the olden was rumbling and she remembers. That her brother have been killed in the fossil wood chips for Smart on Monday morning and she placed instant. I'm waiting for a candidate on the team the on the memorial and this man an enormous amount to a generation has had lost sight and many of young. She remembers the men knives. Well let when known for all big events the brits and I'm so it's going to be an amazing day thank you so much not doing it. I was some pretty subtle commentator gentlemen for ABC news in Windsor back to you. Our thanks to James long been in London much appreciated also a reminder you can watch all of our royal wedding coverage on ABC news. Starting at 5 AM Easter and and if you're not willing to get up that early don't worry we're going to re air the entire star ceremony. On At 10 o'clock. Eastern that is again Saturday morning for more all the stories we're following here at ABC news you can go to Or download it ABC news out they were watching ABC news lie about where Johnson. Have a great day.

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{"id":55235171,"title":"ABC News Live: Trump faces new questions as Mueller's probe hits 1 year mark","duration":"25:19","description":"The president's legal team is on the defense against Mueller's investigation as more questions are raised about financial transactions between Trump and Michael Cohen. ","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-trump-faces-questions-muellers-probe-55235171","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}