ABC News Live: Trump surprises reporters on WH lawn, Seattle shooter still at large

ABC News correspondents are at the White House, in Seattle and at Stephen Hawking's internment in London for the latest on today's top stories.
22:40 | 06/15/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Trump surprises reporters on WH lawn, Seattle shooter still at large
But the Friday and welcome to ABC news by armed Zack reed keys we are in the loans and we're gonna try to and this week off the right way just the way. We started get a Martha Stewart to get today fourth bought check out this right here this wouldn't call it good old basset. Gaggle this is the president at the White House today. Doing in impromptu press conference with reporters out there we're gonna get to that in just a bit and then this video down here these are the wildfires. In the Denver we judge in Jersey who's gonna join I think it was little information we're told that there's some good news. Are out there are some rain in the forecast for people out west but the headline today is. Detained pending trial we're talking about Paul Mann of port. He was the campaign chairman for the trump campaign. These are large role in getting the president to the White House he walked into the courtroom today as a free man he did not walk out. I'm joined by Pierre Thomas now here we know that he was on house arrest. And a judge had to decide today whether to revise or revoke bail you help me kind of put to be put together the pieces through a little bit. Back bail revoked. Metaphor is going to jail this is to and from allegations from the prosecutors the special counsel's office that our -- afford had been tampering with witnesses. Of the just concluded that he is a flight risk and also that he. Was at risk of the committing war crimes allegedly reaching out to potentially more witnesses. She took that extremely seriously. One of the witnesses that men of what it reached out to suggest that. He felt that metaphor was trying to get into suborn perjury I need to lie to investigators and this happened recently it was after. Matt if would have been charged in a superseding indictment on allegations of money laundering bank fraud and failing to register as a foreign agent. That a man of what allegedly started reaching up to. Encrypted messages to two witnesses to try to get them detained her testimony judged to get quite seriously. She's sitting him to jail today. On believable or unbelievable now won't we do know that the pro the president has tried to distance himself. From metaphor but we're also told to David sources close to trump legal team. Art started it by this particular decision what makes this so unique in how where is it for a white collar crime like this. Jackie it's it's. Very unique typically white collar criminals are not considered. All that much of a danger to themselves or others. Not all that at risk of committing crimes while they're pending trial but that judge took the extraordinary step today. Taking away man if what freedom pending trial. That's extremely unusual. This is a case where obviously the judge do this great attention to the case she obviously we'll. Would want to have a fair trial going forward in connection with him but she decided to pick axes and he allegedly took. Was so serious that he should be in jail pending trial. Again Paul Mann of port serving as campaign chairman. Year helped me understand how pissed off fifty to the most investigation. While he was initially charged with crime going back years ago that namely that he had been quietly according to the government. Lobbying on behalf of Ukrainian government officials it had ties to. Russian president Vladimir Putin's. And that he. Kept that cloaked that that was not known. To the public and basically the US law requires and if you're lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. That you've lost. Register with a foreign government with the United States to let the US government know that you doing that type work. Government has alleged that mad at fort. And his former partners every gates. We're engaging in a scheme in which they were getting millions of dollars from overseas not always paying taxes on it. And again doing this registrations uses doing this lobbying work. Without notifying the government. Based on that there was additional charges filed. In winter. This year and the allegations does that when those new charges were filed. That man if ward began reaching out to these witnesses the government got wind of it. He made contact with his witnesses who have been cooperating with the government apparently and that's what leads us to today. You can't make this stuff. Up here Thomas thank you so much bigger town let's. We're gonna pivot now go to the north mam are talking to Keira Phillips you know. Curious that we were joking around about the idea that the president likes to use Twitter to get his message out of course of the morning but then. I think he's surprised some folks forced to bow what they gaggle group of folk those that don't know what do. A RRR I'm gonna set this scene and lead everybody to the gaggle and explain what that is and and Zachary that's what's so why is that you and I were talking yesterday. Usually find out what the president is doing when he tweets you know his opinion on things it's quake and then we know exactly what will be working on how we pursue it. So here we are at the White House today okay ended its before the president stepped up to the mics but ought to be a little a little background. We actually behind him is where the press briefing room is okay but right they're behind the president museum right next to him there. We saw a tweet that he was going to be walking out this way to go do an interview with another network that we won't mentioned mention my husband works but. I still love my husband even as with the wrong network but that the whole other story. So there he's walking Sydney interview are right here's the tweet that he put out wow the highest rated buy if our morning show at FOX & Friends should we give it away. Is on the front lauded the White House maybe I'll have to take an unannounced trip down to see him. Okay Zachary when that happens. Everybody who thought nothing was going to happen today. We're just take it out reading and looking forward to that day reading up on you know what happened yesterday at everybody sees this and comes running out. Waiting for the president so really it was like. Is he gonna show I don't think so he's never done this before it would be unprecedented. What's going to happen the next thing you know you see the streets getting cleared using the Secret Service coming out and sure enough. Here comes the president. Walking out of the mansion so it was unexpected there wasn't was it briefing today. And then the president steps out. For as you say a gag reels are right after his interview acts added she adds. To talk to him as he was walking towards his interview that he's doing right there you'll see on fox with an afterwards he held a gaggle and that's where he just sort of steps. In front of us and everybody starts yelling out their questions so what you're about to see now is what I asked of about Michael Cohen as you know Michael Cohen. Is under investigation right now his long time attorney and fixer for possible. Criminal activity and everybody's wanting to know at this point. Is Michael calling going to flip on the president. Is there anything that Michael Cohen has or. Or done that would implicate the president in any type of criminal activity that is what we don't know so the first question. I threw it the president was do you think Michael Coe is going to flip on you. He said no and here's the rest of the gaggle. Michael Collins right. Look I did nothing wrong you have to understand and end this stuff would come out a long time ago I did nothing is a lot of your friend it's really not easy still aren't regularly like I'm glad I haven't spoken to Michael alone time he still your lawyer. No he's not my lawyer but in Amarillo lawyer and not but I always liked Michael. Are you know he's a good person you and I think he's suffered here are you acumen but I just one note you're asking me a question of joined as just want to know if you're worried he's gonna cooperate with federal you know I'm no. I did nothing wrong got nothing wrong. You can see Zachary it's sometimes pretty tough to get the president to answer your questions he got little testy with me got a little testy with a lot of the reporters. But you just have to keep adding keep asking your question and I'm glad that he finally. Answered me because Butte we've been wanting to know what he thinks about Michael Cohen so what we learned is. Michael Cohen is no longer his personal attorney. But that he still is friends with Michael Connelly said he hasn't talked to Michael Cohen lately. And also he believes that Michael Cohen is not going to flip on him so that made news today that was interesting for all of us that have been following. That's story. You can't make this stuff rugby. Very you really don't care if that's what never know what he's going to do and what he's going to say I'm just glad he said something any answered my questions what. They seem out there at the White House today obviously get a lot to talk about we're talking about this new inspector general report that came out from. Fuels to believe that. You know it supports his stance you know. He's quoted as saying top people were horrible they were plotting against my election. But the inspector general report doesn't actually say that in my right. Let right and he actually actually Catherine. Inspector general's report could do look and see if you've got that and well she's looking up the transcript is I didn't bring those notes that with me forgive me Zachary was riding out here thinking I was at talk about Michael Palin and yes it has in North Korea so I'm gonna bring up the transcript of the the Q and either be asked on that but if you don't mind can I just mention North Korea for a minute because. OK because you and I were talking about that yesterday and we even wanting to know if we are went went ahead. Get more information about specific steps with regard to verification and and when is Kim Jong-Il gonna start dismantling. His nuclear weapons when are we going to see the actual proof that it's going to happen. The other question that we were asking was about human rights abuses and NYE the president and this was the question that I asked why do you keep lifting up. Thank you very much that's up on the IG. Why do you keep lifting up and raising. A man that has carried out executions and and starts his own people. Well he was asked that actually buy a lot of people and I thought this was a pretty good response on. I. It's killing. I can't speak to that I can only speak to the fact that we cite an incredible agreement. It's great and it's going to be think this little girl not because I now North Korea can develop and North Korea can become. Agreed country economically but it can become whatever they want with it won't be nuclear weapons and they won't be aimed at Ewing. Pretty pretty direct I think when he said look I'm doing what I'm doing. Because you don't wanna see nuclear weapons and your backyard pretty powerful now I have and lets you have a question Zachary RU borrowed its. It's it's fascinating it's both the direct in in in in so evasive ball at the same time it doesn't. Seen. It. There was any specifics that's right we're still waiting for specifics on how is going to hold him accountable. Whether it's human rights abuses. Or how is get it dismantle his nuclear arsenal. Now with regard to the IG. Report they came out here we go that what the president said look. I feel vindicated that that's the one thing he did say but specifically. He said I'm actually proud because I beat the Clinton dynasty I beat the bush dynasty. And now I guess hopefully I'm in the process a beating very dis honest intelligence. Because what they did it was incredible and a real insult to millions of people that voted in that election. On both sides. I directed directed to the point that's the president the United States pressure. Q of Butler you Catherine thank you so much for your time this morning we have a wonderful weekend adds that little crazy I can't wait to sleep it back our right dress and it are. Renee head out west now incredible story out there in Seattle will car is out there and will help was still and then. The hole was here but there. Is a manhunt for eight gunmen that's been the shooting at a number of vehicles out there as they passed by on the highway it doesn't year. At this point that they are linked but again. Real cars joining us now will what can you tell us. Good morning Zachary detectives have been out here the past 24 hours they're combing through this entire area looking for. Any clue that can lead down to this shooter after on Wednesday the suspect fired shots at a four cars that were driving here along state route. 509 record those 911 tapes now for the first time in that you could hear one driver called on one once he says. She heard it loud Powell the glass went everywhere. And that two shots went through for windows now authorities plea that that's suspect. Either ran to the north or cut across the highway here and in ran into these woods those are backed up into neighborhoods of the suspect. To disappeared. Very quickly with that in mind authorities have been out here the past 24 hours we've seen them. Going through this entire area you can see this rush right here. It's pretty thick kind of like finding and needle in the haystack if you're looking for evidence that's why they've been out with metal detector looking for. Whatever they can find their specifically looking. For shell casings hoping that could lead them to the shooter also we know that they're running. Ballistics tests right now again that Beckett a potentially lead to an arrest or. Lead to a prosecution. Down the road now they're also asking for the public's help at this point Zachary they're asking for anyone who saw anything. Suspicious to come forward as they really want to get this person off the streets before this potentially happens again Zachary. Yeah we'll car with with a walk and talk force out there in Seattle this morning. Will I got to ask you we're hearing reports of other shootings is that is that right. That's right so we've learned from investigators that a couple weeks ago there was a report. Up another shooting in this area out on that report went to the sheriff's department so they're looking into that to see if there's any links between that but authorities have told us. They've had in. Outpouring of calls from the public it back we listen to 1911 call. They came in from a driver who sat around the time of the shooting he actually saw somebody running up an on ramp very similar to the one behind me he saw a man running all. The on ramp. He and David specific description think I was wearing yellow shorts he was standing at a white shirt on it was in. It's mid forties and was white will it turned out that that happened before the shooting but authorities say that they want phone calls like that so they can try to hone in on exactly what happened out here. Two days ago. And make sure it doesn't happen again Zachary. Unbelievable still trying to put together pieces out there in Seattle we're joined by will Carl give the great day will things for joining us. Interesting story down in Florida jelly fish just went off on a point to swimmers on their more than twelve pondered. Stone. At the beach down there in Florida as I mentioned it. GO Benitez has the details GO. Later Zachary good morning lift and itself an incredible headline right 12100. People. Stung by jelly fish just in the past week. Just an unbelievable number there so what are the things we wanna do now is show you how you really fee a bloom of jelly fish and really the only way. It's from the skies that we have a bird's eye view right now but obviously you're not going to be out here with the drone on the beach is looking for a bloom of jelly fish right realistically what you have to do is go talk to those lifeguards look for those warning flag those purple warning flag. That talk about dangerous creatures out of the water that's really the only way to know because. By the time you get out into that water and you go swimming back to the fishes to close that jellyfish has already stun you by the time. You see it it's just. That Leakey of an animal right and listen it's really potentially dangerous because. You're talking about something that obviously can hurt we know that but it can also be very deadly and at. The problem that we're talking about that's who wanna prevent a vote let's say what happens if you do get stung by deli there's a pick I actually spoke with an expert. Who says this is what she packed. In her beach bag of you've got some white vinegar here that you pour over the wound obviously I think you wanna maybe get a smaller bought all right and then one also get. A hot conference that with what she does she brings a hot problem press with her and she actually put that on whatever wounds she has. Whatever things she has and that helps relieve it. And also you want to go head. And get some tweezers because if that stinger is still inside duke you wanna use tweezers not your own hands that's just gonna read the venom further and further OK so obviously this is what we want to. Take with a on the beach why not just some small bottles. It just in case because you're talking about 12100 people down in Florida who've already been stung by jelly fish so obviously it can happen to vote talked. To that lifeguard and just get the warning you need Dockery back to you. Jill Benitez look at fly out there with the states and a bag full of goodies for folks headed to the beach again. A crazy situation we've been towed it out there in portable pivot now when gifted ginger zee bee mentioned these while players Colorado. Ginger says good news some rain could be on the way to enter. Thank Zachary got to get medals weather headlines and gone and the weekend it is going to be easy because there are so many large wildfires burning and smaller wildfires burning in the west I want take you straight into Colorado this summer -- club the buffalo mountain fired 91 acres burned some of the evacuations have been lifted. But that's just one of so many buyers because of the extreme heat exceptional drought that is set up especially in the four corners region. And the gusts of wind that bring you red flag warning a fifteen miles per hour and sunspots. Now that we get some help and that's by also CN that app flash flood watch in New Mexico because without the remnants of but. And it's just drop a ton a water in Mexico and is at the moisture makes in the upper atmosphere Alice saturated eventually in the lower this could end up being the earliest start to monsoon season a place at Phoenix hasn't seen rain since March 11 in San. Since March 1 and they are about to get at this weekend. Then we turn to the heat because all the heat David feelings starts to slide east and lately can point. Just western Illinois Saint Louis excessive heat watches and warnings and that's good spread. Even farther east as we look at and the weekend the start of the work week at this ridge of high pressure that's gonna bring. Not only eighties and upper eighties but mid to upper ninety's for places like Washington DC and New York City this could be some of the hottest. Air of the season. Zachary. Who looks like him to see some hot Temps here on the East Coast early next week could get. Up to a hundred degrees or 97 or so is zenger laid out for us there from their gonna head. Out to London you know really special memorial service reclaim physicist Stephen Hawking at west west mr. happy today I'm joined by Juliette MacFarlane who's gonna break it all back. Julian. Yes we are here outside Westminster Abbey in Central London. And his hair and this historic building. Last thousands of people have been on is I'm married some of them the next significant is that history and say it one wall is joining them. President Stephen walking died in mind off lifelong battle with the benefit next year. He was an iron for his lifetime contributions to science as well as his dissemination and not messing disease decline anyway. Not the saddest day was attended by more than a thousand. And this hospice there was some readings by eight people including. Picked them up Benedict come the bats gave played walking in a recent biopic of the life of millions. I'm at this hospital and he. Special pot at this this is flat bookings lads. Was set to music by the compared his you may mean for the film charts filed. I'm his will cost of his lies his comedies. What set to music I'm steamed into the nearest black hole by the European Space Agency at a fast like Spain has found is that. The bush hospitalized with a message of peace and unity and the need for all of us live together and comedy and now as part of a lifetime contribution science professor Stephen walking with Wilson and his black on black holes. And his theory that Michael admits it radiation which became man as hawking radiation. Now it's for his lifelong west signs. That he is being on Wednesday at his ashes are gains the intent between the graves. A Isaak Neeson and child dollars sizing needs of what's poisoning his black. On gravity as a dog silent but his whack on the theory at least the natural side and that's really. An indication of just how significant Stephen Hawking has been to science and Christian streets. Now today more than a thousand he. From the public and from across. Lovers throughout attended this this from 100 countries and taste of more than 25000. People applied for tickets to this. And that just says something about how much the giants meaningful life. And he wasn't just giant in science in the polls widely in. Across college he's made several appearances on TV phase of wireless phones. There was the recent film about his lies dying as shocked as you read Maine what the theory of everything. But the president walking also kids in everything from the Simpson case stocks tracked to the Big Bang theory. And he was also denying it but his book at a short history brief history of time. And in his he compiles box knowledge of space and physics. And translated it into coming that everyone history. It was ready about the space school every day. And it is because of this up because of his contribution throughout his throughout his life. That people will remember him as someone here will it dies in the galaxy in the units last allotments. Factory. What an inspiration a brilliant brilliant man whose contributions to both science and society. Are undeniable we think Julia MacFarlane for her report there in London. Hey we made it it's Friday hope you guys have a great weekend you can stay tuned by two and into the app or catch and us on the line them exactly quiche. Again have great we can take care.

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