ABC News Live Update: 37 states on alert as new storm moves in

Plus, hospitals are seeing an uptick in a rare inflammatory syndrome linked to COVID and kids, and inside Notre Dame two years after the devastating fire.
30:52 | 02/17/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: 37 states on alert as new storm moves in
Good morning I'm Anna Sega thanks for screening with us in today's update the hard hit south is bracing for heavy snow ice and possible tornadoes. As a new storm takes shape. At least 37 states are on alert for dangerous weather from Texas to New York impacting deliveries of the continent nineteen vaccines. This is the record breaking deep freeze takes a deadly turn with the millions trying to stay warm. Without power. People apparently so we understand their resources. Because they were trying to keep that was their lives to war Argentina has the latest. Also ahead hospitals using an uptick in a rare inflammatory syndrome linked to cultivate and kids at the White House announces an increase in available vaccines. We'll ask our medical expert what parents should know and you're president Biden is saying now about reopening schools. And we're taking you inside you know Saddam after that historic fire what our James Longley found there two years later. We begin with a relentless winter weather slamming most of the country right now millions are waking up to freezing temperatures without power. Almost three million in Texas alone. Take a look at this picture Houston skyscraper. Lit up wall surrounding neighborhoods are entirely in the dark could see that electricity going on some parts Marcus Moore has the latest from Texas. This morning Arctic air power quits failing. I'll ask them to cope with the bitter cold. Amarillo Texas getting pummeled the snow overnight cars and trucks sliding off the road told trucks out rescuing drivers as temperatures drop near zero. Part of the lone star state hitting record low temperatures not seen in a century. And people are cranking up the heat. Which is taxing the State's electrical system leading to cascading power outages and rolling blackouts this morning more than three million waking up without power this tragic. We hadn't had cars it's 5 AM yesterday. The cold and loss of power turning deadly at least twenty people that died. Including an eight year old girl and a woman dying from carbon monoxide poisoning after a car was left running in a garage to help create heat. In Houston hospitals treating at least 140 patients including a mother and child in critical condition. After using charcoal indoors to stay warm. And outrage over images like this skyscrapers lit up in Houston. While surrounding neighborhoods were left in the dark what is going on right now is completely unacceptable Texas governor Greg Abbott speaking to our ABC station KT RK. We are going to have to restructure. To make sure that situations like this. Never occur again and while Houston's mayor was at home also speaking to KT RK they were plunged into darkness people Harry's right and so. Because they were trying to keep those animals will long. Or just or put for the millions bungled Opel no electricity and this has the Mike for Davis. In this room in our house it is 33 degrees in Austin Andrew Leahy and his wife finding ways to keys to your sibling did hear from. Scott stated we're doing anything my holy keep the heat yeah. And Marcus Moore joins me now from Dallas lives that mark is good morning what are you hearing. About efforts to try to get power back to these millions of people in the freezing cold. What I am the eight the agency that manages the power grid here about the latest update so that overnight they were able to restore power. To about 600000. Households was still. Two point seven million households are without power and the word we have from officials here is that. Any restoration zoo any significant degree won't happen and likely won't happen until after the temperatures here get back above freezing. And that's not expected until later this week. Marcus Moore stay warm friend thank you. And mayor Steve Adler of Austin, Texas joins me now for more on this and mayor what's the situation like here in Austin what are you seeing and what challenges are you facing. Slower. Zero charities is pretty call from dealers share frustrated. Use any reason. It's our action you know we have over five feet people of the state without power harsh Costin allowed three you know you about a third of our customers Austin energy are without power bush possibly going tomorrow fifty our social is pretty Syrian crisis. I am evidence jealousy can tell us that generation czar Karl option so we're looking at having to city Newark is people's aid is pressing her brother's. Two days she's three days. I can you explain a little bit about why texas' power grid is providing extra challenges here. A variety energy challenges most extreme weren't ready for weather and an accident eighty degree Cuomo who zero currency period are. Oh. You know frankly I think every news put so much and happy deregulated system where Irish rather priority is just a variety power and the lowest possible crash. You just senator people who invested the protections that are necessary action in order to ensure against Sharon's prisoners. And I think that's low rupiah now. A do you think if state leaders could have done more to prevent this. I think state leaders have. Tunes are more protecting us I think it's weren't Tyler getting answers our current position Perrier as well bush. You need assurances he action you're sure we're hearing you know. And so what are those actions what does the states you to do to make sure this doesn't happen again. You know aren't sure. States just each so far worse is. We have. Lucia during to have an increasing number of these extreme weather situations. Europe and it appears now this kind of frigid winters aren't getting to its knees every every ten years. And I ordered an accident within the increased frequency so we have to harm to get our systems ready to be a deal with us. And in the meantime mayor in times like these we do see people come together how are the people of Texas helping each other through this. You know I don't is that it has are removed from shelter to shelter last rites should I hear Indian Austin. We have volunteers understand brings orders our create your man bush shelters and Laurie stations and even charging stations we have people who are our forward and try to finish that are getting people are Algerian people from one place Hutus in your clients. We have people who error deal shows everybody is is trying to help the neighbors. So is the bright spot in times like this Austin mayor Steve Adler we appreciate your time this morning good luck to sir. Peter Chang Kyu. And a storm is also complicating the vaccine roll out at least 22 states are canceling or delaying covad vaccinations. Cuban HS has the latest on that you good morning. Hey they're Diana turns out that the two biggest hubs for FedEx and UPS saw some major delays because of the storm of those hubs are in Memphis and removal. And take a look at this because FedEx is saying it experienced substantial disruptions UPS saying it took the unusual step of suspending its world port operations. Monday night they say vaccines were not scheduled on those flights. But still health officials are concerned because at least 22 states canceled or delayed vaccinations they're hoping to get more vaccine shipments in today. Because UPS and FedEx are back on the move but remember there is another storm on the way and keep this in mind that these delays will be felt even in areas not directly impacted. By the weather so it's a national problem. Right now Diane it sure is GO but he says thank you. And meanwhile North Carolina is in recovery mode after being hit by a powerful tornado that storm killed three people and destroyed dozens of homes. Victor can endo is in Brunswick County North Carolina with the latest on that Victor good morning what he's seeing. Diane good morning from well outside the seaside fellowship Christian church this roof. They should be high above my head but. This is what an EF three tornado with winds of up to 160 miles per hour can do not only did it send it crashing to the ground. But several feet away for where should be standing elicit a hundred yards away for must take a look at this warehouse. Part of the walls in the roof just peeled right off in the damage and destruction only gets worse in the neighborhood right behind us this ocean isle beach neighborhood. Where at least fifty homes were either damaged or destroyed. Three people were killed. At least ten that were injured in this was just one of five tornadoes caused by that same powerful winter storm. That's hitting Texas right now another tornado in EF two touching down in southwest Georgia causing even more damage to homes there. And unfortunately for this region were bracing for even more severe weather. Diane. Unbelievable images there Victor can do a North Carolina thank you. The so much of the country dealing with this powerful winter weather is also looking ahead at a new storm on the way chief meteorologist ginger zee joins me now. With where and when that storm will hit ginger good morning what can we expect here. Diane if you're like me yesterday we briefly made it to fifty degrees they had all the snow starting amount you really gay and that looks nice now. Another one is coming it's actually thirty started so let me take you to the maps and show you what's happening. Unfortunately it is blowing through southeast Texas right now the same area that's been hit so hard. A lot of that is coming out as freezing rain so that could potentially hurt Annie and infrastructure that still. Giving them power in a move through its Shreveport and Arkansas our brain out through the morning hours and then by this afternoon. It's dash film and then the heavy rains and even severe storms move into the Florida Panhandle so I think Destin back to mobile. We're watching for those potential in it for tornadoes. And look what happens it's tomorrow when it starts to snow in Washington DC in the morning they are below average for the season when the only cities that can say that their biggest snow so far has been two inches I think they'll easily get to that three. Could be their biggest but then it'll start to mix over nice this snowy side of it stays to the north and that's where I think the six to ten inches is certainly possible for a large area. That has seen much above average snowfall for the season already New York City for example more than sixteen inches above average. And we're about to give more still want to focus in though on those thunderstorms because today which is hard to believe because these are places that were freezing all the wit the golf. There is enough twist in the atmosphere that you could get a little bit of a spin and a tornado. Especially into the Mississippi Alabama and Florida coast there. And then tomorrow it looks even more impressive as far as severe weather goes the Georgia south Georgia into even the southern South Carolina so we'll be watching this for the next couple of days. Clay a dynamic atmosphere and I'll have people asking me like why didn't that extreme cold making here. I mean asked bat balls a swank they keep watering because it's a chilly but it's not anything compared to those all time record lows it was that sandwiched high and high with a big trough in the middle. That blocking pattern that kept all that cold and is now gonna start to release it look at the end of the week we start to see fifties and sixties back on the map and still not warm Thursday for the folks down there but definitely more survivable Diane. Fifties and sixties sounds like downright balmy compared to similar temperatures were seeing right now chief meteorologist ginger Zeev thank you. And hospitals are reporting an uptick in case a rare disease impacting children after covad nineteen infection. Or ABC news medical expert has the latest guidance on kids and holding. Plus who can forget those images of the iconic notre dom cathedral in flames now less than two years later a massive restoration project. It's underway we'll give you a rare look inside when we look back. Welcome back FEMA is ramping up vaccinations across the country now planning to have seven mass vaccination sites open by next week. So far nearly forty million Americans have received at least one vaccine dose that's about 12% of the population. But this morning there are new concerns for parents over a rare condition. Links to children with covad nineteen Stephanie Ramos is tracking it all at a vaccination site here in New York. This morning cases of that rare multi system inflammatory syndrome also known as among his seat downton children after they've been exposed to co bid are on the rise in some communities. In Massachusetts. The Moran family grateful their five year old little girl Barack is back home recovering from and I SE after spending eight days in the hospital. Just a few weeks earlier the era and her family over coming cold it. Felt leg. A huge steps forward one step back. Every day was incredibly scary you're started shelling MI UC symptoms high fever and rash where. Scared to death but every new thing that our roads and everything they were telling us. Children who are diagnosed with this syndrome can experience inflammation in their heart lungs brain and other vital organs. Hospitals across the country are seeing an uptick in these cases LA county alone seeing a more than 35%. Increase in MI AC cases in the last two weeks. Since may more than 2000 cases have been reported and thirty children have died. Doctors stress however does syndrome is where. Around three million kids I've been confirmed her Kobe nineteen the United States. Only a little over 2000 kids have had his mysterious inflammatory syndrome ask Rivera she's on the meant doctors regularly checking her heart. Inflammation in her body we Cafferty. Everything day by day how long are we gonna mind to her we don't necessarily have the answers to that right now because we haven't gone Nahar. Diane so many families left wondering how this syndrome will affected their child in the long term. Doctors advising parents to be on the lookout for those symptoms a high fever shortness of breath or rash. Take your child to the doctor immediately if you see any of those symptoms especially if they've had to cope that. Diane. Scary out there Stephanie Ramos thank you and the strain ABC news medical contributed actor John Brownstein for more honest. Doctor Brownstein good morning why do you think we're seeing. Greater numbers of this inflammatory centrum recently and it sound like we're also seeing more severe cases. Yet. Yeah. Numbers sheer numbers that she's. Yeah it. Really your children. First cheeses. When here. And it sure there's a share. But won't be ordered oops yeah Jim Crow reduces. I. Believe there are scores. Are you mis use he. This center plays when. Her 30% increase in. Her under her symptoms. Needs more secure visas and draw more exit your. Are seeing more sure security and use it from. The Ebert. The only. Reasons that bear eats me in her parents his body. We'll be seeing you chain Israel is seeking is being yeah he's big buzz. Are you waiting again. Cheeses and there's this team arteries and you. It's interesting that it comes weeks after the Kobe and sentenced his parents don't doubt her breathing a sigh of relief thinking their kids beat the virus. And then they have to deal with this dangerous in terms so we heard Stephanie say to look out for fever. And ration what else should parents be on alert for and does it help to catch this early. Yeah. And it can work. And it. Here is our supposed to bring. Three to four weeks arts remember only 2030. Works and it's rare condition. Known as this information in our cheese theory. Our concern now. Or is it is could be genetic point if you went to obesity. Just didn't look for a recent consumers were are putting it skiing. Zardari and her no symptoms or. Teens are sentenced. To your concern no desserts are in church and no curtains agent situations. Are there any disparities noticed so far in the groups of children that are more likely to suffer from the syndrome are more likely to have severe cases. Yeah. Fortunately his is not our issue exists as its ratings there is resistant community. Were legal reason I'm more cheese is. And our nation's ports here is should start to. Our image you know are used. We consider these disparities are in our work do you need. Race ethnicity under warrants as Europe and us. There were no matter. Shall owns this whole. So no I'm the machines were gray right through her body steroids. And most all children were. It's at around seen any idea when kids can be authorized to get the vaccine. Pressed portrait yeah he's near you. By. Commercial earth. The U zero all the missionaries. Get anywhere this artery it means. Our nation and the media get. Disney or. Star in the nation's mercy are. Are you wish movement needs in the all sixty murals. Or are you going to be it is only spring and summer those groups while sixteen year old. Police by this follow gray water. Are getting vaccines so. What were EST we were before. You get there. Fingers crossed indeed doctor Don Brownstein always great to have you thank you thank you. I'm president Biden took part in his first town hall as president last night taking his case for Covert or released straight to the people. The president defended his pandemic relief plan and pledge that every American will be able to get vaccinated by the end of July. Chief White House correspondent to see Avaya has more from Washington Tuesday a good morning. Hey Dan good morning to you this as a chance for president Biden to speak directly with the American people in a hard hit state he's trying out there. Now trying to sell this nearly two trillion dollar coded relief plan headline he was asked exactly when all Americans who want a vaccine will be able to get one he said we will have more than 600 million doses available by the end of July that's enough for every American who wants one. Astra would delightful returned to normal president Biden said there's a strong chance we could reach herd immunity. By Christmas but he still is warning. That any year from now we will still likely need to be socially distancing and wearing that's the big question on parents' minds. School's president Biden said perhaps good news for kids Arab for parents not so much for kids he said we could be looking at summer school. As fur when kids will go back to school he said a majority of K through eight schools could be open five days a week. By the end of April that is a little bit of a walk back from it what his Press Secretary said. That their goal would be open to beat to be open a day a week. The president is calling that eight missed a mistaken communication Diane asked that Covert relief package we could see Democrats vote on that by the end of next week. It's a saving at the White House for us thank you. And to Paris now where we're a rare look inside notre dom cathedral in the two years after a devastating fire reduced much of it to rubble. Our James Longley went behind the scenes of the restoration effort. Spring 2019 the world walks is the iconic notre down cathedral and it's why are crumbling in the plains. This morning ABC news with a red look at that she huge renovation project delayed by the pandemic but back in full swing the majesty of this extraordinary place though hasn't gained staying DOS windows intact Jesus on the cross still here. Or about forty meter lot there. Couple approved this enormous hole that's web aspired crumbled. They can look you can see. That Sean to ends. All of what was once the open revolt that kept this part of the roof in place. Workers hanging precariously to secure the structure. And wait for the restoration we get to see how one of christianity's greatest treasures was saved. When the floor for account that was immediate concern or the irreplaceable treasures of notre down not least the crown of fools that Christians believe. Teases war on the cross as he died. When it was here in the sun perceive where tools the Bakken chess champ behind top cool spot is where the fire was raging in all night. I'm very brave church official came here to take it with him. And two gets out. Of the chest. Notre dam will eventually welcome back the sacred artifacts as well as worshippers and visitors but the road ahead is long. The plan is to the roof most the roof house beat back colon. By 20/20 four outs when Paris hosts the and in takes. There's a law what to do and the clock is certainly thinking that. And James I know you're there after the fire what's it like to be their two years later inside the cathedral. Seeing that restoration close up. I'm Diana six children males almost exactly in this poll watching them up on the cages behind me here. Seeing us there was good him navies of eighteen off to a golf I facing now is often the initial fly and the fire fights are still trying to you. Douse the embers. All stopped in Sinai as extraordinary should be inside especially to go right out that. Owns about roof which is where ruled as began and to see that enormous hole. That was created when that supply. Crumbled down into the voting to check stuff happened because some 200. Tons of lead and then that lined the judge melted down. Into ticket fee Joni couldn't simple. Stop kind of wait and now button and hangs in the day seizing everything from the stone in the metal left in the woods and it's the reason why we have to weigh sort. Pat White to tie backs outfit that's Norfolk cut a bit. That's for meg this of noxious substance they have to go through decontamination process. To even get in that and the high gear as they wanna clean as much of it is possible up in the Roth isn't solely abstaining build is connecting all of these. Pretty precious artifacts bring them back down to ground level. Hound them off to the archaeologists that they can piece together this ancient cheeks or if you like complete document checks and the loss they'll leave you with a some amazing story. The US all historian. Andrew talent died in 2018 but he spent his life abscess could not trip down and he had true plans. For the falch way in the middle. About church only pounded exist the originals were lost and -- the planned the archaeologists say using to rebuild part of that checks he's helping. From beyond the grave it really is a special thing and I was really privileged to witness an old Diana. Contribution he made James long an in Paris thank you. This is normally peak time for the 55 billion dollars key industries now struggling because of the pandemic. We'll show you how resort orders owners rather getting creative to keep business going. Plus Happy Gilmore isn't. Kind of OK it's been twenty bad years there's a vendors. And what we will see it happen he's still got it. When we come back. Welcome back while the recent dump of snow is an inconvenience for many summer taking advantage and hitting the slopes. Theater Bolton takes a look at how ski resorts are faring during a pandemic and how they're welcoming guests as safely as possible. Families trying to get fresh air and exercise during a pandemic but many are increasing the snow. We're all looking for ways to enjoy life as a family right now don't pay attention do you. This is still way to do it for us during the wintertime and do. Family such as might sit there's an extra layer of health and safety to consider blacks and blue as general ditch the activity she loves most throughout the year people. Our Internet under an increased risk of getting college so. And we took into how what. Options and ski resorts or didn't but taking around New Hampshire. It is a responsibility that resort companies such as in Waterville valleys manager Tim Smith takes seriously brought trying to get. That most officials ERR illustrate our trying to make sure that they're safe and and accommodated our guest. Pregnant Coyle the general manager of the trials in this resort is of the sea minds so a lot of spam ways com. And and an inherent in their little nerve root port pot. And I think that that helps keep things safe couple thoughts on the other rules and regulations and policies that we haven't place. Owls nest offers individual lodging units within no contact checking process the email courts rely just said there's no physical check in plain water filled alleys Condo units have customers staying for weeks and months and is tying. For many families with parents working remotely thinks she's in virtual learning programs that they have safety and their lodgings and on this slopes. We're operated a program where we're gonna teach people offerings Gonzales there's he's walking up about. And its team back down which allows you to get up about the needs of data analysts quieter work you don't even need to go on the means year we're already pretty much. Dressed in Hazmat suits as citizens are fast gloves and goggles. Ready to go. Be sure in the national sticky nine billion dollar for years ski resort business is taking this year and many resorts of magic that restrictions in place to comply with state laws we'll be skiers coming from long distances may not want to green air travel more than quarantine and may be required when they return home. Of the resorts that means thinking outside the box. I don't you sold feeling not wrong social Wayne. Cross country skiing all these activities that are often considered an album outdoor activities. That is really Ben ami and the crush. Hope all of our whole existence of how we've made it through this whole thing and pain didn't know very blessed soup he continues ms. This judging the equipment sales of back country skiing or ski touring which often involves climbing secluded snowy mountain ranges that business is booming. That's contributing sales jumped to 76%. From August through October compared with the scenes I'm a year ago according to NPD group sales of snow -- also not 221%. In that time some analysts saying the strength of equipment sales shows that when steers or within driving distance of instate resorts the businesses have a fighting chance. Overall things that isn't going really well yeah this resort and it is but I didn't numbers that are part of an awful lot here but not too bad not much better than Buchanan's and I didn't want your. And then and schemes are not. Actually helps bring you a little bit of reality even teach us just still in the wind in your hair. And then then German just enjoying the beauty. And the cool air. The key and getting outside getting some fresh parent no matter how you do it. Diane these hearings Deirdre Bolton thanks for that and a few more things to know before you go Italy's mount pet. Aetna has erupted again spewing lava and sending smoke six miles high. Etna is Europe's most active volcano this is its second eruption this month. So far no injuries reported here. Many Houston businessman is helping local without power stay warm in the bitter cold. Jim after the bell also known as mattress Mac is turning his furniture store into temporary shelters for people in need just like he did during hurt you Harvey. People can stop paying for music free food and blankets and can stay for two hours or for two days. The bill says there also worsening pandemic precautions and he's doing a doll with his ten year old granddaughter saying I'm trying to teachers. The essence of living is giving. An honor of the 25 anniversary of the classic movie Happy Gilmore Adam Sandler is proving he's still got into the vote. OK it's 25 years it's that then this. Let's see what happens. Junior yeah. You. Here that is. That worked pretty well. So actor Christopher McDonald who played Judy McGavick and then responded. With a video of his out. We. It's all about short. For sure. With the do. Yeah it is still got it nice to see the rivalry and it's still going strong 25. Years later anybody else feeling all this morning. But doesn't put his ABC news live update and I understand thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news contacts an analysis. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern with the new update.

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