ABC News Live Update: 3rd COVID-19 vaccine announced

Plus, millions pack airports nationwide for Thanksgiving travel against CDC guidelines, and President-elect Biden makes his cabinet picks as President Trump’s legal woes mount.
18:23 | 11/23/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: 3rd COVID-19 vaccine announced
Good morning I'm Diana stated thanks for streaming with us in today's update breaking news a third major drugmaker has announced its corona virus vaccine candidate is highly effective. As we learn that the first vaccine could be available and just weeks this is millions of Americans pac airports across the country before Thanksgiving. Despite the travel warning from the CDC or what experts are saying now. Also ahead president elect Biden is set to make some major cabinet appointments from what we know about the potential picks. Plus the new legal blow for the trump campaign and new pushed back from Republicans. And the miracle rescue caught on camera dog owner wrestles his three month old puppy from the jaws of an alligator. And hear what he's saying about this whole thing this morning. So let's get right to the pandemic. News new images of crowded airports over the weekend show people are still traveling from the holiday we'll have the latest on that and a CDC guidance in a moment but first. The big news on a potential vaccine and treatment. A new record near the 84000. People are currently hospitalized in the US with cogan nineteen. Now a third drug maker says its vaccine candidate is highly effective as the FDA grants emergency authorization to new therapeutic. Chief national correspondent Tanya honest has the latest. Overnight some real signs of progress in defeating cool but nineteen. AstraZeneca. Announcing it is an open forum drugmaker to show each vaccine is highly effective at preventing Kubrick nineteen. Drug makers testing to dose you regiments. What showing 62%. Efficacy but the other 90% effective. 90%. Are opposed to addition to us to action. And region runs into body treatment the same one used by the president. Grades homework to use authorization by the FDA for people age twelve and over and for those at high risk of developing severe illness from Coby. The news coming next two forces collide the raging pandemic and the urge to be with family and friends this Thanksgiving. Despite CDC guidance OG Americans not to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday scenes like this in Phoenix and Chicago should packed airports. Sometimes we get of crowded plane you're you're you're an incredibly important you'll lining up. Not everybody's wearing masks that preaches self at risk could rotavirus cases moving past an average of 150000. Per day. Hospital is stations surging to unprecedented levels with more than 83000. Patients. Currently hospitalized. In north Texas the bar boasts of family gathered for a family birthday party now. Eighteen members of the family have tested positive for Colbert nineteen. T. My family's story can and learning was in progress as we. Conscience. And with the holiday just days away millions lining up for tests and that demand for testing means a slowdown when it comes to results. Some testing sites possibly unable to provide results full for the holidays. While we've been averaging one to two day turnaround on the PCR tests here it depends on the demand at the labs they've been pretty good about it. So you really be to make a decision don't wait keep your immediate family new Jersey's governor limiting indoor gatherings to ten people. And order one police chief says he won't enforce I was gonna have my police officers going knocking on doors and ruining somebody's holiday just to check seem to people aren't cider house this as America's Frontline workers say they're already exhausted. And fearful what's to come. We definitely do not want to see. Thanksgiving family gets gathers steam Christmas family funerals. So the warning signs are very clear from the front line workers we all sort of mentioned some more positive vaccine news the head of operation warp speed saying December 11. Could be the earliest date we get the flies are vaccine if everything goes through with the emergency use authorization. Reporting from the west side of Manhattan Tom jobless Diane back to you Tom. Thank you and back to those crowded airports now the TSA reports more than three million people Pasteur US airports from Friday. To Sunday that's despite CDC warning against travel. This week is expected to be the busiest travel period since the start of the pandemic Cuban each has is that New York's LaGuardia Airport with more on that GO good morning. Hey they're Diane despite that CDC warning not to travel we are still single lots of people lack airports and on the road. Doing that Thanksgiving traveling and you saw those images of packed airports over the weekend. Now the TSA is reporting some big numbers across the country on Friday TSA screening more than a million people that is the second highest single day total since March Saturday was not too far off either nearly a million people there. Still down considerably from last year's numbers but perhaps more than a lot of people expected. Now as you can imagine most people are traveling by road. And when you add in drivers triple A forecasting more than fifty million total travelers this year. Now if you wore traveling and hoping to avoid a lot of people at airports the Sunday after Thanksgiving tends to be the busiest so plan around that. But no doubt about it these numbers are surprising and perhaps even troubling. To people who thought that many would just stay home Diane. IG ebony says at LaGuardia Airport thanks GM let's pretty infectious disease specialist and ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein now or more honest. Doctor rousing good morning what do you think when you see those airport images from the past few days. Hi Daryn. I mean this makes me incredibly onerous I mean it's sheer numbers of people are looking to gather outside the household there's no question this to be super spreader you know coach every single time we have a holiday we see increased. Mobility and that leads to increases in cases this is the most popular yet yet were already in crisis but this had a great widespread searches. Are systems on the brakes. Brutal I mean we're probably unit yet 200000 teachers data this week 200000 hospitals 82000 deaths a day the chiefs are yet he heard of this epidemic immunity Burkle right. On conceded people can reconsider their plans tried to gather all of our council. She may dent into this or just an odor testing I know people think we can test that ran into Thanksgiving dinner that's true and yet test doesn't mean you're not infected should be free moral. You know load would be detected by the tests we really have to understand it's not just by testing gatherings that are small math and social distancing inflation. Everything we can you you transmission are heading to all the people half to travel what's the safest way to do it aside from obviously just being in your hat. Her car right I mean truthfully you want avoided all right so any scenario carries risks trouble and it shall meet its optimistic that things around the magistrate air port terminals are breast. All of you carry some risk if you can't State's sixty or clean probably has more risk just because you're connected to more people who you know nobody in the middle Ian your windows and cars if you're not in a bubble that got carries risks this law already ruling where people outside your console there's opportunities for transmission. Clearly masking. The windows open as the most important thing you can do you must get into a vehicle on an and and travel this Thanksgiving. AstraZeneca an Oxford University announced that their trials show their vaccine is up to 90% effective. At preventing the virus how does say compared to the visor and the new Daryn a vaccine. So Monday another incredible day for vaccine is now heard vaccine candidate which is showing aren't yet this is odd gestures at him vaccine which is actually all different mechanism from the addiction vaccines using recombinant virus can actually help to deliberate genetic material. A different technology but also showing. I think you see overall results were about 7%. They used to scenarios warrant which is to pull doses of vaccine and warrant which was how does Albright told us exactly sure why that second scenario did better meet because it doesn't create an immune. To god and our detectives he had dot version that scenario was not. On top of that we saw no Asians know your teachers and also reportedly no severe odd person that. So still some really wonderful news becomes a third vaccine. We'll take a wonderful news that we can get out we also know that front line workers will get access to vaccines first how all other Americans know when it's their turn. Are me. And we know that there are going to be a priority groups when it comes to that sacks in health care workers. Honorable you know we're we're seeing potentially twenty million doses are the end of December hopefully we're gonna have a real wrap up in production next you're not quite so great about this AstraZeneca back. At a potential increase billion doses by 20/20 one also went to -- amazing is that there's an equitable. Oh and be available to most Americans are now he's drawn a third vaccine. In truth many shark trench this particular vaccine actually doesn't require. This demon transit be able to deliver objects used most Americans early next year. And then we heard in Tom's piece that ever Jenner on therapeutic was a judge approved for emergency authorization by the FDA what we know about. I mean listen it's free it's another therapy that's being made available to the public I'm clearly the president received in the near had a real impact clinical trials around this Turkey are incredibly promising. The copy don't mention is that the still at its highest rate you don't east east edicts. We're not meant to steal millions and millions of doses. Of subs at eight clearly they will be a rose sit here are coal bed I'm. But it's not an ideal way they're treated is to get us out the current grim situation that we're now so you really can't. After she'd. Get through to the end of the year and this is why all of the non pharmaceutical interventions or social and not a boring stuff we know what were. Oh well all right doctor John Brownstein we appreciate your time as always thank you. Thank you. President elect Biden is set to announce its first picks for cabinet positions tomorrow sources say Biden is expected to name Linda Thomas Greenfield at the next US ambassador to the UN a retired foreign service officer Greenfield is currently leading the State Department agency review team. For the transition. Meanwhile more Republicans are speaking out as president try efforts to overturn his election lots have been dealt another legal blow. Senior national correspondent Terry Moran has the details. A tale of two presidents president elect Joseph Biden the actual winner of the November 3 election forging ahead with his transition before he sworn in on January 20 sources tell ABC news Biden has made his selection for secretary of state Anthony blink and a longtime advisor. With extensive foreign policy experience. And that he's tapped Linda Thomas Greenfield for UN ambassador should be only the second black woman ever to hold that post meanwhile president trump is often seen golfing even while the corona virus pandemic rages through the country and refusing to accept the reality that he lost the election. Which I won by the way but given. Find that but we won't to the election is over and more Republicans are publicly acknowledging that senator Lisa Murkowski urging the president to stop waging up pressure campaign to overturn the results. And to begin the full and formal transition process and confidant Chris Christie calling on the president to drop his court challenges recovered the president's legal team has been our national embarrassment Trump's lawyers led by Rudy Giuliani talked a big game but when it comes to proving anything and court where evidence must be real they and Trump's allies across the country are failing. So far they've lost thirty cases the president's campaign now abruptly cutting ties with one of its key attorneys Sydney Powell after she attacked Georgia's Republican governor. Falsely claiming he was part of an election conspiracy and following a major defeat in Pennsylvania where Biden leaves by 80000 votes and trump is pushing the court to toss out millions. That effort was drastically swatted down. US district court judge Matthew brand comparing the trump campaign's case to up Frankenstein's monster writing one might expect it when seeking such a startling outcome. A plate of would come from notably armed with compelling legal argument and factual proof of rampant corruption. That has not happened. All this matters won't trump rails on Twitter and flail in court his administration won't share critical plans for distributing the Covert vaccine next year with president elect Biden steam Biden's chief of staff Ron Klain warning of a potential fiasco ahead if the trump administration positions were disposed to trust them. That is all go to work out I think that's a hard sell to the American people. As for that alternative reality trump is trying to construct the clock is ticking as states move to certify. There are election results Michigan and Pennsylvania two critical states in this election are expected to certify their election results. Today Diane. Terry Moran in Washington for us thanks Terry and that that amazing rescue caught on camera a Florida man jumped into the water to save his puppy. From an alligator the dog is save this morning we are happy to report this one has a happy ending will read has the details. Right here Richard will bank sees his dog from the jaws of an alligator traders came out from Arnold who wore a locker or missile governor Albert and a broad term we're right Bakken war where you're at all happened so crash director's reaction and you know adrenaline. The shocking ordeal playing out near the will bank's home while Richard's wife Louise was inside. Watch again as Richard wrestles got her out of the alligators mouth. While never losing the cigar from it is the king Charles cavalier spaniel scampering off with just a single puncture wound. The incident captured on cameras set up by the Florida wildlife federation in partnership with the F stopped foundation. It's part of the sharing the landscape campaigns. Aimed at promoting how humans and wildlife can co exist their cameras typically recording peaceful scenes like these. Bobcats and dear passing by. There's expansive area while heart attack or community is really critical. Well lit an ace. Residential communities and wild greens take those extra precautions. Little gunners spent two nights at the vet and now his owners say has a new leash on life based now on a leash all the time. Glad that garner and his owner Richard wolf banks are both OK Richard got a tetanus shot hot those wounds. Cleaned up his hands are healed now someone just needs to get have a new cigar. Diane he has certainly earned it that will read thank you and a few more things to know before you go the CDC is making it clear that people should not be taking cruises right now. The agency is upgrading the travel risk to level floor that's the highest level of risk for potential for a virus infection. If you do take a cruises CDC says to get tested before your trip. And staying home for at least seven days after you get back even if you get a negative test. It was a star studded night at the American music awards last night despite a small and socially distant audiences and there was no shortage of that excitement. The show debuts a new awards for rap hip hop and Latin music Becky. I dedicate the Suez solid by immigrant where care is. Payment this can't detonate this today's an immigrant families this because of my family mildly beat those guys and get it ain't coming that he doesn't that he doesn't get only. It's meanwhile Taylor Swift took home three awards including artist of the year and she dropped a major surprise. Saying she wasn't fair because she's re recording all her old music we will stay tuned for that. Perry got in the Thanksgiving spirit over the weekend giving away 5000 boxes of nonperishable groceries. 125 dollar gift cards for other goods to any Atlanta resident in need. For the drive was originally set for Sunday 8 AM to noon on a first come first served bases but I 10 AM. Every accident claimed at one point the lines stretch for five miles some families even waited overnight. For many called to give away. Thanksgiving blessings that disease so many need to blacks Z and others helped him and finally. Good toddler who nearly blowing his chance to blow out his big brother's birthday candle particularly. Blood. Period. Today a few months will be. There is lack of effort there that's for sure he finally did get the can't allow with a little help. From dad again he is eighteen months old hopefully by the time to comes around we'll have practiced fully ready to go. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana Zeta remember ABC news like this here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll have a new update for you. At 11 AM eastern see them.

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