ABC News Live Update: Amy Coney Barrett takes oath to become Supreme Court justice

Plus, how Maine has kept positivity rates low while many states are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases and a look at ABC News Live’s special that examines the power of the Latino Vote.
10:57 | 10/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Amy Coney Barrett takes oath to become Supreme Court justice
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update judge Amy Tony Barrett has officially taken the judicial oath of office today. Or judicial oath rather in a private ceremony at the Supreme Court with chief Justice Roberts. Barrett was sworn in as a new Supreme Court justice last night taking her constitutional owed. Before socially distance masked crowd at the White House the senate confirmed buried in a 52 to 48 senate voted. Maine senator Susan Collins was the only Republicans to join Democrats in unanimous opposition. I'm Barrett's confirmation locks in a 63 conservative majority on the High Court. But Barrett said in her speech last night that she will remain impartial. Declared an end up and then he's. Only from congress and the president yeah but I'll tell them the private police. That might otherwise move her. After taking today's oath Barrett. You can immediately hear cases. Just a week away from the final votes president trump and former president Biden are making their final push in a race for the White House. First Lady Maloney trumbull visit Pennsylvania today in her first solo appearance on the campaign trail this year. And president trump is holding rallies in Michigan Wisconsin and Nebraska three states he won in 2016. Meanwhile Joseph Biden is heading to Georgia a state that hasn't been won by a Democrat since 1992. More than 64 million Americans have already cast their ballots nearly half of all of those votes counted in 2016. And we're following two major weather stories for you tens of thousands of people have been told to evacuate in Southern California. As wildfires burning out of control wind gusts hit up to ninety miles an hour in some areas fueling those blames. Firefighters say some of the fires or 0%. Contained. Meanwhile the hard hit gulf is bracing for another possible hurricane after Zeta made landfall in Mexico overnight. The storm is expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico this morning. Zeta makes landfall again if it makes landfall again it will be the eleventh named storm to do so in the US this year. The governor of Louisiana has already declared a state of emergency. We have plan governor Janet mills mandated face coverings and public spaces and issued see at home orders in April. People illicit schools in Maine have so far managed to keep their infection numbers in check. In Portland to the State's largest school district schools are using a combination of in person and remote online learning. Of the 5700. Kids rotating into classes two days a week the school district has had one called the case. Happened outside of school hand we did not have and he. And he close contacts debts tested positive. As for the economy Maine's tourism industry is down especially in towns heavily dependent on Canadian tourists means hotels bars and restaurants are expected to lose more than a billion dollars in revenue this year. Diane Stephanie Ramos and Portland Maine forest thanks Stephanie in joining us now from more on this. Is ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein a doctor Brownstein good morning you know. Every state is different so what other states learn from what we're seeing in Maine. Yeah. What may deserves a lot of credit for how he handled. You know you now. Good quarter calls I'm asking is she doesn't say it's businesses. It got to do well be recognized the importance of indoor transmissions. For spreading. And so all the population wore Nazi state police are based approaches the mid song we shall. Yeah it's more isolated population. Smaller numbers and yet he has earliest places like Boston are such important. When you're you're innocent coda that younger population but to cease. Our immediate difference tribute is public health leaders. So when you think about policies and turning things are specifically what we've been saying all along rather social distancing. Mass mandates recognize importance. Transmission indoors better explanation. Closing dining clubs begin seeing things or wherever it slots task to contact tracing but the reality is we can all look like me from Washington. And doctor rounds we also heard Steffi talking about the economy there terrorism has taking a big hit. How do you strike that balance it seems like the million dollar question right now between trying to keep people safe and to save lives but also try to save people's livelihoods. Right. So I mean it's the horrors of the important it. This is how she gets this is all finished she you know outdoor I don't know Danish it's cheap wages other peoples are meeting their livelihoods also it's really flourish as she's about trying to achieve sort of back. If you teach our right so this idea don't see our how. High risk events right so transition thanks rich heiress halls and rest stories and are being overworked about things like circuses that her you know you know we know low probability fans can also recognizes ultimate outdoor activities are seeing friends of the idea that parks and beaches are so important legacy Halloween is usable so she's getting excited my. Much as possible yes. As we head into this cold weather the final thing is like it's really close to think about privatizing cell care so this idea that. You know. It's not just about the pandemic virus itself is about mental how. So how can we teach our bodies exercise and nutrition. Lauren stress through basic medication. Connecting with others virtually free to change an artist that you try to limit the news and paper business and harder each so try to limit the mountaineers were consuming as we head into this next election cycle. All decay except on ABC news live at the hours of 9 AM 11 am and 3 PM ranked ducks. Yes. There again given everybody state run news report at a time doctor Brownstein we appreciate your time this morning thank you based news. And now to a first look at an ABC news live special America's future the power of the Latino vote. He's chairman aid test with the impact of the Latino vote in the 20/20 presidential election. Yeah yeah. Yeah. They Latinos have been influencing American culture for decades. And big names like pit bull and were male son tolls are moving Latin. Into the 21 century. Even commanding big stages like the Super Bowl. But even with these huge successes. Veteran actress Justine a Machado says cultural recognition is still far from complete. There weren't a lot of people when I was growing up on television or in films that I could that I could grasp onto and say all while that's like me. Here we don't. With Latino leads like one day at a time and clues noticeably still left out of the anyway smile from the daughter actually. So are so hard working and I think that where we're tired of being disrespect it so as Latinos look to strengthen their police in home. Woods they're already making strides in DC. US representative Tony got than us is spearheading the effort to make the next Smithsonian museum on the National Mall. One that all owners Latino culture. The point is to inspired to give people. Something to look and see hate. Epperson looks like Mike deal from IKEA on my grandpa all right my grandma and analysts and say hey they could do it I can do it too. And tonight we're gonna look at so many issues like family separations at the border and the future of doctor recipients. And the legendary reader Barreto is gonna join us with a look at how Latinos came to this country. We hope you'll join us tonight at all debuts on ABC news lie Diane. Sounds good geo and as he has said America's future the power of the Latino vote streams tonight at 8 PM right here on ABC news lives. And now for your latest science and technology headlines here's Andrew Denver's. In today's tech bytes all lined shopping is surging and so our online purchasing scams 38% of scams reported so far this year we're related to online shopping compared to 24% last year and 80% of consumers say they've lost money many on purchases made through FaceBook. Whitney Houston's classic. Version of I will always love you always an exclusive clubs the fourth song from the ninety's to reach one billion marks the first from a solo artist. In 1992 it was featured in the film the bodyguard finally some real life pac man a virtual board sits on of the 200 square foot amazing Illinois. That was carved out to look like the arcade game. The front loaders are driven remotely by players in color coded hat support as we created by engineers at caterpillar to mark the company's 95 anniversary. The lizard tech bites Diane back to you can't play pac man at a bar you might as well played in a field thanks Andrew. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update and I in the senate thanks for joining us and remember ABC news' Lee alive is here for all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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{"duration":"10:57","description":"Plus, how Maine has kept positivity rates low while many states are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases and a look at ABC News Live’s special that examines the power of the Latino Vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73860451","title":"ABC News Live Update: Amy Coney Barrett takes oath to become Supreme Court justice","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-amy-coney-barrett-takes-73860451"}