ABC News Live Update: Biden admin to ship 1 million vaccine doses to pharmacies

Plus, the CDC is urging Super Bowl fans to avoid “large gatherings,” and a new study finds that even if every American is vaccinated the U.S. could still see a slow economic recovery.
11:21 | 02/03/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden admin to ship 1 million vaccine doses to pharmacies
Good morning everyone I'm Diane Macedo we are currently watching a tribute to officer Brian sickening there at the cap capital of the congressional tribute under way for not right now. For capitol police officer sick sick who died from his injuries that he sustained during the siege on its January 6. At the capitol last night we saw the president and First Lady paid their respects to officer sick neck same for the majority leader. And now we're seeing some congressional members there coming to pay their respects ceremonies will continue profits are sick neck throughout the day. Meanwhile the White House is pushing to get vaccines to pharmacies is new variant of the corona virus take hold. Starting next week the by the administration will sit one million vaccine doses to 6500. Pharmacies. So far more than 52 million doses have been distributed in more than 26 million people have received. At least their first dose doctor Anthony thought she told GMA this morning the next six weeks are critical. Whenever you have the evolution of views as he always have to keep an eye on them because they can get to the point. Tourism they'll lose the mechanisms that you're trying to suppress their protest was bashing. The CDC is now urging super ball fans to avoid large gatherings and instead to watch at home with your own household. And president Biden is meeting with congressional Democrats today to talk coated nineteen released. Sources tell ABC news the president is open to more targeted stimulus checks but he won't move below 14100 dollars. And this comes after meeting with senate Republicans earlier in the week. And Amazon founder and CEO Jeff pesos has announced he is stepping down. Raises will take on a new role as executive chair of the company's board. Eastbound at Amazon in 1994 taking it from an online bookstore to a global giant worth more than a trillion dollars. In a letter to employees based those rights as much as I still tap dance into the office I'm excited about this transition. And a new study from the International Chamber of Commerce finds that even if Americans get vaccinated every American gets vaccinated. DUS could still see a slow economic recovery. The study suggests that since we live in a global economy the US can't fully recover until vaccines are widely available to the rest of the world. Foreign correspondent Maggie ruling has the details. A new study warns that no country's economy will truly recover from this pandemic. Until everyone around the world has access to the vaccine. We're not going to be out of this until everyone gets out of it the second if you want to have an effective economic stimulus make certain that you invested in a global distribution. Global availability. Of the vaccine. They're national chamber of commerce says their study proves that a.'s slow and ineffective global vaccine rollout. Could cost the US more than a trillion dollars. Wind is fascinating country. On the other side of the world affects some one. But he's on main street in America how are they connected. Well Polly Chris in the neck the the nature of the US economy and the US is one of the most if not the most into connected economy in the world. He gives us this example tigers in Thailand said the actual production of the tall eyes which are required. To keep the auto industry going in the U risk of being diminished because Taiwan Thailand tot access. The vaccines and depend therapeutics needed to do with current denied today. To keep this global economy churning Denton says it will take investment from richer nations like the US Indy Kovacs the global organization attempting to manage it worldwide vaccine rollout. It's something the new Biden administration has committed to joining. Section on an act of kindness in doing so it's an act of mutual interest and frankly it's actually if an active and effective economic policies. Denton says it'll take just a couple percentage points of an increase to the current stimulus proposal to on the global rule out. And that that number will gain of 160. Times return on investment. It's not just the ICC nearly every global organization is warning against vaccine nationalism. WHO's urging countries to prioritize the most vulnerable around the world first. And their own country's second. The load these on the bingo for catastrophe modem Taylor. And the price of the assailant will be paid wiesel lives and livelihoods in the world's. Poorest countries. This new study shows that the livelihoods of those in the world's poorest countries. Are intrinsically linked the livelihoods of people living in America. I'm really curious what the reactions been like because I can see a lot of people when they're faced the crisis turning inward and want to protect their country. And you're trying to convince them and actually the best way to protect their country is by turning outward and trying to boost the global economy in I had a hard sell. Of course this moral arguments but at the end of the night a politician and a lead up. Needs to be able to explain to their citizens why Diane giving this money not directly into their pockets of it to someone else's pockets. We giving it to someone else to help them so that they can help you it's actually an actual generosity. But of actual of mutual interest. And Maggie really joins me live now for more Maggie it's such an interesting point you know you're talking about a potential one point three trillion dollar hit. To the US economy that's a startling number how would this impact the rest of the world. And and that's what's so interesting it's a startling number for the US there's going to be a global head into the ICC says. It's hard to even. Over estimate how much of a negative economic impact is could be for the world the GDP they say. Globally would get hit more than a nine trillion dollars ninety billion dollars. That number so large it's hard to fountain Diane what's interesting is that half of that is going to be absorbed by high income countries like the US. You know John Denton of the ICC he goes on district remind people. This study is coming from the ICC the International Chamber of Commerce they are world renowned. Organization they are respected in the field of economics he says you know people listen to our studies so even though this one is emotional it's about peoples health its about the vaccine. It also impacts the economy in the world should really listen to this study is well yeah and scientists are also worried about us is low global roll out what's their biggest concern there. Children just gonna hit the economy it's also gonna hit the health of the world you know one of the major concerns for scientists is that. Even if a country like the US is able to back saying their entire population if another country he of the virus goes unchecked people are not vaccinated scientists say mutations there are going to run while the WHIO as out saying they fear that it mutations continue to grow around the world eventually one of them could become resistant to some of the vaccines that we have so. It's only that happens and even if fully vaccinated in the US that the new mutant strain arises somewhere else could go back into the US and ultimately cause harm to people so again. It goes back to we keep hearing from the WH a from the ICC but the world is not going to be safe until every single country is also vaccinated in safe so where do we stand now how long before the world is vaccinated. I gavel day it's an uphill battle we did some good news stay just a few hours ago Kovacs came out announcing they do have their first batch of countries eighteen countries are going to be sending vaccines into this is a huge deal with and even working towards for months of this is really really good news hopefully we can get these vaccines and to poor nations that day even with this good news we're still facing an uphill battle here. Don't many countries they say poor nations cannot backs Nate older vulnerable populations for. At least another year so we think that that's a whole other year. A vaccine running wild in some of these countries potentially mutant strains popping up. And also the global economy being impacted. So that is going to hurt not only the world but the US and especially the US is bottom line if we don't get control this around the world have a lot to consider their Maggie Rubin -- and Forrest thanks Maggie. And now to the first ever successful face and double hand transplant the groundbreaking surgery is giving a young man a new chance at life. Amy Roebuck has more. This morning a breakthrough surgery debt has never been successful until now. In July of 2018. Joseph de Mayo fell asleep at the wheel coming home after a double shift working in a lab. His car crash then exploding. Good samaritans pulling him out of the burning car. His parents rushed to the hospital what do they say to you exactly. Might not make it. Just nineteen years old at the time to mail was burned beyond recognition burns covering 80% of his body. Surgeons performing twenty reconstructive surgeries but. He needed more. Country bones first. He's any just. Please contact can keep them Kohler. And your doctor Eduardo Rodriguez head of plastic surgery at NYU laying don't in New York City who offered Joseph a face and double hand transplant. Only to have ever been performed both unsuccessful. He only has a 6% chance. Of identifying a donor because of all the blood transfusions. And the skin grafts that he's received during his or commute burn surgery. A donor was found and in August to mail went in for the transplant. H 183 hour operation with sixteen surgeons and two operating rooms doctors replaced his full face and both hands to the mid forearm we knew. See you are son's. New face can you even describe what that is like. From the moment on war. It took a role. Yesterday operation. That's in that's a new joke then I saw my case. For the first time. Facility and action can hang. Because issues it is he really occurs now almost six months later Jill is doing great the that is slowing comes down a lot more thank you very day because you a lot of kind right now. Patricia thank you columns that one day he hopes he can thank his donor Stanley. I'm very grateful for them to OK this kept going and I don't know how to sing song that young pitcher second chance that way. A team of more than 140 medical professionals have helped Magellan has transplant journey and doctor Rodriguez. Says finding Joe's donor was like finding a needle in the haystack and it really shows. The importance of registering as a donor Diane. Amazing story Amy robot thanks for that. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana say no thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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{"duration":"11:21","description":"Plus, the CDC is urging Super Bowl fans to avoid “large gatherings,” and a new study finds that even if every American is vaccinated the U.S. could still see a slow economic recovery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75661231","title":"ABC News Live Update: Biden admin to ship 1 million vaccine doses to pharmacies","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-biden-admin-ship-million-75661231"}