ABC News Live Update: Biden gets to work on fighting COVID-19

President Biden halts the U.S. withdrawal from the World Health Organization and will require companies to make more products needed to fight COVID-19, plus, Cabinet confirmation hearings continue.
10:57 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden gets to work on fighting COVID-19
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for standing with us in today's update president Biden is hitting the ground running signing seventeen executive orders on the same day he was sworn in. Those orders include a requirement for social distancing and mass wearing on all federal properties and ordered to rejoin the World Health Organization. Former president trump withdrew from the organization earlier this year accusing it of incompetence and vowing to Chinese pressure. Doctor Anthony fat she will lead the new US delegation. In addition to the executive order the president is also using wartime powers to require companies make more masks swaps and other products needed to fight the pandemic. We will hear from president Biden directly around 2 PM eastern today and then from doctor fats at the white house press. Press briefing around four and we will bring you both of those events live. The senate is holding confirmation hearings today for more up president Biden's cabinet nominees. Former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete footage edge is facing the Senate Commerce Committee hoping to be approved as Biden's transportation secretary. Here are some of his opening remarks. Infrastructure can be the cornerstone to all of this and you have my commitment that I will work closely with the U2 delivered the innovations. And the growth that America needs in this area. As mayor from the industrial midwest O brings a bottom up perspective on transportation programs and funds. If confirmed by the senate that a judge would be come the nation's first openly gay LG BTQ cabinet secretary. And with president Biden's first full day in office under way we are taking a closer look at the new first families rode to the White House. Doctor Joseph Biden is making history as the First Lady for the first First Lady action say to hold a full time job. Outside of the White House senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has more on America's new first family. America's new first family celebrating. It was a day decades in the making for the newly inaugurated president. He and First Lady doctor Jill Biden walking down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. The entire biding crew. Daughter Ashley son hunter and the seven diving grand children. Earlier in the day the nation's second Catholic president and his family attending mass at school in Athens cathedral for a pre inaugural morning service. And with doctor Biden holding the family's Bible their children beside heard the new. First family embracing the new president. Yeah. They're out there low. And tireless support our. The journal the new First Lady also making history becoming the only First Lady to hold a full time job working as a community college English professor. Along with education the First Lady will continue to champion members of the military and their families re launching the joining forces initiative a program she created with Michelle Obama in two when he eleven. I know that love. And straight and be zillions. Makes the rescue community so unique. Says joy to be part of it. Biden says she brought strength and resilience to his own family. The two met on a blind date in 1970s died three years after Biden's first wife an infant daughter. Were killed in a terrible car crash Jill raising his two sons hunter and go as her own the president saying she brought us back together. Their daughter actually a social worker introduced her father during the Democratic National Convention alongside hunter killed treat every mom with due respect no matter who you line. We'll get up no matter how many times he's been knocked down. He'll be the worst enemy any bully ever saw. The president is also extremely close to his seven grandchildren who Colin pop he'll pick up our cause no matter where he is and when they got the word their pop was going to be the next president. They were right there with him celebrating on stage. They always heavy on Biden's heart is who is and by his side his son Bo who died of brain cancer and 2015. At the age of just 46. But there in the Oval Office behind the resolute desk Beau Biden now there with him. Though Biden and his absence no doubt felt so much by the president during yesterday's historic events but you know the president always carries a piece of his son with Daniels always has though Biden's rosary. Feeds on him he calls them his connection. To his on deck and you. They've lost their for the buy and Stanley senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce thank you. And now to the news second Stanley vice president Kumble harnesses the nation's first woman vice president meeting her husband. Is now the country's first seconds gentlemen. And that's not the only way they're blended family is breaking barriers and here's White House congressional correspondent Rachel Scott. It will be a second family filled with terrorists come lihir stepping into history is our nation's first female vice president. Bringing her diverse it blended family onto the national scene. The man buying her site Douglas Craig get off making a little history of the zone as the country's first second gentlemen. And the first Jewish spouse in any administration. Cutting is gonna put a stamp on defense making history as well he is that he is making is doing he'll be the first. Second gentlemen of the United States of America. And he is very excited about it he's a way. You know we still off I have so much work to do to remind. Our children of every gender that. They should not be confined. By the limited perception that some might have of who they aren't what they can be the couple met on a blind date nearing in 2014. You know come on Harris that I know. She wears trucks and jeans. In fact that so choose wearing when I got down on my knees and asked her to marry me. The wedding honoring her Indian roots. He's Jewish heritage her sister and closest confidant Mya officiated the ceremony will end up an entertainment lawyer becoming her biggest cheerleader. Putting his own career on hold to support the campaign at a holiday market back in December picking out this stocking suffer. A T shirt with the words madam vice president but to his two kids colon Ella she's known as Pamela. Vice president will be great. But momma while I was being the one that means amounts. This year like so many families turning to zoom in for that quality time together. His dad's Jon Hamm I can remember. I'm very angry and say yeah well there. Sundays are usually spends around the dinner table. Here is calling those family dinners on non the go she. And I say family all this mean that family that you make. TV family friend which includes for some of us you know that our families who have raised with environment but. You know also it's about act are chosen family. And that sometimes includes her husband's ex wife cures into. Here is often joking that their modern family is a bit too functional. We have a very modern family. My husband's ex wife the kid's mother and her mother came to our house for Thanksgiving well good you've got a guy currently lying near you gotta make sure. I have yeah. Walpole 26 an Alex when he won admit they're still getting used to sharing their parents what the world. Got hooked me currency. Attorneys mean at taking the social media the post these behind the scene moments of her odds. In sharing the inspiration behind her daughter's looks for the special day riding special codes to look just like on teens when they was the first time their family had seen each other in months. Glass together on the day Biden and Harris declared victory. Then here is telling her four year old grand niece she could one day lead the nation could be but not like yeah. We're over the it is very. Thing her mother would often teller she may be the first to do many things. But to make sure she's not relax. And hash tag my DP looks like me was trending on social media at second gentlemen Doug am hot says he wants to raise his kids and a world where does not news that. A spouse of any gender would support their partner so many looking at those images this morning in saying that that second family reflects that diversity of America. Diane. Leading by example congressional correspondent Rachel Scott thank you. And the US has broken another grim record in the pandemic more than 4400 Americans lost their lives to coded nineteen. Yesterday alone the highest daily death tolls so far. It was one year ago today the first case of cove in nineteen was diagnosed in the US since then we've had 25 million more. And more than 406000. American lives lost. The CDC now says that US death told will climb. Likely past half a million next month. And now let's get some of the top headlines in technology. From ABC's aerial rush after. In today's tech by Amazon offering a helping hand in the fight against hope it nineteen a top company official has written president Biden. Saying Amazon is ready to help the new administration backs an 8100 million Americans and next 100 days. That includes opening vaccination sites at Amazon facilities. Apple is reportedly considering bringing back touch ID to its iphones according to Bloomberg that tech giant is now testing a new version of the fingerprint sensor. It comes as mask wearing add to that challenge to face ID the company phased out touch ID and 2017. And finally Katy Perry's hit song firework is working its way back up to the top of the charts after her standout performance. Capping off last night's inaugural concert is on Wednesday firework was the eleventh most downloaded songs on iTunes the songs really happen. Back to you Diane blue very good them hot today gave thanks very well. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis house evacuate 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran. For the breakdown.

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{"duration":"10:57","description":"President Biden halts the U.S. withdrawal from the World Health Organization and will require companies to make more products needed to fight COVID-19, plus, Cabinet confirmation hearings continue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75404785","title":"ABC News Live Update: Biden gets to work on fighting COVID-19","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-biden-work-fighting-covid-75404785"}