ABC News Live Update: Breaking down the new CDC mask guidelines

Plus, House Republicans elect Rep. Elise Stefanik to party leadership and a kidney transplant gives an 11-year-old a new lease on life.
18:09 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Breaking down the new CDC mask guidelines
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us in today's upstate Republican lawmakers have overwhelmingly voted to let congresswoman at least at sonic. To house leadership replacing congresswoman Liz Cheney defining beat congressman chip McElroy by a wide margin of 134 to 46. After the most of phonics that her focus is now on unifying Republicans and fighting democratic policies. She also reiterated her support from former president trump fire. Millions of voters determined the leader of the Republican Party and president Bob as a leader that they look to I support president come. Voter support president trump he is an important voice in our Republican Party and we look forward to working women. Stefani gets an outspoken trump supporter and had his support for this post dropped weighed in after the vote. Saying congratulations. To stood behind or her vote overwhelming victory. Plus rows of gas tanker trucks are finally fueling up not at that colonial pipeline is back up and running the price of gas is also finally falling in several states in the southeast. But it could take weeks for things to return to normal. Let's ABC news is learning hackers were paid a ransom and a few million dollars to finally get pipeline operations restarted. And the CDC says vaccinated Americans can now ditch their past in most locations both in doors and out. President Biden even took his own mask off to discuss the news. Wizardry milestones gray today if you move fully vaccinated through no longer need to Wear masks. So army and he approaching if you or. No longer need to Wear masks. So are we approaching Ayers a return to normalcy here the beginning of the end of be well right now more than 118. Million people are fully vaccinated that's more than a third of the US hot. Relation so 124 states that still have mass mandates are now looking to lift those restrictions. But some businesses have already said they aren't changing their rules yet I want to bring in physician at Stanford children's health doctor look Patel. To break this all down forest sector Mattel thanks for being here your reaction to the CDC's new guidance this announcement yesterday. Well ahead. Tear reactions and a person was really applauding the underlying science than you data about the effectiveness of vaccines. Beasley seem to be kind of overstepping his back to be presented new data cited the vaccines really do prevent symptomatic. And asymptomatic infections and also. If your backseat in the rare chance you actually get it culminates senior must much less likely discredit someone else or severely off but regarding the new listing. Of the mast mandated same an -- individuals can now take their last saw each other party endorsed. That isn't it CDC went from zero to sixty in my opinion it seems a little rushed. And now a big question coming out of this new guidance is. Will there be some kind of vaccine and forced minaret if your business how are you supposed to handle this when there's no way to tell by looking at someone. Whether or not their backs natives. That is a great question you pose it it's a question that a lot of us. Any age is eight really highlights is back and now the onus is going to be placed on local and state leaders and all those businesses are there as he has mentioned Tony we're seeing so amassed mandates. And you can look at headlines right now there's several states who have said let's go and policy EC's guidelines that and there's other states Hawaii California. You New Jersey to a simmer to keep athletics and place right now and you know I. I feel pretty individuals out there or immune compromised or under the age of twelve people who haven't been able to get back CDX and what this means about their help because guess what the honor system. And seeing that your vaccinated. And you know what to Wear a mask. Doesn't really enforceable and I'm not sure how much a lot of people trust that you know that a vaccine pats are probably isn't gonna work it must parts of the country. Now the New York Yankees are also reporting an outbreak now at least eight fully vaccinated members they got the J&J vaccine. They still tested positive for covad nineteen other infections are mild or asymptomatic. So is this a wave O lord now we're we will still see outbreaks but they'll be mostly milder asymptomatic. It's. Possible and I wouldn't make sure that people really understand. The what you just mentioned right there is that you can still get Ian actually your vaccinated it's not nearly as common but your much less likely CA severely sick. So people shouldn't be overly surprising they seem greater inspections remember these vaccines from Johnson Johnson advisory Daryn are all above 7080%. Affected. That's important you know partly also wonders if maybe CDC should have presented this data on the effect isn't vaccines and ends it hey if we reach a certain number let's go and that those mandates may be in a few weeks or in June for example. And a lot of people have been posing this question anecdotally end of could they have tested positive. From the vaccine not from the virus itself is that an apostle. All. It's not and so I will devolve into things right now you're not a test positive from actually getting the vaccine is when your body is doing sinking of blueprints. For a vaccine and not actually making the virus itself and also just since were debugging things right now Diane there is knows staying as shedding the virus from the actual vaccine itself you know master wish more Americans to get vaccinated recently to make sure debunking misinformation that seems to be spreading every single day. I love the myth busting allowed it I think her question no bright I have a two year old at home a lot of people have the onions at home I'm vaccinated. But he isn't so I don't want to risk getting him sick so how do parents like me. Handle this if we can still get sick is my low risk plus his low risk for being young and not forging the rules not apply to me. It should be enough now remember you know I first live plot you are actually being doing the responsible thing looking out for your little one I have a newborn baby girl on the about the same stuff right now now you're vaccinated under a less likely. They hear habits like sleep deprived yeah. That's also why are much less likely to slow read the virus in the rare chance he you get it but again I'm hearing from a lot of parents out there are saying hey my elementary aged child might be he's not only get vaccinated for at least several months if not early next year how do we see protected from -- else out there. Who may be inspected and may not be wearing a mask and that's a big question that's a responsibility really does fall on the individual. And wouldn't a little questions right late Byron go into his store up until today I would take him with me he has his mask on everybody else does too so I feel comfortable with that but. I'm gonna take him into a store where people aren't matched that makes me a little uneasy. And I don't blame you are going out and what I would tell parents are there're someone who may not be vaccinated your wits and as you know compromise is whatever may be. This is big enough community transmission in your area below the actual business you're going to is it. I'm kind of spread out indoor if farmers market or something or is it really you know crowded. Bar restaurant and you might want to take into consideration and we're going right now and again like we keep talking about. I think this is an it vary from state to state you know in New York vs San Francisco vs Alabama vs Louisiana there's different vaccination rates. And that's what I'm seeing certain businesses. Local state leaders being paying attention to when they're deciding whether or not to lift these masks. Many itself ever exactly what they can't protect themselves I think I mean again the important thing to pay attention to. President vaccines. Absolutely. Worst. And these guidelines release do you work themselves assuming that everybody's vaccinated so that's easy to GAAP. But asked Americans out there she does realize that there is a reason why cases are going down. Right now I stashing places where vaccination rates are high our clients I want to my two year old took crowded bar. Maybe not BS yes. Don't kind of bar or did they come if it's like a gun no car something's some you know cool pseudo child are convinced yet that my BS check. Admit women panda something will invent that together. I'm one question though because we know that and I hate to be a Debbie downer here but things are looking good in the US. But you know you look at places like India where that's not the case we keep hearing about the potential for new more dangerous variants how concerned. Should we be about that in this context. What you are not Denny downer at all in fact here a real estate Regina and is made up. But I think it's important to pay attention to the back that yes things are going very well in the United States. But again this is a global pandemic and you can actually see other countries such as Brazil and India what can absolutely happen to get a combination. I mean lower vaccination rates plus a new variant so even though we're lifting mandates were celebrating success in the United States all it takes. Is a low vaccination rate in this country and some area class. A variance or the introduction of more virus from other people and even apps we have more Al CC has happened in the past that influenza with measles within walking calmly gaps we see this happen in the future with current virus is of people see to me make sure that the understand with a realistic finish line it really does look like. Lifting amassed nanny does not mean that route of the pandemic still seeing thousands of Americans getting sick every day hundreds dying ever seeing operates all over the world. All right doctor Patel great to have you as always congrats again on the new baby and whatever your tips and you're hiding your sleep deprivation we will take them all. Break bring winds should have been edited thank that's. And tax day is just three days away and in this and the usual pandemic here there are a lot of new questions about what you I'll what you can deduct threat will have them. So what do you need to know in time for Monday earlier on GMA chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis shared some last minute tax tips. One of the questions on a lot of people's mind is whether or not they can deduct for that pat homework from homework space that they created. Further resume calls well. Reality here is only if you were self employed in 21. It had to be used to regularly and exclusively. For your work purpose is as a self employed employee but here's something to keep in mind it doesn't have to be a separate room in your home. As long as it was a portion of your home that you regularly and exclusively used for work. You can and adapted George. I'm a lot of people lost their jobs collected unemployment insurance. What taxes are due for that income. Traditionally you would pay taxes on your unemployment benefits if you collected unemployment in 20/20 should have received earlier this year. 810 at 99 G form that is the form. It looks at all your benefits of the federal level that you collected in 20/20. This year because of these stimulus package passed. Earlier this year you do not have to pay taxes on up to 101200. Dollars worth of those unemployment benefits at the federal level if you make less than 150000. Dollars. States have their own rules he wanna check directly with your state tax office doing what is them still doesn't have a job in the just don't have the cash. To pay their taxes right now. And there will be people in that situation you want to talk directly to the IRS right now go to them let them know your situation they can help you set up a payment plan. The fastest way to get that refund. He is filing electronically. And if you make less than 72000 dollars a year you can do that for free entire rest dot gov ire as Doug by the way has a lot of answers to these questions as well you do have to file though George even if you can't pay. File because that will help you. Not have to pay penalties penalties in the future and his most important first step just really easily Rebecca Jarvis thanks very much. Greta thanks a Georgian are back up for those tips. Well we come back our new series feel Good Friday today is all of that an eleven year old diagnosed with kidney cancer who is now on the road to recovery. Thanks to a teacher at his school they're gonna join us live after the break. Welcome back in on this Friday we are kicking up a new series this morning called. Feel Good Friday. We'll be bringing you a little good news heading into the weekend and today it is all about eleven year old Gavin sexton. And Gavin was just three years old he was diagnosed with a form of kidney cancer but after having one kidney removed. The tumor kept coming back. Radiation treatments damaged his other kidney some patterns parents set out to find a donor or him. Sending out an email asking anyone who was possibly interested to get tested to see if they were a match for Gavin. That's when and Camille a teacher at Gavin school comes and she didn't know Gavin but she did respond to that email and after a delay due to the pandemic. Gavin finally got some good news. Can you read it yeah. Tourists. Yeah. The late sprinkle it over and sunny twelfth floor people who didn't. They are the restaurant again. And yeah. Kids who need help calling eating. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah are you. Yeah a. I Gavin surgery finally happened this past February giving Gavin a new kidney and I was so happy to have. Both Gavin and an AKA miss commute joining us this morning Gavin it misdemeanor thank you so much for being here today. Inkster had roots. As so DeVon my first question is for you resell your reaction there. You finding out that you're getting a new kidney you I'll how did you feel when you found out. That it was someone from your school. IRS they sent every hour journey to hammer and understanding that it can't drown my. Another shady flying. Country enemies they even. Larry like I did my millennium buying an Indian Indian army shoot me. And it won't Perrier head when you saw that note from cabins parents you didn't know this family so what you say I need to do this. I'm. I mean I heard she doubters and for me I'm reading. Indeed email from the sex stands. Ends knowing that us you know. Could be needed this for their child if you're mommy can I would've wanted somebody comes forward. And dad and I knew I was busy there are like anti bush and so I just you know it was. It wasn't a no brainer but it is easy to go forward with us. So Gavin and described fer me how you felt physically before. You were able to get this surgery get this new kidney. And how do you feel now compared to that. Oh well. Kind of go to school. Anger come home not in Wellington. Sooner. I can't endure panorama and guarantee. Can I can't Cindy England that's. Lawrence Korb and I train them. Did you after school Japanese. They were just looking at some photos of you in the hospital and you're given everybody. A thumbs up sign how did you feel on that moment when you knew that that you had a a new kidney in your on your way to recovery. I'm praying. Entries for I don't feel Wellemeyer. Chileans felt really didn't. Get that. And and what was your reaction no one. Down the line right you're keeping track of of how he's doing and how progress is being made and you then hear from Kevin's mom that he doesn't need dialysis anymore. Comment when I heard that he didn't need dialysis. I'm that it's. An amazing moment for me. Knowing that he didn't have to go through that every day content me he really really happy that I could be part of. Answer Gavin what do you wanna say in this is camino. About what she did Rea. And. It was maybe there sure incinerated. And anything you want to sit back together and I designs say that. It was an honor truly see you. How he. Friends. Now being part of your life. Needs amazing. And get anything you want to say it to kids who are in that position who are struggling right now and may be losing hope. Tedious and our. Gavin and thank you so much for being hear it really is a pleasure. To talk to look Gavin were so happy to see you doing well and and it's amazing what you've done thank you for sharing your story with us. So you it's our pleasure. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana state of the thanks for joining us at a river ABC news live is your brain all day with the latest. News context and analysis they save everybody have a great day. Everyone has their own pasts so. You should just keep going. Never get. Fans don't compare yourself so that he.

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