ABC News Live Update: CDC predicts sharp decline in COVID-19 cases by July

Plus, Broadway theaters set to reopen in September and families separated at the border are reunited.
25:54 | 05/06/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: CDC predicts sharp decline in COVID-19 cases by July
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us in today's update the show will go live to New York has announced that Broadway is set to reopen in September. At 100% capacity after more than a year of being shut down to the pandemic. The CDC is also predicting a sharp decline in common cases by July. We are not out of the woods yeah. But we could be very close and the Daryn as revealing more info on potential booster shots and variance as cases in India top 21 million. The country is now scrambling for oxygen supplies we have more on the outbreak there and what it could mean for the rest of the world. Plus another heartwarming family reunion this mother got to embrace her two sons for the first time in more than three years after being deported back to Honduras. Catch the moment she surprised them at a family gatherings. And looking for a vacation destination we'll talk about space east vacation civic Raytheon could be just on the horizons. Can literally just a few months away see how majesty costs and what it takes to get on board. But we begin with a new sign of hope in the US the CDC is releasing new. Projection saying hi vaccination rates masking and social distancing could British sharp decline in coma cases by July. This is Bruntlett plans to open is stores with full capacity seating in September but Johnson is in Times Square with all the details good morning went. Diane good morning a true New York City come back can't happen without Broadway it's a huge part. But the economy here generating billions of dollars take a look at these Markey is the dieters have been. Shut down for more than a year in this pandemic but now a sign of hope. A plan is in motion tickets can start going on sale right away for shows in mid September. This morning the CBC releasing new projections showing that high vaccination rates continued masking and social distancing could bring a sharp decline in Kobe cases by July we are not out of the woods yeah. But we could be very close still threats remain like very Arabs and questions about how long vaccines won't provide protection. On Wednesday Madieu and as saying that should vaccine booster shots become necessary. Early data suggests there's will be effective against strains from South Africa and Brazil this it there. Because it suggests not only can we boost people's community back when she kinder. But also that we can specifically boosted. And earned. And now a new focus on kids Canada announcing it is authorize the Pfizer vaccine and twelve to fifteen year olds. As a US awaits a decision for that same age group any day the Biden administration doubling down on its promise to act immediately. We know that kids want to go to camp this summer no credit for the disabled so we are prepared to move as quickly as we cam after any kind of authorization. All four kids in the drove the family volunteered for the visor trials through Cincinnati Children's Hospital now encouraging others to roll up their sleeves don't worry don't be scared yeah. It's spicier quick chayet and it better payoff is that it. Italy where it and as vaccination rates increased some bright news for New York City wants the center of the pandemic now making strides. In two weeks the Yankees and Mets will begin seating stands in separate areas of the ball parks. Sections for vaccinated fans will be at 100% capacity sections for unvaccinated fans at 33%. And Broadway slated to open mid September for shows at 100% capacity. Back to baseball teams across the country are offering all kinds of incentives to get people vaccinated the Mets and the Yankees are now offering. Free ticket vouchers for those who get their shots at the games Diane. All right wait Johnson thank you. And while cases dropped here in the US the crisis in India is getting worse by the day the country is reporting more than 21 million cases in nearly 4000 deaths in just the last day. We'll read has the latest. The covic nineteen crisis growing in India this morning. The country reporting more than 4121000. Cases Thursday its highest daily record of new cases to date bringing the case count in the country to over 21 million fears that the crisis there could have ripple effects on the entire world. The World Health Organization saying India now accounts for almost half of all Colvin cases worldwide. And now neighboring Nepal putting into action a ban on international flights entering and leaving the country with more than 8600 cases reported Wednesday the country which borders hard hit India seeing 57 times more cases now than at this time last month some blaming travelers coming in from nearby countries. And now questions about Mount Everest which brings in millions of dollars in tourism to Nepal. And had been closed for the past year because of the pandemic. Opened too soon when it opened last month. To local hospitals and a mountain guide telling ABC news that people who were on the mountain have tested positive for the virus over the last several weeks. Many airlifted to hospitals. The guide telling ABC Ann Arbor instituted three people have been testing positive per day Norwegian climber Earl and nest says he tested positive on April 15. He says he was airlifted to a hospital with what was thought to be altitude sickness which has similar symptoms to coded like distressed breathing. Diane officials say in order to climb Everest tigers must first quarantines for a week and obtain a negative cove attest. A spokesperson for the ministry of tourism in Nepal says they've seen news reports of cases on the mountain but have not confirmed any themselves. And are reaching out to hospitals to learn more. Diane. And I will read thanks for that. And a mother from Honduras has been reunited with her teenage sons for the first time in more than three years' after being separated at the southern border. The government is working to reunite more than 400 families that were separated at the US border into the trump administration zero tolerance policy. Chief White House correspondents to CA Vega has the latest on that effort. This morning another gut wrenching reunions. This mother my bill among the thousands of parents forcibly separated from their children under the truck administration's zero tolerance policy. She was deported back to Honduras without her two sons mean Owen Erich thirteen and fifteen at the time. They stayed in the US with family. We're. Okay. But now three years seven months and thirteen days after they last saw each other. A bell walked into a family gathering in Philadelphia and they had no idea she would be there. Penny comes as the Biden administration continues to grapple with the record wave of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border but officials say progress is being made. More than 5700 kids in Border Patrol custody in March this morning that number under a thousand. This one's Pak Border Patrol facility in Donna Texas now looks like this. For those reunited this morning tears of joy. Yeah. This mother saying I love you my beautiful sign that. And those are one of four families being reunited this week divide administration says there will be more reunions in the coming weeks and months but Diane this is going to be a really long process officials here. Are telling me that under the trump administration in some cases families that were separated at the border there was a complete information taken on them so finding some of these families. Has been next to impossible and Diane listen to this to this day there are still more than 400 children whose families. Have not been found. Amazing says say a big undertaking ahead thank you. And congresswoman Liz Cheney is firing back at fellow Republicans as she face is removal from her leadership post. Cheney angered some colleagues by criticizing those who spread false claims about former president trump winning the 20/20 election. Now she's warning her party that history is watching. Our congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has the latest good morning Rachel. It Diane good morning while congress and Liz Cheney is making it clear that if she's going to be pushed out a Republican leadership. She is not going to go down quietly she penned this op Ed. In the Washington Post saying the Republican Party has now reached a turning point in which it must decide whether to stand by Donald Trump and is false claims about the 20/20 election. Or whether to stand by truth and the constitution she warns about rhetoric. It is dangerous and that history. Is watching of course this is not the first time that she is spoken out against some she voted to impeach him not vote landing her on thin ice with her party before but what is different now is few Republicans are speaking out in her defense and give the top two Republicans in the house. They have made it clear that they want her out a party leadership experience and endorsing other women to replace her and that vote Diane could happen as early as next Wednesday. Diane. Rachel Scott and Washington thank him and usual watching in Washington today at 1 PM eastern energy secretary Jennifer Granholm will testified to house Appropriations Subcommittee hearing. On the fiscal year to when he 22 budget. At 2:25 PM eastern Biden will deliver remark on the American jobs plan in Lake Charles, Louisiana. And at 4:15 PM eastern First Lady Jill Biden will meet with military's thousand Fort Carson Colorado ahead of military spouse appreciation day. Meanwhile more protests are expected today Colombia after days of violent clashes over issues related to the pandemic and the proposed tax overhaul. Colombian police have been accused of committing multiple atrocities against protesters including allegations of rape and murder. Victor Kendall has a closer look. Protests in Colombia's major cities to boldly into chaos and bloodshed. At least nineteen people killed 87 are still reported missing. Columbia's Wylie police blamed for much of the violence. Some of it con on camera. A government agency is now investigating the death of seventeen year old Monsanto a little seen picking the policeman sitting on a motorbike. Video of the incident was shared on social media the police came in response shoots out here though as he runs away. Colombians took to the streets let's week to protest a new proposed tax hike. Mattel unburdened the government and the pandemic financial stating. The Colombian economy shrank by 7% last year causing the poverty level to jump took 43%. From 36%. But the law was met with outcry from working class Colombians. Fearing that the proposed tax increase would plunge them into poverty. Mom I'm. What did this march is the biggest display of outreach against this government. Against the tax reform and against the labor and pension reform. The government has gone against the country and the country's responding more than five largest cities. On the streets tensions between demonstrators and Roy police quickly escalated. Police using harsh measures to disperse protesters. Some of them plaguing banks doing Brooks and Molotov cocktails. The chaos and violence halting Colombia's president to her a boost for Sunday. Sony seed don't like one witness saw an article you can. It is really Tito did predict a breakout remaining steady US agenda. The move cause Colombia's finance minister to say he would resign with the protests still continues. Demonstrators in human rights groups are pulling out Colombia's play a police woman accused of human rights abuses. Most recently for the protesters deaths. This police station and overcome reportedly burnt down with the words you were killing us Rafidah one of the walls. The pandemic has also highlighted the disparities between the haves and have nots. And the protesters are no calling for real economic reform capital gain to close the gap between the rich and poor in their country. They have some guy gets his justice at the moment. And change in the social economic system is needed is as simple as that we have to talk about redistribution of goods and services as soon as possible. Picture or can do for ABC news. Our thanks to Viktor Kendall for that story had an urgent warning for pellet gun owners the company has issued a major recall for more than 126000. Treadmills. After dozens of reported accidents including the death of a child what you need to know this morning. Plus if you're in the market for a deal on a new car you might have a tough time for the next few months. We'll tell you why and what you can do if you're in the market for a new ride stay with us. Welcome back pellets on is recalling its popular treadmills after dozens of reported accidents including the death of a child. The company CEO apologized after rejecting calls for recall last month shenae Norman has the latest market. This morning fit this giant Helen Todd making an about face recalling over a 126000. Tread and tread plus machines. After reports of injuries nearly doubled in the last two weeks. More than 72 incidents reported adults children pets and objects pulled under the treadmill like his two year old who in just seconds was sucked under the 4155. Pound machine struggling to finally get free. 29 reports of children being injured with second degree and third degree abrasions. Lacerations. Broken bones the recall marking a change in tone from the company that just last month rejected calls were recalled. This CEO of the company saying that was a mistake. In a statement writing pellet time making a mistake in our initial response to the consumer product safety commission's request that we recalled the trend plus we should've engage more productively with them from the outset adding for that I apologize. OK tell Tom let's go. This hugely popular weld is company surged in popularity during the pandemic. As many turns to interactive fitness like the almost 2500. Dollar treadmill sales skyrocketing to more than a 172%. Experts warn children should never be allowed to fuse or play on treadmills a lesson Brandon Ratliff learned when his and five year old daughter slept while walking slowly on the treadmill she hit the edge and was pulled under the machine her eight. Year old sister was able to stop the machine while he pulled a route I would never thought I could be. I'm growing costs damaged my job. So if you haven't shredder truck plus several media contact Pallet town for a full refunds if you don't want to return the treadmill. The company is working on software updates to address safety concerns as well as offering to relocate the product anywhere near home free of charge Diane. Today Norman thanked him. And there's a new twist in the case of the missing Colorado mom Suzanne war few went missing. Last Mother's Day now almost a year later her husband is under arrest for her murder TJ Holmes has the details. A major turn in the case of Colorado mom Suzanne Moore few who went missing last Mother's Day we believe this she's not alive. Now as another Mother's Day approaches her husband is in custody charged with her murder. After mr. Murphy was arrested this morning. He was taken into custody and he went to ask questions he said he wanted to be lawyer so are questioning ended. 53 year old Barry Moore few is charged with first degree murder as well as with tampering with physical evidence and an attempt to influence a public servant. A neighbor called 911 on May tenth last year to report the 49 year old mother of two was missing saying she went for a bike ride and never returned. At the time her husband was reportedly in Denver three and a half hours away soon after though he went in front of cameras. If anyone has we're missing here this. Guys you. Please. Do it every extreme back issuing a desperate plea for her safe return along with a 200000. Dollar reward. Look what success however months. They want. And what it takes expects. For weeks search and rescue teams scoured the area. According to her family the only sign of world was her bike and an unspecified personal item and over body has not been recovered the chief he county sheriff's office says she is believed to be dead and there are no other arrests expected. You can't not a day for celebration. Nor does a marked the end of this investigation. Rather's the next step that is very typically get very important journey doesn't seek justice first season and her family. More few sister Melinda speaking with local station KE XRM after the arrest. From my daughter and sharing a special message for her niece's more fuse daughters. Allen never doubt bloody new. And I hear from you that when every few need to be curled. Governor more free was initially held without bond there is a hearing at 10:30 this morning that will take that up to see if he will be granted bond Diane. Right TJ Holmes thanks for that. And prices for cars are skyrocketing. As dealerships across the country desperately try to get their hands on more inventory. Experts blame a global computer chip shortage for the low supply issue of any excess of what to know before you head to the dealership. This morning car experts are sounding Neil law harm anyone in the market for good deal on a new core. Might be out of walk. We're seeing our highest share ever consume is actually just paying sticker price. That is unheard of. Edmunds dot com telling ABC news nearly 13% of car shoppers in April paid more than the sticker price we're seeing prices go we've nursing before experts say a global computer chip shortage is fueling the problem in some cases car companies have halted production. Dealership car inventories down nearly 50%. Nationwide. Available trucks. Down 64%. So how do you ensure you'll even get a pour. If you know we are looking for. Go and make your best deal and buy it as soon as you can and don't wait because somebody's going to be there right behind you that's gonna wanna buy it and take it up from your hands. Edmonds recommends searching outside your home city. Also try calling your dealership and told him to keep an eye out for what you're searching for a remember if you're trading in a core you could be sitting on a lot of extra cash. Vehicles traded in during the month of march hit a record high averaging just more than 171000. Dollars. Climbing nearly 3000 dollars from a year ago. If you are planning on trading and pitcher appraisals or online evaluations or go online offers before you go. And these microchips that we're talking about there are hundreds of them even thousands in these cars but they're also in your phones and computers. And this chip shortest it is not expected and until the end of the year Diane. Right GOP says thanks for that. And like most kids four year old no love sponge Bob and pop obstacles he loves them so much she went a little aboard. I nearly 3000. Dollars worth. I'm not refundable stunned about possible hot and designed. Well now some good samaritans are stepping in to save Nolan from his popsicle debt. We'll explain after the break. Welcome back selling your home is. Is your event ever at these days in fact you can even do it without leaving your couch here's ABC news chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more. When you try in western and decided to sell his Tennessee home in January he didn't hire an agent host an open house army can be repairs instead he uploaded a few pictures and some information to open door an online real estate platform that clips homes and had an offer in less than 48 hours. First initial offer and they do want to listen you know here's the price usually finger bears are coming Internet press it's a relatively new trend in real estate called I'd buyers or. Instant buyers. Opened door bills itself as a way to skip the hard parts of selling your home for those sellers looking for a fast in streamlined process it. Those customers that are really looking for certainty and simplicity that want to avoid the hassle of prepping their homes. I'm dealing with showings of their homes of going through the financing. Open door his bop more than 90000 homes since 2014 in thirty markets across the country. They charging a transaction fee that Mary is buddies currently around 5% of the sale price. We believe we can price these homes really competitive million made great offers to sellers and we're willing to take that risk. What that resale is going to be. Other companies like zillow and reds in offer similar services and while the pandemic may have helped spur on the practice of doing business virtually experts say it may not be right for everyone. There is turning to Lisa and unbalanced working with a human beings who becomes. Real world experience who can pull your pants and fast open -- purchased west Germans house for 335000. Dollars after an inspection then sold it last month for 348000. We close in two weeks and I want to title company signs the paperwork and the money was my job nearly three weeks later. Biggest thing a lot of people care about is how much can I sell my home for and what's exploit it cost me. And what do we you can got checked this and figure out whether an eye buyer is the right move for you is asking brokered a take a look at your home wouldn't they believe they could sell it for. Do little research on comparable homes in your area where are they selling once you got the mass. The decision should be much clearer. Diane. Get a nicer back at thank you. And for a look at today's science and technology headlines here's tenth mountain. Today's price FaceBook has launched a new feature to connect neighbors this whole neighborhoods and it looks a lot like the popular happen next door. People on the same communities kiss your local interest concerns and recommendations. Neighborhoods is available in Canada and coming to the US soon. Google is launching a new feature on android tables called entertainment space the company says it's a gathering place for all video apps and games and books. Entertainment space whole set up your own personal profile and customized all your contact. If only bigger images on Twitter users pictures are being propped as much as before. So previous we'll show much more of any image you post some observers are already complaining the larger pictures take away the impact of open for surprise tweets don't protect vice. Surprised I am people complain about anything. Cannon mountain to conceive friend and Gayle and a few more things to know before you go the race to send tourists into space is taking off. Blue origin founded by Jeff basis has announced it will launch its first sightseeing spaceflight this summer and there's an open window seat waiting to reclaim. The company's shepherd racket is scheduled to take off from Texas on July 20 carrying sixty passengers. The first seat on the rocket will be auctioned off to the highest bidder the winner will become the first private citizens to launch into space from US soil. Baltimore Orioles pitcher John Meehan has celebrating a no hitter this morning after playing the Mariners yesterday. Maine's became the first Orioles pitcher to throw a no hitter since 1969. Sending all his money seven batters back to the dugout in the six to nothing win. He nearly had a perfect game. But check out this pitch and put a runner on base after a called strike three. Making means the first pitcher in Major League history to lose a perfect game. On a third strike wild pitch but he told ESPN he's he was satisfied with being almost perfect. And a little boy with a craving for sponge Bob pop singles by 2600. Dollars worth. Four year old Molly uses moms tablet sort of 51 cases of pop singles on Amazon adds nearly 8000 obstacles. Luckily a good samaritans started a fund raising website to help Noah and his mom came to bill. They now collected more than double the money that they needed for the obstacles that was mom writes on the gulf on me page. That she's so grateful and says as a child with autism spectrum disorder all the future donations will. We'll go toward no as education and additional support as we cannot thank you enough. True he. And that's another thing is ABC news live update and then Maceda thanks for joining us remember ABC news like this here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern with a new update.

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