ABC News Live Update: Critical pipeline crippled by massive cyberattack

Plus, how parents can help children with post-lockdown anxiety, and the 2021 Kentucky Derby is rocked by a positive drug test from the winning horse.
16:27 | 05/10/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Critical pipeline crippled by massive cyberattack
Good morning I'm Diana stayed at thanks for streaming with us in today's update a massive cyber attack has forced the shutdown of a critical pipeline that supplies nearly half. Tons of fuel used on the East Coast. Packers crippled the colonial pipeline which runs from Houston to Linden New Jersey using ransom where. The company says some of its smaller airlines are back in operation but the main system and they still down. Sources tell ABC news preliminary reports suggest the culprit is an eastern European criminal organization dubbed dark side. But federal officials are actively trying to determine whether a foreign nations. Was also involved. Israeli police have changed the route of today's Jerusalem day parade after more than 300 Palestinians and 21 police officers were first. In clashes today near the Oscar mosque one of the holiest sites in Islam. Police and Palestinians have clashed almost blankly at during the holy month of Ramadan. Back here at home officials are considering easing restrictions on Macs even indoors. But Florida is reporting more than 101000 new Kobe there and caught a variant cases. After college students and vacationers flock to the state. For spring break they also say the numbers of real numbers of very case could be much higher there since only 1% of all cases in Florida undergo various testing. Meanwhile the FDA is expected to authorize the five's a vaccine for twelve to fifteen year olds as soon as today. As the US averages just full of two million jobs a day down nearly 40%. Over the last month. As children had to summer camp in back to school psychologists are raising new concerns about post locked down anxiety. Some kids may have become so used to being home and around their parents. That they may have a hard time leaving. Earlier today and GMA Robin Roberts spoke to licensed clinical psychologist doctor Rita walker I'm help parents can help children. As we return to normalcy. Look you can keep your people Blair wanted to back to normal human to get back to normal what are you seeing as we return to normalcy. Well is understandable that there would be some anxiety about getting back to baton normal because there is a lot of uncertainty. Parents in a lot of cases have been at home children have been at home and so now we have to readjust to. What we think normal might be in a relatively short amount of time and so how. Should we best manage. This transition do you think. I think that it's good to be. Intentional that we balance the normalcy. With making sure there were taking media stuff wise approach to maximize the chances of success. So what can look alike is only asking children about any you know thoughts and feelings they have about going to summer camp and going back to school. And for younger children picking attention to their behavior. Noticing beef are may be having problems with their sleep or sleep rituals are meeting their appetite seems to be different. And then just checking in with them and making sure to pay attention. But then also maybe easing back again whipped smaller cleaned each and socializing with friends. And doing other larger I'm kinds of things. Just to have an opportunity to DC and see how they're doing and how they're reacting to going back to school into these different kinds of social settings to those are all some gray. Suggestions. You you know even without a pandemic. Change and that transition can be very challenging for for some children in particular. You know. It if your child is to a point where maybe you should. Get some professional help seek some professional help. Yeah that's a good point and every child is is different and that's one thing to keep in mind and sometimes the anxieties come from. The parents or the caregiver and can be helpful to check in wit the seat preschool staff at the school's staff concedes you know how did my child adjust after I. Left because they have good reliable information on whether or not that child's behavior is out of proportion. To what one would expect. And so. Yeah behavior seems to be out of proportion or disproportionate to what one would expect for a situation. Then the children and parents can talk to it professional who could then do in a valuation. Oftentimes we rushed to we'll have to get intervention and the professionals are really good it actually assessing whether or not the child is doing okay and whether or not any modifications and changes are needed. And I thanks to rabbit and doctor real walker for that interview. Kentucky Derby winner Medina spirit could be stripped of his victory after testing positive for a steroid. His trainer has been suspended but denies any wrongdoing as everyone waits on new test results to confirm the accuracy of the initial positive result. TJ Holmes has the latest on what this all means for the horses title. And whether he'll run in the preakness just days away. Just over a week after crossing the most surprised to finish line in horse racing has the Kentucky Derby winner is in jeopardy of losing their crowned. Medina spear at the wedding resource. Tested positive after the race for a steroid according to the Kentucky racing commission. Oh we're gonna gonna do. We're talking cheap program. And a peak program. Is. It's like a grain of salt in Olympic sites. Had no. It's an four and have a red lag Baffert is now suspended from the track where he tasted victory is just days ago. Barred from entering any horses at Churchill Downs racetrack it's confirmed you could potentially have the winner the most famous race. In the country disqualified from Victor. Diane according to Baffert he is going to have Medina spirit continue to race in the race is all B Triple Crown as they await. Other results of a second test now question out there for a lot of folks what happens all that money that was bad about a 155 million dollars bet. On the Kentucky Derby well we've seen something like this happen before with the disqualification. And a change of the results. But the better is the money is set so if you'll one know Medina spirit you keep your money. That's just the way goes the giants are. I didn't make a bad TJ and then I'm sure there are a lot of winners who will be happy to hear that. And after days of waiting a Chinese rocket crashed back to earth raking up over the Indian Ocean. It was one of the biggest piece is a space junk to ever come crashing down. And according to NASA of more than. Could be on the way we'll be back in a moment. Welcome back to ABC news live update over the weekend piece isn't a Chinese rocket landed in the Indian Ocean alleviating concerns that they would hit a heavily populated area. Now NASA's criticizing China for failing to make a safe and controlled reentry in the first place. ABC news transportation correspondent GO Benitez is tracking the latest on what this could mean for future space exploration GO good morning. Hey Diane good morning all eyes were on that 23 tonne rocket over the weekend. Take a look at this video right now because we have some new videos and photos from around the world. Capturing that rocket orbiting the earth and reentering the atmosphere. Now China says it re entered near the Maltese disintegrating in the sky with debris landing in the Indian Ocean. But the US believes that happened over the Arabian Peninsula. NASA administrator Bill Nelson saying in a statement. It is clear that China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris. Now this was so dangerous because it was just so big we're talking about one of the largest pieces of space debris. Ever to come crashing down to earth and die and we should tell you that China is expected to launch at least twelve more of these rockets because they're building a new space station up there. But it is not clear. If they will handle those any differently. Diane. Right ABC news transportation correspondent GO Benitez thanks GO. President Biden says the green revolution is one of the answers to combating climate change and a big part of that may be harnessing the power of the sun. But what would it take to make our power grid greener. And more sustainable ABC news chief meteorologist ginger Z takes closer look. Hi I'm ginger zine and it's not too late to take a moment and talk about back thinking. The sun and solar power we've had the technology to reduce solar turned seventy some years and we've known that his son is pretty powerful hard palaces. Still why don't we see solar panels on every house and why is our bread and only 3% powered by Zoellick. The cost of putting those solar panels on your house has gone down 70%. Just the last decade and the costs in the future going to be cut in half but Tony thirty. The solar industry in the US has plans to grow to. In Tony when he alone just under 230000. People worked in solar. But according to the national solar jobs census that number will need to exceed the 900000. Workers by 2035. To reach that 100% clean electric goals set by president Biden and get this is sleep solar panels on just 22000. Square miles which is about the size of Lake Michigan. That would be enough electricity to power the United States. Just this week about an administration approved a solar farm that could power 90000 homes in California she wouldn't. 100%. Carbon pollution free electric sector fight 20s30s. And it appears that angle as possible to achieve and others editors. That technology has been around for a long perhaps Oakland yet that's what blows my mind like. All hype why hasn't taken this long and this is gearing concludes that. A researchers working at the Rutgers center for green building his most recent project focused on why people she used to go select. The other thing people like you baseline essayist. Well islands to fire and aren't. That's not necessarily something that excludes you from select. Absolutely not be we've seen really actress have policies in the such assessed for instance and Connecticut as part of my research was on trying to figure out. What drives the higher adoption rates for the solar panels and in residential houses in residential building. And top two tanks says helmets on you get him and what's your electricity bill. Residential solar panels on average cost between ten and two money by 2000. Depending on where you live and your energy means when there is currently a 26%. Federal rebate enters stage has different incentives. It depends on your electricity bill LC depends on the space here you have available and number of them. But these systems typically pay themselves and 789 Unix. Only a solar panels but you can also finance them and even recently and what is community's soul and describe that for anybody who Michael I know solar is basically you denounce. Perhaps you have to solar panels on the rooftop. And there's this let's mention a solar farm. And you can either purchase solar panels in that solar farm or you can it's like a subscription system program paid for dad and. Still receive the benefits and that's what's made the most sense to Robert accused heat retired last year and he's in love in the savings and my cumulative kilowatt hours. Or zero. And then once the sun comes up in March that these are all negative numbers. Which means I'm getting back. Like most people that Bob had a ton of questions before diving in to select the snow on top of the panel's weather in the winter. There's all this fear. That Yahoo! then your narco you're going to be without electricity. None of which is true so hero is on the grand you just get the credit for the solar that you threatening Pia. Thank that's one thing that people don't know or don't realize is the case sent word we're not divorced from pain from decorated all yes and you still have the backup. It's study but now we always have electricity gas and that line. We're on seamlessly. And no one has ever seen it. And then it goes right it live right outside boxing up and that's how it gets connected to the grant. In New Jersey alone pre pandemic they were more than 300 companies that install solar panels. This following here this 350 watt panel Phoenix energy was the one that worked on Bob's. Sowers action thereafter and over many years does Moya and if you want to. And wait another five years and kind of hold. That is some massive advancement. Here's gonna keep paying you know. The utility company to hire a hearing today the delivery charges. And we nearly killed a larger carbon program. Each state is different the cost of energy is highest in states like Massachusetts Connecticut and California. Not only is the cost different but children rules are different here in New Jersey the energy that you make with your solar panels goes back to the grid. Then you get the credit that also happens in Nevada property brother Jonathan Scott made a whole documentary about and I was. Putting solar in my home ends. I got the system installed and then I was met with so much frustration. From the utility that they would not. Just look this question let me start using solar and the doctor takes a deep dives into the policies that will be needed to expand solar collar across the US why do we not have a federal policy that makes it so the incentives are the same for everybody. The technology access the technology is an equitable. But as a consumer and knowing that I CE. Street coming with financial freedom yeah I. I'm not sure this at right time. It's so confusing. Steve and apply for some of these credits and incentives that no wonder a lot of people don't let's make it easy we know that we have the technology. We could leave the world's end and in truly show everybody how it's done. And I feel like that's that some and we shouldn't be doing we have everything all the means to be able to do it. And the only reason it's not happening it's because of the misinformation overall he says everybody should have the option to go select the sun does not sign exclusivity deals civil society is there for everybody it's a list or in a way that we can make sure that we're working together in this is where big jobs are this is where the this strong economy is going to be and this is what is going to me so it is held beer and our families and. So the moral of the story is. Dearest anxious to check it out you might be surprised as some of the changes everything that he is our showed that aren't handing farm in Camden Jersey and lives not to. Actually bear out his changes in there thanks ginger. And that doesn't finish ABC news live update I'm Dennis and thanks for joining us in a river ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis house evacuated 3 PM eastern would Terry grant. For the breakdown Stacy every. Good evening in South Africa today the circle was finally fully close. Nelson Mandela who serves a many years in prison. Has been scored in this the president. While so many of those who kept him behind bars looked on. Father Monday. Julia applied for a that their faith or could better Bob Bob Bob Bob.

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