ABC News Live Update: At least 3 dead after 5 tornadoes in 3 states

Plus, two federal mass vaccination sites open in California, and how New Orleans refuses to let the pandemic get in the way of Mardi Gras celebrations.
25:22 | 02/16/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: At least 3 dead after 5 tornadoes in 3 states
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update breaking news overnight at least three people are dead after five reported tornadoes in three states. This is a massive winter storm for states of emergency from Texas or get. Texas has been hit with a record breaking cold temperatures in 200 million Americans are on alert for snow. Ice and dangerous wind chills our team is tracking it all. Also ahead the first two federal mass vaccination sites open in California with the army National Guard sent to vaccine thousands of people holiday. It's all part of a plan to open 100 mega sites in 100 days. But the big question can supply keep up to the man. And it's Mardi Gras and New Orleans is not letting the pandemic about the parties today it's all about PRD drop. The Big Easy is big celebration like you've never seen. We begin with that breaking news overnight after five reported tornadoes tore through the south in north Carolina at least three people are dead. After a seaside town was hit destroying homes and leaving thousands without power and a Rivera from our station WT VD is an ocean isle North Carolina. With the latest and a good morning of the images coming out of North Carolina are incredible. When you look at all of this damage you can see just the sheer force of the storm take a look at this building you can see the it was once a standing storage unit and now leads just collapsed all of the walls thrown everywhere everything inside all over the ground there are pieces of it dug into the ground at a sheriff's office saying that. Three people so far are dead and at least ten people. Have been injured they spent the night going through all of this debris trying to find anyone they say at this point they say they think they have found everyone and that everyone is that counted toward the thing continue working trying to get its message. Cleaned up and providing updates throughout the day Diane there after. From WT VD and I thank you. And 44 states are also on alert this morning for dangerous winter weather. More than 70%. Of a continental US is covered in snow right now that's the highest percentage in a decade. Texas is taking an especially hard hit with an historic cold front. More than four million people there are waking up without power Marcus Moore has a look at the impact of the storm so far. Overnight historic in danger was called taking ain't that millions. Power lines and trees collapsing from the weight of freezing rain in New Jersey a transformer exploding. A blitz of snow and ice making driving conditions treacherous police pleading with people to stay off the roads. In Ohio tractor trailers and cars lining the road waiting to be rescued and pulled from the snow. Frozen roads making dangerous conditions for driving in Chicago we're more than two feet of lake effect snow has fallen. And Texans are waking up to some of the coldest temperatures on record. Like a walk in freezer it's like thirty Ford a 36 series. The cold snap sending power demands skyrocketing. More than four million people waking up of a lone star state were without power. Officials imposed rolling blackouts saying the lack of energy is due in part to frozen wind turbines in west Texas knocked offline. There's no firewood anywhere and at stores open. People desperate to warm up in Houston the family of six hospitalized. With carbon monoxide poisoning. After officials say they used a charcoal grill to heat their apartment the governor making a grim comparison. There were her where her. Health officials in Harris County were bracing to distribute more than 8000 Kobe nineteen vaccines after a freeze it lost power and the backup generator failed. Pipes freezing in bursting across the state. Power lines Suzyn. Taken out by heavy ice and museum. And check this out in Kentucky that synchronize snowplow. And Diane back here in Texas of the Houston Chronicle they could not put out a newspaper today only an on line of version of that. That publication because of the power outages a gives you a sense of how this is impacted. Everyday life here in Texas and also Houston by the way it was colder yesterday. But Anchorage Alaska. Park is more in Dallas Texas forest thanks Marcus. And a brass is one of the coldest places in the country right now are Wolverine is in Omaha hours well below zero will good morning. Good morning guys and Omaha Nebraska is cold is just about anywhere right now a negative twenty with a minus 38 windshield is the type of gold. Their really gets GA Attleboro. Through your clothes and three years gain and your bones it penetrates the soul that deserve a gold are talking about but. Big can lend itself to some pretty cool visualization of did demonstration board. When you boil water and you have the right conditions a little wind a very cold temperatures which we have. I don't recommend you do this at home but we're gonna do it here are not near anyone and the wind is low enough that everyone's going to be safe community is boiling water. And I thrown in there. That's what happens it freezes. Gave Stevens not bad. I look like Ivins that got a music video right now. Her sudden that's already element in terms of temperature but Omaha. Is not alone in bearing this burden the Dakotas for much of the midwest in during these rural sub zero temperatures today. It is very cold and dangerously so if your skin is exposed for even just ten minutes in these conditions you can get frostbite and when you feel. That frostbite coming and that means pain tingling numbness. You need to seek medical attention to make sure that you get that taking care of this is nothing to play around with experiments aside this is real dangerous cold. And we're deal by the here in Omaha Diane. Dealing with fit in with classical summit will re the beyonce fans and he can have a little. Fanning for his music video and make sure is cranky some heat he will thank you. So where is all of this weather heading next chief meteorologist ginger zee has been tracking it all for us. Tender it just feel that we can't catch a break with those cold weather what's what's next for this storm. Seriously. I mean think about Marty you're out being potentially the coldest Marty drop on record for this Fat Tuesday. And you've got all time. Pulled records being set not just for the day but all time from Hastings Nebraska where they tied at thirty below. To say they'll Arkansas in nineteen below the feels like this morning are still and that dangerous threshold blacks. This is the bottom mouth right so we are only going to see some improvement from here is just gonna take time and with it does come from Warner winter precipitation. Unfortunately you have from the cascades all the way over. Head down into Texas new winter storm warnings that include Dallas again remember they've just got blasted with more snow than they've seen in a decade. Oklahoma City same thing they're closing in on what could be there's no we its season on record. Really incredible and that storm is gonna move up and in the northeast start as snow for most of us on Thursday. And then for some transition to Canada ice and rain again but yes any snow that we melt here Diane with the rain this morning. There's more later this week. And we also talked about those deadly tornadoes happens. The top of the show what's next for this out as they try to recover from this. That same storm that's gonna bring more ice and snow to the planes like Oklahoma and down to Dallas and Shreveport Louisiana. On the front and of that. We have severe storms possible so if you're in Mobile, Alabama. New Marlins all the way through the Gulf Coast into the Florida Panhandle. We get into Thursday we're going to be talking about the potential for it not only damaging winds but again tornadoes you've got to really flip flops atmosphere. Record highs were in from Miami to Daytona attend Melbourne. And then of course the extreme told C knows something active will happen between the stamp Diane. I continue Z you're not always the bearer of good news though we still like to get our news for me thank you. And then winter storms are affecting travel across the country including Eckstein deliveries at risk thousands of flights have been canceled of the past few days with more expected. As a storm moves east transportation correspondent GO but he test has the latest on that GO good morning. Hey there Diane this weather has really affected airports in the south especially because they're just not used to dealing with conditions like these. In fact airports and Houston they are still shut down this morning those runways are just too frozen. We're also looking at airports in San Antonio and Austin they have already canceled. All of their flights for today now across the country today we're looking at about 8000 cancellations since Sunday today alone. 2300. Cancellations in America. So what about those vaccine deliveries will cargo flights obviously are very much affected by this UPS and FedEx say they're able to work around these issues. But no doubt about it we are talking about some of the most crucial airports right in the middle of the country that right now Diane or just shut down. One hit after another GO Benitez thank you. The first federal mass vaccination site opens today at east Los Angeles but while the pace of vaccinations is picking up. Some medical experts say vaccines still aren't reaching some of the people who need them most. A member of president Biden's Kobe transition team tells us what needs to change from when we come back. Stay with. Welcome back the CDC reports 38 million Americans have not gotten at least their first dose of the club in nineteen vaccine. Now FEMA is opening new mass vaccination centers across the country but demand is still outpacing supply kidney heart tongue is at a mass vaccination site opening today. With the latest. This morning a potential game changer in the race to backs an eight. As the federal government opens its first mass vaccination sites in California active duty service members from the US army and National Guard. Now working seven days a week on the campus of Kelsey university in east Los Angeles and Oakland coliseum to support the FEMA run operation. The US military has. A lot of medical professionals to. Can support this mission who can administer this vaccine and very quick amount of time. Officials say those of the California sites will be allotted 42000. Vaccines a week by the federal government. These mega site's part of president Biden's pandemic response plan that aims to make the vaccine widely available by spring. The plan is to open 100 vaccination sites in 100 days. In Texas three more these federal sites are expected to open next week and FEMA is still searching for more potential locations across the country. But as more sites open up and more people become eligible the vaccine supply can't keep up with demand. Dodger Stadium forced to temporarily shut down its vaccination site over the weekend. And in San Francisco sites closing for at least a week leaving some desperate to get appointments for loved ones. We're we're we're their leash and then she honestly current and leaves the vaccine rollout also win a race against those contagious variants that appear to chip away at the effectiveness of the vaccines. A case of the south African Covert variant now confirmed in a patient from can't get hospitalized in New York City. And ion here east Los Angeles this site is a particularly good day for FEMA to launch one of its first mass vaccination sites in the country. We're an area that is being devastated by Colby named senior a lot of predominantly Latino neighborhoods here they are underserved by health resource is. At this site starting today eligible people they can walk up they can drive up. Pretty soon here they'll be vaccine 6000 people a day here. Diane really hard time in Los Angeles forest thanks caring. And for more on the race to backs Nate the US doctor Julie Morita of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation who worked for president Biden's Kobe transition team. Is joining us now doctor Julie good morning thank you so much for being here we know that infection rates are falling in the US and around the world. When you think's causing that drop is it people developing immunity from having the virus people being vaccinated more precautions are a combination. Morning my they have nice to see you again. Yes I think there's a number of different factors that could be contributing to lose decrease. We're seeing in the numbers of cases it's reassuring the CD cases coming down what we're still at high levels of disease activity. But things that could be contributing to those that decrease include. The social distancing and prevention measures people really taking seriously the fact they shouldn't be in wired groups and gathering together. Those kinds of matters have made a difference and can continue to make a big difference I think he couldn't contain. Continued in addition there that. Vaccine distribution may be and vaccine administration may actually contributing to aluminum increases while but it's pretty early because the levels of protection or couldn't blow. So those kinds of things in general contentment be contributing to the decrease in diseases that we're seeing is also seasonality that these he would. Diseases like influenza like Covert. But we have peaks of activity when it's cold and people are in the homes not and kind of being closely together so. Those kinds of factors can definitely contributing. And you wrote an op Ed this month calling for more equity in vaccine distribution what is what are some of the problems you're seeing and and what do you think needs to be done differently. We're looking at numbers high numbers of people getting vaccinated incidentally reassuring tens of millions of people have been vaccinated are ready by 12% of the she's so that's all very reassuring. I think the key thing to keep in mind though is that. It's not just about how many people are getting vaccinated but who's getting vaccinated we know that this pandemic has really affected communities of color. African American Latino American native American communities much higher in terms of rates of hospitalization. And and and and then just poor outcome. So it's really important that those groups get vaccinated as well answered assistants have to be ultimately it may be easy for them to access the Texans to. And I know you have worked on vaccine distribution on both the federal. And the local level are we level we have heard from some local leaders that they'll process can get confusing with so many cooks in the kitchen so. How do you think the government can coordinate better. To help ramp things up. In my past experience of the Health Department in Chicago the strongest and asked for your and public health emergency responses. We're led by the federal government in coordination with state and local governments. Clearly we are in front lines. And local public accountancy public health from the front lines of their responses. But in order for this process of peace movement is going well there needs to do you know leadership at the topic. Federal-Mogul with close communication and coordination with the state and local governments as well. And Los Angeles schools are able opened today based on Covert raids in the area last week. The CDC released some guidance for reopening schools across the country based your experience what other top considerations for school administrators right now. Dennis Healy B assuring its C unit CDC issued this the school guidance last week. It's evidence based information gets more spots specific kinds in terms of what kinds of criteria should be not know what needs to be in place to reopen schools sequence and as a color coding. That that's associated with how much does he is going on community but there's also kinds regarding. Masking social distancing. Cancellation and cleaning and within a school system and also a close connection with public power entities to make sure that when cases are done today identified. That people can be isolated quarantined as appropriate. So those measures are really outlined nicely within the CDC cartons and should be helpful to state and local governments is there will be opening schools. Talk to Julie Marie that great to have you thank you for your time today. Thank you take him. You too. And president Biden is hitting the road to push is pandemic relief bill. He's taking his first official trip as president to the midwest visiting states that have been hit especially hard by covad nineteen. Our chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has the latest good morning to Syria. Hey Diane good morning T so it's been 28 days since Joseph Biden took office and this is now being called the unofficial start to his presidency because Donald's from. Has been hanging over this White House's had since basically day one even before that but today president Biden will take his first official trip as president he heads to Wisconsin he'll be doing a town hall there that of course is state that was hit so hard. By Kobe and the economic fallout of that later in the week the president is going to head to Michigan where he's going to be touring a vaccine manufacturing plant. Really the big priority for them this remains that nearly two trillion dollar Covert relief package they want to get this passed by the middle of next month. President Biden you know this he campaigned on having bipartisan support on being this unifier. He says they've got that for this Covert relief plan and take a look look at these numbers this is a poll that's just out right now it's his 37%. Of Republicans say they actually support. Biden's plan the issue is Republicans on Capitol Hill they still over willingly do not support it they say that it's too expensive. The administration is now leaning towards going at it alone we've been talking about that they're talking about doing this. Without Republican support but now other looking ahead to other items other priorities and diet I'm told we could end up seeing. In immigration package up on Capitol Hill by at some point this week. Nice to see Avaya forest thank you. And you door watching in Washington today at 11:30 AM eastern white house Press Secretary gen sacking will hold a briefing. At 2:30 PM eastern the Pentagon's John Kirby will also hold a press conference. And at 9 PM eastern president Biden will be in Milwaukee Wisconsin for his first town hall since becoming president. And just a week after celebrating their Super Bowl win the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are mourning the loss of one of their own. An investigation is now underway after retired star wide receiver Vincent Jackson was found dead at a Florida hotel. Shenae Norman has more. So this morning police investigating the death. From Jackson. Only a week after his former team Super Bowl win the three time Pro Bowl wide receiver found dead at this hotel near Tampa. Just amazing. Mark. It's that we the cause of death is unknown but police say there were no signs of trauma Jackson's family had reported him missing one month earlier. Leading police to visit Jackson at the hotel in February 11 but they confirmed his well being. On Monday morning hotel staff found the ex NFL player dead. Many mourning the loss on social media the Buccaneers saying during his five seasons with our franchise. Vincent was a consummate professional who took a great deal of pride in his performance current and off the football field. Jackson retired in 2016. And turned his attention to giving back pounding his own charity and devoting himself to a cause close to his heart. Military families and children. Missile Negroponte began military household as a kid and traveling around and on meet the nuances and be the outscored the military families face so it's important know that you know those kids. Can kind of be specialize in you maybe get their own specific scholarship. There where he shares are. Saying he. Military can't RE. LA arena is we are what are kind US. His family telling ABC news. We are all mourning the loss of our beloved Vincent his wife and family assets everyone respect their privacy at this time. And with the cause of death still unknown a toxicology report is expected in six to eight weeks. In a statement the chargers describing Jackson as a fan favorite in the Hillsborough County sheriff calling him a devoted man who put his family and community. About everything else Diane. Cindy Norman thank you for that. And it's the hottest new club invite only and you can only get any bigger Smartphones when we come back. What you need to know about the clubhouse after and the privacy concerns this morning. Plus from the dog house and the pent house. We will tell you why this eight year old Border Collie is now worth millions after the break. Welcome back how you like to go to an exclusive new club. Now you can do it from your phone. Clubhouse is an invite only app that connects people in a virtual dinner party like setting it's already been installed more than five million times around the world. But how safe is it chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has the details. If you heard about. Yeah yeah I absolutely never seen output is clubhouse and should you be on it still. Clubhouse it's the exclusive insight only social networking apps that suddenly popping up everywhere these little. Fox is that you see right here with the title and people within its fall what's called brooms in each of those rooms users can via fly on the wall. Listening in on conversations in here views on loads of topics like a virtual dinner party on your phone. Doing any and everything on clubhouse their pitching businesses they're dating there's standup comedy rooms on the platform you have that option to raise your hand and join the conversation it's coming viral sensation in the stay at home pandemic era. Clubhouse says it hit over two million weekly users within the last month. Oprah and Serena Williams have been heard on the app and recently Elon Musk joining the club tweeting I'm clubhouse tonight at 10 PM LA time 5000 people joined in the chat. To us. Thank you are like all of social media they're our privacy considerations. Mining privacy concern with clubhouse is a bank that you have to give them your contact list on your phone in order to use the app clubhouse still does have some real content moderation issues around the types of things that it said in clubs but that's not stopping tech titans from jumping in so what is definitely has some competition. Waiting for Twitter already has a very similar feature called spaces FaceBook is in development right now for a feature and mark Cuba is actually developing. An apple fireside. But of course Diane the first step is to score yourself I'd invite odds of this invite only app in the way you do that is by finding a current member. Who hasn't invitations left that they can grant you now once your inside of this app. You can decide what types of rooms what types of conversations. You want to follow. By clicking on your various interest everything from sports to technology the economy are it. All of these various areas have their own chat rooms that are dedicated. To those specific topic areas. And once your in one of these chat rooms you can decide how long you on this day what you want to leave there is even named leaned quietly functions so if you wanna escape. The conversation that you have just spent a party to. Well that's possible TO Diane. If only that was so easy to real life for reckons Jarvis thank you. And a few more things to know before you go five year old girl has regained consciousness after being critically injured in a car crash involving former Kansas City Chiefs assisting coach Britt Reid. An update to her goal funny page says little Arie L who was in a coma is now all week. Reid is currently under investigation for the crash which happened days before the super ball he's been placed on administrative leave by the team. And man's best. Friends and now has the money to prove an eight year old Border Collie Lulu just inherited. Oh million dollars from her owner bill Doris as well. The money is to be put into trust to take care of those monthly expenses. Loose here take a mark Bloomberg News this bill just really loved the dog. Asked if she could spend all five million dollars on Lulu she answered. And Mardi Gras starts today and is not letting the pandemic get in the way of celebrating this year parades and parties are canceled but people are showing off their Mardi Gras spirit. We've learned well and you are you drop. Residents are deck during their homes and their yards to look like the cleanest blows that normally go down the parade. Spectators will instead for rain from home to home admiring all the reports. Garrity dry originally started as a joke on social media but now thousands of New Orleans residents are participating. Happy are eager yeah Tennessee one to everyone. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see backyard 11 AM eastern. The new update.

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