ABC News Live Update: FBI issues new stern warning as riot investigation continues

Bulletin warns violent extremists could "overwhelm" law enforcement across the U.S. leading up to Inauguration Day, plus a look into President-elect Biden's nearly $2 trillion COVID-19 relief plan.
30:30 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: FBI issues new stern warning as riot investigation continues
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's update an urgent warning from the FBI to all fifty states. A new bulletin says violent extremists could overwhelm law enforcement during protests leading up to the inauguration. Meanwhile lawmakers are calling for an investigation into tours of the capitol the day before the building was breached. The latest on the capital siege investigation and what law enforcement is doing now. President elect Biden is calling for immediate action as he unveils a new public nineteen really planned. The nearly two trillion dollar plan calls for funding for things that vaccine distribution testing. And more direct payments to Americans more details on that plan and how quickly it could get in front of congress. And it was a record shattering week for the pandemic in this country covered nineteen deaths in the US are 25%. Higher than any other week since the start of the pandemic. Vaccinations are also picking up but is it enough to turn things around. Our medical expert has some answers. And we begin with Joseph Biden preparing to fight the pandemic as president Tom prepares to defend himself in an unprecedented second impeachment trial. Our new ABC news Washington Post poll shows 56%. Support efforts by congress to bar president trump from public office. 54% think he should be criminally charged for inciting last week's capitol riot. Moving trucks throughout the White House as a child Dalian staff prepare to move out. Meanwhile massive security preparations are under way ahead of inauguration day Mary Bruce starts us off from Washington. I'm convinced we are ready to get this done. They're very elf. Of our nation is at stake president elect Joseph bide an unveiling a massive nearly two trillion dollar proposal to tackle his top priorities. Calling for an additional 14100 dollars in direct payments to most Americans. On top of the 600 dollar checks most just received plus 130 billion dollars to help schools reopened safely and 160. Billion dollars to build a national vaccine program and boost testing I know what I just described is not come cheaply. The show you do so cost is too. Biden slamming the vaccine roll out so far calling it a dismal failure and promising change when he takes the oath of office in just five days what. Got to move heaven and earth. To get more people vaccinated to create more places for them to get vaccinated. To mobilize more radical change to get shots and people's arms Biden is eager to get to work but president trump senate trial is likely to overshadow his early agenda. The president elect is now calling on congress to do both to deliver Americans badly needed release. Well also weighing trumps conviction but the trial expected to get underway as soon as inauguration day I look forward to work through him members of congress. Both parties to move quickly to get of the American rescue plan to the American people. Now Biden of course campaigned as a bipartisan dealmaker and he wants Republicans to get on board with this plan but with this sky high price tag that is likely going to be a big challenge Biden admits all this won't come cheap. He's arguing this is an issue of morality not money Diana married person Washington Forrest thanks Mary. And as Joseph Biden prepares to take the oath of office president Chung could face his second trial as soon as inauguration day. Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl is in Washington with the latest on good morning. Good morning Diane in just five days Donald Trump will be out of the White House. But the final. Act of the trump presidency will take place after he leaves office. His senate impeachment trial the exact timing of the start of that trial is still. Not determined it's actually not up to the senate it's up to Nancy Pelosi is a must start. Our right after she sends over the article of impeachment she still hasn't said when that will be but it is quite possible. That the trial could actually start on the day of the inauguration. Or perhaps the day after the inauguration. So Donald Trump is spending much of his final time in the White House preparing for that senate. Trial still unclear at this point is who will lead his defense. Rudy Giuliani had been expected to lead the defense but. I've got to tell you just about. Everybody around the president his advisors inside the White House. And those who talked to him outside the White House aren't happy with Giuliani. They actually think he is in part responsible for the mess that the president is in right now in fact they also lost some of them believe he was responsible for his first impeachment. That said it is still quite possible by the Donald Trump will tap Rudy Giuliani to leave his defense Diane swank Jon Karl. Thank you and security is ramping up for the inauguration not just in DC but across the country the FBI is warning all fifty states to be prepared saying violent extremists could overwhelm local state. And federal law enforcement. Now dozens of house Democrats are calling for an investigation into what they call suspicious visitors in the capital. The day before last week siege our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the latest. The FBI fearing scenes like this could play out across the nation next week. Peters danger of Arkansas just charge would being the man seen here meeting an officer mercilessly during the insurrection. This is a new FBI bulletin warns. Violent offenders could overwhelm local state and federal law enforcement. As state houses and government buildings during expected protests in all fifty states and the fallout continues from the assault on the capital. More than thirty lawmakers who calling for an investigation into last week's insurrection. Describing what they called an extremely high number of outside groups. Being given towards inside the capitol just one day before the uprising. Democrats claim all tours have been counseled last spring due to the pandemic. Meanwhile the arrests of those in the capital mop continued to pour in. Robert Sanford a retired firefighter from Pennsylvania. Under arrest accused of robbing a fire extinguisher at police. The violent moment captured here. Kevin Siegfried thought to be the man parading to the capitol with a confederate flag. Arrested in Delaware with a son hunter. Bed overnight a disturbing accusation by prosecutors to a federal judge claiming Larry Brock was likely intending to use those zip ties as handcuffs. To hold his quote enemies hostage possibly members of congress. The FBI's also currently investigating a mix of suspected radicals. It believes were present at the insurrection. Who may be planning more violence supporters of Q and on white supremacist the boo boo Nazi sympathizers. You had a wide range of groups who ordinarily pursue. Slightly different goals came together and really did you night. The FBI believes last week's assault. Has emboldened extremists the FBI director says agents are going fooled tilt. We know who you are if you're out there. An FBI agents are coming fine. The FBI director says agents are investigating two of the suspects just from the capital attack alone. One official I spoke to last night said the number is astounding perhaps unprecedented for single case. Now they have to worry about who else around the nation may be willing to take up the cause of violence Diane. He deadly and other Hansel Pierre Thomas in Washington thank you. Let's bring in former FBI special agent in ABC news contributor guy Garrett now for more. On these security preparations at Brad good morning you know this new FBI bulletin says violent offenders could overwhelm. Local state and federal law enforcement how concerning is that to you and how does law enforcement get ahead of this. So I'm big time concerned about it I think if there is a vulnerability. In the system. It's more likely not in Washington DC now it's going to be at a state capital or some other government facility. And the reason why is a limited resources. A limited number of law enforcement debt are. That could be available. For sustained period of time. Let's say eight in the midwest at a State Capitol building. So if you think about yes yes a governor can call out the National Guard who can call up to state police. And whomever else he needs for a short period of time it limited manpower and so and wish you have specific. Targeting information for that courthouse. Can't sustain an over days and weeks. And that's my big concern because if you're the folks who want to watch the attack. Can this sort of wait and see wait until it dies down and then launch your attack. And investigations have found the groups like Q a non white supremacists the balloon Nazi sympathizers. They came together to attack the capital. Does that mean that in this instance they happened to just albeit the same time same place same goal or are these groups banding to either. Well there is some indication that that's the case just. If you watch the video that's been released there are number of people on walkie talkies and you could argue that they're the proud warriors are talking to each other. Did he have some sort of mutual channel that they could talk acumen on what the oath keepers are who met. Or who could be it would make sense. Even really have sort of different philosophy is about what they want out of nests to work together because let's face it. That makes it much more of a force to two for us to reckon with a law enforcement to reckon with. An individual groups and I think that's really got law enforcement spun out. The -- is there anything that it that civilians can do right now it's not only keep ourselves safe but also to somehow assist the current security efforts around the country. See you really need to step up and report. People you think might be involved in this type of thinking or behavior. On its work it looks like to me wonderfully. During the last week or so and that's why the FBI and other law enforcement have been successful. In identifying and will locate people. This goes to you know to the general statement about. Crime in general. That. Where only all important is only as good as the people who are willing to talk to them and that's the rest of us out here as we see things. On doing what gripe people say things we happen to go online and find something this disturbing. Talking about an attack talking about whatever it's relevant to a riot or demonstration. Sinden and let the FBI and other agencies sorted out. And they will a lot of the won't go anywhere but it only takes water to the stop right. If you see something say something Brad Garrett thank you. And for the first time we are hearing from some of those brave officers who rushed to protect the capital last week. And at least one of those officers could be getting a congressional gold medal. Lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill to honor capitol police officer Eugene Goodman. For his bravery and quick thinking and luring rioters away from the senate chambers. It was might be a dynamite. And he very easily could have died. And I was the one that was crushed in the golden. Officer Daniels college is 32 years old talking about this moment his gas mask and ripped off. Rushed in the door. Way quiet riot this mom and dad Tim to the small back and forth we had fighting for you know every inch. There's love and I didn't come as a. Started screaming about my lines through. Getting. Treat pudge is one of. 3-D C metropolitan police officers who raced to the capital sharing their terrifying experience with our affiliate WJ away. They have a heroic story officer Christina Laurie arriving on the scene to chaos saying she was hit with a mace used on bears its. Not only painful but you can literally can open your eyes and and when you can open your eyes and you're in the middle of what we we would call a fight. The officers were protecting the west terrace doors which had not yet been breached. Facing thousands of rioters pushing forward shouting USA USA. Officer Michael fin on a father of four shouting we got to get these doors shot according to the Washington Post. But eventually officer Finn on was grabbed by the crowd. He said were shouting we got one we got one. As they dragged him away from the doors rioters he didn't teasing him as he fled with them. Telling them he had. Kids I remember God's chain team like kill him with his own gun at his guys like grabbing gear off my best and they rip my badge from me and people were trying to grab my gun. Then on partner eventually helping to free him and get him to safety but he suffered a mild heart attack and spent two days hospitalized. One of the nearly six DDC police officers who were injured in the siege. Of course. Capitol police officer Brian sick nick died after his encounter with that trump mob. And it is clear that many more could have died as well Diane. Martha Raddatz thank you and airlines and travel companies are also trying to do their part to ensure his safe and I'm duration transportation correspondent GO Benitez is at Newark Airport. With more on that part of the story GO good morning. Hey Diane good morning major US airlines are taking unprecedented steps here to prevent travelers from taking guns to DC let's take a look at the list right now. United American delta Alaska Frontier Airlines tell us. The bid to and firearms from checked luggage on flights to and from DC. On and around inauguration day American Airlines will also stop serving alcohol on DC flights. Now since last week we've seen lots of videos all over social media about enrolling passengers traveling to and from DC refusing to Wear a mask or causing disruptions. The airlines have been to many of them but the FAA's taking it a step further. With a new zero tolerance policy for disrupted air passengers saying they may face fines of up to 35000. Dollars and even prison time. So far US airlines have banned. More than 3000. Passengers Diane. GO Benitez thank you for that. And Americans are rushing to get the cove in nineteen vaccine so we come back. Why some people are resorting to so called a vaccine tourism as a nation hits his darkest milestone yet. Stay with us. Welcome back this morning Rick Snyder the former governor of Michigan is free on bond charged in the flat water crisis. The charges come nearly seven years after toxic levels of lead were discovered in the city's water. And an outbreak of legionnaires' disease killed at least twelve people Snyder has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect of duty. Eight other state officials also face charges including two who faces nine counts each of involuntary manslaughter. The contamination was a result of cost cutting measures in the mostly black city of about 100000 people. If convicted Schneider faces a year in prison. Announce the latest on the corona virus they're more than 3900 deaths in the US this week 25%. Higher. Than any other week since a pandemic started. Meanwhile more than thirty million vaccine doses have been distributed in the US but only eleven million administered. Chief national correspondent Matt Gutman is in Los Angeles with the latest. This morning. Desperation. As America hates its darkest milestone yet. The dental 25%. Higher this week than any other week since the pandemic began. In LA county a person is dying every six minutes. Ambulances gridlocked outside yours and access to that looks even vaccines can't come fast enough. Overnight hundreds lining up hoping for a surplus shocked. Staff desperate not to waste precious unused doses. How do you give vaccine to all these people. Never happened before how desperate need to try to get one. What about profit under the today. Rush in Brooklyn at all because. This hoax message which went viral. Falsely telling people there were. More than 400 surplus doses at an army terminal thirty million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide. But so far only eleven million. First doses administered. And so people going to extremes. To get the shot and residents across America and Canada and Argentina. Flocking to Florida where anyone sixty but yours and older. Even those from out of state. He's eligible for a dose leading to what some are calling faxing towards him. People coming in to get the shot then heading back to their home state we are discouraging people to come to Florida. Just to get a vaccine but with so many spend their winters in the state governor to Santa says. It makes sense to get as many people they're vaccinated as possible even if they don't move there permanently. Chilton capital of 67 year old from Canada and is one Karen came to Florida in November they're now signed up to get the vaccine later this month there's been so much. Deaths and hardship sitting at least around the world not just United States let us. We're just one car probably can't we'll. And thanks tonight gotten and for that report and now let's bring in for more on the vaccine roll out our ABC news medical contributor doctor John Brownstein and actor Brownstein. It was several major cities are now saying that they have a shortage. The vaccine including New York just yesterday a friend of mine who's a teacher. Got notified that her appointment is canceled due to lack of supply but we know there are roughly twenty million unused doses in this country right now so why is this happening what needs to change. Thanks dad I mean yes there is a real concern about shortages NASA some hospitals are reporting sure they can't keep new appointment bush. Clear right now what the issue is is that a citywide concern or do they just need to redistribute supply is a part of the issues that we see changing the recommendations for blending these troops were including new age groups pre existing conditions and this is what happens when mr. frank science we start to hit Arnold. Ash and so people are reaching for claimants and they're just not there remember the scene has. But 300000 doses a week and that's what's a go through April and now we just. I did a lot more people that are eligible to create some problems. So of course we want to start releasing those doses but we also have allowed our problem bush didn't get the doses to the right places where there's an leash the State's child how. The figure this out rightly identified party populations they also have to build the networks of providers bush and really identify NASCAR nation sites such sweet just can't be in the situation we're now some slight change is an issue you need all this man. End to end president elect Biden has unveiled a 400 billion dollar plan. To try to fight co that he also just selected former FDA head. David Kessler as chief science officer for coded response what is thoughts on Kessler and what should his top rarity be. What cancer is a great choice he has a longstanding. Mounted the experience in this case and I think he can bring that acknowledged she's thinking about this hundred million doses and hundred days it's a massive operational challenge right it's. It's a lot people I think didn't get their that is how. The population needed to get to herd immunity by you know right now we're still light on specifics there's twenty nearly twenty billion dollars for national vaccination campaign that's putting real money to work how the State's role the vaccine. Clearly got to be about funding infrastructure improving vaccinations science community vaccination centers steel Sanders and her to allow for mass vaccination are really hole that's funny as can go to -- he shouldn't we know that it's all about shot in the arm in people's willingness to get the vaccine bush so of course the society today is the challenges we just discussed the challenges of people booking appointments and identifying eligibility age ten. Eight cancer come in and how think about building infrastructure so people know when it's their time in line and begin to think about how efficiently roll out this vaccine bush yet. Aspect of the funding is. 100000. New public health workers that are gonna come in to help support the State's that's huge that these states are so sprinter dean right now responsible pandemic so more resource is this going to be due such good for them. And we are not gotten in say that some people are traveling to Florida where anyone 65 and older. Is eligible to get a dose and he referred to this is vaccine tourism what do you make of that and what's your advice for leaders in this area. Yeah it's real concern right that it isn't expected we have fifty state. So fifty different rollout plans and so people are desperate for the vaccine age if I live in a vaccine desert because there's just no. Access arm and go to where that supply is artists worried about mobility united spoken about this a lot more people that move around this country to more than this flares up this pandemic right so we don't want these vaccination sites to be super spread inside each and so we can't battered face is how create better access. In all parts of this country improved reduce disparities. A do you think you see more consistency. Adds more types of our place is open to do deliberate about English national pharmacy chains as an example so our whole that is tourism concept of sorts our grief a slowly slip away as we get two or more efficient. Single. And hopefully you're right doctor John Brownstein thank you think you. Coming up the all female vaccine team braving sub zero temperatures in Alaska to backs Nate the most isolated. And vulnerable we'll hear from them and we come back. Welcome back a group of health care hero's estate racing to deliver the Ko that vaccine. In one of the most remotes parts of the world they have been traveling on planes snowmobile even sleds to make sure Alaska residents can be safely vaccinated. Here's can whitworth with their story. They. Aren't true health care heroes practitioners across Alaska flying too remote villages to vaccinated elders against the in nineteen. An braving the deadly conditions. To do it. Based in content deal Alaska 33 miles north of the Arctic Circle this all female team a doctor two nurses and a pharmacist. Board a bush plane they're flying with the vaccine and he sent to small villages of just 200 people largely cut off from the rest of the world. If the teams didn't make peace trips some of the people would have no way to get the vaccine. Or. Once they land from. Villagers drive out to them on snowmobiles for the women who load up and misled and are pulled the rest of the way into the village. In one day this team traveled hundreds of miles fascinating 65 people. In the past month various teams have made about thirty of these trips all part of the commitment fees health care professionals make to service in rural villagers. We'll not be forgotten. And earlier on GMA that medical team talked about their experience here's some of what they said. Mary a failure of pharmacists tell us about your role on the team and the challenges that you guys faced working in these sub zero temperatures. Yeah it's it's challenging getting the vaccine. You're to begin next and then getting it out the villages brings on a new set of challenges and just issues. So once we. Got the plan in motion that's the villages. It then becomes. A matter of time that is and I play on sign in Duluth the vaccine. I'm John you got or are nursing is and together so that I have six hours when's it's on dog use this vaccine not so you know. Time and ends of the less important. Her big thank you to that incredible team for sharing that story and for the work that they do. And we're just moments away now from the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange stocks are set to open lower despite optimism over president elect Biden's new stimulus plan. ABC news business correspondent Jeter Bolton is here did you what do you think this plan would mean for the economy. Well I think it is the necessary lifeline it's gonna help workers have families and businesses there are so many components to this if it passes we have to underline that. That would really support our economy keep in mind there are eighteen million plus Americans receiving sum of form of unemployment benefits right now. And part of the president elect's plan he unveiled last night of course extends unemployment insurance payments it bars it eviction ends. There's also support via stimulus so all of that shows up well for our economy because I and is you know what we collectively spend as consumers. He's two thirds of our economic activity so this is neck and neck a positive. Points contentious point that is included in that plan that the president elect unveiled last night. He's the 350 billion dollars worth of support to state and local municipalities the GOP had fought back for a long time they may still. Patricia. Obviously helped by national economy. And mid town really ask Shaq fan I shouldn't say OK state budgets that sounds kinda boring but it hasn't very specific. The resource is that we all news I mean if states can't balance their budgets. They end up hiding for example emergency workers in some states nursing and sending in some states. Teachers I mean these are real things that affect their daily lives of us also it's that support is able to be passed. By the new congress that would also give a shot in the arm to our economy to happen and we just. The opening bell there on Wall Street Dow is currently down about. 200 points. It did I wanna continue with the stimulus plan a little bit because in the big concern. With this plan an Eddy and any spending plan from critics is debt. And you're talking about balancing budgets I had EO how do you go about weighing those two things right now. Well right now I see what most economists I've been speaking with are talking about is the fact that we and we came out of the last recession from 2007 to 2009. We made some mistakes in pulling back stimulus a little bit too soon it took us longer to get out of the recovery and then it could have. So the silver lining in this is I think a lot of people if you were helping to manage the administration a lot of investors. And they kind of know that we just need the extra support right now we even heard from Jerome Powell the Fed chair yesterday in a Q and amp Princeton University. Saying it is much too soon to take away any kind of support and basically the economy needs all the help it can get so I think the mentality if you like. Is it more supports. Is better than last especially at this juncture. One analogy I have heard news offering which I think makes all the sense in the world in debt is not great to your point Diane and we have to talk about it. But it's as if you're outside of your home your senior home burned down. You're not gonna complain to the firefighters about potential water damage to your house. While your home as burning down so the data's not great we are spending more than we're taking and nowhere how that statement. But we need to spend now we need this lifeline even the president elect speaking last night about a bridge he used that were a lot. Any idea is just to support us all. Until vaccines become more widely distributed. Until collectively. We feel more comfortable going to bars or restaurants getting on airplanes is staying in hotels. All of that right now even if that's permitted in every single state which as we know it is not us. There's a lot of consumer stooges don't feel comfortable doing that once the vaccines are a little bit more prevalent widespread people feel like they can happen if they want and it's. That changes consumer behavior it again that helps our economy. And I did a Bolton thank you for that. And a few more things to know before you go major jackpots are still up for grabs this weekend tonight's Mega Millions drawing as wards 750. Million dollars. And Saturday's Paribas drying will be worth at least 600. And forty million. Are you feeling lucky. And we have a passing to note Joann Rodgers a prolific pianist and the widow of the legendary mr. Rogers has died at 92 years old. Fred Rogers always when out of his way to thank Joseph and for her impact on his neighborhood. The two were married for over fifty years mister Rogers and often said that if it wasn't for Joseph and the neighborhood beloved by so many. Probably would never have happened. And a local greasy pizza shop delivered hundreds of the existing National Guard troops can't doubt at the capitol. We'd have pizza originally got a call from representatives Michael lots and Mickey Hart's lack. Earlier this week asking them to deliver 150 pies to the troops working to protect the capital to the pizza shop decided to match the order. We'll may have now doubled every quarter since then so far they've served about 700 pizzas to the troops there. And they're planning on sending about 300 a day. Until next week hats off to them. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed up. Thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis kotsay back here at 11 AM eastern. With the new update.

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