ABC News Live Update: Florida governor signs controversial election bill into law

Plus, Broadway theaters are scheduled to reopen at full capacity in September as vaccination rates increase.
18:43 | 05/06/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Florida governor signs controversial election bill into law
Good morning I'm Diana Seau thanks for streaming with us in today's update congresswoman Liz Cheney is firing back at fellow Republicans as calls grow to remove her from her leadership post. Cheney angered some colleagues by criticizing those who spread false claims about former president from winning the 20/20 election. Now a Washington Post that said she's warning the Republican Party that the GOP is at a turning point and history is watching. Her GOP critics are rallying behind congresswoman a lease definite who voted to overturn the results of its funny funny election. There's rallying behind her to replace Cheney at a conference chair that vote could come as early as next week. Meanwhile Florida governor Ron Desantis has just signed a sweeping election security bill. Among other changes the bill restricts the use of valid Dropbox is requiring they be supervised and only use certain times. It's the latest in the wave of similar election laws Republicans are pushing across the country exciting election integrity. But critics call the laws voter suppression and activists have already filed lawsuits against the Florida lost. And the CDC is projecting high vaccination rates continued masking and social assisting could all bring a sharp decline in Coleman's case is by July. There are still questions are about how long vaccines will provide protections. The Daryn and has announced that should vaccine booster become necessary. Early data suggests there is we'll be effective against strains from South Africa and Brazil. And the FDA is expected to authorize the Pfizer vaccine for kids twelve to fifteen in the next few days. And those as young as two by the fall. But a lot of parents still have questions about Kobe vaccines for kids our chief medical correspondent doctor Jennifer Ashton answered a few of them this morning on GMA check it out. The first question rearm FaceBook are the vaccines expected to have side affects Fon kids so this isn't really comment an important question that a lot of parents and grandparents are asking. And they short answer is yes there can always be side effects and remember. When you talk about vaccines a lot of times he's temporary non serious side effects. Are just Aaron Yoon system doing its job. In the clinical trials in the pediatric age range. The Pfizer vaccine showed no serious safety concerns so that is really really important so short term side effects like maybe a little fever body aches headaches possible but Syria's. Not seen yet luckily. All right next up is Jamie on Twitter who asked if my children are helping. And all the adults and are half house have been vaccinated at why do your kids need to get the vaccine. Really important to remember that kids do not spend 100%. Of their time indoors so there really too Beagle reasons. That kids need to get the vaccine. One of them is that it is possible that date could be infected. And then unknowingly passed coded nineteen to someone with a serious or underlying pre existing medical condition. And also though is a very uncommon in unlikely. It is still possible that children infected with coded nineteen. Could become seriously ill or worse we have seen that so it's important to think. Really in ripple effects outside the box it's not just your home environment that she need to worry about. Gotta keep that in mind uses some really good questions including this one Mali on FaceBook she says are researchers testing to see the impact these vaccines will have on teens. Going through puberty. What about long term effects. Yeah and where seeing this myth propagated on social media about these vaccines affecting other women's menstrual cycles I want to put that to arrest here. For sure there's a big difference Robin between observation and association and causation cause and effect. This defies science and biology there is no interaction between these vaccines and reproductive hormone all affects like puberty. Or menstruation. Or fertility. It is really important to understand basic biology here women can have changes in their menstrual cycle. And also have gotten a vaccine that does not mean one had caused to the other so right now. There's no puberty concerns there is no fertility concerns and it's just. Implausible. That these vaccines can affect a woman's monthly cycle. All right our thanks to doctor Asch in for those answers and it's your mission in is almost over a New York has announced Broadway will reopen in September at 100%. Capacity. Here's a man shut down for more than a year due to the pandemic so what little we opening look like. Probably league president Charlotte Saint Martin joins us now for more on necessarily good morning thanks so much for being here. Thank here is good to be here with such great editors. Now I'm glad to finally have you on to talk about something positive so what was your reaction. When you heard this announcement what does it mean for the Broadway community. Well there's just so many reactions all of rumored. The fact that 97000. Workers who have been where she ordered fourteen months. And it will be close aging mass and we didn't get but. Will lead to work doing what the market is so exciting. And over course. Will be providing that a man aged amazing Matt Jack. That's sitting on the part of me Peterson. A live show desks that once Jarrett you never see him because. Every thing that slide was desperate and you alone out so that's very exciting New York City we'll come back to being. What it is when Broadway is there are so there's good news all right. I cannot. Wade so tell me do you know what reopening will look like you know what shows will come back for which new ones willow bend. Well we do know Zack. 31. This shows that were true or rings or a belt opened when we shut down on March 2 of course well. Are scheduled to come back. Sounds generous Obama somewhere some November nephew in December we also know a few new shows that are. For example box amber colored. And in genuine musical or two new shows and there are many more that happen officially amounts but that. I'm aware of so I think by the ended December we will more than 35 shows. In performances or our citizens and our visitors. As an as seating capacity will be 100% and for anyone who's ever been to a Broadway Show you are elbow to elbow so what safety measures will be in place. Well certainly we're anticipating. That people will be wearing masks. Will be more contacts and services. And progress and regress at this point. We suspect will be our. The other protocols are still being discussed with the governor. As you well know things changed on a weekly basis. And so we're working very closely with the department of health and New York State. Two finalized where those things look like as we continue to get closer to reopening. And then a lot of screen and a few more questions for you serve and you just a quick lightning round. And you just tell us the first answer at that comes to mind so let's go first show you want to see what Bradley reopens. Well hello my children. But gentlemen is our longest running show so I want to be there just celebrated them. We've heard some murmurs so is tiger king the musical happening. Have heard can be expected back at that could arrested two even kick talk musical make a comeback on Broadway. Well there's certainly discussions about that it's certain it's not finalized this or. But it enters certain success. Yet tells me is possible. Nara and we like when things are possible and what's your Broadway song and this summer wedding in a listen to on repeat as you can down to reopening. Well worse is my favorite show of all kinds it's our own music to borrow Wayne Lee. So certainly listening to that are listening. Two. In the heights to. Hamels surrendered to comparable way there's so many great scorers that just like my heart sank. Sharon really look forward to seeing them live on stage once again brought any president Charlotte Saint Martin thanks so much for your time today good luck. Earlier leg I should say can absolutely. Thank you again. And countless families from Honduras have made the journey north in search of a better lives when we backward is it a closer look at what's driving the exodus to the US border and why some are demanding. The president of Honduras be held accountable. Welcome back violence and corruption of some of the main reasons families keep making the dangerous track to our southern border. But what happens when a country's president is accused of perpetuating these conditions. Rachel Scott has a look at the delicate diplomatic dance our government is facing when dealing with the president of Honduras. It is sometimes called heart of the Amir cuts nestled in between north and South America Honduras. Is a country known for its beautiful natural resources and enlist terrain. But in the last few years the beauty of this country but we're nine million people. Has been shadowed by rampant silence. And corruption. Causing a mass exodus to our southern border. The ball in the hole but deceiver and better life. I traveled to the US Mexico border at the end of march when where and then this mother and her five year old daughter just moments after they cross the border. Hoping to reunite not only with her husband but also her young son. I'm definitely here in crisis. Against the dollar benefit opponent made me again David can. The mom tearing with her a single ship that paper. And that address the number and the address so we're making I'm wondering if she would ever be able to hold her son again. I love love the New Orleans my puzzle is critical mainly in a little animal to but it isn't the only question. None of buzz in Miami on the defendants then believe that's and then abruptly and fanatical than them. This mother just one of the almost 41000. Hondurans. Scoring counter at the border and the month of march alone. And many of them say they were fleeing the growing crisis back home. Prosecutors citing one Orlando Hernandez as a co conspirator in a drug trafficking case. The country's president Juan Orlando Hernandez along with his brother Tony Hernandez. A former Honduran congressman and have been accused by the US drug enforcement agency and being a key figure and they violent state sponsored drug trafficking conspiracy may in fact it was the US federal case against Tony Hernandez with the US government asserted that organized drug trafficking and corruption and reached the highest levels of the Honduran government. This is an look at the Palin. Actually take you quoted mealy Teddy diplomatic. Lead to go economical control. Off the whole country. Oh were to bear into moving jokes to be US. Sergio borrowers a sociologist and political analysts in Honduras who has been closely following the US case against Tony Hernandez. And the humanitarian migration crisis in the US. Source content courtesies owns and an absolute collapse of he democratic institutions the most system is broken the political system is broken the economical system. It certainly broken. The president's brother former Honduran congressman Tony Hernandez. It was sentenced by the southern district of New York to life behind bars. For his role in drugs and weapons trafficking ring any explosive trial where US prosecutors presented evidence that president Hernandez. Not only 171 million dollars in bribes from drug king L chop O. That he wanted to quote stop drugs of the gringos as knows it's wrong. Brendan Hernandez who denies all allegations has positioned himself for years as a strong ally to the United States. Wood on the heels of these allegations of members of congress have condemned his government. I hope that the Justice Department will take you need a more active role. In making sure that the government we're dealing where are straight out. Three years now I'm Lawrence especially younger ones have taken to the streets to protest. Many of them with one simple message splattered across buildings and signs. Out when JOH the initials for wall and Orlando Hernandez. Daniel qureia is a college student participating in protests against a Hernandez regime. Imminent. On Blair. The 22 year old and certain if a bright future for him is an option in his native country. Any normal anymore are united. We don't have the opportunities to grow another person agent or collectively league yet. There's no social mobility but no opportunities for personal growth. And that's the reason why the majority of us young people are being forced to emigrate. And Washington is paying attention recently resident Jill Biden announcing he's considering sanctions against Central American leaders for corruption. But in putting his vice president Colin here is in charge of addressing the root causes a migration. And some in congress have introduced bills to hold a Honduran president accountable this one propose my congressman Joaquin Castro and other Democrats on Capitol Hill and would sanction the president for corruption and humanitarian rights abuses. What happened if you don't get past these challenges when of the consequence. My fear is that these challenges are gonna languish. And that the people on dude us most of all or pay a deep price in all of us. And that you can senior to see very desperate people making it dangerous track to our border. There people courtship and they're walking. All the way to units in order to blow it a bit of two from a family. The hope for a better future and an outcome like lesbian and her daughter Angelique who managed to reunite with her husband and son in Maryland. It was the first time they saw each other in years. The failing telling ABC news has parents and we are happy and grateful that god gave us this opportunity to have our children grow up together were fleeing the closet corruption to be in the arms of family or. Rachel Scott ABC news Washington. Our thanks to Rachel for that report. And secretary of state Antony blanket is in Ukraine today meeting with the president there. Lincoln said Washington could increase security measures for the country after what he called Russia's quote. Reckless and aggressive actions near its border. Another issue that might come up the FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani related to his role in the removal of Ukraine's ambassador back into play nineteen. Our Mary Alice parks is traveling with the secretary of state and has more from Ukraine good morning Mary Alice. This is a fairly fragile democracy that for decades has struggled with corruption. And weak institutions. If the only European country with an active hot war this is a nation that is constantly under this threat. Of the shelling in the feast of Russian aggression struggling to maintain its own borders. Fighting against the possibility of losing a more of its territory. And that. The recommendation. Reaching just a fever pitch this last month. More than thirteen thousand ukrainians. Have died in the last seven years since Russia India dated Crimea and invaded parts of eastern Ukraine in 2014. But this last month again Russia sending tens. Of thousands of troops right to the eastern. Quarter of Ukraine even though secretary of state blinked and is on the ground deliver a message. That is strong pushing reforms pushing anti corruption just the fact that he is here at all that he is on the ground holding these high level meetings. He's just an unbelievable sign of support for this government and a signal. Back to Moscow. It's show of support that this one ski government was hoping to receive. From former president trop remember the first impeachment trial president trump centered on whether trump and Rudy Giuliani were withholding military equipment. Meetings signs a public support to Ukraine in exchange for a public announcement about investigating president Biden's signs. And there's still fallout the last few weeks that radon ruling Giuliani's apartment as a part of a criminal investigation about his work here in Ukraine. Who he was working with what they were trying to do whether they were trying to influence US diplomacy. American and Ukrainian politics have just think so intertwined these last five years. You get the sense of the government here is trying to carefully untangle and distance itself. From the last US administration. And building new relationships with this new Biden White House presents a Lynn ski says let bygones be bygones he wants to move slower and this trick by the secretary of state comes. On the heels of new escalating sanctions between the White House and Russia and talks about possible meeting between. President Biden and president Kreutz and Diane and I am Mary Alice parks in Ukraine Forrest thanks very Alice. And that does have for this ABC news live update and then Maceda thanks for joining us remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown. Well here it is friends is over ten years 236 episodes. They called it the day.

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