ABC News Live Update: Gulf Coast readying for Hurricane Sally

Plus, U.S. Open champion Dominic Thiem on Sunday night's history-making final match, and NFL players show solidarity as teams demonstrate across the league.
14:01 | 09/14/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Gulf Coast readying for Hurricane Sally
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks for streaming with us in today's update to protect your lungs and stay indoors that's the warning from officials in Oregon as deadly wildfires out west continued to spread. Several cities in organ a reportedly recording the worst air quality levels in the world. Over three million acres already have burned in California alone and as of now things are showing no sign of letting up. There's a new questions about the role of politics. In reports on the corona virus. Politico reports the CDC has allowed trump administration officials to review. And in a few cases change reports to avoid undermining the president's more optimistic messaging. In a statement to ABC news Michael go to the Health Department spokesperson said to have pushed for those changes. Says our intention is to make sure that evidence science based data drives policy through this pandemic not ulterior deep state motives in the bowels of the CDC. Meanwhile AstraZeneca is re starting trials of the Oxford vaccine in the UK. Drops were halted globally after patient had a potential significant adverse reaction to the vaccine. And we're just fifty days away from the election president trump was on the campaign trail last night holding his first indoor rally in nearly three months. Breaking Nevada as covic restrictions. The state currently prohibits gatherings of more than fifty people most in the crowd also were not wearing masks but here's what the president told them. That the governor comes after you which he should be doing. I'll be with you a little. Don't worry about it. In a statement Biden's campaign slammed the rallies saying if Donald Trump cared at all about curbing this virus and protecting the safety of his supporters. He would hold events like this but trump doesn't and he won't. But it looks like the pandemic is taking a tall on the president politically our latest ABC news it's those poll shows 65% of Americans now disapprove. Of his handling of the corona virus. And a record number of storms are simultaneously churning in the Atlantic right now. Take a look at hurricane Paul let the storm so big it's I engulf the entire island of Bermuda overnight. There it is right in the center now luckily Paulette is now moving away from land but that's not the case for tropical storm Sallie. Sally is taking aim at the Gulf Coast right now and is expected to intensify and become a hurricane tonight. The governors of Mississippi and Louisiana have already declared states of emergency in Louisiana waters are already rising and storm surge is a major concern. Alan Lopez is on Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans with more N Allen at the bell and it looks like the waves are already picking up there. Yeah that's right repair along Lake Pontchartrain and we're already seeing it diesel waves crashing along that people there aren't coming onto the sidewalk. We've seen actually some people gathering here and taking pictures. The flight gate actually his clothing and a police officer come mine get up flood gate is closed. Youngest he's prepared as you know Diane this city is is used to these kind of situations that he's also below sea levels and the concern really here is. Flagging any game this storm surge. As you said that seems to be the big concern right now the surge especially since the storm is on a similar past. To Katrina so how are residents they're preparing for that. Yes so what's interesting here Diana that he had three weeks ago we had hurricane Laura threatening in New Orleans and New Orleans and what despaired in that let people at RD prepare their boarding up their business says and we saw that those businesses were still boarded up. Many of them and not taking this board down because of that pandemic so. They are prepared and officials say they're going to be treating this. Like the other a storm that came in and mark golf course didn't paddy impact here and Dolores spare no Orlando. Unlike some of the other parts of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. By you know they say this morning is a little bit different guy and a good they're really worried about this. Flooding and storm surge and if this storm is moving so slowly they are concerned it's just going to see if above that New Orleans in distant dump. Rain. Yeah very and very much hoping that this storm spares in New Orleans Alan lobos in New Orleans for us you know you be keeping an eye on it for us thanks Alan. Any US open wrapped up last night the tournament look a little different this year because of the pandemic but for the winners -- the victory is still just as sweet Dominic team won his first ever Grand Slam title. After beating Alexander's merit in the finals and Dominic joins us now live Dominic good morning ending a huge congratulations to you. Good morning thinks about things you bitch. Cinema all you got that winning point we saw you collapse on the court after so many years of practice so much hard work. What did that moment feel like to you. Into a such a huge relief mission the first moment I mean as you said act. Those are working so hard for many many years dedicated phasing Gilead. Whole life to achieve that big goal one they have and yes the denied that gated off the such a big match up to such. Drama are in the chief said so this match had everything ends well that slash was falling on the floor at. And we can all understand and it. There were no fans at the open this year because of the pandemic what would you like to play in that environment. It will also eluded sand on the novice Linda fans. Queued so much energy it's. And one of the nicest things as an Anthony to walk into the stadium elements. The 20000 fans welcome you it's. I guess that's how it is right non in this the FICO pines are facing. And it's it's still amazing that it's the time minerals going and well I hope that. Next year's use opened are going to be fans again. And that soared year old wishing for a yes. And I'm sure those fans will be excited to cheer you on when they are finally allowed to watch the games in person but. If you talked about some of the drama of all this this is the first open final due to be decided by a fifth set tiebreaker what was going your mind. As the match just kept going. I was so blurred no arm does and then tie it in the first two sets and then I had three adopted new bid then then. In defeat said started to cramped. The body felt it's horrible and one point dense. At the end anyway I switched off the brain I just moments. This titled some options. The ability offends. The decide analysts. Together and strong and then my body I guess yesterday when every day they clearly work but that wasn't the only first you're also the first Austrian. To win the US open what does it mean to you to represent your country this way. I often icon Jay end it's it's nice for a history books and is also nice for four Austria. Bob it's. And for me it sowed song listed these stadium in them. Only super had been it. Won this title depends cross also had if I can make my country and in a bid sprouts as it did gave me so march. And needs that's some schools that on the first Austrian who won this title here in New York mob show and they are. Proud of you land again just a big congratulations to you and thanks so much can you for your time this morning it's great to be able to congratulate you this way. Thank you have a great one. And from the tennis court to the football field week one of the NFL season is now in the books and corona virus precautions and social justice took center stage. The stands were noticeably quiet because of the pandemic some stadiums allowed a limited number of fans. Others had no fans at all the falcons and the Seahawks both took a knee during the opening kick off with which was just one of several ways that teams. The NFL in general recognize the movement for racial justice but Colin -- critic is now calling the leak out for what he calls propaganda. ABC's Marcus Moore has a look at the NFL's opening weekend. To cross the lead. In the fight for recently quality. In social justice. So linking arms other players neatly. We couldn't swing justice who. Instead it sounds reference in the new. But many are critical of how the league is handily racial injustice and the black last Saturday. After opposing. Any partial protesting at all for years. Before kick off a number of teams remaining in the locker room during the National Anthem including the Miami Dolphins enough no more fluff and empty gestures. Former 49ers quarterback Colin cap predict ignited the movement on the field for years ago by taking a need to protest police brutality. Over the weekend tweeting while the NFL wins propaganda about how they care about black life they are still actively glad bawling Eric read for fighting for the black community. Reid who built alongside capita when the two were teammates is currently unsigned after having a great season with the Panthers last year. Lipsticks and saints quarterback Drew Brees and just to get back to football decreases in controversy over his comments about the flat. Followed the death of George forward facing off Sunday against the very familiar name in the nonsocial really beautiful here on I don't think there's. Anticipating a uniform change. Maybe in the history only. 43 Tom Brady becoming the oldest quarterback to score a touchdown pass it in a felt distant. Big companies were facing off against the New Orleans Saints did. 41 and you know the reason it's of the consummate quarterbacks making history. The oldest quarterback Matt shepard's NFL history will be. Attacks the saints defeating Brady and the Buccaneers. So people disputed didn't go our way but don't do and do some about a guys in the room and we outlook each other on the guy and all work harder for more urgency and yet do. Get back you're. Diane what a remarkable moment it was to see Tom Brady in that Buccaneers uniform he really had to do a double take it will be. Interesting to see all what happens the rest of the season. And certainly this is a highly anticipated start and there has never gonna start like this was so much going on and a lot of the stand at the stadium will be virtually empty Diane. The shorts want to remember Marcus Moore in Dallas Forrest thanks Marcus. And as distance learning and working from home ramps up again so many families are dealing with connection issues on their home Wi-Fi networks. Becky Worley has some tips on how to get the most out of our signal. For this California family juggling work and school from home it's been kind at that nightmare and super frustrating the biggest issue. Why fine I'll be talking on his Jim hall and on a sudden it'll start to be really fans eat. Good news. Can help welcome to my wife five fix it clinic would cook isn't known tricks to improve performance close open applications turn off high definition video and avoid corporate VPN particularly in Europe and zoo are you trying to close all the tabs in your browser and all your applications. Ever. So after hearing these limitations it's time to get. I want to do is go to web site called. I asked Kate to test to Wi-Fi speed right thanks to the router and then around the house panel last night even tan she's paint for up to a Gigabit that's up. Thousand mega bits of bandwidth but in portions of the house she's only getting ten mega bits first tip call her Internet provider to upgrade the modem. How old is a modem that you hats. I mean I think it only about two or three years all. Right. Even that seems pretty young things have passed are still in the new motor Mariah my aunt as it was around twenty to thirty below modem and then sixty to seventy. But the seeds an Ava is bedroom are still low originally ten megabit up to about sixty mega bits now. So the next move he let me try and explain a mesh network there are a bunch of little boxes that you plug in around the house and it creates one big network so after takes a installs it and aid to Israel and I'm adding he didn't actually thought. I'd love Beck he's virtual high five. Mesh networks by the way our ideals for covering your entire house but they can run up to 200 dollars a bag he says another option. Is a Wi-Fi extender which is much cheaper. At around thirty bucks and that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis up next. Jim a top stories. Stay safe everyone.

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