ABC News Live Update: Key lifeline expires for business struggling amid pandemic

Plus, a panel of experts join us to discuss Joe Biden’s possible running mate, and a fire rips through Rachael Ray’s New York home overnight.
25:32 | 08/10/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Key lifeline expires for business struggling amid pandemic
Good morning I'm Arial crash test thanks for streaming with us in today's update the paycheck protection program as key lifeline that helped keep millions of small businesses afloat during the pandemic has expired this morning we hear from female entrepreneur you are scrambling to keep their doors opened and the big question now is will all those companies. Get the help they need to stay in. Also ahead the countdown is on to the convention the DNC kicking off just one week from now Joseph Biden is expected to announce his pick for VP any day. He's made it clear he will choose a woman to be his running mate. Our panel of experts joins us live with a look at the top contenders. And a fire rips through Rachael ray's home in upstate New York overnight she and her husband are reported to have made it out safely put her teen is saying this morning. But we begin with the corona virus pandemic is cases here in the United States passed the five million mark the worst of any country. Deaths from cold in nineteen are now more than 162000. Here in New York City with the largest school district in the country now said. It will begin the academic year would blended learning students attending in person classes part of the week the city is set to release more information on its plan. Later today. And at the Georgia school where this photo of a packed hallway went viral nine students and staff members have tested positive for the virus. In a letter to parents obtained by ABC news north holding high school announced it is temporarily switching to digital learning. For at least two days while the school is clean. And there is confusion this morning over the executive orders on corona virus relief that president trump signed over the weekend. Democrats are calling the move unconstitutional. Terry Moran has details. Terrorists and about president Trump's new executive actions on corona virus relief I was backpack. And actually we've been. Life they prayed we have to get money out of the people. On Saturday trump signed four executive actions that would extend unemployment benefits curb infections provide relief to student borrowers and suspend collection of payroll taxes. But Democrats are bashing the president's moves they say he's exceeding presidential authority and that his orders actually accomplish far less than meets the the president's executive orders. Described in one word could be paltry overnight trump dismissed the democratic criticism suggesting his executive actions might help reignite those failed congressional negotiations which collapsed with nothing to show after weeks until. It's been like Martin trying to make it you know now than they would have been your days. Key point here with unemployment at ten point 5% trump ordered a 400 dollar per week extension of unemployment benefits that expired last month for roughly 31 million Americans. But he's now looking to already cash strapped states. To foot at least some of that bill. This is the money that they need this is the money they want and this gives them a great incentive to go back to work but the constitution gives congress the power of the purse so it's not clear how much weight these orders hold. Even some members of the president's own party say they cross a legal line. Associate not the stuff they must listen senator says he says there unconstitutional. Swaps but the president is turning it all into a massive campaign promise. Yvonne victorious in November 3 I planned to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts. To the payroll tax I'm gonna make them all permanent. And Terry Murray and joins us now I'm Terry many of these states are already as you know facing budget shortfalls due to the corona virus how can they assume this new obligation. You know aerial that's a huge question right now right across the country because as you say state budgets are getting crushed. It's state governments which provide a great deal of unemployment relief. You know in April alone twenty million Americans lost their jobs and of all the millions tens of millions of jobs. There were lost due to the pandemic depression really. Only about half of them have come back now there are being asked who they want a dime more. Of unemployment insurance from the federal government to take care of Americans who are suffering they gotta pony up a hundred dollars per person themselves a lot of them are saying. They just can't afford it and then it's not exactly clear then then the president and his advisors. Yesterday on the Sunday shows. Have said contradictory. Things about how this will actually work. Is the 300 dollars of federal money that 400 dollars and president trump says he's promising four additional unemployment insurance is. Threat and dollars that federal money contingent. On the 100 dollars the state it looks like the order says that one of his advisors said differently it's a mess. I'm Terry how quickly will we see this legal battle heat up and how long do you think that's a blast. It'll probably come very fast the House of Representatives itself might sue president trump although I I I do think. One of the reasons we're seeing this is congress Democrats and Republicans. Fail they are failing right now. To reach a compromise or congress is supposed to do and come to the aid American suffering like this instead. It does look like the president may have exceeded his constitutional authorities. Congress has the power of the purse president can't spend dime that the people's houses the legislators. Say it can be spent in specific ways they give us some wiggle room to move money around. But he certainly pushing the envelope here as he did on the border wall and can expect. Legal challenges but the bottom line with that big blue legislative branch failing to do its job president trump sees an opportunity. He's taking aerial. And they are so many Americans that are depending on the answers here Terry Moran in Washington thank you so much. Now one thing those executive actions don't cover is an extension of the paycheck protection program a lifeline for so many small businesses during the pandemic. Outs for Shea has a closer look at one minority owned small business struggling to navigate that loan program. And what happens next. For Marshall Byrd and Alison McDougal it's been in an easy last few months up just try to get very it is trying to make it and whether the star there the women behind work sheet. They rent space inside restaurants during downtime to small companies in need of work Tearrius. It's a lean business only for employees they had dozens of restaurant partners mostly across Washington DC and some in Chicago. Then the corona virus forced many to close in March it was a. Friday and Tom Cuddy and aerial thousand was the first person to make the announcement restaurants were closed I didn't know what to do after that didn't think that it may seventh minute for a glass of wine I think he just needs to sit on the. Whenever that mandate for that close a lot of these restaurants. Happen yes went from succeeds C 20. Her. I mean at our business right. The two started brainstorming ways to pick its new services to offer they let go of their intern. But nothing completely made up for the loss revenues in early April news of a possible lifeline the paycheck protection program. My shin Allison remained hopeful they believe there's a market for their business but this is it how they expected things to go this. So we provide the keys the definition of in the nation. That it is maximizing resource says that party exists. The good thing about it is is that we know that. The remote work industry is going to be growing. Now navy federal where work chew applied towards keeping key loan application says it reached out to the business multiple times for additional documentation elegant work Chu says that it complied with those requests no ABC news reach back out to navy federal and has not heard back yet. On that. Aerial. All right an Alex as we said those loans have dried up so what can companies light work to do it to stay in business. Well I can tell you in this specific case of works UA got to an update from them. They were actually able to get in EI DL that's an economic injury disaster loan and that helps a lot of small businesses and nonprofits. We talk some other small businesses that have had success would accelerators. But again that neither of these have the same purse strings or budgets attached to them that the PPP did. Aerial. Alex we are thinking of all those small businesses out there hoping they stay afloat thank you so much announce we'll have much more on this story tonight at 7 PM and 9 PM eastern on ABC news like crying with Wendy Davis. Alice we appreciate your report. The countdown is on to the election and we're tracking your voice your vote with 85 days to go until Election Day all eyes are on presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joseph by and and who he will pick as his running mate the campaign year has seen an increase speculation. And lobbying for the position by potential candidates. Former Obama campaign chief strategist David Axelrod writing on Twitter. I can't remember any VP selection process where so much Oppo research has been down if I were Joseph Biden looking for a good and loyal partner. That should be a source of concern. And as we've seen in past years this case of a number two on the ticket can send a strong signal to voters about what they campaign and the parties stand for. Take a look here. The American people have a message for the tax raisers and that message to its stance you our time has passed. Hundred years from now. Americans will say our labor. That this nation and this earth. We're he'll fight people they've never even the news. I be happy days mom down Mir is. Like a community organizer. Except it's. Our responsibility. Times require more than a good soldier. They require. A wise leader. A leader who can change. Chains. Could change that everybody knows we need. And Biden has guaranteed he will choose a woman making whom over whomever is the third woman. You ever be nominated as vice president on a major party tickets are making history there so who will it be joining me now with a closer look ABC news political director Rick Klein. A man errant tear it renteria code for America CEO and former national political director on Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign. An associate professor of political science an African American studies at Purdue University doctor not Ian Brown welcomed you all we appreciate you being here us. First I wanna hear from each one of you rapid fire who do you think Joseph Biden picks Nadia let's start with you. Well how I was really hoping to act eighty Abrams would be good for me to come but right now looks like he's fallen out of the top contenders. So I'm really hoping that if someone who shares and in the think while he's eight and. Amanda what about Yale. No I think sure Vice President Biden relationships and relations he's had with people or a curious time really matter in this case I suspect. Ambassador rice's after running but it's a risk in terms of she's never. Run for elected office but she's in top woman and I'm sure she couldn't handle herself onstage. And Rick where the chips. All on the fun. I think Biden's heart is coming toward Susan Rice put his head I can't get around Kabul Harris is the pick the flat out makes the most sense I think from the beginning of the process. She is the that probably did the biggest do no harm pick the person or you can. I'll put out there and know that you can trusted to do everything and handle everything in and put the focus back on president Trout which were Joseph Biden wants a today. Right so Rick we'll stay with you for a moment what is biding need to accomplish with this take when it was Smart of him to pick a woman I think people were surprised he picked a woman right out of the gate early on. Why can she make up for that he might lack. It was an unprecedented Val early in the process before even really locked down the nomination as he was closing in on to say I'll pick a woman. It box in it in some ways but I think. Recognizing where the weaknesses were in his candidacy through the primaries and the reality of the nation the reality of the Democratic Party the feeling that he was an important signal to send. From the beginning. And I think look easy he has a chance to make some history here. I'm not only if he selects a woman as is expected but if he chooses a woman of color and African American woman in particular there's a lot they can get Don clearly he needs to send a signal that. He gets it he understands where the party in the country are and also that he has a lieutenant that could step in and take over the presidency if necessary. And it Amanda you and then on the other side of a campaign like this one before you mentioned when he sixteen with Hillary Clinton. What are some of the top considerations that the Biden camp is now going through right now. Well this is the biggest. Relation relationship or the presidential candidate at this moment in time. It's not just now how are you can are you gonna be on the campaign together how are you gonna govern together. This whole apparatus around campaigning leadership and you bring that you've camera should together. And she can't eat you really enhance all of the aspects of the campaign whether that's a political department we're organizing department. Or highlight certain policies are really important. And so it really does reverberate throughout its campaign and it's also an exciting time because it adds a new energy to the entire conversation. And not yet there's been some debate in the Democratic Party about weathered two win over more voters are you could win more voters by leaning moderately verses leaning progressively we know that Biden is pretty moderate himself so which way do you think this could sleep. Its latest and more progressive priests the Democratic Party. Because them that electoral loss or one point turning. And it Biden and Democrats are hoping to turn out new voters voters that they not turnout for Hillary Clinton without opening scene. Amy energize the people that are could be so. African Americans lack next four years those sixty home trying to do that and then worry if you mart group. And didn't try to get those are ready go and it won't help to believe in long lines and you're out feet. Question the million BP is going that the movie can beat the technique could be out here people that XP home. And idea do you think couldn't fit that bill. An instant it earlier on yes. I think that that the caller I accept reservations about com alert sue Henry. I'm I do want the Internet to its VP pick any one who shown to mobile I'm reporters we know what I'm. I think you can look at the end and our voters that things did not want her with. Some a little concerned that they get people like to see Harry at the bottom of the ticket for the full turnout hasn't been for her. And also bringing it to them right he's never. Herself relax and don't eat a little bit of an unknown quantity what some do not turning out voters and getting people to beat. Energized and enthusiastic or out about this ticket. Yeah may be a bit of a wild card there and in Britain there has been an unusual amount of jockeying for this position is we heard David Axelrod say. Over the past few months and why do you think this could be how does this affect Biden's choice. I think it is in a cove in nineteen environment review don't have the same opportunity for face to face meetings four. A trial runs out on a campaign trail there's been a remarkable amount of public lobbying the kids are so many of these women. Out themselves talking about why they think they would make strong running mates that's not usually how it happens. I do wonder if it's gonna change the way the veep stakes takes place I also think you're not having talked some of the win on the listed in people around them. They feel like because of the history making aspect of this these are all ambitious women that have put themselves forward and if someone else's an amnesty for them they need to speak for themselves and maybe that is a refreshing piece of of honesty in politics that they're able to talk about. Themselves and that way and as for the up on the David out -- talks about it is gonna come out one way or the other it's part of the game. I and I think if they can't stand that kind of scrutiny then now they probably would make a good spot on the ticket. So you don't see this as anomalous so Amanda how important is it for the voters to feel energized by this picket have to add to that. We heard Jill Biden talking about how important a chemistry is between whoever he picks and himself. And how important that was with him and President Obama. How how does that factor in when he starts to choose his pick and how energized will that the nation be moving forward by whomever he chooses. To. That's the chart that is the trash how do you make sure that it's a good match and do you make sure. Not only does help you in the campaign in order that brought being started bringing energy to. Govern together could chief Gary at this moment in time and see that people see their relationship they see how it's gonna work and it really doesn't he pick the right person and he adds that vision. The listen I think there's a lot of folks aren't that may or really in Justine here reminds and I do you think it becomes. Fund can't beings you because just. It's an energy you're together it's and I'm looking forward and not just that may mean that really seen appear calm out as the state Democratic Party. And we are in a moment as you mentioned and not EM Biden has said he will only choose a woman as his vice presidential candidate as we mentioned in most of those being Venator women of color. In this moment how important is it to you how important is it writ large that he nominates a woman and particularly a woman of color. Is there concern that that woman vice presidential candidate could give some voters pause. Are we neon not. Right now would not beyond shrinking one thing you know you've experienced. It will be this the pound the lobby at this woman can. Particularly if the woman of color they won't see some racist and Carol will come her way bats unspeakable. Act. This is the right time in this that happens I think we keep it means to retrace. It is the most sustained protests that we've seen it with the largest number pick them ever in American history and Harris Interactive Laurie Mormon rare. That equals showed up. I'm protester what matters now have been millions of people showing that Sistine. In the end of may still has the right time the country's paying attention to systemic racism and all you're the peace and they're real opportunity to meet change here tonight. Someone to symbolically speak to racial injustice and politics at people color feet. But hundreds on Friday in baton hadn't changed with the Tibet policy. Our neck in the country around Reese we think just. And Rick the Democratic National Convention begins one week from today it's hard to believe that this is the first time as we know the conventions will be held virtually any preview what that's gonna look like and candies conventions actually garner momentum if they is on and on a virtual platform and not being held in person. It's going to be a huge test because we've never literally never seen anything like David and know what is would have really physically be there. In a location and either Milwaukee or Charlotte slash Jacksonville as the Republicans are planning for a week later. They are still both parties are going to aggressively program the prime time hours and hope to to get aid and audience at home that that is tuning in but. I'll all the pageantry. All of the all of that the that the typical Nash and nations that your. Tune in to watch are on a convention they'll be gone and it really will be speeches and videos and sustained messaging both parties want to take advantage of that but. Frankly speaking the no one really knows what to expect. In terms of how the public is gonna consume this information and ultimately use it to determine votes. Rick thank you so much and not yet and also to Amanda as well we appreciate your time and of course we're gonna stay tuned to see who Joseph Biden pick says his running mate. We appreciate your time and thanks for joining us. We turn now to Chicago where violent protests erupted early this morning hundred swept through the magnificent mile an upscale shopping district there as you know looting stores and clashing with police. Videos on social media showing crowds breaking windows and entering luxury retailers and demonstrators even exchanged gunfire with police at one point. Alex president Chicago and Alex what's the latest from police right now. Hey aerial just some really jarring images coming out of Michigan avenue now we still have a lot of un answered questions but as you mention this is. Sort of an upscale luxury area lined with these luxury stores the neighborhood in that area also mostly. Affluent atop the Gold Coast and authorities say this all happened it started at about midnight they say hundreds of looters moved into the Michigan avenue area and started shattering. Windows too many of these business is stealing the merchandise and in many cases. Feeling their cars with the merchandise and taking off authorities say this was so well coordinated that he seemed other cars and sort of a caravan of looters were coming through the area in stealing merchandise this all went on for several hours started about midnight at thirty say it wasn't about three or 4 in the morning. That they were able to get things mostly under control there were also reports of shots are fired up. Police officers authorities say no officers were struck out several of those looters who were arrested part at this point we still. Just don't really know what triggered all of this but as you might imagine aerial just a lot of them. Unrest and an easy misses seeing this unfolding here in downtown Chicago. Absolutely since it's scary to see that flare up they are thank you for monitoring the latest we appreciate it. And Major League Baseball is delaying more gains after additional players and staff tested positive for covad nineteen a total of seventeen people in the St. Louis Cardinals organization have tested positive leading the league to postpone a three game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The cardinals have had thirteen games postponed and the team hasn't played since July 29 and this comes. As the top conferences in college football are considering scrapping the entire season which is set to start next month. The sport's top players are already pushing back as he can imagine Ohio State star quarterback Justin field echoing many other players with this tweet. Saying we all want to play football this season. Will reed has a closer look at where things can't. Good morning aerial they call themselves the power five conferences and together they have the power to end the entire college football season. Before it even begins ESPN is reporting the presidents of schools in the Big Ten which include Penn State Michigan Ohio State they met over the weekend. They're ready to cancel all fall sports the Big Ten commissioner. Then met with the leaders of the other conferences that the ACC big twelve pac twelve and SEC. To see if they would follow the ACC meets today the pac twelve has a meeting set for tomorrow no decisions made yet. But ESPN reports. That it sources say the cancellation or postponement of the season seems inevitable. Many people are not in favor of canceling the season including Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence he's the face. Of college football the likely number one NFL draft pick next year. He treated in part people are at just as much if not more risk if we don't play. Players will all be sent home to their own communities were social distancing is highly unlikely he and other athletes have been using a we want to play hash tag. And a sign of the times Notre Dame stadium site of so many football moments was used for a different purpose last night a socially distanced mass. To kick off the academic year burial. And so much left up for debate will thank you and a few things to know before you go up fire erupted at celebrity cook Rachael ray's home an upstate New York overnight. Her teens says ray was not injured and that she and her husband and their dog ballot made it out safely thank goodness for that and ray has been filming her show. At that house since the start of the pandemic. No word yet on the cause. Also signing Powell is recovering after breaking his back falling off an. The accident is now raising new questions about the safety of an Amazon could be transforming the shopping industry once again. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company is in talks with the largest mall operator in a country to take over spaces that used to be Sears and JC Penney stores. And turning them into fulfillment centers the move would allow Amazon to get deliveries to people faster in more areas. And I does it for ABC news live update I'm Arial rat chef thank you so much for joining us and remember ABC news line is here for you at all hours in the day with the latest context and analysis. Up next year Phillips is a report on the native American activists pushing for cultural change and demeaning racial equality. We'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern with your latest headlines. Stay safe out there we hope it's great start your day.

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