ABC News Live Update: Moderna submits COVID-19 vaccine for emergency approval

Plus, COVID-19 cases have begun to flatten in Europe as countries begin to prepare for a vaccine rollout, and how “bots” are affecting the Cyber Monday shopping experience.
11:04 | 11/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Moderna submits COVID-19 vaccine for emergency approval
Good morning I'm Diana Zeta thanks for streaming with us in today's update me Daryn is now the second drugmaker requesting emergency FDA approval for its corona virus vaccine. If all goes well the companies now on track to distribute the vaccine by the end of December. But and is application comes ten days after advisors admitted for emergency approval of its vaccine. Source tells ABC news United Airlines has already started shipping the first batches of advisor vaccine so that it's ready for quick distribution it's. Meanwhile doctor Andy catching is warning of a surge upon a surged after millions of Americans traveled over the holiday the Thanksgiving. Two or three weeks down the line we may see a surge upon a third. Health officials are urging Americans to be extra cautious especially with potential vaccines just on the horizon. And Enron is promising retaliation after its top nuclear scientist was assassinated. And a running an official is now accusing Israel of perpetrating the attack using a satellite controlled machine guns. Earlier officials said the scientist was ambushed by a truck bomb and a team of gunman's so far no comment from Israel. And president elect Joseph Biden will receive his first top level security briefing today as the transition moves forward. The president elect names key members of his economic team today including nominating former chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary. Last night Biden announced an all female White House communications team. Meanwhile president trauma suffered more setbacks in his attempt to fight his election loss Wisconsin's partial recount netted 87 additional votes for bite and and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed a challenge to absentee ballots. At least 31 related cases have now been tossed out including by judges appointed by president trump himself. And as Kobe case is surge in the US yeah in cases are flattening just in time for the holidays ABC news foreign correspondent nineteen burly. Has more on that Maggie it sounds like Europe is finally flattening that curb. How are they doing it and what does this mean for restrictions are going into Christmas. She he had down a little bit of good news here you know most of your boy into a fairly strict to lock down last month here in the UK each we've been in a near total lockdown for months very similar to what we saw the beginning of this pandemic in this. We're for just those five days you can mingle with up to three households so. Didn't still may have to invite in laws over about I think we're all looking relevant that family time right now our cities are dissimilar rollout potentially happening in places like Germany and France as wells so shocked by locking down now there hoping that first few days at least on Christmas they'll live to ease up on some of these restrictions. That crossing fingers for that and Maggie you know here in the US we outlook tier approach as a guide for what we can be experiencing coming soon because you guys tend to beach couple weeks or few weeks ahead of us so what do you think this means. For Americans how much should the US be looking at this as a foreshadowing of what's to come here. Chocolate it was a real interesting this time around is that yes is very true like he's and most of the times a year but that a couple weeks or months ahead of America but this is different because this time should you really locked down again summoned that we haven't seen. You know happened widespread across the United States and also here in Europe she you know we didn't have Thanksgiving we didn't have that massive travel day that you guys on the stage just a few days ago so shut this things are going to be I think a little bit different between the two continents that -- -- duckling and look up for the state to that she -- place is you start to lock down perhaps they'll be able such ease some of those restrictions around Christmas I think that's something that she you know people serve across the world right now we're looking towards the holidays as a chance to maybe come together but again if we're living through these surges right now authorities are still saying he cautious just because Christmas is here doesn't in the Kobe is going. Now but Maggie that we do also and additions looking forward to the holidays and hopefully being able to see family there's that great. Vaccine news it looks like we now have two that are right around the corner. And we're not just gonna happen here in the US but they're also going to Europe so what do we know about the vaccine roll out there. Should they again this is really about the holiday music everyone has been waiting for these vaccines are seeing a lot of optimism around ditch humor in Europe -- -- just a massive rollout operation underway shot in the UK right now we're seeing vaccination centers that are being construct we're seeing tears being trained how to administer this vaccine so authorities are doing absolutely everything they can't that this actually teach these vaccines get approval here in the UK -- they'll be rolled out nearly immediately but she can tell exacted -- Diana still somewhat up in the air data action is currently being analyzed so we're not sure when that process is going to be completed we do not have a next emergency authorization process happening right now and there are some estimates that the approval could happen as early as this week or early next six and -- -- you know we could be just a few days or few weeks away from -- vaccines actually being administered here in the UK which I think everyone would say is this kind of the site that would be a sigh of relief something that we all wanna see this season. Now some and I can't come soon enough Maggie really forests in London thanks Maggie sese. Yeah. And with the pandemic still surging in the US today Cyber Monday is expected to become the largest online sales day in history each new video game consoles are already nearly sold out but it appears an automated software. The grinch thought she is to blame buying new items right as they're released here's Becky were early with more. The most sought after gifts this holiday season Sony's PS five and Microsoft's Xbox series sex in video game consoles. Nearly impossible to get seemingly sold out everywhere and it. There they really really hard to get right now like. You can not get your hands on any. Black Friday shoppers camping out for days but some stores only getting in a few at a time if any we've been trying to get the PlayStation five for a very very long time at this GameStop in Dublin California Morgan's Langer got the last Xbox he's hoping to resell the 500 dollar system online for at least 850. When an unsound and make him a quick 300 dollars and he's not the only one looking to flip them experts say online shoppers barely had a chance this year because of bots. Software programs that can check inventory and complete a purchase infinitely faster than any human could. White being the inventory clean just milliseconds after items are posted. Resellers listing the 500 dollar consoles for up to four times the price. There are rocks that are specifically designed. She breakthrough. All the other thousands of people who are trying to get on that what's that exact moment and they are able to place a bunch borders simultaneously. War about a different councils. This kind of but is an illegal aid to break many retailers rules it feels like somebody's cheating in system that has been set up its. Supposed to be flat for everyone antiques. Three handlers are trying to leave that it must possible to limit supply them per customer. Again. And Sony has said that they will have more stock for in the years and Microsoft also says they're working as fast as they can. And shallow little reminiscent of the cabbage patch doll Christmas nightmare but hopefully everybody will be able to get. They're gift in time our thanks to Becky Worley for that. She and the mystery is deepening surrounding that metal model it found a new child last week destruction that suddenly appeared in the desert. Has now suddenly banished here's ABC's will read with more. This morning another twist in the U taught desert this mysterious silver monolith vanishing just ten days after it was discovered. We shut out there is nothing there brown moment. Your dependents leave like. All let it pop name isn't really scary out his. Their events earlier this month you talk officials happened upon this ten to twelve foot three sided metal beam in a remote canyon. That's a rank up there is probably where it is sure it's a bad out there in the desert slime around. Theories abounded was an art. Aliens massive fans of the side by classic 2001 a space Odyssey. Then as confirming Lee hasn't had appeared. It vanished almost without a Trace hikers journeying out to see the mysterious object finding only rocks marking where once was. Kind of a hard thing to investigate. We're we don't know where it came from women came from or where win federal officials in Utah announced the monolith disappearance blaming an unknown party for taking it away it is a little surprising that made you lasted as long as it did. I don't think it's a little more surprising that it was able to disappear in the middle of the night. Once people knew it was there and officials did not disclose its location but some curious folks made the trek to see the piece before it was too late it was really nice to have. Ten minutes apiece wouldn't. What might call landmark at the time that. Not it would Nancy I was pretty cool. Nobody knows when the monolith was quite where it was found but some say that it looks like the work of late artist John McCracken. McCracken son says his father once told him. He wanted to put his art in places for it to be found later and the gallery to represent McCracken to save. For that looks like a bona fide case. Diane. OK maybe another clearly in that mystery will read thank you. And that does it for this ABC news glad I did I'm Diana stayed up thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown. He winds up in second place with a 799. And. I'm jeopardy the underdog at.

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{"duration":"11:04","description":"Plus, COVID-19 cases have begun to flatten in Europe as countries begin to prepare for a vaccine rollout, and how “bots” are affecting the Cyber Monday shopping experience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74463946","title":"ABC News Live Update: Moderna submits COVID-19 vaccine for emergency approval","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-moderna-submits-covid-19-74463946"}