ABC News Live Update: Officials consider easing mask restrictions indoors

Plus, India’s medical system is on the brink of collapse, and hackers cripple a critical pipeline using ransomware.
27:55 | 05/10/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Officials consider easing mask restrictions indoors
Good morning I'm Diane was data thanks for straightening with us in today's update us corona virus cases hit a seven month low. Doctor Fathi says it may be time to relax restrictions even more including wearing masks inside. The FDA is expected jobs rise visor shot her twelve to fifteen year old as soon as today. As India is pushed to its breaking point when the virus we're live in New Delhi. A massive cyber attack forced the shutdown at a critical US pipeline that supplies 45% of fuel to the East Coast. The hackers are demanding a ransom what does it all mean for gas prices. And the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby fill the post race drug test. This trainer is now suspended but denying any wrongdoing the big question now will the wars lose its title and canned heat race in the preakness just days away. We begin with the White House saying the US made turning the corner in a club in nineteen pandemic. At least 152. Million Americans have received at least one dose of a vaccine that's 58%. Of the adult population. Now officials are discussing possibly lifting mast mandates even indoors. ABC's Victor Kendall has the latest. This morning with the US gaining more ground in the fight against Kobe in nineteen and cases at a seven month low doctoring but he vowed she'd gone this week telling George. As more people get vaccinated. It might soon be time to further relax restrictions like wearing masks endorse. The CDC will be immediately almost and real time joins updating. Their recommendations and they guidelines but yes we do need to start being more liberal as we get more people vaccinated we are. Turning the corner in the blood at the end of the tunnel is brighter and brighter as vaccine demand is declining for adults. The US now just below two million shots a day. Down nearly 40% in the last month Louisiana and Mississippi turning down vaccines. Only 13 of adults there are vaccinated all eyes are now one vaccines in children. The FDA expected to authorize twelve to fifteen year old supervisors vaccine. As soon as today fifteen year old to go to Morgan died just two days after being diagnosed with coded. Yeah I mean why this happened to her. Man and what did she do to deserve this man I'm so are they shooting do we beings deserve staged. Her parents say she was a healthy teen who loved basketball she tested positive on Sunday but Monday her condition deteriorated. They told us the Communists say goodbye. Just until she made it sold more Reese hospital I didn't being it was a good about the amber. And her family now urging everyone to get vaccinated officials across the country doing the same. They continue to get even more creative with incentives in Detroit for example. They're offering people fifty dollars of saving their president to get vaccinated he also cities and bars partnering up offering free drinks with proof of the vaccination. Miami Beach of course is in on it the pro game is being called shots for shots Diane time. Actor Ken thanks for that. Meanwhile India is at a breaking point Kobe cases there are soaring the country's medical system is nearing collapse. Now it anti government anger is growing in officials are preparing for things to get worse. ABC's Maggie ruling is in New Delhi with the latest. This morning India in crisis the country's health care system pushed to its breaking point. We are beyond capacity not write you this doctor telling me don't have the nurses doctors or supplies to treat all of those cyclical saint. We have seen that's. Conditions haven't I've been damn I didn't see and I didn't navigate of their MacKenzie these are lies which could have been saved. In just the past 24 hours more than 400000 new cove in cases and more than 4000 deaths experts believed it was numbers are drastically underreported. But one estimate projecting that one million Indians could die from Kobe nineteen by August. International aid is pouring in as many tell us did you look country's health care system has failed them which now they have to step in to help themselves. Outside his hospital we need people thinking desperate calls to find help for Google wants this couple is told there's no room for their on. Forty and it now. You all for this man tells us he's tried more than twenty hospitals and clinics are so far the new one has an icu that it was uncle. He says the government claims there's enough oxygen and medical care for everyone the reality on the ground he's desperate. I'm Maggie really joins me live enough rounds at a hospital in New Delhi with the war and Maggie wasn't like there right now. Payday and the I outside hospitals like this on outside clinics. It's still the best friend Diane so many people Caligiuri has had a feel helpless you know even outside multiple hospitals and how we see people that are being taken care of I wasn't a sign of a street some of these makeshift hospital are just intense and people are trying their best but. They're working in a hundred degree heat volunteers are working from room the night. 24 hour shifts and this is a huge endeavor by the people here to really saved the lives of people in their community but it is hard work. And is just desperate right now but in a bank USA the other interesting thing is that on the other side. In New Delhi where the cities is kind of operating its theory because. As you know New Delhi is known as a place that's full of life it's. It's normally behind Franken just packed with people and instead. There's this eerie stillness you know it's not supposed to be there but there's as quiet because people say they're afraid. They're scared to leave their homes in Phillies history scenes outside of some of these hospitals could see live. And Maggie Carlo vaccination efforts they're going to. I want and it's hard to ignore the fact that India as a world leader though the world's largest producer of vaccines and here in the country. But there remain massive shortages is a huge problem and that one hospital we visited today said. They are currently call out of vaccines they ran out last week when they called the vendor the vendor actually told them to call back in a month that's the earliest ever gonna get more vaccines. Again as we know claiming doctor how she told ABC news recently vaccines are in the way people are going to survive this crisis in India to be windier going to turn this around. So this is what we need right now there is a severe shortage and no real answer but what we're gonna get them back in this country. Until tonight in prime minister. And Aaron unloading there is facing some serious criticism for his handling of the pandemic house responding to that. Failed and this is a really interesting the politics on the ground here getting quite fierce you know a few months ago after the first week here in India. At a government declared it a success they say they'd beaten corona virus they have really locked down hard and there was almost times of celebration there were huge religious festivals over huge cricket matches bode even had a huge political rallies. Well now we know where that led to this deadly second wave and there's been. They a lot of fierce criticism many people blaming the government saying the health care system is broken down we tossed many people that called out a prime minister by name. Saying where is he what has he done so far there are still no national lockdown so. Many people now are saying it was an outrageous they're calling for a national lockdown at putting a huge medical association here in the country. The sort of see what happened in New Delhi Diane is in a locked out of state to state entering other sing more just have to be done. What people do to help. I and I've heard from. A so many people in America that are watching. And the videos many Indian Americans saying their families are over here they want to know how to help other art aid organizations and okayed ABC news has a list of some of them as well we've met some of them on the ground here NGOs that are volunteering their. Time in medical resource in the US sends a big shipment of oxygen and other medical supplies they've promised vaccines as well what's known and but we've heard from every one whether it's people on the ground and doctor Karen India save one thing people can do to help. Is get their vaccines. This is a global problem it is a global pandemic and what happens here in Indiana happen in America they affect each other what happens around the world I think we need to stamp out this virus. Globally for. Any country to be saves about another message get your vaccine where ever you are good advice manually in New Delhi thank you. And it critical US pipeline is shut down after massive cyber attack but tankers demanding a ransom to release the company's data. The pipeline delivers nearly half of all of the fuel used on the East Coast. Experts say it's one of the most disruptive digital where pension schemes ever reported Alan Lopez has the latest. This morning the clock is ticking to restore one of the nation's largest fuel pipelines the colonial pipeline companies says after hackers hit its system on Friday demanding a ransom was forced to shut down its 5500. Mile pipeline. Which supplies nearly half of all gas and diesel and other fuel to the East Coast. In the was more than a hundred million gallons a day. Stretching from taxes. Two New Jersey there might in administration. Issuing emergency transportation waivers to eighteen seeks help offset the impact. But experts tear gas prices could start rising soon is to date. And a FEMA documents reviewed by ABC news warns a shutdown could affect a Corbin nineteen vexing supplying chains. It's not like you can just turn these computers back on again they are infected it's going to take time. And that time means that people will begin to see shortages at the pump they'll begin to see higher gas prices and we'll see a disruption across the northeast United States. The company saying Sunday some of its smaller lines are back home mind. But the main system is still down sources tell ABC news of preliminary reports suggest the culprit is an eastern European criminal organization. Dubbed it dark side. Federal officials this morning are actively trying to determine whether a foreign nation who was also involved and Diana colonial pipeline also the finding Jack Tilton major airports in a prolonged delayed. Could lead to disruption in. Air traffic Diane. Alan Lopez thanks for that. And an NYPD officers speaking out after rushing an injured four year old girl to safety and an ambulance after a shooting in Times Square. A gunman opened fire hitting three people including that little girl now police are searching for the suspect Stephanie Ramos has more. This morning NYPD officer Alyssa bold goal is being hailed curse you wrote now speaking exclusively to ABC news. I'm very grateful that people are taking in that aspect of funding hero by every officer on scene is in here affected sales is there were multiple victims in. Everyone did a phenomenal job of. Watch closely as she sprints down the streets of Times Square a hub for terrorist. Carrying a four year old little girl who was shot to a waiting ambulance. Pop I think my father Elliott sixers. Point you know I I need to help her. It was just before 5 PM on Saturday at the crossroads of the world when bullets started flying amid an argument between four men. But the bullets hitting three people nearby including the child who was toy shopping with her parents to three year old Wendy member or not was in town for Mother's Day from Rhode Island. She was shot in the thigh and thought she'd never see her two year old daughter again. It solves these Sharon screamed and Murray say I'm insurance. Zeroes through her idol and sorry Ernie all week. Another woman was shot in the foot that four year old was hit in her calf she ended up in the same ambulance whiz Matt gray not. Bush decrying what she's saying anything. This little girl is a strong case. Person I've ever seen for somebody was just inside its users standing there. You know obviously scared but she wasn't crying or anything. Shelley yelled to and we are tightening the turning can't because that's very painful. But she was very content for somebody who is in a very dramatic situation. Her heroism recognized by the NYPD tweeting whether they're rushing for the danger to help save a little girl or rushing home to family after their toward this Mother's Day. The dedication of New York's finest knows no bounds. Diane authorities did not quite a gun here but they didn't find three sell casings here in this area. Amanda his thirtieth has been identified as a person of interest in the shooting his name is fairer Condit Mohammed. Police say he'll actually identified by his brother who was the intended victim police are asking for the public's help in finding him Diane. Scary stepping around us thanks for that. And here you're watching in Washington today at 1:15 eastern president item of the little remarks on the economy. Also won fifteen vice president Pamela Harris on the US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas Greenfield. And at three. HHS secretary. When we come back we're hearing from the parents one of the two young Americans sentenced to life in prison for killing an Italian police officer. Stay with us for that exclusive interview and also ahead Elon Musk made headlines while hosting Saturday Night Live over the weekend revealing that he has Asperger's syndrome. He also made it joked that may have moved. Markets we'll play what he said after the break. Welcome back we're hearing from the parents of one of the two men sentenced to life in prison in Italy for fatally stabbing. A police officer and to when he nineteen. 21 year old Finnegan elders parents say they're concerned for their son's mental health. Every road back has more in this ABC news exclusive interview. Watching your year send mature in prison. Is very hard. This morning appearances Steny keenly elder did 21 year old now sentenced to life in prison for the murder of an Italian police officer. Breaking their silence and then a lot of things in Finns reality now. Of his life as a prisoner and I just can't think about. It's too hard it's too painful this tragedy that happened. It's during does all. Elder and his friend twenty year old Devery on the telly awards were vacationing in wrongly July 2019. When they tried to buy cocaine the drug deal went wrong. And police say they were called in as part of a sting operation. When vice brigadier Mario teacher she'll Reagan and his partner went to meet the American teens. Prosecutors say Dan Egan fatally stabbed church yellow rate. Eleven times with a seven inch knife now heat and it's highly hordes are facing life behind bars in Italy. He feels like he. Has been sentenced to something worse than the death penalty fit against parents arguing the punishment far outweighs the crime and that their son has been deeply miss characterized. Pennington first and foremost it has in incredibly kind and very very gentle soul. She is on essence to the point of I used to say when he was younger that can bomb asked a truce he does not see her reason to lie. Series incredibly kind he's incredibly sensitive. And he's painfully painfully honest church yellow radio was slain just a month after his when he. His widow there in the courtroom when the guilty verdict was read. Again I think I've admitted to hospital. Finney gives mother overcome with emotion and his father reportedly yelling outfit again I'd love you as his son was led out of the courtroom. Now his parents concerned about their son's mental state saying he suffers from depression I understand that a man's life was lost that night. I understand that can again. Should serve some time I would like. Then again to have. Some sort of sentence that's proportionate and something that helps. At least acknowledges his mental health issues city gives American attorney believes the life sentence Italy's most severe punishment is too harsh and they're appealing. They gave him and they gave gave a sentence that is befitting. A mafia boss who wants only kills innocent people. How could these two boys possibly be in that same league. In Italy the jury has ninety days to explain its reason for reaching the decision and defense attorneys for the young man. Have vowed to appeal the verdict dying man. All right Amy robot thanks for that. And Elon Musk is making headlines how after hosting Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO revealed that he has Asperger's syndrome and also made some comments on crypto currency. That may have moved markets unit pilgrim has the story. Billionaire Elon must making his late night debut hosting Saturday Night Live. The tech giant poking fun at himself and his sometimes controversial persona. I reinvented electric cars and I'm sending people to Mars a rocket ship. Think I was also going to be until normal dude. And also making a personal revelation. Actually making history not as the Phyllis person. With the Oscars to process them. Families the boosted minute. So mega OI conduct of the cast night and while the Tesla and SpaceX founder lived in some jokes keep. Comments on crypto currency moves the market but some investors weren't laughing. Thank you Michael call eight but those fathers must cheerleading has fueled a media work dried for the crypto currency that once started as a joke. That then rose over 23000%. In one year. It hit man. I can tell you it's a crypto currency you can trade through conventional money. Well so the hostile. Yes so. Just going down roughly 36%. By the end of the show possibly drawing attention from federal regulators. He has a history of reconcile the SEC because of his tweets because of the things he's said about financial investments in the past. What does the SEC and you hear I mean he's making jokes he's literally on a comedy show talking about a joke or currency. Now let me ask him why not lied about Crist says he's given them pretty sound advice saying they are speculate then and very risky. So don't go crazy I am. Writing a pilgrim thanks. And the queen's cousin is accused of trying to leverage his ties to the crown in the UK. Newly released undercover video of prince Michael of Kent shows him allegedly trying to sell his influence to the Russian Kremlin. Lama her son has the latest details from London. Wilson recorded this morning the queen's cousin prince Michael of tents cool out on tape. In new videos released by UK's channel four dispatches and the Sunday Times the prince appearing to use his will stay just. To help it's a business to the Russian Kremlin in exchange for money. The feet 200000 years Stalin without we have alternate. Was it acceptable Santa. Oh yeah. Thank you Dick clips which are part of a show royals for higher airing tonight in the UK. Show undercover reporters posing as investors from a bogus South Korean gold company house of hey dog. 78 year old prince Michael appears to offer to make with confidential representations. To president Putin's team all Napa Hoff. Isn't denying me what you know many charge. As for the speech like this. Yeah she's okay no no. She real prince Michael's friend and business partner lords reading with floating the idea of making connections with Russian president Vladimir Putin at all we. You're ready to lead to CD. We were more. Wells and are you seeing huge in the unit a business trees. That it. Prince Michael has longstanding ties with Russia but a spokesman tells ABC news he has never represented Buckingham Palace that. And his new special relationship with President Putin. While prince Michael isn't a working member of the royal family and doesn't receive public funds the changes raising eyebrows. The royal family the Maliki is pop up system of government Chinese. Members of the people around at my leveraging bonus the past OK that greedy basic aim for the aids cases unfold. This season the first Cymer while has been court in a sting operation by journalists. But Sarah Ferguson prince Andrew's ex wife Anne Sophie Wessex prince Edward's wife have fallen foul left tabloid journalist posing as businessmen. Both cases causing deep embarrassment and unwanted scandal for the crown. Well Buckingham Palace tells ABC news that prince Michael of Kent is not a working member of the well founded in Buckingham policy not act on his Hoff. And prince Michael has pushed back saying he would never. Have done anything without the agreements at the embassy in Russia his business partner apologized saying he over promise Bethesda question that this. Is a scandal that have majesty could have done without just weeks off to her husband died town. Has llama Hasan about. Hingham palace thank you. And the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby failed a post race drug test leaving its trainer suspended in victory in question. We come back what this means for the horses title and prospects for. I just days before the second leg of the Triple Crown. Welcome back as many homes now doubling is work spaces many families are considering an upgrade but isn't better to rent. Or by right now Rebecca Jarvis has more on how to decide your next move. Every sort of boyfriend rented have been renting this two bedroom pet friendly apartment for the last two years. Our kids then. Even nice little car area over here when the pandemic hits they had to reassess its mastery animals and lane got cramps and critically low businesses doesn't feel the bedroom and now they're debating their next move. To rent or to buy it needles into the low interest rates and all an accident and urgency right now and there's houses. Our belittled and clean it quits and the price of an intimidating decision anytime but especially now. Home listings down 37%. Vs last year the amount of potential buyers to pump 53%. Meantime the more available rentals and almost every region of the country compared to 20/20 we're putting money toward instead he could be dangerous and mortgage and really saying our futures prayer since is what to do you we asked million dollar listing star Frederick in to help carry in Brandon think it through. First question is how long do you plan to stay. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to rounds because you're not really sure where you movie. You're situations. Your friend Bob it's your sorrows. I know where you going and live the freedom to live which takes off into the market now walks this is it now and next it's really a. Ford and it's important because our at least it was. Your house to. Payments that's your mortgage payment including things like property taxes and homeowner's insurance should not exceed 25%. Of your monthly take home pay. Syrian Brendan deciding to take that much we just. Our first armor in iron house believes they don't we basically he's seen foundation independence did not get. House extending their current lease for a shorter period. Until they can find the house they want at a price they can afford it still looking absolutely response. Gary and Brendan did it right in if you can get had temporary lease extension. While you're looking to make a purchase that makes a lot of sense that means you don't have to move somewhere in between too many go home purchase now. Here's some of the other things you should be thinking about first of all do you have an emergency savings account that is six months worth of living expenses that. If someone has an encore scenes circumstance a job lots or. An illness you have money to get by without having to be forests into thinking about selling your home that is your worst case scenario to be forced into selling a home that you just recently purchased T also want to make sure. That you have at least 20% for the down payment that those monthly bills are less than 25%. I'm your monthly take home pay and that includes things like your insurance like your taxes and remember. When you know I didn't purchase a home there will be concourse C maintenance costs as well you have to account for that to. And music calculator there are a lot of them online and help you distinguish between renting verses buying and whether it makes more in San. In your location. You enter a few pieces of information act And zillow dot com. They won't tell you whether it makes more sense to rent or to buy if you're planning on staying somewhere shorter than five years. Get off fame makes more sense for perhaps. I am. Device Rebecca Jarvis thank you and a few more things should know before you go Kentucky Derby winner Medina spirit could be stripped of his victory after testing positive for a steroid. Now the race horses future depends on the results of another test to confirm the accuracy of that positive results. The substance found is allowed but not on race day Medina spirit is expected to compete in the preakness next weekend as he tried for the Triple Crown. Meanwhile the horse's trainer hall of Famer Bob Baffert is now suspended from Churchill Downs. Where the derby takes place but denies any wrongdoing if the positive test is confirmed that Kentucky Derby victory will pass to the runner up. But if you wanna bet. On Medina spirit and you can keep your money. And the remains of the Chinese rocket that fell out of space splashed down harmlessly in the Indian Ocean over the weekend. New videos and photos from around the world captured 123 ton rocket ten stories tall orbiting Mir at. It's one of the largest pieces of space junk ever to fall back to earth. NASA administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement it is clear that China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris. China is expected to launch twelve more of these rockets so far they haven't said whether they'll do anything different. And there was a happy ending after a ten hours surge in the subway tunnels near city for an emotional support dog. Rescue couple Lucy made it out of her apartment down an elevator past a doorman on the roster highway. And into the subway station an MTA worker eventually spotted Lucy on the tracks three miles away at 34 street. She was in desperate need of back on the big bowl of water but thankfully but otherwise okay for owners daughter said they went home together and on the subway. And that does different is ABC news live update I'm Diane as you know thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live as you bring you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Fuzzy right back here at 11 AM eastern for the new update. Stacy.

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