ABC News Live Update: Pope Francis in Iraq for 1st papal visit

Plus, Democrats have the votes to pass President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion dollar COVID relief plan in the Senate, and primates at the San Diego Zoo have started receiving a COVID vaccine.
20:28 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Pope Francis in Iraq for 1st papal visit
Good morning I'm Diana status thanks for streaming with us in today's update Paul Francis has arrived in Baghdad becoming the first Pope ever to visit Iraq. Anna Jarvis happening despite escalating violence in the country there also concerns the pope's trip. Could lead to cope in super spreader events. Both friends assistant to visit the birthplace of Abraham the father christianity. Is also visiting churches once occupied by crisis. And meeting the top Shiite cleric of the country. Democrats appear to have the votes to pass president Biden's one point nine trillion dollar pandemic relief plan in the senate but Republicans are not making that easy. Senator Ron Johnson caused a ten hour delay by having senate clerks read the entire bill out loud. Now the senate is beginning debate over the package which is expected to last for twenty hours followed by a vote. Senators will likely vote on party lines but moderate Republican senator Lisa Murkowski. Says she still undecided. And on the jobs picture appears to be improving the US added 379000. Jobs in the month of February and well above analysts expectations. The unemployment rate also fell to six point 2% slightly better than last month the so much worse than it was before that the end of next. Primate. At the San Diego Zoo have started receiving co would vaccines made specifically for animals. Those vaccinations come after an outbreak among the zoo's gorillas are well Carr has more have a pandemic has affected animals including patents. Inside the San Diego zoo's safari park the group the troops as a way of acting just like guns. Eating and playing good evening getting sick and most recently deep guerrillas came that would come in nineteen lightly after interacting with the asymptomatic employ. What was your mindset when he found out that they had tested positive it was just nerve wracking because. This was the first that we knew. So we started seeing a lot of lethargy and then coughing and sniffling the biggest concern when they tested positive for cove it is a guerrilla name Winston he's a silverback Keyes 49 which is considered elderly and he has an underlying heart condition. We felt strongly that we needed to know what was going on how was impacting him so we knew exactly how to treat him in so that we can. Make every attempt to make sure that he would recover quickly and resume his important role in the true. The silverback is critical to their social dynamics and so the balance of how they work together as a family. To help the zoo kept the guerrillas in quarantine for roughly a month closing off the exhibit to the public. Now they're all Baghdad it being good helped swinging in smiling in for the mass park goers. They're not the first animals to contract the virus keep in mind the World Health Organization believes cove in nineteen started in an animal in jumped to humans. Since then we've seen a small number of animals contract coded in the United States. Including bloody seven year old German shepherd. Body was caught being he was having trouble pre gaming. He was just not really like himself and the dog can never been sick he tossed a daily a wildlife reporter covered buddy story last year for National Geographic. His owners look and he was coughing up blood he was so severely ill. That the decision was made to use and I study. The big mystery here is that in its final days of buddy's life. Doctors and veterinarians thought that it was most likely that he actually had lymphoma I would just type of cancer and that's probably explains it's really severe symptoms and nurse from. And it's probably ultimately why he died but what we don't know is because he had his underlying condition and weather at bats was linked or whether that made him more susceptible to getting Kobe. That's though including doctor Julio Lopez say it's unlikely that your tail wagging best friend exco vintners. Then about one year now since we first. Learned that dogs can become infected with Kobe nineteen. The first case in Hong Kong we've had this whole year. To determine whether or not it was gonna become a big issue and so far we can see better only been rare reports. Our dogs and cats being affected when coated nineteen. Thankfully to pandemic is largely spared our pets but there are still some considerations. People don't realize that dogs and cats and animals in shelters and zoo animals full between the cracks. Any federal agency mission statements and therefore they are not under any form of surgery and months. Traci MacNamara professor of veterinary pathology police that the federal government needs to team up with the private sector bats to pay close attention Tacoma its impact on animals. Listen I'm Ken Pollack I won't fly snacks. You know I'm gonna snuggle with my cats no matter what but maybe you wanna rethink about getting a tongue bath from your dog's life looks dongle to. Probably not the best thing right now. In other species are even more susceptible. Animal pharmaceutical companies are what is says it started developing vaccines for dogs and cats but then shifted development to the mink after huge populations have become infected with Kobe it. That aspect of the San Diego zoo's safari park reached out to so when it's after the guerrillas scare with coded. Say they would you guys feel to help so. That's already provided in Lexington them or. Aren't alone basis for the drop. Zoos and administered that vaccine to some of its other great apes to prevent a similar outbreak meanwhile the guerrillas that have recovered from code and are doing well just like humans or eight Alamos also get diseases and they need to be protected just let me do but the efficacy of vaccines being used on the animals are still being studied from de hope though is a healthier way of life. For all mammals. They think it's really important for people to remember that as we protect plants and animals and and the habitats and environments that they live in for also protecting ourselves. And it really gives us an opportunity for all living things to thrive together. In San Diego will carve ABC news. My thanks to look car for that report an air software engineer who created a website to help others find Dakota in nineteen vaccine is now using the site's popularity for a new purpose. He's trying to build a bridge for unity against surging attacks on Asian Americans. Here's his story in his own words. It all started when I trying to help my mom find a vaccine. Airways are pretty arduous process they're just not that maybe. Make it easier the idea behind her Abaxis to make it as easy as possible to find you feel time vaccine available. What has this little solution that ended up helping thousands if not and the thousands of New Yorkers. Growing up in Queens I was on immune to anti Asian bias. I grew up with people making offhand remarks about my plan to die case by Ellis and lashing Hong means. Last Thursday their land and stabbing pain in Chinatown and the victim was at 36 year old John resident I knew that on. Another day that could have easily been me. I want to illustrate this action updating the same time for two days that if we as a country don't listen to the concerns of Asian Americans. Then we risk. Losing the contributions of the Asian Americans as well. Hey what's that Twitter Stratton outlining situation I recommended that they donate to a local nonprofit called welcome to Chinatown. Helping preserve. Montana town here here but also working to fight anti Asian nation to date we've actually raised a 105000. Dollars. I just hope that my experience and show. Others that technology ticked initiative. And stand up for what you believe them. I think that you can make real change regardless. However big or small. Anything that may mean. And that's you mind he tells us that it felt amazing to reunite with his fully vaccinated mother and celebrate the Lunar New Year together. As for Turbo tax he says that he'll continue to private service until the vaccine is fully distributed. And now let's turn to the corona virus pandemic and how it's bringing. Together to try to find solutions particularly true vaccines like Q let's bring in infectious disease specialist and ABC's medical contributor doctor Todd Eller and for more on this doctor honor and let's go to the vaccines a CDC says that. Where now administering more than two million vaccine doses per day how big is that. Good morning Diane I mean this is huge I mean think about and so far we've actually about 20%. Of adults in the United States and about twenty. Months and now for the last week or so we didn't. At about two million dollars a days who are really getting the action we have too short for remember this is fifteen essentially is like a human shield and really protects us against getting severe disease and also will decrease transmission from person to person this is exactly what we need to keep cut ago we keep going power. And trade mayor Mike Dugan has turned down 6000 Johnson Johnson Colvin vaccines saying quote. When Darren and Pfizer are the best to what are your thoughts on that moved. Yeah I don't agree with that at all remember the best vaccine right now is the one that you there's no question these actions have not been computer and to add return advisory vaccine worked on a different time periods in different countries there were different there weren't those periods circulating what's important is that call three and he's got seemed to be giving you way to the United States. Protect against severe infection they protect against possible is Asian getting into the intensive care unit and yeah. We're give your questions now I want and he UN the first is if I've been infected and then receive the common vaccine is the second those still worse than the first us. It's a great question did you know we know if you haven't been unfair to before and you get both shots of the messenger Arnie who. Vaccine that is second dose is more reacted generated in the first but what's interesting Diane she it is easy did you previously didn't. To record in nineteen huge typically death first chose to gives you more of those reactions when people and pets the second dozed. After the first two it's usually not as good if you create a single news. If you've already had Kobe do you even need that second dose. Right so it is and if it isn't very good question so I'm small data access has shown. Once you've been infected. And you've received the first dose of the vaccine you get. A jury a robust immune response. Almost similar to doses and someone who's never been infected so scientifically. It probably makes people may only need one dose of vaccine after they've been infected but in years spending by currently. Guidance is still to receive bowl vaccines. Even if you've been infected. Aaron and the answer in his quest to make it a little tension in his counseled or gonna ask it anyway this year says that her boyfriend had Kobe. But she did in answer she's wondering how long his immunity is expected to last. And ten he still transmit the virus to hurt. Even if he is immune because apparently she likes to go to a bar Wear masks are very optional she says. Okay we'll she's in good shape right now because what we do now with we've been infected and doesn't lead was significant immune protection and let's face it we can deal with -- 191 year. Write and read. Factions still are very rare so the likelihood that she gets reenter it is. Not impossible there are infections but I think she's in good shape and hopefully she can get. Vaccinated as soon as possible so she can catch her immune system has. And the CDC timeline on immunity after having culminated what's the guideline there's at three months. As far as if you have call it how long. You know and K can you go without having to take standard quarantined protections for example. Yes doesn't yes definitely so if you being in short if you've gotten vaccinated and your within a three month window you don't have to quarantine. Re not only happy home and be instructed all. Yet if you if you've had cobra then you don't you're considered immune short a long period of time but the recommendation right now she is still getting vaccine within a three month period WA chose to six months CDC says three months we still don't exactly because you know the fact you know be they. Did the clinical trials and studied as excluded you if you if you did have Kobe nineteen for now we still recommend vaccination after Corbin nineteen and most people can get an. After 03 months after induction. Doctor Allan thank you we can during these questions that you think giving us answers we re. Logos Silverbacks by the way aren't going to yeah. Senator do you have questions you can ask me on Twitter at Diane Harris it I'll be sure to ask as many as I can get to you right here on the show up. And now let's turn to the job station labor departments are great jobs report is out today and showing more hiring than expected but what does that mean for the overall economy we'll take a closer look when we come back. Welcome back time to take a look at today's science and technology headlines shares Monaco's are a in today's second buys a high tech credit card Samsung and MasterCard are joining forces. To create a bio metric credit card that will include a built in fingerprint scanner and several baked in chest. The idea is to increase security and what happens adding voice and video calling to its desktop the features were only available on the phone out but the change what's what's out but a better position to compete with the zoo woman who will meet. Plans are also in the works to eventually offer a group calls and send just one on one. Finally Amazon's fire TV is hitting the road Jeep says the streaming service will be built into its newest wagon near SUVs. Fire TV will be accessible from both the main display and rear seat displays. The driver will be prevented from the watching prime video contents while driving though there tech by a stay and hopefully the driver won't hear any spoilers either back Dion. I'm Monaco's are added thank you. And the stocks on the rebound this morning after US employers added 379000. Jobs in February much more than analysts expected. But that's not cutting it from president Biden's chief of staff Ron Klain claim rights on Twitter. At this pace it would take until April 20/20 three to get back to where we were in February 20 funny. Autumn rain a deputy director of national economic council for more on this are out from a Murti thank you so much. Her being here her on why this comment. From Klain is the administration worried that a good jobs report could lead people to think maybe we don't need a nearly two trillion dollar relief package. Oh number one I think. We are always be easy job to order people getting back to work. As this one Ron Klain senate next week. We have to remember how big a hole right now. Even with today's jobs number we aren't I don't have her in short of where we were. He pandemic. And to prevent contact stats were succeeding Peter shortage at Stanton and any quantity to greet session yeah she's fascinated us tonight so we are still a massive hole. And even at this the rate the last most or missiles AER two plus years back. What we need to be as well what and rescue plan doesn't mean congress is under siege that process. According to Moody's Purcell normalcy. An analyst firm we guessed that next year. It is an excellent way to number tour endemic and that means we went live you know Arnie slur. Americans and we are suffering there and I wanted to be one of the recordings. That good in this child support and you see it there's still. Significant pockets. Problems so for example. That unemployment rate for black individuals out this past month. You see yet women continue to easily it's worse and I dare you I don't agree. And that's to do that case for black candidate Hispanic women. And so there's some significant problems in the economy still and we unity people wrote us here. And it dissolves. And we have seen throughout this pandemic the rising tide is not necessarily lifting all boats here so how soon it. If this relief plan passes how soon. They can household individual people at home where struggling expect to CNN packs directly to them and and how soon before we see an overall impact on the economy. Chose a good news is that if this bill passes you knew what happened in the days and weeks and within a couple weeks is that you will start seat it was six arrogant payments stimulus checks you call them to and we should start receiving them. I don't in a couple weeks is a pack. Passage of the bill ask I don't want to support families in need. Right away so the other Ellis is bill meeting slightly longer to get I can't answer helping people for example there's an extension of the tax credit. Which can provide 3600 dollars per Indonesia's. Six and 2000 dollars for a kid British 26 and eighteen. B I didn't topple the Emmys. It would even younger children. We start seeing that money going out I don't know models. And so. As a single or based on an independent analyses and duties and sent to CE. I recovery about seven million of those nine point five million jobs for more. And by the end of the year. And then get a Sachs and pandemic level at some point junior next year. A several programmes or censor expires soon including a moratorium on evictions. How does the administration plan to dress up. Well yeah we are working right now. And senior Nicholas. And in the marketplace. All in general when it to hire. That's part of the reason why the American rescue plan includes. Tens of billions of dollars for rentals and Dorsey short of that. You know especially lower income renters is meeting behind a moderate and it. Get some money you know I understand their own it seems an accident and keeping it came out to do landlords. Dennis you noted there exists. I'm detainees economies are let's not just nearly seven million people behind rent this according to recent data. One incensed and niece is experiencing under right now. You see lines in two days. Across the country something that we haven't seen this country's rural and that are there is eight. C.'s hotline numbers are threatened to improve in Massey lot of deep problems. A lot of Stanley's in this country and what the president is committed using the equity passer and it. In get a call to a series I saw it. All right her armor Murti from the National Economic Council we appreciate your time today thank you. You and that doesn't for this ABC news live update I'm Diana Zeta thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern for the breakdown.

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{"duration":"20:28","description":"Plus, Democrats have the votes to pass President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion dollar COVID relief plan in the Senate, and primates at the San Diego Zoo have started receiving a COVID vaccine. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76280827","title":"ABC News Live Update: Pope Francis in Iraq for 1st papal visit ","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-pope-francis-iraq-1st-76280827"}