ABC News Live Update: President Trump could face Senate trial on last day in office

President Trump is the first president to be impeached twice, plus, the FBI issued new warnings ahead of Inauguration Day and a new CDC study shows COVID cases remain lowest among young children.
28:05 | 01/14/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President Trump could face Senate trial on last day in office
Good morning I'm Diana Seau thanks for streaming with us in today's update president trump could face a senate trial on his last day in office. After becoming the first president in history to be impeached twice ten house Republicans voted in favor making it the most bipartisan impeachment vote ever. The president faces a single charge of inciting an insurrection in the wake of last week's riots on the capital. What you can expect at that senate trial and what it will mean for the first weeks of the Biden presidency. Thought the FBI is issuing new warnings about potential violent demonstrations leading up to the inauguration. Investigators are tracking at least ten different protests and they continue to tighten security on Capitol Hill. We'll while troops literally camp out at the capitol we take a closer look at why the biggest dressed could come from outside Washington. And Kobe nineteen is biking across the country as more mass vaccination sites open up including at Yankee Stadium. States are now starting to offer the vaccine to people 65 and older. And those with preexisting conditions and a new CDC study shows cases remain lowest among young children. So could in person learning be safer than we thought our medical expert has some answers. But we begin with history made one week out. Derek capitol building was stormed by rioters president trump is now the first president to ever be impeached twice. Ten Republicans joined house Democrats to charge the president with inciting insurrection against the US government. Washington DC is on high alert with more troops currently protecting the capital Sen are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the president is on track to be the first to stand trial in the senate after leaving office the earliest the senate we'll start that trial. Is Tuesday just one day before Joseph Biden's inauguration Mary Bruce has the latest on what happens next. He must go he is a clear and present danger to the nation. That we all law. This morning with just six days left in the White House president trump is waking up is the only president in US history to ever be impeached twice there is resolution is adopted the most bipartisan impeachment ever ten Republicans joining Democrats to charge the president. With incitement of insurrection. For encouraging the mob that attacked the capital and doing nothing to stop it. One week after the president's supporters stormed congress Republican Daniel house declaring the president had no excuse for his actions. Last week there was a domestic threat at the door of the capital. And he did nothing to stop it. That is why with a heavy heart and clear resolved. I will vote yes on these articles have been. He. Defection led by then number three Republican in the house Liz Cheney she didn't speak out on the floor but she did give her colleagues cover. Saying there has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States. Most Republicans were unwilling to defend the president's actions arguing instead that impeachment would further divide the country. Even Republicans who just last week voted to overturn the election results are now calling for unity. President. Trump will be leaving and seven days this will only bring up. That Haiti and fire more than ever but for Democrats furious a police officer was killed. And what I hear is time to heal. He's not even buried yet insisting that in order to unite the country the president must be held accountable if they're little time left. Yes. But it is never. Too late. To do the right thing. Over and over again Democrats placing the blame for the deadly riots squarely on the president who do you think sent him here in his harshest rebuke yet the top house Republican Kevin McCarthy a close ally of the president. Agreeing with Democrats saying truck is responsible the president bears responsibility. For Wednesday's attack on congress by mob riders. He should Evan immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. But opposing impeachment arguing for censure instead. The president has still showed no remorse and he can no responsibility. For the actions that led to his impeachment. We're gonna walk down. To the capital because you never. Take back our country with a weakness. Overnight offering his strongest condemnation yet of the violence no true supporter of mine could ever endorse. Political violence. No true supporter of mine could ever disrespect. Law enforcement. Or our great American flag. But he had no response to his second impeachment trial in the senate could now start as soon as January 20 inauguration day and could dominate the early days of Joseph Biden's administration. The president elect calling for the senate to deal with their constitutional responsibilities on impeachment. While also working on the other urgent business of this nation. So we are about to be in a situation where the incoming president is trying to get to work just as the outgoing president. Is being put on trial now as for whether there'll be the votes to convict in the senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is going to be the one really leading this charge. And he's still an open question we know he thinks the president committed an impeachable offense but he's told his members that he hasn't made a final decision yet. On how he will vote but Diane of course that means that the Republican leader is open to bossa possibly conducting president dropped. Diane pretty big revelation their Mary burgers on Capitol Hill thank you. And president chump reportedly watched yesterday's proceedings from the White House. Afterward he released that video denouncing last week's attack on the capital and condemning any future violence. He also pushed back on what he calls unfair censorship but he did not mention the impeachment itself senior White House correspondent Cynthia Vega is in Washington. With more on that good morning Cecilia. Payday and gag good morning to you so we saw the president in the White House released that video after the impeachment voting and it really was. His most forceful condemnation of violence so far he says that mob violence goes against. Everything that he stands for but you know we have to point out this video. Was it released a week after the insurrection the insurrection that heat inside did and in in this video he takes no. Personal responsibility for what happened he also doesn't mention impeachment at all and the video comes as I'm told lawyers around the president had conversations with him. Basically alerting him to the fact that he could be in serious legal jeopardy facing legal. A challenges because of his role in what happened here in Washington back on on January 6. Asked for what's next I'm hearing that there have been some conversations with the handful. Of of aids this small group of inner circle that still left around the president. About what his options are going forward the president asked the group a number of questions about what a resignation. Would look like but ultimately he concluded that this would be. A non starter that he is not going to resign at least that's his decision right now anyway in part because the president believes that Mike Pence the vice president will not actually pardoned him. The president also asked this group of aides and lawyers about the possibility of going to testify himself personally testifying which would be. Really something in S senate impeachment trial aides talked him out of that one and and finally I'm told Rudy Giuliani has been seen. Now a lot around the west wing which concerns a number of people close to the president. And Giuliani is expected to take the lead role in this senate defense Diane. Parents to save big in Washington thank you. And ABC news political director Rick Klein joins me now for more on mess read ten Republicans voted to impeach the president yesterday. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy he wasn't one of them but he was very critical of the president. And senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he hasn't decided which way he'll vote in the senate trial. We make of that especially these responses from Republican leadership. They're trying to straddle the divide in their party ten Republicans is either a huge number or shockingly small lumber depending on how you look at it might people of those things particularly when when you consider. That it did no no we're no president's ever had more than five members of his own party. Defect on an impeachment vote so ten. He's big and it might have been bigger if it members have felt like this was up. A more fulsome process that's what many of them said and I think Kevin McCarthy's comments were probably the most interest thing of the bunch because he didn't put blame directly on the presidential there's. But then went on to say that he did not think that an impeachment was appropriate there are a lot of Republicans who believe that and that's what kind of what makes things interesting in the senate. Is that more information is gonna come out we're gonna know a lot more about the president's role in about the protests and the riots and everything that led up to them by the time a senate trial begins. And there will be a perception of fewer political repercussions because of course president trump by that's how we'll be out of all. Us and sourcing you know we had to savoring a pretty Giuliani's sources tell ABC news that he will actually lead president trumps defense in that senate trial. But he's also being investigated by the New York bar association for his comments calling for trial by combat act that rally right before the capital siege so. Is he the president's best option right now. Well I think the first question that there is addictive the president and his humor have to decide is due date one of indeed in this process at all that some thought and conservative legal circles. Senator Tom cotton of arkansas' among those who say this that there that they can't be a trial for a president who was out of office you can only do it for a sitting officeholder if they didn't choose to engage though. The question of Giuliani is gonna linger over everything house right now. There's been reports of tensions between the two men we have a top aide. To the into the trump campaign tweak this morning that poverty Giuliani is still a favorite of the president that does not sit well with other people who think highly of the president making Rudy Giuliani. Fed the president and many of the lies that that may have led to this moment I had him denying this election loss so this is going to be one of the big decisions is how if at all to engage and do you bring in kind of grown up constitutional lawyers as opposed to someone like Rudy Giuliani who of course is very well known very famous but probably not the best persons had to make his case directly. Would the senate and democratic lawmakers are now requesting an investigation saying the day before the riots some Republicans may have given tourist. To some of the people that ended up storming the capitol the very next day so what's the latest on that and how in general are high tensions. Right now in congress. Yet Diane this is this is this is very very troubling and we have several members of congress. Democrats who say that they saw an unusual number of tours of the capital. Are conducted just the there's been such limited access to the capital because of cold it. That any force would would run recent kind of suspicions. Are any towards that might have been directed by offices. Both Republicans who work encouraging these protesters that raises enormous questions. About what's next and a and again I've referenced what we're gonna learn in the coming weeks members of congress have been briefed privately and information continue to talk about how troubling this is. This could still get a lot worse. All right Rick Klein think DOT. And investigators are tracking several planned demonstrations ahead of inauguration day for what some groups are calling. The week of siege at least fifteen states are sending thousands of National Guard troops to Washington DC to try to keep the capital safe. And investigators are tracking two writers they suspect are planning another attack Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has more. This morning nation on alerts but authorities feared the potential of violence is rising. Not only at the inauguration in the nation's capital put in all fifty states. This is a major security threat and we are working mitigate those threats. Along with DC. Most concerned state houses in Minnesota Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The FBI also warning them right wing radicals in the January 6 capital assault as a success. And now different groups are coordinated. ABC news has learned that the FBI is tracking two men who were part of last week's capitol mob. Who are allegedly planning to come back for another attack on the nation's capitol on inauguration day. One suspect from North Carolina was allegedly observed loading. Ammunition boxes and was in possession of semiautomatic. Rifles explosives. A gas mask and bulletproof equipment. 20000 national Guardsmen will be on duty for the inauguration. Security is empt up at DC's airports and hotels. There B&B Chesley reservations in DC for inauguration week. We have asked Americana is on not succumb to the Washington DC event and now new. Law enforcement officials say the ongoing threats are. Cleveland Meredith. Who was arrested by authorities in DC last week allegedly since text message is threatening to execute House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in DC mayor browser. According to prosecutors. Meredith was found would multiple firearms and more than 2500. Rounds of ammunition. The FBI is under incredible pressure monitoring scores of suspects as we head down the stretch to the inauguration. Good to review this morning in in the time just before the election until now. There have been at least eighteen men arrested and charged for allegedly plotting to kidnap or kill democratic leaders. And their supporters. Diane. Terrifying Pierre Thomas in Washington thank you. And New York City has announced it is terminating all contracts with the Trump Organization. It's just the latest in a wave of financial fallout for the president's company after last week's capitol stage. ABC news chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more on that part of the story. This morning at New York City moving to terminate all its contracts with the Trump Organization following last week's riot at the capitol. In light of this criminal act the city of New York has determined that it is within our power. To terminate all contracts with the Trump Organization. This city canceling contracts worth seventeen million dollars a year for two ice skating rinks in central park at carousel and a golf course. Eric trump executive vice president of the Trump Organization telling ABC news. The city of New York has no legal right and our contracts and if they elect to precede the you'll own the Trump Organization over thirty million dollars it's the latest in a string of blows to the trump family's business empire the PGA announcing it has canceled plans to host an upcoming championship at Trump's golf club. He's become clear they're conducting the PGA championship. Trumpet minster be detrimental to PER brand. Even the president's they reportedly severing ties according to Bloomberg Deutsche Bank has decided to stop working with him in the future the Trump Organization reportedly owes the German bank 340. Million dollars on three loans which are doing 20/20 three and 20/20 four. Trump putting his name on casinos vodka stakes a field airline. Even on board game. Because a time when you win or lose it's whether you can win. The reality show the apprentice making him a household name and reportedly making him more than 400 million dollars if if but after he was elected president the nation divided his name stripped from several hotels and condominiums in Manhattan. Mara law though losing millions in revenue dropping from 25000000 and 2017 to 21 in 2019. According to Forbes trop is actually worth a billion dollars less than he was on inauguration day. And just underscore how fundamental those banking relationships are to the Trump Organization when there was debts eventually come due if they can't find them money to paint them back. The Bakes will begin to sees things like assets the buildings the hotels. The golf courses Diane. Right Rebecca Jarvis thank you and for more on Trump's financial future looks pretty ABC news senior editorial producer. Johnson to G got John good morning Hannah you cover the president and his family for years so. We think had is his company and plan to move forward once he's out of office especially in light of the last week. This has been a weakness once or six knee. Sunday night in light in the news the PGA and that eight Gundy the president and his stamina PG and particular song Donald Trump and his children have corporate quite some time it was. On the troops are getting. To host a PGA remained on one of his golf courses at some point now it looks like that will never happen eater here domestically. Or we learned abroad. But the news overnight as well about the changes your New York City you know what I'm hearing from the true or Danish is it is the president. Gets ready to leave New York she's children at least some of them a purity. Following we learned that Obama. Trump and Jared Kushner. Property in the Miami area where they plan to develop Holmes oak the first daughter who bill to fashion brand that once housed in the afternoon headquarters at trump tower that is something she will not return to instead hitting each to the sunshine state her father and interestingly now. Donald Trump junior the president's eldest son. He and his girlfriend had been on the council. In the Apollo Beach areas so he interest seemed to. New York he's jumping Donald Trump the trump seemed to be coming out of New York. And and many presidents go on to received huge book deals big speaker fees do you expect we'll see the same for president trump. The Moline you can see is based in the reaction that you as one source close that and we say to me overnight the proceeds go to our. Sure a little bit they needed to show on hiatus in order frankly let the temperature go down and listen this president has certainly written books of Florian the art of the deal alone who is definitely one and he liked to pull is his second Bieber book. On the campaign trail can sit next to the Bible. But. True now. I think that they need to figure our what is next true then the same time the only member of the trunk Bentley interestingly enough. The girls Y one you are you. Who's looking at a book is First Lady Maloney intro but it's gonna be I shall I am this is actually looking to be more. Coffee people we understand the First Lady as. Photographers. In and around east wing the residents. A. On the White House grounds in the last couple weeks and the bullet in poor be you. It's going to be looking to show that changes monarchy shins and uncertainties they argue improvements. Lonnie you're trying to meet the white. House rounds over their four years. So so what's next for the rest of the term family how could this impact of their futures. You listened pearl trumps the president including it is politics be Jeanne the family business over the last five years since he entered shroud presidential orbit NG down to fifteen reaching all his race the one that I think is the least effect. Eighty after last week Donald Trump junior she has been on the campaign trail bull in the last election we just saw very much so. During the when he seen me termed a lot of campaigning and fund raising again now. Graces if you will some members congress setting up. I'm neutral that he has every intention of continuing. Treat you that. I think we'll see him more and more on the campaign surely closer to 20/20 two who are most sure he's at now though quite frankly is a bomb truck he or she you could argue has always been the closest to her president her father. But no closer to the president in the last four years her all this was right and from the oval office on the second floor of the west wing. True she wants to stay involved in presidential politics. Captured the incident last week is just me a little more complicated truth to restore order at the moment nothing rule Aaron. Right Johnson Tucci thank you. Here but we come back the new warning from the corona virus task force about a 119 and large US cities we'll get back. Welcome back the US is now reporting more than ten million people have received their first dose of the corona virus vaccine out of the 29 million doses distributed. This is more vaccine mega sites are opening up across the country Stephanie Ramos has the latest. This morning a stark new warning in the battle against Kobe nineteen. A White House corona virus task force report obtained by ABC news stating nearly all metro areas over 500000 persons are in full restored to its. More people dying from the virus in the past week than who died from the flu last year. In Massachusetts week an inside look at a field hospital reopened at a convention center to handle the surge of patients. Entire hospital operation set up on this convention center floor patient rooms set up there out to treat more than 200. Kobe patients. The vaccines roll out slowly ramping up. Mass vaccination sites opening including Yankee Stadium in new York and Disneyland in California to. Day for many people getting vaccinated. It is truly the happiest place on earth throughout the country only ten point three million people have received the first dose of the vaccine. Just 10% of the prioritize population and only 3% of the entire country. In Mississippi the department of health says it has now committed their entire vaccine supply and they're not expected to get more until next month. New York City also running low. We will run out vaccine at some point next week unless we get a major new resupply. California and New Jersey opening up vaccinations to people 65 and over. New Jersey offering the vaccine to those with preexisting conditions including smokers. Smoking puts you at significant risk. For an adverse result from cove at nineteen. And there are two million smokers. In New Jersey that fit into this category. And is now a new concern or. Researchers at Ohio State University identifying two new bearing its here in the US that are not related to international travel. President of new virus mutations always raises the possibility or a meeting room. Either the immunity from our professionals or immunity from our nation. Game we have no revenue in the third language or really wanted our. And Diane Johnson & Johnson is expecting back see results from their phase three trial by the end of January. If it proves to be safe and effective Johnson and Johnson's single dose vaccine could be authorized by mid February with millions of doses ready to go. Diane. Tonight Stephanie Ramos Forrest thanks Stephanie. And joining us now for more infectious disease specialist an ABC's medical contributor doctor Todd Barrett is here to answer our questions doctor Alan good morning. Where is Stephanie mentioned that resurgence in big cities how concerned should it be about. You don't it reminds me of Robert Louis Stevenson quote he said it best sooner or later we all have to sit down at the banquet of consequences. These are the consequences but let's not shutting down the virus not being able to and you know. Really eradicate it like eight and in an attack it down like other countries have done with our initial shelters and place it now what's happening is we have uncontrollable virus and that is leading to these additional mutations. Then Ohio State researchers have identified these two new variants in the US what we know about those. Yes I think important things to know if it looks like you started here so it's not like travel from the UK are from cell Africa into here each one of them does have the signature 501 Y mutation which is that UK Vieri and signature but with interest stingiest the other one additional mutations that looks like you need even more efficient at transmitting from person to person then that the UK once again if we don't stop this virus in its spiral out of control we will see more of these more and more of these variants. And a new CDC study found K through twelve in person classes did not appear to lead to an increase in cases compared to areas. With virtual classes so is it time to get these kids back into the classroom. I think you're right Diane I mean what the study looked that was the kids and and young adults you're 24 agent what they showed that the younger you are the less likely you are getting infected especially those under. Ten years of age and and though they're ten to eighteen. Less gun incidents of infection than those eighteen to 24 so I do agree with you then we should help our kids in school as much as possible to. All right doctor Tyler and thank you as always. Thanks very. And Jacob Blake sat down with our Michael Strahan for his first interview since a police shooting that sparked a nationwide protest. What he says happened before he was shocked when we come back. Welcome back take a Blake is speaking out for the first time since he was shot seven times by a police officer leaving him partially paralyzed. Now this comes just one week after it was announced the officers involved it will not be charged here's part of the exclusive interview with Michael Strahan. I was he shouldn't I couldn't believe this. Kind of sat down in the car trying to. New this. Put my hands silent assuming in my face arm I didn't he just kept shooting commercials must want to Yuma babies are right here. Babies. So after he stopped shoot me process Betty Lou matter world I thought it was going to be Villa. I thought it was only the last thing say they don't. Thank god it wasn't. We'll bring you Michael's full interview at 11 AM eastern right here. On ABC news lives and a few more things to know before you go lady got back and Jennifer Lopez are set to perform at president elect Joseph Biden's inauguration next week. Both stars have been vocal Biden supporters got that appeared on the campaign trail with Biden in Lopez took part in a virtual chat with him. During the campaign pleading gotten out will perform the National Anthem. And NBA star James Harden just according blockbuster NBA deal. Pardon is leaving Houston to join Kevin Durant and Tyree Irving playing for the Brooklyn nets. The trade also includes at least four draft picks and additional picks flops. The deal comes after heart and delivered what seems like a farewell address after the rockets lost the lakers earlier this week. And it's girl scout cookie season but getting those cookies will be a little different this year. Girl scout entrepreneurs have teamed up with grub hug to make sure people can safely get their cookies despite the pandemic. Starting February 1 you can place orders online through grabbed. And those cookies will be delivered right to your door. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us we'll see backyard 11 AM eastern with the new update Stacy.

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{"duration":"28:05","description":"President Trump is the first president to be impeached twice, plus, the FBI issued new warnings ahead of Inauguration Day and a new CDC study shows COVID cases remain lowest among young children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75252052","title":"ABC News Live Update: President Trump could face Senate trial on last day in office","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-president-trump-face-senate-75252052"}