ABC News Live Update: Trial of Derek Chauvin enters Day 11

Plus, a police officer shot and killed 20-year-old Duante Wright during a traffic stop, and Prince Harry will attend Prince Philip’s funeral, his first time returning to the U.K. since last year.
28:13 | 04/12/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Trial of Derek Chauvin enters Day 11
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks restraining with us in today's update protesters clashed with police overnight. After a fatal police shooting of a twenty year old black man during a traffic stop outside Minneapolis. Officers in riot gear used tear gas to clear the crowds and the Minnesota National Guard was deployed. This says the trial of former officer Derek Sheldon enters its third week we're live in Minneapolis. And there's a new warning for the upper midwest as Michigan's season surge and cold cases. But there is hope as the US has a record breaking four point six million daily doses over the weekend. What the rise in cases in Michigan could mean for the rest of the country as more Americans get vaccinated. And evacuations are underway in the Caribbean island of saint Vinson after a volcanic eruption forced thousands from their homes. Cruise ships are lining up to bring people to safety as the island braces for more eruptions. The winning in with protests on the streets of suburban Minneapolis yesterday after a police officer shot and killed twenty year old. Donte' right during a traffic stop. Protesters gathered at the scene eventually marching to the Brooklyn center police department headquarters. Police there used flash bang grenades to clear the crowds in the city's mayor impose it on her overnight curfew. Tensions are already high in the city where the trial of former police officer Derek showman charged in the death of George Floyd. Enters its third week ABC's Alex Perez has the latest on the investigation. Overnight protests erupted in Brooklyn senator or a suburb of Minneapolis after a fatal police shooting of a black man during a traffic stop the Minnesota National Guard deployed. Police deploying tear gas to clear the crowds vote. I've spent their day. The incident beginning just before 2 PM on Sunday when officers pulled the car over for a traffic violation. According to the Brooklyn center police department the driver who had an outstanding warrant the try to get back in the vehicle while officers were making an arrest. An officer then shot the driver the car driving for several blocks before crashing into another vehicle. Police say paramedics attempted lifesaving measures but the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Governor Tim Walz to eating our state mourns another life of a black man taken by law enforcement. Tensions have very quickly rising before nightfall protesters carrying black climbs matter signs have seen here are clashing with police. Protesters also seen jumping on cars even using cinder blocks to smash windows on a police vehicle Katie writes at the mother of the driver who was shot to identify her son has swing year old Dante right. His family telling ABC news that he was a good kid and loved being a father to his son Dante junior. Seen in this photo being held by Wright's brother at the protests. Call me about why root for a team that he is getting pulled over I don't believe. An example why did you get a hold over you and Obama from getting air freshener hanging from the there I don't mind everybody out here's CN didn't screaming and yelling yeah why animal that's it. Ellis brain ABC's Alex for as his live in Minneapolis just miles away from where. The shooting and those protests broke out Alex things got pretty tense overnight. In Brooklyn center what does seem like there today and and in Minneapolis itself where the dared show been trusting place. Yes Diane you know the air was already tense here in Minneapolis and this has certainly certainly contributed to do some of that those protests went. Into the overnight hours side you saw those back conflict between police officers and there was a demonstrators doubt. National guards that were already deployed here in Minneapolis and across different parts of this state. Because of the ongoing trial and authorities have now moved to some of those national Guardsmen to. The Brooklyn center area just to make sure that these protests. Remain a peaceful authorities say they welcome the protests they just do not want to see any of the violence. We are anticipating bracing for possibly more protests later today Diane. Read an Alex it's day eleven of the trial of Darren show venue where does the child's stand right now we know them prosecution is looking to wrap up soon. What are we expecting to see in court today. The yet Diane testimony continues here at the courthouse side just a little while we're expecting prosecutors are going to call. George of Floyd's their Brothers to testify to talk about the kind of person. He was that the prosecution could suing their after rest their case and then the defense would begin presenting their case. To the jury Diane. Turn out expressed in Minneapolis fourth thanks Alex. And for more let's bring in Holliston legal analysts on the lawn crime network Terry Austin for more on this Terri thanks for being here is there concern. That day shooting of Donte' right in the protests surrounding it could influence jurors in the showman trial. Well you know Diane they're not supposed to be watching television but this is going to be difficult to a boy yet another shooting in Minnesota. An. We think unarmed black and we don't know at this point but it was for a traffic violation so I think it will affect their minds if they've seen these reports. The judge may even say something about if in fact it comes. Like yes I definitely think that. Having a situation like this so close to the Derrick children trial might actually affect the jurors it might affect what they're thinking and how they're consider age. This evidence at this moment in time and as we just heard announced is report we're hearing that the Brothers. I'm George Floyd might testified today how important do you think their testimony could be to the prosecution's case. Well you know I think it's going to. Mate George Floyd looked more like a person it will humanize him so far the prosecution has. Tried to put on witnesses who saw what happened obviously they are talking about the use of force they put on all of the police and then they put on all of the medical evidence to try to show. What caused the death of George Floyd I think now as they end up the case. They're trying to humanize Joyce Bledsoe putting the brother Ron I think we'll make viewers remember what George Floyd was like when he lives his family his children and it will certainly evo or at least that's part of the intention I presume that the prosecution is trying to leave both. Some sympathy so that the jurors see this individual. Not just as someone who was shot but Ford killed rather I think they'll see him as someone who is human and who. Was a victim and who absolutely. You know died at the hands out a police officer. And what most of the prosecution need to do as it wraps up its case. I'd being done an excellent job thus far I think that the prosecution is done. A Barry good job. On read Iraq what ever points were made by Eric Nelson on cross I think they. Typed that out very well so. I think ending at Whitney family members like his brother will be all they need to do at this point it judges already said he didn't want she lifted. Information two meant to. Evidence he said that when we were looking at the police officers so I don't think we're going to hat anymore that type of evidence or even anymore that medical evidence I think they've established very well. That George Floyd died at east because the you know me on the neck and the weight on the back it Sadr even doctor. Eight Arab who at first we thought was going to talk about the fact that there was no ex CF and talk about the fact that the hearts. And the drugs were part of the cries of the death of George fled Clinton. Docket baker actually really supported the prosecution's theory that had it not been for. They need and the pressure on George Floyd he would not have died clearly. I think doctor baker thought that all of these other factors contributed. But that cause of the death was the fact that there was this pressure on George Floyd's I think. The prosecution has done as much as they can as far as use of force as far as. Causation and now they're just going to finalize all of they meet all of what they need here with the immunization part of the trial. And we know that spark of life testimony that's unique to Minnesota where expecting to hear more about Terry Austin. Thank you as always for your now says sending you don't mind hanging around artists you bit later for our continuing coverage of the trial at their children thanks Terry. And now to record breaking weekend for US vaccinations daily doses had a high of four point six million. According to the CDC more than 100 in nineteen million Americans have now received at least one dose that's more than 45% of US adults. But officials are now warning about a surge in new cases in Michigan in the pilgrim is in Detroit with more. This morning some good news in the race to Macs and eight New Hampshire and Oklahoma are becoming the latest states to allow non residents to be vaccinated this as the upper midwest wakes up to a warning co big cases are on the rise in Michigan health care workers saying the virus is spreading like wildfire it's great our hearts. We're stops dead. Emotionally hostile emissions jumping nearly 30% in the upper midwest in just the past week the CDC ranking Michigan the number one hot spot in the country and hospitals. Feeling the strain. Some patients facing eight to ten hour wait times those hospitalized shifting away from now vaccinated older Americans to those unvaccinated. Younger. Adults now we're seeing that kind of forty to 59 age group is the largest group that's getting infected most certainly certainly seeing some children they're getting L. But it's really that young adults. Population that's driving a lot of the cases so for us this surge is bigger than it was a year ago. Doctors say driving this surge a mix of reduced restrictions pandemic fatigue. And the UK variant which now accounts for 70%. Of the new cases initially get. The federal government now sending Michigan more personnel to administer vaccines. The governor Gretchen liver doubling down that are state needs more shots when there is a surge that we think that it's important that who we. We go Sarah we Russian to meet where that need as across the country the supply of Johnson Johnson vaccine expected to drop 85%. This week but there are glimmers of hope. A hostile admissions are rising deaths have declined since the January peak and the US travel industries starting to rebound. After the CDC said fully vaccinated Americans could safely travel. Doctors here in Michigan say they do a better treatment protocols for Kobe patients now than they did during the first surgeon. While that isn't able to keep those patients from becoming seriously ill and having to be hospitalized. It is helping them manage and keep those icy use from overflowing. Diane. All right you the pilgrim in Detroit thanks Siva. And Enron is blaming Israel for an explosion of one of its major nuclear sites the blast is setting back Iran's ability to enrich uranium and the government is now threatening revenge. In panels in London with the latest in good morning. Yes good morning Diane Iran pointing the finger of blame directly it's Israel this morning. Accusing its of sabotage and promising revenge. Had a blast at the net tons nuclear sites on Sunday is believed to have dealt a severe blow to the country's ability to enrich uranium that's according to American. And Israeli intelligence sources speaking to the times. Iran is critics accuse a country wanting to enrich uranium to make nuclear weapons is is something that the Iranians have consistently denies. And they say they know who's responsible calling it an act of terrorism. That the Israelis making no Collins as expected. But the US secretary of defense lawyer don't stay in the who's in Israel for meetings. Saying that he plans on restoring the Israeli leadership of America's commitment as a strategic part. This isn't the first attack all of its kind in the country not the first attack of its kind at this particular facility. The calls it comes at a critical time as both Iran and the US are re engaging over this nuclear agreements. With the idea is that the US will rejoin it's the will be concerns today that this latest incident could derailed those efforts Diane. Our eye in panel in London Forrest thanks CN. A Virginia police officer has been fired after cops drew their guns and pepper sprayed an active duty black army lieutenant in uniform. The soldier was driving his brand new SUV when police pulled him over now he's suing and even Virginia's governor is weighing in. Senior national correspondent Steve Mohsen Sami has the details. I don't see any police and Windsor Virginia overnight announced that they via one of the officers seen in this police spotted -- video. That is angry at everyone from the governor to people in the US army to civil rights groups yeah. Car behind the wheel of this newly purchased brand new suvs and isn't US army second lieutenant. Clearly dressed in army fatigues lieutenant corona is Ariel is black and Latino. And the police say they pulled him over because his vehicle was missing a rear license plate but as you can see right here. It had a temporary license they displayed in the back on line is he afraid to get out can act like she could be when he refuses to leave the car the officer who is now fired pulls out the peppers. We're here he's relaxed yeah. Maybe not ready to invent I'm actively certainly this country Italian T enough minutes. I didn't do anything we'll look a little west Duluth bulldogs. Like you. According to the lieutenant when they give. Out of the car they beat him to the ground YM OK. The traffic stop it was in December when the police report when the officers wrote. The lieutenant was eluding police because he didn't stop writing this lawsuit the lieutenant says it was less than two minutes. That he wanted to pull over into this well lit area. He was released with no charges and is now suing the police in federal court what is continued her. I. Bicameral unity while. In a statement overnight Windsor police announced that officer Joseph Gutierrez has been fired. Saying that at the conclusion of this investigation. It was determined that Windsor police department policy was not followed. Below. Police department has ordered department wide training for its officers. Since January because of this incident state police of Virginia just announced that they are also investigating this incident. Diane. He was really nice and sunny thanks. And evacuations are underway this morning in the Caribbean island of saint Vinson after a volcanic eruption forced thousands from their homes. Conditions are now getting worse and the smoke is 25000. Feet high Victor komando has the latest. This morning the Caribbean island of saint Vincent is coated in. Ash for a long dormant volcano rumbling over the weekend. Blessed in giant clouds of smoke into the sky officials say the island looks like a battle zone. The first eruption early Friday morning followed by a second one just hours later. Forty cease plumes of smoke are rising above 25000. Feet hood. Ash Paul blanketing callers. Damaging homes and businesses and knocking out power. About 161000. Saint Vincent residents have been evacuated out of the most dangerous areas surrounding Los souvenir volcano. Who Gene Simmons and his friends made multiple trips by boat in bud Clark. To remove residents from the danger over the weekend this is so. Candidates know when I walk. The streets. Might. Seized. Pulitzer in the sink and in chains. And had to rush attempt earlier this consumer group 000. Cruise ships coming to the rescue. Will Caribbean and carnival cruises at the ready for evacuees to come aboard preparing food and train crew members to assist no residents are on board yet. Other islands are affected to slash traveling across more than 100 miles of ocean to the nearby island of Barbados. Ash raining down like snow turning to daytime sky dark. Diane we are now four days into this disaster authorities on the island say that it looks. Like a desolate place and unfortunately experts say that it could keep erupting for weeks. Maybe even months. Hi Victor thanks for that. And history was made at the masters this weekend Hideki Nazi on the became the first Japanese man to when a major golf tournament. He's one of Japan's most famous athletes and led the final round from start to finish. Tiger Woods to eating his congratulations saying when will quote impact the entire golf world a big congratulations to him. And as the world pays tribute to Prince Philip Prince Harry is returning to UK and facing his family. For the first time since stepping away from royal duties when we come back a look at what's happening behind palace doors. Also ahead housing market prices are rising at the fastest pace in fifteen years. How the pandemic is fueling the demands after a short break stay with us. Welcome back Prince Harry is returning to the UK for his grandfather prince phillips' funeral. It's the first time Harry has been back since stepping down from royal duties he's expected to join his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William at the funeral. Marking the first time they'll be together since his explosive interview with Oprah here's James Longman with the latest. Britain is preparing to say goodbye to Prince Philip but the current Boris means a more scaled back event just for family. And that will include Prince Harry flowing in especially for his chronicled his funeral. It's the first time you would have seen them in more than a year since he and Megan set down their funding gay movements is working royals before stepping back officially from public duties. Meg in very much wants it to cut that she was advised by half position helps to trap folks. Kitty disappointing past Harry. And he could say in some ways that had not being him much simplified things in some ways the feeling or opinions of costs but its heels brother to brother had conversations for example. The funeral for the 99 year old prince will be held Saturday in Windsor Harry is expected to join his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William walking behind fits Kosuke. I'm moving reminder of a similar scene from every twenty years ago when the Jeep walked with his grandsons behind them mother Diana. I didn't. It was a very special person who. Think about who else would have been amazed. By the reaction. The touching thing to do so the birds. To stay in this in this. Two kilos that this particular use. I'm a born to Burress is my brother have been turned hold together a permanent shadow experience. The book we need your we will and we want to compose. It may be a rookie homecoming. Megan and Harry and as did not sit down with Oprah that among other things a member of the royal family made racist remarks about the possible skin color of their child. Harry said the coming did not come from his grandmother Queen Elizabeth all his grandfather. But it was a bombshell claim he tells what the question was not. I'm on are more comfortable Sharaa and from. The numbers that was part of an American pride calm knowing what will the baby look like. That would be construed or Megan also alleged she was suicidal but received no help from the firm and Harry claimed his father wouldn't take his called the time and they were cut off financially. And money around the queen at this difficult time. The family may find their own difference is men did. That is sets in need to. We just seeing the rule five me very nice to didn't agree fact that escapes continue to be the case and it could be an opportunity for them t.'s house discussions and west through some of that. Real disagreements that have taken place. Cecil that Prince Charles speaking about his solvent over the weekend. Is sister princess two Brothers Ed McMahon drivel spoken and now the next generation of the royal family are making public comments little steam Emmons who got. Prince fit in Prince William. With the very hall felt message she says my grandfather's century of life was defined by service to his country and call wealth to his wife. And queen into our founding he goes on to say I feel lucky to have not just had as example to guide me. But as enduring presence went into my and adult life both through good times on the holidays days. I will always be grateful that my wife had say many years to get to know my grandfather and for the kindness he showed. I will never take for granted the special memories my children will always have. The fake great grandpa coming to connect them in his carriage and seeing for themselves is infectious sense of adventure. As well as his mischievous sense of humor by ground followed was an extraordinary amount and part of an extraordinary generation. Katherine my will continue to do what he would have wanted and will support the queen in the years ahead I'll miss my grandpa but I know he would want to school to get on. With the job. There's a very very personal message that from prince William and memory of his grandfather prints for the time. Is and we and we know that tributes are coming in from leaders all over the world for prince fill up. James what can we expect at the funeral on Saturday no cold it is gonna make things a little bit different than they otherwise would have been. Absolutely you know for someone of Prince Philip statue they expect hundreds of people a foreign kings and queens princes. Politicians pop stars there will be no doubt it'll just be a very personal service pulled a thirteen. Place as members of the royal family hero wins that's in George's chapel along the lines really able fit himself would have wanted it didn't really want. People to make a little fuss about him. This call skit is Carney how we use a chapel private chapel here on the Windsor a state. The be brought down on Saturday morning T saint George's chapel and that is where this this will go ahead we will be watching on television but it will be a personal service. Diane night seems long minute Windsor Castle maybe this service he wanted after all James thank you. And we will have live coverage of the funeral Prince Philip beginning Saturday morning at 9:30 eastern here on ABC news lives. And back here in the US the housing market is skyrocketing. Record breaking demand and a short supply of homes has triggered bidding wars around the country. Google searches for should I buy a house and sell my house are at all time highs. Becky Worley has more on what you need to know if you're looking to buy or sell. This morning with the housing market wet hot prospective buyers are trying not to get burned. The spike a result of the pandemic has more people work from home mortgage rates drop and millions of Malaysia feels now enter their home buying years. But people with dreams of owning a home could be in for a rude awakening just over one million homes available for sale now compared to a peak of more than four million at the height of the last housing bubble in 2007. Newlyweds Alexander tear in and Alexia Shafer were outbid on homes five different times since they started their home search last month. New Jersey house market and eat and meet some of them literally 24 hours with a little patience and luck they finally landed a home within their budget. And then there. Really wish we need to come up with a number that works for everyone's like get this deal done today. Million dollar listing agent Traci tutor says despite the competition now is the best time to buy a new home because interest rates are so historically low. Know what you're getting into and make sure you secure that interest rate now because you will not find any gas in a secret tip for Myers. Use an escalation clause an escalation clause. You can say my buyer is willing to pay 5000 dollars more than not highest offer you how. And then you could back and most importantly find out what the seller really wants every seller has different needs and wants and desires to make sure that your broker is reaching out to the listing broker and asking them the types of terms that dare seller is actually looking for. You be surprised back and kind of put it over the edge all of your take is considered equal. Now few tips from our expert for buyers find out as much as you can about the seller like she just said with quick sales many need more time to move out so. Why do you negotiate by letting Wednesday in the house for a few months after you close escrow. Also don't get married to a specific price did the math low interest rates could make a slightly more expensive house feasible on your salary. Finally have your loan are ready to go the documents can take awhile to organize stand. And tips Becky thanks. And George Floyd's family members are expected to take a stand as the trial Derek -- enters week three what to expect today when we come back stay with us. Welcome back we could see George Floyd's family on the stand today is testimony in the Tarek show when shroud gets started this morning. A second and Alex for Shane Minneapolis with what we can expect they high acts. Good morning Diane a week three of the dearest open trial is expected to get under way this morning but I got a drug or two to December and is playing out. In the background. All of this yesterday there was a fatal police involved. Shooting album black man. It's drawn protests and unrest cap. Happened during a traffic stop in Brooklyn center was about ten miles north west of here. That may and it's when he year old Don T write his mother says that she was on the phone with them as it played out his girlfriend reportedly. In the passenger seat of last night upwards of twenty protesters. Marched towards the Brooklyn center police department are reports of looting of local businesses in Minneapolis National Guard was mobilized. Governor Walz says that he's monitoring the situation he could speak on items be gone at at some point today. But all this is reopening. Wounds were first created from George avoids death and the state this week is expected to conclude its case against your children today could be especially emotional what's so called spark of life testimony from Boyd's gambling. See what boys Brothers are listed as witnesses one or both could testify today. Diane. Right now it's a shame Minneapolis thanks for that. And that does impetus ABC news live update and and missing it'll have live coverage of the dared show when traveling testimony resumes. Shortly we'll see them stay safe this.

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