ABC News Live Update: Trump signs COVID-19 relief bill

Plus, Nashville officials are saying the suspect in the Christmas Day bombing died in the RV explosion and Naomi Osaka and LeBron James have been named AP's male and female athletes of the year.
16:28 | 12/28/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Trump signs COVID-19 relief bill
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update president trump has finally signed a 900 billion dollar comedy relief package. After a six day delay the president is still insisting the 600 dollar stimulus checks. Are not enough so what happens next and how soon will Americans re seeing that much needed lifeline. The FBI has named a suspect in the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville we'll have the latest on the investigation. And the heroic actions by police and brush to clear the area. And with 20/20 one just days away the New Year's Eve ball is getting upgraded and ready for the big night the ball will still drop at midnight but the rest of the night. We'll look a little different we'll have all the latest. But we begin with president trump sign in the cove a nineteen released. They'll to avoid a government shut down. John still made clear though that he opposes much of what's in the bill and his demanding more money be sent directly to Americans. White House correspondent Rachel Scott has the latest. Overnight president trump changing course again. Finally signing the 2.3 trillion dollars spending and stimulus relief bill. Would just 24 hours to go until a government shutdown the president's reversal came after he held on to the bill for nearly a week. Letting unemployment benefits run dry for millions. While for days he blasted the deal his own teen helped negotiate it really is a disgrace but under pressure from lawmakers he suddenly decided to move forward. Getting relief into the hands of Americans like a manage Brennan who lost her job of sixteen years back in March. Where do you hear. Marriage so. And I vehemently B need coated relief. Still hold back the package includes 600 dollar checks for mayor can to earn less than 75000 dollars a year. Plus enhance unemployment benefits and funding for small businesses and vaccine distribution in a statement the president still insisting he wants more money going to the American people in the form of 2000 dollar checks per adult Democrats in the house are expected to rally behind the measure today to boost those direct payments the American people want 2000 well they need it given the economic crisis but that likely won't stand a chance for Republicans in the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell making no such commitment in this statement overnight. Saying only the president's leadership has prevented a government shut down at a time when our nation could not have afforded one. And even after all of the delay in the demands from the president nothing in that bill changed and Democrats say that the president's six day long delay will have consequences for millions of Americans. Who were out of work and they are warning that those unemployment benefits could take weeks before they are we started again Diane. And Rachel the house is now expected to pass a bill for those 2000 dollar checks but what are the chances that passes the senate. Very unlikely at this point we have not heard from really any Republican senators or any leadership. There on the senate that. What does support in 2000 dollar checks for Americans this is something that Democrats. We're pushing for a month it back in the house months ago they're gonna try and do it again it's likely to get the real. But Republicans would not budge on the overall price tag of the bill they wanted to keep spending down. Which is why you saw those stimulus checks. For 600 dollars so it's very unlikely that Republicans are gonna get back there in the senate even though the president is sold in the inning and racial further checks that did pass these 600 dollar checks what can people expect actually happen in their hands. Yeah all of this is really unclear this morning we've heard from so many Americans Georgia's really waiting. For those stimulus checks because there waiting to see how they're going to be able to pay their rent and the next couple of weeks so here's what we know we know that the last time a Ratliff is bill is initially passed in congress the secretary of treasury seeing the Nugent said. That those checks could go out before the end of the year but didn't have the president come and make all these demands last minute and have this six day long delay until now there's a question on just how soon those shots are going to go out to the American people we also know from the very first grown a -- stimulus package that was done earlier this us bringing that it did take a little bit of time for those checks to reach the American people so they may have to hold off for just a little while longer Diane. All right Rachel Scott DC Forrest thanks Rachel being. And police have named a suspect in the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville they say the man died in the RV explosion. And this morning the officers who rushed to that scene are telling their story Marcus Moore has the latest from Nashville. Old. Or night federal agents naming a suspect in that investigation into the powerful explosion. That rocked Nashville early Christmas morning after they want to gives the man believed to be responsible for of this horrible crown surveillance cameras trained on the popular downtown area. Captured from multiple angles this RB exploding. Police releasing this video showing a vicious fireball lighting up the sky hurling debris across several blocks he was present when the bomb went off. And many parents did a bombing investigators also looking into Warner psychiatric and medical history for clues and trying to determine. Whether the AT&T building where the RB was part as his intended target multiple law enforcement sources told ABC news investigators are seriously exploring. Where the Warner may have been motivated at least in part. By a paranoia over five G cellular technology at a home associated with Warner's seat in this video exclusively obtained by ABC news. Agents can be seen carrying out bags of evidence and nearby. More officers in tactical gear ABC news has learned to court records that Warner who once owned and lived at the home being searched. Recently transferred the detour woman in California. What connection that may have to the explosion is under investigation meanwhile six metro Nashville police officers hailed as heroes. Re living the desperate moment they rest to evacuate families before the blast. The worst fulfill a mom. Affair with a female police officer carrying food around the do you remember that moment. We needed her to evacuate she says OK let me get my kids. And that kind of just like what my heart that my throat. The officers acting quickly. As an eerie recording counted down to detonation. It felt like Ali took three steps they've in the music stopped in his own walking back towards happen now. As a C horns and did I hear loud boom. This is a look at one of the buildings that sustained damage all of the win those many of them have been blown out and the fire alarms. Are still going off. And then there's debris covering the ground that the second street here in Nashville and its evidence. This the powerful explosion that left people's homes. And businesses here in Nashville in ruins the FBI is still in control of the scene just behind me here is they searched for clues. At right now they still don't know a motive Diane. And they're asking anyone with that from the public of information for them to come forward Diane. So many questions here mark as the great to hear from those officers who put their lives on the line. And may have saved quite a few lives thank you. And December isn't over yet but it's already the deadliest month of the pandemic in the US more than 63000. People died of Kobe nineteen in the US just this month. Now there are growing fears of a post Christmas and New Year's search Kinney hard to enjoy cents from Los Angeles one of the hardest hit spots in the country. This morning the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down and growing fears it will get much worse. The US reporting nearly five point three million new cases this month alone. As hospitals struggle to deal with the influx of patients across the country nearly a third of hospitals reporting that more than 80% of their icu beds are filled. In California more than 50000 new infections reported over the holiday weekend. Hospitals strings of the lane postponing some surgeries and running low on basic supply us at least a dozen hospitals have been requesting. Additional support. For a mobile. Oxygen units and this morning LE county code enforcement now investigating upscale Beverly Hills restaurant was scala. For allegedly planning a discreet New Year's Eve dinner. In violation of Kobe safety protocols that prohibit indoor dining after some customers reported finding invitations in their takeout backs. Health officials also fearing the spread of the UK virus variant now I didn't fighting Europe and Canada may already be in the US. You're worried about a new potentially more contagious variant it is that much more important that we follow the four w.s Wear a mask wash your hands watcher distance. And the fourth one if weighed on gathering. There are some signs of hope. As of this week and nearly two million vaccine doses have been in minister in the US that's well below the number health officials hoped for. The idea that we didn't get to twenty million vaccinations by the end of the year that's probably unrealistic at this point. But in New York authorities investigating health care provider parts care community health hearts here posting images of me journey as vaccine in its freezers. There accused of diverting doses of the vaccine to members of the public. Have health care workers nursing home residents and staff. Our care saying in a statement followed all new York state department of health procedures and proactively returned its vaccines panning the department's review. And I am put this month of December and it perspective for you here's how the numbers roughly boiled down every minute. 141. Americans are testing positive for the virus every hour. 102 people in this country are dying for Kobe nineteen this virus as of the most dangerous levels we've ever seen. But of course that light at the end of the tunnel vaccinations are under way at hospitals across the country including this one and today. Staff and residents at nursing homes will will begin receiving they're doses. The hope being it for those vulnerable seniors who have been separated from their loved ones for so long. That many can they get to start welcoming friends and family for regular visits safely. Diane and that means so much came a hard time in LA Forrest thanks Caylee. And despite the record high cove and numbers no Americans are still traveling over the holidays and TSA screened more than one point two million people nationwide yesterday alone. That's the most since the pandemic started GO Benitez joins us now with more on that side of the story good morning GM. Hey Diane good morning when it comes of the pandemic we are seeing unprecedented traveler numbers both by air. And by road let's go ahead and start by air though because in just about eleven days we've seen. Nine million people going through TSA checkpoints at US airports. Air travel is still down dramatically when you compare to last year. But these numbers are still surprising with somebody told the cases from coast to coast now this is expected to be a busy week on the road to. AAA forecasting more than eighty million drivers. For the year end holidays. Now there are some peak travel times to look for. In DC you're gonna see the most congestion today around 11:30 AM in LA Tuesday around 5 PM and in Seattle new York and Chicago. Wednesday between poor. And 5 PM bubbles that they could be busy everywhere this Sunday January 3. That is when everyone goes home health officials are very concerned that this could spark. Yet another served with a whole. Who struck Diane. I concerning GO Benitez Forrest thanks Jim. And now to Ohio were Columbus officer faces a hearing today in the shooting death of Andre hill. The hearing will determine if the officer will be fired this as we hear from hill's family ABC's Stephanie Ramos has the latest. This morning a family distraught over the killing of forty setting the rules on tree hill who was fatally shot by Columbus, Ohio police officer. Today a hearing is set to determine whether the officer will be terminated. Hill's sister still struggling with the loss. My brother was bath water tomorrow. Sat with no type of medical assistance. But can't get in fitful thirteen minute footage but the tape that we fall. The confrontation happened just days before Christmas police body camera video shows hill approaching an officer who responded to a nonemergency call. Here you can see in holding a cell phone in his left hand to his white hand was not visible. At this point officer Adam coy in nineteen year veteran. Raises his weapon and fires instead of helping a wounded hill he shouts commands. Which. And nothing aside why did he treat him like you're human and not the ever ensure. This country know Michael well elbow. Not random and it medical assistant. The officer only turning on his body camera after the shooting this video automatically capturing sixty seconds prior to that moment. But without audio. It a conversation with ABC news hill's daughter echoed what many families in this same situation have. One dirt just it's getting worse Cyrus consumers Floyd its is getting worse. Meeting wore black people will be here robber from leaves Columbus police chief Tom Quindlen calling for officer poised termination. Some may call this a rush to judgment. It is not. We have an officer who violated his oath to comply with the rules and policies of the clueless division of police. And the consequences of that violation are so great he requires immediate action. This violation cost an innocent man his life. Hill's family and community demanding justice and remembering the impact Gil had on others. Are you thank yo have you four. And enjoy yourselves what is grant. Based. His energy religious change and you are in a room and missed all but solemn and his hearing and caught he is being cared for me. ABC news has reached. Out to officer ploy for comment multiple times and we have not heard back. Andrei hill's family says and they want the officer to spend time in jail for firing those fatal shots at hill. Again Diane today hearing will take place to determine whether the officer stays on the force. Do you mind ABC's Stephanie Ramos Forrest thanks staff. And a few things to know before you go New Year's Eve is just three days away and while the iconic ball will still drop at midnight the celebration in Times Square. Look a little different this year the celebration will go on without the usual million plus people who are usually they're celebrating in person. But it will still be broadcast so we can all watch. And workers have also for the final touches on the iconic twelve football this year the theme is against. Associated Press has named Naomi Osaka and LeBron James as female and male athletes of the year a warning. Their performance on the court but also their activism office. Osaka won the US open taking home her third Grand Slam title while speaking out about racial injustice and police brutality. And LeBron not only help the lakers to an NBA title he also helped people get to the polls ahead of the election big congratulations to them but. And an unexpected visitor now has a new home after wandering into a soccer game. Check it out the dog ran onto the field in Bolivia carrying a clean jumping around wagging his tail. The teams had to stop play until one player finally picked up the Dodd. And carried it away he seemed to like the extra attention there fan though weren't done. Bay rallied around the dog nick naming him because she'd go now one of the Bolivian players has announced plans to adapt. She got to love a happy ending. And that done if that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all they with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you back here at 11 AM eastern. If you're latest update. Taken.

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{"duration":"16:28","description":"Plus, Nashville officials are saying the suspect in the Christmas Day bombing died in the RV explosion and Naomi Osaka and LeBron James have been named AP's male and female athletes of the year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74935888","title":"ABC News Live Update: Trump signs COVID-19 relief bill","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-trump-signs-covid-19-74935888"}