ABC News Live Update: Trump signs COVID-19 relief bill

Plus, Nashville officials have named a suspect in the Christmas Day RV bombing and last-minute savings ahead of the new year.
10:22 | 12/28/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Trump signs COVID-19 relief bill
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update president trump has signed the Kobe nineteen relief bill to avoid a government shutdown. The 900 billion dollar bill includes 600 dollar checks for Americans who earn less than 75000. Dollars a year. It provides government funding through September 20/20 one is well. A despite signing at the president says he opposes a lot of what's in the bill and is demanding more money be sent directly to Americans. The house will vote today to increase their stimulus checks only a handful of Republican senators have signaled support for those higher checks. Police have identified a suspect in the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville they say Anthony Quinn Warner died in the RV explosion was not on law enforcement radar before the bombing. Authorities believe the RB was parked in front of an eighteen T transmission building early Friday morning law enforcement sources tell ABC news that investigators are determining. Whether the suspect may have been motivated at least in part by paranoia over five G cellular technology. And despite the worsening call that crisis millions of Americans are traveling for the holidays yesterday TSA screened more than one point two million people at US airports the highest number since the pandemic started. Meanwhile December is officially the worst month yet in the pandemic. With nearly five point three million -- nineteen cases and 63000. Deaths in the US this month so far. Now public health officials are warning of a major surge after Christmas and new year gatherings that could overwhelm hospitals already under pressure. And joining me now for more on the latest in the pandemic is infectious disease specialist and ABC news medical contributor doctor Todd calorie and factor Allergan morning hope you had a safe and Merry Christmas is sad that we have to go back to this topic but. Given the high travel numbers that we're seeing and doctor fat cheese warning of a Christmas and New Year's surge. What should we expect in the next few weeks how worried are you. Your Merry Christmas Diane I hope yours was fine as well and restful. You know they're concerned as we've seen it before is we surge after holiday's and especially affecting your Thanksgiving. On the heels of Christmas on the heels of New Year's. We're just going to see 88 multiplier effect here and we are going to see more cases now we have to be careful because remember the country is not. Entirely even we have a bit of a tapestry here. And so when you hear about cases going down in the midwest I mean that's encouraging but I want to warn people that around the holidays sometimes the analytics you know people are who were used to giving us numbers and data crime sharing. Are also want holiday and they should be so sometimes there are delays and I wouldn't be surprised if we see spikes. Even in places where we're seeing decreasing case counts we have to be really careful. And a few countries have now reported cases of that new corona virus strain first found in the UK including. Canada so. Given how bad then and what we're seeing with this strain how likely do you think it is that it's already here. I'd be shocked if it weren't here already. I think what's really important is that United States needs to really real ball. Our sequencing. Of the virus we're doing far too few analysis. Of our. RR viruses so we don't really know if we have the very end here yes we've done some limited testing haven't seen it yet. But I suspected that if we start doing robust sequencing we're gonna find out that it is here. And intensive care units are filling up in hospitals across the country a New York Times analysis earlier this month. Found that 78% of icu beds nationwide were occupies so what impact. Does this have on hospitals beyond just not having enough space. To him we have a crisis of capacity right now. We have too much virus too much transmission. Too few hospital beds and especially. Too few icu beds but as you know it's not just about creating more intensive care unit beds because we also need the staff to take care of those patients were in those bets in this breaking we have regional transmission so we couldn't borrow people from other parts of the country who work had enough courage and compassion to come to us or for us to go to them. This time it's much different as we have widespread transmission I can tell you in our own intensive care unit we are. Really you don't doubling our efforts right now we have a packed icu week we have had had to develop alternative cures. That's sites that in order to care for these patients. This is really scary right now and remember it's not just about cope in nineteen patients. This also impacts the gnawing cold in nineteen patients or heart attacks or strokes heart patients with cancer it satirist so we really have to. Dialed down the cases so we don't put that much more pressure on our tens of carry units. When you hit on another point that I aren't asking about designing a lot of people when they think about this they think only of their risk of cove in nineteen that if the icu is full. What happens if you get into a car crash. That's the concern. You don't get your eyes he was is bull that means you have to find other parts of your hospital that can care for these patients finding the balance. He's in shock us that the rate limiting step it's also making sure you catch is that any person coming and opt for example I'm not intensive us. I see. Critically ill infectious disease patients but we need our specialized intensive is to really care for the sickest patients and remember that demand right now is is is exceeding the supply. An operation warp speed reported that they anticipated fascinating twenty million people by the end. Of the year so far in this country ten point eight million vaccine doses have been delivered. And only about two million have been actually administered so does that worry you that were off base. It really is worrisome I mean as you know it's not just a boat. The building the vaccines the manufacturing. We have to find the right cadence between manufacturing. Distribution. And acceptance and that is. A major challenge right now you know I'm not surprised that there were behind because in the beginning you expect her to be missteps I really hope over the ensuing weeks there we're gonna see a significant increase in the Arctic. So to doctor Todd Eller and thank you as always. They say it. And Christmas is over real killers are still trying to draw in those holiday shoppers many are announcing big savings trying to bring in. Last minute customers before the new year. ABC news chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more on that Rebecca good morning. This has Ben a year like no other and yet there is one thing you can always count on and those are the post Christmas sales they're going on right now where you can score. Deep discounts across the board on things. You might actually what things like clothing up to 75%. Off. On sweaters and winter gear. Mittens gloves the types of things you would actually use right now what number of retailers are trying to clear out that inventories for those extra purchases for the end of the year and say you can find up to 75%. Off discounts on top of what is already on clearance. Another area are those small gifts things that are seasonal holiday gets lotions perfumes. Gifts that those types of items also go on sale this year they are often associated with a particular year 20/20 but I think you can find them without that. Packaging which specifically says holiday 20/20 so it's a great time to stock up on those keep them in the back of the closet for birthday parties small gives teachers burden for example nurses whom you appreciate. All a good thing to keep on hand and a great deal you can find this time of year. Toys also are on big sale right now a lot of the hottest items of the season. Which are seasonal are going on sale now up to 70% off its a great thing to keep in the back of the closet. For kids birthday parties and finally Christmas decorations Diane Christmas decorations are always on sale after Christmas and this is the best time here. If they want to buy wrapping paper Diane. If you've got this storage space you can make some serious savings Rebecca Jarvis thank you. And now for your latest science and technology headlines here's Kenneth mountain. It's a basic right to step toward zero emission air travel researchers at Oxford University are reportedly term carbon dioxide. And to jet fuel they say the process is simpler and less expensive. And other alternate fuel possibilities and there are talks with the industrial partners about production. Two Danish architects have just finished a two month test. About collapse civil shelter they like to see use on the moon the test took place on a remote part of Greenland. Shelters designed to take up minimum space on moon bound spacecraft. And test plus new software update will allow drivers to change the sound of their born. But preloaded noises including goats and other animals Tesla CEO Elon Musk even tweeted about it. Without mentioning a certain bodily function which is also an option. Other tech bytes die or become I have no longer a middle school age boy. I will not making me. That's one way to clear the lane for traffic Kenneth thanks. And that doesn't for this ABC news live update I'm Diana -- thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back at 3 PM eastern would Terry Moran. For the breakdown have a great day.

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{"duration":"10:22","description":"Plus, Nashville officials have named a suspect in the Christmas Day RV bombing and last-minute savings ahead of the new year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74936040","title":"ABC News Live Update: Trump signs COVID-19 relief bill","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-trump-signs-covid-19-74936040"}