ABC News Live Update: US averaging 2 million vaccinations per day

Plus, Pope Francis makes first trip to Iraq, and one of Gov. Cuomo’s accusers details her alleged conversations with him in first television interview.
28:49 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: US averaging 2 million vaccinations per day
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's update we just hit a major vaccination milestone in the US now averaging. At least two million Cullen vaccine doses minister per day. Several mass vaccination sites are now operating 24/7 as a senate debates a one point nine trillion dollar Colvin relief package we'll have the latest from Capitol Hill. Also ahead one of the women accusing your governor Paul Wallace sexual harassment is speaking out on camera. Without explicitly saying and GM client to meet that I was old enough for him and he was lonely. This is a new report alleges just how far his top aides went to high difficulty death tolls and nursing homes. Now lawmakers are calling for the governor to be stripped of his emergency pandemic powers as early as today. Meanwhile the Pope has landed in Iraq for a historic. Three day tour tensions in the regions are high just days after a rocket attacks our reporter is there. And it is our fine for one New York City woman she was behind her bathroom Mir later in the show. We begin with several mass vaccination sites now operating around the clock is in US. Averages at least two million shots for day. More than 54 million Americans are received at least one dose of the vaccine that's 21% of the adult population but there are growing fears some states are reopening to quickly. In Atlanta health officials are concerned this weekend's NBA all star festivities could become a super spreader best. Steve doesn't summing has more on the new milestone and the new warnings. The CDC this morning says the for the first time in the United States more than two million vaccine doses are being put in the arms each day. In New York they were up all night at Yankee Stadium. Where they're now giving out that single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine epidemic everyone should. Tickets can go wrong I don't things. States like Texas say that the vaccine is just one of the reasons why they are now starting to ease up on Covert related restrictions. Starting next week the state no longer requires anyone to Wear face covering in public. Texas governor Greg Abbott has gotten an earful from public health officials over this and answered his critics Thursday night the mast Rick. Climate being eliminated there isn't gonna make that big of a change in the studded Texas. Also people in Texas will continue to Wear a mask even though there's not a state mandate. Mississippi is also saying goodbye to face masks and California high schools are getting back to indoor and outdoor sports. But in states like Connecticut Alabama and West Virginia there's still so concerned about the spread of disease they are extending rules requiring mass. Asks the bottom line is we give them my its mandate in place a more than a general spirit of time but Gaza jail. In Atlanta the city's mayor is asking people not to come to town for the NBA all star game this weekend she and others point out that across the US. Georgia has the sixth highest number of reported -- cases in the last seven days. And the fifth highest number of deaths on top of all that Georgia ranks dead last in the number of shots in all arms for every 100000 people. We anticipate there being a lot of activities especially in hard nightlife districts are so we're just not make sure that we are prepared. The NBA is not selling any tickets to the all star game it's close to the public. And there are no official public events but at forty still worry that bars restaurants and nightclubs. Will be packed. Both the president and the head of the CDC are now warning states that it is not yet time to roll back. These public health risks they worry that we could lose many of the gains that we've already made. Against the corona fire. This Diane right Steve Mohsen some in Atlanta for us thank you. An earlier today president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and former acting CDC director doctor Richard vasser shared. What he does CDC will recommend for fully vaccinated people let's listen. Many states are starting ease restriction there rolling back these mass mandate this concern you that isn't too early. Yeah Michael I am greatly concerned air were all tired of Indiana we're tired of the restrictions. And we are we see you later the end of tunnel we can't we can hang in the air a little bit longer we're gonna get there a way that's much safer heroes some honesty consider lifting the mask mandates. And are having as many cases right now as they were having last summer when they could decency in place. And who simply about personal choice that I'm willing to take that risk you re one thing but it. When you without a mask you are putting at risk everyone you come in contact with them in their millions of people who have to go to work each day to put food on the table. We need to keep everybody safe. I agree with that and you know doctor CBC is set to release their new guidelines about when and how fully vaccinated people can gather safely. What are you expecting to say. Well you know I think a lot of people are expecting music if you've got vaccinated go for it you can live your life the way you did before the pandemic but it. That's not coming who were not there yet I expect they're gonna say it is if if you're around other people who were fully vaccinated you can have small gatherings without masks. You know I'm hoping they go a little further and say if you if you're grandparent in your fully vaccinated you can hide your grandchildren. You've got to be a wonderful thing what is going to be slow it's going to be slow so they can trash can see what happens is people circuit come together and more were fully vaccinated. And hand we're up to two million people vaccinated a day now new case the problem they sent are down significantly. What we're still a lot of work to be done in the safe to say that we turned the corner on the pandemic. Well you know doctor will ask you to him. CDC was was just saying that she's still very concerned and she's concerned because of those areas that are springing up that could. Lead us to another wave we don't want to get there which is another reason to keep we keep wearing the masks. I want things he gives me hope Michael is that in addition to the number of people getting vaccinated each day. We're seeing greater outreach into the communities that are hit hardest black Latino native American communities. Some communities and it may have challenges getting to these mega site's we're seeing the government bringing back seemed to enter good turn corner pharmacies were seeing. That seemed drives in churches and community centers. Those efforts have to continue in a really big way so that everyone can be. Kicked it in the mayor of Detroit just turned down a shipment of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine stating. Madera and fry there are the best. So what is your take on Matt. Well before I can't say I need to let viewers know that our foundation owns and stopped in India and today. From my perspective though is a public health person will your most concerned about his hospitalizations and deaths. And all three vaccines are in. The remark during advisor were done before we had variants who were circulating. So my recommendation is whatever vaccine has offered to you you should yet if it's a setting where there's choice bullets that's terrific. But in many of these big settings it's going to be a one and done konduz a situation. Which is terrific. My thanks to Michael and doctor vasser for that and if you have any questions. We asked our medical experts I'll ask them as many as I can you can send your questions on Twitter. At Diane pharmacy. And Democrats appear to have the votes to pass president Biden's pandemic relief plan but in the senate. Republicans aren't making it easy though they proposed a number of amendments and senator Ron Johnson caused a ten hour delay. By having senate clerks read the entire bill out. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has the latest Rachel good morning. Diane good morning Republicans have bouts of fight this go would relief package every single step of the way overnight. Forcing that 628. Page bill to be read out loud in full. Now that's oak. Almost eleven hours Republican still oppose of that one point nine trillion dollar price tag. And now Democrats have laid the ground were to be able to push this through on their own but they did have to make some changes in order to win over some of the moderate democratic senators in their own parties to figure out that fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage hike they have now also limited those 14100 dollar stimulus checks to go out to Americans who earn 75000. Dollars a year or last Americans who make. 80000 dollars will be receiving a slightly smaller check and also would extend those federal unemployment benefits through August now Republicans a look posted this they say the money is misdirected they say it would only add. To the national debt but Democrats say they will now be working through the weekend trying to get this passed they would do it for as long as it takes Diane. And Rachel Scott on Capitol Hill thank him. Here's or watching in Washington today at 11 AM eastern the White House hope in nineteen response team and public health officials will hold a virtual briefing. At 1230 white house Press Secretary gen stocking will pulled her daily briefing. And at 315 president Biden will participate in a roundtable and the American rescue plan. Both France is has arrived in Baghdad becoming the first hope ever to visit Iraq. The trip is happening despite escalating violence rising Kobe cases and international concerns senior foreign correspondent in panel is there and he joins me now with more. Ian and good morning while I was told France's so adamant about taking that strip. Mean this is something actually that he and his predecessors who wanted to do for decades exact seat Pope Saint John Paul the second who wants it to come to Iraq in the first place is back in 1999. He never made his pilgrimage to the country. But hope France is being adamant this is something wants to do the zoo's first threats since the pandemic erupted around the globe oops I am there number reasons why he wants to make his trip closely because Iraq speeches largely Iraq Mesopotamia yes largely in in the Bible this is being are in some people's eyes the birthplace of christianity because it's his way Abraham. It bring him was apparently Boldon the Pope is gonna visit our site down and are in the south of the country but he also wants to bring a message of healing and reconciliation. I'm goodness that's something that Iraqis definitely wants a hair and a death neat indeed all but yet of course there are huge concerns about his personal safety a lot of people have been gang says trips pot because of the pandemic. That is in you know the numbers are picking up certainly down in the south and Baghdad less subtle appear in the north I'm and people who said well look if you hold -- you go to a church that is potentially a super spreader events but -- Vatican's been insistent that they put security precautions in place. The other concerns of calls on his own personal safety oasis is still very much activity yet -- remember said we will go to Rome we will occupy Rome. You know data set that stalls against a Christian community here we've been talking to people. Tens of thousands of them have been some from the country who suffered unimaginable things and so he wants to bring that message appealing. Up licensee of the increased tensions between Iran. And America but she has been adamant that he wants to bring its message and like I say I think is something Iraqis really wants -- here is some red and good news in the country dumb fortunate we associate with so much back Diane. And so Ian what's his agenda while he's there. So as I say series until June 1 two bolts of this church in Baghdad that was assigned some terrible terrible suicide bombing of the fifty worshippers. Out what killed in that particular attack is one the first early attacks by ice is in the country a series given to visit outside too cozy gonna have political meetings with the president he's already met the prime minister of the diplomatic community. He's and get a good dancer. Do you law down in the south it's one of these ancient size with some stunning buildings in the normal world in real people's tourist agenda to trying go home visits it's it's the birthplace of irony of Abraham mall if Graham he's the patriarch of christianity. Judaism. And surveys slabs Aysu visit backside interestingly he's also ago Doug going to meets grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani that he is. Probably the leading Shiite cleric in the country's one of the most influential Shiite clerics around the world he is someone who's gonna sit down and meet with the Pope he's ninety years olds but he is so influential in this country and seeing someone who is a figure head. The ship is slam meeting together with the man who represents christianity I think is an astonishing images shows how much progress has been made in how much could be made in this country Jenny comes up hits of the north he's killing some Mosul he's doing to the church's. Unlicensed took over ice his religious police will based inside some of these buildings. I can say is well they swirl that they go to Rome they desecrated these churches we've seen many all of them. They use them as target ranges they destroyed some of the ancient artifacts and many of those churches were badly damaged by the bombing during the war and zanger negates another beleaguered Christian communes in and he's gonna come here to bill. And hold glass on Sunday day and you really large. Scale events is an open air mass they say that will be social distancing us we'll see whether or not less true but so you know you see the posters around securities incredibly tides whole areas of being sealed off because of those concerns. But I think a lot of people are going to be watching this and just to show you how it's captured the nation is being carried live on Iraqi TV Brian. I am. So in how significant is this visit to Iraq's Christian population but also just a general message of religious unity and peace among other religions. Guys are great question you know this is a much needed shot in the arm for the Christine -- it used to number around one half to two million inside the country is really Christian population in Iraq since the second century one of the oldest Christian populations in the world today that number from one and a half men is down somewhere around two to 250000. Now that's happened over a longer period of time that certainly it'll happen in the twentieth century pretty much over two decades the community was increasingly targeted in particular after the US led invasion economy lifted some of the protection the Christian community in Georgia in Iraq and it laid them open to attacks in particular by increasingly radical groups al-Qaeda and crisis among some like -- say lower the community being driven outs in the country who lost of them are now living in the in the US and elsewhere around the world and that the communities here bill really believed it to mean that towns we've visited. When ICs came. Everybody lack. A town of 50000 people completely abandon those who stayed behind him we've been talking to them they were brutally treated on Ollie says we met this. Really sweet elderly couple of brother and sister ice is took them money took that jewelry took all her possessions. And then soaring elements of the rip up towards them drown this elderly man 73 years old having to try and save his 86 year old. A big sister. Tragic tales and there's a repeats it again and again so yes the Christian communes you really wants. This kind of support they say they've never had so much attention from the government's but I think other communes his as well trying to bridge that sectarian divides the UZD community as well. A low loads of work a local press to be done yet. Right in panel in Iraqi and thank you. And today New York lawmakers are set to vote on whether to strip governor Andrew Cuomo of emergency pandemic powers. This is one of the women accusing pummel a sexual harassment is telling her side of the story. But she said in her first television interview when we come back. Welcome back you're looking at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway home of the Indy 500 and now all of one of the country's point 47 mass vaccination sites. The razorbacks need now in overdrive as the US is back stating nearly two million people per day. The first time on a governor Andrew Cuomo's accusers is speaking out on camera she's the woman is he telling her count conversations with the embattled governor this is new reports surfaced claiming governor Cuomo's team manipulated pandemic data. Stephanie Ramos has the latest. This morning as New York State lawmakers prepare to vote to strip governor Andrew Cuomo a busy emergency corona virus powers. Sharman Bennett one of the women accusing him of sexual harassment is speaking out. Do you believe that he was propositioning him and ask for much. Sex the 25 girls sitting down for an interview with CBS saying the governor asked her multiple questions about her sex life during a one on one meeting in June. Without explicitly saying in. GM client don't mean. Then I was old enough for him and he was lonely. Bennett who worked as an executive assistant for the governor says Cuomo never got physical but he would ask her about her sexual assault experience. It's that she and asked if I had trouble. Enjoying. Being with someone. Because. Of my truck on the governor asked me if I was. Sensitive to and Tennessee then saying she answered the governor's questions but felt shamed for doing so I feel anxious. People put the onus on the woman to shut the conversation down. And by answering I was somehow. Engaging. In. Or enabling him when in fact I was just earth could. Venice says she reportedly encountered a Cuomo's chief of staff and was transferred to another department eventually leading the administration altogether in November. Another former aide Lindsey Boylan opening up to Harper's bizarre saying she decided to come forward. After hearing about another woman with a similar experience and also when she learned Cuomo was likely being considered for US attorney general a third accuser came forward this week and a rock telling the New York Times she met the governor at a wedding reception in 2019 before he asked to kiss are the governor this week apologizing for making people feel uncomfortable but saying she will not resign. And recent quinnipiac poll shows that most New Yorkers at 55%. Don't want the governor to resign but nearly 60% say they don't want him to run again in 20/20 tale. Diane interesting Stephanie thanks in this morning near times importing Cuomo's staff rewrote a report from state health officials on Kobe deaths. According to the times the age re wrote that report to conceal the high number of deaths in nursing homes at the time Cuomo leaders and those numbers were withheld. Due to concern the trumpet administration would initiate a politically motivated inquiry. And now the battle brewing between may Markel and Buckingham Palace is heating up ABC news confirms Megan and Harry will not be part of the palaces investigation bush and I. Stations that meg in bullied her staff's James long minutes outside Buckingham Palace with the latest. This morning anticipation growing very Megan sit down interview with a truck down just two days away. Premiere kicks amplifying the tension between the couple in the rules balmy. Markel calling them out directly. I don't know how they could expect. And after all of this time we would still just a silent. There's an active polls at the firm is plain and perpetuating. Falsehoods about us. That does just suggesting she won't be holding anything dark. It's got comes with risk of losing things I mean I've. There's a lot and lost. At least 63 countries are expected to Brokaw asked the into you. But 99 year old prince Phillips still recovering from a heart procedure. And expected to remain in the hospital for a few more days there's increasing pressure for Harry Megan to delay the broadcast. We know little about how Harry in Macon Phelan as kid they feel very strongly that they Latin fatty treats it but I think the test of this interview will be whether or not people here. I'm sure what to think killer may be in the middle hey arraf she persuaded by anything that they for what and this morning ABC news. While other unnamed staffers accused of emotional cruelty and humiliation. Megan firing back her office calling it a calculated smear campaign ahead of that primetime interview the couple has not a complicated relationship with the British tabloids. As any is 2016 that you could sell six expressed concerns over coverage of his then girlfriend. Calling other racial undertones in coverage and accusing some media of our outright sexism and racism. Policy compiled twenty head lines to say what it found to be a double standard in the British tabloids. The chairman of Megan buses Kate Middleton with the duchess of Cambridge treated much more favorably Harry touring comparisons with his late mother Diana. My biggest concerns mr. Christmas. The main criticism is that there was no palace investigation into different some juice almost serious allegations around Jeffrey Epstein. And the palace being accused of a double standard and today we're also hearing that Princeton it has now left. Both colonies hospital where he had cut a hollowed procedure and he's back at king entered the seventh of the ways likely to remain the next few days Diane. Karen James Longman in London Forrest thanks James. A new report says obesity may be a key driver of Coleman desk two prominent examples from the US and the UK. We come back how Britain is reacting to this vote wake up call yeah. Led by prime minister. Force Johnson's stay with the welcome back. A look at the senate floor where senators are gonna start voting on amendments to the Coleman relieved Miller around noon eastern time today is still unclear how. How long this all last but as a not a final vote is expected sometime tomorrow morning. New research is drying attention to the possible link between obesity and severe cases of colon in nineteen around the world. A study by the world obesity federation finds almost 90%. Of Kobe deaths. Are from countries with high rates of obesity foreign correspondent Eileen Earley joins us from London with more on this idea how is this study done. And what exactly did they find. Hey Diane he had the findings here are really incredible listening to look at obesity rates and mortality in adjusted for things like Asian how countries are reporting their currently does this really is a look specifically at obesity and whether or not correlated with mortality and deaths from Kobe an inch does finding just mentioned they are staggering. About 90% of deaths from Kobe in nineteen were found in countries that high rates of obesity each those are the types of findings that you really can not ignore Diane. And yet he's still one of the researchers who were on this study which she's about the implications of these findings. And I dams are a million researchers and was fastening did you say you know ocean Saturday we've only known obesity is harmful to people's health for years and each -- for Tinsley was a link between obesity and deaths and endured has Kobe in nineteen but these numbers really drive it home co limited he's sitting on the spotlight should and the numbers give it a perspective take a listen. With complex chronic disease is this really hard to feel the urgency of Mitt. Because their impact is seen only in the in eat very much longing to the teacher. So I feel now this pandemic has really breached that gap between the urgency of infectious disease. And this future long term vision of a complex disease they have shown how urgent decisions we haven't done anything about it BC until now. Because now I have such a huge pandemic gold in nineteen. Both things together just created this perfect storm and we're paying the price now. She also goes on this say this may be why some countries have actually shared battered during this pandemic cashing in Japan as an example Japan you know she has an older population many people worried bench corona virus when it wouldn't cause a high death rate dental and actually seen the opposite she and now many are are saying that should perhaps it's because they have low rates of obesity so mention this is just a correlation Diane they can say this is true but the numbers certainly speaks of them. Having no correlation is not causation but it is an interesting study Bershard magnesium prominent examples of the negative and here's the US and the UK both have high death tolls both have high obesity rates. Prime minister Boris Johnson there now says he's only leading by example tell us about that and the reaction. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The number of British translations that happened in my old enemies are here is Maggie thank you and a few more things you know before you go you could soon get from New York to London. In just ninety minutes. Creators of a supersonic jet called the slight aerospace say it can travel twice the speed of sound. To keep the cat and quiet fantasy fueled the jet has no windows. Instead the walls will be lined with a long computer screen that can split up into individual CDs. The company hopes to begin test flights it's funny 22 and aims to start flying commercially. It's funny 28. And a Big Apple is reopening the big screens today movie tears can open at 25% capacity with no more than fifty people per screen. AMC's reopening all thirteen of its city theatres regal. Has not yet set a date for reopening some independent movie theaters are also opening but we're going concessions to prevent eating and drinking an excuse. And every year because space is very hard to come by here but yeah. So person and the hearts of the 26 year old was investigating a breeze coming from behind her bathroom near. When she discovered they can to three bedroom apartments. It's not clear who the apartment belongs to but it appeared to be abandoned mid renovation. She documented the whole thing on T tell her videos are now racking up. Millions of and views. And that doesn't in his ABC news live update I'm Diana Xena thanks for joining us remember ABC news love is your story all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back you're at 11 AM eastern. We can you update Stacy.

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