ABC News Live Update: US hits another grim milestone in pandemic

Plus, a profile of an up-and-coming prospect who's the product of the NBA’s global reach, and Christmas decorations across the country brighten up the holiday spirit.
10:32 | 12/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: US hits another grim milestone in pandemic
Good morning everyone I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update the US hit another record in the corona virus pandemic more than 1191000. People. Are currently in the hospital with voted nineteen overnight California became the first state to hit two million cases. And if Americans don't stay home the CDC is warning a post Christmas search could overwhelm hospitals. Nearly nine point five million vaccine doses have now been delivered across the US and over one million have been administered. President trump is now in March tomorrow Lovell for the holiday after saying that he might not sign the 900 billion dollar bipartisan Covert relief bill. He called for numerous changes to the bill including upping 600 dollar stimulus checks to 2000 dollars to Democrats quickly agreed that Republicans are not on board. President also issued another round of the hardest. Think we've come out of port and Roger Stone both convicted in the Mueller drove along with son in law and advisor scared pitchers father. And some of us may be seeing a white Christmas a massive winter storm is moving across the US and heading into the north east today. Damaging winds are expected from Boston to Washington DC. Blizzard conditions are already wreaking Havoc on the roads of Minnesota and winds reached nearly 75 miles per hour in great plains. The NBA started its season early this week giving us a glimpse into the future of professional basketball. We spoke with one young college basketball player about his journey from camera room to Waco Texas. And the efforts made by the NBA to tap talent from all over the world hears cannon mountain. It said basketball doesn't dual character. It reveals want for Jonathan Cho watch out chula his character applauses game landed him right on this court in Texas at Baylor University. At a potential prospect for the MBA. The college sophomore a product of the NBA's global reach into places like Africa so your from Cameron. Or how would you describe your plane stopped. And I mall aren't enough to go to Bryant who grain. What limited chains gonna need. What is the defense. Defense this year really do remember a little just like you know you've been. Jonathan noticed then molded over the years at the NBA's basketball without borders camps. The program isn't countries and Africa Asia Europe and the Americas. That young man from Cameroon earned a coveted spot in the first class of the NBA global academy. That'll lead to basketball sinner and Australia the MBA academy works with pros like MB journey man and another Cameroon Ian. Luc Mbah a Moute to locate and develop high school age prospect. He's been doing magazines or just get back to the community college but are going Newser but I want to camp. This year at the it beef be. Your record tying fourteen in the heat players that hill from Africa. We talk about dreams talk about your home countries the well coached family. What this means to you knowing that they know where you are what you're doing. Our new flag effect them were preventing richter trade. Especially a maroon assembly there was data. If he were drafted Jonathan would join fellow countrymen and alumni of basketball with our borders Philadelphia 76ers star jewel indeed. And NBA champion Toronto raptor Pascal Shia come. It's exciting to know it hobby gave Moscow has been growing immigrant in the country and and comedy we're excited for me call my business this amazing so when you CD's players from Cameron. So not a burka but from from your country. What does that mean to you. Earned good term limits there are exposed to you do Jonathan has never met Pascal what of his idols. Until now what would you say pastel if you had a chance to you talked to. Get that. Won't. Yeah. There was some Newman. Oh yeah ago our Jonathan Quick to tell him that they're actually from the same city in Cameroon for you Crowe and Ron. One hometown kid to another his message is simple. Work hard and believe in yourself begin. Put all the hallway in Albany you don't believe in assault is going to be hard to match it against his greatest other exits the young man for camera from your home country. Wasn't mean to hear that he's doing so well at Baylor is indeed currencies or so well. Are mean and means everything to him and that revision dishing out sage advice to Jonathan that the challenges are not just battling for roster spot but also stereotypes. I think I've received as Africans you know when we come in. Palme you know we always did label right away you know what I do either being human is there is reason you've done and I think that that's always own mistake Marron you know African players. Pascal knew that he could do more. And he did. I'm never imagine now we'll have to Ford Lincoln and EU it'll be utilized differently or somebody does utility one commodity game ops took allure. Phenomenon you want some of you want to pursue I gotta find out Baylor or find video games now also. Two basketball standouts trying to make an impact the world the way from home Kenneth Snowden for ABC news lives. I can't. Thanks for that. And after a year like this one some joy to the world is exactly what we all need now luckily some of Santa's biggest fans across the country. Are bringing made up their own joy to the world this holiday season ABC's we'll Cannes has more on that. It was the end of 20/20 and Christmas spirit was running low until houses like this and this and fix. Popped out from blazing lights all the glow. It's helped set targets it's a tough Fuhrman at best and probably the most. And porn thing knows that it's it's been really tell us. And then laughing out makes things easier and I hope I'm doing that. 92 loss from Houston becoming a tick tock superstar. His lights racking up millions of views inspiring fans near and far. Then I know it's big leaguers. The comments on there are now in different languages you know. Christmas light sales are up 20% this year. With many realizing it's funny money could use an extra helping of holiday cheer and Tony Tony you could have easily just said. Not this yet tank that's why did you decide to you go even bigger this year. Because this year mall then they have. We need more happiness. And one Chia who steals data has been decorating her house since 1986. And now her granddaughter also Lucille. Pope certainly these holiday tricks. So I see other people enjoying what I've enjoyed fresh nineteen Yangtze and means a lot. It'll be this year and next year the year risks of that enormous gods willing. It'll be decorated. Not pandemic nor quarantine could stop the status in NYC. From their long held tradition at decking the halls the walls the treatment we usually start November 1 and we lighted up Thanksgiving but this year I've put it up way before Halloween yeah. From Brooklyn to Houston to the North Pole and back. The joy and he's like spring is far too much for even Santa defeated his sack. Everyone has their own story so for them to get to a scheme and come see this and feel it can again I'll always good kid might not. But this just re ignites that idea you know. Freddie grinch lead neighbors whose hearts are two sizes too small here's what Lucy has to say before you ask her to bond debt cellphones and you don't like it move. Have no way I'm thirty days we'll cheer is universal and we appreciate the good will we did have to ask about the electricity bill. Let's not because I can't really can't put a price on Christmas or Nina. It's work that well what does that. Feeling extra joyful there's a reason psychologists say the holiday lights and decorations are proven to elevate people's moods and fend off seasonal depression picking need even more holiday spirit remember what body be helpful he says the front the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear and I know you've got those Christmas carols ready to go Diane I've heard just saying. I don't know the hope. Fully do little singing later today at a safe distance will again thank you seeking a safe distance Helen is an extension cord well. All right Natalie our science and technology headlines here's will Reeve. In today's tech fight zoom reportedly looking to branch out. The company had a blockbuster 20/20 due to the need for video conferencing now report says Xoom is looking to get indeed email and calendar services. Analysts say it's a good idea with more workers likely to return to office is next year. The Nintendo switch to year in review is live it lets players know which games they've played the most this year as well as how many hours they played. You can also see your most active gaming day and a graph comparing months blocks of all time highs are expected. And finally it would not be Christmas Eve without NORAD Santa tracker. That'll be keeping tabs on Santa Claus round the world journey for the 65 year in a row for kids with questions about Santa's progress can even email. NORAD tracks Santa had outlook dot com. Does your tech bikes to and you got that email address down. Well I wrote it down will really taking notes here thank you. And that doesn't even as ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us center remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news contacts and announces listing you all eight states and next.

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{"duration":"10:32","description":"Plus, a profile of an up-and-coming prospect who's the product of the NBA’s global reach, and Christmas decorations across the country brighten up the holiday spirit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74900294","title":"ABC News Live Update: US hits another grim milestone in pandemic","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-us-hits-grim-milestone-74900294"}