ABC News Live Update: New White House outbreak in VP’s inner circle

Plus, more than 225,00 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19 as cases spike across the nation, and Trump and Biden make their final pushes in battleground states as Election Day approaches.
17:44 | 10/26/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: New White House outbreak in VP’s inner circle
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update president trump and former vice president Joseph Biden are making their final push in battleground states. Pennsylvania matters. Please vote. We have the latest on election and a moment the president walked out of a heated sixty minutes interview over the final months now just eight days away. Also ahead the US is reporting its highest seven day new case average since the start of the corona virus pandemic. In El Paso, Texas hospitalizations are up by 300%. As we surpassed 225000. US deaths the blunt words from doctor from she. And the breakthrough in the hunt for murder organs researchers removed the first gymnast in the US how dental floss help track them down. Has run a virus cases rise across the country and new outbreak has hit the White House. At least five staffers in vice president Mike Pence a circle have tested positive. Including his chief of staff. Senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has the latest. Vice president Mike Pence Centre stage on the campaign trail in the battleground of North Carolina Bill Archer. It's true on the contrary this despite having close contact with teens who tested positive. At least five people in his inner circle contracting the corona virus in recent days he's chief of staff mark short who was with the vice president on every campaign stop last week including Friday night at a rally in Ohio. Sure now in isolation and experiencing symptoms pence is body man a personal assistant who accompanies him virtually everywhere. A political aide who recently traveled with pens on air force to. Along with two other staffers. Wearing a mask as he headed for his rally the vice president head of the White House is corona virus task force ignoring the pressing question. In the coming days his campaign schedule jam packed with planned trips to Minnesota South Carolina and back to North Carolina but CDC guidelines call for a fourteen day quarantine after exposure to the virus. A spokesman saying pencil continue to travel as planned quote in accordance with the CDC guidelines for essential personnel. Critics say campaigning for office does not qualify as essential sources telling ABC news the president's chief of staff wanted to keep the outbreak on penned his team from becoming public. Mark meadows now says that was because of privacy concerns sharing personal information. Is not something that we should do and following the two largest daily case increases of the pandemic meadows also says the US will not get the virus under control. We're not going to control the pandemic we are going to control the fact that we. Yet vaccines therapeutics and other mitigate why are we gonna get aerial academic group. Because it is a contagious virus just like at the little one. Democratic nominee Joseph Biden saying the administration is waving the white flag of defeat and that quote it's sadly no surprise then that this virus continues to rage unchecked across the country and even in the White House itself. This has president Truman is on the campaign trail Blix. Even without the vaccines to around David that's going to be our. Continuing to downplay the alarming rise in case is even as the virus hit his own White House once again. And the vice president and his wife Karen have sense tested negative on both Saturday and again on Sunday but the big question this morning is whether the vice president will head to Capitol Hill for this finer. Final confirmation a vote to have judge Amy Connie Barrett join the Supreme Court if that happens and it appears. That it will it would of course be a historic moment that solidifies a conservative majority on the supreme court for years to come. Pence has said he didn't want to miss this vote for the world the Democrats. Day and they are already pushing back saying that this would potentially expose the health of everyone there on Capitol Hill and sent a horribly. Bad example given his exposure to the virus Diana. Susie a vague and Washington Forrest thanks Sicilian. And the US has passed a grim new milestone in the pandemic more than 225000. Americans have now lost their lives. As new cases surge across the country. El Paso, Texas is now using overflow tents to house patients as hospitals they're run out of beds and officials there have even put a curfew in place in hopes of slowing the spread. ABC's Marcus Moore has the latest. This morning the US crossing yet another dark milestone. More than 225000. Lives lost as cases are still on the rise and about 80% of states. Heeding the young like 45 year old Bethany Walters who once in the top part. Bring him during the and the elderly. Now a study from the University of Washington estimates it 95% of the population wears a mask. He could save nearly 130000. Lies before February. Doctor Anthony found she with a blunt assessment if people are not wearing masks then maybe we should be mandating it here in El Paso Colbert related hospitalizations. Are up 300%. In the last three weeks. Spiking from 259. To 786. The mayor urging people to stay home as much as possible for the next two weeks. Between the positives. To the hospitalizations how many days it takes. To the icu. To the ventilator should. Two we hope not. Desk but the bottom line is we think by next Wednesday. We're gonna need another 200 plus. I'll store data from the Kobe tracking project chills that nationwide in cases where race is known. Black people are dying at nearly two and a half times the rate of white people making up 21% of fatalities. Despite accounting for just over twelve and a half percent of the population. This morning we're getting a closer look at polls with passed away from the virus is the start of the pandemic. What less than 1% of America's population live at long term facilities like nursing homes. They make up 41%. Of cope in nineteen deaths. When the hospitals here in the city have actually run out of beds it is the reason. Why they are urging residents in the city to stay home for two weeks as they try to stop the spread of this virus. And they are also putting together plans putting the plans in the works about to open up a field hospital. Because they have run out of beds here in this city gives you a sense of how this has developed quickly clearly this virus is that the maintaining its grip on communities across this country including right here in El Paso where again they have implemented a curfew from 10 PM. Up to 5 o'clock in the morning a hoping to stop this virus as quickly as they can. Diane incredible Marcus morneau paso Texas thanks Marcus. And for more on that surge in cases doctor John Brownstein joins me now doctor good morning. During that the US is just set the highest seven day case average yesterday we can use my gotten. Her so important. And he's so where high seventy Irish we also have a single highest chief counsel for eighty. I was in new Jesus and tax increase of 32% over the last two weeks refused not. Rise just one part of the country's constant power countries especially in the midwest and know how. Like you covers. Don't just about key is we know these pieces Lee. The hostels Asia as a region. We're seeing increased propositions and courage now for starters he's that mortality is writing me just props to 125. On top of that teacher who were heading to haul up the holiday is Halloween is getting more and you think continued agony. Finish it so happens under control ovaries leading end to cold season plus the movement of people. It's millions tell a massive disaster not quite so concerning the White House is saying they're just don't allow this virus keep moving windward such as our situation now process country it and you and you heard from our. Has pieced actor and he vowed she is said that you know people are wearing masks maybe we should. How mandate that do you foresee new lock downs or mandates like a national mass mandate if case is keep rising. No more transparency. We can't wait markdowns on our guys are so economically. Didn't. Fault yes that's and they are something that we know where you're incredible anchor gladness that shows that if you can increase. Excuse me each you can reduce transmission. And show. We know that every monster ringmaster if you reduce reduces number of doubt over 100000 by itinerary featured an orange sauce right so. It's pretty simple stuff we want is still important things like Paris indoor activities like Barnes and dining witty formal gatherings as much as. Our whole attitude like these schools open as long as possible but yes I think if we as individuals cancer during the writer Damon he's mad he's assumes starter role in unfortunately. And it we now have another outbreak in the White House five staffers in vice president Mike Pence is circle have tested positive. But he's still out on the campaign trail and he's planning to preside over Amy coney Baird's confirmation vote in the senate tonight how risky is that. You know it's pretty risky I would say I mean this is the second operating you know how. The White House and each is pretty unbelievable that moved into place where few days at best it's your supporter calls his allowance for Jesus who only finds our efforts now. That it injected there can be close contact sentence WikiLeaks UN is six slows. And it's easy to. They're creepy pretty simple here me he was excellence he used to be quarantined for two weeks. Happy rally is not essential travel and unfortunately and he's doing what you can to protect the people around him. An isolated just like any American is put into this position today is an outdoor ceremony where potential cases you're for a second. I just feels like a bit of deja blue all over them. Kind doctor John Brownstein we appreciate it thank you. Did you and president trump and former Vice President Biden are making their final pitch to battleground states with the election now just over one week away. More than 58 million ballots have already been cast an early voting or by mail which is more than the total number early votes in 2016. ABC's Mary Bruce has the latest on the state of the race. This morning as a record number of voters hit the polls the candidates making their final push it thank you. Pennsylvania matters. So please vote the president barnstorming the battleground states hammering his rosy picture of the pandemic even as the nation again hits that record number of cases where rounding the turn we're doing great are numbers are incredible and still defending his mostly Mascoll as rallies overnight in a contentious interview with sixty minutes Graham tells it what it what you don't. Lastly we hand out thousands of masks looked out they're not wearing them for you don't get up there and say look I. You know and come on. I want you again this question was who drowned pressed on why he still has not released his health care plan as he promised more than a year ago it is developed it is fully developed it's going to be announced very soon when we see what happens with a woman here. The drug administration is asking the Supreme Court to invalidate Obama care the justices set to take up the case just one week after the election. And as people with preexisting conditions will be stranded. And that's just acted tools. You know the new plan will happen trump furious at the interview abruptly cutting it short I think we have enough of an interview here oh okay that's enough. Let's cut. His Press Secretary then handing over a book calling it the president's health care plan according to sixty minutes it was filled with just executive orders and congressional initiatives former President Obama poking fun at trump for not being able to handle the tough questions. Skeleton Ambien mean his job. When sixty minutes and what was dollar to drop more U. Yeah. Obama getting out to vote for Joseph Biden as the democratic candidate campaigns more cautiously than trump a over the weekend in the must win state of Pennsylvania. That may come without a Pennsylvania. And you are but. Today he's up in the polls but I didn't insist is sixty minutes he's taking nothing for granted. I feel superstitious when I predict anything other men's. Can be hard fight. Now this thing trump is planning to ramp Bob is already breakneck pace he is planning to visit nearly a dozen states including. Holding eleven rallies in just the last 48 hours Biden is also stepping things up he's planning to hit. Sixteen battleground states and of course this all comes as we continue to see early voting smashed records. Already passing the total number of early votes in 2016 Diane. People are enthusiastic that's for sure Mary Bruce in Washington thanks Mary. And they sure to tune into our local election night coverage starting at 7 PM eastern right here. On ABC news live and you can find out how to vote in your state at 538 dot com. Now to that hurricane warning as Zeta strengthens in the Caribbean the Gulf Coast is now bracing for another powerful storm during what has been a devastating season. And in the west forecasters are expecting the highest wildfire risk of the year chief meteorologist ginger zee is tracking all Forrest good morning ginger. Diana and now it seems like a bad dream that yes we have another storm in the western Caribbean and is being Zeta as the 27. Named storm of the season it will first brush by the Yucatan peninsula which anticipates. With hurricane warnings in place right now up to twelve inches of rain in one to three feet of storm surge. But it's kind of makes it back into the Gulf of Mexico. It should wavered between cat one and maybe tropical storm for making landfall Wednesday it looks like Wednesday evening I'm as of the landfall right now but anywhere from really southeastern Louisiana the whole coast of Louisiana through Mississippi Alabama and even the Florida Panhandle needs to be on alert. Then must go and talk about the fire danger because it's been still baking Colorado on the left side ECB east troublesome fire that is the second largest in Colorado State history than this weekend the same area. Covered in snow and he'd say oh good that helped and it did to an extent that they've still got 10% contained so there's still fires burning there certainly. Fire danger overnight with gusts above eighty miles per hour in the Bay Area and now those he wind warnings in the high wind alerts. Extend down to Southern California where we anticipate in the LA county mountains. The worst Santa Ana winds. Of this season thus far we could see in the mountains gusts eighty maybe even more you can see Kirby their forecasts a seven. But even down in the valley is all the way to save Malibu with the coast you can see 35 to even fifteen miles per hour gust it up fire starts or if you had just a little ember. That's the type a wind that really fires this system up. Nineteen Jersey thanks for that. And Pope Francis has named the first ever African American cardinal. Washington archbishop Wilton Gregory was one of the thirteen elevated to the Catholic church's highest governing body on Sunday. Gregory led the church's response to an internal sexual abuse scandal in the early two thousands. And served in the diocese of Atlanta before becoming the country's first black archbishop last year. The ceremony to install the new cardinals is set for next month in Rome. And a few more things to know before you go we have a major breakthrough in the hunt for murder hornet's for the first time in the US. Scientists have removed one of their nests reach a great researchers rather in Washington State. Tract that nests down by attaching radio transmitters to three hornets. Using dental plus one of those hornets flew back to the nest revealing its location. Experts say if they didn't act now we invasive species could decimate the Honeybee population. The Los Angeles Dodgers are now only one win away from their first World Series title since 1988. Pitcher Clayton Kershaw a left the Dodgers to a game five victory giving up just two runs over five and a half innings. The Dodgers now hold a three to two series lead over the Tampa Bay Rays. Highly anticipated game six will be held tomorrow night. And how we didn't here yet but an Iowa dad has already won it thanks to be incredible custom made for his daughter Ada. Greg Dixon backs made this monster's at a zoo meeting costume. What the hell of a large printer and a lot. Creativity he writes that is to Graham all the monsters on the perimeter were created by manipulating photos of my daughter in costume this center of the grid. It is reserved for her for his daughter. And then check this out. I want to wait till we get to it you see all the monsters that is a day in all the costumes and the centers Ada. And then in the top side and I pat live front facing camera that features the unsuspecting. Homeowner hats off to you Greg for that one. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update and I am Maceda thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news I was here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here at 11 AM eastern. If your headlines stay safe.

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{"duration":"17:44","description":"Plus, more than 225,00 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19 as cases spike across the nation, and Trump and Biden make their final pushes in battleground states as Election Day approaches.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73834221","title":"ABC News Live Update: New White House outbreak in VP’s inner circle","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-white-house-outbreak-vps-73834221"}