ABC News Live Update: Wildfire in Southern California burns 10,000 acres

Plus, the World Health Organization’s warning on dentists and the CEO of Uber is threatening to shut down the service in California.
17:44 | 08/13/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Wildfire in Southern California burns 10,000 acres
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for shaming with us. In today's update breaking overnight an out of control wildfire has exploded in size in Southern California. 101000 acres have burned in a matter of hours 0% of the fire is contained. It's now mandatory evacuations are under way our team is there. Also ahead dentists are taking on the World Health Organization after a new warning against routine appointments during the pandemic. What you need to know if you're due for cleaning. And want to CEO over is threatening to shut down service in California. But we begin with Joseph Biden and senator comma cars making their first appearance together as running mates. A new ABC news it's those poll shows 44% of people think. Senator Harris was an excellent or good choice while 28% say it was not good or pour. In a nearly empty high school late Wednesday afternoon Harris shared her personal story. And attacked president trump and vice president tense saying we are locked in a battle for the soul of our nation. Our Mary Bruce was there. This morning Karbala Harris is officially on board. And on the attack that case against Donald Trump. And Mike Pence. Is open and shut the former prosecutor laying out this stakes this is what happens when we elect the gun. We just isn't up so that jobs. Our country ends up in tatters. And so does our reputation. Around the world. At a socially distanced event in the Delaware high school gym Joseph Biden introduced his history making pick saying her story. Is America's story this Marty. All across the nation. Little girls woke up especially little black and brown girls. Who so often feel overlooked. And undervalued. And their communities. But today. Today just may be their save themselves. For the first time in a new way. As the stuff of president. And vice presidents. The campaign revealing the moment Biden asked Harris to join the ticket the first black woman and first Asian American to be tapped to be vice president or. Few minutes all right. You ready go to work. The former rivals now eager to show they're eighteen highlighting their personal family connection died in Brooke calling here is his friendship with his late son duo. Copilot even an honored by and for quite some time I don't know how much slower Specter commoner work. And that matter a lot to me to be honest review. As I made this decision. Let me just tell you about beau Biden's. I learned quickly. That boat was the kind of guy who inspired people to be a better version of themselves. He really was the best of us. And when I would ask him where he hit that witness come from you know this talk about. His death. Biden is now standing up for Harris defending her against the president's insults Don Chavez already started as a tax. Calling cobble a Croat nasty. Why are you need about how she's Croat mean to his appointee peace. It's no surprise. Because whining is what Donald Trump does best bid and any president American history. Is anyone surprised Donald Trump as a problem. With a strong women are strong women across the board. Now this morning our new ABC news if so this poll shows that Colin Harris is both relatively well known. And well liked in fact she is the only candidate on both tickets. To have a net positive favorability rating Diane. All right Mary Bruce we appreciate it. A massive wildfire north of Los Angeles is spreading quickly burning homes and Charen thousands of acres. Mandatory evacuations are in order as firefighters try to get this thing under control. Will cars in Los Angeles with the latest. Yeah overnight the wake fire exploded in Los Angeles county after a brush fire ignited just north of Los Angeles in a matter of hours more than 101000 acres for our. The perfect mix of dangerous conditions creating this hell skate. Check out this fire whirls swirling smoke on Mike used. Authorities issued mandatory evacuations leaving some residents unsure what they'll have left when they return. Brush fire sparked Wednesday afternoon north of the signatory to valley. Pushed by whipping winds the fire quickly engulfed both sides to delay. A combination of bone dry brush low humidity and those strong winds created this extreme fire behavior pushing these flames dangerously close to homes in the area. Artist who report for coming in pretty quickly. Fifteen years few minutes later that updated Saturday Sears and learn quickly view within within just a couple hours about 6000 acres. Right now we're a little over 101000 acres. That billowing gray plume seen as far as Santa Monica. Even captured on the satellite image. Now with fire crews battling for both the ground and from the air. This buyers showing no signs of letting up. We have over 500 firefighters assigned and. We had nine helicopters stick their fingers working fire. It giant smoke is filling the air here this morning from that fire on the hillside behind me it's burning through brush just like this that is so dries is. Perfect fuel for this fire as fire crews continue to try to jump on this blaze residents of evacuated in the middle of the pandemic. They're not sure what's coming next. So many moving pieces there will thank you stay safe. And now to the latest on the corona virus the United States is reporting the highest number of deaths in a single day nearly 15100. CBC director Robert Redfield says everyone in America needs to Wear a mask for this coming fall could be quote the worst we've ever had. Alex Perez reports from Chicago. This morning researchers used by the Kobe task force predicting three of the next likely hot spots for the virus to hit Chicago Boston and Baltimore. We're just seeing significant. Transmission in all three of those cities. Tapping late in the summer. Acknowledging that they only had weeks left before the nights get colder in the transmission dynamics may actually worsen. Researchers from policy elaborate Children's Hospital of Philadelphia say Chicago has a hind transmission rates and inadequate social distancing measures. Boston's transmission rate is growing in many are traveling for leisure according to cell phone data. Baltimore at risk because of its high density and poverty rates and large number of multi generational households. Are worried about a perfect storm for. Traveling icu nurse trinity Goodman knows the challenges of hotspots all too well working in New York when the pandemic first hit show us. Almost like it eat early life. Car going out and more recently the Texas border where she says all her patients were under forty not one of them lived. We hadn't every literally no resources. And Alex Phares joins us now Alice I wanna pick up on that last statement we heard in your pieces listeners saying that people in Texas are dying because there are no resource is to give them proper medical care. Well Diana she's saying is that many hospital systems are simply overwhelmed right now so accessing treatment accessing equipment accessing PPE a lot of that's obvious is taking a longer then it should. Right now and all of that is creating. Outing to this problem guy it's it's a very complicated situation and making things. Even worse is that in some communities a lot of people are just not adhering to those social distancing guidelines so the infection rates are going up. Again overwhelming the hospital's Diane and asked what's a sensor getting in terms of what's being done about this locally and federally. But you know officials across the country are doing what they can they say to try to get. That PP to try to get that equipment governors and many cases are taking this into their own hands instead of relying on the federal government. And finally that PP buying it themselves I know here in Illinois governor first order of things he did what's he followed PPE problem other parts of the world. Brought here it was flown in secret into the Chicago area and distributed to other parts of the state so. Really everyone AA in some ways kind of looking out for themselves are trying to get these medical. Experts these doctors the equipment that they need to try to treat people. And of course out to schools reopen and that's adding another concern on the White House is issuing guidance. For schools and also sending them masks what are the details there. Well that's right dad you know the White House has issued these guidelines and they say among the things that its students and staff should be doing is self assessing. There are held every day washing their hands and wearing just. When social distancing is not possible but educators across the country have already said that returning. To school in person classes this fall they believe is just not safe Diane. So many schools we know are setting up cove in nineteen pas forces they say to keep students staff and school save. More on these task forces and what are they doing. While it's what's happening across the country right now and every school district school officials working trying to come up with a plan to get students. To school safely so they're turning to emit immunology is in other doctors that can help them build a safe. Medical plan moving forward so that students. In some cases can return to classes now this is particularly difficult for some smaller school districts as well I don't have as many resources as the bigger. Districts and one of them is as the Indiana has been working on this for several weeks. Now I listen to listen to what some of the teachers and school officials there is signs they'll have to say about office. I had very extensive back to school protocol and they irons social assistant dean and wearing masks than our teachers. Are keeping an and one like one country. I think they're doing their bats with the information they have faith that extensive plans lots of brains were definitely put together to come up with some good plans. Dole's. I am determined east additionally. Brewer ex colonel. Merchant air fields. And don't you get our schools such. A worry about child care or C number 88. Signs. There that thing. The way I wanted to run it. Single and we shouldn't. Handle. Sibling and as greatly as we. And I had another big concern that experts are turning their attention to right now it turns out. Some of these outbreaks that we have seen over the summer will they've been traced to restaurants and bars is a medical officials are keeping a close eye on all of that. Not a lot of the good news when it comes to Tim what's coming in the future here so authorities are just. Telling everyone to try to practice these guidelines and really keep that topple mind because they believe that's the only way. We can sort of get ahead of this right now. Outdoors better than indoors and it seems as the weather gets cold little will be indoors more Alex so hopefully we can all stay safe thanks for the update. Meanwhile a Florida sheriff is banning all deputies and many other employees from wearing masks on the job. The singles for anyone who visits his offices this is a state of Florida recorded nearly 8000 new covic nineteen cases yesterday. Victor canto has more from Miami. This morning the battle brewing in Central Florida over one of the proven weapons in the fight against the spread of that rotavirus. Masks. We're Greene County sheriff Billy woods not only prohibiting his deputies from wearing masks with some exceptions. But telling anyone who visits the sheriff's office they can't Wear one either. Inning email obtained by ABC news the sheriff says it's to ensure there is clear communication and for identification purposes. Adding no I can already hear the whining. And just you know I did not make this decision easily and I have waited out the last two weeks. The controversial move comes as the county's largest town is it a mask Tug of war Ocala recently passed to mandate the mayor vetoed it. Then the City Council hit back on Wednesday making masks mandatory effective immediately. It makes it really. That much harder when elected officials like to share for the mayor. Or others put in conspiracy theories into that in the middle of all that. You think we should lead to world people who lived they were or arrest Ramirez a war room where we're weapon or or. Have respect for each other the science is simple top health experts agree masks or critical in mitigating the spread of the virus. Florida's largest counties enforce stricter mask rules during the recent spike in the number of new cases and infection rate is declining. But just this week the state set another grim record for deaths in a single day. Diane there are some exceptions for Marion County deputies. They can Wear a mask if there are a hospital or at a nursing home or if they're dealing with somebody who is board risk or might be cove in positive. Diane. All right Victor candor in Miami thanks Victor. Overdue for teeth cleaning we might want to wait a bit longer at the World Health Organization is now warning people that it may not be safe to go back to the dentist. But many of America's top dentists disagree. Will Reeve has a closer look. This morning dentists now taking on the World Health Organization over its new recommendation that people put off routine checkups until more is known about Kobe's nineteen and how it could spread during procedures. The American Dental Association firing back. Saying it strongly disagrees. And that with appropriate PBE patients and professionals can safely operate. Canada's Kevin experts and infection control for over twenty years due to the HIV aids scare back in the eighties. So we're used to prepare our operations for instructions and leave. Control while there'll be no clusters of Covert outbreaks directly traced to dental offices. Two separate Colorado Springs dental offices recently reported staff with positive coping tasks and some dental workers are on edge. The problem of dentistry right now is. Nobody knows the risks everything we do including I'm just having an Asian open their mouth and breathing creates airs all. But doctor Richard Nagy president of the California dental association says most dental offices across the US had taken the pandemic seriously revamping offices adding ventilation and strengthening sanitation and safety protocols. Really increased. Our knowledge of airborne base pathogens to prepare our operatives in terms of enhanced PPG. Enhance training for our staff. And some quick tips if you do go to the dentist right now a temperature check before arrival staff will be covered in PPE you can expect an empty waiting room not even any magazines. Dentists of course cannot social distance. From their patient so caution. Is advised for all parties Diane. Good to know well thanks. And a few more things to know before you go Californians may soon lose the ability to use boomer. The write your company is threatening to temporarily shut down service in the state after a judge ordered the rumor list and other rivals to classify drivers. As employees instead of independent contractors. That would entitle drivers to benefits like health insurance workers' compensation. Bloomberg is appealing. After repeated delays ANC peers says it will start reopening next week starting August 20 the company says it will open more than 100 US locations. Good by the beginning of September more than two thirds of their figures should be opened. Nancy says seating capacity will be limited and Kansas an appetizer and disinfecting wipes we'll be widely available. And a wildlife preserve in Kenya has a new claim to fame and outlook bins baby boom. Since the start of the pandemic the national park has welcomed a record 140. Baby elephants. And there are expecting more. Experts say the high numbers are likely due to fewer tourists and plenty of rain and which has left rich vegetation. For the elephants to eat helping those elephant Mamas are enjoying time with their babies. And that does if it is ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next aerial rest chef takes a look at the challenges students learning English as a second language may face. With remote learning this fall. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern.

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