Accused Cyberbully Teen's Mom Arrested

Florida sheriff says video posted on Facebook allegedly shows Vivian Vosburg beating at least one child.
3:31 | 10/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Accused Cyberbully Teen's Mom Arrested
Let me give you this credit -- for the purposes of this briefing I've got to separate the two events. -- calls the event I'm talked about this afternoon. All of these children or victims and I cannot -- -- released their names. And as my conversation we'll tell you it's kind of -- intermingle between now. The parent Vivian boss or and -- prospers who we arrested this after -- Okay we're that was -- -- video. -- -- -- -- Vivian boss berg was charged currently today. With two counts of child abuse which is a third degree felony. And four counts of child neglect for the other children that were there. What occurred. Was simply this. Do was to -- fighting on the -- And as you can see Vivian rushed in and immediately. Started beating one of them -- with her Frist. When one of the board he's rolled onto the floor. And appeared to be unconscious. Or at least not doing a lot of moving and she continued to hit the other one. -- girls in the picture were laughing and cut not been screaming and used in the F bomb. As was them as was vivienne. And wants and that occurred. Then as Vivian came back into the room toward the end of the video. As the as the clips -- and take him. She's given if you will -- press release about the fight she was just involved in with all of these kids. Now who are all these kids. These all our children she has access. To. Vivienne. In this context. Was in charge of their well being. Why do we find -- this interest seen. This information. Was provided to us. By people. Who wore on a plot. Facebook's. And they sent us information they told us they share -- we watched the news this last week. How -- said that Guadalupe a -- never bullied anybody. The Guadalupe -- -- -- would never do any of that that things like that that happened at her house. Why don't -- look at this FaceBook account. Our detectives. Looked at the FaceBook from where the community told us. And we found a FaceBook account. Of Chelsea. Should all. Who was the sister to Guadalupe -- -- And -- on Chelsea's FaceBook. Is this horrendous fight. -- vivienne. Is beating these children who were not allowed to nine.

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{"id":20618091,"title":"Accused Cyberbully Teen's Mom Arrested","duration":"3:31","description":"Florida sheriff says video posted on Facebook allegedly shows Vivian Vosburg beating at least one child.","url":"/US/video/accused-cyberbully-teens-mom-arrested-20618091","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}