Active shooter situation reported in Illinois

The shooting was reported in Aurora.
2:20 | 02/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Active shooter situation reported in Illinois
We are coming on air we. Just broke in about 45 minutes ago with his breaking situation what we believed to be at this point. He's an active shooter situation so we are eaten this complex again we're talking about the war area as check mentioned there are schools. Nearby we know at least one is on lockdown other ones are soft lockdown. This is at 214 in the afternoon. Is right around dismissal time as chuck mentioned that probably won't be happening at this moment until that scene has been secured we are seeing. In its response from law enforcement as chopper seven just got on the scene so we're looking at this at the same time as you as a camera zooms in a little. Conceived of responds right Daryn facility. Chopper seven HD will use some discretion here as we watch this unfold in real time you can see police in the top of your screen there. Moving around as well is what looks like swat. At one point were seeking. There's some cover as chuck was saying about. FedEx truck there. At the top middle of your screen so. And we will pull out if the if something starts wonderful we want to be we wanna be sensitive to this because this is happening right now. How we're getting reports that there may be an active shooter inside the Henry Pratt company this in is southwest suburban Aurora and Judy as you mentioned. School getting out soon at least one school yet he reporting out locked down. There's monster there's a lot of concern because they're trying to figure out who's inside and and chuck had said he talked to someone in a nearby building chuck give we've been able to reach anybody inside this building. Not inside. The building in question though it is. As you might imagine the people inside who are presumably. Either close buyer potentially face to face with whoever is causing this. Coming the last thing they're gonna news. It is and should therefore get in touch with us but we didn't reach this individual who confirmed it. Did indeed this is unfolding in that company and and we spoke with another person who is just on the block from this building. We said that she and her coworkers at another company. Are huddling inside a closet right now away from what the police call the kill zone where a shooter you know potentially could do. Fired in through a window or door or something there it there in an interior closet attempting to to remain safe.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"The shooting was reported in Aurora. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61108174","title":"Active shooter situation reported in Illinois","url":"/US/video/active-shooter-situation-reported-illinois-61108174"}