NASCAR tire changer makes pit crew history

Brehanna Daniels got her big break through NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program.
3:20 | 11/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASCAR tire changer makes pit crew history
I'm doing something night is not just for myself this must haven. The girls for little boy is special deter him Colin you know they can feed me. We'll see if you don't I can hear a kid. Once a car comes in I've run around 12345. And is under second to take off. Five let us. There is a wheels rolling down pit road indeed my thoughts and fire so we don't want that happening at mixture the limits are tight. So what does branded to you as part of a NASCAR picker. She's the tire changer working from the back and a fine person pit crew team needs to on every single race. As the car comes in for a pit stop she runs over the purpose it done quickly and screws five lug nuts from the tire and replaces them with new ones. Speed is the name of the game. It should take under a second to take off all five while he. And never sought out yeah. And you know like. I can even remember as my little girl I've never hit the Carlin that you never heard the word NASCAR icon. I think that's coming from people really enjoy driving around circles like we're living it yeah next the look at about his background and know that your plane back on college yes point carry with them when things getting tired. This opportunities. Present itself to you tell me about thousands. Senior enough of state university sometime. Next crack. It's like god told me lightly on its I was only girl who attended the trial and for daring yes and the rest for guys. College touring and desire for diversity program specifically happened. She's been busy morning about it. Without going all we folk. 1230. Or more home. And they'll wait around. William Sessions are being very important. Let's ingredients are changing and tires aren't light as to be strong right. Kong's. These tires range between 65 and sunny side past. Imagine holding that went from one. Here in whole home. I'm never complacent. I'm if you do whatever I can't be great play everybody will know who brings. Throughout drew.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Brehanna Daniels got her big break through NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67048272","title":"NASCAR tire changer makes pit crew history","url":"/US/video/african-american-woman-makes-history-nascar-pit-crew-67048272"}