Alabama Churches Boycott Boy Scouts

Some churches won?t let Boy Scouts meet in their buildings after allowing gay scouts to join.
1:51 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for Alabama Churches Boycott Boy Scouts
It's a piece of mail bill Bryant never -- -- -- and on it it's saying we think is right. His stamp of disapproval. I just think what they've done is they -- all of us and its environment involved. This 62 year old is mailing the boy scouts of America his eagle scout that he got -- 46 years ago. He doesn't agreed with the organization's recent decision to allow openly gay members. I don't see that. Fitting into this the example that I knew and loved is that as more -- out at all if he's not the only one who thinks this way. And most of these churches are naslund. We can't do that anymore from a biblical standpoint. I disagree with that. Pastor Greg Walker with the first Baptist church of -- it no longer wants boy scout troop two. Two meets at his church. It has nothing to do with individuals as much as it -- with what do you -- to be right and wrong. He says bright he's repenting and changing your way wrong is continuing to live a sinful lifestyle -- to be a member. Or to be an organization -- -- ministry of the church. You have to align with what the -- actually alliance with. Walker says troop two leaders have actually thanked him. For making the decision what do you think it is only strays will be cruel and bright says it was the Boy Scouts that shaped his life his work ethics his morals. But now he says those day. This long gone and I would want my children. Or my son. To be in in this in the scouts. And send him mall. To spend the night in the -- with an openly gay person. Who may be older than him who may have a lot more influence over here.

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{"id":19286983,"title":"Alabama Churches Boycott Boy Scouts","duration":"1:51","description":"Some churches won?t let Boy Scouts meet in their buildings after allowing gay scouts to join.","url":"/US/video/alabama-churches-boycott-boy-scouts-19286983","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}