5-Alarm Fire Rages at Boardwalk Hit by Superstorm Sandy

The fire apparently started in an ice cream shop in Seaside Park, N.J.
4:12 | 09/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 5-Alarm Fire Rages at Boardwalk Hit by Superstorm Sandy
We have on the phone right now -- that -- Borough administrator John Cabrera Jon. What can you tell us what's going on there. Only -- it's really serious structural fire. It appears to have started as best -- could tell all Owens privately owned funds -- pure. Area but -- rapidly spreading and by the only conversation with one of the emergency workers up there are very briefly was -- It's serious full structural fire and that it is. Strategy and they're having trouble containing it and it's moving on to our public boardwalk which has. Sure you know has just been rebuilt after being completely destroyed by -- so it's it's. Just -- horrible situation and thankfully I can't states. Concerned they can say it would get sick or it is only -- I have not heard of any injuries at this point and am hopeful that. You know people are injured or -- from this but the damage to property settlements devastating. Certainly so. -- looking at live pictures right now the fire that is still I mean cooler clearly still out of control -- thick. Dense black smoke at this point do you know. How many businesses. Have been damaged or how many businesses now that our. I do not have -- numbers like that I can tell you -- and probably. So many people are familiar with -- boardwalk in that area but it's very very. Densely populated -- -- structure so there's. Some structures shoulder to shoulder. Lined up so that's the problem the board spokesman -- awarded. Most of the destruction on the buildings is awarded and the I'm sure it's spreading and that's the word I got from -- workers of course. Appear in the office for trying not to dispute. Other emergency workers are down there are trying to control this thing but a quick call from one of our. Workers -- also the fire chief. Let me knows that the it is really dead and he was heading up there was some. Construction equipment to try to laden. To -- -- to contain this spread of the fire. And it just breaks your heart look at this picture here this is bad but they're very playground -- the kids replying to hit just put all this money into the area -- the devastation to we. Bill what so proudly Governor Christie standing in front of all of the hard work that had been done say we are back we are strong and now this happen. It's right right. You know prices. Governor Christie's wife was there actually help nail in the last plank of wood before the season began. -- initial project to repair -- -- three point six million dollars just replaced the boards in the railings. It around that area this doesn't even include the cost. To help the businesses during sandy and now unfortunately dealt another devastating blow a -- You know the the wind gust reports that I was seeing fifteen miles an hour yeah it does look stronger we're getting reports from the ground firefighters are having trouble based on that win I think what has happened now that thunderstorm -- told you about that went over Monmouth county. When you are near thunderstorms and -- -- thunderstorm has been escalating you know you get downdraft from that -- a thunderstorm popping that is now enhancing. Some of the winds unfortunately right there and have fun town -- so. Post and wind gusts over 25 miles an hour and. We've seen the firefighters trying to attack -- from several places you know from the north -- from the west -- that. Almost from the south side of all of this flames -- right next to ironically all this water right there where I just can't get on it. It's just a fire that is burning right now basically out of control along the boardwalk but they are trying to contain it to keep it from spreading beyond the area that you can see on camera right now. It is remarkable scene in and as we said this fire started around 230 this afternoon and you can see how massive it started in one business. Inside the -- -- -- custard ice cream stand there for long long time iconic blue eyes and everyone would stop there and get some months. And just how quickly it had spread.

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{"id":20241458,"title":"5-Alarm Fire Rages at Boardwalk Hit by Superstorm Sandy","duration":"4:12","description":"The fire apparently started in an ice cream shop in Seaside Park, N.J.","url":"/US/video/alarm-fire-rages-boardwalk-hit-superstorm-sandy-20241458","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}