Amazon, other retailers gear up for major sales events

Smart shopping expert Trae Bodge reveals what sales major retailers are offering and the best ways for shoppers to take advantage and score the best deals.
5:32 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for Amazon, other retailers gear up for major sales events
Amazon prime day is set to begin June 21 but these days it's no longer the only game in town for people who want a good deal. A number of major retailers have jumped into the fray with major sales events all around the same time over the next few days were talking. Target Wal-Mart Kohl's. Best buy. That to help us navigate these major sales it how you can get the most out of them we're gonna bring in now trade botch a Smart shopping expert at true trade dot com tray. I appreciate you joining us that is an incredible job title that you have. We want to start right away why are all of these stores coming out right now late June with their big sales of its. Yeah our they're coming out swinging against Amazon's 089 days in 2015. Adds a celebration of their anniversary at its CE -- a great deal. Are many years. I typically in early July it meant that and it turned things around in October out in late June for summer breeze at church and watts of other retailers as you said are jumping in to compete against Amazon's and bury exciting few days. Competition as the heart of the free market trading let's. I got a lot of questions for you but let's cut to the chase here what we all want to now what are these stores actually offer. I needed bear our screen. Millions and millions of sales and a little Lotus. More than two million sales and it forced heart it is operating hundreds of thousands of sales I'd air online always that's interesting you know about target. Wal-Mart has promising Black Friday level deals and so. It's going to be across multiple categories so I'm seeing deals in electronics. Always ends. I patents and an won't items as well small appliances. So in anyone's game and consumers can have a lot of fun early next week. When all be sales. The image that comes to mind with these big sales is Black Friday in the stores people scratching and clawing over each other to get that latest new television. Obviously were eliminating out with online did you think it's going to be the same category of things that are high demand toys electronics are. Are there other products that you're expecting to be popular. This little bit different you because Black Friday were all speaking about get getting right but now the late June and we may have birthday is coming weddings and not so great for shoppers to think about those categories. But I also think about. That you need your home those regular things that you order every month or something you've had your eye on that's a little bit about your project may need good times and look at those wells a what are really suggest that consumers. Create a list of things that they need those basics and also the eighties and gifts and they have not meant what was sales in the way beyond what they're looking for and beyond you know warming up your clicking finger to make sure you can go as fast as possible what are ways that people can make sure they're getting the best deals of the yes and there are couple days I was Jack first of all there's something especially on the crazier side HI that you had your eye on was it who likes what deals dot that was a site that I worked west's and a feature called the deal alert. This is a wager you an email the I won't automatically be notified when I didn't goes on sale and where stood back a really good thing to start wit and any other and I would say is. Don't sale price it pays values. Are going are minor in the stores and find something that's on sale. Use a savings tool to see if you can see even more. Are ways safest way. Find out and dot com and they abs. Eighty extra exclusive discounts that will be unique ban on these days. So you might find something that's a great sale but then you could see even more by using these savings tools. And the sales and the savings are obviously the big draw here for our of these businesses that are trying to get you to come in but. Beyond that it seems like retailers are offering may be a little lecture and some instances what he tell us about that. Right so you rinse and are leading out tunes that big sales this week and told you I'd. June 19 argues are bringing their cards on sale right now so they're 5% op Lindsay. It by hard to get our right now and then you say yourself. I'm percent and then you use it shops during all the big sales that's one thing that's a very injures staying and it also Amazon is doing something to support small businesses which I'm really excited to see if you shot on Amazon prime right now in purchase something with a small business may list on your site. Built in view a dollar credit to use on Amazon prime today it spends dollars and more and then in the bond act in the Bronx my frenzy of Kuwait -- commerce is like a house analyze your credit card spending habits recommends the -- credit card three huge they say that if you are as good at grocery banner ads like I have the Amex gold like it or points for every dollar I spend. If you buy an Amazon gift are at the grocery stores you get those points. And and the music shop on Amazon prime yeah so these are always that you Grozny even more during these exciting sale days. You make shopping sound pretty good trait I gotta hand it to you it's good to have a Smart shopping expert on I've always kind of consider myself. A dumb shopping expert so we appreciate your expertise and hopefully we can save some money or the next few days trade botched or true trade dot com. Thanks for being here tonight. So we're having me.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"Smart shopping expert Trae Bodge reveals what sales major retailers are offering and the best ways for shoppers to take advantage and score the best deals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78347524","title":"Amazon, other retailers gear up for major sales events","url":"/US/video/amazon-retailers-gear-major-sales-events-78347524"}