How Americans are looking at the impeachment process

Arizona radio host Chad Benson shares what he’s been hearing from his listeners on the state of politics, health care and impeachment.
2:09 | 12/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Americans are looking at the impeachment process
A one of the things that's helpful to us is just getting the sense what we're hearing out in the country want to bring in right now Chad Benson he's hosts with that key TAR a radio station out in Phoenix Arizona sent Chad what are you hearing from your listeners on impeachment. What are the things we're hearing is. People are curious about what may teachers in cinema may do because we're becoming its date is becoming a little bit more than their bread herbal. And she'd been kind of moderate in the way that she is gone about doing things and she's been very quiet about this I think people are starting to. Wonder you know even though she's not up for reelection what is she gonna do I think we all know it. I shall he's gonna do but a lot of people kind of made up their minds and they're not paying as much attention sewage I think part of that is because it felt like it's been going through a process. The last twenty plus months in this and I think they'll be more attention to what happens in the senate. May have been the last couple weeks I think there are so this was a foregone conclusion. And Chad for that you I'm just curious I just find this question our colleague Karen Travers who talks your station and others throughout the week about the news of the day always gets. What is the topic you here right now idea date basis you know is it always impeachment or are Americans asking about the other items in the news if you well. A lot of it's about. The cost of health care the economy and obviously asked being a border state immigration issue this year. Impeachment is is down the line and I think armor for most people they've made up their minds it's red it's little. And even if they think they've done something wrong when it straw or Democrats everybody is taken their side they say all political. So it's tough to get past that hurdle they being independent and I want to look at the information because. Everybody feels like they're skewing the news in one direction or the other and it just seems like there's other things to focus on in particular immigration it seemed like a hot topic is quiet. Kind of quieted down because of the entire impeachment that. It is certainly quiet down that you mentioned health care that's something that our colleague Karen here's all the time. From the many stations like here is that she speaks to Chad thank you very much done in Phoenix Arizona we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Arizona radio host Chad Benson shares what he’s been hearing from his listeners on the state of politics, health care and impeachment. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67721707","title":"How Americans are looking at the impeachment process","url":"/US/video/americans-impeachment-process-67721707"}